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Tuba broke the pattern and then he broke it again.

hey gs!

i almost forgot to post! that would have been embarrassing. well i will just leave this here because i am not feeling like posting at all rn but i don't want to forget to do it. but i want to do a real post so...probably tomorrow i will. except remember when tubs said he was gonna a real post the next day and then he didn't for a long time. that will not be me.

bleh i am already tired of typing this so bye gs

Thursday, April 21, 2011

It's Thursday, Thursday, Gotta GC on Thursday!

oops i kinda forgot about posting this saturday night and then the rest of the week i was super busy. but the good news is i get friday off of school since it's good friday!!!! 3 day weeekend!!!

ahh this week was like worse than i thought it would be. because it was the end of the first half of the trimesters and i had a bunch of tests and stuff to do. well passover was awesome but other than that this week sucked.

omggg though icqcme for supernatural and then the next day doctor who!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

both of the eps look so great and it's going to be awesome to have them both in one weekend!

do you gs get off of school for good friday? if you do we should have an awesome gc tonight!!!

haha tom is such a creeper. i remember when i had a myspace. wow that was like so long ago. like does anyone even go on myspace anymore? i never ever hear about it at all.

ahhhh this gif of these people dancing is like perfectly in time with my music and it's so awesome!!! haha i watched them dance for like the whole song.

oh and that reminds me. here are some awesome new songs i found recently! i was in a dry spell for new music awhile ago but now i have a ton of new jamz!!!

haha and here's a pic i secretly took of cm while he was sleeping this morning

i'm so awesomely sneaky. oh and speaking of sneaking, technically i'm supposed to go to bed at 1 am but i'll be able to sneak and stay up wayyyy later!!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Come back later tonight/tomorrow morning

ok so i really actually have a legit post all planned out and started and everything but i'm

a. too lazy to finish it right now
b. only have like 8 minutes
c. still have to watch the new spn ep!!!!

but tonight/tomorrow morning, whatever you want to call it, i will post.

The Quest for Wincest

hey gssssssssss

i am so lazy i don't feel like postin but i just want to get it over with so i don't have to do it later or have to worry about it


how about if i post a better post tomorrow or something because i am so lazy

ok i will say one thing called that was a great spn ep last night!

i watched it with my friend abbs and that was pretty great. the best part was that i wasn't as bored during the end of smallville because we were making fun of it. hahah

omg also we watched the wall and that made me really want to finish my super long fanfic i spent months writing and surpassed 50k words and it was really great except i wonder if it would be possible to somehow turn the whole thing into a sylar/peter fic instead of the original sylar/claire fic that is was... i think it might be possible idk except then there would be no angst because i made sylar and peter like best friends in that fic. well idk. one good thing is that it might be easier to end it because i had no idea how i was going to resolve the tension between sylar and claire so i didn't know how to end it. well i will look it over and maybe decide i haven't looked at it even in a long time. that makes me slightly disappointed in myself because i really thought i was going to finish that one.

wow i just wrote this big glug paragraph about that. wow look at how much i have written in this post! perhaps i can turn this into a real post yet!

well i guess i could say something else hmmm

oh you know what will be nice its called no school on friday so i can just chill the day of the next spn ep and it is the western ep and omg i love the promo i watched it so many times i need to watch it again i love it i am so excited for this ep and for friday can it just be that day now?

goos passover is on monday bring me my charoses or whatever that is called

haha hob i saw you had watched that movie on netflix and i was like what the but omg those pics

also i agree with you so much about balthazar talking to dean and sam. but also ok dean/cas shippers are annoying because they are making this big deal about how cas saved dean but hello he also saved sam. that was making me mad.

you know what is goos my friend abbs used to like dean more but i think now she likes sam more thanks to me. i am awesome. except my friend alex still does not like sam. i will have to work on him. i think that will be harder because i cannot use reasons like "but sam is so adorable" well i can and i have but that doesn't work as well as it did on abby.

