Thursday, November 19, 2015


Heyyy gs!

Yay I'm so glad to have 10 days off from school now!  And I'm super excited about Thanksgiving!!!!

Your dog is super cute Hob!!!  What is his name?

Here is a super cute picture of Rebecca!  That will be fun for you gs to meet her next week!

I'd go to a Star Wars dance party haha.  I do love all the Star Wars stuff that has been going on lately and I can't believe the new movie is so soon!  Maybe I should just talk about Star Wars the entire time at tg haha.

Here are some jamz I have to share:

New Skin - Torres
Ones Who Love You - Alvvays
Melody Day - Caribou
Fall In - Cloud Nothings
Longer Shadow - Twin Limbs
Smells Like Content - The Books
Trippy Gum - Hinds
Move Systems - Georgia
KC Accidental - Broken Social Scene
Royal Blue - Milo Greene
Space Song - Beach House

More to come later most likely!

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