Thursday, September 30, 2010

Seeing Red

Wow, so i like almost completely forgot i have to post today! good thing i remembered!

omg wow, i've had like sooooo much pizza today!!! not that that's a bad thing though. because they were selling pizza from papa john's after school and i got two slices and then we ended up ordering pizza from papa john's for dinner and we got like 2 whole large cheese pizzas so i think i ate like 5 pieces! and we still have leftovers so i might have pizza for a midnight snack!!! haha i love pizza.

blehhh when is that fic due again? i have a ton to do on it still. aw g, i'm going to really have to work a ton on it and fast DDDD:

omggg wow, right after i get done talking about pizza, i see on someone's facebook status that he made like 30 pizzas at work! haha maybe he works at papa john's and made some of that pizza i ate!!

here's the game:

speaking of the game, anyone have any ideas for next month's game?

triangle game: 6/6
full house: 2/25 and i just guessed those.
new game: colors in spanish 10/10

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Ji Yeon

Hey guyyyys. Omg okay I was thinking it wasn't my day and for the first time in 43897936 I was sad about that but then I found out that it is my day apparently and this makes me pleased because I have some stuff to say...on the subject of...fanfiction.
Haha. If you're wondering if saying stuff about that subject will ever end, your answer is probably not.
Okay wait hold up. What was I gonna say?
WEll one thing that I was gonna say is that today i read this pwp because it was by this person who wrote my #1 fave fic of all time and ok this fic I read today was really super good oh my god. So i guess this stuff can be good occasionally but just most of the time no. I guess pretty much anything can be good occasionally, really.

Oh another thing that idk if I was gonna say but I will say anyway is that this g hooked me up with a fic that she says is REALLY REALLY good and it's like 70k words so guess what I'm doin this weekend!

Well other than that let's see. Today was alright. omg I worked on my butler fic for the first time in 348798346 years and it is being really good! For once it is maybe turning out better than I thought it would,, instead of worse like usual.

Oh wait here's another thing. Ok I was looking at the comments on one of my fics and turns out one of the best comments was from the person that I talked about who wrote my fave fic ever so that is so cool, gs. It's like say you wrote a book at J.K. Rowling reviewed the thing and gave it a really nice review even.


sagjhskladgadg. But guess what! I'll be seein her in like less than a month!

here is all i want: this one inception shirt
that is not all

whoaaaaaaa i just found out th at me and my g are so the same

whoa hello everyone likes eames better apparently
well idc more arthur for me

alright i should get back to work on this post

actually i am done

owait i'm gonna tell you a little story
last night i was trying to look at that one thing that i shared with you people a while ago, and that gob has probably been using to write his fic. this is because i read this fic and i was attempting to understand just what went on inn it.
well aynway as you probs know, this thing has all these pics on that make it a questionable thing to have other people seeing when they loook at your comp
the end

jj the game
ugh what will our next game be.
can it pls be one where i dont have to go anywhere to do it

also one where i don't have to think
especially that
well i got 6/35 on the pizza one because hello too much thinking ntyt
6/6 on triangles like another bus

k here's full house trivia

oh man i really wanna watch summa that right about now
















Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Back To The Beat

heyyy geebers!

bleh ok here is what happened today. ok so i was in a good mood after school but then mother put me in a bad mood. also another thing that put me in a bad mood was noah eating my last caramel apple pop. what a big g why would he even?

hey g you know who i miss? my g.

ok wait i just wanted to say that well au is ok with me sometimes like espec if someone started writing a fic and then things that happened in the show contradict what they had already written and then it just continues from there. except ok the only thing that bugs me about that is that when i read fics that were written during s1/s2 it always annoys me that sylar doesn't have regen and idk i get so annoyed by that. but i hate au that's like well i can't explain it. idk.

ok then i also wanted to say that i thought of something else i can't stand in a fic. its called i hate rpfs. well ok i can think of a couple exceptions to that but mostly i just think you are a creeper if you write that. or even if you ship any like actors with each other. i just think that is weird and creepy of you.

omg do you sometimes just get this really good feeling about a fic even though only one chapter had been written so far and you've only read the summary and the very beginning? well that is me right now. i am even saving the rest of this chapter for later. what even am i?

alright one more thing about fanfic. its called this fic that hasn't been updated in FOREVS was just updated! omg i'm so excited to read it but i think i need to reread the rest of it first because icr what happens in it at all. i just remember it was wonderful so it will be nbd to reread it.

ok gs you know what sucks? next week i have to be camping again. DDD: i'm not even joking gs in one week from today i will be camping.
i just want to die gs. i mean ntyt i am still recovering from last week. i just want to chill please. but ok its just for one night but still askldjsklsgjdklsgj PLEASE NO DDDDDDDD:

ok gs but good news by the end of the week the nanowrimo 2010 site will be up! icqcme for nanowrimo! omg gob are you doing it this year?! hob are you? you should dskljklgjdskgj i can't wait.

ok but hold up gs before we go further we must first go back. and by that i mean i really really miss last fall and i wish this fall could be as good but i don't think that is possible at all. ok remember last year i was so depressed when december began because november was like the best month of my life omg. i just wish it could be last november again. or last october even omg DDD: let me just name a few things that made last november awesome that i won't have this year:
*my g
*some of the best heroes eps of my life

well ok those are the only two things i can think of but darnitall i miss heroes. DDD:

actually ok i will have my g for part of november! that will be awesome! omg why am i even thinking about november right now? its september wtf am i? ok hold up there are some awesome stuff happening in october
*mcs concert
*something i don't know if i'm supposed to talk about but lauren knows what it is
*seeing my g
*preparing for nano

and that's about all i can think of really.

