Saturday, January 29, 2011

But Watching Three Seasons In Three Days Is More Awesome

heyyyyyyy gs

omg i need to post. i have been wanting to post for so long omg. ok i was going to post a really happy post on thursday but then thursday turned out to be like the worst day of my whole life and then i didn't want to anymore.

blehhh i want spn rn pls

ok well

today my package of sims 3 and spn s1 dvds arrived at they are so great. well i haven't watched the dvds yet but they are so beautiful and sims 3 is really great.

i made sam and dean and they are so accurate.

um ok here are some piccies i made for my g

ok here is the one for sam/salad and the song is adventures in solitude by the new pornographers:

and here is the one for ruby 1.0/elle and the song is 1234 by plain white tees:

ok and here are pics i made for my fave demons:

demons are awesome.

here is demon sylar:

ok well there is all that.

omg i made so many salt and pepper shakers in ceramics. there's this one that is a salt shaker and it is really beautiful and i think i will use it when i hunt ghosts and demons.





ok and also this is maybe just me but why does everyone hate meg...?

wow how can you like jo and not ash? jo is boring ok

omg can i just die i don't want this week i just want a new ep of spn

but other than that life is good because i have sims 3 and my spn dvds

omg omg omg


today noah said that an angel can't fall in love with a human



i don't see how he can say that, personally.

haha i like how i didn't use dean/anna as an example for that.

ok well i'm about out of time.

well not really.

but almost.

ok well see ya later gs.

watching like 3 and a half seasons of supernatural in one week is awesome

wow i really was going to post earlier this week but then i decided to get caught up in supernatural and that was pretty much the only thing i did this whole week. like i got home from school, i did my homework, then i watched supernatural into the late hours of the night!

okay since i'm practically caught up (i only have a couple more eps of s6 to watch) i'm going to make a list of my fave and unfave spn characters now:

-Ruby (first one)


aw g i had pics for both of those games you made hob. but they're on the comp downstairs and my dad is fixing something on it and it's going to take a few hours. D: i'll post them next week for sure.

wow this is kinda a fail post. next week i'll do way better. this week i was just trying super hard to get all caught up in spn, even though it got pushed back one more week.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Fic and piccies and supernatural, these are a few of my favorite things

just postin

well idk rn it's 3 am on saturday morn so i might now post this until tomorrow at this time cuz i already posted this week and idk. well anyway i kinda like the once+ a week thing cuz i feel like our posts have been way more qual than they were for like thse second half of last year

o m g
ok there's this book that i haven't read yet
but it's about the love between a man and an angel
and the angel is named xas
and the angel has blue eyes
asdkhaslk i'm dying omg what is this
well i will be reading that asap if you were wondering

well anyway

ohoho here's a pic i just found for para

tbh that is how i like him
haha well ok i mean i like that hair and i like his face hair he should have it on spn
well okay a time when he is really pleasing to my eyes is in this vid:
omg what is this post rn
wait actually i remember now. they are both pleasing to my eyes in that vid actually
omg can they just like get it on right there on the stage j f c
ok fun fact: if i were ever to read wincest fic which i never would becase ntyt dnw, i would only read it if it was bottom!dean
well when i read dean/cas it can go either way
well ok also when i read j2 i like bottomq!jensen
omg dshkjhag what a g i am in this post

ok after i finish this merlin/herbs fic i'm going to write a pie/dean/impala (/led zeppelin) fic
and then possibly future!dean/dean/future!cas fic

hsahgag remember when we used to always talk about fic. well thats what this post has been so far. me gusta

well anyway i ship dean/dean like burning omg

well here's a message to tuba: catch up on spn and then you will enjoy our posts more maybe


Well anyway I just got the idea to write a Dean/Cas Thumbelina AU
I think I will after I write these two other shorties

Okay well I thought of a game that we're all gonna play. Okay in each of our posts, we list a few ships. It can be canon ships or crack ships or crossover ships or rreal people or anything really. Then the two other people put their itunes/ipod on shuffle and make song piccies for the ships based on what song comes up. You can fill as many of the requests as you want but you must do at least one from each person every time you post. well anyway i've been playing this game not on our blog and here are some i've made

