Wednesday, October 31, 2012

cats in tights

heyy gs.

i almost forgot to post so i will just do this real quick.

haha para nice picture of the green goblin saying all that!

oh yeah i didn't watch supernatural tonight either.

i will do the list of the things i want jamz about in tomorrow's post

i don't have time to think about it right now

happy halloween gs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

now i'm going to go eat some of my candy i got from playing poker for candy with some of my friends.

cat wedding

Hey gs!!!!!


I'm starting a new project called "putting things that Gob says into the Green Goblin's speech bubbles." I think that it will put a new spin on our blog.

Haha also icqcml because when I saw that news about Star Wars I was like hmm I wonder if we will have an excited Goblin on our hands and turns out we do.

Okay nice I'm glad that you gs like my idea.  So you can just put together a nice list of maybe five things that you want jamz about that then like a few key words for each thing and put them on the blog and then we can start finding jamz!!!

Oh I didn't watch Supernatural. Wasn't feeling it.

Also I still haven't seen last week's episode. Bum bum bum.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

cat space

hey gs.

THERE ARE GOING TO BE NEW STAR WARS MOVIES COMING OUT!!!!! EPISODES 7, 8, AND 9!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I AM SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

it's been like a really long time since i've been excited about star wars stuff too though because i don't really care about the animated tv show that's out right now and i don't really care about the new one that is supposed to come out but new star wars movies sound awesome!  i hate how so many star wars fans are mad about it or think they are going to suck though.  and a ton of people think just because disney bought lucasfilms that the new star wars movies are going to be all kiddy and silly and bad.  but disney bought marvel and the avengers was pretty awesome!  i just don't get why when episodes 7,8, and 9 were announced, something star wars fans have been dreaming of forever, everyone is so cynical and negative.

oh well.  that won't stop my excitement though!  but you gs probably don't care about that so i'll stop talking about it.

another thing i am excited about is that tomorrow i don't have any classes until 11!!!!

okay so are we going to start the tg jamz exchange this week? 

chicken shadows

heyyyy gs

yeah thats a really great idea for the jamz exchannge

wow i havent started getting jamz yet and idek where to find any

ok thats really all i had to say hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

when will i watch spn

maybe never

wow tomorrow i dnt have my night class so i could watch spn when its on but do i want to.....................

what i want is not for children to keep coming to my door


Monday, October 29, 2012

cat on the roof

heyy gs.

i just found out today that on sunday, daylight savings time ends and we get an extra hour!!!!!  that will be so nice to have an extra hour to sleep or to stay up doing things!  well at first i thought it was like on the night after sunday right before i would wake up on monday but now i realized it is at 2 am actually on sunday.  that would have been really awesome if we gained an hour the night before we went to school on monday but it will still be nice to gain an hour at all.

yeah para i think that sounds like a good idea for the tg jamz exchange.

ONLY 3 MORE WEEKS UNTIL THANKSGIVING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

haha i keep seeing all this stuff about hurricane sandy on facebook and keep thinking that so many of my friends are talking about my mom!

cat prowler

Hey gs.

A great thing happened today where I forgot one of my classes was cancelled until right before I was about to go.  That was such a nice surprise!

Wow remind me never to go to the dining hall at 6:30 again.

Still haven't watched the Supernatural episode.  Maybe I just won't watch it...

Maybe I just won't watch the next one either...

Who knows?

Wait okay I have this idea for us but we don't have to do it but tell me what you think. Okay so we want to have our TG jamz exchange, right? But you know how like in a jamz exchange if you are a considerate person you will try to put in mostly jamz that are relateable to things that the other people like which you might have because you also like those things?  Well what do you do if you don't even know if you like any of the same things? Well here's what you do.  Ever person says like a few things that they like and want jamz about and then the other people try their best to find jamz about those things.  Like even if they know absolutely nothing about it.  It could be fun because even if they fail to find relevant jamz it will probably be amusing to see what jamz they picked out.  Also you could give like a few key words to help them like say I wanted Supernatural jamz I might say brothers, demons, hell, blah blah blah.  Do you get it?

Well that's just an idea I had.  Tell me if you like it.



Sunday, October 28, 2012

the andy cat show

heyyy gs.

wow only 3 more days of october and then it is november!  that is so crazy!!!

actually i don't have that much time to post so this is going to be a kinda sucky post but oh well.


i  love apple cider!

it is so delicious!



