Sunday, October 31, 2010

So It Begins

happy halloween gs!

haha i love the new banner para! it's so awesome!!

look at this creepy goblin pic i made!

haha i like how everyone in the picture is just eating or something and i'm the only one turned toward the camera.

omgggg i'm so excited for it to be november!!!! there's like so many great things that happen in November and then also what is great is that the next month is December which is also a pretty great month! ahhh also i just now found out that the hush sound is doing a one time reunion concert in chicago and i think i might be able to go because 2 friends i know are going!!!

In November i'm excited for:

~Getting out of school for Veteran's Day
~1st trimester ending and 2nd trimester beginning
~The last and best marching band contest in Ohio
~New Matt and Kim album
~Harry Potter 7
~No Shave November (an excuse for being too lazy to shave)

In December i'm excited for:

~Getting out of school to play for all the middle schools
~Winter Break
~The Hush Sound reunion concert

okay i'm like starving to death. brb, getting food. goos! cm is making brownies!

back. haha i just got done eating a huge amount of food. i had ice cream, brownies, pizza, and orange juice! i'm still a little bit hungry too but at least i'm not starving to death. ahhh i can't wait for thanksgiving food! turkey, stuffing, rice, cranberry sauce, pumpkin pie, pomegranates...hahaha remember when we snuck those pomegranates up to bed with us late at night at tg? i think that was 2 years ago.

AWESOME!!!!! MY DAD ISN'T GOING TO BE HOME FROM WORK UNTIL SUPER LATE SO I PRACTICALLY DON'T HAVE A BED TIME!!!!! well technically, i'm supposed to still go to bed on time but i can just sneak into bed before my dad comes home.

wowww apparently the next post is our 300th post! awesome!!! haha i wonder how many words our entire blog is.

ok, this is random but you know what i really want to do tomorrow that i haven't done all fall yet? make a leaf pile and jump into it!!! haha cm didn't want to do it today because he said there would be snails and slugs in the pile of leaves. what a g. i can't believe it's november and i haven't even raked the leaves or anything. it's weird because like just recently it started to seem like fall. the leaves didn't start changing colors or falling until like a week ago. i wonder when it's going to first start snowing.

ahh i thought i heard a door opening but i guess it was just in my music. i'm turning my music off for now.

g, do you ever like think you see your gmail tab blink and you think someone is talking to you on chat but then when you open it up no one is there? that just happened to me and that happens to me ALL the time.

ahhh goosbag! i just remembered! a new episode of dexter just aired!!!!!! idk if i should save it for tomorrow morning or watch it late tonight or watch it late tomorrow night....hmm....well in any case, i'm going to try to download it as soon as i can tonight.

what the. the goblog is like empty...i am so confused! :S like i can't see anything on posts the front page...there's just this huge white space. oh nvm, it's working now. that was weird.

what should next month's game be? something really awesome. here are some ideas i came up with:

~Time-lapse photography
~A 30 day meme challenge thing. maybe music or like making a pic of a different meme each day or something?
~A 30 day movie or tv challenge or something where we have to watch an episode or a movie or something every day.
~Something about Thanksgiving

ahh sorry i didn't think of more ideas but it's 10 minutes until midnight and i have to find a title for the post.

Saturday, October 30, 2010


heyyyyyyyyyy gs
it's 10:30
wtf how did it get to be this
well for one thing i kinda woke up at 2 sooooo
omg that was an awes posts para.
thats how its done, cobb
just sayin

well you might wanna check for some updates!

alright lookie what i made

apparently people like that pic
well then


i didnt even know what para's prompt was until right now
i cant write that in this short time




you glugs
our banner is still summery
para can yo just make it fall-y
i guess its too late for halloween but just make it be fall or tgiving or regular

well tomorrow is halloween!
alright i was gonna go to a party today but jj im going to one tomorrow
ok here is my plan
ok first ill do a little homework
then i'll watch these 2 horror-ish movies i own which are the others and 28 days later and i will eat candy corn
then idk idk
then a party

i love running my fingies through my hair
because it is so short

ok 2 words:


alright all i want this min is to read some arthur/eames fic
its like the best thing ev and ok this girl who is my friend just said she doesnt ship it that much anymore and its like
.........................................................................what the

i just cant even
what is her prob

wait what was i saying
well i'll just wrap it up now.
gob, i'm expecting you to think of a great game for all of us for next month

Friday, October 29, 2010

The Golden Goose

heyyyyyyy gs!!!

wassup just chillin

actually i was just chillin and then i remembered i had to post so i was about to do that but then i saw that heroes was on tv so i had to plop down and watch that and i also saw that lauren was online and i haven't talked to her in foreves. so actually let me try that again.

wassup just chillin and postin and watchin heroes and talkin to lauren.

