Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Time Crash

Blehhh I can already tell this is going to be a suck post because I slept in until like 1 pm today and then I had Botball like all day and then I had to play some jazz music with CM and I tried to write the blog post in between solos but it didn't take.

Okay first off I'll make sure I finish the game. Sorry if I'm like rushed or anything. DDDD:

day 14-favorite male character:
Desmond Hume, duh!! jj actually it would be the doctor. He is just full of awesomeness.

day 15- favorite female character:
Oh you know g, Elle Bishop.

day 16-my guilty pleasure show:
Uhhh iCarly? I don't really like that show that much, just cm and br love it a ton so i watch it.

day 17- favorite mini series:
Torchwood: Children of Earth

day 18- favorite title sequence:

Here we'll just go with this. Idek if it's really honestly my favorite ever but oh well. I need to finish this game.

day 19-best tv show cast:
the Lost cast

day 20- favorite kiss:

day 21- favorite ship:


day 22- favorite series finale:
Lost Season 1

day 23- most annoying character:

day 24- best quote:
Well I have a ton of quotes I love so I will just say my most recent favorite one.

"It's a fez. I wear a fez now. Fez's are cool" -The Doctor

day 25- a show you plan on watching:
Arrested Development

day 26-omg wtf? season finale:
The season 3 finale of Lost when we realize what we thought were flashbacks are flash forwards.

day 27-best pilot episode:
The Lost pilot

day 28-first tv show obsession:

day 29-current tv show obsession:

day 30-saddest character death:

ahhh i'm sorry this is such a g post but everyone here is being such a g. dwai though, i have great things planned for the next post! :D

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Hermione's Helping Hand

hey gs!!!

ok gs let me just first say...i'm very disappointed in you glugs. i was the only g who did task 2 at all! D: look at that scoreboard! heroes is winning! are you gs just gonna sit there and let that happen or are you gonna do something about it!?!?!?

seriously gs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ok gs i just need to calm down and take a nap. ok jj i don't need to take a nap.

alright lets see. task 3 is over on july 8 and task 4 is over july 2. just a reminder there.

also task 5 starts today so let's take care of that.

ok gs task 5 is gonna be soooo easy! i mean it this is like the easiest task ever. so you better do it because i am trying to help you here, gs.

Task #5: Picspam
ok gs all you gotta do for this one is find a bunch of pictures. simple as that. the only thing is they all have to be from your show or be of the cast members. and that's it gs. its so easy.

Points: 5
Days to complete: 6 (last day to post is july 5)
Rules: must include at least 20 pics

other suggestions:
*edit your pics to make them beautiful
*make some nice collages
*puts some nice words or quotes or comments
*find pics that relate to each other or have something in common or the same subject

ok gs you got that? any qs?

haha omg hermione is the biggest glug ever.
"hey i'm a cat."

haha she is so wacky!

haha i got some vids for ya because i am just this vid making animal.

did you like that gs?!?!?

ok here is the other one.

did you like that gs!?!?

gs im just gonna play the game now because i have a bunch of that thing left to go.


day 22- favorite series finale:
ok its the season 1 finale of heroes "how to stop an exploding man" yeah. that was awesome.

day 23-most annoying character:
jj its maya.
haha i almost put the dr

day 24-best quote:
hmm i have a lot of fave quotes! ok lets just go with this one.
"you can not take my brain!!!"

day 25- a show you plan on watching:
star trek tos. i've seen a lot of episodes but not all of them!

day 26-omg wtf? season finale:
heroes season four finale "brave new world" it was so omg. and the sad part is our wtf? might never be answered. :(

day 27-best pilot episode:
heroes "genesis." cause it was awesome.

day 28-first tv show obsession:

day 29-current tv show obsession:

day 30-saddest character death:

Monday, June 28, 2010

There's Something About Harry

Bleh I have a thing to say and it is that i don't feel like doin this rn cuz i just wanna read some fanfic. bleh. alright, harry potter trailer, eh? it was awesome but it wasn't nearly as awesome as the last trailer. i mean the hbp one. i'm too lazy to fix that. but i guess that's good cuz that one made me super excited for the movie but the movie wasn't as good as the trailer.


wow it keeps snowing on my screen. that's cuz today i went crazy with chrome extnesions. so okay you know how i was sad because on firefox you could have like a spec theme for your browser but you couldn't search in the address bar? WELL TAKE THAT FIREFOX LOOK AT THIS

ok and look at the snow. see all those white dotties? those are snow:

g ball i spy barty crouch jr

ok everyone should watch this now:



haha i just took a brief reading break but inbd cuz i still have 2 hours to finish this puppy.

ok anyway the game

Day 25 - A show you plan on watching (old or new)

idk i might. i strated watching it one time and i watched like 3 eps. i would never have thought of watching it excedpt epople just keep going on and on about it and plus like now i feel like i know everything about it even though i've practically never seen it.

