Tuesday, December 31, 2013

on the trail of...the goat!

Hey gs!!!!

Hap new year!!!!

Bleh people are being so boring and watching football


Wow I just saw that Gob just posted????? I thought he was dead????

Haha icqcml at the big list of movies that Gob didn't see that he said he wanted to see.

Nice prezzies g

Wait why did you post twice wtf

That's nice to say Gob that esp the chocolate roll looks yummy bc that is the thing that I made!!!! Awww yeah it was such a good chocolate roll bc I was in charge of it.  It didn't even get any holes in it amazing

Tbh we didn't make that fort for Hawkwye we bought it

Tyt about my PeterMJ vid.  Yeah that was the idea.


Wait I think that is the mysterious post that you never posted???  Well why did you never post that and why even post it now tbh

Okay here is my list of movies I want to see in 2014:
*Captain America: The Winter Soldier
*The Amazing Spider-Man 2
*X-Men: Days of Future Past
*Guardians of the Galaxy

Um that's all I can think of

Okay that sounds like a good order for posting next year.  Okay so Hob will post first next year since Hob is first in the order I guess.

Nice list of things you will do when you have a new comp.  Also a thing you will do is make some gr8 posties right

Hmm let me see what my last post of 2010 was.  Oh it was a short lil post summing up the year.  Well this year could be summed up in that first most ppl didn't care about the blog anymore and now most of us do.... And then we decided to just do the same thing again next year so idk

Oh and my last post of 2012 was trying to get the band back together to do regular posting on the blog again.  Well I think that was pretty successful.

Yucky why would you want to watch breaking bald

Nice cuties from that comic!!!!!

Okay here's some piccies of our food





black bean torte!!!


smore bars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay well it appears ppl want me to get off the comp so that's all I guess happy new year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Also have a nice day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

the empty cat

(note to para: if you see this go ahead and post still, i'm just making up for the days i missed)

hello again gs!

here is my last of posts i am posting today and my last post of 2013!!!

i am going to try to make this a really good and nice and long post too!

okay wow here is the list of movies i posted on my post on janurary 1 that i said i was going to see this year and i only actually ended up seeing a few of them!  i highlighted the ones i have actually seen this year:

  • John Dies at the End
  • Iron Man 3
  • Star Trek: Into Darkness
  • Man of Steel
  • Monsters University
  • Kick-Ass 2
  • Pacific Rim
  • Star Wars: Episode 2 Attack of the Clones 3D Release (got canceled/postponed)
  • Star Wars: Episode 3 Revenge of the Sith 3D Release (got canceled/postponed)
  • Thor: The Dark World
  • Ender's Game
  • The Hunger Games: Catching Fire
  • Anchorman: The Legend Continues

wow that's pretty sad that i only ended up seeing one of the movies on that list... (and i watched it on netflix) though i mean i still have time to see some of them in theaters maybe and also idc about ender's game or kick-ass 2 or man of steel really and maybe star trek because i've heard it wasn't very good.  and two movies i did see that weren't on there were gravity and 12 years a slave.

here are the movies i'm excited for in 2014!!!

  • The Lego Movie
  • Grand Piano
  • Muppets: Most Wanted
  • Veronica Mars Movie
  • Captain America: The Winter Soldier
  • The Amazing Spider-Man 2
  • Godzilla
  • X-Men: Days of Future Past

there might be some movies i missed or just don't know about yet but those are the movies that popped out to me as wanting to see them in 2014

oh yeah, here's some of the stuff i got for x-mas!!!

some really nice high quality huge manuscript paper for me to write music on.
 green tea!
 clarinet reeds
 really nice fancy pencils (john steinbeck, chuck jones, stephen sondheim, and other famous people really loved these pencils and used them)
a kindle! (right now it has ads on it but i think my dad said if they are too annoying i can pay $20 to get them off)

also i got a fun new board game and a lot of candy, fudge and other miscellaneous treats and little stuff.  oh yeah and i got tickets to the big ears music festival in march!!!!  icqcme for that!!!!  also i got tickets to see this string quartet perform in march as well.

okay this turned out to be a pretty good post and i think i'm satisfied with it now

happy new year gs!!!!!

the cat fall

heyy gs!  i am not dead!!!!

okay so i accidentally missed a couple days of posting...but i will post enough posts to make up for my lack of posts!  sorry i just kept forgetting with like nathan and kassandra and seth and miriam visiting a lot recently and doing a lot of stuf.

