Sunday, March 31, 2013

the cat's gonna kill you

hey gs!
ahhhhh i almost forgot to post!!!

sorry gs.

goodbye march.

Saturday, March 30, 2013

identity cat

Hey g!

Aw g well I guess we could sacrifice whoever is the most glug idk who what would be though

Yeah same also remember when no one cared about this blog and now I would say two out of three people care about it!!!

Oh okay I thought it might be sad but I wasn't sure. Nah it was a good dream.  Also the other night I had a dream with Matt Fraction in it but that was a kind of weird dream.

Well my dream kind of came true bc I went to the store in Morris that has some comics and John the guy who owns the store and the comics in the basement let me look through them for like two hours but wow its not the same as that beautiful store we went to over spring break.

Tyt I also watched my vid again when I posted it.

Wait you didn't take the quizzies though...

G well I don't really miss new comic book day bc I have my ways of reading them so yes I was planning to have time to talk about comics every week.

No g by "good" I mean like "it was good!" Like all of those ones I talked about were p good but that one was definitely my favorite.  But yeah when I was rereading it that was mostly bc of the art bc I had already reread it at least two or three times before that.

Wow you both picked perish you don't even know what you were being asked to submit to???

Tyt about my pic.

Here's a quiz about chickens.  I got 4/10 aw g.

Wow I really hate Joy I felt like killing her today bc she spent the whole day in the room and that is just unacceptable bc that is where I like to spend my whole day. Wow remember when she was like "did you stay in the room the whole day" but now that is her what a joke she is to me. Also she turned on her refrigerator so now it's probably a safety hazard in here.  Also she left her hair all over the sink after I had just cleaned her hair out of the sink. Also she stinks.

Well okay I promise not to have lets talk about comic books time every post but we didn't have it last week so we've got to make up for that, right?

Nova #1 and 2
*I read Noah's copies of these over spring break and I don't have them myself so I'm just going to say what I remember about them p much in general
*Well I guess one of my first thoughts was wow they don't make origin stories like they used to
*Like compared to other superheroes that was a p boring beginning like imagine a movie based on that it would suck
*Idk how Sam can be so cynical I mean he lives in the Marvel universe
*Well it had some good moments I guess and it looked pretty good
*I did like the part when he was learning how to use the helmet
*But I think my main problem with it is that I'm not very interested in the cosmic superheroes like I much prefer the street level guys.

Daredevil #24
*Aaah really good
*Samnee's art is always great but I especially like the cover
*Also the first panel where Matt's sitting in the hospital room
*Hank is so small and cute!
*Also he made the dogs small and cute!!!!
*Wow but I don't really like Kirsten like idk what could even be interesting about her
*Like okay she didn't want to be overshadowed by Matt so now she's dating a guy twice her height???
*Wow the last part with Foggy is so sad though but great
*So many great parts wow

Superior Spider-Man #6
*Well I liked it
*Spock's laugh was hilarious wow
*Jameson wears sock garter things
*Thor is beautiful
*But whoa hypocritical Avengers!!!
*Wolverine is the only one making sense but even he isn't making much sense
*Like should the question they're asking really be "well do we still want him to be an Avenger?" shouldn't it be "what the hell is wrong with Spider-Man?"
*Are these flashback things supposed to make Otto more sympathetic because if so they don't really achieve their objective seeing as Peter was bullied as well and he doesn't terrorize every bully he sees.
*Haha Spock's expressions when he's talking to Lemaze
*Spock is not taking care of the equipment wow
*Jameson cheering Spidey on while he beat the shit out of Jester and Screwball was kind of grating like well yeah they weren't good people but they didn't deserve that
*Well I still like that part though
*Also icqcme for A vs S-M!!!

Wow so BJ Novak from The Office is going to be in Amazing Spider-Man and it's not stated who he's going to play but I'm going to guess young Richard Parker??? Like in a flashback or something??? Mainly because of the glasses.

Here's some pics that are both worthless

I call this one I have no idea how shadows work

And I call this one I hate this pic because I drew it twice and colored it twice and it still looks like puke

Friday, March 29, 2013

the chicken exit

heyyyyy gs

ok bad news, everyone had a good enough post to not be sacrificed. bleh we really needed to make a sacrifice though!!!!!! now what are we gonna do???????????????????

speaking of what are we gonna do, idk what to put in this post

oh wait we can respond to stuff

rememer when no one ever responded to stuff and now its like a thing some of us make sure we do in every post

btw gob still needs to punish himself two times


yeah theres not like an infinite number of locations but theres a good amount cuz ive gotten some more than once but theres been a lot of dif ones

bleh quizzes ill do that later

gob why do you get sick so much. sometimes people have died from getting sick too much so.................................

if you died you'd still have to punish yourself

yeah para thats really sad

its also sad that you had that dream

you missed new comics day this week :((((((((((( noah got so many new comics. jj he also missed it

bleh another quiz. they just keep comin

nice vid again. i watched it again when you posted

here's my response to your comic stuff:  "ok" jj. will it always be time to talk about comics even though you cant have your new weekly comics every week? also why were you sayin you loved that one you were re-reading yesterday when in the post you were just like "good". just cuz of the art or?

ok heres my answers

1. perish
2. no
3. kinda but not really

nice pic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ok this is a nice ol post now

but i stil havent said anything really

you're not the chosen one















la la la

Thursday, March 28, 2013

basic rocket cat

heyy gs.

haha that secret door thing is awesome!  that would be so crazy if you opened the door and you realized it is somewhere you have been and then you realize that the person in the picture is you.  there must not be that many locations on there though because i got the same ones a couple of times.

on the cheese quiz i got 8/22 but idc really because i don't many kinds of cheese except for on pizza and some kinds of white cheese.  i've never heard of most of those cheeses on there and they look really gross.

on the presidents quiz i got 28/44.  i should brush up on that.

here is a quiz on well you know your alphabet backwards!
i got 26/26 with my fastest time being 9 seconds!  i can say the alphabet backwards a lot faster (probably like in 3 or 4 seconds) but typing it is a lot harder.

oops i should be studying for my spanish test now...well i will just try and throw in a couple words of spanish so that i will at least kind of be studying right now.

blehh this week has been so estupido.  on wednesday i got sick and threw up twice which i haven't done in quite awhile and that was nasty.  plus i felt too sick to go to classes and i had two tests in the classes that day, one of which i forgot about and idk if i'll even be able to make it up...i mean i'm not too worried about it because i have a really high a in both of the classes but i don't want getting a zero on one test to be the reason i have an a- instead of an a or something.  oh yeah and they both are like big exam tests, the ones we only have 3 of each semester.

wow i thought this post was going to be really great but it is actually kinda sucking....well it is better than those 3 posts where we practically said nothing though.

oh yeah i will answer para's questions to get me thinking.