Day 26 - OMG WTF? Season finale

Lost s1 finale. It's def OMG and it's def WTF and i def just love it.

Day 27 - Best pilot episode
Bleh idk a picture and plus I'm too lazy to find one. But the Heroes pilot. That and the lost pilot are the only pilots that I really like and that have made me like the show right away, but espec espec this one.

Day 28 - First t.v show obsession

lizzie mcguire! yeahhhh! haha. i was super obsessed with it in like 5th grade.

Day 29 - Current t.v show obsession
Torchwood and Doctor Who. I just don't think I need another darn pic of these things.

Day 30 - Saddest character death


which is the death of Ianto in Torchwood


which is Isaac in Heroes

actually the first one is a bit more sad just cuz like the scene was made really sad and idk. also i like ianto a bit more than isaac. whoa both their names start w/ i. oookaaay.



p.s. sorry no fics or anything BUT THAT DOESN'T MEAN I'M NOT WORKING ON THEM

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Something Nice Back Home

Hey gs. I just have a million tabs open for stuff I want to share in this blog and I want to get rid of them so I'm just going to post them in here and save it even though it isn't my day to post. So here are a bunch of random pictures, videos, links and cool stuff I found. There hasn't been enough of this sort of thing lately.

Haha that kid is so cute!


More yummyness.

After the catapult is hit 100 times something special happens!! haha jj...or am i??

Haha this looks like so much fun!

Wow g, that's awesome.

Wow g. It takes approximately 230.85 cans of Vanilla Coke to kill me. Click on the soda to find out how much caffeine it takes to kill you. Haha when you click "Kill Me" it says "glug glug glug". Which reminds me of something I found when i searched for glug on youtube...

Exciting Links for Boring Days
Okay now here are some awesome things I made myself:

The long awaited Float On music video!!! Omgg gs, you better like it because I worked so hard on it and Windows Movie maker was such a pain in the...I am never using that program ever again.

Here is a new fic I wrote.

Caution: The cheese in mozzarella sticks may cause individuals to choke
Characters: Hurley, Hurley's dad, Jack, Kate
Rating: K+
Category: humor
Summary: Hurley is very tempted.
Prompt: task 3-prompt #11; Someone eats mozzarella sticks and almost chokes on the cheese.

Hurley looked all around the room at the never ending shelves of non perishable food items in white boxes. He saw peanut butter, chocolate bars, macaroni, corn, beans, potato chips, ranch dressing, and much much more. There was one thing that particularity caught his interest though. A box of 7 mozzarella sticks and marinara sauce. The mozzarella sticks instantly brought back very fond memories.

Whooshhhhh [Begins flashback]

"Son, I have to say, I am a little disappointed in you. I mean...these grades are fine, but I think you could do better." Hurley's father said.

Hurley and his father were sitting down to eat some dinner at T.G.I. Friday's. It was a tradition for Hurley and his dad to go out to T.G.I. Friday's for dinner anytime he got all A's and B's on his report card. On this particular year, when Hurley was in 4th grade, he had gotten mostly all A's and B's but a lot more B's than A's.

"I'm sorry's just..." Hurley said before he was cut off by his father.

"Ahh don't worry about it son. I'm still very proud of you," his father said with a huge smile.

"Would you like any appetizers?" the waiter asked.

Hurley's dad glanced down at the menu and then asked Hurley if he wanted anything.

"How about some mozzarella sticks?" Hurley asked.

"One order of mozzarella sticks," Hurley's dad confirmed to the waiter.

A few minutes later the mozzarella sticks arrived, and they happily ate them together and forgot about all their worries.

Whooshhhhh [Ends flashback]

Not only did the mozzarella sticks bring back good memories but Hurley just loved the taste of mozzarella sticks! He snatched the box off the shelf and started ripping it open when he remembered what Jack had said. And in the meantime, nobody gets anything -- no exceptions. That's your responsibility, Hurley. Okay? Hurley sighed and thought about it for a minute. Ultimately he decided that he would just go ahead and eat the mozzarella sticks, for old time's sake. Anyways, it's just one box. No one will ever know the difference, Hurley thought. In his excitement over eating the mozzarella sticks though he swallowed some of the cheese and started to choke on it! At that exact moment, to Hurley's embarrassment, Jack walked into the room. This HAS to be karma coming back and biting me in the butt, Hurley thought. Jack immediately knew that Hurley was choking on something from his medical experiences and starting pounding on Hurley's back.

"DON'T YOU DARE DIE ON ME HURLEY!" Jack shouted dramatically.

After Jack's final thump on Hurley's back, the cheese went flying out of Hurley's mouth like a flying monkey being catapulted through the air. The cheese plopped right onto Kate's face.