Saturday, October 27, 2012

cat day

heyy gs.

i just watched groundhog day for the first time tonight!!!  it was really good!  haha i can definitely see how the supernatural episode was inspired by that now. idg why he couldn't just try staying awake until 6 am and seeing what would happen though.  well maybe he just had no hope that doing that would actually work.  idk.  oh yeah and one random thing, and i just realized the camera man guy is also lilly's dad in how i met your mother!

oh yeah sorry for not posting yesterday but i think inbd since no one else posted either....come on gs, let's not let this blog just fade away and die out! D:

okay so this post won't be the greatest because i only have like 10 minutes left but at least i am still posting.

wow we only have had 37 posts in october and the month is almost over when we should have had 81 posts by now.  oh well, at least it's better than having less than 30 posts a month when only one person posted each day.

but anyways,  let's all keep posting!!!!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

we need to talk about cats

heyyy gs

i am soooo bored right now!  what should i do?!?!??!?!?

maybe i should clean my room.

nah, that is a too productive thing to do.

well actually if i can't think of anything better to do i might just do that.

i am so bored and i have absolutely nothing to say in this post.

haha this is an awesome sentence.

Will Will will the will to Will?

this is an awesome sentence also;

Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo.

here is the explanation for that sentence:

the chicken day

heyyyyy gs

well i havent watched spn yet so

i heard that theres werewolves or s/t which i hate and that sam and dean arent in it that much which i double hate. so no thanks

i actually liked last weeks ep though. well i didnt love it but it was def the best of the season

wow ok i really hate my history prof and today i realized that the reason why is bc he remids me a little of russ

that is the worst possible quality a perso could have

im going to puke just thinkin g about russ

bleh blah today i hated

wow next wednseday will be so great though because i dont have my class that i hate and so i'll be done at noon it will be just like a monday or a frriday!!!!!!!

i wish it was friday rn

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

the lizard cat

Hey gs.

Well didn't watch Supernatural tonight because well frankly I didn't want to and also because I was watching something super awesome at the time and also because I forgot.

Actually Gob in the comic books Tony's suit gains sentience and falls in love with him so I'm guessing that's going to happen in Iron Man 3???

Wow this is a beautiful thing I just got!!!! That makes me so happy!!!

A great thing happened to me today where I didn't do the readings for one of my classes but then when I got to the class my professor was like "sorry kids I didn't put the readings up on the website so you couldn't have read them" and then I just nodded along like yeah that happened and I knew about it and then we just watched videos for the whole class. Score!

Goos tomorrow is Thursday I love a Thursday.

Also only three more classes this week goos.

Wait Gob have you even seen Iron Man 2 yet why did you watch the Iron Man 3 trailer?

Well I guess it is like how I watched the promo for new week's Supernatural episode even though I haven't seen this week's episode.

It looks boring by the way. Why didn't they have another Halloween episode?  I mean the episode is coming on on Halloween...and this is supposedly like a horror show... And who's even going to watch it on Halloween? Not me. I mean maybe if it was a Halloween episode but otherwise nah bro.

Okay that's all!

I hate telepaths!

the cat games

heyyy gs.

i didn't get to watch the newest episode of supernatural on tv tonight but i'll probably watch it later tonight and then post about it tomorrow.

goos!  my mom is ordering pies for thanksgiving!  icqcme!!!!!!!!!!!  only like 4 more weeks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  it feels like it should be way sooner than that though.  i keep thinking that this month is november instead of october.  idk why.

blehhhhh you know what sucks though?  my roommate just burnt popcorn in the microwave and it is stinking up this room so bad. 

oh yeah i should probably finish this post now. 

yeah the iron man 3 trailer does look really awesome!!!

that is crazy how it looks like the suit is starting to control itself maybe without tony actually being in it.

well that is all for this post because i have to get up early tomorrow so i want to get some work done right now so i can go to sleep semi-early.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

the cat of mary jane watson

Hey gs.

Today was a foggy foggy day.

Wow the Iron Man 3 trailer is so great! Icqcme!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Also icqcme for it to be Friday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I kind of regret starting this post because idk what to say....

Well I can't back out now.

I'll just say things.

There are so many pennies on my desk.