omg you know who is so stupid? michael flood aklsjflakjsflasjflajsfklja

oh gs i just remembered there are two vids that haven't been on our blog yet that i made. ok here they are:

ok neither of these are my best vids ever but idk i think they are pretty good. and ok i've been trying to think of another song for a sylaire vid and well like i know a lot of good sylaire songs obvs but idk i want to use one that is like a popular song because my vid with that one song is super popular omg. well that one is really quality also. idek. but ok if anyone had any ideas it would be nice of them to share.

omg grump in our house what is this?

hello? yeah speaking. um october or...? wait nine to tenth? wait is it from the eighth to the ninth or the ninth to the tenth? ok let me see if i...? i don't care if i... ok. ok. what? ok. welp...see you later. ok. ok. bye.

that was a just noah's phone call only it was just the noah part.

wow if you are wondering if para is really bored the answer is yes.


ok 9/22 chipotles and that is craz because i just guessed because i've never really eaten there.
ok and 9/35 topping because i was too lazy and i never get any toppings

6/6 like a boss.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Practically Perfect

Wow, idk why but my mondays are like getting to be so much better than they usually are! like last week was a pretty good monday and so was today! here's a list of reasons why today was a good monday:

-none of my classes extremely sucked
-in creative writing we had a sub so i got to just read all hour
-band class went by super super fast
-no activities after school
-i got to be home alone for most of the day and blast loud music and not have my mom or dad telling me when to do homework and stuff
-i watched the season premiere of dexter season 5

omggg i think i like officially love mondays now! this is so crazy!!

i'm so excited about having dexter to watch every monday now! it airs on sunday night actually, but i don't have shotime so i either stream it off tv shack or download it the day after. like the episode was already up by the morning when i woke up! though i didn't have time to watch it in the morning so i watched it when i got home from school. it wasn't like the best episode ever but it was pretty good and i think the season is going to get better as it gets further in.

wowww i really need to get working on my fic considering it's due this saturday. blehhh maybe i'll work on it some tonight once i finish this post.

hahaha i feel like such a big g for answering those para quizzes! sorry gs! hahah idek why i thought hob was mad at me for not answering them instead of not making my own. oh well, inbd.

aw g, i'm really hungry again. i wish i either had some more chicken nuggets or someone could fix me some pizza because i don't feel like getting up and fixing it right now. actually i am going to go make a pizza. brbbb


club penguin: 13/35
chipotle: 13/22
here is the new quiz and it's a nice click-able link just for you hob! :D 23/35

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Hello, Dexter Morgan

Hi hello etc etc.
This is gonna be an awesome post because I have homework to do sooooooooooooo.
Alright I'm gonna share thing I don't like in fanfic, first of all.

This is the number one thing I hate in fanfiction more than anything else. This is one of the reasons why I didn't like fanfiction originally, because I would read stuff and it would be like

"Blah blah blah," said the American. He went to his friend's house. He marched inside and started to cook some chicken for the actress.

And I was always like, okay you don't find that 9347789346 times when you read books so why do people have to write fanfics like that?
In slash fic, it always does this stupid thing where it's like "the older man" and "the younger man"


OCs and also making up names for people
Like I don't know, it's just annoying when someone doesn't have a last name or a first name and so the author makes up a last/first name for them and it's really stupid and ugh. Ok sweetie try just working around that please. Like ugh I hate when the author makes up a first name for Eames and it's really stupid and then Arthur always calls him that. Can he just call him Eames please?


"You ordered them under my name?"
"No, I ordered them under mine," Arthur said. He lifted up the package and showed Eames the address label. "See. Arthur Eames."
"Your last name is Eames?" Eames asked incredulously.
"I changed it after I married you," Arthur said. "I thought I told you. I do it for all my husbands. It's just a professional courtesy, even though it's hell with the paperwork." While Eames soured on the reminder of Arthur's six other husbands, Arthur added, "Why would you think it was for you? It clearly says Arthur."
"Um," Eames said.
"Holy shit," Arthur said.
"How did you not know?" Eames said helplessly. "It was on the marriage contract, wasn't it?"
"You spelled your own name wrong, remember!" Arthur retorted, sounding increasingly panicked. "I couldn't even tell what your first name was supposed to be. It was just a bunch of keymashing!"
"Then how did you process it into a legitimate marriage?" Eames said.
"I have no idea! I don't do the office side of the business! It was in Canada! Who the hell knows what Canadians are up to in the frozen north!" Arthur said. "You're -- you're seriously telling me that your first name is--"
"My mum was really into Malory," Eames confessed.
"How is this even possible!" Arthur shrieked.
"Hey, isn't that a bit harsh on Malory?" Eames said.
Arthur buried his face in his hands. "The...monogrammed...towels...are...ruined...forever."
Eames attempted to rub his back. "There there. It's not as awful as all that, love."
"Oh shut up, Arthur."

Alright and as for OCs, it's like ok wtf there are 95765467547 awesome characters in the thing you're writing about, why do you have to make up new terrible ones?!

Yeah, same. It's like ok if you read/write this stuff, what even are you. Get a life bro.
jj jj

Gross. man. Ok let me just say that there is so much Supernatural stuff of this and it's like ok do people actually ship that in a "get me some smut of that" kinda way?

when there is a sex scene and one of them is being a meanie
...haha. Ok it's like whatever you can do some bondage and stuff a little but if you are being really mean and like calling them names and being really out of character it's like ok no thank you please

Well now I'm just gonna say that I like AU mostly. And non-con is kinda growing on me. But there has to be specific circumstances. Alright if it's between like one of my fave pairings then I don't like it, but someimtes I do if it's between a pairing that I like but is not my number one fave. Like Arthur/Eames=ntyt but Arthur/Mal=yes please

Speaking of fanfiction..
owait we're always speaking of fanfiction.
by we i mean me
but anyway speaking of fanfiction, here is the official deadline for Gob's piece of writing:

Saturday, October 2 at 11:59 PM, Goblin Standard Time

remember, 1,000 words, bro.