-_- am i squinting or

ok well let us get to the meat of the post.

the meat of the post will be me talking about the concert i went to last night because i can just not contain how awesome it was. if reading about the concert will make you insanely jealous and hate me forever

*cough cough* hob *cough*

skip this part please.


well idk if you still care about him actually.

ok NOW skip this part....

alright well there's only one thing to say and that is that it was awesome. it was like slkdjglskjg i wanted to die because of how awesome it was.

wait first let me show you this pic that was taken of me when i was waiting in line. they told me they would put it on their website and and they did apparently. i was going for creeper and i'm pretty sure i succeeded.


ok you know those pictures that people photoshop creeper pictures of people into like they are creeping. i want some with this pic of me in them.

are you on the list?

ok sorry just had to say that.

ok actually i will make a list.

it will be entitled:
the differences between this concert and the last concert i went to which also happened to be mcs and then i will tell you if they were good or bad

*no hobby (bad)
*no anyone actually (bad)
*say anything (good)
*good warm up bands (good)
*saw msc's star (good)
*they played pulp fiction (good)
*they showed their new music video for life less ordinary that i wasn't in (good)

well ok there were more differences but i'm bored of making a list.

haha someone threw justin pierre a dinosaur hat and he wore it and he asked if he could keep it.

also i bought a shirt! also i wore it today! also it is awesome!

ok well i have a TON to do in this post so i will have to stop there even though i could go one for forevs and evs end evs. but ok let me just say that it was awesome AND EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU OUT THERE MISSED OUT. I EVEN HAD AN EXTRA TICKET YOU GLUG. I WOULD HAVE GIVEN IT AWAY. WTF WERE YOU THINKING.

ok you can stop ignoring me now.


don't hate me because i'm beautiful.

wait ok this ep is almost over. when its done i'll go downstairs so

ok now i am downstairs.

ok well i was gonna say that now on youtube if you type in "chocolatemo" my username comes up. as hob illustrates for us here.

but i guess you already knew that!

well it makes me feel slightly more popular.

ok lets see. halloween on sunday! whooo. gs can i just say we have not talked about halloween hardly at all. do we just not like this holiday or.

if you wondered what i'm being for halloween, i'm being a chicken.

if you wondered what i'm doing for halloween, i'm knocking on doors to get free candy. and freaking out about nanowrimo.

what you probably didn't wonder is if i secretly had a secret halloween project. the answer to this question is yes, but a small one i didn't really finish. ok but since this is my last post before halloween, i will show it to ya anyway.

hook yourselves up:

vampire sylar.

another one:

werewolf peter.

werewolf simone. it had to be done.

i'm sorry. i couldn't not.

idk what this is...

happy halloween gsssssss

wow i still have to write hob's fic. i'd better get cracking.

ok btw i am so sad that this is my last october post because i love the game.

Chicken was feeling slightly feverish. Perhaps she was coming down with the bird flu. Perhaps she had eaten something that didn't agree with her. Whatever it was, it was ailing her.

"Whatever is wrong?" Eduardo asked her, patting her little chicken head.

"Buck buck buck buck," she responded.

Eduardo nodded sympathetically. "Oh I see," he said sadly.

"Buck buck buuuuuuck," Chicken added.

"Here," said Eduardo. "Let me help you... SNICKERS!" He tossed her a big pile of snickers.

"Buck buck," said Chicken, turning her beak up at the candy.

"Oh, are you feeling under the weather?" Eduardo realized. "You should have said so. How insensitive of me."

"Buck buck buck buck buck," Chicken agreed.

"How about...let's see," Eduardo rummaged through the cupboard. "Um... chicken noodle soup?"

"BUCK!" Chicken screamed.

"Oh okay," said Eduardo. "Well that's all I've got it would appear. How's about I throw on Moulin Rouge and we'll snuggle?"

