Thursday, May 31, 2012

sandwiches, quizzes, and hockey

hey gs.

I'm starting this post early, because I wont be home until later because  of history day.
The problem with starting early is nothing has happened to talk about.

1. Buy bread, thinly sliced turkey, lettuce, and provolone
2.Go home
3. Take one slice of bread and place it down face-up
4. put on turkey
5 Put on lettuce
6.  Put on cheese
7. Put on top bread

That was terrible,  think i'll do a better one later, i'll just say the that one was my practice.

I think i'll write a quiz (I dont think it is within my power to have anyone answer it)

Are you of the north or the south?

Do you wish to take the black?

Which house are you from?

Friend or foe?

Have you considered Communism?

Do we have any  friendship tea?

What level are ya?

Aren't you a little young to be doing all this?

Is the glass 2/3 empty or 2/6 full?

Rationalize all denominators
squareroot: 25

Would you like to make a research agreement with England?

Doctor Who?

Are Sam and Dean over 12 feet tall together?

Wanna buy some psssst?

Fus ro dah?

Wanna make me a smoothie?


Have you considered Communism?

McCarthy, comrade or foe?

Are you as tired as  I am?


I have returned from School

The problem with posting late and early is that you're always tired!

Just one more pic!

A Picture
Did I mention I got an Air Hockey table for 8th grade graduation today?



hey gs!

here is $400 dollars i found lying on my dining room table!  i am going to steal it and then hob and i are going to split it 50/50!
here is a beautiful picture i colored during my last day of school where like everyone in my class brought in coloring books!

oh yeah and the first fanmix subject will be...a lucifer/sam playlist!


heyyyy gs

ok well the dif between a playlist and a fanmix is that a playlist is usually just a general list of songs about a partic subject or whatever, and a fanmix is like more organized and stuff and usually includes some lyrics from each song that are like the most fitting lyrics for the subject nd sometimes there's explanations for why you picked each song and usually there's a cover. but in this case it will probz be somewhere in between a playlist and a fanmix because probably you won't spend that much time deciding which songs to use except you do have to include some lyrics. but ok the subject can be:

*a general show, movie, book, etc.
*a specific episode, seasons, aspect, etc. or a show or movie
*one or more characters or people
*a ship
*a real life thing i guess
*pretty much anything

and yeah we should def make sure the subjects we pick are things that everyone is famil with. also if you wanted to, sometimes you could add a challenge to it like "make a fanmix using only songs you hate" or something. idk




bleh my head hurties D:

wow last night i put junie in my bed but that darn cat wanted to party all night long. she would not stop tickling me and havin a good old time. what a g. jj tht was great of her

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

i am an artist

Hey gs!!!!!!

It's me again!
I bet you thought I was dead!
Nope, I killed all of the assassin's you hired.
Yes, even Mark

Even Mark..

Well now that that's over, I've spent basically all of school for the last month on one project, the 1950's and it's almost over.

Also there was a moth in my room and it disappeared while Skater was chasing it and now she is just staring at where is was. Lemme draw you a picture (I would take one but Para stole my memory card for her trip!)

I'm Watching You

That actually turned out a lot better than a thought it would.
I Think i'll draw more!
This is Company Man. The Yellow thing is a trumpet

This is Goblin. It's a well known fact that Goblins love stove-pipe hats!

This is Hobbit. She has her Hobbit stick!

This is Mr. Cherries

This is me. I am playing Minecraft

This is Parasite. There is a message hidden above

Time to play the game

How to Read
Learn how to read
Acquire a book mark
Acquire a cat
Acquire a room with a light
Acquire a book

Do I have to do more?