Speaking of Gob, I bet he's watching Dexter right now.
That's because I was talking to someone and she said she had to go watch Dexter and I was like bleh.
Because first of all I didn't want her to leave and second of all, gross, Dexter.

Now's the part where we raise our hands if we've started our homework.
As to whether I am raising my hand, that's a secret.

Speaking of whether, there was some really nice weather this evening. It was cool-ish out. I love fall weather, is what I'm saying.

Hey guys here's something I overheard at Chipotle today:

Girl #1: There was this movie over the summer I really wanted to see. I think Leonardo DiCaprio is in it.
Girl #2: Oh I saw that. I slept through most of it.

Wow wtf is those peoples' probs.
Is it just me or has this been a really great post?

Wow there's someone I want to kill right now and it's this girl that keeps posting these stupid Harry Potter movie countdwon picture things.
Man I am only a little bit excited for that movie. OK here's my problem: why was the 6th movie trailer the greatest thing in the entire world and the 7th one was a suckfest?
Wow nobody even understands this though. But you know what? the 6th movie was a suckfest so this is probably a good thing because it's not like the trailer is making me have really giant expectations for the movie.

I think it's game time, men.
btw I really like it when there is a clickable link because it is just a hassle to copy and paste the think, let me tell you.
I'm looking at you, Gob.

Well guys, I got 48/52 on the words one. Man that one was a frustration and a half. But let me tell you, the first time around I didn't understand the rules, and I thought you were supposed to add 1 letter to the word that shows up, and the first one was ape and I was so sure it was rape and it wasn't and I didn't know how the hell you were supposed to do that. But then I looked at para's and gob's scores and I was like oh shit they figured it out I must just be this big ball of stupid but then I figured out the real rules.

1/35 on the club penguin 1.
I got igloo. I win.

Here's a Chipotle menu one:
I got 18/22

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Petrified Lightning

hey gs!

i'm back! ok now raise your hand if you just thought of spinach when i said that. ok just me probs.

hello there were pract only suck posts while i was gone. what even are you gs? but more importantly what is gob for answering the para quizzes. what a big g.

ok now para will answer the para quizzes.

1. do you ship those ships i mentioned?
well idk i've never really thought about it. haha when you said eames/yusuf though i right away thought of that line that you said. i guess if i was going to ship yusuf with someone it would be eames but mostly i ship eames with arthur. cobb/saito...idk whatevs.

2. if i were to watch Dumbo what would ii be thinking about the wholoe time?

3. what do i miss?
the darn summer, me, and mad eye. same except instead of me i miss you. :'(

4. what is your fave thing about this post?
hobbit day! omg when i was at one of the colleges...i think it was northland idk...but i saw a sign that told me about hobbit day! i got the biggest excitement in me about that.

5. how is the title relevant to the post?
you love eggtown. haha jj.

1. list all the thing i have to do
*other stuff
*other stuff

2. how many dif times did i bang on the keyboard

3. am i an expert on knowing stuff about coke?
you are what you eat. haha idek. nah you're not.

those were the easiers para quizzes ever. omg.

alright now you know what i can't wait for? gob's fic. omg dlkfsjdlskjdskgjldsjglds

i just feel like putting a list out there of things i can't stand in a fic.

*oc's. i just want to strangle their necks. it doesn't even matter if they are really well developed, interesting, non-mary sue characters, i just need them all to die in a fire. ESPECIALLY if they are in a plot that is like this "oc was a normal girl until she discovered she had the ability of intuitive aptitude and met a man named sylar who had the same power as her. can she help him understand how love and be a hero? blah blah blah"

*novelizations. no, i don't want to read a fic version of the entire third season thank you very much. not even if you changed something so it is a tiny bit different.

*au. most of the time. i can't think of any exceptions right now, but there are a few. but espec i hate them if its like what would happen if this person didn't die and blah blah blah everything else is the same. i do not like you.

*mpreg. ewwww ewww ewww go away right now, you gross pregnant man. that is not even natural at all. THAT DOESN'T HAPPEN FOR A REASON WHY WOULD YOU WANT IT TO!?!?!

*incest. speaking of gross. THE WORST OF ALL IS PAIRE. NTYT.

*pwp. enough said i think.

*ooc. not crack, just bad writing.

*sylar/gabriel as a split personality. what even. seriously. sometimes this just ruins an otherwise good fic for me. or alternatively, if sylar doesn't have split personality at all, he's just somehow two different people. idgi. AND I HATE IT. would you say voldemort has a split personality just because he didn't like his name? if you would then you are stupid and you completely missed the point.

*non-con. again, there are probably a few exceptions. but come on. its just...creepy.

alright now i'm gonna tell you a little bit about my trip. ok for each college i will tell you the things that sucked about it.

st. scholastica:
*stupid catholic school
*it felt like a prison
*i hate the tour guide
*bad food
*terrible apples

*i didn't get to try the apples

*too much nature
*too much science
*more bad apples
*no climbing wall

uw stout:
*too many stout people
*i didn't get to try the apples here either

ok this was my fave part of the trip. it was this picture that was hanging on the wall in the science building at northland. i just found it on the internet. skills.

ok the game.