1. perish
2. kinda but not really
3. sheeop sheeop.

haha idek what this tv show is but mark hamil (star wars) and george takei (star trek) were in an episode show together.  it's called 'the neighbors' but i've never heard of it. that's just awesome that someone from star wars and star trek were in the exact same thing though!  though really i don't get why people compare the two franchises though because they really are completely different besides both having "star" in the title and j.j. abram's star trek being the closest thing that is like star wars.  but i mean the original series of star trek, and the original trilogy of star wars are completely different so i really don't get why there is supposedly this huge clash over star wars and and star trek fans.  i don't think that really is as much of a thing nowadays as much as it used to be.

wow mark hamil looks really old in this picture and i wonder what his role in episode vii will be.  in the recent pictures i've seen of him he doesn't look quite as old as he does in this picture though so maybe it's just the way the picture froze on his face and the expression he happens to be making.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

cat pains

Hey g!

Okay this is going to be a great post I can feel it.

Aw yeah g that is a fun time.  That comic book store omg. Is it sad that I can tell exactly what week of what month of what year that is by the comics on the shelf?

Wow last night I had a dream I went to a comic book store and it was a good dream.

Haha those pics you drew are so nice!!!

Okay I got 33/44 on the presidents quiz. Welp. Tbh I never tried to memorize all the presidents so.

Here's a quiz about cheese. I scored 10/22.  I guess I don't know cheese very well.

Here's my vid.

Okay now it's time to talk about lots of comics!!!

Fantastic Four #5 AU
*Pretty good
*But I'm confused because it seemed like Ben died but I thought he was in the background of some panels in AU #1 and 2???
*But then he wasn't in AU #3...
*Aw well I guess he's dead
*Reed is a huge fool like you have one last chance to say something to your kids so you're like "remember kids, in this family we're all atheists."
*Johnny is awesome but we all knew that.

Superior Spider-Man #6 AU
*Good but I'm still confused!
*That was clearly Spock and yet it's clearly Peter in AU!!!!
*Like I feel like it's trying to tell me it's not Peter and yet it actually just made me more sure that it is Peter because of how different Spock acts and just the things that he says and wow
*Also new outfit in this issue, still old outfit in AU
*Anyway, all that aside I really liked it
*The art is so beautiful I want to die.
*Like I really love the way Dexter Soy draws Peter can he do it more often???
*Also really good writing and Spock dialogue even though it was kind of strange Slott didn't write it.
*On the other hand,
*So Spidey's decoy plan involved killing all of the survivors in New York City and all of the other superheroes were just going to let him do it? Okay...
*Also when Tony was like "so Sue tells me you're a scientist" YOU KNEW THAT ABOUT HIM OR DID YOU FORGET???
*Well I guess it could be likely he did forget.
*Also there were a lot of people there I did not know were there like I did not know Quicksilver was there for one.
*Well okay this issue is probably not that important to AU or SSM storylines but it's good and really pretty so.

Age of Ultron #3
*P good!
*Welp I never trusted Vision anyway so.
*I mean I'm sure there's something going on with him but I'm just saying.
*Wow idk what Red Hulk, Taskmaster, and Black Panther are even doing with that head but did Black Panther die or???
*I like Peter just stands around in the middle of everyone with his torn costume like his whole shirt is completely destroyed doesn't anyone have something he could put on I guess not
*I don't see how punching She-Hulk was really necessary but okay
*Jessica and Danielle noooooooooooooo!
*Aw Clint but Hank is so small we can't blame him!!
*Wait a second I'm pretty sure She-Hulk has met Peter Parker before so she just doesn't remember him or???
*I'm gonna call Red-Hulk Dave from now on.

A + X #6
*I don't have a lot to say about this but it was really cute
*Especially the Wolverine and Captain Marvel part
*Also I liked how both parts were basically just poker games I mean you can't have too many superhero poker games
*Though I guess one thing is that the part with Wolverine and Captain Marvel wasn't really A + X that much because they are both Avengers like it wouldn't be hard to find an issue with them working together just saying.

Wow The Wolverine trailer!!!!!

It looks really awesome icqcme!!!!!

Wow also the footage from Iron Man 3 of Pepper wearing the suit and (I assume) becoming Rescue looks really awesome and icqcme for that either!!!!

Today I was talking to my friend and we were like what if instead of wearing masks and stuff the Chameleon killed the people he wanted to pretend to be and wore they're skin just putting that out there

Now just some questions to get you thinking:
1. Submit or perish?
2. Are you having fun?
3. Sheeop?

Here's a pic.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

chicken carcass soup

heyyyyyyyyyyyyy gs

wow we are glugs ok this next round of posties are gonna be really great thats not a prediction thats an order if you dont have a great post you'll be sacrificed :')

this thing is nice:

has science gone too far

get me outta here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ok let me see what theres to respond to

oh wait theres nothin!!!!!!!!!!!

well the other day i was readin and my ship was so great lemme jus show u it was like:

 so beautiful. theres tears in my eyes

ok theres quizzies i guess

well theres one


ok well

i got 12/85 on avengers

heres a presidents quiz

i got 44/44 awwwwwwwwwwww yeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah


Monday, March 25, 2013

morning cat

hey gs.

happy passover!!!!

i'm just doing a super quick post because we went down to bloomington to nathan, and kassandra's house for the seder and we like just got home.

ahhh seth's kitten emma is so cute!  i wish we could get a new kitten.  idk what ginny and paulina would think of that though.

Sunday, March 24, 2013



Saturday, March 23, 2013



Friday, March 22, 2013

advanced cat law

hey gs.

sorry i've been so confused on what day i am supposed to post...i think i just started to get confused when noah posted and i thought he was posting for para.  but i think we are back on track and in order again.

blehh this week was so long and annoying.  and next week will be even worse.  i have 4 tests next week! D: one is on monday, one on tuesday, one on wednesday, and then one on friday!  also my bibliography deadline got extended from being due on today to being due on monday so now i need to work on it a ton this weekend too.

i got 2/10 on the 27 dresses quiz because i have never seen that movie.
i got 19/85 on the avengers quiz.

i am really really really tired......

sorry that is all for now gs.


Thursday, March 21, 2013

cat steps

Hey g!

Oops I keep forgetting to play the game so I will do that first.

Wow I got 4/10 on the 27 dresses one. That's kind of bad considering I did actually see part of that movie.

Here's a quiz about Avengers. I got 54/85.