This light makes a nice sound when you turn it on.

I hate my group project group.

MJ sometimes your breath smells like a fart.

This is such a great post!!!! We have the best blog ever!!!!

Monday, October 22, 2012

the life of cat

heyy gs.

let's all start going back to posting every day for real now, okay?

bleh today felt like a wednesday or friday but it was only a monday.  i hope the rest of this week doesn't go by too slowly.

okay so today i was thinking about what good movies will be out around the time of thanksgiving that we could see and here are two i think might be good if we want to see a movie.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

the walking cats

heyy gs.

what's up?

wow this has been such a nice autumnal weekend! because the leaves are all red and yellow and the weather was just really great fall weather!  cm and i carved a pumpkin and made toasted pumpkin seeds too!  and then for dinner we had a really good fall dinner, curried sweet potato and apple soup.  oh yeah and we watched harry potter which seems like a fall activity to me for some reason.

have either of you gs watched the show the walking dead?  because everyone at my school, including one of my professors, is like constantly raving about it and talking about it.  and it's kinda annoying because i know nothing about the show except that it's a zombie show.  i think at least season 1 is on netflix though, so i might just try watching it just so i can join in on their conversations about it.  i just don't see why so many people at my school are obsessed with that particular show.

i really need some new music to listen to.  i feel like recently i've been listening to way too much familiar stuff and way too much of the same stuff i always listen to.  you gs should give me some jamz to listen to!

also everyone, let's go back to doing our best to post every day, even if you have to do a sorta sucky post.

oh yeah even though i haven't seen iron man 2 yet, i watched the teaser trailer of iron man 3!  it is really short and doesn't give away much at all though.  the new suit looks pretty cool! that's pretty much all i have to say about the teaser trailer.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

the cat of the green goblin

Hey gs!

We need more posting on this blog!

Well today I found out that the first season of the 60s Spider-Man cartoon makes a lot more sense than the second season.  But it's still not as good as the 90s Spider-Man cartoon.

Oh man I bought a Spider-Man action figure today!!!! It's so awesome!!!  But also it's super tall like idk. Well nbd.

But when I was in the store looking at the things I met a little boy and he told me that that was the aisle of boy toys not girl toys. Also he made a point of informing me of Spider-Man's name (it's Spider-Man guys I'm so glad we know that now!!!!) and he said that he likes Spider-Man but I doubt he likes Spider-Man as much as me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here's my hand:
Pinky as Iron Man
Ring finger as Deadpool
Middle finger as Thor
Index finger as Spider-Man
Thumb as Wolverine

Wolverine is the thumb because he's so short!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wow I just realized you can see Iron Man in the post right behind Pinky!!!

This is a really amazing post guys!!!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

silver cat

heyy gs.

i finished watching iron man last night and it was really good!!!  it was cool to see the evolution of the suit from the silver suit he quickly made in the cave to the actually red and polished suit.  also the battle at the end between obadiah was awesome!

i think either tonight or tomorrow night i'm going to watch captain america.

oh yeah and i missed the episode of supernatural tonight so i need to watch that in a little bit too.

ahh well actually i remembered i still have to do some homework due tomorrow so i guess i won't be watching anything tonight.



the cat queen

Hey gs.

Wow what a boring episode.

Not even worth talking about really.

Nice try Jenny but you failed.

Gob I see you chose to watch Iron Man but I'll answer your question anyway.  I haven't seen any of the Hulk movies so idk but I like Iron Man better than Captain America though they are both good movies.  Iron Man 2 is pretty much just horrible but I would recommend watching it anyway especially if you like Iron Man or Black Widow or Phil.

Wow my friend won't stop insulting Captain America and it's really making me mad.  He just has such bad opinions about everything.

Today I spent an hour in the computer lab watching videos of cats.

Also I drew a beautiful pic of my ship.

Omg also the worst thing happened to me today where I went all the way across the mall to my class and then got there and realized that I had forgotten my homework in my dorm so I ran all the way up to my room and then ran all the way back and then I was late because well I only had ten minutes to get to class to start with anyway so. But bleh I did not enjoy that.