"Buck buck." That sounded good to Chicken. "Can you make popcorn?" she added as an afterthought.

let's see my last prompt...

i could go for...

the multifandom hair showdown

Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Scar

ewww i'm like so tired and i have a huge headache that really hurts. i haven't been home at all today until 8:30 and it was just a super long day, but it's my day to post so here i am.


1. What was awesome about this day?
getting out of my us ap history test

2. What sucked about this day?
not getting home until late

3. What happened today that you feel like sharing but no one cares about (besides the above)?
i'm drinking fanta

4. On a scale of 1-10 what would you rate this day?

well this post officially sucked

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Letters From No One

alright well today was like the best day ever. cuz it was so darn cool out and i went to starbucks and i went to ragstock and i read this awesome fic and jaghsdjkagdgas it was great omg

Alright I made a special thing. Well IDK if you've seen these things but there are like these things that somebody made that is abstract pixel art of all the presidents and also there's one for disney princess. Well I made one for Tom Hardy:

this is the thing x not his hair it is a palm xx

well i was gonna say other stuff but i cant one bit remember it
i wil just write a fic now

One day, Sherlock receives a love letter in the mail.

My Dearest Sherlock,
How do I love thee? Let me count the ways. I love your hair, the color of refried beans. I love your skin, the color of milk and honey. the love the sounds you make with your mouth as you chew.
a friend

As usual, Sherles is really curios about this, so he texts his pal to come over there stat.

"What the" Watson says when he got there
"We have a mystery," SHerles says.
"Oh Okay." Sherlock doesn't say anything.
"What is the thing?"
He holds up the letter. Watson gulps a big gulp.
"Oh that old thing?" he says.
"What the?"
"Don't worry about it."

What came next was that Sherles tries to fig this mystery out.
"Well obvs the person that wrote this was really hungry at the time
blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah "
this is what it sounds like to watson.
finally sherlock arrives at the wrong conclusion for once and watson is like
"are you fucking kidding me? it was me, you idiot, i sent it to you" and then he smasks a wet one upon sherlock's lips and they both go at it. the end

omg sorry for the glug ending but i need to go watch the social network right now soooo.

ok ummm hook me up with some eduardo/chicken hurt/comfort

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Padfoot Returns

aklsjlaskjfas no one has posted today

8 minutes left!!!

its hobby's day and i see she has a post started but she didn't post or finish it and she's not online sooooooo

my foot hurts.

you're welcome


Monday, October 25, 2010

Cornelius Fudge

heyyyy gs

just postin

hello i was just watching fallout and at the part where micah's like "stop fighting stop fighting!" i could NOT qcml porque of when gob hit his hand on the ceiling. good times good times.


the good news is my two mcs have names now. the bad news is that's about all i have planned.

ah well i feel i had far too much planned last year so perhaps it will be good to be on the opposite end of the spectrum.

hey. i miss my g. just sharing.

i want a kitten. and some fudge.

hello hob did not supply me with a prompt for her fic oh wait i just asked her and she hooked me up

Harry was just snoozin. Okay here was his sitch actually: Lockheart had removed all the bones in his arm so he was in the hospital wing and that's all there is too it.

Suddenly he was awake and there was this little buy bending over him.

"Dat ass," Harry said appreciatively. But then he remembered his sitch and lowered his voice. "Dobby!" he whispered. "Whatchoo doin here?"

"Dobby came to warn Harry Potter, Sir!"

"What do you mean?" Harry asked in confusion.

"Dobby tried to stop Harry Potter from returning to Hogwarts but Harry Potter didn't listen to Dobby!"

"Well that's a shame," Harry replied in irritation.

"Dobby only wants Harry Potter to be safe, Sir!" Dobby squeaked. "Dobby only wants to warn Harry Potter!"

"Warn me of what?" Harry asked.

"Dobby wanted to warn Harry Potter of the great dangers at Hogwarts!"

"Harry Potter doesn't know - I mean - I don't know what you're talking about, Dobby."

"Harry Potter does not need to know! Harry Potter only needs to be safe!" With that, Dobby jumped onto Harry's bed and tossed the bed covers onto the floor.

"Hey give that back its mine!" Harry roared.

Dobby payed no attention and began to pull off Harry's pajamas.

"Dobby stop!" Harry pleaded.

Dobby ripped off the pillowcase that he wore to reveal a very sexy and muscular body.