7/12 fish.
4/19 cokes.
8/12 parent trap quotes.
11/28 arthur characters.
4/20 pizzas
36/52 words

11/35 locations.

Friday, September 24, 2010

My Bad

idk if it's really my day or not or if para is going or not but whatever, i'll just post anyways.


hahaha i just found the best website ever. it's like pictures of the most random things ever with random captions that have absolutley nothing to do with the picture.

haha idek why i find this website so funny right now but i just do.

oh and also i found this website called obvious captions and it is very great too.

hahahaha what the...these aren't even funny and icqcml!!!!! idek! i'm like so tired right now almost anything is funnny!

okay hob asked a bunch of questions in her last post so now i'm going to answer them.

wtf gob where was the para quiz:
okay, i didn't know i was supposed to do the para quiz considering it is called the "para" quiz and you never gave me any specific instructions to do it. but whatever, i'll answer all of them in just a min.


wtf is your post title gob
it's the name of a lost mobisode


para quizzes:

1. list all the thing i have to do
-Other stuff
-Other stuff
2. how many dif times did i bang on the keyboard
three times maybe?
3. am i an expert on knowing stuff about coke?
nah g, sorry you aren't. i am though.

1. do you ship those ships i mentioned?
2. if i were to watch Dumbo what would ii be thinking about the wholoe time?
3. what do i miss?
para and the darn summer
4. what is your fave thing about this post?
the nice list of plans
5. how is the title relevant to the post?
you said you might make an omelette, which has eggs in it.

Sporcle Quizzes:

on the pizza one i got 5/20. idk that chucky cheese's counted as a pizza place

the new quiz is a typing challenge and i got 41/52

Thursday, September 23, 2010


wtf gob where was the para quiz


hey guys you know who i ship?

it's like okay
there's a man here...♥ ♥ Yusuf♥ ♥ ...

OTP 4ever

Also I ship Cobb/Saito a TON
like the whole "we'll be young men together" thinig they had going...HELLO. THEY'RE IN LOVE.

well anyway today i wrote an Eames/Yusuf fic. oh yeah. it's awesome

wow what i plum miss is the darn summer


sjadghjklsag keep gettin so distracted

i nede to do my hoemowrkjfgg gh



here are my plans:
*read fanfics
*write fanfics
*catch up on merlin maybe
*watch a movie maybs
*you know
*be lazy
*and stuff

s ajkghklsjadgga tomorrow night there is a new round of the inception kink meme up!!

ughhhh i was gonna say stuff but icr it

oh also i might make an omelette but i gtg get some eggs

ok on my next post i will have a really good post i prom

wow i miss mad eye cuz im listenin to a mad eye song right now

haha mad eye
that was the silliest time
but i miss it omg sdjghasjkggg gj
i wanna die

omg hobbit day AND elephant appreciation day?!?!
hahahaha that's like official "don't think about elephants" day
oh man i cant even
but anyway that was the best day evs i guess
but anyway every single elephant ii have experienced in the last 2 months has made me think about inception


wtf is your post title gob


8/28 on the arthur one. D: oh man i fail

largest pizza chains: 3/20

hahahahaha omg i just guessed the 3 i could think of and i happened to guess them in the right order

para quiz:
1. do you ship those ships i mentioned?
2. if i were to watch Dumbo what would ii be thinking about the wholoe time?
3. what do i miss?
4. what is your fave thing about this post?
5. how is the title relevant to the post?

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Jin Has a Temper-Tantrum on the Golf Course

Hey gs, have you seen the new harry potter trailer? omggg it looks so awesome!!!!!!!!!!! that was like so intense and epic!!! i'm going to go watch again for the 5th time right now!!!!!!! ICQCME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ahhhh g, now we officially have to each see it right when it comes out and then just see it again at thanksgiving! hopefully i can go to the midnight showing! what day of the week is it coming out on? Aw g it's coming out on a Friday so the midnight showing will be on a school night. inbd, my parents probably will let me go.

blehhh everyone is being such a grump in my house. like my mom and dad keep bugging me about doing my stupid math assignment. and like my dad keeps rushing me to get it done so he can check it even though i really don't need his help because this section is super easy. blehh i want to tell them i can just easily get it done later tonight and/or during the morning in my history class.

note to self: in the future say that i finnished my homework at school when my parents ask what homework i have.

omgggg cm was being a HUGE grump and was being super moody. don't even get me started on him.

another random thing that is annoying me, the spacebar isn't working well on this computer and you have to press it down like super hard to make it actually put in a space but inbd.

Oh btw, happy Hobbit Day everyone!!! Haha I hope you had a good Hobbit Day Hob!

Oh also, today is Elephant Appreciation Day so don't forget to appreciate elephants!

The game:

parent trap: 0/0 i haven't watched that movie in soooo long

new quiz:
i got 13/28

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Big Bang

ok i got 4/19 on the coke one cuz i typed in the two kind of cokes i know and ended up w/ 4 idek

parent trap quotes

ok we're doin para quizzes

1. list all the thing i have to do
2. how many dif times did i bang on the keyboard
3. am i an expert on knowing stuff about coke?