"Not again." Kate murmured. Earlier in the ?month? she had gotten a chewed up orange in her face. The chewed up cheese was even worse.

Jack looked down at the box of mozzarella sticks on the floor and looked back up to Hurley.

"I can't believe you Hurley. I thought I could trust you."

"I'm sorry dude. It's just...these mozzarella sticks like bring back really good memories to me. Just like maybe to some people angel hair pasta might bring back good memories." Hurley said.

Jack was surprised Hurley knew about the angel hair pasta, but he assumed it was just a coincidence that he picked that particular food item and pretended to have no interest in it.

"I understand. Just don't let it happen again, okay?" Jack said to Hurley with a pat on his back.

Hurley smiled and promised Jack he wouldn't let it happen again. This might have been a very embarrassing moment but eating those mozzarella sticks, and recalling those great memories of him and his father had made it worthwhile.

Hahaha I've been doing so much Hurley stuff lately.

Blehh g I was enjoying listening to some music and being on the computer when Seth told me to unplug the computers because of the thunderstorm. I have to admit, it is a HUGE thunderstomr but we like never have to unplug our computers or anything. Well I'm on my mom's tablet though. Hopefully the power won't go out. Well if it does I'll either text Hob or Para to post my blog post or to just do a post on their own. But hopefully that won't happen. Omggggg Seth is taking forever to get the pizza and figure out the best deal and stuff. Can't we just order it online and be done with it? Blehhh. What the? It's like 7:40 and we still haven't even ordered. What the? Why would Dominoes phone number be busy? Blehhhhhh. omgggg what even? we're ordering from this one random pizza place that i've never even eaten from and it will probably suck. i'm going to dieeee of starvation. idec where we order it from. just order it you huge glugs!!!!!!! DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD: IT IS 8:00 AND WE HAVEN'T EVEN ORDERED. WHAT EVEN? ASGKMAKLMFKLAMLSKDFMALKFMKLADMFLKMADLFM. IF YOU CAN NOT TELL, GOBLINS ARE VERY GRUMPY AND ANGRY WHEN THEY DON'T GET THEIR PIZZA. omg those glugs. just buy it. ahhhh now cm is complaining about pies wize or whatever the place is called and we have to argue about where to order it from.

okay, i'm done ranting. *deep breath in, deep breath out*

blehhh i'm just going to leave and come back to this blog post when i have some pizza in my stomach.

okay i'm back. well we ended up getting regular dominoes pizza so inbd i guess, but it was like literally 9 pm before it arrived. oh well. AHH GUESS WHAT GS? 15 DAYS UNTIL COUSIN CAMP!!!!!!!!!!! THAT IS JUST ONE MORE DAY THAN 2 WEEKS! GOOSBAG!!!!

g, i haven't had many lists in my posts lately so I'm going to make a huge list of all the stuff we need to do at cc:

-Order pizza
-Go to the moa
-Play games in the elevators
-Find little Spock and little Kirk again
-Get thumbs ups from people
-Go to Freedom
-Stay up late at night
-Send CM a nice long email for while he's at his jazz camp
-Make balloons of Heroes/Lost characters and pop them when we see them die while watching the eps
-Do really random cool stuff
-Make movies of us doing random cool stuff
-Make movies of us doing random ordinary stuff
-Make a sequel to the movie we made last cc
-Play duck, duck, goosbag
-Go on adventures
-Do blog posts together
-Get into all sorts of mischief

Ahh g, I would have ha more time for the game if I didn't have to shut down the computer TWICE and get on CM's computer which is going so slowly. I guess I'll just have to finish all the rest of the game on my last post.

Day 13 - Favorite childhood show -

omgg cm's computer won't even upload images right so you can imagine in your head what the arthur title looks like, okay?

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Fire + Water

hey gsssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


except i prob should have started it earlier but inbd.

ok gs just a reminder that you only have one more day to post your vids for task 2.

oh speaking of that g i will post mine right now!

ok gs wait before you watch it you should know that i was such a big lazy glug when making it, so i didn't even try to be creative when picking the song and i was so lazy in getting clips so i was just like whatever. but inbd gs.

also youtube is stupid so i put it on vimeo.

Heroes Volulme Three Intro from Anna Somberg on Vimeo.

ok gs now i will talk about the next task!

Task #4: Fanmix

ok your goal for task 4 is to make a fanmix. probs you should pick either a character or a pairing or something, but inbd you can do the entire show if you want. if any of you glug don't know what a fanmix is, it is a collection of songs that are related to a show/character/pairing/whatever. you can see some examples here (but you need a livejournal) or for ones made by para or hob, see here or here, respectively.