"Dobby what the hell?" Harry asked.

Dobby began to advance on Harry. "Harry Potter should not be afraid, Sir!" he told Harry. "Dobby only wants what's best for Harry Potter!"

"What are you doing?!?!?!" Harry asked.

"Harry Potter will be safer if he is inside Dobby!" Dobby explained. "Inside Dobby, no harm will come to Harry Potter!"

"Help meeeeee!" Harry yelled.

"Dobby will have to iron his hands for this!" Dobby cried to the heavens. But secretly it would be worth it.

ooook just hook me up with some sherlock/watson

Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Getaway

this weekend was so amazing!!! like it wasn't just a lazy do nothing weekend but i actually did a bunch of awesome stuff. here is a list of things that made this weekend awesome:

-No marching band rehearsal or contests

-The leaves are turning red, yellow, and orange and it actually seems like fall now

-Halloween party on Friday

-Passion Pit Concert on Saturday

-Rocket's Pizza in Bloomington

-Baked cookies in Bloomington

-GC with Para and Hob

oh yeah, speaking of the gc, where did you gs go? D: like i said brb, and then when i got back both of you were gone! oh well inbd though.

ahhhh the passion pit concert was so awesome!!! like i hadn't really thought about it much before it actually happened but it was just so great! we were sitting like 15 rows back but then seth saw a friend up at the front and there were a bunch of empty seats by him so we got to be in the third row!

here's a video i found on youtube of one of the songs at the concert:

blehhh i don't want it to be monday tomorrow. my mondays were being pretty good for awhile but now they are starting to suck again now that i have driver's ed class on mondays. good news for you though! you're going to finally get my whole fic on monday!!!! cycye?????? hahaha omggg it's so inaprop. i hope you'll like it!!!


1. What was awesome about this day?
getting to relax a bit after a really busy weekend,

2. What sucked about this day?

3. What happened today that you feel like sharing but no one cares about (besides the above)?
my foot is asleep.

4. On a scale of 1-10 what would you rate this day?

okay one last thing, so there's something i need to set straight. i am NOT cobb. i am gob. how can i prove that i really am gob and not cobb???? actually i don't need to prove it, because you should just believe me when i say i'm gob.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Dobby's Warning

heyyyyyy ggggggs

well i'm just chillin' reading some syclaire, really.

i am in the comp lab with hobby and it is so nice and silent in here. there are no loud asians and loud blacks battling but the night is still young so there is time really.

today was great because me and the fam saw the social network. it was awes.

i think sylar is about to get it on with claire in this fic i'm reading. jk they're just fightin like people that like to fight or dogs or something.

alright time for the game!
hob is a glug who didn't promp anything but inbd i KNOW what she wants

Eduardo is finally home. He walks in his room and drops his stuff on the ground, and then opens his laptop and hops on facebook. To his delight, he sees his friend, Mark, is online. He hesitates for a moment, and then a moment more. And then he's worked up the courage, and he clicks on Mark's name in the chat.

Eduardo: Sup
Mark: Hey. Just chillin'
Eduardo: Yeah, same
Mark: Oh okay
Eduardo: icqcml
Mark: why?
Eduardo: oh just this fic i'm readin
Mark: .......
Eduardo: soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
Eduardo: Mark?
Mark: what
Eduardo: whatcha doin
Mark: Just chillin' I said
Eduardo: oh okay
Eduardo: Mark?
Mark: what
Eduardo: brb
Mark: oko
Mark: are you back yet or-
Mark: blehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Mark: why do you let me stay here
Mark: all by myself
Eduardo: back
Mark: wb
Eduardo: tyt
Mark: yqw
Eduardo: sooooooo
Eduardo: you're in a relationship
Mark: what the
Eduardo: well that's what it says on your prof, bro
Mark: oh that's just for lauhgs
Eduardo: so you're single
Mark: same
Eduardo: oh ok
Eduardo: but okay...
Eduardo: rememb that time the other day
Mark: what time
Eduardo: when you said that you loved me
Mark: oh that. that was just an act
Eduardo: oh okay
Eduaardo: silly of me. to think that you could fall in love with someone like me
Mark: wtf
Mark: i was jk
Eduardo: about what?
Mark: you know
Eduardo: no i don't
Mark: are you gonna make me say it?
Eduardo: say it
Mark: vampire
Eduardo: .................
Mark: jk
Eduardo: you big g
Mark: it wasn't an act okay, bro?
Eduardo: oh ok