Nah the pics make it long enough!


do demons eat deviled eggs?

hey gs.

blehh today was a really sucky day.

i was really excited to either
a. sleep in
b.  work a ton on my supernatural season 4 fanmix/watch a couple eps of season 4

but i kept getting woken up by people delivering packages to our house and then i had help my mom print out these labels and cut them up and put them on these papers which took up practically all my morning.  and also i had to go to school to give back my jazz band music.

and tomorrow might suck too because i have to go back to school for graduation rehearsal.  but hopefully if i know going into the day what is happening it will run better than today, where i had no idea any of those things were going to happen.

yeah hob i like that idea for next month's game!  but if we are choosing subjects for each other i think it should be a rule that everyone has to be knowledgeable about the subject.  like for example i couldn't choose a dexter fanmix because you gs haven't seen that show.  but you can choose whatever subject you want on the free days.  does that sound good?

also, what is the distinction between a playlist and a fanmix?  like is a collection of songs that are just generally about the show or you can relate to the show a fanmix? or does it need to be more specific than that?  like a specific character or plotline.  do you get what i'm saying?

oh and by the way, i'm pretty positive  cm will be posting for me next week while i'm at bonnaroo.  he's still kinda reluctant to do it but i'll make him so don't worry about it.


heyyyy gs!!

our game next month should be a  fanmix game! here are the rules:

*make a quicky fanmix for any subject (or you can post one you've been working on for a long time)
*include at least 5 songs
*include at least one line of lyrics from each song (unless it's an instrumental song but then maybe try to have an explanation or somethin)
*further description, cover, and download links are optional

that is  fun game that will take up a lot of room in posts and hopefully wont take that much work.

or we could do a thing where we could take turns picking a subject for each day and then we each have to make a mix for that subject. and then every 4th day could be a free day where each person can choose their own subject. yeah let's do that. ok so the order will be:

-free day

so gob in your post tomorrow say what the first subject will be!!










Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Pinch Poster

Hey G's!

Is that still the greeting? I don't know, I didn't bother to read any previous posts...
I think I'll do that now!
 Okay, Hey G is still the preferred greeting!
Noah: 1
Prep Work: 0

(Notice the title)
Improper capitalization?
Too mainstream!

So, I'm posting for Ann/Para/Triangle/whateverhernameisthisday because she is on a bike trip!
I think there is a game going on...
Noah: 1
Prep Work: 1
Okay, it's a How To game...
I have considered all of my areas of expertise, and I have decided on a topic.

How To 50's
1. Be drafted into the Korean War
2. Read The Catcher in the Rye
3. Listen to Elvis songs
4. Consider Communism!
5. Have you considered Communism?
6. Put Communists of trial.
7. Launch a satellite titled "Satellite I" (Sputnik I)
8. Rock around the clock
9. Consider Communism
12. Consider Communism

What else to do...
Noah: 1
Prep Work: 2

Gob did a 900 themed post... Is that a thing?

Wait! Hob likes Portal, I could write about that!

They recently added a DLC that lets users create maps, and some of them are really good, but mostly they're just devious. People are mean.

Hey Hob!

Game of Thrones = Best intro ever!

Also Civ. 5 has a great intro

Well that looks good

stupid mice again

heyy gs.  last night i had the weirdest and scariest dream ever.  D:

first i was in my friend's backyard and i kept feeling this mouse scurrying through the grass and my feet!  and then i don't know how but somehow my dream transitioned to me using my computer and there were a bunch of icons on the computer that said "Run Mouse.exe".  and every time i tried to delete one another icon showed up and little mice came out of the keyboard and scurried onto my fingers!  i was just about to download anti-virus software to get rid of the mice and then i woke up.  it was really weird and i don't remember how it scared me me so much but i remember being really creeped out the whole dream.

i think i'm going to try really hard this summer to be able to lucid dream.  i started a dream log book so i can remember dreams better and i'm going to do a bunch of reality checks through out the days and hopefully by the end of the summer i'll be able to do whatever i want in my dreams!

oh yeah and seeing those fanmixes inspired me to do a fanmix of my own and i am working on a season 4 fanmix right now!!!! originally i was going to have it mainly just from dean's pov but now that i found some song from sam's pov i think i might just switch of between the two.  i already have 5 songs!!!

wow i had listened to a couple songs from the avett brothers and i was just like mehhh but after listening to some more of them and watching this video i am sooooo excited to see them live this summer at bonnaroo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


heyyyy gs!


hm i wanna make another 5 min fanmix but what should it be about?????

here's the things i did this day!