Points: 10
Days to complete: 6 (last day to post is july 2)
Rules: must include at least 7 songs
must include album cover(it doesn't have to be anything fancy, just do your best)

other suggestions:
*include links to download songs
*add song lyrics, quick explanations, or quotes from the show
*make a back cover as well

now i have a quick question for hob.

so you like peter's hair like this...but not sylar's hair like this?

ok gs i say we need another vid in this post.


did you like that, gs?

ok i have a fic for you.

omg one of these days i am going to write a fic that doesn't make me seem like a big glug. this is not one of those days though.

Title: Switching Roles
Characters/pairings: sylar/claire, peter
Rating: t
Category: humor/romance
Summary: peter plays the villain, claire plays the hero, and sylar plays the damsel in distress.
Prompt: task 3-prompt #14; Your characters go swimming.

“Peter I have to ask you a very serious question,” Sylar said, twisting his fingers nervously and speaking to Peter who was in the small kitchen part of their hotel room.

“Okay, shoot,” Peter told him, in between gulps of milk from the carton.

“So, Claire…”


“She sort of hates me.”


“How do I get her to trust me?”

“Uuum,” Peter rubbed his chin thoughtfully. “Well, hmm…you could try saving her life? Girls seem to like that.”

“I’ve done that!” Sylar exclaimed hopelessly, throwing his hand in the air. “In fact, I’m probably the only person who has ever truthfully saved her life. She still hates me!”

“I saved her life,” Peter said proudly.

“Um, not really.”

“Yeah, I saved her from you.”

“Please, Peter, I wasn’t ever going to kill her. She can regenerate.”

“Oh yeah…so how did you save her life?”

“Black hole guy was gonna suck her up. I held her hand.” Sylar smiled at the memory. “But I can’t do that again! And everything else she can just come back from on her own.”

Peter nodded sympathetically.

“Ah, I see your problem,” he said. “Plus it’s double hard because you were the only villain…and now you’re not a villain anymore.”


“Okay, I got it.” Peter snapped his fingers. “I’ll be the villain, and I’ll try to kill her, and you save her from me.”

“Yeah, I’d like to see you try to be villainous,” Sylar sneered.

“Oh yeah?” said Peter. “Watch this.” He licked his hand and ran it over his hair, slicking it back like Sylar’s. Sylar watched with amusement, drinking milk from Peter’s carton. “Looks like you’re the hero, Sylar,” Peter said with an imitation of Sylar’s signature smirk. “I’m the villain.”

There was a brief quiet moment, and then Sylar spit milk everywhere as he burst out laughing, almost falling off the couch from laughing so hard.

“Oh god,” he said, wiping a tear from his eye, “That was hilarious, Peter.”

Peter scoffed. “Well I think with some practice maybe…”

“No,” Sylar shook his head. “Just no, Peter.”

“Oh come on!” Peter cried, “Give me another chance. I promise the real one will be awesome.”

Sylar sighed. “Fine,” he said. “But we’re leaving for Indianapolis in two days. So you have until then to murder your niece.”

Peter grinned, then stopped, forcing his happy smile into a straight, serious face.

“Okay,” he said dramatically. “Time to kill the cheerleader.”

This caused Sylar to go into another fit of hysterical laughter. Peter shot him an almost Sylar-worthy glare.

“Well I’ll work on it!” he promised. “And hey, did you see that glare? That was pretty good, huh?”

“Uum…no. Keep trying.”

“Aww man.”


The next day Sylar and Peter found Claire lounging in her bikini by the hotel pool. Sylar’s quick intake of breath when he saw her received a disapproving fatherly look from Peter, but they soon got over it and focused on getting into character.

“Okay,” Sylar whispered. “Are you ready?”

“Oh yeah!” Peter said in a low but excited voice. “Let’s do this.”

The two strolled into the pool area. While Peter hid behind a rack of towels, Sylar initiated part one of the plan, “engage Claire in casual conversation to distract her.”

“Hey…Claire,” he said awkwardly. Claire removed the sunglasses she was wearing even though the pool was indoors, placing them on top of her head, and looked him.

“Yeah?” she said coolly.

“Um…so how’s it going?”

Claire sighed. “What do you want, Sylar?”

“Me? Nothing, nothing.”

“Okay…so why are you here?”

“Oh…um…I’m just here to, you know…swim.”

Claire raised her eyebrows. “Really? Uh, you’re not wearing a swimsuit.”

Sylar looked down at his standard black jeans and shirt.

“Oh right,” he said, fumbling for an answer to that one. “Well…that’s just because I….feel…self conscious about my body.”

“Why am I not surprised?” Claire laughed. Sylar almost glared at her, but then remembered he was being a hero.

“Okay,” Sylar relented, “I’m actually just here to keep an eye on you. You know, in case anything bad should happen.”

Right on cue, Peter stepped out of the shadows.

“Like me,” he said darkly. Sylar stifled a laugh.

