Friday, May 31, 2013

winter chicken

heyyyyy gs

yeah gob!! welp yesterday i finished arrested development. it was p good. it kinda made me miss the other seasons bc idk like when episodes only had a few people in them it was like bleh i miss everyone else and yeah. and yeah michael is psycho and kinda creepy now idek

more star trek spoilers mroe sptar tstke spofke vjksdviosadl;cfasjk

when she said that to abby to you set the record straight for abbs or. but yeah wow remember in the car on the way home she was saying it didnt matter that khan was white because no one was the same as in tos and now she keeps going on about how much she hates uhura because she's not similar to how she is in tos like of all the people she keeps contradicting herself and things so i dont even know what her feelings even are other than that her feelings are racist feelings. and sexist

same hurt!kirk is worthless what is the point of it........

haha wtf yeah its unfeminist for a woman to be in a relationship ok......also that is not a reason to hate her so...

ok thats the stuff

hmm yeah i used to think i only wanted a nice ensemble cast but now i guess i dont really care either way. i cant really think of anything i like that has just one really main character. the closest is supernatural w/ two main characters....except not anymore.........well i guess it still probably has two main characters but they're surely not the same main characters that it started out with

top 5 babies:
1. cat baby
2. goat baby
3. special haitian baby
4. baby buster
5. rugrat

top 3 months of summer
1. july
2. june
3. august

top 4 hawkeyes
1. our baby cat hawkeye
2. riza hawkeye
3. clint barton hawkeye
4. that other hawkeye

aw yeah this is the last day of the game

wait darnitall that means we need a new one!!!!!!!

ah well im not gonna think of it rn maybe we'll think of it by tomorrow who knows

Thursday, May 30, 2013

cat dipomacy

heyy gs.

wow hob i didn't know you were into arrested development!!! i watched the first new episode and it was funny but something just seemed off and it probably was like you said how each episode focuses on like 1 or 2 characters.  also it was really weird seeing michael act so crazy since usually he is the most sane person on the show.

wow this is awesome!!! the robot in this video is doing like 11 turns of edges per second in order to complete the rubik's cube in just a bit above 5 seconds!

top 5 cuties:

2.  my cats
3.  my future nephew/niece
4.  all kittens
5.  all baby animals

everything had to start with an s you see:

idg this one

top 3 months of summer
1.  june
2.  july
3.  august

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

goat point

Hey gs!






Yeah same also I had to listen to her telling Abby that the only thing wrong with the movie is Uhura and wow wow wow first of all wtf are you talking about second of all there are a million other things wrong with the movie wow. Okay also we were watching TOS and she was like "see that's how Uhura is supposed to be" and like okay bro new Kirk is nothing like old Kirk either but you love him so obviously that's not the problem. Old Uhura is amazing but so is new Uhura idk why you can't love both of them wow

Yeah the part with the hands is beautiful bc Spock's tears and stuff so great but yeah I liked it the other way around more bc I like hurt!Spock and idc for hurt!Kirk haha

Yeah its p much like in any fandom where ppl hate on women who come between their precious slash ships I guess but what's also really annoying is ppl hating on Uhura for being in a relationship with Spock bc they think its unfeminist or something wow I mean come on






Wow I watched Iron Man 3 again yesterday and it was so great again I love that movie

I can't remember what else I was going to say about it but I said I would talk about it more so I'm just gonna say my favorite parts
*The song at the beginning haha
*The part where Tony is first tries on mark 42
*When Tony is talking to Happy and when Happy calls the Avengers the Super Friends
*Tony's first panic attack
*When Tony uses mark 42 to talk to Pepper
*When Pepper uses the suit to save Tony and Maya
*"You know how I know that? Because we're connected."
*When Tony is zip-tied to the bed and threatening those guards and also when that one guard is like "I hate working here"
*When Pepper saves Tony at the end!!!!

There are lots more parts I love but these are what came to mind.......


Tyt about my vid. Yeah like I said that's also the case for two other vids maybe I use the same clips over and over idk

Yeah haha that ponytail hair was way easier to draw

I'm laughin bc mo called Ultimate Spider-Man "baby Spidey" that's so cute haha

Wow Hob I'm laughin bc I used to think things with ensemble casts were the only things for me idk because I liked Lost and Heroes but now I realize that it's better to have a thing you like where there's a main character and everything is about them wow that's just the best because you never have to be bored by yucky people too much

Too lazy for lets talk about comics time

Too lazy for pics and vids

Hahah I'm laughin bc I just decided to do the game now and I looked at the next one I have to do and

Top 2 things you will stop procrastinating at:
1. having let's talk about comics time
2. posting my pics and vids

Top 5 cuties:
1. small cats
2. Spider-Man
3. Spock and Uhura
4. sock feet
5. silly goat

Everything had to start with an s you see

Top 5 babies:
1. our baby cat
2. our baby goat
3. baby Ultimate Spider-Man
4. special Hatian baby
5. baby Spock in the deleted scene from Star Trek

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

gonna be chicken

heyyyyy gs

more star trek spoiler smor estar trek spoilers mspor star trkl spoiler spsmore sigtfkisl;s

bleh yesterday when mo talked on the phone to two people and i had to listen to her stupid yucky opinions two more times no thank you :)

well one thing about the hands part was i like when spock cried except also its like i liked it a lil better the other way around because ok in both cases you are p sad because you are sad for spock and also youre sad because of their beautiful love but when its kirk that dies, a little part of you is like "ok am i supposed to be sad about this i dont even like that guy" (not during the scene really but a little bit after) and also since he just comes back to life a little bit later, at the end of the movie you're just like "ok................" idk

well actually ive never even heard anyone say yucky things about uhura until mother said those things because ive never really been in the star trek fandom at all or paid v much attention to it but really im not surprised to hear this bleh (i was surprised to hear it from her though..............)

ok no more spoilers. actualyl only one of those things i talked about was spoilery but w/e

haha nice vid para! hahah icqcml though because it has the exact same like preview still or w/e you call it as one of your other vids

and nice classy thor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wow hes so classy!!! especially his sock feet!!! i guess it was easier to draw him with his classy ponytail hair

well ive watched a few eps of the new arrested development and its p great but i dont really like the format of it as much like i dont like how the episodes are just focusing on one character but w/e. its kinda like lost i guess. nah its nothing like lost. but still you can be like "bleh a george sr. episode" the way you might be like "bleh a sayid episode"

top 2 things you arent bored with
1. small cat
2. my new jamz

stop 2 things you will stop procrastinating at:
1. putting my clothes in the dryer
2. life

top 5 cuties
1. small cat
2. other small cat
3. spock and uhura
4. happy goat
5. sock feet

Monday, May 27, 2013

the red cat

hey gs.  i'm about to watch a movie with the family so i don't have much time to post.