Monday, September 20, 2010

Hungry Man

wowww today was actually a really good monday and not a sucky one for a change! :D and the whole day after school i've been home alone so i didn't have my mom around to tell me to do school work or practice piano or anything. this is so great!

okay you know how we were talking about how our posts used to be so awesome and now they suck? well this is going to be an awesome post!! haha i was reading our posts in janurary and i noticed we used to like ask each other questions in blog posts and actually answer them. we should start doing that again. i feel like a bunch of times i ask questions no one actually ever responds to them like para said in her last post. we also used to comment on every post but we don't do that anymore either.

omggg g you know what i just love? when i put my ipod on shuffle because i don't know what i want to listen to and then like the perfect song comes on and from there i know what to listen to. you know what i mean gs?

oh yeah, and speaking of music, what's some good new music i can download?

i'm hungry. brb.

this is a miracle!! for once we actually have really good food in the house!! i'm eating some chicken salad, a pickle, some wavy lays, and a beer. haha jj about the beer but there's an empty bottle right next to me from when nathan was over here and drank one so it looks like i might have drank it. haha i didn't really though. omg, and if i'm still hungry after all this food we have frozen pizzas so i can fix one of those too. goos! i just finnished my chicken salad and i'm still hungry so i have a feeling in a little bit i'm going to go make a pizza.

guess what???? a new harry potter and the deathly hallows trailer is coming out wednesday!!!! icqcme!!!!

oh yeah gs, i have a question for you. are we going to see the harry potter movie before thanksgiving and then at thanksgiving pretend like it's our first time seeing it? because i kinda want to cuz 2 of my friends and i really want to go to the midnight showing together. haha you should fly down to indiana and we can all see it at the midnight showing together!

okay brb, i'm going to start making the pizza.

omgggg i just looked in the freezer and we have SCRIBBLER POPSICLES!!!!!! AND GOGURT!!! OMG I HAVEN'T HAD GOGURT IN FOREVER! I HAVEN'T HAD THEM SINCE LIKE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL! haha i am like most excited goblin ever. i can't wait to eat gogurt for dessert!!!! =D

omgg there is like so much great food in this house right now. how is this even possible???
haha i love how like half of this post deals with me talking about food in my house. i feel like the master from doctor who when he's like stuffing all that food into his mouth.

yummmm. that was good. haha okay enough talk about food.

oh yeah i still have to play the game:

elephant love melody: 0/188
fish: 7/12
i got 16/19

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Cat, Rat, and Dog

Hey gs remember catdog? That's something I've been thinkin about lately. man i hated that show time 4897534897589346789346. it was so stupid and was always mean to the cat and just ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

i hate homework
omg this stupid thing
at least i dont have to think for this thing
ok that is all now the game

wow this psot is the opposite of the great posts i was readimng last night.

ok on the ELM one i got 188/188
oh man one time i was lookin for a moulin rouge one and i found one that i thought was the one para found but it wasnt so idk how you found that one

ok here's fish:
ii got 7/12. yeahhhhhh

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Past Experience


hello its like every time i ask q in my posts they never get answered. ok look back at my last few posts and you will see a BUNCH of unanswered qs that i would like answers to.

so almost 20k words in my mad eye story. so you know that's...coming along. hahah gi? blehh i mean i like writing it but i wish it would write itself or else i wish i could write the thing faster because i want to work on other things and dslkgjsgldjs i don't have that many ideas for the rest of it. like in just a min they will go into the the dream and i don't actually know what's going to happen in there. i would ask you people if you had any ideas but as we know when i ask qs in posts they never get responded to.

wow but seriously i have so many ideas for fics to write. like not last night but the night before i had this awesome dream and when i woke up i was so glad i hadn't known i was dreaming in the dream because that would have made it way less awesome. but anyway i REALLY want to write a fic about that dream. plus i want to write some sylar/hrg.

well this will be my last post before i depart with my school so fyi don't expect me to post until at the earliest, friday.

wow i just accidentally made a super awesome hiro icon. when would i even use a hiro icon? i don't even like the guy. its super awesome though.


alright let's play that game we all love.

ok on the duff one i got 19/80. aw g.

i got 2/20 on the star wars one... well that's more than i expected!

aaaaah i accidentally cracked one of my knuckles. owww it hurt i hate that omg i'm never doing that again. DDDDDDDDD: oh my god it made it feel so weird. i'd never experienced before owwww i hate life.

i got 188/188. i'm so awesome.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Some Like It Hoth

Blehh I just really don't feel like posting and i have a really bad headache and i'm tired. sorry gs. oh and btw yes, the goblin DOES still like to stay up late and DOES still like to have great gcs and DOES a very good job of sneaking still. i'll stay up super late on saturday for sure. okay now i'll just play the game

on the hillary duff one i got 0/80

here's a new star wars one. i got 20/20

oh and the title is because on one of the pictures on the star wars quiz it shows the planet hoth

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Tears of Uther Pendragon

just postin.

omg icqcml though and like i am eating a joooly ranger and i almost just choked on it and now holly rancher juice is burning my throat omg. also there are so many tears in my eyes sdagjksag

asjdghjkaghlsdagk jooly ranger. icqcml again. man i sure as sugar h ope its my day

omg ok yesterday i got this thing that i ordered in the mail and its so awesome ok i would take a pic but ntyt too lazy so this is it

wow i just cant even be bothered to put actual pics in this thing rn i guess. well i will later

omg i cant even right now.


ugh actually i had a list of things for this post but i'm too lazy. ok in my next post i'll pout em.

jk i'll do em
ok i made this

ok in astronomy the other day i drew this:

it is saito sleepin wrapped up in his carpet like in my fic
also this:

it is arthur's and eames' totems and they are in love obvs

omg gob yesterday i googled thegoblog815 and it said 'did you mean thegoonblog815"? hahahaha. but now it wont take. D:

omg remember when ariadne was liek i tried not to come and then it was like but there's nothing else quite like it
ok btw this is what i was laughing at before


omg this is just an inception post i guess
wait that is all of them from me. idec
omg btw happy bday tom hardy


ok im too lazy for any more. bleh i dont wanna play the game im too lazy

ok 29/29 on the mulan one

ok 4/49 on the disney one cuz im too lazy to think right now

ok here's a hilary duff one!!!!!
ok i got 16/80 cuz im still too lazy to think


Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Ahhh sorry i didn't post yesterday. tyt para for posting for me. I really was going to but i procrastinated all day while I was home sick but then I started feeling really really sick and I didn't want to get out of bed and get on the computer to do my post. DDD: It was really awful, like my throat hurt, my head hurt, my body ached all over, and I felt like I was burning up but at the same time I felt super cold. And I had a temperature of 101.8 degrees farenheight. But the good news is today I got to stay home from school again and I'm already feeling a ton better!!!! Blehh going back to school and having missed 2 days of school is going to suck though.