Well this is a post finally.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

iron cat

heyyy gs. 

just posting real fast

well i'm going to get back to watching iron man now.


bite of the chicken

heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy gs


that was a cooolio ol time when para was here!!

bleh ive puked on today so much

icqcme t puke on tomorrow


i hate tomorrow

ww ive hated homewrk fso much today

i just want to write a fic suddenly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i wish it was thursday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, October 15, 2012

godspeed you! black cat

heyyy gs

sorry i didn't post this weekend.  it was just a super busy and crazy weekend.  i went to a concert in louisville and ended only getting like 3 hours of sleep that night, i played a ton of minecraft with cm,  and i wrote a 7 minute speech that i should have been working on for 2 weeks all in one weekend.

the first and second things were fun but the third was not.

but yeah it was just really busy so i completely forgot had no time for posting.  and apparently neither of you did either!  or you just saw that i didn't post and didn't feel like doing it as well.

but anyways inbd.

okay gs here is a question for you.  should i watch the captain america movie, iron man, or one of the hulk movies first?  which one did you gs like the best?

i'm so glad this week of school will be pretty easy and relaxed for me.  i might even do decent blog posts all this week!

are you gs going to start posting again too?

Friday, October 12, 2012

signs of a chicken

heyyyyyy gs

bleh last night there was a mouse in my room and i wanted to die

and then i watched spn and continued wanting to die

but not anymore because para is comin to town!!!!!!!!!

apparently noah has no school today too. thats not what i wanted for him

i think i'll finish avatar today. i only have 2 more eps but the last ep is an hour and a half for some glug reason. wow in the last few eps it was getting really good though. one of my fave ships even had a hug so i guess that means they are canon now!!!! wow there is so much kissing in this show though

para wtf that list is completely dif from the last time you said it. hw could you like iron man that much bleh im gonna puke. ok heres mine

1. thor
2. black widow
3. captain america
4. hawkeye
5. hulk
6. iron man

wow someone disconnected the wii for some reason why did they do that

i wish it was lunching time

cat awakening

HEY GS!!!!

I'M SO EXCITED TO BE GOING HOME TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ICQCME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wow today was a pretty good day like okay I only had one class as usual but all we did was watch a movie and then we got to leave after forty minutes even though the class is supposed to be an hour and forty minutes.

So yeah I only had forty minutes of class today that was great.

Gob I see Captain America in sixth place and tears roll down my face...

That rhymed...

Well here's my list:

1. Thor
2. Captain America
3. Iron Man
4. Hawkeye
5. Black Widow
6. Hulk

THAT WAS REALLY HARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wow okay I did not even notice the alleged hug??? Maybe because I just don't care or maybe  because I wasn't paying that much attention but who really cares???

So hungry....

Thursday, October 11, 2012

avenger cats

heyy gs.

i finally just got around to watching the avengers!  it was as awesome as people kept telling me it was for a really long time!!

here are my favorite avengers from best to worst:

1.  Thor
2.  Hulk
3.  Iron Man
4.  Hawkeye
5.  Black Widow
6.  Captain America

also nick fury was awesome too.

haha stan lee's cameo was great too!

the chicken

heyyyy gs

well i havent watched spn but wow how will i even make myself watch that. like this is a reason why i wish i could watch it when it's on blehhhhhhhh that sounds like the dumbest episode i've ever heard of.

ok wow i feel like at this point, every thing that happens on the show involving cas, especially destiel stuff, is fanservice because i'm pretty sure he was supposed to be a goner in s7 and now he's back for good i guess and there's apparently more destiel stuff than ever (and apparently it's canon now!!!!! wow did you know that a hug means a ship is canon!!!!!!!!!!!! that is great news for sam/dean!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) and i just heard that the ratings for the last ep were the best they've been in two years so yeah. and idk it's just weird to me that people are so excited about dumb stuff that's only added in their for the fans' benefit and wow i just could not be bothered to care about a single thing i've heard about from that ep. like i already didnt care that much but bleh.

well anway

icqcme for tomorrow!!!! i have no school and para will be a comin!!!!!!! duck duck goos!!!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

the return of cat

Hey gs.

Spoilers for Supernatural ahead just fyi.