Top 3 star trek characters:
1.  Spock
2.  McCoy
3.  Sulu

Top 2 things you are bored of:
1.  summer
2.  guitar hero

Top 2 things you aren't bored of:
1.  music
2.  life

Top 2 things you will stop procrastinating at:
1.  doing these blog posts
2.  practicing clarinet

Sunday, May 26, 2013

goat enforcers

Hey gs!






Yeah same wow I hate JJ he does not understand anything at all why did he make this racist sexist movie idk he is just like spitting on Star Trek it seems like

Why can't mo realize that idk

Yeah same the part with the hands!!! Except well when I saw that in the trailer I thought it might be not exactly the same as it was the first time but it was pretty much the same except they were on opposite sides of the glass and the next movie isn't entitled The Search for Kirk but well its still good idk

Well me I want to be like yeah Spock and Kirk and Bones ot3 but well I only really care about Spock in that so

Okay well the other thing I don't like about Spock/Kirk besides Kirk is that ppl who ship it sometimes are mean to Uhura and idk it can just get really misogynistic at times that's another reason why its better in TOS

Okay that's enough of that.

I had a dream I was Spider-Man and I was kissing people through my mask??? It was really weird.......

Wow so Fox also wants to use Quicksilver in Days of Future Past and so Marvel and Fox are fighting over him I guess but Fox is so obnoxious it seems like they just heard that Marvel wants to use the twins and they're like hey those are ours!!! So then they decide to quickly cast Quicksilver and say that they have super great plans for him and wow it's like first of all why just Quicksilver why not both of them I mean they are usually together??? And second of all it seems like they just want him for one scene where Marvel wants to have them both in their whole darn Avengers movie and so imo that seems like a better use of the characters and third of all DOFP has so many characters already??? Like seriously idk how that movie is even going to work with all those characters wow. I mean possibly they can both use the character but idk if Marvel will even want to anymore after this. Wow I don't even like those people that much I just want another woman in the Avengers pls

Tyt about my pic and vid

Here's another vid

Here's another pic

It's our sim!! Classy sock foot Thor!!!

Ah today I got some great comics!!! I got Avenging Spider-Man #12, Superior Spider-Man #9, Spider-Man and the Fantastic Four #1 and a trade of the first seven issues of Ultimate Spider-Man!

Haha that reminds me of how me and Hob were reading some old posts and we found this old post where Gob was saying he was tired of Spider-Man. Is he super tired of Spider-Man now I wonder???

Top 2 things you are bored of:

Top 2 things you are not bored of:
*small cats

I keep meaning to have lets talk about comics time but then I keep getting lazy or running out of time so next time maybe have a nice day!!!

Saturday, May 25, 2013

follow the chickens back home

heyyyy gs

ok im just starting this post at 2 am even though i need to shower and go to bed but i want to say some things about star trek and idk ok

spoilers psoeirls eprosilser psoooelr spsoeirls psielrs

*well i have pretty sim thoughts to para so maybe ill just say everything she said who knows. nah i will say some dif stuff or ill try because who can remember things ever
*well my two main thoughts are "wow i am angry" and "the part w/ the hands!!!!!!!!! like what else is there to say
*wow i am angry ok its like we apparently are more racist now than we were in the fucking 60s haha thats a good one
*wow the angriest part of me is angry at my own mother i cant even believe this. like people like her are part of the reason why we had this gross thing happen in our star trek movie i cant believe she is living in our house or planet
*wow what a glug
*ok that is not directly about the movie but
*the part w/ the hands!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
*wow i love spock wow i really love him
*yeah para i agree w/ what you said about kirk/spock and spock/uhura especially since lately i have been really shipping a lot of like romantic friendships or w/e which are so beautiful and which make it so you can ship one person w/ two people and one of them can be a platonic relationship and one of them can be not but wow idk both of those ships are so beautiful no matter how you ship them ( matter how you ship kirk/spock, at least). the only not beautiful thing about one of them is that kirk is involved
*that being said, wow spock and kirk are really in love,.....
*also spock and uhura are really in love and are really cuties wow w o w
*same also about spock and sulu and uhura like were there other people in the movie who even cares
*like couldnt we just get rid of kirk and just have those 3 doing what they do best like sometimes you want to be like "aw yeah spock and kirk and uhura ot3!!!!" like in that one scene but then you realize you actually are wishing it could be someone better than kirk instead like for example sulu
*wow another thing about mother is i cant believe she was having a like "if you werent alive in 1966 to watch tos when it aired then you dont get to have an opinion" attitude like even though she said that wasnt what she meant, that was acutally what she meant............
*also the fact that she thought certain things were even a matter of opinion when in fact some of the things she said were just blatant wrong and yucky things to say so...
*ok what else is there to say theres nothing ok goodnight
*wait let me end this on a positive note ok: uhura!!!!!!!!!!!

well now its a nother day. nah its not but its a lot of hours later. wow ok it took me so many hours to fall asleep last night because i couldnt stop thinking about how wrong everyone in the world is about everything in the world like wow why are people who arent me so dumb idgi

ok well

nice pic and vid para

thats like...all i have to say to anyone

wow i love this drawing program i downloaded because its really great at drawing outlines which i kept getting mad about before before the outlines i drew always made the whole thing look bad like the lines werent smooth but this thing smooths your lines and also lets you like select certain points on your lines to move those points in case you mess it up a lil bit and dont wanna redraw it

ok i dont have any done drawings though

top 5 things you wish you had right now:
*a day thats not this one
*a thing to drink


top 3 star trek characters:

top 2 things you are bored of
*this day
*this game

Friday, May 24, 2013

the man called goat!

Hey gs

Uh idk why but Gob posted???

Well I'm just gonna go ahead and post anyway because I just saw Star Trek Into Darkness and I am full of feelings about it.






