Friday, December 31, 2010

Together We'll Ring In The New Year

but then, some bad shit happened. it turned out the whole time gob was really cobb being controlled by a goblin. and then he turned into a tuba. some people forgot to post, and a lot of suck posts were written.

and yet they still managed to have an okay year, especially para's posts, and everything turned out okay.

they mostly decided to do it again next year, but not everyday and hopefully with less suck.


happy new year!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Morning Comes

ahhh i didn't know it was my turn to post again, but inbd. this time i still have quite a bit of time. wow this is my last post of 2010!!! that's so crazy!!

aw g, so last night i was going to start this experiment to see how many hours i could go without sleeping but i fell asleep at like 6 am while i was watching something on my ipod. DD: i think i'm just going to try my experiment during school instead of during break.

omggg last night was so horrible. there was like literally NO food in the entire house and i was so hungry. but now we have chips, pizza, vanilla coke, and a bunch of other good stuff!!! :D

wow i'm listening to this live version of little lion man and it sound so weird when they say
"I really messed it up this time" instead of fucked. i guess they just had to censor it for some reason.

Daily/Continuous Goals:
Writing on a blog every day nope. :/
Have great gc's yeah i'd say we had some great ones
Getting 1000 thumbs up from people haha not quite that many but we got a lot, and plus we got thumbs up on video so not a complete failure.
Take a time lapse video of something over the period of a year (taking a picture of something every day, for example a picture of yourself, then putting it in fast motion) nahh.
Typing in the lost numbers into a computer every 108 minutes. haha nah.
See the cousins at least 3 different times this year yeah!
Avoid spoilers yes
Watch Heroes yes
Watch Lost yes
Watch Flash Forward yes
Make videos of doing random things like Milo does on youtube. uhh i think we did some.
Daily/weekly/bi-weekly challenges (philo questions for example) i think we did some.

One Time Goals:
Once season 6 is over watch all of Lost in a weekend or something. noo i still really want to do that though.
Go to Wizarding World sadly, no.
Make another Heroes get Lost with Harry Potter movie (or a completely new movie) nope.
Win nanowrimo no.
Winning the lottery by entering the numbers 4 8 15 16 23 42 no.
Find Rene and get him to erase our memories of Lost and Heroes and watch them for the first time again i wish.
Save the cheerleader, save the world. nope.
Go to see a great new movie in theaters wow. i actually saw a ton of great movies in theaters
Read a great new book yeah, i read a couple really great ones.
Watch a great new TV show idg if this means new as in new on tv, or new as in i personally haven't seen it. but i watched 2 new to me really great shows this year, spn, and bsg.
Listen to a great new song yeah i listened to a bunch of new jamz
Go to a great concert yeah, i went to like 3 really great concerts.
Learn Klingon nope.
Sneak pizza late at night haha yes.
Introduce someone to Heroes or Lost hmmm, oh yeah i introduced one of my friends to lost.
Go to the beach yes.
Go to Comic-Con nope.
Go to a great party yeah i went to a couple.
Make up a secret language/code haha yeah i did actually.
Eat waffles yeah.
Eat brains yeah.
Memorize an episode of Heroes or Lost nahh, well except for fallout but we already had that memorized before 2010
Do a long con nope.
Stay up all night yeah. no.
Paint the future nope.
Become rock gods no.
Have a real wedding for gob and alisha haha yeah we did!

if i wasn't so lazy and i had more time before my post ended i would make some new ones for 2011. i'll make a bunch tonight after the post/tomorrow.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Lion and the Serpent


i almost forgot to post omg


this is my last post of 2010 probably
well wouldn't want to start having good posts NOW so

can i just show you stuffg i've photoshopped or
most of it is just screencaps but w/e
oh here's this gif i made but it was in gimp
well here it is

ok now is just gonna be other stuff:

welp. it's been fun
well me, i'm a lion

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Road Kill

heyyy gs. i thought it was hob's turn today and no one told me it was my turn to post but i'm just posting so that we at least had a post for this day.

and this post sucks as much as road kill does.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Rita Skeeter's Scoop

hey gsssssss

hm i have nothing to say really idk.

ok well i was gonna write some fic for my g but i'm not really feeling it right now so

and i won't prompt any until she writes those ones.