*Okay let's just all agree the only good part of the ep was when Sam was Thor.
*Aaaaah he is worthy!!!!
*Oh man that was great.
*But everything is was either a snore to me or really stupid.
*Like it made me so mad when Kevin and his mom got matching tattoos????
*And when Sam apparently didn't care about the Impala enough to not want to sell it???
*Um doesn't that care have special memories to him????
*Swan Song anyone????
*Idk what was happening with anything really because I couldn't hear what was happening above my friend spewing useless trivia about Greek gods???
*I did not need all those flashbacks for sure.
*There was way too much Cass.
*And way too much Kevin.
*And way too much Kevin's mom.
*And way too much Crowley.
*Okay I think that covers it.
*Oh wait I forgot that the other best part of the ep was Sam's tattoo!!!!!!!
*I can't remember if we saw Dean's hmm
*Well who cares.
*I hope Kevin stays gone okay.

Well who really cares about Supernatural?

You know what we should all care about instead??

My ship.

salsa cats

blehh will my roommate ever stop watching stupid, fake reality shows or anything else pointless on tv?  i think i'm going to start playing my music over my speakers a lot more often to prevent this.  also i really wish he would stop talking to people on skype while i'm the room because it is super annoying.

well i didn't watch supernatural because he was talking on skype so maybe it will be online in a few minutes and i'll watch it then.  idk.

hahahaha this is nice.

the chicken in the flask

heyyyyy gs

wow im so bored i want to die

i hate wednesdays!!!!

3 more hours utnil i can be a little less bored maybs

goos today i found out that i dont have class on friday!!!!! so tomorrow will be fri for me!!!!! icqcme for tomorrow at 3:50!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

wow monday was the worst day that anyone could have

ok hmmmmmmmmmm

i love fall!!!!!!!!!!!! it's been so nice and cold for the last few weeks!!! i remember that the last two years,all i wanted was for it to be a little bit cool in time for my birthday but it wasn't really, but this year there's still a week and a  half until my birthday and it's already been cold for a while!!!

i wish i had an apple rn

well anyway the whole world is a better place when it's fall and winter

it's like in the summer and spring all you want to do is be a grumpy ball of sweat, a,d in the fall you want to be a not that grumpy loosey noodle!!!!

ook now i am just saying things because writing this post is the only thing i can think of to do

except homework but

but wow it's like you think ok i just have to get through a few hours and then i'll be less bored but no because then i have a 3 hour class which is even more boring than this. wow it is so hard always to get through that glug of a thing

wow im in the computer lab and how nice it is to type on a keyboard that has all the keys!!!

icqcme for para to be here!!!!!!!!!!

wow i was going to say something else glug about noah. hmmmm what was it. wow ok always at dinner i want to throw a plate at his head or something. idk if he has always been this annoying at dinner?????????? but like who even wants to hear all these glug details about someone's day???? like that is all we ever talk about at dinner is what noah did at school and his stupid economics class and  his stupid english class and his stupid personal finance management class blah blah blah. and then yesterday i was trying to talk about my day for 3 seconds and noah was like "why are we talking about this? this isn't a very technical conversation" and first of all shut him up, and second of all wtf does that even mean. wow he just says things that don't make any sense so he can sound smart. oh and always he's like "in my biology class, i was the only person who knew what _______ was!!!" wow shut that up. also he is a dummy even if he is more knowledgeable about some t hings like you can know things but still be a big ol airhead and that is him

oh i forgot spn was tonight. well i recall watching the promo for this ep and being bored to tears so how will i sit through this? i'll probably have to sit through it not until tomorrow morn or something. also i forgot to record it again blah.

i wish

i was

at home

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

cat black cat

Hey gs.

Wow that fic that I said I was gonna read in my last post was THE BEST FIC EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!

Also I thought that it was unfinished but it turns out that it's finished!  Bleh but I wish I wasn't finished with it because it was so great!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Goos only six more classes until this weekend!!!

Gob that's a nice pic you go there but I think you forgot a few names like:
*Tubadoodle doo
*Rub dub dub two men in a Tub

Burrrrrr I'm suddenly so cold.

Okay that's all because I'm too cold.

sick cat

heyy gs.

i don't feel good at all right now! D:  i know this sounds disgusting but i keep feeling like i have to burp a lot and i've thrown up  a little bit in my mouth like 4 or 5 times the last couple days!!!  blehh i don't want to go to classes this week.

omg wow.  will my roommate not watch anything on the tv other than animal planet, the discovery channel, and the history channel?!?!?  and when he watches them, he's not even watching the good shows on them like mythbusters or any interesting historical documentary.  it's dumb stuff like shows about hunting bears, or dirtiest jobs on the planet, or trading stuff in pawn shops.

oh yeah i was bored today and i made this picture with the evolution of all of the names i have gone by in our group chats and on our blog!  that is crazy how many there are!