Welp here's a pic

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

chicken penne

heyyyyyy gs

what the gob why do you keep posting on the wrong day idgi. i wanted you to post that one day because it was your day to post so.......................and you didnt post yesterday which was your day so.............................................................

ok hello quizzies!!! 18/25 on the movies one

para keeps not playing the game. ok. ya big glug!!!!

ok heres a quiz about 27 dresses. which i havent seen

3/10 wow!!

oh heres a vid i made

nice vid para and piccies

wow theres like nothing else to respond to

and i dont have anything to say so

i guess thats the post

Monday, March 18, 2013

the drop-cat

heyy gs.

oh sorry hob, i didn't know you wanted me to post...why me specifically though but not para or noah or cm or something? :S

wait, why did you just post today para, isn't it my turn?

well i'll just post anyways just to play it safe.

wow that harlem shake was weird...?  haha maybe that is us 3 in an alternate universe.  i bet i would be the first guy.

oh there are two more videos of thegoblog harlem shake too.  one is a part 1 to the one you posted and the other is from a different uploader but still features foreign people.

the harlem shake is so stupid and annoying though.  and it's annoying how people were like talking about it all the time and saying how funny it is and how much they love it and now like a couple weeks later all the same people are saying they hate it and it's so stupid and overdone now.  i personally thought it was really stupid from the very beginning. 

oh yeah speaking of foreign people, while i was in dc over spring break we had indian, chinese, japanese (SUSHI!!!!!!!!!!), thai, and vietanamese food!!! and we were going to go get pakastani food but we didn't for some reason.  wow any kind of asian food sounds so good to me right now even though i have had a ton of it recently.

i got 5/10 on the volcano quiz.

here is a quiz about animated movies.  i got 19/25

cat strength

Hey gs!

I scored 4/10 on the volcanoes quiz! Nice one considering I didn't actually read most of the questions.

Aw g I just thought you might find those things interesting for some reason....

Wow note to self never go on a walk when it's super cold out because you will want to die.

Here's the Goblog harlem shake you're welcome

Nice pics g!

Good vid too!

Here's my vid

Here's some pics

Sunday, March 17, 2013

make your own chicken

heyyyyy gs

darnitall gob didnt post!!!! blehhhhhhhhhhhh theres only like 5 mins left of this day we need a post this is an emergency!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what are ya gob

also when are ya gonna punish yourself??????

ok well ill just make this post real quick

first the quizzes

ok for the cheez its im duoz cheez its. i think its telling me i have multiple personality disorder. ok thanks

on the cats i got 7/12

on the patronus one ima cat. well i didnt actually take the quiz but

ok is that all them

ok here's a quiz abt volcanoes!!

i got 9/10

omg the hints for the qs where you typed the answers were so stupid what the

im so glad sam rush is ok!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

nice piccies para!!!!!!!! i dont really have anything else to say to you since you only talked about dumb stuff. who cares about jump ropes wtf

actually i dont have anything to say to anyone

ok whats there to say. idg why sometimes i have a lot of things to say and sometimes no. ok i could tell about my dream frm last night even though para already heard it. well me and para went on a motorcycle to the grocery store but the motorcycle was going so was that we kept passing the thing so then we were like "ok we give up on this one lets go to festival" so then we headed off but then we had to go over this like giant rocky cliff mountain thing with all these big roots all over it and also anne hathaway was like in the side of the mountain going like "help me im trapped here" and we had to ride the motorcycle up the darn thing

haha icqcml about when i was telling the dream to para i just said the part about going to the grocery store and then suddenly i remembered the anne hathaway part so i said that as like an afterthought kind of when really that was the whole interesting part

anyway this is kinda what it was like


i dreamed a dream of anne hathaway
i dreamed she was gonna die
i hope that she would be forgiving
i was young and kind of afraid
my dream was made but not that wasted
maybs at the first grocery store we shouldve stayed
there was probs a sample there we couldve tasted

hmmmmm what else

apparently im making a fanvid. alrighty then

alrighty roo heres some more piccies!!!!!!

this here's spiderman

this is my shippy!!!!!!

here's hei

and yin!!

im so gr8 at drawing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, March 16, 2013

cat reinforcement

Hey gs!

Wow it's really annoying to me when people don't take responsibility for their actions.  It's right up there with house elves not punishing themselves.

g I am excited for Passover too so. Almost as excited as I was for the first Passover when the slaves were freed from Egypt.

Well actually I forgot to do a quiz but I will do one in this post for sure!

Okay well I guess there is no reason so I will put a ton of pics in this post maybe

Wow I got 5/10 on the cat whiskers quiz!!!! I guess it's because I've had a lot of up close and personal experience with them.

I guess my patronus is a cat since when I go to that link it says I'm a cat and links don't lie to me.

The other day I was talking about chicken toes because if chickens have fingers they must have toes right but then my friend got really mad at me because he said that was stupid but I was just actually joking like of course chicken fingers aren't real I mean there's no such thing as a chicken so

I wish I had a jump rope tbh because jump roping is quite pleasurable and I can't remember the last time I experienced it.  One time in elementary school I jumped rope in like a jump roping marathon thing so I'm probably an expert at it.

What everyone should beware of is the Lizard. Just a friendly warning that's all.

Wow you probably never knew this but the word "beware" is a shortened version of "be aware."

The other day I ate turkey cutlets and it was a really bad experience like worse than normal.

Spider-Man is really dumb and I'll tell you why.
*He can't stand or sit like a normal person like he always has to be on the wall on on the fucking ceiling or jumping or swinging or crouching like an idiot
*He always has to save other people even if they are fucking powerhouses and perfectly capable of saving themselves and even if it means he has to sacrifice himself I mean that is just fucking stupid of him
*He just can't be serious even if its the fucking end of the world and he's going to die and shit I mean it's almost like the humor masks his pain don't you just hate that
*Other reasons too but I think I've sufficiently explain that Spider-Man is completely awful and you should just hate him

Okay here's a quiz to tell you what kind of cheez it you are and apparently the kind I am is "big." wtf

Here's some pics.

the cat at home

heyy gs.

wow that is awesome!!!  the veronica mars movie raised 3 and a half million dollars on kickstarter so now it is actually going to happen because both the creator of veronica mars and kristen bell are on board and everything!  people keep thinking like all these canceled shows are going to use kickstarter to come back for a movie/new season or whatever but i don't really think it will become extremely common.  because like with a lot of shows the problem would be studios still owning rights or trying to get all the actors/director involved to come back and everything. like joss whedon said he doesn't plan to bring back firefly anytime soon because he is so busy with avengers 2, and marvel stuff, and doctor horrible 2 if it eventually ever happens.

anther thing awesome is that a very potter senior year came out on friday!!!  that's crazy that evanna lynch actually plays luna in it.  i don't think it will be as good as the first two because it's just a staged reading with scripts but it still looks fun.  i haven't had time to watch it yet though because i spent a lot of time this weekend at cm's trumpet competition and visiting my uncle, aunt, and cousin that live here near dc.

ok i got 4/10 on the cat whiskers quiz.  wow that was really hard.

wow my patronus is a cat too!

here is a fun fact quiz about cats!  i got 9/12

Friday, March 15, 2013

What is the function of a rubber ducks?