5 mins later

Eduardo Saverin is now in a relationship with Mark Zuckerberg

the end

my prompt is hiro/waffle noncon

btw today i saw this pic of dobby and harry was like dat ass. so i ship that probs

Friday, October 22, 2010

The Sorting Hat

well i am this g. goodbye.

jk jk

that was just me fooling around. you know what i want? to get these loud black people away. GET THEM AWAY GET THEM AWAY

well that did not work at all unfortunately. big shame.

i will tell you what else is shaming me: my laziness. i am the lazies g in the whole universe of gs. you will never find a more lazy g than me. there's nothing hidden in your head the sorting hat can't see. so try me on and i will tell you where you ought to be.

ok the game...the game...

The Fic We Were Talking About Earlier

Claire was sucking dick.

"'s it going?" Sylar suddenly popped his head in the room. "WHAT THE." he screamed. "CLAIRE WHATCHOOO DOING WITH MY MOTHER!??!?!"

"I'M SORRY DOCTOR I'M SORRY DOCTOR!" Claire screeched.

"Haven't you people ever heard of closing the goddamn door!?!?"

"No," said his mother.

"WHY I OUGHTA!!!" Sylar was about to pounce.

"It's much better to face these kinds of things with a sense poise and rationality," Claire said wisely.

"You're right," Sylar agreed, calming himself. "Wait a second," he realized. "My mother is dead dead dead." And just like that, she vanished.

"See?" said Claire happily "All better."

"You're so smart," Sylar told Claire, giving her a big kiss.

"Same," Claire agreed. "What do you say we pick off where me and your mother left off?" she asked seductively.

"I'm up for that," Sylar purred, sitting down on a shelf.

"Wait a second," said Claire, holding up a finger. "BRB I just need some grub first."

"Why do you let me stay here?" Sylar wondered. "All by myself? Why don't you come and play here? I'm just sitting on the shelf.

ok well that's the end. darn that's the end.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Bedroom Acoustics

hey gs!!!! guess what????? i'm starting this post at 1 am!!!! it's a really good thing that i'm sneaking to stay up late and gc and write a lot of this post because today is going to be super busy so i won't have much time. like i have driving time from 4-6 and then immediately after that i have marching band until 8:30. and then when i get home around 9ish i'll probably want to get a nice big snack/dinner and then i'll probably have a bunch of homework to do and by the time that's all done i wouldn't have had much time for the post before midnight or my bedtime at 11.

blehhh i reallly hate driver's ed. for some reason i'm in this huge glug class that only has like 5 other people in it and they're all huge glugs. and my driving instructor looks exactly like this guy i hate in dexter. he's like even kinda mean like the guy in the show is too. D:

and two of the girls are like so quiet when we grade our assignments and i can't even hear what they say so when it comes to them to say the answer to the question i never know whether to mark the answer on my paper wrong or right!!

well enough ranting, i could go on forever saying how much driver's ed sucks.

hey, do you want to know who is awesome at sneaking? this guy goblin is. so first i came into cm's room and pretended to fall asleep while watching a movie and once it was over and cm fell asleep i got on his computer. and like i had to sneakily untangle the keyboard wire so i could use it while i'm lying on the floor in this sleeping bag. luckily cm has a wireless mouse so i didn't have to worry about that though.

oh and also i learned a new sneaking trick online. when you are sneaking to somewhere you should walk close to the wall because supposedly the foundation is better and sturdier there so it won't creak as much. i might go sneak some food later tonight and i'm going to see if that actually works!

blehhh actually i fell asleep on accident. oh well, at least i didn't get caught or anything. haha today i was late to marching band because of driver's ed and when i got there i snuck into the practice without them even noticing until they heard me play!

haha today before driver's ed i went and got my learner's permit, and for the picture you're not allowed to smile and i couldn't have any hair covering my eyebrows and my picture looks soo dumb! it looks like i'm a really tired criminal! okay gs, promise you won't make fun of me if i show you it? here is the mugshot picture:

actually nvm, the scanner won't work and i'm too lazy to figure it out.

since i couldn't get the pic to work here is a nice jam for you. it's like the best song ever!!!!!!

okay this is the end of my post. here's the game:

1. What was awesome about this day?
i got 2 slices of pizza after school!

2. What sucked about this day?
not getting home until like 9 pm

3. What happened today that you feel like sharing but no one cares about (besides the above)?
i am eating a snickers bar inside of snickers ice cream.