*Wow okay so I knew Bennedict Cumberbatch was going to be playing Khan but I am still so raged about it just couldn't they cast an Indian guy I don't get it
*Like they really don't have an excuse this is just blatant racism
*Also I can't believe my mother is one of the people who thinks this is okay wow
*Okay Spock, Sulu, and Uhura are the bestest best best best I love them
*I'm calling this movie "Spock and Kirk try to out-sacrifice each other
*The best part was "KHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN" wow I laughed so hard
*The award for the most stupid part was the pointless part with Carol in her underwear I mean really
*I believe that was the same part with that dumb stuff about Chapel wow that was so dumb how Chapel was finally in the movie but she was just mentioned as another one of Kirk's conquests and he doesn't even remember her like for one that seems out of character for Kirk and for another that's really misogynistic
*When Kirk said no one of his crew had died I'm assuming he's not counting redshirts.
*Sulu's speech to Khan that was so awesome
*Uhura saving Spock and Uhura talking to the Klingons and just Uhura in general was amazing idk how my mother hates her because just why
*I did not expect Spock Prime that was a real surprise but awesome
*Haha when Kirk was hearing Thor in his head before he woke up
*Tribble!!!! I want one!!!!!
*Okay I was shipping Spock and Kirk obviously esp in the part where Kirk died but I was also really shipping Spock and Uhura bc they are such cuties together and they are both awesome and this way Spock doesn't have to suffer with a yucky baby like Kirk!!!
*Tbh the main reason that I ship Spock and Kirk is because of TOS and not really because of these movies that much although that part was beautiful
*Plus I mean people undermine the importance of platonic relationships sometimes like you don't have to ship it to recognize that beautiful moment
*Plus Kirk is so yucky
*In conclusion I hate JJ Abrams goodnight everyone

Jk bc I'm going to play the game

Top 6 dumbest things:
1. JJ Abrams
2. Kirk
3. my mother's opinions about Star Trek Into Darkness
4. Bennedict Cumberbatch fans
5. people
6. trying to forget a girl when you love her

Top 3 things you did not want to do today:
*See this movie in 3D
*Have to wait around a long time to see this movie
*See dumb things in this movie

Top 5 things you wish you had right now:
*An infinite amount of more wishes

Top 3 Star Trek characters:
1. Spock
2. Uhura
3. Sulu

Oh I should probably respond to things too

Happy Birthday Bad Robot except I wish that wasn't your name because it is remind me of JJ Abrams and bringing me rage!!!

Oh nice I will have to listen to those albums yeah same idk why people aren't making a million lyrics vids of songs The Indelicates songs bc that would help be greatly or even better post the lyrics online on annoying websites or even better not annoying websites

Oh I also made this vid

Oh I guess I also have some pics. Gee this post will just never end will it

Here's this

Actually that's all the pics you get have a nice day

cats foreign and domestic

heyyy gs.

so idk if you knew but it was my mom's birthday yesterday.  happy birthday to all bad robots!!!!  i tried to draw a character from the west wing (one of her favorite tv shows) for a birthday card but i just couldn't draw the faces right or the suits right. D:

haha this game is really fun and addicting.  right now i have 9393384 lollipops...and counting.  it's like a text based adventure game that starts super simple but gets really complicated.

top 6 dumbest things:
1.  having to help cm clean his room before his friend visiting from kansas came
2.  netflix on our tv freezing constantly
3.  not having anything good to drink
4.  cheese
5.  being bored
6.  scrubs

top 5 things you wish you had right now
1.  some orange soda
2.  a new kitty
3. some nice speakers
4. a cure to boredom
5. the answer to how to obtain world peace

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Chapter 1

Wolverine growled like a little wolverine. He loved a good man. The man of his affections was named Jean. Wolverine was unfortunately not available because he was already going out with a girl named Jean. This made his life extremely difficult. On one morning, Wolverine was sitting in a desk when Jean suddenly sneezed.

"Bless your little heart," someone shrieked. Wolverine declared to himself that no one should have those words come out of them. That's when he wished himself a dead bird. Unfortunately, he couldn't yet become a bird, so that was one thing he had to do but the other thing was he couldn't get killed because of his powers.

"You absolute glug," Jean whispered to the person who was blessing him. Wolverine clapped because that was his same thoughts. Jean looked around.

"Who did that?"

Wolverine growled to Jean because he didn't want him to know about his crush. Jean gave him a little wink. Just then, the teacher walked into a pole.

"What did you think you were doing putting that pole here?" the teacher demanded of God. She crawled out of the room. The class was actually a class of many different types of students. They didn't care mostly when the teacher had crawled away. They mostly just wanted to die. Wolverine most of all. He always loved dying but too bad he could only live. The bell wasn't working anymore because Wolverine had shredded the bell into four little pieces of bell. Therefore, when it was time for class to come to an end, no bell sounded. Instead, a little guy named Wolverine growled three words:

"Class dismissed, please."

Everyone cried because they hated their lives.

Once they had left, Wolverine took a look around at the empty place. This made everyone in school afraid that they might soon have to destroy themselves because Wolverine didn't like empty places. He saw Jean outside the window and tried hiding under the teacher's favorite chair. The chair look so good.

"Hey, little Wolverine!" cried Jean. Wolverine slapped himself for being a man of good looks. If he had only been born looking like a man of looks that were bad like his friend named Cyclops, he would have no reason to slap anyone. Just because he wanted Jean, he had no other feelings for anyone.

"Hello?" Jean said, peering into his hiding room.

"Darnitall, bub!" Wolverine growled. He wanted to stab Jean with his claws. Unfortunately, she was powerful so that was a problem.

"What's up, sweetie?" she chuckled innocently. Wolverine wanted to get married to Jean, not Jean. He knew Jean would never chuckle innocently but he was still trapped under Jean's powers. She had mind control and also telekinesis so she made sure Wolverine stayed with her. When Wolverine finally had a chance to be free, Jean just made him forget that he was gay. But today, Wolverine remembered because Jean looked so good. This was why he smashed a window and ran out the smashed window.

"Hey! That's my favorite guy!" Jean yelled cheerfully while Wolverine sped away towards the group of students standing by the tree which looked so good. Wolverine didn't know why but he started laughing like a little wolverine. Then he climbed on the back of one student so he could reach the branches on the good looking little tree. The girl didn't want to have him right there so he stabbed her and grabbed the branch with his legs. He swung himself onto the higher branches and sat up high where he couldn't be reached. He laughed like a little wolverine. Suddenly, Jean could be seen inside the school so Wolverine cried. But he didn't climb down because Jean was right there and he hated climbing down from trees.

Wolverine was looking around and saw some interesting birds in the sky. He wanted to be them.  But he knew that he could never be something like that because nobody could become a creature of such good stuff. Birds, the most majestic little guys! Everyone loved a good bird with good stuffing.

"Hello friends!" Wolverine growled. The birds looked so good. However, they didn't come save him from the nightmare he was living.

chicken is the appropriate response

heyyyy gs

sorry i didn t post yesterday. the reason was because i didnt want to

wow gob you are a genius!!!!!!!!!!!!! how did you fig that out wow. your prize will be awarded to you by para

omg speaking of the indelicates they have a new album and im listening to it right now and its so great wow theyre the best band ever i cant believe more people dont like them i cant believe i probs will never be able to know the lyrics for this album haha. oh wait they put up lyrics to one of the songs???? but not the song i wanted bleh why do they selectively put lyrics on their website idgi

wow the national also has a new album that im gonna listen to next. its a good day to be alive!!!!!!

wow this lady who came to the door todayi wanted to shoot her like first of all she wouldnt stop knocking and then she wouldnt stop going "are you missing a dog? is that your dog? is that your dog? is that your dog? are you missing a dog?" wtf i wish i knew where she lives so i could bomb her house

nice lil piccies para

and viddies

ok i guess ill post this fanmix!!!!

