Thursday, January 2, 2014

snowy new year

oops i thought it was my day but didn't realize it was hob's so i'll just post this tomorrow

heyy gs!

here's my first post of the year!!!  and the first post on thegoblog this year!!!  nevermind that, that was when i thought it was my turn to post on jan 1.

wow this probably will be a really great post because i started on it at like 9 pm the night before it is my day haha

it wass cool to look at all the lists of "best albums of 2013" that have been coming out on various websites recently because i've been discovering a lot of really good music that came out this year that i didn't even know about!!!

here is my list of my favorite albums from 2013:

1.  Kveikur - Sigur Ros
2.  Les Revenants - Mogwai
3.  Loud City Song - Julia Holter
4.  6 Feet Beneath the Moon - King Krule

5.  New History Warfare Vol. 3: To See More Light - Colin Stetson
6.  Dysnomia - Dawn  of Midi
7.  Nepenthe - Julianna Barwick
8.  AMOK - Atoms for Peace

haha none of those album covers are very bright and colorful and a bunch of them are mainly black, or dark grey, or dark blue.  maybe that is a trend in album covers lately.

okay here is my list of favorite movies that i saw for the first time this year (in no particular order).  i probably am not going to have the time to put pictures for each movie but it's okay.

1.  Gravity
2.  12 Years A Slave
3.  X-Men: First Class
4.  Catch Me If You Can
5.  A Late Quartet

1.  The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

aw g it is a new year now so i have to decide quickly if there is something i want to try to do every day, week, or month of the year...i only have a couple more hours of today to figure out something and do the first thing for every day of the year though.  maybe i will just do something for every month.  what are some things i could do?

wow it is awesome that it snowed like 5 or 6 inches last night and there is a bunch of snow on the ground now!!!!  i wanted to make a snowman today but cm didn't want to so i didn't :(  but maybe tomorrow we will.  here is a picture of how much snow there is here!

haha i just realized 2014 started with snow on the very first day of the new year!  now i'll be able to remember which days were 2013 or 2014 from whether there was snow or not!

well happy new year gs!  let's hope we have a good year of posts on the goblog!

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