Haha the good thing about being sick though, is even though last night I felt really horrible for the most part it's been pretty fun! Like all I've done is lie in bed, sleeping, watching tv, and eating. Here's a list of all the awesome stuff I've gotten to eat while I've been sick:

-Waffles with whipped cream, strawberries, and maple syrup
-Vanilla Coke
-Chinese food

omgggg these people on facebook are so stupid!!! Do they not get that the "so and so tagged you in a video" thing is fake and just sends like 10 random notifications to people you don't even know?!?!?!?!? I've gotten 5 notifications from people I don't even know that they tagged me in a video and it's just so darn annoying! What even...these people aren't even my friends on facebook. Oh was a real video of the marching band at the band contest and not the scam thing like I thought it was. Hahahaha oops I guess I'm just a little paranoid.

omggg time for another rant, but this time one for real. It feels so hot in here I'm gonna die!!! D: Like I'm seriously sweating. I wonder what my temperature is now.

what the? why is everything i'm think of talking about in this post all negative and ranting?? Ahhh and I just thought of another thing to rant about!!! My phone not only has a huge black spot over the top half of the screen but it's keyboard does not function now. Great. And awhile ago I asked my dad when we are elligible for a new phone and it's not until Feburary. So until then I'm going to have to live with a half working phone that is nearly impossible to text on. =/ Luckily, even if you can't see half of the touch screen, it still works, knock on wood. Ahh I keep forgetting my keyboard doesn't work anymore though and I keep trying to type on it.

Okay, from this point on, NO MORE ranting. *ends rants*

well actually this might just be close to the end of my post because I feel kinda tired. oh yeah, and para, i've started a little bit on working on my fic.

here's the game:
on the lost one i got all 12/12
on the rugrats one i got 4/18
on the mulan one i got 17/29

and here's the new quiz:

i got 28/49
what the...i haven't even heard of some of these movies!! D:

Monday, September 13, 2010

We Do What We Have To Do

hey gs!

its gob's day but i guess he is too sick to post.

so lets all give a warm round of applause to... PARA!!!




alright hello one week until heroes!!!!!!!

hahaha well heroes reruns.

seriously though. you should watch heroes on g4 mondays at 8/7 c starting next monday, september 20th.

goos! i don't have school next monday either!!! :DDDDD

hello we are still awaiting gob's punishment fic i believe. has he even started yet? what is the holdup?

hello i want an apple.

alright well since i won the summer challenge, i think i should get a prize. well first of all, you both have to admit that heroes is way more awesome than dr who or lost, but what should be my other prize? something good i should think.

hahaha the final scores were heroes: 127. dr who: 57. lost: 19.

i'm awesome.


i got 12/18 on the rugrats one.

hahaha ok here is our new quiz.

i got 29/29.


Sunday, September 12, 2010

Hagrid's Tale

omg today i saw inception for the 5th time. it was awesome. i guess we all know about that already
i am awesome
wow i just love that movie
wow rn i just feel like reading some darn fics but I HAVE HOMEOWRK TO DOOOIOUIGRVHNEF
like a lot
but i dont have class till 3:30 tomorrow
so i have like a whole day tomorrow to do it
but not really cuz ill probs get up late
im so hungry
i pretty much had some cheezits for dinner
ugh today i was gonna have breakfast/lunch whatevs but the cafeteria closed like RIGHT when i got there! ugh! well they have stupid g food on the weekends anyway. it is always so refreshing when i go on the weekdays and theres just tons of food there and yum yum yum.

wow. raise your hand if you read that fic i recommended.
if you are not raising your hand, why do you live, harry potter?
haha idek
my hand is cold so i cant tyope good

omg there was somethin i was gonna say. icr it. oh yeah
it is this:

click on it to read it and then probs click again to enlargen it


that's it
owait the game
ok 25/25 on the inception one like a boss

ok 12/12 on the lost one like another boss

ok 11/18 on this rugrats one

Saturday, September 11, 2010

It's Coming

hey gs!


bleh my friend is supposed to come over but she's going to call me when she's on her way and so far she hasn't called yet. i might just have to order pizza without her because i have this rumbly grumbly tummy for a jar full of honey.

ok hello i'm so bored.

alright gob i will make you a list of stuff that has to be included in your fic:
*c & b torture top
*a blow job

also you must have at least 10 dif inaprop words

wow hello i can't wait for this fic.

ok now i will play the game.

ok on the mcs i got 10/11.

i got 23/25 on the inception on.

ok the new quiz is this super easy and boring lost quiz but i just wanted to something easy and boring. i got 12/12.

hahaha omg the name of this post.