Jensen Ackles/Misha Collins (RPS)
I Thought You Were My Boyfriend by The Magnetic Fields

I thought I was just the guy for you
And it would never end
I thought we were supposed to be like glue
I thought you were my boyfriend
I thought you were my boyfriend

Jack/Ianto (Torchwood)
Lost in the World by Kanye West

If we die in each others arms
Still get laid in that afterlife

Arthur/Eames (Inception
The Call by The Backstreet Boys

Sam/Castiel (Supernatural)
Give Me Some Love by James Blunt

Why don’t you give me some love?
I’ve taken ship-load of drugs.
I’m so tired of never fixing the pain.

Dean/Chris Pine/Pie
Animal by Neon Trees
Oh oh I want some more
Oh oh what are you waiting for
Take a bite of my heart tonight

Dean/Beds (Supernatural)
When You're Around by Motion City Soundtrack

see! is fun!

ok now here's other graphics i've made this week

ok this one is a gif and probably won't work in the post so here's the link
That is a song piccie to Up Jumped the Devil by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds

lol that's dean's hand

alright a few months ago i was making pics for my favourite characters but i got distracted so i only made like 7 but anyway here they are:

alright well what i've been doing today is photoshopping big closeups of dean's face. alright if you click on them they'll probs be better

alright here's one of sam to mix it up

Ooooookay I filled the Merlin/Herbs prompt, para I hop you like it!

Merlin has a hard life. There’s the “monster of the week”, as he likes to think of it, always causing trouble, always threatening the lives of those he holds close to his heart and of course it’s always up to him to stop it; there’s his deep, dark, tell-anyone-or-they’ll-have-your-head-Merlin secret which he comes close to accidentally revealing at least twice a day; there’s his complicated not-really-sure-what-to-call-it friendship with Prince Arthur. Oh, and then he’s expected to clean up after not only said prince, but what feels like, what must be everyone else in the castle because everyone else just sits around looking important but no one really does a damn thing no one ever does a damn thing and…

And then Merlin has his herbs.

Merlin collects free time like trading cards. Five minutes here, an hour there, if he’s lucky. Between the hustle and bustle of his over-complicated life, maybe on a quiet afternoon, an early morning, he steals away to the herb garden that lies just beyond the castle. There he kneels in the fresh dirt, which can never be found (thanks to him) indoors. He feels a grin spread involuntarily across his face upon making contact with the earth. And then, there are the herbs. He first senses them, usually, by smell. Nothing else has ever compared. Not a freshly scrubbed hallways, not a warm stew after a hard days’ work, not even Arthur on those not so rare occasions when he finds himself standing so close he can almost-

But the herbs.

Their scent wafts through the warm air, gently and Merlin falls back, helpless, against the ground. He props himself up on one arm and with the other, runs his fingers slowly through their delicate leaves.

He reaches a shaking hand towards the damp earth. His fingers close around the stem of a tall herb and ever so gently, he plucks it from the dirt. Gently still, he raises it to his mouth, then flits the tip of his tongue out of its moist cave before running it over the delicate plant’s leaves. He moans at the taste, closing his eyes and letting the subtle spice consume him, as he consumes its petals.

Merlin swallows hard, and then opens his eyes. Green surrounds him. He sighs, letting the taste of the herb’s sweet juices linger in his mouth, before pushing himself up onto his knees. He then runs his fingers through the leaves and then begins to gather.