ok today i did nothing at all. its craz except i woke up sort of late so i will prob be up really late so its like the day is still new really so

um i'm bored

ok goodbye

wait actually let me tell you what i got for christmas


things i gave myself:
*heroes and philosophy book
*star trek the art of the film book
*primatech paper shirt
*sylar shirt
*star trek calendar

things i got from other people:
*sylar poster
*sulu action figure
*a zombie game
*vid editing progam
*a shirt from sarah and lauren
*a scarf from taylor that so far has not blow up

oh g wait i have this vid

i could go for some ice cream

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Indoor Living

hiiiiiii. so like today we did a sort of late christmas thing where we all exchanged gifts because we weren't all ready yesterday. here's what i got:

-some really nice noise canceling headphones
-a little musical keyboard thingie
-a wii snowboarding game
-a little remote control hover thing
-some other stuff icr what right now

oh yeah. and we got each got five dollars at this website called like you can either pay someone 5 dollars to do a task for you or you can do a task and earn 5 dollars. haha like one of them is you can pay someone 5 dollars to record a video message dressed in a hot dog suit for you. and you can like pay someone to make a song about anything you want for 5 dollars. i wonder what i could do to make a bunch of money on there.

wow g, 2010 just seems like it was so long that i can hardly believe some of this stuff happened just this year.

here's all the 2010 movies i watched this year:

in theaters:
harry potter and the deathly hallows: part 1
how to train your dragon
despicable me
true grit
tron legacy
toy story 3

on dvd:
scott pilgrim vs. the world

movies i wanted to see but never did:
the social network
clash of the titans
prince of persia
alice in wonderland

and here's a list of my top 5 movies i saw this year:

wow a bunch of really good albums came out this year too. here are my top 10 albums of this year:

2010 kinda sucked for tv shows though. i mean the only good shows were lost, doctor who, big bang theory, and dexter was just okay, but nothing special.

ahh last night was so awesome though because i was up literally like all night and i didn't even get tired at all. and i watched 2 and a half episodes of supernatural and didn't even get tired at all. actually i went to bed at like 5:30 and i still couldn't fall asleep because i wasn't tired and i didn't actually fall asleep until 6.

cm is being so annoying tonight though. i rented this wii game specifically so i could play it with him tonight but peter and him are just being glugs and playing this other game. and also even though they both like doctor who they don't want to watch the doctor who xmas special. D: i really kinda just want to watch it without cm since he seems to have like no interest in it.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

A Christmas Carol

meryy xmas!
if ya celebrate that kinda thing
well really i don't like saying merry xmas on xmas mostly just on xmas eve but w/e
ok let's see what i got

well i gave myself:
-spn s5
-fight club
-this one book

and i also got
-a torchwood shirt
-dinner and a show
-a bunch of gift cards
-a torchwood comic book thing
-a scotty action figure
-oaky what else what else icr what else

well it was a good haul so

omg this fic i'm reading jaksdlhasg

omg these eps i watched today i can't even and the ones i'm gonna watch tonight espec. kashfkjsadhklgag and merles omg

oh and doctor who was great so

ok i'm gonna prompt some fics
1. chandra/sandra just whatever

bleh i cant think of more rn

blehhhh i dont feel like writin any fics rn i will just give sister a rain check cuz i've only had one day. sorry sister

but sister i do have a message for ya: if i didn't know you i would wanna huntcha

okay there's gonna be a new section called "hob recs music at the end of her posts" well everyone can do it if they want but w/e