Friday, September 10, 2010


Okay wow, I totally almost forgot about this post but it's a good thing the football game ended early and I still have plenty of time!!

haha i'll get started on that M rated fic once someone makes me the list of stuff that has to be included. Oh yeah and i just found the list of stuff i can't write about in my creative writing class and here it is:

-Excessive violence

Okay...some of the stuff like racism and anti-religion and stuff i understand but all the other's like what can you even write about?? omggg this computer is annoying me so much. first of all the screen keeps randomly turning off. and second of all whenever i adjust the cord at the back of the monitor i barely even touch the sound dial and it turns up super high. and third of all there is this bar that says "save project" stuck across my screen. i think my computer stopped being dumb for a little bit now though. ahhh i'm so thirsty. brb

okay back. i got some yummy apple cider. actually brb, i'm going to go see if i can get some ice cream or something to eat. omggg. idek why i'm so hungry.

okay i'm back. i got some noodles and i'm still super hungry but oh well.
hahahaha so there is this picture thing that's a huge grid with a bunch of random letters and it says repost with the first word you see and the first thing i saw was tyt!!!!

haha and here's an awesome random gif
and here
here are the quizzes:

i got 8/8 on the inception one
i got 7/11 on the mcs one

and here's the new one
an inception quiz
i got 19/25

Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Package

Wow para, thanks a lot. i told you never to bring that up again.
D: D: D: D:

well i just ordered the best thing to ever exist so in yo face

ugh but waiting for packages to come in the mail is like the hardest thing i'll ever have to do. legit.

haha i had a good laugh at something gob said in his last post. omg

here's a video for you

haha omg i'm writing this fic and i've been working on it for WEEKS and ok here's one of the sentences right now "Arthur is dressed as jhaslasg as ever, askgkasgasg. His hair safjasghag"


i really like this fic though. but it's like copmpletely different from what i thought it was gonna be. idek.

wow gs idek how it is already almost friday. what even

omg speaking of fics, ok gob probs wouldn't be interested in this but ok...well actually para wouldn't be that interested either prob but if you feel like a 15,000 word fic, girl it's like the best thing ever EVER
and it is here

also it's pretty inaprop, but just at the end. i think it's nc-17. haha.
speaking of that, how's the fic coming along, gob? when can we be expecting that??!?!?!?

ok on the numbers thing is got 80
on the inception one i got 8/8. surprise surprise

ok here's an mcs lyrics one. i got 11/11. i win.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

And The Children Shall Lead

hey g!

wassup gs happy new year.

ok gs guess what? i got tickets to mcs. just saying. if anyone wants to come with me...hob...i have an extra ticket for you. but you need to tell me soon. also you have to buy it from me.

ok gs guess what else? today my claire action figure came in the mail! hello i'm awesome.

i wish it was friday. school is pretty boring so far. but at least i have good electives this semester.

ok check out this pic of little point man.

doesn't this look like it could be from inception if he wasn't so short? wow.

ok let's hook us up with the game.

i got 22 on the presidents one. idek presidents.


ok here is our next quiz. i got 8/8. i'm awesome.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want

Hey gs. Sorry, I just really don't feel like posting right now because I'm just in a crappy mood and had not such a great day so sorry if this is a suck post. D:

Here's the game:

i got 26 out 44 on the presidents one
i got 52 out of 78 on the heroes one. i probably could have done better if i thought about it harder but i really don't care right now.

the new game is you have to type the numbers 1-100 in a minute. it's a lot harder than it sounds! but i still got 100/100 with 5 seconds remaining

well now i have to go look all around the house for my shoes. i have no idea why they are so fucking hard to find but like i looked for them for like 30 minutes this morning (and 30 minutes when i got home) and i couldn't find them so i had to sit out in gym because i was wearing flip flops and i don't want that to happen again tomorrow. byeee

oh and here's something random:

Monday, September 6, 2010




ugh i hope i'll have time after it to

alright i am just gonna write some of this thing while some people sing this song. it's a very nice. WHOA HOLD THE PHONE JGL IS SINGUING PART OF IT
whoa ook jj i love this song actually

omg they're singing another one. i wish for jgl to just sing by himself please


omg he sang bad romance i can't even what is this omg

ok b;eh i gotta play those darn games cuz theres only 50 mins left and this thing isnt over ughhhhhh

ok i got 8/8 on the star trek thing

ok i got 10 on the heroes thing cuz i just did not feel like thingking right now omg ntyt

ok here's a name the presidesnts thing. haha. i gotg 44/44 cuz i'm awesome

omg sorry aboiut this post. idek

Sunday, September 5, 2010

The Candidate

hey gs!!!

ok i'm so not in the mood to post but i think i have a lot of important stuff to talk about so let's see.

oh yes hob and i have decided on gob's punishment and here it is: gob will have to write an m rated piece of slash fanfic that is at least 1,000 words. so he just picks two people, and write a fic about them. it has to be really inaprop, remember. and well there might be a list of things he has to include but we don't have it yet, sorry.
wait here is one at least:
*c & b torture top

ok the next thing i need to say is everyone needs to go here and vote.

ok now for your convenience, here are the categories you should vote in and what you should vote for. (you don't have to vote in all the categories, just click on the side to look through them.) but at least vote for all of these:

* ultimate scream. vote for inception.
*best science fiction move. vote for inception.
*best tv show. vote for lost and NOT dr who.
*best director. vote for christopher nolan.
*best scream-play. vote for inception
*best science fiction actress. vote for ellen page.
*best science fiction actor. vote josh holloway.
*best superhero. VOTE FOR ZQ!
*best supporting actor. VOTE FOR JGL!
*best supporting actress. vote for yunjin kim.
*breakout performance male. vote for tom hardy.
*best ensemble. vote for inception.
*fight scene of the year. vote for the anti-gravity hotel fight!
*holy sh!t scene of the year. vote for the paris street one.
*best f/x. vote for inception.

wow hello that is a lot. well especially vote for the ones where i told you the answer in caps lock. haha did you like me telling you exactly what to vote for? doesn't that make it so much easier?! hahahaha

alright hello now i will play the game.