Monday, October 8, 2012

Professor Cat

heyyy gs.

sorry i didn't post yesterday.  we went to the indianapolis symphony and we didn't get back until like 1:30 and i was too tired to even post late or anything but not everyone is posting regularly every day anymore or anything so i don't think it matters that much.

i just got done watching this really good movie on netflix called brick!  it's like a noir, murder mystery movie and it has joseph gordon-levitt as the main character and also the actress of claire from lost, and eden from heroes.  some parts of it were kinda hard to understand but i rewatched the last couple of scenes and i think i get it all now.

here is a trailer for it, if you are interested.

omg i can't wait for tomorrow!  i only have to go to 1 class at 9:00 and that's it!!!!  because one of my classes is an optional class that i can just go to as many as i need to go to in order to fill my requirements of seeing so many recitals, and my symphonic band concert got canceled, and the rehearsal got canceled!!!!

i actually do have a lot of work and practicing to do too but i think since i'll have the whole day i will make sure i have a good balance of just relaxing and working.

haha para i was reading through your post real fast and i thought you said read some spoilers that cas is going to die!  but then i read it more carefully and it did not say that. D:

omg my roommate is being so annoying.  today when i was trying to nap he decided to skype with one of his friends for like 3 freaking hours.  and he kept doing really annoying things like banging on his keyboard and hiding under his covers and going "boo!"  he wasn't really being that loud but i think that made it more annoying because his voice when it is quiet is so annoying!  it's like in between speaking and whispering and it just irritates me so much whenever he does skype while i'm in the room. 

cat cat

Hey gs!

Bleh I want this week to be over so much even though it just started.

Icqcme for this weekend!!!

Wow okay last night I had a crazy dream that was so exciting and great!  Okay in it I was a wanted murderer except I don't know who I murdered or really why I murdered them but I know I had super powers and I was super awesome and a bunch of people were on my tail so I had to be like this sneaky person sneaking around and it was so great and exciting and at one point I had an epic battle with someone in a subway station.

Oh man that was a great dream.

Wow I drew a great pic today in one of my classes and I was super proud of myself because I did it with no reference images and it didn't turn out looking like crap!!!

Wow it sounds like Noah has become an even bigger fool than he was when I knew him! hahaha or maybe I just forgot how foolish he is.  Wow I hate when people say dumb things and then I feel so embarrassed for them like this one person in one of my classes always says like these stupid things and its clearly making the professor uncomfortable to hear these things and then I just get so uncomfortable and embarrassed for that dumb person.

Bleh today I read some spoilers that were like in some episodes Cass is going to have this important role blah blah blah can I just die????

Goos I finished my homework so now I can read this fic that I've had open all day!  Wow yesterday I read a super great fic and I was so surprised to find it because I did not expect that a fic like that would exist.

Okay well bye gs!!!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

the first chicken

heyyyy gs

wow noah is so annoying always

like always at dinner he says the dumbest things that make me feel really embarrassed for him. like idk on friday he spent pretty much the entire dinner giving a detailed account of the pep rally he went to. i could just about push him off a mountain

bleh i hate this week that just started. well today wasnt bad but i hate all the other days espec. monday and tuesday and thursday. and that is glug because usually tuesday is a day i dont hate. and i hate wednesday because i hate every wednesday. bleh it's also glug when wednesday is my least hated day of a week. actually friday should be a fine ol day

wow yesterday i finished a show and now i want to die. also im almost done with that darn avatar show and it's pretty good but i wish to be done already. next i might watch a show thats not a cartoon. that'll be strange

ok thats our stuff

cat planet

heyy gs.

sorry i'm doing this post late.  seth and my dad and i were watching this movie and i didn't realize it was like 2 hours and 40 minutes long.  it was good but it was a really weird movie and hard to watch all the way through.

yeah today was super cold too!!!  this is like the first time this fall i've actually really needed to wear a hoodie while inside!  i hope all this rain we're having now  will translate into snow this winter.

ahhh i have a headache again.


wow i'm actually really tired even though i slept in until 1 pm today!

byeee gs

Friday, October 5, 2012

turning cat

Hey gs!