Hey gs! What is the world is up?

I was just looking around and there is a cat in a recipie thing. wow. who even let that happen? Today i mixed some cornstarch and water and it was really crazy. also have you ever been like "I really want to slap you in the face." because someone was like that to me on Wednesday, and that was not necessary.

Is anyone excited for Passover? or is it just me.


my robotics team is really bad. also the captain is really anti-social and so he never talks to anyway/

Goblin. you need to do your punishment.

i'm such a glug, i jut watched 36 episode of sips & sjin play minecraft

dont watch that.

Here is a quiz
I am a cat.

4/10 on the cat whisker one\

Okay gs.

My minecraft is better than gobs.

Just so you know gob.

This post was terrible

chicken cutlets

heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy gs

goosbag paras comin home today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

just a few hours now!!!!

para you didnt do a quiz...............................

gob you still need to punish yourself bud. this isnt a blog where we just let things like that go!!!

nah g you should know i didnt make that quiz because i hate birds. i thought that was true of all hobbits and parasits so i dont know why a hobbit lady wanted to make that quiz

those darn asians

oh ok well ill "draw" a pic hmmmmmmmmm. actually not but i will for the next post

idg why you cant put a ton of pics in a post tho

yeah that stoplight pic is so awes. and the other one is rlly cute tho idk who carol is

ok i got 3/10 on the star wars

nah i havent seen that movie. one time ii thought about seeing it but then i didnt

ok whats a quiz

doiiiiiiiiii obviously the next quiz is one about cat whiskers ok here's it:

i got 5/10

ok this post is a snore but ok

Thursday, March 14, 2013

national cat competition

Hey gs.

If you are wondering why I am typing with capital letters at the beginning of each sentence it is because I am typing this post on my iPod and it autocorrects it to be like that.  There probably is some way to make it not autocorrect everything but I don't feel like looking into it right now and inbd.

Okay first of all para, do I not exist anymore and is that why you are saying "hey g" instead of "hey gs"...?  I guess I'll just write this post for my own benefit then if nobody is paying attention to my posts...

Sorry I didn't respond to your recent posts. I either didn't have much to say or I just plain and simple forgot. But now I will respond to a bunch of things I guess even if you aren't paying attention to this.

Okay I wasn't playing the game because Hob wasn't and also Para wasn't for some posts but now that you both are I will do the quizzes .

Wow on the Shakespeare quiz I got 4 out of 10 even though I only actually knew the one from Romeo and Juliet!  The rest I just guessed on. I'll do the 2012 quiz on my next post because it didn't work on my iPod.

Here is a Star Wars quiz which I got 10/10 on.

Wow I haven't ever been violent to any of my friends and they haven't been violent to me.  So havent had any experience where my friends have been giant fools like that. 

Hmm idk what else to respond to.  

That Spider-Man picture with the stoplight is really cool. 

Have you gs seen the movie Looper?  I just watched that this night and it was really good. I think there was a lot more JGL in it than Bruce Willis. I really liked it because it was a time travel movie that wasn't overly complicated with how the time travel worked. 

Oh and I almost forgot. Happy Pi day!!!!!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

destructive cat

Hey g!

Aw g well it's not my fault nobody else felt like coming up with a game.  Also I remember the quiz game being fun the first time we did it so idk.

Haha the author of the quiz is HobbitLady is that you g????

Okay I got 4/10 welp

G idk how you can say that really. Okay yeah the purpose of Wade riding on Peter's back is transportation but still that's p shippy bc not a lot of people would trust Wade enough to let him do that I think plus like I said its kind of emotional bc they are teaming up and to Wade that is a really big deal so

Idk what Joy is but just so you know she left a sticker on the floor and I had to throw it away so that tells you what kind of roommate she is.

I got some comics but the offer had to end early because the website really couldn't handle it. But I guess they are going to do it again after they work out a better way to do it.

Tyt about my piccies.

Haha icqcml at those dogs!!!

Wow okay so we were watching  a video in geology and okay its a really big class so there's a lot of people and there's always like two rows of asians that sits right in front of me and the video had a bunch of tourists and near the end of the video one of the tourists shouted something in chinese I think and all of the asians EXPLODED with laughter????  That made me so mad bc idk what that tourist said but I am so curious!!!!!

Okay well Age of Ultron #2 was really good as well!!!!
Some thoughts:
*wtf happened to Natasha????????????
*I like how there's a note on the board that says "who you can trust: NOT Pym"
*Also on the board there is a picture of Spider-Man and also a picture of Otto and it looks like some sort of article about Spider-Man and I feel like that's supposed to be some sort of indication of the Superior situation but I don't really know what it's indicating.
*Well I'm just gonna go with its indicating that it's still Peter
*Especially since he continued to act very Peter-like
*Also in the flashbacks you can clearly tell he's wearing his original suit
*The bunker with all the superheroes looks fun I want to be there
*Oh another reason why this is definitely Peter is that in the flashbacks I am just laughing but Spock definitely doesn't sleep face-down on the couch with a mess in his apartment and his foot knocking over a lamp and his mask clutched in his hand but Peter definitely does.
*Okay we're just going to accept that it's Peter and stop talking about it.
*Well other people that are alive: Moon Knight, Pulsar, Quake, Valkyrie, Iron Fist, Doctor Strange, and Quicksilver.
*Oh one thing that was kind of weird was that everyone learned Peter's identity and nobody really cared.
*Actually that mostly makes sense because everyone has bigger things to think about I guess
*Wow I was really sad for Peter though like not even because of anything that is happening in this story but just like when he was talking about how he wants to go insane wow
*I mean what's happened to him in this story is really bad too but just staying he has a really bad life
*Aw Cap you did it again also I am crying at your shield shard

Hm what else to say in this post.

Well I think there were some things in some older posts I wanted to respond to so let's look.

Oh yeah well g even if you "can't draw" I still like to see your drawings bc they are beautiful to me.

Also what are the parts in parentheses in your fanmix?

Oh also I wanted to add onto something I said bc even though Sam's upped pitch voice reminded me of Spidey it's mostly just the like sound and pitch of it bc I imagine Spidey having a p strong Queens accent.

Okay I think that is all the things in old posts I wanted to respond to!

Hmmm idk how many pics I should post I have like a million so

Okay I'll do two.