aw g on the spice girls one i only got 1/20. D:

on the star trek one i got 8/8

ok now take this quiz i got 75/78. bleh i had a ton of time left but i couldn't think of the last three eps. they were all from s4 too.

wow hello if anyone beats me in that quiz it will be really embarrassing and shameful.

alright that is all. goodbye.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Space Dementia

ahhhh so cm me my mom and renatta were watching veronica mars and i didn't know we were going to watch this many and it was going to get so late so this is a suck post but i'll go ahead and just play the game.


on the star trek one i got 6/15.

haha on the spice girls one i got 0/20

and here's the new quiz:
name the star trek crew. it's super easy but i just wanted a nice and easy quiz to do real quick. i got 8/8

Friday, September 3, 2010

The Way to Eden

hey gs

well idk what to talk abouut


hey gob ik what you're talkin about with the listenin to 1 kind of music thing kinda cuz currently all i want to listen to is french music and whatever kind of music She & Him is

haha i have a new fave game. but idk if i should say it
well ok i'm in the computer lab by on a computer where if you walk in the door you will probs see the screen right away, so the game is to leave inaprop fan art on the screen when i get up to go to the bathroom or whatevs. the game was started because i did that accidentally. ha

well here's my plans for tonight:

that's cuz i have this huge giant glug list of them to read.

ok now raise your hand if you're listening to the spice girls right now.
well idk about you gs but i am most def raising my hand



haha legit i just did that but i had to be sneaky about it cuz there are people sittin behind me and i dont want them to think me a glug

hahahz omg i just realized that raising without the g is raisin. omg

haha today i was watchin this movie and idk i mighta already told you about this cuz i've attempted to watch it like legit 10 times but anyway eden was in it. she was a glug. i wanted to smash her face in.
also attempt number whatever was unsuccessful

what is this game. it looks like so much thinking omg. why
also it looks like time limits D: D: D:

ok on the hp one i got 9. cuz i gave up

ok on the star trek one i got 8

ok uh here's one where you have to name all the spice girls song you can. i got 9

ugh now what i need is a title

Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Corbomite Maneuver

hey gs! guess what! i almost forgot to post today! that would have been a disaster! well i hardly have any time at all so i will just play the game and then be on my merry way.

what is the game again? oh yeah i remember.

aw g i got 11 out of 22 on the deathly hallows quiz. but i would say that is pretty good because i have only read it once and that was right when it came out and that quiz accidentally spoiled me a bit for reading it the second time, which i will do soon because i am reading the fifth book currently.

ok now i must do another quiz. let's see what i can find.

ok here it is. i got 12 out of 15.

ok gs time for me to leave.

but first! the tranya!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Jigsaw Memory

Hey gs. Guess what????? (subject related to Doctor Who so if you want Para you don't have to read this part)

Today my sonic screwdriver came!!!! It is so awesome!! It lights up and makes the sound too! Haha every time I turn off a light now I use my sonic screwdriver on it to turn off the light and pretend like I didn't flick the switch.

Haha oh yeah, and something ironic I noticed about my sonic screwdriver- I had to use a real screwdriver on the sonic screwdriver to install the batteries! But now that I have a sonic screwdriver I never will need to use a real screwdriver ever again! Unless it runs out of battery...D: Does the doctor's screwdriver even run on batteries? Idek.

Oh also CM got this awesome 4 port TARDIS usb hub!! It lights up and makes the sound whenever you plug something into it!!

Okay now you can read this Para. I'm done talking about Doctor Who stuff.

Ouchh I just cut my finger on my braces putting on a rubber band and it won't stop bleeding! D: And like every time I squeeze my finger blood comes gushing out. Blehhh. Today has been weird because it's been like really bad but really good at the same time. Like some sucky and bad things that happened were, i had to run 3/4 of a mile in gym, they ran out of chicken tenders at lunch (which i had been eagerly waiting for all week), and i got my rubber bands for my braces today. But a bunch of really awesome and good things happened too like the arrival of my sonic screwdriver, and all my classes being super easy and having no homework! Haha oh yeah and getting to watch one of my friends eat this SUPER hot sauce called ghost chilli or something and then touch his eyes on accident while he still had the oils on his hand. He chugged like 4 containers of milk and when he lifted up his shirt to wipe his eyes that were burning he was like sweating a ton. His eyes were like soooo red it looked like he had been crying! Actually, I think the hot sauce did make him cry a little. Haha it was really funny!! Well actually that's kinda mean to say it was funny, but seeing as he is a kid who did it just to be funny, I don't think he would be offended by me thinking it was funny.

Okay g, so have you ever gotten into a mood where like you can't stop listening to one particular kind of music and that's all you ever listen to? idek why but lately I just can't stop listening to anything except electronic music. So pretty much I've been listening to MGMT, Passion Pit, Crystal Castles, and Radiohead's album Kid A. Idek why I keep listening to like the same songs over and over. What a glug I am!

Goosbag! My finger stopped bleeding mostly!! Brb, showing Noah my sonic screwdriver.

Okay I'm back. Wow g, that was like a huge amount of text. Now time for some nice pics.

To compare it to the movie, go to 43 seconds into this trailer.

A new picture from Harry Pottter 7 of Lupin authenticating Harry.
2 awesome Doctor Who posters:

Okay so today is August 1 and you know what that means. Time for a new game. The new game this month will be you take a quiz on or actually any other quiz at any other website and then post your results here. Also, you have to do the quizzes other people take.

Can you name the characters who died in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows?

I got 17 out of 22! That's not too bad a score.