001. dear sons and daughters of hungry ghosts | wolf parade

i got a hand
so i got a fist
so i got a plan
it’s the best i can do 

002. jerusalem | the indelicates

i am never going home again
and we will build jerusalem 

003. the bachelor | patrick wolf

all i want is someone who will
feed them when i’m dead and gone
feed them when i’m dead and gone
‘cause i’m not gonna marry in the fall
and i’m not gonna marry in the spring
i will never marry, marry at all 

004. ballad of a politician | regina spektor

but i am, but i am, but i am
not a number, not a name
but i am, but i am, but i am
a carefully laid plan 

005. paris warlike | mischief brew

this gasoline has met its match
so who shall cast the first red flag? 

006. versus | ladytron

free versus out to sea
versus versus versus me 

007. the words that maketh murder | pj harvey

i’ve seen and done things i want to forget
these, these, these are the words
the words that maketh murder 

008. new world messiah | nocturnal rites

so i’ll fight, stand or fall
choose my fate, feel how it’s calling to us all
stand or fall, the new world messiah
and the dawn of man 

009. motherland | natalie merchant

motherland, cradle me
close my eyes
lullaby me to sleep
it’s your happiness i want most of all
and for that i’d do anything at all 

010. sentinel | vnv nation

to the songs that sing of glory and the brave
are we dreaming there are better days to come?
when will the banners and the victory parades
celebrate the day a better world was won?
on the day the storm has just begun
i will still hope
there are better days to come 

011. further on up the road | bruce springsteen

one sunny morning, we’ll rise, i know
and i’ll meet your further on up the road 

012. behind closed doors | rise against

chairs thrown and tables toppled
hands armed with broken bottles
standing no chance to win but
we’re not running, we’re not running 

013. hopeful hearts | sarah slean

hopeful hearts are moving targets
i don’t know how i survive
we go out like birthday candles
then like suns we rise, we rise
oh, struggle is right
what’s black is white
the moment you fall, you fly
give us your dead
they live again in
our hopeful hearts 

014. what’s left of the flag | flogging molly

and by morning we’ll be free
wipe that golden tear
from your mother dear
and raise what’s left
of the flag for me 

015. defiant | vnv nation

the one who brought the fight
who never said die
never letting fate decide
unto the corners of the earth
defiant to the last breath
until there’s none left standing
no surrender 

016. hallowed be thy name | guignol & mischief brew


017. can you feel the thunder | susanne sundfor

i am merely human

im not gonna put the download link but um if you want it for some reason i can give you it

top 3 things you did not want to do today:
1. dig up joy
2. have a dentist appointment
3. eat a baby

good thing i didnt have to do any of those things

top 9 birds
1. the bird who isn't a bird
2. felix
3. the bird that owns noah
4. baby birdie
5.the third that comes after seven years
6. singing bird
7. hair bird
8. gorgeous bird
9. the bird that loves dylan

top 6 dumbest things
1. pinning your hopes on a change in another
2. xander
3. babies
4. that theres no food in the house
5. the lady that came to the door
6. peanut butter and jelly

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

not without my cat

heyy gs.

okay here para, i'm pretty sure these are the correct lyrics:

David be the death of me
Past and future cease to be
Lord brought me
This was/one simplicity
Oh, David be the death of me

what's my prize?!?!?!?!?

hmm i had a really sucky, not fun, busy day so it is going to be hard to come up with stuff.

Top 7 things of your day:
1.  eating a popsicle
2.  eating icecream
3.  watching the season 2 finale of a game of thrones
4.  listening to some music
5.  getting the news that i only have to be wearing my retainer 24/7 for like one more month probs
6.  taking a short nap
7.  breathing

top 3 things you did not want to do today:
1.  clean up the house
2.  have a dentist appointment
3.  have a piano lesson

well sorry this is a short and sucky post but as i said earlier,  had a really sucky, not fun, busy day .

Monday, May 20, 2013

spider-man tackles the goat

Hey gs!!!

Tyt about my pics

Yeah we need to start more conversations so that there will be more to reply to and make our posts longer and better to read

That pic of your dinner you make looks really nice Gob who took that pic???

Doi Gob I meant like in the next year as in within the next 12 months.

Bum bum bum Gob's not exited for TASM 2 I'm so alone also Hob's not excited for Avengers 2 who are you people

Okay so I went to Springcon on Saturday and it was really awesome!!! There was so much great stuff! I bough some comic books and a poster and  t-shirt!!! But it was really hard because there was so much stuff that I wanted to buy wow. There were also lots of awesome cosplayers there like a couple of Deadpools and this one Spider-Man who looked kind of like Andrew Garfield idk like he kind of had the right hair and he was tall and skinny that was nice. Also there were some cute children like I saw some small little Avengers wow that was adorable. Also there were some people that were trying to make me interested in playing their superhero game but tbh there was too much DC in it and they seemed to not really care about the characters and just cared about their stats in the game or whatever so that wasn't really for me I think. But they gave me a game piece thing that is Iron Patriot and okay I know it's supposed to be Rhodey but whenever I see the Iron Patriot armor I still think of Norman Osborn so now I its like I have a tiny Norman Osborn figure yay who doesn't want that.

Gob I have an assignment for you. Listen to the song "Gethsemane" by The Indelicates and fill in these blanks

David be the death of me
Past and future cease to be
This wasn't ______
Oh, David be the death of me

If you can complete that task you win a prize.

Top 3 favorite starches:
1. pasta
2. bread
3. potatoes

Top 7 things of your day:
1. our baby
2. our other baby goat
3. strongly worded emails
4. drawing a cute pic
5. turkey sandwich
6. cookies
7. getting Noah's konk

Top 9 birds:
1. hair bird
2. singing bird
3. Felix
4. the bird that owns Noah
5. the bird that loves Dylan
6. the bird that comes after seven years
7. baby birdie
8. the bird who isn't a bird
9. gorgeous bird

Okay pic time

Here's this pic for you g I'm sorry its so failed

Okay now a bunch of pics with Ultimate Spider-Man people

This is just Ava Peter p normal
This is the whole team just chillin! From left to right: Peter, Ava, Sam, Luke, and Danny.

This is the team really small!!! From left to right: Ava, Luke, Danny, Peter, and Sam. 