okay well in this post i am going to respond to pretty much everything that i can has that been posted since my last post.  wow so much stuff to respond to!!!!  i am such a big glug for not having posted in awhile...

nice pictures in your post from christmas eve hob!!!!   haha why is in a box that says inspirational? all that food looked super delicious!  especially the chocolate roll!

nice xmas pictures para!  yumm those cinmmaon rolls look tasty.  all these pictures of food in these posts is making me super hungry! D:  haha awesome fort for hawkeye.  we should make a fort for ginny and paulina. dylan looks like he really likes his new bone!  that was cool how in your petermj video you edited so it seemed like it was like andrew garfield and kirsten dunst were in the same movie!  wow that is a lot of spider-man comics!

oh cool hob i'm reading a book by haruki murakami right now.  well actually i was but i stopped reading it to start reading house of leaves and i haven't gone back to the hard-boiled wonderland and the end of the world yet.

the order of posts sounds good to me and so does the game but i have a question about the game.  do we have to do both a list of faves and unfaves in either post?  or can we just choose if want to do one or the other or both?

that's cool that you are watching breaking bad hob!!!

i think i repsonded to mostly everything.  if i forgot to respond to anything that i realize later i wanted to i'll either add it to this post or my next one.... okay now that i am done responding to most of everything i am going to post this post and then start on my very last post of 2013!!!

here is a picture of ginny sleeping on my bed:

the cats of baskerville

heyy gs sorry i forgot to post yesterday!!!!  hob you can go ahead and post today but i'm going to go ahead and do like para did and just post on what is the next day to make up for me not posting.

i'll probably start reading a bunch of comics soon para!  like i'll start for sure sometime over the rest of this winter break

awesome cookies!!! haha those are so cute!  they also look super yummy!

oh sorry hob i misunderstood what you said in your post.  yeah doing the same thing next year but maybe switching up the order sounds good to me.  also the best of/worst of 2013 game sounds good to me as well

oh sorry i missed your question asking if i have seen thor 2.  no i have not yet

haha nice pictures hob!!

haha yesterday i was playing magic the gathering with seth and cm and i had a deck full of goblins and also a card that let me get as many goblins as the number of goblins i had in play so by the end of the game i had 196 goblins!!!!!  but cm had this stupid card that only let me fight him with 2 goblins at a time so he won. :(

hmm what else is there to say in this post...

oops well now this post won't be on the day after i was supposed to post but the day after that.

okay well now this post is really late from when i meant to post it but i will go ahead and post it now actually so i don't forget any longer!

here is a picture of acorn squash stuffed with wild rice that we had for dinner one night!

Monday, December 30, 2013

this is a chicken

heyyyyy g(s)

this is hob

ok here it is my last post of 2013!!!!! i guess gobs post of 2013 was many days ago. and his last breath of 2013 and of ever. awwww g. ok but idek what this is why isnt he posting what could he excuse possibly be????? dang it all to the depths of heck

ok well we still have one more post in this year but im just gonna say some stuff for next year. ok since gob never said what he wants to do for next year im just  gonna decide for him that we're gonna continue taking turns posting every day. here will be our order:

and our game will be favs/unfavs of 2013

ok para lets watch tasm again

nice talking about comics time. i could do that but i dont want to

ok thats..............all i have to say to para.......................

bleh i dont want my last post of the year to be a suck post!!!!!!!!!!!!

at least this isnt the very last post of the year so we will have to hope para has a really great post

hmm in my last post of 2012 i made a list of things i will do when my computer is fixed so i'll do that again haha

except this is things i'll do when i have a new computer

*download and listen to a lot of jamz
*watch some movies and shows
*make a fanmixes

that is almost the same list as last time

um my last post of 2011 was like we had given up on the blog and me and para were doing some relating songs to spn and then arguing about our interpretations thing so.

in my last post of 2010 i just posted some badly photoshopped stuff

ok well that was completely worthless

oh i guess im apparently watching breaking bad. but im watching it w some big glugs so it will prob take two years to watch

in my first post of this year it was a suck post and i said the movies i wanted to see this year and they were
*john dies at the end which i completely have forgotten to watch
*star trek which was a suck movie
*ender's game which i no longer want to see


well well well today was a piece of garbage

alright this is hopeless

heres something!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Saturday, December 28, 2013

to goat no more

Hey gs!!!

Gob is dead.  That's all there is too it.

Awwwww yeahhhh let's watch tasm again!!!

Tyt about my vid!!!!