This one I quite like and I drew it with my mouse so

And this one I drew my hand and then scanned and idk I just think its really cute

It's Peter and Carol another one of my many ships

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

chicken lettuce tomato

heyyyyyy gs

well tbh that game is not so great but you tried you're best

ok let me do that quiz

ok i got 3/10


bleh now do i have to find one

ok uh heres a quiz about birds in shakespeare??????????????????

well i got 6/10


now what

i dont have anyhting to say

once i hit a friend at camp in the face with a swing and she never spoke to me again so

ok g im just saying that you's prob isnt actualyl that shippy unless out of context but in context mine could actually be really good for my ship so

wow what is joy what is she

i hope u can get sum comics g!!!!

haha nice piccies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

this is such a boring post. tbh im only writin in rn cuz i wanna listen to music but i need to do another thing so i wont be so bored but theres nothing to do

wow these two jamz that i love

im makin the best fanmix ever

ok this post has gone to the dogs

jj it started out at the dogs

sorry friends

nah girl we can still redeem it

jj the dogs have it

they have it gripped tight in their snout and they're managing to growl at us even with their snout full of this post and they're digging their furry feet into the ground and we're pulling on the post as hard as we can but they've sunk their teeth right into the thing and they're dragging us backwards with the post and finally we fall forwards into the mud and watch as the dogs run off with the shreds of our post and we use our last shreds of strength to curse the gods and wonder just where our lives went wrong


Monday, March 11, 2013

the cat breakfast

hey gs.

blehhh i have to go to the library over my spring break this week.  tomorrow i need to return some books and get some new books for my 40 source annotated bibliography.  also that sucks that i have to do so much work on my bibliography over spring break.  i mean it isn't due until the friday when we come back from spring break but i can just sense that the week will be super busy and it would be really stressful to try and finish the whole thing that week.  also my first big exam in that same class is on wednesday of the week when i go back to school.

oh and another thing i have to do over spring break is work on my music composition for a class but that's not due until like may.  though i want to get it done early if i can so i can get it performed on one of the school of music recitals because that would be awesome to get my real first full piece actually performed for an audience.  plus i will a high quality sound recording of the performance as well.

now i need to stop procrastinating on doing work an stop playing so much minecraft with cm...

we are building an awesome village though and we've done like so much in the last 48 hours!!!

here is a picture of our village so far:

is it even really necessary for me to punish myself still?

also does

well i don't have much more time for this post but i'll try to not be a glug and make my next post better next time.

Sunday, March 10, 2013


Hey g!!!!

Congrats on your spring break g! I have school tomorrow yucky

Okay g you might think that no one on this blog calmed the fuck up about TASM 2 BUT ACTUALLY YOU ARE WRONG BECAUSE I HAVE CALMED THE FUCK UP A LOT!!!!!  But mostly I was referring to people outside this blog.

But g you still didn't do the game...............

Tyt and yeah I remember when had a conversation about this once or twice but did you know that kissing is really hard to draw wow

Wow that is the same experience I am having with my friend except all I did was throw his pencil a few feet away after he stabbed me with it so I don't see how I'm in the wrong but I guess I am being punished. Or maybe he's mad at me because I hit him in the face with the door??? Nah actually he didn't seem that mad about that so idk.

Well idk who those fools are but I'm p sure my team wins.

Same bread is great.

Okay I stole paper last time but I ran out so this time I will have to steal more paper.

Wow how can you say that? Okay what is happening is DP is riding on Spidey with web reins while Spidey is webslinging I don't see how it can get more sexually charged than that. Jk because there are more sexually charged moments between these two but I didn't feel like drawing them. Okay well if you mean that moment of your ship is more emotional (idk if it is or not) then maybe but I didn't want to draw any of the more emotional moments because that would ruin them for me. Also the moment I drew is p emotional because they just made a deal to work together for the first time and DP is so happy and he's like yelling about how great it is and then he says they should go get hot dogs to celebrate so

Nice fanmix g

Okay other stuff.

Did you know that Joy does not fit on her bed???? Like she puts her head down on her pillow and her feet hang off the end of the mattress????? Wowwie I wonder how tall she is because I thought these beds were supposed to be extra long??? Like me I have three pillows sometimes and my feet still cannot reach anywhere near the end of the bed????  I am living with a giant pls send help!!!!

Here's a new Star Trek Into Darkness trailer!!!! It looks really awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay something awesome is that from today until Tuesday you can get 700 free digital Marvel comics!!!!!!!!  Like its p much the first issue of a bunch of dif series including a bunch of Marvel NOW and a lot of really great ones!!!! I know it is a trap to try to get people hooked on a bunch of series but its also really nice because people can check out new series to see if they like them.  The only problem is the site has been going really slow and not working well all day because so many people want free comics but since there are three days hopefully it will slow down. I have already gotten a bunch but I need more!!!!

Okay I'm gonna put two pics again.

These were both drawn by hand and then scanned.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

chicken chip cookies

heyyyyyyy gs

beep boop

goos its my spring break!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! also para is comin in less than one week!!!!!!!!!!!!!! also i just finished the book i was readin so now i can read les mis!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ok hm.

yeah para that is exactly what i was getting at in my last post. tyt for undersanding.

ok g no one on this blog is calmed the fuck up abt spider man 2 so idk what youre talkin about

i dont remember any game................let me see what it was. oh that quiz was the game. ok let me do it. wait do i have to do another quiz. ok well i will later in the post. actually ill do the quiz later too. ok more responding. well para that pic of spider man swingin and buildings has a really good look to it but also i agree that you should draw more things not like that because sometimes i get angry that people can draw and stuff but they just waste it on like drawing boring things like scenes that have actually happened or s/t when you just want to look at pics of your not-canon ship making out really. i think we've talked about this so. ok there was stuff in older posts that i wanted to respond to in my last post but instead i had to take up the whole post saying that urgent secret message.

wait gob didnt answer the question i asked. is he gonna be punished 3 times or

paras answer was correct th ough

yeah ive had an experience where someone was a giant fool. once i threw a stuffed giraffe at a friend and then he wouldnt speak to me for a long time. wtf

ok my team would be hm. this glug man named frank from revolutionary road, this viking whose name i forget from vikings, and richard iii so im gonna say that tbh my team probs couldnt beat your team.

yeah i love bread

ok well 
*doubtful that if i used not paint i could magically be able to draw.
* i have tried to draw actually bodies before so.
*whats patience
*i dont even really care about being able to draw w/ a mouse im just saying

well when you come here you can steal our paper!!

im not really sure whats happening in that pic of your ship but it doesnt look as good as whats happening in my pic

oh should i post my fanmix????????? ok no one will care but

this fight will break all over you
a roy mustang fanmix

01. 2 candles, 1 wish | mono (that must have sounded pretty childish)


02. the deserter's song | radical face (not the future we imagined)

and off behind me / guns snap like insects / we're fighting for causes / we don't really fathom / but we'll charge ahead / bloodied hands feed the flames / ...i might dream myself as king but i ain't made for ruling / just live another day, and i can find another way