Oh wait I wanted to say some things about Ultimate Spider-Man speaking of Ultimate Spider-Man. I'm on like the sixth ep I think and it's still p good! There have been really great eps already and actually some good character development. Although one thing about it is that sometimes Spider-Man's humor seems more like Deadpool like with the voices in his head and breaking the fourth wall. Also sometimes it's not as serious as I'd like it to be like idk I just keep comparing it to Spectacular Spider-Man in which like it'd be funny sometimes but mostly the most funny things would be the stuff that would come out of Spider-Man's mouth when he was fighting. But yeah I still really like it I mean I drew all these pics from it so what does that tell you? 

Aaaah okay almost out of time but I have some vids

I actually have more but there's no time to upload them!

Sunday, May 19, 2013

dream and chickens

heyyyy gs

just postin

bleh i need to watch the season finale of shameless but i think i'll literally die if i do that so jus puttin it off!!

i also need to watch game of thrones but a glug thing is in this ep that i dont wanna see so jus puttin it off. icqcme for next weeks ep though!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

nice lookin din gob

nice lookin piccies para

oh my god

those things

look so good

wow theres honestly nothing else to say to anyone wtf. we need our good long posts back but idk how to make this one good or long

ok well i tried

top 8 movies you are excited for

1. star trek into darkness
2. thor 2
3. ender's game

\im sorry thats all

top 7 things of your day
1. our baby
2. thor
3. cookie
4. kitty
5. broccoli slaw
6. when we went home
7. needing is one thing but getting getting's another

Saturday, May 18, 2013

in which we meet mr. cat

heyy gs.

cm and i made this super delicious dinner tonight!!  i think we might start cooking more stuff this summer.

this is an orange couscous salad and a tofu/bok choy stirfry on rice!
para idg what you mean about the top shows thing at is this summer part of next year?  and wait how is agents of s.h.i.e.l.d. part of next year if it is coming out in sptember 2013? :S

oops well i had to reinstall firefox because it was messing up and i don't have any of my history now so i will just guesstimate what my top 8 most visited websites probably are.

top 8 most visited websites
1.  reddit
2.  facebook
3.  netflix
4.  blogger
5.  youtube
6.  gmail
7.  pirate bay
8.  io9

Top 8 movies you are most excited for:
1.  Star Wars Episode VII
2.  Avengers 2
3.  Monsters University
4.  Star Trek Into Darkness
5.  Thor 2: The Dark World
6.   Captain America 2: Winter Soldier
7.   Pacific Rim
8.  Anchorman 2

top  3 favorite starches:
1.  rice
2.  noodles
3.  potatoes

Friday, May 17, 2013

the terrible threat of the living goat!

Hey gs!!!

Yeah Phil will be in the new show Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and it takes place after the Avengers so

Tyt about my pics and my vid

Gob all your worries (how you think my pics are better and how I draw so many) have two very simple answers:
1. I draw a lot
2. I have a tablet

Nice kitty!

Okay so... I've been watching Ultimate Spider-Man and it's p good so far but not as good as Spectacular Spider-Man but idk I didn't think Spectacular Spider-Man was that good at first either. I have only seen 3 episodes so we will see. I think it's p cute though.

Gob I don't really get why the "top shows coming out this summer you want to watch" is necessary seeing as we already had top shows coming out in the next year and this summer is part of the next year???

Also I can't really do the top 8 most visited websites one because I have an extension that destroys the thing that shows you the things

I guess I could tell you my websites I have in my new tab page thanks to this extension
1. tumblr
2. gmail
3. blogger
4. Marvel Avengers Alliance
5. The Goblog
6. tvtropes
7. UMM website
8. thesaurus
9. delicious
10. netflix
11. deviantart
12. youtube
13. scans_daily
14. comic vine
15. comic book resources
16. Spider-Man crawlspace

Top 8 movies you are most excited for:
1. The Amazing Spider-Man 2
2. Avengers 2
3. Thor 2: The Dark World
4. Captain America 2: Winter Soldier
5. Ant-Man
6. The Wolverine
7. Star Trek into Darkness
8. X-Men Days of Future Past

Well I guess Star Trek into Darkness came out today but I haven't seen it yet.  Except I'm not that excited to see it bc of some spoilers I read but

Okay Hob here's the darn pic
Also heres some more p bad pics

Like this bc apparently I can't stop drawing Peter's yellow sweater vest

Also Ultimate Peter and MJ. Wow idk if they will even get together but

Also??? Some form of Peter and Flash???

Also Andrew in drag

Alright all those pics were so bad I'm sorry have a nice day

Thursday, May 16, 2013

cascading chickens

heyyyyyyyy gs

just psoting when im supposed to be drawin a pic

bleh its just

really hot in here and i cant concentrate

ah well

happy birthday to company men everywhere!!!

aw g your pics and not that bad and you probably could draw as good as para if you tried. well idek how para draws that many pics. wait i do its because she has a tablet. well nice little piccie gob!

wtf phil is alive??

nice vid para

and nice piccies

welp no pics frm me today

top 5 shows coming out this summer you want to watch
1. none

top 1 show coming out in the next year you want to watch
1. none

top 8 most visited websites
1. tumblr
2. youtube
3. thegoblog
4. goodreads
5. last fm
6. gmail
7. pirate bay
8. blogger

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

night cat

heyy gs.

nice pics gs!  blehh mine are so terrible compared to how all of yours are though.  like all of mine have been really simple so far and i doubt i could draw anything much better.  like that iron man picture is way more detailed than anything i could do.  also how do you draw that many pictures para?!?!?!  that like is so many...

okay i have a really big headache so i'm just going to do the game and then end this post.

actually here is a pic of a kitty i drew real fast!
Top 1 show you are currently re-watching:
1. Whose Line Is It Anyways

Top 1 show coming out in the next year you want to watch:
1. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Top 5 shows  coming out this summer you want to watch:
1.  Breaking Bad
2.  Whose Line Is It Anyway
3.  Wilfred
4.  Arrested Development
5.  Futurama


Tuesday, May 14, 2013

the return of the goat

Hey gs!!!!

Bleh that typing thing was so annoying I can type so much faster with less mistakes if I am typing actual sentences instead of just random words wow like then I don't have to keep pausing between words and its just nice and smooth and buttery

Anyway here's it

Nice pics, g!

Top 2 shows you are currently watching for the first time:
1. Buffy the Vampire Slayer
2. (soon to be) Ultimate Spider-Man

Top 1 show you are currently re-watching:
1. Spectacular Spider-Man

Top 1 show coming out in the next year you want to watch:
1. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Aw g that's okay that you didn't do my list bc I p much just did it bc I was studying and couldn't think about anything else but idg what's confusing about that???

Yqw for the spoiler warning

Okay well Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. looks so awesome! There's a full trailer out now wow icqcme!!! So it looks like there are going to be superheroes in it but probs not any from the MCU. People are saying this one guy in the trailer might be Luke Cage but I doubt it. Anyway its so goos that Coulson is alive!!!!