well actually that would be nice cuz i'm always itchin for music

okay today's song is the owl and the tanager by sufjan stevens

Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas On The Closed Ward

heyyyyyyyyyyyy gs

happy christmas eve or whatever

this reminds me a of a fic



well idk what to say but i should probs say some things

ok i will tell you about my day ok

ok so i woke up and then i wanted to take a shower but i just decided to wait for later because i was too lazy, so then i was just chillin on the comp for a bit and then i went upstairs and it was this huge smokey mess because of the fire in the fireplace and idk why we even bother because as we learned from mythbusters and our own personal experience, it just make the rest of the house colder and also in our house the entire place become a cave of smoke, and also the hot water heater thing goes out and then we have no hot water. well ok then i went and i got online and some people were in the nano chat which was not happening for a long time and i talked to my arch enemy, taylor, and she told me to open her present that had come in the mail a few days ago and i did that and it was a scarf and not a bomb so i was really surprised. but it was pretty awesome because i wore it all day and i was like merles. well then i chilled for a bit and then i went upstairs and i saw sister and i showed her my scarf and i showed it to noah and i was like "i'm merles" and he was like "merles is on the tv rn" but then i looked and it wasn't merles, it was a merles impostor. well it was this disney channel original movie that is copying merles except arthur is a girl and merles is annoying and lance is a man and morgana is a man too and mordred is older than everyone else and lance and arthur are in love. ok well actually i watched some of that because i wanted to see how it would end. and then i helped mo with a cake and then i wrapped prezzies and then i wanted to take a shower again but the hot water was not even working and i knew that would happen. and then we had dinner and it was yum. and then me and sister held hands and danced. and then we played a game called balderdash. and then we read a book. and then here we are right now.

ok hello that was this long glug paragraph. oh well.

i love fic

omg my mad eye fic is 49k. what is almost 50k what am i?

ok speaking of fic i am about to prompt a bunch of fics for sister to write for me ok here they are:

*hrg non-cons sylar
*someone pees on everything morgana loves
*merlin puts his scarf of sexual preference on everyone and listens to the result
*sylar is turned into a kitty and claire adopts him

ok i would like all of those to be written ok

ok quickly i have to put these fics here for sister. i didn't write them all but i will.

Danny/Joey: non-con

They had just finished tucking in little Michelle. It was a perfectly normal evening. All of the girls were in bed and Uncle Jessie was out on the town. So it was just Danny and Joey chillin on the couch, watching some nice tv. Except then Danny looks over at Joey with this odd expression and Joey is like “what the?” And then Danny attacks him and just non-cons him right there and he’s so rough with poor Joey that he just wants to cry.

“Cut. It. Out.” Joey screams.

And Danny just laughs and laughs and neither of them notice that DJ and Stephanie are secretly watching them. “How rude!” Stephanie whispers to her sister.

DJ shakes her head because Stephanie is too young to understand the love between her dad and her other dad.

Gwaine/Sword: fluff

Gwaine is just chillin in some tavern and of course he has his sword right there. He might be a little bit drunk but it’s no big deal because he’s always just a bit drunk. He stares long and hard at his sword and then the thought comes into his head called I wonder what you’d feel like inside of me…

And it’s like someone plum did inception on him because he can not shake the thought no matter how hard he tries. And then the next thing he knows he is whimpering on the ground and bleeding and his sword lies beside him. He imagines the sword is concerned for him. He imagines the sword will not be afraid to try again tomorrow.

Morgana/Gwen: Gwen sells her soul to get Morgana to be nice!Mo again

“Are you sure this is what you want?” the sorcerer asks. “Once the enchantment is complete, it cannot be undone.”

Gwen bites her lip nervously. She thinks of Morgana, and the love she felt for her. She remembers how it used to be. The two of them had been best friends. They’d have been lovers if such things were permitted in Camelot. However it hadn’t stopped them from making sweet love to each other, especially after Morgana had one of her nightmares, and the passion between them couldn’t be quelled. But back then, Morgana had been gentle with her, always treated her with love and care, even though Gwen was only her serving girl. Nowadays Morgana was different, there was no more love in her eyes or in the way she held Gwen in her arms. And when they fucked, Gwen often had trouble walking for days after.

No, she needed the old Morgana back, and she needed her now. She loved Arthur, but there was no denying the prince was lousy in bed with a woman. He might be well suited as a boyfriend, or as a partner to Merlin, but he could not meet her sexual needs like Morgana could. And he didn’t have as long and luscious of hair as Morgana did. Hair that Gwen loved to brush for hours into the nights, while they whispered sweet nothings into each other’s lips.

Now that Gwen knew the truth about Morgana, she realized the lady had not said one sincerely nice thing to her for over a year.

“Yes,” she says, looking the old man, the sorcerer in the eyes. “Yes, I am certain.”

The sorcerer raises his arms in the air and performs the enchantment, shouting out words and phrases that Gwen cannot interpret other than the fact that it is magic.