“Peter?” said Claire. “What are you-”

“Shut up,” Peter told her, “I’m done answering questions from you, cheerleader. In fact I have a few of my own. Maybe I can get some answers by opening up your head.” And using the telekinesis he had borrowed from Sylar, he threw Claire against the wall. “Such a shame,” Peter sighed. “You always were a sweet girl, Claire.” He raised a finger to her forehead and began to make his incision.

This was Sylar’s cue to begin part two of the plan, “save Claire.”

“Get away from her, you monster,” Sylar growled, telekinetically pushing Peter away. He helped Claire down from the wall. “Claire, are you okay?” he asked, briefly touching the still slightly red place where Peter had cut into her skull.

“Aah don’t,” Claire yelped, and pushed him into the pool. Caught by surprise, he forgot to control his electricity manipulation and immediately shocked himself and blacked out.

This was definitely not part of the plan.


Peter and Claire watched in horror as blue lightning flowed through the water. Luckily there was no one else in the pool.

“That wasn’t very nice, Claire,” Peter told her. “Even for villains like me.”

“Villains like you?” Claire sputtered. “Oh, is that why you tried to kill me?”

“And why he had to save you,” Peter added, with a nod to the unconscious man in the pool.

Claire rolled her eyes. “You two are both so stupid.”

“Um, are you gonna get that?” Peter pointed to Sylar. Claire sighed and jumped into the pool. She grabbed a hold of him and with some effort dragged a dripping wet Sylar out of the water.

“Eww, some of his clothes disintegrated,” Claire said, pulling burnt pieces of cloth off of him. “Well, so much for his self consciousness.” Peter gave her an odd look.

“I don’t think he’s breathing,” Peter commented.

“Yeah,” Claire agreed, checking for a pulse. “He must have swallowed too much water. I think he needs mouth to mouth.” She looked at Peter expectantly.

“Hey, don’t look at me,” he said. “I’m a villain now, remember?”

“Ugh,” Claire groaned, then turned back to the unconscious Sylar. “Hey, Sylar.” She said, tapping him on the shoulder. “Sylar, are you okay?”

He didn’t answer. Didn’t open his eyes.

“Sylar, come on, wake up. I really don’t want to do this.” She shook him, but still nothing. Claire took a deep breath and put her mouth over Sylar’s and breathed out deeply. The stubborn guy still didn’t wake up. Claire placed her hands on his chest and pressed down several times, then put her mouth back on his and breathed out some more.

Suddenly Sylar sat up, spitting out water.

“Were you just kissing me?” he coughed.

Claire made a sound of disgust.

“No! You drowned, stupid. I was giving you mouth to mouth.”


Claire rolled her eyes, and brushed Sylar’s wet hair out of his face. Peter wrapped a towel over him. Sylar shivered.

“It-it didn’t work Peter. She doesn’t need saving.”

“What? Sure it did.”

“She pushed me into a pool!”

“Oh that. Well I was talking about how villainous I was.”

Claire groaned. “Oh my god,” she said, “You two are both so stupid. Sylar, you’re right. I don’t need saving. I’m indestructible. And Peter, you will never be a villain. Never.”

Sylar and Peter both looked thoroughly disappointed.

“Never?” Peter repeated in horror.

“No,” Claire said softly.

“Okay, but what if I got a really cool scar? I’m thinking like, one right across my face.”

“No,” Sylar and Claire said at the same time.

“Aww, fine. Come on, let’s go get hot chocolate.”

Sylar and Claire nodded in agreement. Sylar stood up and then attempted to help Claire up off the slippery floor.

“Don’t touch me or I’ll push you into the pool again.”

“Not touching.”

As the trio headed out of the pool area and started to their hotel rooms so Claire and Sylar could change clothes before they went to get their hot beverages, Claire said

“Boys, what’s the lesson you learned here?”

“That Sylar can’t swim?” Peter guessed.

“That Peter doesn’t have what it takes to be a villain?” Sylar tried.

“No,” said Claire. “The lesson is that-”

“Wait, Peter you fool! I can swim!” Sylar yelled

“Well I can be a villain!”

“Prove it, Petrelli! Kill Claire. Ha! You can’t because I’ll just save her.”

Claire sighed. “Okay, apparently you two didn’t learn anything.”

haha i don't really like that ending, so if you know a better ending, please tell me gs.

gs i have done something like this before but not this exact thing, and im bored so let's do another one.

2. peter
3. claire
4. hrg
5. matt
6. mohinder
7. elle
8. hiro
9. nathan
10. tracy
11. maya
12. adam

Have you ever read a five/eleven fic before?

Do you think three is hot?
uh...sure? i guess? not really?

What would happen if twelve got one pregnant?
it would be a very evil baby.

Do you remember any good fics about nine?
not really. no wait! haha i remember a funny one.

Would seven and two make a good couple?
elle and peter? hmm well i think elle had a thing for peter, but i don't think peter liked her very much. probs gob would be jealous no.