Ugh Bendis's comment that he wants Fraction to have an ongoing Spider-Man book wow that is all I want for the world

Well okay here's a vid I made actually mostly a while ago but I just finished it today

Okay I have a lot of pics!!!

Okay these first four are all from the cards I made for Noah and my mom

Here's Captain Kirk

Here's Iron Man Mark 42

Here's Cyclops and our cat, Hawkeye

And here's Spider-Man, Daredevil, and Deadpool.

Okay and this is my version of that pic Hob posted. It's Ben Reilly, Kaine, and Peter Parker. 
And here's my version of a pic Hob and I were both drawing but idk if she has finished her's yet. It's Peter and Johnny. 
Also Hob and I were drawing Thumbelina inspired pics and here's mine. It's Hank Pym (Ant-Man) and Jan van Dyne (Wasp)

Okay now some pics I drew a while ago that were sitting in my drafts folder

This is a pic of a failed Thor battling a faceless person
This is??? Peter Parker???

This is my attempt at Danny Phantom and Sam Manson. Haha they sure don't look 14.

Peter Parker again.....

Aaaaand more Peter Parker

Okay that's it I hope! Have a nice day!!!

Monday, May 13, 2013

careless chicken

heyyyyyyy gs

haha nice pic gob!!! so cute

heres the typing thing

well nothing to say to para tbh..............

omg heres a pic of a  lil goat

hes so happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ok now heres pics!!! i have a lot for once bc i had to draw some pics for cards for people and ive been drawin w/ para. ok the first three are from cards

heres barney stinson from how i met your mother:

here's a compaion cube from portal

it's so small!!!!!!!!!

heres some people who i dont know the names of from love it or list it, wishing you a happy mother's day:

and here's coureryac, combeferre, and enjolras from les miserables:

top 1 shows you are currently waching for the first time:
1. neon genesis evangelion

top 1 shows you are currently rewatching
1. buffy the vampire slayer

bleh i really dont feel like doing the fingers one..........

Sunday, May 12, 2013

the same old cat

heyy gs.

i haven't gotten to use photoshop or anything for drawing pictures yet but i drew some in paint again.

here is yoda! 

well i attempted darth vader, the hulk, and thor but they didn't turn out too well and i'm feeling lazy right now but soon i am going to actually try to draw a lot better stuff and draw it on a program other than paint.

haha i just realized that all three of those guys have anger problems.

oh i found this typing test to see how many words per minute i can type and you gs should take it and see how it compares to my score! i think i could have done better though if i didn't keep getting annoyed when a couple words flashed red because i spelled them wrong.

Typing Test

well yeah summer usually is my favorite season but i feel like i like them both pretty close to the same amount now and i just felt like putting a different answer than what my first instinct was.

also, sorry para i forgot about that one list...though i don't fully understand it...

oh and tyt for the spoiler warning because i have not seen iron man 3 yet.

Top 5 incumbency advantages in congressional elections:
1.  something something something
2.  something something something
3.  something something something 
4.  something something something
5.  something something something 

Top 10 things you see:
1.  my iPod
2.  the computer
3.  chiclets gum
4.  medicine
5.  a picture of seth when he was like 11
6.  a staple-free stapler
7.  sticky notes
8.  a pen
9.  a printer
10.  paper

Top 10 fingers:
1.  right pointer
2.  left pointer
3.  right thumb
4.  left thumb
5.  right index
6.  left index
7.  right middle
8.  left middle
9.  right

top 3 tv shows you are currently watching for the first time (or however many you are watching if more or less)
1.  game of thrones
2.  fringe
3.  community

Saturday, May 11, 2013

face to face with...the goat!

Hey gs!!!

I'm home now!!!! Goos!!!!!!

"summer is the best season because there is no school!  duh!" 

Remember when Noah was being an angsty little shit about hot dogs

Aw g nobody did my list for the game that makes me sad

Yeah Gob we both have seen that that's p awesome though

Top 4 seasons:
1. fall
2. winter
3. summer
4. spring

Top 3 colors:
1. blue
2. black
3. red

Top 10 things you see:
1. my laptop
2. Spock
3. candy
4. Avengers dvd
5. my posters
6. pillows
7. duck
8. notebooks
9. headphones
10. Spider-Man legos

Okay that last list was not in order of how I liked them it was more in order of how I saw them

Top 10 fingers:
1. right pinky
2. right pointer
3. right ring
4. right middle
5. left ring
6. left pointer
7. left pinky
8. left middle
9. right thumb
10. left thubm

Well I saw Iron Man 3!!!! IT WAS REALLY AWESOME!!!




*Wow okay first of all there was this really annoying kid sitting behind us and asking annoying questions throughout the whole thing like a little tiny child and like why did you bring your young child to this movie it is not appropriate for children at all like so much violence and other inappropriate things I mean
*I really liked the whole beginning part like yeah
*I like the end but also I hate it because I love Tony's arc reactor bleh
*Except the very end after the credits is hilarious to me
*When Tony destroyed all his suits those were the most expensive fireworks ever
*That kid was kind of annoying sometimes idk I mean he had his moments but still
*Pepper is so awesome but we knew that
* Every time I see the Iron Patriot armor I think of Norman Osborn still that was so stupid
*The Mandarin is also nothing like the Mandarin but that didn't really matter to me

Welp gotta go more thoughts to come later def because I haven't finished here and I'm gonna see it again

Friday, May 10, 2013

we need a chicken

heyyyyy gs


hey para

hey elf

jus chillin

ok goodie this post is off to a good start

yeah buddy you should start your posts earlier that could be nice

wow i did not see that coming i thought summer was your fave season what am i seeing here

i think noah has been an angsty little shit for some time so idek


idk what you said g but iv e heard about that octopus man come out of your yapper before idk

ok i guess thats all i have to say idk i forget

heres that game

top 3 colors:
1. purple
2. orange
3. red

top 10 things you see
1. computer
2. goblog
3. me
4. fishie
5. junie b jones
6. sea shell
7. darkness
8. the sims 3
9. little guy
10. rachel ray

Thursday, May 9, 2013

garden of cats

heyy gs.

sorry i don't have any new pictures done today but i will do some more soon.

also sorry but i was watching game of thrones and i lost track of the time so i don't have much more time for this post now.  i really should start doing my posts earlier than just an hour before the deadline though.  i guess i'm just so used to doing it at like 10 or 11 but really since it is summer and i have practically nothing to do every day i should just write my posts way earlier

haha this is awesome.

Top 4 seasons:
1.  winter
2.  summer
3.  fall
4.  spring

top 3 colors:
1.  blue
2.  green
3.  black

marked for destruction by dr. goat

Hey gs!