Nice prezzies

Tyt about my piccies

Goos it's your break!!!


The prob is that we don't have that much stuff to say to each other bc we can just say it to each other in real life except for Gob but Gob is dead so there's no point in trying to communicate with him.

Okay well here's something that will make this post longer!!!

Let's talk about comics time!!!!!!!!!!

Marvel Knights: Spider-Man #2
*Ah such good art
*I like airplanes
*Idk why Shocker looks like that but ok
*I like the safety manual things that's cool
*Haha I wonder what part of Sandman's body Spider-Man is thinking he might be spitting out
*Wow I just remembered I had a dream about Mysterio but I don't remember what it was.  That doesn't really have to do with this comic though except that Mysterio is in this comic and I think my dream was maybe inspired by it but idk
*It doesn't even look like he's wearing a helmet it just looks like he has a flamey head.  What happened to his fishbowl????
*"I've never really lost before" well......I had to break it to you buddy....

Marvel Knights: Spider-Man #3
*Wow isn't going from a plane to a submarine a really bad idea???  Or is that just the other way around?
*Okay so she took his "essence" while he was unconscious to make babies?  I'm p sure that's called "rape"
*Spider-Man ripped out Venom's tongue!!!
*That's cool how the pages look like they are torn but they are not
*Haha when Spider-Man's trying to sneak around Scarecrow and he walks on the couch. Idk why but that's just funny to me.
*"Maybe take out Iron Man or somebody with me" haha
*Um does fixing him mean blowing him up or....

Okay that's all I'm going to do for now.

Here's a beautiful page from Marvel Knights: Spider-Man #3 where Spider-Man rips out Venom's tongue

Sorry that's all.  Have a nice day!

Friday, December 27, 2013

chicken of the world

heyyyyyyyyy gs

this is hob on paras account again

ok im really confused. gob didnt post again why is that? and he started a post an amount of days ago but he never posted it??? and hes posting even less over his winter break than he did when he was in school?????? and we're trying not to let our posting quantity and quality go downhill this month?????????????


greeting cards have all been sent, the christmas rush is through

bum bum bum

ok i was just sayin i was planning on posting a pic of my petermj cookie and i was telling EVERYONE that i made it

idk g the music in it was blah to me. and i do not recall the music during the cranes part. yea my favorite part was him stuffing his face but like my favorite thing about the movie was....whatever the heck i said. tho the more i think about the movie the more i like it. i might wanna watch it again hmmmmmmmmmmmmm

this keyboard is so nice sounds

well tbh babies would bring me less christmas spirit. that sounds so blah idk

those small thors and spidermen

NICE VID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! as ive already said but. ok my fav part is the part where mj sees that peter is spiderman. i just wow.

yea are last xmas posts have been p glug. 

cool prezzies!! heres what i got. tho im just saying it from memory here:

*1q84 by haruki murakami
*a winter's tale by mark helprin
*figuring transcendence in les miserables by kathryn m. grossman
*captain america blankie
*spider-man/mary jane:...you just hit the jackpot
*saga volume 1 and 2
*a subscription to vegetarian times
*boot cover things
*an amazon gift card (in my stockie)
*candy (in my stockie)

i think thats all!!!!!!!!!!!

nice pics!!!!!! my fav one is def that hawkeye w her mouse toy one omgggggggggggggggggggg

and nice sim pics!!!! my fav is peter thinkin bout mj and mj thinkin bout food

and nice lil comic pic!!!!!!

darn now i need to say more stuff prob

bleh i dont wanna work tomorrow

at least only one more day before................my one day break..........................


5 MORE DAYS BEFORE THERE BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



bleh im tryna bring back our long posts but i cant think of anything to say. we can only hope that para will have a lot to say in her post!!!!!!

heres some big gs watchin agents of shield

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

the night of the goat




Well Noah won't let me write this post in the family room where its nice and cozy bc he's watching stupido dr who bleh what am I gonna do

Okay here I am.

Meeeeeerry Christmas!!!

Daaaang I only have an hour to write this post.

Hello doi I know you made that PeterMJ cookie I was just posting all the pics of the Marvel cookies that we made hello I didn't make all of those by myself!!!!

Wow idk how anyone could not care for the music but ok.  Wow even the music in the part with the cranes?  Even all the other music?  Wow ok. I thought your fave part was when he was stuffing his face tho.

Maybe we need some babies to bring xmas spirit to everyone else tho idk

Nice piccies!!!