Magic. She is using magic. No, not her. The sorcerer is using magic. Still, she is his accomplice. She is associating with magic. If anyone found out she would be killed. It’s worth it.


When Morgana wakes up in the morning she feels different. She lies in bed for a moment, blinking at the canopy of her bed, trying to think of what it is that is making her feel so strange. Was it a dream she’d had? She can’t remember any…

Gwen interrupts her train of thought by drawing the curtains, letting sunlight stream into the room. “Good morning, my lady,” she greets.

Morgana smiles. “Good morning, Gwen.”

Gwen helps her dress and with her hair and Morgana can’t help but comment on how pretty her maid looks today.

“Really, very beautiful,” Morgana assures her.

“Thank you, my lady,” Gwen replies in a monotone. Morgana can’t put her finger on it, but she feels there is something different with Gwen as well.

She passes Arthur in the corridor, wishes him a pleasant morning, and doesn’t feel the need to smirk evilly after doing so.

She’s not feeling hungry at the moment, so she takes her breakfast to the lower town and gives it to a few hungry looking children. While she is there she sees Merlin picking herbs and goes over to help him.

“Hello Merlin,” she says with a kind smile, plucking a few leaves of parsley and placing them in his basket.

Merlin looks suspiciously at her. “What are you doing?” he asks.

“I thought you could use some help,” Morgana explains earnestly.

“Not from you,” Merlin replies, wrenching his basket away.

Morgana laughs. “Oh Merlin,” she says, tousling his hair. “I know we’ve had our quarrels in the past, but I want that to be behind us.”

Merlin does not return her smile. “I don’t know what you’re up to,” he says. “But whatever you’re up to… you’d better stop.”

Morgana shakes her head, still smiling goodheartedly, and skips off to find Gwen. She’d seemed in somewhat of a bad mood this morning, but Morgana knows a good fuck will cheer her right up.


Isaac opens his eyes and gasps at what he sees. It’s of himself, fucking Peter Petrelli on the floor of his loft. He can hardly believe it will come true. This must just be the result of too many fantasies.

Suddenly there is a voice behind him. “Why’d you do it, Isaac?”

Isaac turns around to see Peter standing behind him, looking dark and angry.

“How’d you get in here?” Isaac wonders aloud.

Peter doesn’t answer him but responds to his question with more questions. “What’d they give you? Money? Drugs? What’s a Judas get these days?”

Isaac shakes his head. He doesn’t understand. “I was trying to stop you. You’re dangerous. You said it yourself. Without them to help, you’ll become that.” He looks at the picture of the exploding man that he had painted and sighs. He only wants to help Peter. If only Peter could understand that.

“I had help. I was learning to control it. You scared my only chance of hope to stop it!” Peter shouts at him, but Isaac doesn’t understand. He hadn’t meant to scare anyone. He hadn’t meant to hurt Peter…

Isaac was abruptly grabbed by Peter and shoved against the table. Peter pulled back his collar and stared at the marks on his neck.

“What are these marks, huh? What do they mean?” Peter demanded.

Isaac can’t take it. He grasps Peter by the coat and pulls him forcefully to his lips. Kissing him compellingly on that hateful mouth. But for only a moment.

“They’re nothing, they mean nothing.” Isaac says with a shove. And that kiss meant nothing.

Peter glares at him. “DON’T LIE TO ME!” he yells, and somehow the force of his cry sends Isaac halfway across the room, bowling over the painting he had set up.

Isaac grunts in pain, trying to get out of the heap of paintings.

“This is why you sent them after me?” Peter is asking. He’s looking at the painting of Isaac and Simone hugging. That had been a mistake. “Jealousy? With me out of the way, you’d have Simone all to yourself.”

Isaac is already on his feet and running at Peter. He tackles the other man to the ground. “You stole her away from me,” Isaac grunts, pressing a kiss to Peter’s neck. “But I did it to save New York, to stop the bomb.” He reaches into his pants and pulls out his gun. “I can do it right now. With just one fuck I can be a hero.”

Unexpectedly, Peter goes invisible. But that doesn’t stop Isaac. He can steal feel the man beneath him. He can still taste his tongue in his mouth.

“You’re not a hero, Isaac,” Peter murmurs.

In one swift movement, Peter switches their positioning so that he is on top, pinning Isaac to the floor.