*missed para :(

*read a thing

*walked a dog

*read a thing

*read a thing

*made a beautiful bday pic for my friend:

(she hates all of those people)

*read a thing

*ate dinner

*watched game of thrones

*read a thing


that was the day!

what should our game for next month be??? i guess we will have to think of it without para. gob any ideas? wait actually i think she'll be back on june 1st or something so. hey wait is noah gonna post?? i guess i'll tell him to even though it's not my responsibility!

Monday, May 28, 2012

bloody paul

Hey gs.

Wow Gob thanks for making the 900th post one of the most pointless posts ever!!!!

Okay Hob I was going to make you a Dean fanmix to thank you for that great Sam fanmix but it turned into a We Bought a Zoo fanmix instead.

So here it is:

1. We Gotta Get Out of This Place
Watch my daddy in bed a-dying
Watch his hair been turning gray
He's been working and slaving his life away

2. The Artist - The Hush Sound
I know that you're an artist
You're the hardest one to deal with

3. No Sunlight - Death Cab for Cutie
You disappeared with the same speed
The idealist thing I believed
The optimist died inside of me
No sunlight

4. Animal - Miike Snow
In your eyes I see the eyes of somebody I knew before long long long ago

5. Feeling a Moment - Feeder
How do you feel when there's no sun?
And how will you be when rain clouds come and pull you down again?
How will you feel when there's no one?
Am I just like you?

That's the thing.

Okay I'm going on a bike trip starting tomorrow so you may never see me again. If I do survive I'll be back Friday but that is doubtful. I told Noah to post for me while I'm gone but if he doesn't then that's not my fault.


heyyyy gs





heres the things i did today!

*read some book

*ate some breakfast

*read some book

*went to a smelly hardware store

*got some cucumber plants

*went to a grocery store

*got some yum yums

*read some book

*napped for some mins

*read some book


*washed dishy fishies

*watched a glug movie

*killed a man




hahaha this is 900 in roman numerals!
900 in the greek numeral system (sampi)

here is $900 in cash
here is a ride that takes you 900 feet in the air

here is a guy doing a 900
here is a little guy that is 900 years old.
here is a guy who is over 900 years old.

Sunday, May 27, 2012


heyyyy gs!

here's an awesome sam fanmix im just about to make! sorry no download. also i can't guarantee  the lyrics are correct cuz im just doin it from memory. also the songs are in no partic order!

1. the gardner - the tallest man on earth

so i can stay the tallest man in your eyes babe

2. devil made me do it - rupaul

the devil made me do this dance

3. losing my mind - eskimo joe

i am losing my mind, losing my mind, losing my mind

4. sinister kid - the black keys

that's me, that's me, the devil won't let me be

5. the starting line - keane

you still believe in me after the things i've done

ok well that accidentally got progressively more serious.

phantom paul

Hey gs!

Here are some great pics of my pets!

Okay here is what I did today:


*ate a hot dog


*read a great fic

*went to the drug lord

*went to caribou

*drank a thing


*ate cake



heyyy gs.  

wow i just realized there are only 10 days until i go to the bonnaroo music festival and i've hardly gotten any like anything at all ready for it!!!!  that is so crazy that is coming up so soon!  and during those 4 or 5 days i won't be able to post but i think i can get at least cm to post for me and hopefully he won't suck too badly.

oh yeah and i just finished my awesome summer jamz playlist and here are a sample of some of them are!!!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

cream puff

heyyyyy gs

bleh the internet just started workin and i only have 15 mins to post

heres things i did today

*got awoken so earles

*ate cereal

*mdke guac

*went a place

*read some book

*ate some food



*experienced a baby

*drank a thing

*when home

*read some book

*took a nap for 30 mins

*watched a thing

*killed a man

*ate dinner

*took some beautiful pics

*posted real quick

paul in the water

Hey gs!