Whoops I only have half an hour to write this post I did not intend this

My internet is also not working very well so in the case that this doesn't get posted by midnight, please view this draft as a credit to my efforts

I was planning to study more tonight but Joy is apparently sleeping??? So there go those dreams.

Well actually I only just realized my exam is not until 4 so I will have time to study tomorrow too phewsh 

Happy birthday to Noah!!!

He's so old he's like as old as Spider-Man when he was bitten by the spider. Wow he's as old as Harry Potter when he was an angsty little shit wow is that Noah right now???

Well it's too late to do anything with my giant piece of paper maybe when I get home but I might use it to wrap my posters in who knows

My new roommate seems p normal idk but you never really can tell if you will hate a person when you just meet them well sometimes you can tell but I couldn't tell this time so who knows

They're holding wants???

What did I say about Ock I can't remember

Do you mean Kaine bc if so I might try to draw him who knows

The theme of this post is who knows

I want to go to springcon!!! But are we busy those days who knows

I drew Danny Phantom and ghost!Peter together remember. Wow that fanart is really good to me there is a lot of great Danny Phantom fanart also bad Danny Phantom fanart. I guess there is a lot of Danny Phantom fanart in gen but a lot of it is beautiful. I tried drawing some the other day but it's not quite done bum bum bum

Actually I don't think there will be any pics in this post bc there's just no time

Haha I don't remember you telling me the bottles looked great so I really meant that. The rest of it doesn't look a mess though but those bottles are def the best part

Wow anyone who saw the movie could tell you the answer to that question probably except Jane wasn't a nurse but most likely you could guess that a female astrophysicist in 2011 equals nurse in 1962.

Noooo I forgot about matzoh balls but I love them too!!!!! I just love balls wow no one can come between our love

Icqcme for more of your pics Gob

Well Gob it's not comic book day its free comic book day but okay I'm jelly. Yeah how many free comics you can get varies depending on the store I think.  Hey now you can have let's talk about comics time!! Or not

Okay time for the game

Top 4 most disgusting creatures:
1. Joy
2. spiders
3. other bugs
4. Reed Richards

Top 5 incumbency advantages in congressional elections:
1. America has sorted itself out-people live near others with shared interests
2. Gerrymandering-drawing congressional districts that are favorable
3. Incumbency fundraising-interest groups know they are going to win and invest in a winner
4. Credit claiming-pork barrel and casework
5. Weak opponents-incumbency advantages scare off potentially effective opponents

Well I still have time for more stuff actually. But not much time.

Okay well there were lots of beautiful new pics from TASM 2 like Peter and Harry and Peter and his camera and ALSO SOME PICS OF GWEN WEARING AN OUTFIT THAT LOOKS LIKE THE ONE SHE DIED IN IN THE COMICS wow I actually thought that might be a thing because there were some pics before of her wearing the same thing without the coat and I kind of predicted it from that purple skirt I guess. Well okay she wore a similar outfit in TASM when Peter threw her out the window and caught her with his webs and you thought she was going to die maybe so they might do the same thing this time but I doubt it. Wow it's like I want her to die because it'll be sad and I like sadness but I hate all the people that want her to die so Peter and MJ can get together. Also I hate all the people that are mad at MJ because they think her being in the movies is going to cause Gwen to die or something and therfore ruin their Gwen and Peter ship. I just hate stupid people.

Okay I'm out of time so


But wow those pics of Peter and Harry are so cute so I don't blame her I'm shippin them too

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

paper chickens

heyyyyyyyyyy gs

oh i gues so. i forgot what we were talkin about. jus draw a giant spiderman on the paper

oh nice! does your new roommate seem like a glug or

haha remember kelly

i need a lot of translations bc the first one i had wasnt translated exactly the way i watned it to be and the second one also wasnt bc bleh this one part it keeps saying these people are shaking hands when really theyre holding wants whats so hard about that idgi

well youve said about that octopus guy?? idk

yeah draw a picture of klaine

are you gonna go to that comic book thing at the state fair grounds or

oh ok. icr you drawing danny phantom but ok. wow the other day i saw this piece of art and i was like wow thats so beautiful and then it turned out to be danny phantom fanart. heres it its so beautiful

wow i told you the bottles looked great and everything else looked a mess. or are you jus saying that because i told you that. anyway thank you turtle

icqcml about your dream

nice 1 gob

wow even i know the answer to that trivia question

ok im gonna play the game before i forget

haha it was funny to me para that you did the balls one because one day mom was talking about how you like cheese balls and meatballs and matzoh balls and then she suddenyl was like "SHE LIKES BALLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" aw g you didnt say matzoh balls tho. ok well

top 7 balls 

1. sour balls
2. kitten balls
3. stress balls
4. wonder balls
5. ballgown balls
6. malted milk balls
7. matzoh balls

haha its funny that no one said any sports balls really

top 5 fruits

1. apples
2. strawberries
3. blueberries
4. plums
5. mangoes

top 5 effects of earthquakes

1. killing people
2. shaking things up
3. causing people to switch bodies w/ someone
4. making a mess
5. causing people to live in fear

top 4 most disgusting creatures

1. parasites
2. goblins
3. company men
4. noah

top 4 seasons

1. winter
2. fall
3. summer
4. season one

do you ever like hear a really great song so then youre like wow im gonna download this band's entire discography!!!! so you do it and listen to it but every song sucks except the first one you heard. that was just me.  imma dummy

wow whys the font of this so weird

ok today is dead to me

well no drawing bc idk. i havent really drawn in the last few days and i just started one a few mins ago but like...i just started it a few minutes ago so

ok i need to do something idk what but something but i dont wanna

i wish it was dinner time

only 4 more hours!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

4 hours more

another 4 hours of just doin nothin

the never ending post on the gob blog

these cats who like to meow a lot will surely come a second time

4 hours more

i will not live until dinner

how can i live after ive eaten it

4 hours more

tomorrow ill have din again

but who knows if it will be good

3 whole hours since i had lunch

will we ever eat again?

it was not even a good one

i was born to eat dinner

what a meal i might have known

but i didnt put anything on the list

4 hours before lettuce wraps

toasted strudel's not a good lunch

at the big ol nice dinner table

i should have had some yum grilled cheese

when someone begins to cook

do i have a snack right now

it will be almost time to eat

the time is now

the day is here

4 hours more

4 hours more until we sit down

we will gobble it all up

i will join these other big glugs

i might eat up all their food

i will also have a drink

ok this has gone on long enough

ok you know what now its after dinner and before-dinner!me needs to get a grip

i cant wait for pie though

Monday, May 6, 2013

gliding cat

heyy gs.

yeah i plan on using something other then paint for drawing stuff.  i'll probably use photoshop but i'll need to either illegally download onto this computer or just use cm's computer which already has it installed.

oh yeah, i went to comic book day when i was in bloomington for seth's graduation 2 days ago!  you were only allowed to get 3 comics and i got the star wars comic, the batman comic and the spiderman comic.  there wasn't anything really that special at the comic-book day in the store here though.  all there was to it was the free comics obviously, a little trivia contest, and a raffle but i bet bigger comic book stores do more cool stuff.  ahh and the question seth got wrong on the trivia question was "what is the name of the nurse that is thor's love interest?" and i knew the answer!!! 

well i had more to say in this post but i kinda forgot about it today because i had such a lazy summer day and i don't have much time left so this will be the end of the post.  but i will have some more stuff to say and some more pictures to show in my next post for sure.