i want to write a fic. omg so the other day in choir we were doing team building exercises and i was like wtf we don't need these exercises. and then then i got this idea for a fic in my head called sam and dean could have used some team building exercises at a couple of points what if someone idk who would but someone could make them do some of those in a fic. it could be just brotherly if that's what you want but i can just see it... like we were doing this thing where we all had to fit on this tarp and then the tarp kept getting smalled and smaller so you had to stand closer and that exercise was basically death to me because people were trying to make me sit on the shoulders of this one guy so we would fit on the tarp better but i could not do that because i hate that guy and yeah i don't want to talk about that ok that is not the point here. the point is what if sam and dean were doing that it would be cute. and they could do trust falls! and some other ones idek. omg it was such a relief because when i first saw the tarp i thought caroline was going to make us fold tarps and i hate doing that but no that was not the plan so phewsh. omg that was on my bday too. that day was basically death to me because i had testing all morning and then all afternoon i had to be outside and it was so sunny and disgusting and hot. omg it snowed today though that was nice. omg what even happened to this paragraph it got so off subject!

ok well that paragraph is basically death.

this post is so long i thought it was going to be short!

i need to watch that last spn ep again it was so great!

also i need some cake mmmmmm!

look at these short little paragraphs aren't they cute!?!? they are much more fun to read than that long glug paragraph you can just ignore that.

omg you know what else is goos its called my friend abbs wrote a fic! its this cute little fic and pretty much her first fic. i am awesome at making people get into fanfic! also now she sort of likes fanvids with music even tho she didn't before. haha i am carving her into a new animal dean

you know i sort of like alastair even though i didn't before

omg you know what was nice is that ep had ellen but no jo! what a relief that was because jo is just death

this post is accidentally long but also sort of boring!


ok remember that long paragraph i said you could skip? ok well since you skipped that you probably don't know that i want to write a fic but i feel like that is a vital piece of information so here it is again. but what should i write that is the question! what if someone told me a fic to write... and what if it was sam/dean that would be nice.


The Quest for Lions

goosbag! i just found out i have way more money than i thought i did! i'm gonna go pig out!

well i was gonna do a birthday post for para but i remembered about that too late :( and then i was gonna make a vid for her but move maker kept being stupid and it made me discouraged :( but i still will make it

yesterday i was so alone because i wanted to chat w/ para about the ep and about how balthazar was probably talking to dean AND sam when he said the thing about the angel who's in lvoe with you but she was at her friend's house i guess. i watched spn with my friend yesterday but she doesn't watch that show so i couldn't discuss it with her and she kept talking during it :(
well anyway i made a whole bunch of fanmixes this week. like 3 maybe. one of them was for the pacific so you probs don't want that. i'll just show the cover:

okay now here's a cas one

well i'll just link you to the lyrics and songs and download and stuff because i don't feel like copying it here and bolding things and stuff and i don't know if you people even care about cas so okay here

next i made a minesweeper one!!!!!!!!!!!!

1. The Importance of Being Idle | Oasis
2. Little Boxes | Rise Against
3. Landmines | St. Vincent
4. Red Flag | Billy Talent
5. Time is Running Out | Muse
6. Sons & Daughters | The Decemberists
7. Killed by the Boom | The Veils
8. Again & Again | The Bird and the Bee
9. When Things Explode | UNKLE


nice nice

today i made a playlist on itunes of all my songs about lions. there are a lot of them!!!

today i was lookiing at pics from mad eye last year and it made me miss playing speed w/ para. minesweeper is just not the same :(

ON MONDAY I'M GOING TO A CONCERT OF THE DECEMBERISTS!!!!!!!!! GOOOOOOOOS!!!!!!! this is prob the concert of all the concerts i've been to that i'm the second most amount of excited for. the first was mcs with my gball

i also have an incest playlist.

well now i'll show you piccies i think
i have a playlist about children too
but there's only three songs

ok here's this beautiful cap i made from when i watched that witch ep from s3 yesterday. i had compltely forgooten it existed but OMG SAM AND DEAN TOUCH EACH OTHER SO MUCH IN THAT EP!!!!!

here's another example. it's not an edited cap but

here's a gif i made of this really good movie i saw the other day

here's a torchwood thing i made

here's a songpiccie for orange sky by alexi murdoch

here's a song piccie for under my skin by jukebox the ghost

here's a thing for the pacific

here's this gif i made

omg i'm so starving
haha the other day i watched tuba's face movie: when in rome because it was on netflix and i was too lazy to find a real movie. but anyway i took some nice caps

ya like that
now what?
well i was just lookin at old posts and i found a survey thing i did a long time ago so i think i'll answer it like i'm dean