Today was so cold! Goos!

There are so many leaves in the world!!!!!!!!

Wow this show makes no sense at all.

In this episode the hills turned into bugs and captured people and then an evil bug guy and a hunch back guy named Igor enslaved them and then one of the slaves signaled Spider-Man so then Spider-Man stole a plane and flew to an island and then he had to fight the hill bugs but the hill bugs were robots so he climbed inside of one of them and made them crash into each other but then a rock turned into a rhino fish and started chasing him so he made it jump off a cliff but then the evil bug man sent his gargoyle birds after him and the gargoyle birds chased Spider-Man into a moat and a crocodile tried to eat him but then he made it to the castle just before the evil bug guy and Igor were going to escape on a spaceship and so the evil bug guy played a song on his organ which made a mountain turn into a monster so Spider-Man made the spaceship crash into the mountain and then there was a nuclear explosion.

What even???????

the cats unleashed

heyy gs.

sorry, i almost forgot to post.

i'm so bored right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Thursday, October 4, 2012

cat war

Hey gs.

Wow I am just 302493275 percent done with this group project.

Like first of all no one even listened to my input when we were deciding our topic so now our topic is pool like the game with the table and the balls and the sticks and I told them I had never played pool and could just not care about it at all but they didn't listen to me.

And when we were planning when/where we were going to meet they just decided that meeting for dinner in the dining hall would be a great idea end I told them no that's a stupid idea but they didn't listen.

And then today we were supposed to meet and my whole floor went to dinner at like 5 which like we never go to dinner as a floor anymore so I wanted to go with them but no I had to wait to eat dinner with my project group at 6 which was way too late because usually I eat dinner around 5 or 5:30.

So then I just starved and then I went down at 6 and waited for like 10 minutes for anyone in my group to show up and then one person shows up and was like yeah we're not going to have our meeting we decided.




return of the cats

ahhhhh i almost forgot to post!!!!!

i was watching season 5 of the guild on netflix and i didn't even realize the whole thing was like an hour and a half long!

well anyways i only have like 9 minutes to post.

here is a really good song from a band i've really been getting into lately!

chicken portrait

heyyyyyy gs

ok i wtched the ep this morning. i actually had time to wtch it last nght but for some reason i ws so tired? like i went to sleep at 11:30 wowwie.

anywy i actually liked that ep more than i thought i would. except i HATED the reunion/hug ughhh. and also the whole time i was watching it i felt really weird and i felt like even thought i liked a lot of it, i just couldnt care


also i didnt feel the same way that i usually do when im watching spn, where i'm like really nervous and stuff. also i just realized that i forgot to watch the promo. wow

ok i watched it and bleh. i was bored to tears by it

well that's really all i have to say i guess. well it's all i feel like saying anyway

i loove

my shows that arent that one

and my ship

i boought a dress w/ cats on it today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


the cat

Hey gs.

Sorry this post is late but whatevs really.

Okay so I watched Supernatural when it was on because my friend has a tv and he wanted to watch it too so I guess that was nice because now I don't have to like stream it somewhere or something.

Though to be honest I was not really caring about it while I was watching.

Idk what was even happening.

Why was Dean being such a meanie to Sam?

Why did there need to be so many pointless flashbacks?

Why can't Sam and Dean just love each other?

Why do they need to keep secrets from each other?

Why am I supposed to care about Kevin?

Why is the new title thing so stupid looking?

Blah blah blah idk really I can't remember that much because after I watched it I watched the Avengers and the awesomeness of that just pushed Supernatural right out of my mind again!

Wow I love that movie.

I need to own it for myself.

I'm so glad tomorrow is Thursday!!!!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

the cat strikes backs

heyy gs.

if you haven't watched the newest episode of supernatural, don't read this post because i am going to do a review with spoilers.

Review:  Supernatural Season 7: We Need To Talk About Kevin

I thought it was a pretty good premiere of the season.  It didn't like amaze me too much but I thought it was a solid and promising beginning to the season.

Seeing Sam and Dean reunite after a year was my favorite part of the episode!  Haha I don't know whether to take a shower or give you a hug.