Haha well if I was gonna say two superheroes that like to stuff their faces.........I would probably say Spider-Man and Thor. That's small of them

Okay there isn't that much to respond to and idk what else to say.

Wait I need to put my PeterMJ vid!!!!

Okay here it is!!!! Merry (Jane) Christmas!!!!

Hm okay what else

Dang how do you make a good xmas post?  Idek I'm going to look to the years past for inspiration.
Okay 2012 Gob just talked about that dang baby mostly
Those gs in 2011 didn't even post on this day
And 2010 Hob mostly talked about her prezzies

Well okay I could talk about my prezzies.  I got.....a lot of Spider-Man stuff!!!!

Burr I sure am cold!!! I sure with I could sit by the fire!!!!!! I sure do hate Noah this minute!!!!!

Okay here's Hob to say a thing:
We're so bored! We're so bored! When will Noah's show end? Beep bop beep! PeterMJ! PeterMJ! PeterMJ! PeterMJ! PeterMJ! We're so bored! We're so PeterMJ! Awwww yeah that was it.

Okay Hob said to say all the prezzies I got so here's them:

*Amazing Spider-Man #700.1
*Amazing Spider-Man #700.2
*Amazing Spider-Man #700.3
*Amazing Spider-Man #700.4
*Amazing Spider-Man #700.5
*Marvel Knights: Spider-Man #2
*Marvel Knights: Spider-Man #3
*Spider-Man: Life in the Mad Dog Ward
*Amazing Spider-Man #246
*Essential Web of Spider-Man vol.1
*Spider-Man/Mary Jane:...You Just Hit the Jackpot
*A Spider-Man sweatshirt
*Iron Man, Spider-Man, and Wolverine socks
*A Spider-Man shirt
*Lemon tea!!!!
*A panini maker that was for the whole family

Alright better leave time for the game.

Some family and some xmas

Some prezzies

Yucky boy

Mo showing her new camera holder thingy

Hob showin her new book

Mo showin her new purse

Cinnamon rolls!!!

Hawkeye showin her new mouse toy

Dylan showin his new bone

Dad showin his new hat

Hawkeye realizing the true meaning of xmas

Hawkeye and her new fort

She aint never comin out

My new comics!!!! Haha lots of Spider-Man wow

Okay here's some pics of my sims haha

Here's Peter thinkin about MJ and MJ thinkin about food haha

Here's Peter and MJ goofin around

This is really small bc MJ is flirting with Peter and Peter looks like this little shy guy awww that's small

Okay here's a spread from the 2004 Marvel Holiday Special!!!! If you look to your left you will see really small PeterMJ!!!!

Okay that's all!!!! Merry xmas!!!!!!!!!!!! Have a nice day!!!!

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

silent chicken

heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy gs

happy christmas eve!!!!!!

bleh gob didnt post and paras post was not her best we cant have this!!!!! at least we beat our december record already

para we may get the stuff for smore bars next time we get stuff!!

ok g we almost made it to our xmas prezzies

wow icqcme to wrap prezzies

i wonder when i will

nice cookie pics. tho i was gonna post a pic of my petermj cookie. hello everyone i made that petermj cookie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

nice petermj page

ok p amazing movie last night. i have to say that i didnt care for it's music. my favorite part was how peter was really needing mj in his life even tho he didnt kno it. ok he did some p small things. the other peter in that other movie was so large. well i cant think of anything else to say cuz it  already been said. even most of this stuff has been said

wow dad was like we need some grandchildren to bring back the christmas spirit but ok i have lots of christmas spirit i love christmas so what even

wow this post needs to be way longer. this is not my fault cuz there was barely any stuff to respond to

heres para

im just putting my prezzies out right now. um why is there a marker on the table? haha thats it!!

ok thanks for nothing para

i need something more!!! i need it!!!!


there i said my stuff

well the best part of this thing will just have to be the pics

ok first one from shoppin the other day

now ones from today!

stockings hung by the chimney with care

noah playing whatever in his room



some ladies makin chocolate roll

a nice hot cup of salted caramel chai

the beautiful table i set no thanks to hawkeye


a christmas cat

the vegetarian gravy i made

sweet potots


time to eat!!

chocolate roll

i also have a comic pic!!! its thor and jane!!!!!

just WOW

ok i guess ya cant read what theyre sayin but it not important

wow u bubs met what the heck

wow small superheroes stuffing their faces. that is so beautiful

ok well thats it!! merry christmas to all and to all a good night!!!!