well idk about you but i feel like this is a really good post

oh btw the other day i uploaded all the graphics i've made (that i like) onto photobucket so you can see them here

um i typed that a while ago and icr what i was excited about
i was hoping i would type that and remember what it was

haha remember when i was gonna have music recs
well i'm gonna start that up again
okay this song will be "oh no" by marina and the diamonds

well anway i just made the best purchase ever on amazon
okay i bought the social network dvd, the simes 3, and that book i was talking about


omg i just watched my show and jhsaklghaiwuefha;sgadgasiduflsadkjgasdhgiahsdg
oh i guess i have to give some ships for that game. okay hmmm

elle/ruby 1.0
the 10th doctor/the 11th doctor

okay so anyone can do as many of them as they want and each of them can be done by more than one person but each of you must do at least one

oh btw here's some more i made for other people

Tom Hardy/Palm Trees
Counting Stars by Sugarcult

Counting stars, wishing I was okay
Crashing down was my biggest mistake

Shiksa (Girlfriend) by Say Anything

Girlfriend now
I have a girlfriend now
No way, no how
How’d I get a girlfriend now?
I remember it vividly, love
I’ve been walking erect since the moment we met
And I caught your eyes to my surprise
(Your white thighs)


wtf my roommate went to bed at 8:30

oh i just found another fun graphics game we can play, but it's just like an independent thing we can do wheneever we want
Go to wikipedia and hit random. The first random wikipedia article you get is the name of your band. Go to and hit random. The last four or five words of the very last quote of the page is the title of your first album. Go to flickr and click on “explore the last seven days”. Third picture no matter what…… it is, will be your album cover Use photoshop or similar ( is a free online photo editor) to put it all together. Post it with this text in the “caption”.

here's one i just made

i'll make more for my next post

ugh who thinks this is like the best post i've had in months

well anyway that's it i guess

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Fat People (who aren't really fat irl)

heyyy gs. okay soon i'm going to start posting more often and having better posts, but this week has just been like really really really crazy for me. oh and today like in a couple of hours, this morning I'm leaving this honor band thing and it will be all weekend except sunday.

oh well sorry here's like the only thing i have planned for this post:

haha idek. i was just tired and bored last night and i found this app on my ipod and i did this.

oh yeah and one last thing. did you know you can change your facebook language to leet speak??? i just figured that out! haha log out is kthxbye and like is <3. that is so awesome, you should try it out.

well that's my post.


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Tears Of Uther Pendragon

heyyyyyyyyyyyy gs

me i'm just chillin

man i am so bored tho

omg idk how but my entire draft of spn fic disappeared DDDDD:

luckily i didn't have THAT much in there and i was able to recover i think most of it by looking through my history but still i did have a lot and i don't think i got it all. so if there is a fic that you know i have read, just kindly remind me of it pls. like ok hob the ones we were reading last night... i think i got one of them but idk about the other one so

ok well this day has been so uneventful really

uuuum hob and i still have to watch 6.11 methinks. are we ever going to do that or

well me i'm pretty bored

ok piccies

alright well here are some pics of sam mostly that i edited

wait ok here is this pic i keep forgetting to show my g

haha that is so true tho

whoa for a second i thought i smelled cheese. what the

oh also here is this pic i found and it is of cas in my bloody valentine

oops i accidentally published this post... well nbd no one will even read it until i'm done hopefully.

ok back to piccies.

ok omg hob i am so obsessed with your fanmix now. i just listen to that darn thing all the time. ok did you know i cried the first time i listened to it. its so emotional omg



here are some song piccies and i'll prob make more but they are all mostly with songs from your fanmix so

wrapped up in books:

bad dream:

at the bottom:

the boy who blocked his own shot:

cheap shots:

ok i will prob makes more of those tho

well actually here is one but the song is not from hob's fanmix

sacrifice-theory of a deadman:

ok do you like those?

ok well i don't ship sam that hard with anyone except right now i am shipping him super hard with peter petrelli

omg they are perfect for each other.

ok well i made this list of why they are perfect for each other:

*because they could use their powers together
*and have prophetic dreams
*and talk about how they love their big brothers
*and do each other's hair
*sam would tower over peter and it would be adorable
*they would save the world together and peter wouldn't let sam go dark side
*but if he did peter would go with him and they'd be evil and badass together

ok well also i made some graphics for them so

ok i just need them to be together. i'd say the only thing keeping them apart is that they are in two dif shows... ok well actually they are both in gilmore girls... so i may need to watch some of that...

well that's all i have for ya i'd say