Name: dean
Birthday: jan 24
Age: 32
Nicknames: jerk
Zodiac sign: idc
Sex: yes please
Do you have any tattoos? yeah write on my heart
What’s the last thing you bought?: some pie
Do you have a job? If so, where?: saving people and hunting things
Last 4 digits of the last phone you dialed: idk
What was the happiest moment in your life?: when sam got his soul backl
When is the last time you stayed up all night?: idk a lot of nights
What is your favorite book?: dad' journal
Who is your favorite author?: dad
What’s your favorite song?: "it's a tie. between zep's ramble on and traveling riverside blues
Where do you order pizza from the most?: just wherevs
Have you ever been in the hospital for more than a day?: no one time i was supposed to but i didn't die there so i went to be with my bro
How many days is your record for time spent in a hospital?:idk
Why did you have to go to the hospital?: because i was electrocuted, because i was in a car crash, and because alastair beat me up
How long has it been since you went to the mall?: idk
Do you like to write poetry?: nah
Do you like to read poetry?: nah
Have you ever thrown a party in which complete strangers have attended?: nah
Are you an only child?: nope
Do you have any brothers or sisters?: yeah
Their names: sam and also adam but i like to pretend he never existed and that's really easy to do because he's in hell and i didnt try that hard to get him out
What is your favorite color of ink to write in?: wtf
How tall are you? really tall
What’s your biggest fear?: that the wall will break
Have you ever been in a car crash?: i already said i have
Who was driving?: sam but it wasnt his fault
Who is your favorite family member?: hahahahahahahahahaha good one
Have you ever been drunk?: you fool
Have you ever been on the radio?: nah
Have you ever been on TV?: one time in an alternate reality
Have you ever been in a movie?: nah
Do you have a cellphone?: several
Do you have a pager?: no
What’s the worst thing you’ve ever done?: lisa
Why are all the fun things illegal?: idk i've never done anything illegal
What do you think of racism?: idk one time i battled a racist truck
Are you racist?: nah i had a black gf once
Do you like rain?: idk
Do you think lightning is awesome?: sure
What is your favorite word?: bitch
Do you think you were an adorable little kid?: yeah and an adorable man
What is the most unique thing about your bedroom?: it changes prac. every day
Do you have a black light?: no.
Do you have a strobe light?: no
Do you have glow-in-the-dark stars?: no
Do you have anything that glows in the dark?: idk
What color is your pillow case?: idk
What is your favorite thing to wear to bed?: nothin
What is the last song you listened to?: carry on my wayward son
What is your dream car?: the one i have
The Good Stuff
Do you have a girl/boyfriend?: yeah
What is his/her name?: sam
Do you love him/her?: doi
Are you in love with him/her?: yeah
Other Stuff
What is your favorite TV show?: supernatural
When you go to the movies do you throw stuff at people?: yeah
When you go to the movies do you throw stuff at the movie screen?: yeah
How many times have you been kicked out of the movies?: idk
Have you ever been kicked out of a grocery store?: yeah because a shapeshifter was trying to get the shapeshifter baby
Do you know any fake people? (People who act nice to you to your face but then talk about you
behind your back): idk i think something might be up w/ cas
Did you ever want to smack them?: every day
What’s your favorite season?: idk
What’s your favorite subject in school? none of them
What’s your least favorite subject in school?: all of them
Who is your all-time favorite teacher?: none of them
What school do you go to?: i don't go to school
What is your favorite song?: what the i already answered this
Describe yourself in five words: i think i am adorable.
Do long distance relationships work?: idk
What one thing makes you happy?: my bro
What would you do with a million dollars?: buy some pie
If your house was burning down and you could only take one thing with you, what would you take?: .......................
my bro
Are you glad this survey is over?: idk

Saturday, April 9, 2011

The Quest for Answers

hey gggggggggggs


nothing to say really

except that i really wish friday would hurry up and get here because hello new spn




idk what to day

i hate spoilers did you know? i was spoiled like twice today and for like the end of the season so. that was annoying.