Four/Eight or Four/Five?
hrg/hiro or hrg/matt? def matt.

Would would happen if seven discovered three and eight were in a relationship?
elle discovering claire and hiro were in a relationship? she'd probably laugh until she cried. and then some.

Make a summary of at least twenty words for a two/six fic
peter came to doctor suresh looking for answers to his questions about the strange things that were happening to him...he much more.

Has there been a one/eight fluff?
uhhhh...sylar/hiro? i sincerely doubt it.

Are there any story on your list about eleven?
on my list? how do you know about that list? haha no. not specifically.

1 and 7 are in a happy relationship until 9 runs off with 7. 1, heartbroken, has a hot one-night stand with 11 and a brief unhappy affair with 12, then follows the wise advice of 5 and finds true love with 2.
sylar and elle are in a happy relationship (eww) until nathan runs off with elle.(HAHAHA) sylar, heartbroken, has a hot one-night stand with maya (ewwwwww) and a brief unhappy affair with adam, then follows the wise advise of matt (haha matt can be wise?) and finds true love with peter. (awww)

omg that sounds like something i'd like to read...or write.

Title/Warning for above fic?
Unwanted (warning: slash, and drug abuse!)

5,4,7,1, and 3 are playing truth or dare. 5 asks 7, and 7 says truth. 5 asks who 7 loves and 7 after some prodding from 3, confessed their true loves with 4. 4 does not share the feeling, and in fact is in a secret relationship with three. 7 is heartbroken and seeks comfort in 1, while 3 and 4 run into the sunset together. However, 5 is secretly in love with 1 and becomes so jealous of 7, who after the comfort with 1, becomes in a relationship with 1, and so 5 decides to murder 7 but, is stopped in time by the police officer 9 and is sent to prison, allowing 1 and 7 to continue their relationship.

matt, hrg, elle, sylar, and claire are playing truth or dare. matt asks elle, and elle says truth. matt asks who elle loves and elle after some prodding from claire, confessed their true loves hrg. (what the?) hrg does not share the feeling, and is in fact in a secret relationship claire. (o.O) elle is heartbroken and seeks comfort in sylar, while claire and hrg run into the sunset together. however, matt is secretly in love with sylar and becomes jealous of elle, who after the comfort with sylar, becomes in a relationship with sylar, and so matt decides to murder elle but, is stopped in time by the police officer nathan and sent to prison, (hahaha omg) allowing sylar and elle to continue their relationship. (bleh)

Title/Warning for above
Let Me Out, I'm A Cop! (warning: hrg/claire o.O)

Suggest a title for a one/eleven Hurt/Comfort fic.
maya/sylar- Don't Cry, You'll Kill Me.

What kind of plot would you use if four wanted to seduce one?
hrg abducts sylar and dresses in claire's cheerleading uniform to try to get sylar to fall in love with him.

Do any of your friends read seven/nine?
no...idek if there is such a thing as elle/nathan

6, 3, 4, and 11 are at a bar when 3 makes a drunken confession that 3 is in love with 1. 6 is secretly in love with 3 and plots to abduct 3 to keep 3 away from 1, but is stopped by 4 and 11. However, 6 is so crazed by this point that 6 needs constant watching to make sure 6 doesn't go after 3 again, and 4 and 11 volunteer to do this. As they work together, 4 and 11 develop feelings for each other. They are so distracted by this that 6 escapes and goes on a rampage. Just in time to save 3 and 1 from untimely deaths, 7 magically appears and vanquishes 6 forever.
mohinder, claire, hrg, and maya are at a bar when claire makes a drunken confession (uh claire can't get drunk) that claire is in love with sylar. (niiiice) mohinder is secretly in love with claire and plots to abduct claire to keep her away from sylar, but is stopped by hrg and maya. however mohinder is so crazed by this point that he needs constant watching to make sure he doesn't go after claire again. hrg and maya volunteer to do this. as they work together, hrg and maya develop feelings for each other. they are so distracted by this that mohinder escapes and goes on a rampage. just in time to save claire and sylar from untimely deaths (uuuhhh...they can't die...), elle magically appears and vanquishes mohinder forever.

Title/Warnings for the above fic?
Eww, It's Mohinder (warnings: grossness. and character death)

How would 8 react if they found out that 5 and 9 were meeting for a threesome with 2?
hiro finds out matt and nathan were meeting for a threesome with peter? he'd probably cry.

Six sees 9 naked. His/her reaction?
mohinder sees nathan naked...eww that creeper would probably cocoon the poor guy.

Would 12&6 make a good couple?
adam and mohinder? no...

What would you do if you found 1 and 4 in a closet with a rubber ducky?
sylar and hrg and a rubber ducky? i'd be mighty suspicious...