Here are some pictures of my favorite cousin. Sorry Gob.

cat school

heyyy gs.  what's up?

ok so i'm going to one of my friend's graduation party at 7 so i'm going to go ahead and do this post now because i think i won't be back before midnight.

wow so cm and i went walking outside to find some yard sales and it was so unbearably hot out there and we thought we were going to melt like our popsicles were!!!  and what sucks is even after all that walking in the extremely hot heat we didn't even see one yard sale! D:  the only cool thing we saw was a little bunny but that was not worth walking like 5 blocks in 93 degrees F weather.  apparently this weekend it supposed to get up to 100 degrees!!  i am not going outside again this weekend

haha it's a cat in a classroom.  wow that looks a lot like ginny!  i wonder if that was her going into a school to take classes while i was at school!

Friday, May 25, 2012


heyyyyy gs

blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh theres nothing to say

we played a great game of life this night! i was the loser unfort. but at least i was the winner in who had the fewest children!! goos!












first day of summer...kind of

ahhh today was so incredibly busy that i almost forgot to post!  but it was busy in a good way.

here are all the things i did:

-  watched the season finale, and most likely the series finale too, of the show awake.

-   had a jam session with cm

-  invented a new game called trash-ski ball

-  played this board game called small word with cm

-  ate quesadillas

-   watched a couple of episodes of this show called community

-  cleaned the hopuse a little bit

-  watched spongebob

 -  had a klondike bar

-  started a summer jamz playlist

yeah today was a pretty good day.

the cat of our world

Hey gs!

Today was my last day of academic work in high school!!!! Now all I have left is a three day weekend then a four day bike trip, then a four day weekend except I have to go to graduation rehearsal on Tuesday, then Wednesday is my last day of school except I think its like a half day, and then graduation is that night. So not bad. Except the bike trip will probably suck but at least I don't have to worry about anymore homework or schoolwork and that feels so good.

Here are some nice pictures that I took today:

Thursday, May 24, 2012

dead inside

Hey gs.

Blehhh its 11:30 and I just finished doing homework. And now I have to pack for this dumb bunny trip. Blehhhhhhhhh.

Also the second play was super blundered because Evan jumped on his lines and made us skip half the play. But the first play was good and that is the one I care about more so idk. Hopefully tomorrow neither one will be blundered.






anti hawk


heyyyyyyyyyyyy gs

whats the ttttttttttttttttttt

bleh theres nothin to say

jj i went to a great play

it had a good feel to it. got blundered. jj i didnt even notice. i liked when para laughed. i liked when para was a teacher. i liked when abs was a little g. it was a good ol time

bop bop nothin else to be said!

i miss spn!

i miss rpdr!

i miss a cat

i miss winter!

i miss paul i miss him so bad! i dont forget him! oh it's so sad! i hope he can hear me. i remember it clearly. the day he slipped away. was the day i found it won't be the same. ohhhhhhh.









finally free

heyyy gs guess what????

i am done with high school now!!!!!

well except i have one last band concert to go back for, one last final to take, graduation practice, and then the actual graduation ceremony but still, today was my very last full day of school!

 ahh it will be so nice to not have to worry about high school ever again!

haha today in my last class someone brought in a coloring book and i colored a princess with crayons!!!!  i love coloring!!

happy brothers day!!!!!  i did not know there was a real holiday called brother's day!  i don't think it is very popular or celebrated much though.  aww i just realized though apparently it is brothers day but i can not celebrate it because none of my brothers are in the house with me right now! D:  oh well, maybe i will celebrate it next year!

in honor of brother's day here are two great brothers:

Wednesday, May 23, 2012


heyyyy gs



there's not a thing to say!!!! i was gonna do a question answering thing but it was glug. i love paul!


















we hate John

Hey gs.

This is a cat.

This is Paul. 

This is Paul and Noah.

This is Hob.