03. cruel | st. vincent (both soldier and weapon)

bodies, can't you see what everybody wants from you? / for you could want that, too / they could take or leave you / so they took you, and they left you

04. fight song | the republic tigers (the power of one man doesn't amount to much)

build a shelter for your kind / and protect the ones you love

05. my oldest friend | andrew belle (i don't have time for daughter stories)

who do you think you are? / who do i think i am? / barely listening / to my oldest, my oldest friend

06. murderer | wintersleep (what it means to be a soldier)

are you a righteous man? / throw the witches on the fire / you gonna burn them up? are you so violent, yeah? / you're gonna want it all back

07. all the pretty girls | fun. (you don't mess around, elizabeth)

you still wear boots and your hair is too long / and then this one doesn't want to admit she's fallen in love / oh come on, oh come on, what's a boy to do / when all the pretty girls can't measure to you

08. leader | phantom planet (there's only one order)

there are so many signs the end is nigh / our leader told us so besides / we follow him blind, to and fro / wherever he decides to go / he speaks, we listen / we'll see his vision / join our hands and come along / the day's about to dawn / you feel it coming / on and on the hour's upon you

09. violent demeanor | fionn regan (the face you plan on wearing)

i've a violent demeanor / so tie me to a chair / until it's out of my system

10. an end has a start | editors (i envision a better future)

some things should be simple / even an end has a start / ...that's how you'll leave / with hope in your hands / and air to breathe / you lose everything / by the end / still my broken limbs / you choose to mend

Friday, March 8, 2013


oops i guess i did accidently gob this post up.  though please don't use my name as a derogatory word in the future though.




Thursday, March 7, 2013

nature vs. cat

Hey gs!

Hob I think I got your message.  I translated the letters in your post into numbers and then back into letters and I think I got what you were saying. Tell me if this is right:

het hedge
spif it
dux sip
pep fret
pee heh ha a

Idk what else you could mean because this makes a lot of sense to me like obviously
het hedge - that darn het hedge am I right?
spif it - I'm already on it
dux (ducks) sip - agreed.
pep fret - who doesn't fret about pep really?
pee heh ha a - pee is just hilarious so

But Gob I am very disappointed in you because you didn't respond to anything I said in my post like wow.

Also where is your punishment, really???

Gob that is so crazy to me that you would not have snow storms in March???? I p sure March is like the second snowiest month here in MN.

Also that is crazy to me that you could have three classes cancelled in one day because I never have three classes on any day. Was that all your classes or did you still have to go to some????


My favorite part is:  youuuu'll neeeeever see meeee comiinng...

Jk though because there are so many great parts.

I spy Hulkbuster armor.

Wow I hope Tony doesn't actually die though??? I didn't mean to imply that I actually wanted him to die.......... I mean aren't we all under the assumption he will be in Avengers 2???? I refuse to accept that Tony could die before he even really gets to know Steve!!!!!


Okay but you know what everyone needs to calm the fuck down about TASM 2 okay it doesn't come out for like 14 months seriously.  I blame Mark Webb a lot because he keeps tweeting confusing pictures from the set and it gets everyone in a frenzy trying to guess their meanings and everyone has crazy theories and then there's all these set pictures taken by random people because they are filming in fucking new york city and I can't even handle it!!!!

Also maybe people need to calm the fuck up a little bit about Cap 2 because apparently they are also currently filming that and I didn't even know that!!! And that is coming out before TASM 2 soooooo


Ugh the trailer is so great though help me

Here just watch it

Interesting fact: the guy who voices Deadpool voiced Alistair Smythe in the TASM video game.

You want to know something crazy is that the other day I was listening to this clip where someone like upped the pitch of Sam's voice and it sounded kind of like how I imagine Spider-Man's voice would be wow crazy.

Okay did you know Joy puts her clothes on over the clothes she wears to bed sometimes???

Also today I went to the bathroom and when I got back Joy was in here with a friend and it freaked me out!!!! Please do not do that again!!!!

Okay but Age of Ultron started this week and it's really good so far!!!
*I mean it was really confusing but also really good.
*Hawkeye is awesome!!!!!!! But of course we all knew that.
*Idk what Ultron did but he broke Cap.
*I'm trying to figure out who's not dead/missing. So far I see Hawkeye, Spider-Man, Luke Cage, She-Hulk, Iron-Man, Emma Frost, Beast, Wolverine, The Thing, Captain America, and Invisible Woman. Obviously there are others but I can't tell who they are.
*I love dystopias idk this just seems like its going to be really awesome.
*The only thing is the whole timeline thing is really confusing because I'm not 100 percent sure whether the Spider-Man we have here is Superior or Amazing...because there is a Superior tie-in so...
*But I'm pretty sure that it's Amazing I mean it's pretty obvious but after careful deliberation I came to that same conclusion because
1. I'm pretty sure this whole series except for the tie-ins were written like a year ago
2. There seems to be a lot of weird timeline stuff going on so I guess Superior could show up somehow
3. But he still has his old costume I think although it's a little bit hard to tell since there's not much left of it but yeah .
4. Also he is snarky and sarcastic and while Spock can put on a show of that to fool people, he wouldn't do it automatically especially not after being tortured for days where as that is classic Peter right there. Also there would be no real reason for him to. No one expects anyone to start making jokes in this super shitty situation and yet that is pretty much all that comes out of Spidey's mouth so.
*Emma checked his mind and well okay if this is supposed to be in the current timeline it could be possible her powers are on the blink but that didn't come up and everyone seemed to take her word for it so.
*Also I know Spock would have a way different attitude towards being captured, tortured, and sold. I mean he would definitely complain about it and want revenge blah blah blah but it didn't seem like Spidey really cared so
*Also there was absolutely nothing that pointed toward it being Superior and the writers are always pretty overt about it I don't think Bendis would be that careless so.
*Also I heard that Slott tweeted something about this being Amazing but I couldn't find it so I guess I will just take their word for it.
*Okay other stuff
*Well Cap Marvel and Thor were on the cover although they didn't appear in the issue although Thor was mentioned so
*There were lots of good quotes in this but I liked "Bows and arrows? The world's gone to Hell and you're sticking with bows and arrows? That's why no one likes you!"
*Also there were lots of good parts but I really liked when they were giving Spidey the "thing."
*Okay that is all I will say.

Well apparently no one liked my game...

Not even Gob played it and he was the one who asked for a game so.

Tomorrow is Friday goos!!!!

Also a week from tomorrow is my spring break more goos!!!!