“You’re a junkie.” He kisses Isaac vehemently, sucking his lip and biting it. “You couldn’t even save yourself.” He pumps his hips against Isaac, grinding against Isaac’s exposed “gun.” “It had nothing…to do… with me…”

Isaac pants, trying to reach into Peter’s pants but Peter swats his groping hand away and continues thrusting. “SHOW YOURSELF!” Isaac yells.

Suddenly there was a sound from the doorway and both men look over. Simone is standing there looking very shocked indeed.

“No,” Isaac says in horror. “Simone!”

But it’s too late. Simone runs from the loft never to be seen again.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Snape's Grudge

i guess i gotta post today
well frankly i would rather be reading this one fic but ooookay
omg it's so good
okay at first i thought it would be eh cuz it's really AU and mostly the only AUs I've read that I like so far are inception ones but omg it's so gr8
wow i just love fics
oh i guess i gotta write some fic for para
alright well first let me give you 2 installments of chillinor

ya like that or

ok before i forget let me prompt some prompts for para to fill. i would like all of them filled please

did you know that you can rent some movies on amazon for only 99 cents?

1. danny/joey non-con (full house)
2. gawaine/sword fluff (merlin)
3. morgana/gwen: gwen sells her soul to get morgana to be nice!mo again
4. isaac/peter: idk jsut something that doesn't suck
5. hurley/charlie's guitar h/c: hurley is sad by the death of his (boy)friend charlie, so he is comforted and more by his guitar

okay well that's all i got for now

ok here's your fic

The whole gang is there. The women: Momo and Peter are in the kitchen cookin turkey. EVeryone else is gathered round the fireplace just chillin. Matt sets down his wine and grunts and he stands up to shuffle off into the kitchen. He creeps up behind Mohinder and embraces him. Peter almost barfs but he is standing over a bowl of salad that he's making so he stops himself. Then they do this stupid thing that they always do where they have what sounds like a one sided convo because Matt is saying stuff aloud and then Momo is responding to it in his head. Peter excuses himself to go find better company. He goes into the living room and anxious eyes scan. FInally he finds what he's looking for. It is sylar. he is chillin with claire by the fire. actually in the fire. they are both sticking their hands right in the fire and being like "u jelly?" to the people who are shivery because they can get close to the fire but they can't get in the thing. peter goes to break up this game because he is jelly but it is of claire. he politely shoves her aside and plops down next to sy. then they do a kiss. jj they are trying to keep their relationship on the dl so he takes sy's hand and pulls him out of the room. then he prac. shoves sylar against the wall and plants a kiss upon his lips. "i need u inside me," he admits. sy is like "okay" and the shoves peter's trousers down him. just then they hear a sound. they look around and see that it is hrg. "cockblocked LOL" hrg sneers. "GODDAMMIT" peter says because they were caught. hrg just winks at them before he rounds the corner. then they are all called to dinner. pete and sy and hrg are the last to the table. peter spies nathan not sitting on a chair but just sitting in the air because he can fly. "do you want me to get you a chair?" angela says because it's her house. "no...." nathan says. then they all break into a christmas carol and enjoy some good eats.

the end

well anyway the point is that snape/harry is my new otp

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Colony in Space

hey gs. omg it's been so long since i've posted. like since more than a week ago.

oops i forgot to have my rubber bands on my braces for like 4 hours. i can never remember to put in new ones. they're sooo annoying. D: i'm going to go get some now i guess.

wow, i don't even like math that much but this thing i found is really cool looking! it's like a different way to multiply and you draw lines then draw dots where they intersect. then you just count the dots and it gives you your answer. here's what it looks like:

idk, just straight out multiplying is probably faster but this way looks cooler.

wow i've watched so much over winter break in just these few days!!!!

here's what i've watched so far:

-The Battlestar Galactica Mini-Series and the first 7 episodes
-A bunch of episodes of Big Bang Theory and the new one that came out
-3 episodes of Supernatural
-The Robot Chicken Star Wars Special
-Tron Legacy

wow this one person in bsg is apparently in spn season 2. i think she's just in like one ep or something though. oh and in bsg they're trying to find a new colony in space.

ok here is a big wall of pics i found today.