3 kills 7, what does 3 say?
claire kills elle?! yesss! ok, she says "that's for sleeping with my boyfriend!" haha jj idek what she says.

Suggest a title for a 8 and 9 fluff story
Flying Man!

What would be a good pick up line for 12 to use on 4?
"you want to know why they call me the sword saint?"

3 finds 4&7 kissing. What would 3 do?
claire finds hrg and elle kissing? i think she'd....ground hrg.

You find 10 going through your closet. What would you do?
i'd be flattered because tracy is a stylish woman.

By the way, I set you up on a date with 2.


now i can play the game! YESSSS!!!!

day 20-favorite kiss:
yay! sylaire!!!!

day 21-favorite ship:
wow g sylar/claire is like my fave ship ever. i don't even know why.

well actually i know a bunch of reasons why but i'm sure you don't want to hear this big huge glug list.

ok but i will just babble on about them for a bit more. well idek how you could not like this ship because its so awesome. like they are just plum meant to be together. its like their opposites...but they're the know?

but seriously gs, just look at that love in that pic up there. that is so adorable. hahaha

ok gs now some nice more vids for you. wow g i am this big huge ninja at making vids because i just darn made four in the last few days. what even gs. ok well here are the last two. they are both sylaire! goosbag!

did you like that gs!?!?

ok gs...this one i don't even know why i made. like i can't even believe. because i hate peter/claire and i HATE this song. but idek.

Friday, June 25, 2010

From Out of the Rain

You guys like that?

jj jj that isn't the end of the post. hahahaha
Well anyway, that's the piccie, para.
Ok I'm gonna do stuff in this post other than the game and the challenge. I will talk about my day. My day was ok. omg yesterday i tried to go to sleep cuz i knew i had to get up at 9 today so i tried like 5 times to go to sleep but it wasn't taking, and i finally went to sleep a little after 5 which is the latest i've gone to bed this summer. it woulda been nice if i hadn't had to get up so earles. haha it was prac. light out.

anyway i went straw straw picking today. it was alright.
omg gs. the other day i read this fic and it was so great! just sharing.
hahah right now i'm playing this game called 'cutting gwen out of pictures of otherwise cute jack/ianto scenes'. It's my new fave game. wow i need to brb. ok anyway it's a really fun game. wow g i won't show you all of them but okay i just need to show you something.
ok here is an example of one, okay?

alright...but then here is one that i think if probs the best one:

Fun fun fun.
Wow for a sec I thought I had found another fanfic to read, but it's just this super super short one. wow it's legit like only 700 words. D:
wow this glug girl is just going on and on about some dumb bunny books.
Wow everyone is loving the game I'm playing. That's awesome.

Wow g you know who i feel sorry for?
i mean the myspace guy.
cuz like mr. faceboook took over the world and then tom was like "YOU STOLE EVERYONE AWAY FROM ME"

wait nvm. ok the thing i found is like an extended scene from this long thing that's like 21k words and is like made up of like 150 one-shots or somethin. ik what i'm reading next! wow this person wrote 60 torchwood fics.

wow g i don't understand why you wouldn't put your stuff on

Wow g this is what I'm doing tomorrow
haha jj. this is what we're doing at cc, obvs.

wow g peops espec liked the red scribble pic.

wow g it's raining like a glug right now

wow g im blogging from the stairs to the basement because of this stupid glug tornado warning.

wow g i just hate how there can't be a stupid dumb bunny thunderstorm in this stupid state without there being a tornado. jaskgjasghasg

omg...ok you know how i just started the last 6 sentences with "wow g"? well that was completely unintentional. like i didn't even realise i was doing it. wow g. haha

bleh actually i don't have anything for the challenge today even. sorries.
So i'll just put that here
You glugs should read it pleasie!!

wow that reminds me about how i read a really great fic the other day





omg this dumb bunny place isnt lettin me read my messages jakgklasg

ok i'm sorry but 16 tabs is just too many to have open
lately i've been just doing this glug thing where like i leave tabs open of stuff i wanna remember cuz i'm too lazy to make notes of these things in other places.
can i just play the game now?
omg i got this huge giant glug popsicle spotch on my sheet. bleh

Day 23 - Most annoying character
wow i am trying to look for this one glug pic of this person i have but i just keep getting distracted by all my other great pics i have saved.
wow one time i'm just gonna post a bunch of pics in a post

Yeah...she's not so much annoying as she is jksaghkljsahgkasjg wusahgsajkhgsajghasghkagg


Day 24 - Best quote
Ok this is from the Doctor Who ep 'Forest of the Dead' and it's said by River song:

‘When you run with the Doctor, it feels like it’ll never end. But however hard you try you can’t run forever. Everybody knows that everybody dies and nobody knows it like the Doctor. But I do think that all the skies of all the worlds might just turn dark if he ever for one moment, accepts it. Everybody knows that everybody dies. But not every day. Not today. Some days are special. Some days are so, so blessed. Some days, nobody dies at all. Now and then, every once in a very long while, every day in a million days, when the wind stands fair, and the Doctor comes to call… everybody lives.’

whoa i just read the word lighthouse when i heard the word lighthouse

wow i am terribly sorry about this post.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Fear Her

I’M BACK!!!!!! It is I, the noble Company Man or as my pseudonym, Company Woman. Haha. JJ. Abrams. Oko. First, I want to thank Hob for giving me her post tonight, and I hope you will think of making me a more permanent contributor or something. Now then, I will start my wonderful post of wonderful things with the current game.