Haha I was laughing at this group that was presenting their amendment in my govt class today because first of all their amendment fell under the completely wrong topic and so my prof was just like "wtf are you doing??" and then only four people voted for it to be passed. It was basically a really bad idea so. Wow but three of the people that voted to pass it were in my group. I felt very ashamed of them. But like when we were first talking about it everyone in my group was for it and I was like "welp I think it's a horrible idea" and they were like "hey man why so hateful" but I guess I managed to persuade one of them so at least one person is not completely stupid I guess.

Have I told you that the pic on my calendar for March is really cute because it is.

This is a p long post considered I had really nothing to respond to.

The key to a good post is to ramble on excessively about stuff no one cares about but you I guess.

Well I'm almost out of time but I have a pic

Actually I'm going to put another pic because I have too many and this one's not very good.

I stole three pieces of paper from the library to draw on but I haven't even used them yet because I got kind of addicted to using my mouse to draw....It's kind of like a fun challenge idk and it looks a lot cleaner. Both of these were drawn on paper and then scanned though.

I think this kind of drawing I'm not really going to draw a million of though like I feel like this is good practice and it sometimes looks cool but it doesn't give me as much joy as drawing something really cute like I could find a million pictures of Spidey swinging through a city or Torch flying but there are only a limited amount of pictures of Spidey and Torch kissing each other so that's really what I should draw, right? 

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

g f uh fdgf

ssh dgv

fv ysgs


Tuesday, March 5, 2013

a cat lost

hey gs.

wow wtf.  there's like a blizzard outside and it is snowing super hard!.  like just 5 minutes ago i looked outside and it was raining and when i looked outside again i noticed the snow is coming down crazy and the entire ground is already covered in snow!!!

i'm not complaining though.  i'd rather it be a huge snow storm rather than just like tiny random flurries that only last a few minutes and switch back and forth from rain, snow, and ice.  it's just weird that we are still having a huge snow storm when it is March and we've had days where it has been in the 50s and 60s outside.

wow also something really weird that happened today was that usually it is the busiest day of my week but today 3 classes got canceled and it was such a nice and relaxing day!!! oh and three of my other classes are canceled this week too, one on wednesday, one on thursday, and one one on friday!!!!!!!  that is so crazy that 6 of my classes will have been canceled this week!

hmm that's weird i just got an email that my midterm grades were posted online but when i looked it said NX for all of them...maybe the email lied and the grades aren't quite uploaded.  i know i'm going to have a C in one of them but I really hope the rest of them will all be A's.  they should be, unless something went wrong that i don't know about...

awww yeah new iron man 3 trailer!

Monday, March 4, 2013

cat intervention

Hey gs!

Yeah same I mean February is gross but March is also gross and spring is gross yuck let's just have summer please.

Yes everything I hate Joy loves and vice versa it seems. Okay but the past two nights she hasn't been sleeping in our room so????

Okay well buddy you didn't specify if that was the ship you were talking about so I didn't know really.

Okay here's the answer g: same.

Gob I would love to have a game this month but tbh you could have really just taken the initiative and made a game instead of expecting someone else to do it.

Okay well I'll just say we're gonna do the quiz game. Here's a quiz about news from 2012. I scored 8/10 fascinating.


There's like nothing really else to respond to so I'm just going to say a bunch of things and maybe they will spark someone's interest.

Today my friend was drawing on the table so I tried to get him to stop but he stabbed me with the pencil so I grabbed it from him and threw it across them room and now he's not speaking to me I guess. Have you ever had an experience where someone was a ginourmous fool?

Today I saw this thing that was like the main characters of the last three things you watched/read/played are your team for something idk and I quickly thought about it and they were 1. The Fantastic Four 2. Spider-Man 3. The Fantastic Four and Spider-Man.  What would your team be? Can it beat my team of two Spider-Men and two of every Fantastic Four member?

Mary Jane fans are so annoying because they all seem to think you don't think she is the best thing since sliced bread you probably hate every single woman ever. MJ is just not the woman for me but apparently that never occurred to any of her fans.  Do you love bread?

There that's three good conversation starters.

Wow apparently they might recast Tony Stark for future movies...that is making me unreasonably upset......I would rather they just kill him off tbh............

Well Hob I actually realized a few days ago that using my mouse might be easier than the track pad so I've been using that and it is a lot better but yeah those other drawings with the track pad were really hard.  Here are a few tips for you if you want to be better at drawing:
*You could try not using paint because its kind of worthless. If I had to draw everything on one would be really hard especially since it's difficult to erase.
*You probably didn't try drawing actual bodies and just went for stick figures so you don't really know if you could do a better job. I mean those are p good stick figures so.
*You have to have patience and it takes a lot of time and it might not look very good at first but just keep working on it.
*If you draw a lot by hand it makes it easier to draw with the mouse because you will just be more skilled at drawing I guess.

Well I am now out of paper so I need to either get more paper or be doomed to drawing with the mouse for the rest of my life I guess.

Okay Hob here is my response to your beautiful pic. It is an actual canon scene of my ship!

I had to draw it with the mouse but I think it's not too bad.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

barley chicken

heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy gs

just sheeop

wow im cold

wow i hate march. its such a gross month wow i wanna skip over spring tbh

im so cold and hungryhhy

ok i dont have anything to say

oh wait i can respond to things

ok nothin really to say to gob really

except wehres his punishment

wow para of all the things joy could be eating, its doritos. wow shes so the opp of ya

yeah i hate if like theres a project thats kinda interesting or s/t but then you learn that you have to do it as a group project and its like then you cant enjoy it at all because ppl will just glug it up and like bleh. i hate a group project

what its the ship i already said abuot. ur a dummy. and thats nice para my ship is prac. canon

cool fanmix!!!!!!!


ok heres an important question and if you don't asnwer correctly, you'll be severely punished:


ok little buddies heres a pic of my ship

its p much an illustration of a canon scene even the hand-holding. in fact thats like the most canon part of this picture


sucha great ship. wow para idek how u can draw anything on ur comp. i could barely draw those sticky figs. and i have a real mouse.

hmmmmm what else

i gotta haircut. its p nice

ok what

wow im hungry

Saturday, March 2, 2013

the cat who knew too much

hey gs.

this has been such a great weekend so far!!!

first i got to go to a really nice concert on friday (Christopher O'Riley, a classical pianist who plays classical music as well as classical piano interpretations of Radiohead songs)

then i got to sleep in until like noon on saturday

and then i relaxed and played some of this really hard and confusing video game (antichamber)

next i watched all 4 episodes in the most recent Star Wars: Clone Wars arc back to back

i had really good spaghetti and garlic bread from this restaurant called The Spaghetti Shop

and finally i got in a lot of good clarinet practice/homework in so i can have a relaxed sunday

oh yeah i just is the 2nd day of march!  are we going to do a game this month?  if we are, we should decide what it should be too!

Friday, March 1, 2013

cat therapy

Hey gs!