Top 5 effects of earthquakes:
1.  maintaining a planetary balance
2.  forming mountains/rivers and natural landscapes
3.  pushing minerals closer to the surface for easier access
4.  pushing fossil fuels closer to the surface for easier access
5.  helping scientists understand the geology of earth

top 4 most disgusting creatures:
1.  rats
2.  mice
3.  mosquitos
4.  flies

Sunday, May 5, 2013

nothing can stop...the goat!

Hey gs!

Bleh I am so sick of studying let this end

That's so goos that you are coming to get me g!!! I still have to get my jamz wow when am I going to do that

Nice piccies Gob!

Yeah I would also suggest using something other than paint because pain is dumbo.  Actually I use photoshop because I got it with my tablet but I used to use firealpaca which you can download for free and is really simple to use.

No Hob like I said I have a GIANT PIECE OF PAPER.

Yqw for the references. Aw g that must have been a horrible experience but at least you didn't lose all your tabs when your roommate tried to murder your computer.

Hey I met my new roommate today crazy stuff.

Why do you need so many translations of that darn book???

Uh I don't think I ever told you about Spock but I guess it's possible that I did.

Aw g I bet you would care for some of those movies if you knew the characters.  I like all of them a lot better than Black Widow probably. But I still like Black Widow so yeah a Black Widow movie with some Hawkeye would be awesome esp because there aren't really any woman superhero movies I mean there are a few but they all suck and none that have been recently made.

Did I say klaine? No I said KAINE! Okay I know I told you about Kaine do I have to draw you a picture of Kaine as well?

Well no it's not a comic book store its a store that has some comics but I mean they don't even get new comics they just have comics leftover from when they used to get new comics and also John has a lot of comics in the basement that I guess nobody ever buys but me. It's only free comic book day for participating stores and obviously this isn't one of them because there are special free comics and so yeah obviously they won't have them there.

Aw well we will have to go the comic book store when I get home and pay for comics instead.  Well it doesn't really matter because the free comics weren't that great this year and probably the real fun thing about free comic book day is that it's this exciting event and some comic book stores have creators visit the stores and fun activities and stuff.

Tyt about my pics. But hold a sec Spock wasn't the first not Marvel person I drew doi I also drew Danny Phantom or are you forgetting

Aw g dif I want to watch some new eps to see hurt Sam

Nice pic g!!! I really like how the bottles look very nice very nice

Haha what a great vid! That's a good song too. Fun fact Christopher Eccelston is playing Malekith in Thor 2

Okay I had a really weird dream that I was Spider-Man and Flash was there except Flash was also Phi Phi O'Hara??? Idk it was so strange.

Wow I was packing up my stuff today and pretty much just realizing how much of the stuff I brought I didn't even use wow I should bring a lot less stuff with me in the fall I think I am just going to bring my laptop and Spock that's all I need.

Gob what is the first kind of bouncy balls then????

Top 5 fruits:
1. apples
2. pineapples
3. watermelon
4. grapes
5. clementines

Top 5 effects of earthquakes:
1. fire
2. ground cracks
3. liquefaction
4. structural damage
5. seismic sea waves

Welp I am going to go finish studying and then eat midnight breakfast.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

chicken will run

hey gs!

jus chillin

only some days until para comes home!!!!





apparently im comin to get para so now i need more jamz i guess!! bleh i dont wanna deal w/ 8tracks. wait i just remembered i have a short list of bands that i wanted to listen to and stuff so

maybe that will save me

ok well

nice piccies gob!! i already said this but w/e they are so cute i espesh like the hagrid one because thats the cutest. you might want to use a program thats not paint so that you wont have the white dots and you can have layers and other stuff. wow i cant imagine drawin a thing w/ just one ,layer. i usually have like 50 layers. anyway i use photoshop and para uses some free program but i forget what it is so she'll have to tell ya

ok para wouldnt you draw it digitally........

tyt for the references. wow one of them is a place i had open in a tab a few weeks ago but then i accidentally lost all my tabs and couldnt find it again so goosbag

i got a book i already had bc i wanted another translation of it. actually i wanna get even another different one too.

bleh when will amazon give me my money. well actually its not amazon's prob it's the prob of the people who i did the jobs for on there. i need to buy a thing

same i guess about star trek

ok i think i get whats spock now. is it the guy you told me about before idk ok w/e

well i wouldnt care for any of those movies but i would care for a black widow movie w/ some hawkeye

i thought klaine was a glee ship

well no one in this house is going to free comic book day so. dont you have a comic book store there w/ good ol whats his name

nice piccies para! it was nice to see you draw a guy who isnt from marvel for once tbh

bleh i thought i wanted to maybe watch some eps of spn s8 but things ive seen lately have made me think there's no way i could stomach it so i think im done here. ok you know what. you know how people always complain like "blah blah blah why does sam never get to have any meaningful relationships w/ anyone besides dean?" and wow shut that up because tbh people can fucking have all of dean's relationships w/ people like pretty much dean's storylines always involve these other charcters who idgaf about?? and then sam's storylines involve actual interesting things. i'd be willing to trade ALL of dean's dumb relationships AND all of the costumes dean has ever worn (which is another thing sam fans complain about and somtimes i like the costumes but really idc that much) for like some more hurt!dean. bleh. ok thats enough spn in this post bleh blah blooh

ok as usual i have an almost finished pic bleh. i guess it's only 4 pm so i could def finish it if i actually tried but bleh. also i have no finished pic ok well i just loooked at the pic and i have barely anything left to do so i guess ill try to finish later. ok here it is its dean winchester from supernatural and grantaire from les miserables by victor hugo. whoops i said thats enough spn in this post but there happens to be spn in this pic nothin i can do about it. anyway this pic illustrates a meeting of the cynicism alcoholism self-deprecation club. cute!!!

omg i was listening to this song on youtube and halfway through the song i went to the youtube tab and i saw christopher eccelston (claude and the 9th doctor) just like staring at the camera in the music video for that song and then i watched the whole vid and learned that the entire music vid was him staring at the camera for 2.5 minutes. and its an official music vid. the end was really cute though. anyway its here