The Eclipse, Part 1

hey tublog just postin

ok gs we have hit a little tough spot i see because its the 24th day of the month and this is only the 10th post... but dwai we will post everyday for the entire rest of the month ok. gs it is of such major importance that we do ice explain it to you.

ok raise your hand if you saw the eclipse last night...

ok i did not because it was too cloudy and also there i was standing in the snow for a full thirty seconds and i nearly froze ok.

but nbd i plan to develop superpowers anyway.

i'm hoping for regen really but i'm open to other options i guess.

ok apparently today was the shortest day of the year but hello didn't it feel so long? like it felt like a super long day idek.

ok i thought today was gonna suck but it was ok.

the only part that sucked was me going to the dentist. but omg i delayed that dentist appointment for so long. i was supposed to go in october...

ok hello that play was awes. idk it was just awes.

um hello what else was i gonna say?

well icqcme for the prezzies that i bought myself. haha ide but they are so great.

ugh i just want to fin this fic that i am writing so i can write other fics. i don't think you understand the pain.

ok lets see what else what else...

do we even have a game? icer

ok what else?


well i am a lion so

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Priori Incantatem

hey gs just posting
well goos it's finally break!
goos goos goos goos goos goos goos goos goos bleh i have so many darn tabbies open really
well frankly i don't have much time for this post but the next one will be better
well i'll just tell ya bwhat i've been doing over break so far:
-reading fic
-just chillin
-make graphics
-watchin movies
-watchin some shows

that's about it really
tomorrow we are gonna go buy prezzies for ourselves. that'll be nice. last year when i was prezzie shoppin i kept seein things i wanted to buy for me and not stuff i wanted to buy for other so

well here are ye song piccies

joy to the world (supernatural):

wait actually they are all for supernatural so

all i want for xmas is you

have yourself a merry little christmas

alright those are the ones

welp what else is there to say really
except of course that my fave spell from hp is priori incantatem
idk what it does but it has an awesome name
that is even my msn screename thing so

Monday, December 13, 2010

The Big One

sup gs?

ahh sorry i didn't post yesterday. i sat down to do my post at like 11 and i thought ok, i'm going to have a whole hour for this post. but then my dad called me to help him order online all the christmas presents i want to get other people because he said it needed to all be done before the next day and it took wayyy longer than i thought it would. D:

blehh today has just been a kinda sucky monday.

first of all the field trip tomorrow is canceled because there's a stupid 2 hour delay tomorrow. omggg like the roads are not event that bad at all. there's only less than an inch of snow. and the stupid superintendent called the 2 hour delay like in the middle of the day. how does he know what the weather will be like 19 hours from then? anyways according to the weather forcast it's only supposed to flurry so it won't be that bad.

and second of all the dexter season finale i watched today was nothing special really and kinda sucked. it was just like the same type of finale as the first 3 seasons and it just wasn't anything that huge.

and third of all i had this concert to play at and it took foreverrrrrr.

oh well, at least there are only 4 more days of school.

ahhhh icqcme for winter break!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

haha cm and i made this huge glug list of stuff to do over winter break.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Gryffindor vs Ravenclaw

heyyyy gs

i have a lot of song piccies so that's gonna be the whole post ok

wait actually i had some more things to say but icr rememb them

oh yeah i got inception for hannukah.

uh icr anything else

oh well
adventures in solitude-the new pornographers:

a walk through hell-say anything

bulletproof-la roux:

capital h-motion city soundtrack:

viva la vida-coldplay:

its not the end of the world but i can see it from here-lostprophets:

she had the world-panic at the disco:

on the roof again-eve 6:

angels on the moon-thriving ivory

the math-hilary duff:

this is your life-the killers:

attractive today-motion city soundtrack

caves-jack's mannequin:

just a girl-no doubt

house of wolves-my chemical romance

do you hear what i hear:

nuttin for christmas:

all i want for christmas is you:

have yourself a merry little christmas:

its beginning to look a lot like christmas:

omg that is the best one. oh and in case you were wondering that is peter and sylar.

ok after making that last one it inspired me to also create this picture of those two boys at their wedding. ok here it is:

omg what am i?

ok that's all.

wait ok you know i miss the fic meme so hard. and ok... if someone wanted to write me some christmas heroes fic i would love them. js.

wait i also have to say that ravenclaw is better than gryffindor.