Welp look what I bought today.

For no reason other than Spider-Man whoops.

But I just have to tell you that the back is really cute

And also the crackers have little spiders and things on them so I'm pretty sure I needed this

Okay but speaking of snacks Joy keeps eating doritos in bed and first of all she does this in the middle of the night so its like confusing to me like don't you brush your teeth aren't you getting crumbs in your bed why do you need a snack when you are sleeping where are the doritos even coming from? And second of all, I REALLY HATE THE SMELL OF DORITOS THIS IS HELL TO ME.

Also her phone constantly makes sounds its like a baby idk.

Oh also the other day we had a conversation about her lotion and she told me she does not enjoy it when I cover my nose and ears because I hate the sound and smell of it and run to the window to open it and breath deeply but I told her well I don't enjoy it when you use your lotion so it seems we are at an impasse here.

Yeah Gob I kind of agree with Hob that when I'm in a group project I would mostly rather do it all myself because for one thing I want to make sure it is done right and second of all I like my own ideas usually better than other people's ideas so I just always think if I do it it will be better and if its someone else's ideas I just don't care about it and the whole thing is worthless and also I don't like working with other people because they are annoying so

Although I just finished a group project last week and okay we were writing an amendment and I told them the second part of the amendment was worthless but they didn't listen to me and then when we got to class our prof was like why is the second part of the amendment so worthless???

Well I watch a lot of youtube vids Gob I mean I have like 2k faves but viral vids are usually worthless to me so idk.

Ntyt to more shipping wars.

Nah g my jaw is mostly fine now.  Okay well it hadn't happened for a long time so I didn't think it was sitll happening either.

Yeah g two weeks until my spring break but also two weeks until yours because remember you need to postpone yours until then we talked about this.

You should probably wear gloves if you're cutting up spicy peppers buddy.

Haha icqcml at my friend because today we were knocking on the door of our other friend and hiding in the study room across the hall and he went and knocked on the door and then ran into the study room but he ran right into me and then fell down and then right after that we were leaving the dorm and he was like "let's run" and started running and then like immediately slipped on the ice and fell down again wow that was the funniest stuff.

Oh happy bday Jensen I think.

Also happy March everyone!!!!!!!

Okay so I guess Norman Osborn is going to be in TASM 2!!! That makes sense I guess bc we already knew Harry was going to be in it and also they talked a lot about Norman in TASM but yeah they cast him and stuff. That is good to me but I'm just hoping they won't really have any Green Goblin stuff because there are already enough villains in this movie it seems like and also I just like Norman better when he's just good old Norm. I mean they should save GG for the third movie or something is what I'm saying.

I'm glad you liked the pic, Hob! I think I might draw some more pics of those two and try harder to make them not look worthless.

Also I'm glad you liked my spideypool pic and you know what that ship has been getting so canon lately like first of all, DP answers qs in the back of his comics and in one issue he said that he "can't wait to get it on with him and he thinks that will involve being sweaty and rolling around. Also he said that he looked up spideypool on the internet. And also a Marvel artist tweeted a pic he drew of spideypool and then the official DP twitter which is supposed to be like real DP tweeted it was like this "this is good to me." I am laughing at lots of fanboys who are probably crying at this.

Hob we really want to know what is the great ship you are talking about.

Okay speaking of ships here is a fanmix I made for a great ship called Peter/Gwen.

Um it was going to be longer but I cut out a lot of songs because they pertained to the comics and I decided this should be about just Peter and Gwen in TASM so that's what this is.

The art is by me yay but it is heavily influenced by a specific panel of The Amazing Spider-Man by John Romita Sr.

Teenage Dirtbag – Wheatus 

Gwen: You should probably go to the nurse. You might have a concussion. What’s your name?
Peter: You don’t know my name?

 But she doesn't know who I am
And she doesn't give a damn about me
Cause I'm just a teenage dirtbag, baby

 Spitting Games – Snow Patrol 

Peter: He’s a character. He’s my uncle. He’s um…he’s a pathological liar and he thought you were someone else.
Gwen: Oh man. You mean you don’t have me on your computer?

I broke into your house last night
And left a note at your bedside
I'm far too shy to speak to you at school
You leave me numb and I'm not sure why

 Finite Simple Group (of Order Two) – Klein Four 

Gwen: (about Peter) He’s one of Midtown Science’s best and brightest. He’s second in his class.
Peter: Second?
Gwen: Yeah.
Peter: You sure about that?
 Gwen: I’m pretty sure.

But when we're one-to-one you'll see what I'm about
Cause we're a finite simple group of order two
Our equivalence was stable,
A principal love bundle sitting deep inside

 Nerds in Love – Fergus Brown 

 Peter: I just snuck in because I love science.
 Gwen: You love science?
Peter: I am passionate about it.

 For my bio-chem girlfriend
She wears stockings
And she's knocking off at 3
We're nerds in Love
We're one plus one

Stuttering – Ben’s Brother 

Peter: Okay, okay, okay, okay, okay. I gotta tell you this one thing. I gotta tell you this one thing and it’s-it’s about the v- the vigilante and the car thief, alright?
Gwen: Oh…okay.
Peter: No, no, no no, don’t, no don’t, no. Okay, no. Forget that. I’m not gonna talk about that. I’m gonna talk about me, okay?
 Gwen: What about you?
Peter: It’s impossi- I c- I wish I could just- I can’t. It’s hard to say.
Gwen: Just say it.
Peter: No…
Gwen: Say it.
Peter: No…
Gwen: What? What?
Peter: (shakes his head)
Gwen: Okay, forget it. (starts to walk away)
Peter: (stops her with his webs, pulling her into his arms and kissing her)

So maybe I just keep my mouth shut
At least until you kiss me
So kiss me again
Cause only you can stop the st-st-st-st-stuttering

 Heartbeats – Jose Gonzalez 

Captain Stacy: You’re gonna make enemies. People will get hurt, sometimes people closest to you. So I want you to promise me something, okay? Leave Gwen out of it. Promise me that. Huh? You promise me.
Peter: (nods) 

Ten days of perfect tunes
The colors red and blue
We had a promise made
We were in love

 Free of Me – Joshua Radin 

Aunt May: Did you ask her out?
Peter: (shakes his head)
Aunt May: Why?
Peter: I can’t.
Aunt May: Why?
Peter: I’m just no good for her.

You're shelter from the rain
Turn around, walk away
Go now and don't look back
My life's come off its tracks
And you should be
Free of me

 Kill – Jimmy Eat World 

Miss Ritter: Peter, don’t make promises you can’t keep.
Peter: But those are the best kind.

Sorry, but I can't just go turn off how I feel
You kill me, you build me up, but just to watch me break
I know what I should do, but I just can't walk away