Day 01- A show that should have never been canceled –

Day 02 - A show that you wish more people were watching –

Day 03 - Your favorite new show ( aired this t.v season) –

Day 04 - Your favorite show ever –
Doctor Who

Day 05 - A show you hate –
Barney. I hate it so much I won't even post a pic.

Day 06 - Favorite episode of your favorite t.v show –
The Empty Child. This action figure is really awesome. Now I want one.

Day 07 - Least favorite episode of your favorite t.v show –
Love and monsters

Day 08 - A show everyone should watch –
Arrested Development. Wow, I didn’t even have to really look to find this pic.

Day 09 - Best scene ever –
In the Runaway Bride when the Doctor was saving Donna the kids in the car next to them were cheering.

Day 10 - A show you thought you wouldn’t like but ended up loving –

Day 11 - A show that disappointed you –

Day 12 - An episode you’ve watched more than 5 times –

Day 13 - Favorite childhood show –

OK! That was fun. Especially day 12. Bwah ha ha ha. Time for fan fics. YAY!!!

My first is actually a Heroes one. The prompt is two of your characters get snowed in at a hotel where there is only one room with only one bed. My characters are Gretchen, Claire, and Sylar.

The wind howled in the night, blowing the snow fiercely. Gretchen and Claire were on their way to see Peter, but because Peter didn’t trust the “couple”, as he called them, he sent Sylar as a chaperone. It was early on in the night and Claire was waiting for her flight with Gretchen and, reluctantly, Sylar.

“The 7:00 flight to New York has been canceled due to the blizzard. The airport has made hotel arrangements for each person that was supposed to be on the flight. Please come the main office to receive the hotel arrangements.” Crackled a voice over the intercom.

“Aww, g. Now we won’t be able to seen Peter as soon.” Sighed Claire
“Don’t worry Claire, we’ll wake up early tomorrow and get a new flight,’ said Gretchen.

The trio made their way to their hotel, hoping to get a fresh start in the morning. But when they arrived, they made a tragic discovery!

“ Awww, g. There’s only one bed in each room,” said Claire.

“I’ll share with Claire so you can have your own room Sylar”, hopefully said Gretchen, who really just wanted to share a bed with Claire.

“Arghh, fine. But only because I would rather sleep with you than with Sylar,” Claire grumbled.

“Hey, why so hateful?” asked Sylar.

Later that night Claire and Gretchen settled down in bed. Both of them awkwardly stared at the ceiling. Even Gretchen was somewhat uncomfortable.

“What is it Gretchen?”

“I can’t sleep.”

“Me either.”

“We should go play elevator hide and seek or duck, duck, GOOSBAG! Or something.”

“Are you kidding?! Sylar would rip our heads off. Which is not a problem for me, but for you…”

“I don’t care. He won’t hurt me. Besides, I’m bored stuck in this room.”

“Oko, g.”


So the couple went and played duck, duck, GOOSBAG with each other for many hours. Then they played elevator tag for a while. After about three o’ clock A.M. they went back to their room to sleep.

“You can have the bed to yourself,” Claire said.

“Ok, girl. Thanks,” Gretchen responded.

Later the next day the girls woke up to find that they had slept until 8:00 P.M. and that Sylar had gone without them. But really Sylar just figured out that they had stayed awake until 3:00 and wanted to teach them a lesson.

“HA HA HA! You big g’s. I knew that you stayed up late!” Sylar yelled after he was satisfied with their embarrassment. “You should have gone to bed when I told you to. I’m going to tell Peter.”

Both Gretchen and Claire didn’t want that, so they tied him up with duct tape and locked him in the closet.


It reminds me of my Bar Mitzvah kinda. Ok. G, I am so annoyed at this one girl. She doesn’t know the rules of shotgun and thinks that she has trumps in shotgun over me and not only is she younger than me, but it’s MY DARN CAR!!!!!!!!!!!! Ok. It was good to get that out.
Now for some vids and pics.

First, a list of awesome Bohemian Rhapsody remixes or whatever you want to call them.



Star Trek


Weird Al

This one can't be embedded.

Now some awesome pics of various things.