It seemed like to me that Sam and Dean's reunion after not seeing each other for a year was actually mostly more sad than happy though.  I don't think Dean should have been so mad at Sam but I still can't believe that Sam would just give up on everything that easily after everything they've been through.  Well at least Sam fixed up the Impala in the year while Dean was gone which was a good thing for him to do.

Oh yeah and wow what was up with showing flashbacks to Dean a year earlier being tormented in Purgatory and fighting for his life while Sam's flashbacks were just him rescuing a dog and that's it?  It seems like maybe they are just going to through the past year in continuous flashbacks from episode to episode but it just seemed weird that Dean's flashback was so important and Sam's wasn't in this episode.  I think the recurring flashbacks throughout multiple episodes will be cool rather than just having one or two big flashback episodes but just in this episode Sam's seemed really out of place.

It was good to see Sam and Dean traveling across the country in the Impala, staying in motels, and eating lunch again though!  I feel like Cas is going to be out of the picture for at least 5 or 6 more episodes.  Kevin wasn't too annoying in this episode but I hope he doesn't stick around too much.  Why did Dean have to find the voicemail messages on Sam's phone?  That would have been so nice if they were just accidentally deleted without even being heard!

Overall a promising start to the season and I'm actually excited for the next episode!

Oh yeah, and Sam's hair is sooooo long now!!!!

the shape of this chicken

heyyyyy gs

crazy day today. because spn and also it's fma day/a good day to burn down your house!!!!!

well okay yesterday i read some spn spoilers and they actually sounded kinda interesting. except they also were pretty vague so who knows what they actually mean

well too bad today is wednesday because i can't even enjoy any of these things really. also i want to die because last night i watched this crazy ep of a show im watching and wow who could care about life after that

also my good friend is about to start watching fma!!!!! crazy crazy day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

icqcme for soon when para will be a comin to town!!!!

bleh next week will be the worst week ever though

wow that ep

bleh i forgot to set spn to recrod

i guess i'll have to download it

 i guess it will probably be t onight except idk i have to do so much homework tonight


that's us

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

a new cat

heyyy gs.

wow that was really weird last night that i had the worst headache ever and it took me forever to fall asleep because of it.  then when i woke up in the morning i still had the headache.  and i had it pretty much all day today until i found the ibuprophen and took some.  but that's crazy because that's like the longest one single headache has ever lasted for me.

besides having a lingering headache though, today actually was pretty nice!!

it was cloudy and the rain was drizzling all day and i didn't have much to do today so i just chilled, listened to some music, and watched tv shows in bed for a lot of the day!  and i got some really good chinese food for dinner!

oh yeah, there's supernatural tomorrow!!!!!! 

wow i haven't even checked if our tv even gets the cw or not.  well if not i know where to stream it so inbd.

cat returns

Hey gs.

Today was a really weird day.

Idk why but when I woke up this morning my jaw hurt really badly??? Like it was fine when I went to bed but then in the morning it was hurting and if I tried to open my mouth more than like one inch it would be really painful and when I opened and closed my mouth there was this clicking sound and a weird feeling???  Idk what it was and so then I didn't go to my first class because it hurt so much and I had spent such a long time worrying about it that I would be late anyway.

And so then I went to my other class because I had a test and then wow right in the middle of my test all of sudden I realized my jaw was back to normal!!!! Like its completely fine now.  Wow what a relief.

I really thought I was going to die. But now I am fine.

So the rest of this day I have just had this new found respect for life and even if I fail at everything it will be fine because I am alive.

Also my test was not as hard I thought it would be so I might have done okay on it!!!!

And then this evening I finally passed this math quiz thing where you have to get like all the questions right or you get a zero but you can do it as many times as you want.

Well today still sucked because it was a Tuesday and that thing in the morning was really bad.

But at least I passed my math quiz, I might have done well on my philosophy test, and best of all, I didn't permanently injure my jaw!!!!!!!!!

Life is just beautiful.

Monday, October 1, 2012

revenge of the cats

heyyy gs.

i really don't feel like posting because today has been a stressful monday and i have a really big headache.

and what sucks is i still have homework/practicing to do so i either need to stay up late and finish (which i don't feel like doing) or wake up early to do everything (which i won't feel like doing in the morning).

or a combination of both.

blehh sorry i just have no energy right now to finish this post


oh yeah and now that's october i'm going to start the weekly review thing in my posts.