what i have said a lot of times but i will say again is that today has felt like sunday and yesterday also felt like sunday. that is not a nice feeling let me tell you because sundays do not generally feel nice. also then i realize that its not sunday and then it is a bummer because hello if it was sunday it would be closer to friday and that is the day that i want it to be.

goos guess what i got today ok you probs know but i will tell you its called the new spn magazine and its so beautiful because sam is on the cover and there is this nice poster that has sam on one side and dean on the other side but i will hang it up with sam's face pointing towards my room and dean's face pointing towards the wall.

omg today i watched the song remains the same because idk hob was talking about it and espec this one part and then that made me want to watch it and omg. its like have you ever watched an ep like two or three times and then you watch it again and you have all these feelings that you didn't feel before and then you accidentally cry like three times during the course of the episode. that was me when i watched the song remains the same omg. idek what was that sad. well mostly i think it was when sam was talking to john and when dean and sam were talking to mary. and then the end too idk. actually that is not the only ep in which that has happened to me but icr.

wow i said more already than i thought i would say in this post total...

well i don't have much else to say really so

uh wait there was something else though what was it

oh well i don't have any pics bum bum bum idk i don't know what to make someone should tell me what to make or what if we played the song piccie game

bored bored bored

good bye

The Quest for Food

heyyy gs what's up?

wow i can't believe my spring break is already almost over! it went by so fast! DDD:

haha that is the face i made when i realized spring break is almost over.

i really just can't wait until this summer though because my spring break reminded me a lot of what it is like during summer.

here's what i did this spring break:

-watched a bunch of how i met your mother, weeds, supernatural and a bunch of other shows
-downloaded a ton of music, movies, and shows
-played this awesome tennis ball game cm and i made up outside
-went to the park with some friends
-saw the king's speech in theaters
-ate a ton of food whenever i felt like eating instead of scheduled meals
-stayed up as late and slept in as late as i wanted

ahhh and icqcme for cousin camp too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i think it's like the second week after i get out of school!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

it's been like consistently awesome every year so far so i can't wait to do some awesome stuff at it again!

haha and oh yeah tyt for that nice long email you sent me para!!!!

okay so you know how last night i had that huge quest of finding that mysterious taste that i couldn't think of? well after tasting like a gazillion different things i actually found it this morning! it was a mango smoothie from this coffee place in our neighborhood!!!

also here is a picture of these delicious churros i had at this mexican restaurant in my neighborhood. it's kinda a blurry picture but that's because they looked so delicious i wanted to hurry up and eat them!

aw g i just accidentally posted this post instead of previewing it before i wanted it to end. oh well i'll just make it a draft again and no one will even have to know.

gs have you seen this? it was an april fools joke but i kinda think this would be cool if it was real!

haha this video goes on for almost 10 minutes. i bet you won't watch the whole thing!!!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

posting a real post

hey again gs! here's a real post!!!

well firsty i've made a few piccies this week but most of them are wincest the musical graphics but i haven't finished so i'm gonna wait until i finish them to post them all. but let's see what else i've made

alrgith here's a gif about this scene where sam holds dean's arm and helps him go see dad. it's so nice

here's another gif

and here's a regular pic

welp what else. idk. this week i've been watching two shows: the pacific, and parks and recreation. they are both short so i'm almost done. i like to watch 2 shows at once if one is a serious one and one is a funny one.
they are both goodie.

omg i found something to drink sort of

idk what else to put in this post

oh para. i may have found a fic that's like that vid but idk really. it's not exactly like that. but it was bottom!sam so far so that's a plus for you


yesterday i read that one long one i linked to in a post that i hadn't read yet and it was soooooooooooooooooo good. idk if you've read it

well i guess that's it i guess

Saturday, April 2, 2011

posting a short one

hey gs, well i'm just posting a short post like hob because a. i'm really lazy right now and b. i forgot about it until just a bit ago.

but the good news is it's spring break for me and i'll make sure to have at least 1 or 2 good posts during this week!


just postin i don't really feel like it right now so i'll post for real in a few hours