4. On a scale of 1-10 what would you rate this day?

The Keeper Of The Keys

heyyy gs whaddup





HAPPY DARN BIRTHDAY YOU BIG G is wear purple for anti-bullying of gay/lesbian teens.


but privately in my head i sometimes think its also wear purple for my g because its her birthday


ok now some prezzies for my g

first hook yourself up with some icons because you said you wanted some more so i made ya some

they are all isaac. sorry.

g i was gonna make you a wallpaper but idk if your comp is working these days so

also i was gonna hook you up with some pics of the point man but you have prob seen every single one so

g you don't even know how hard it is to come up with prezzies for you

but if there is one thing i know my g likes, it is fic.

so let's just get to the game already.

ok here we go

Saito is just chilling. Actually he’s just sipping some tea in his home when he hears a little whisper.

“Hey Saito,” the whisper whispers.

“What the.” says Saito in fright.

“Hey Saito,” the whisper says again.

“Who goes there? Who goes there? We really want to know. Who goes there? Who goes there? We really want to know. If it is a little elf we really should be going. Who goes there? Who goes there? We really want to know,” Saito sings.

“Hey Saito,” the whisper repeats.

“I’VE HAD JUST ABOUT ENOUGH OF THIS!” Saito screams, throwing his teacup at the wall.

“Down here.”

Saito’s eyes move to the floor and then Saito has this big surprise in him because he realizes it is his carpet that is talking to him.

“Oh my!” Saito cries in shock.

“Hey,” says the carpet. “Wanna get it on?”

“Nah g,” says Saito. He cqc his l because he has never heard of such a ridic request.

“Bum bum bum,” says the carpet.

Then Saito begins to feel this strango wind. It is pulling him toward the carpet! He tries to run but the wind drags him into the carpet like a black hole! The carpet rolls into the tube and sucks him up like a vacuum swallowing up an old cheerio. The sound is delightful like the sound of a straw sucking up that last bit of milkshake.

A loud Asian scream pierces the air.

ok well that was more a fade to black ending because idek

wow its like i asked you to hook me up with another prompt because its your bday but you did not deliver so i had to write you this one all on my own

Arthur is chilling in his room and he's just thinking about his fave man Eames and he's looking at this pic that he has of him and its this one:

And he's stroking those delicious giant lips and then BAM he gets this huge wave of arousal. But he is quite despaired because OF COURSE Eames is in Mombasa. Or is he? Arthur quickly checks the GPS he installed in his man, and yup, he's still in Mombasa. And then he gets even more despaired because thinking of the Global Position System makes him think about how he wants to have GPS (gay passionate sex) with Eames right now!

He is so sexually frustrated right now he just can't. But then...something catches his eye. There... across the room...what IS that glorious item? It'''s... a snickers bar.

Arthur sprints across the room and snatches it up. Its long shaft reminds him dearly of Eames's dick. He moans with longing.

Arthur slowly unwraps the candy bar. Very slowly. The exposed chocolate sends shivers down his spine straight into his hardening erection.

"Oh...yes..." he groans.

He unbuttons his pants and pulls them down. Then he strokes the snickers bar softly and gives it a lick. But he doesn't bite it. Instead he prepares to shove it into ass like he knows Eames would do if he were here. But wait... Arthur pauses for just a moment. He looks frantically around for something.

"Aha," he murmurs, pulling out a trusty condom. He opens the package and takes it out, sliding it carefully over the snickers bar. "Safety first," he reminds himself.

ok i hope that was enjoyable for you.

gooooos! my g hooked me up with a prompt

my g: arthur/eames/ari where arthur is king arthur, eames is lance and ari is gwen


wait...small preamble first.

lucky for you i've been watching merlin lately. ohohoho. but unluckily for you i don't support arthur/gwen or lance/gwen. i support

ok well with that in mind, NOW LET'S DO THIS

Ariadne is just dancin. Sometimes she even thinks its cooler than homework and today is one of those days. She is really getting her groove on. Mal is also dancing but she is not looking as fine. Except Ariadne thinks everyone is prob watching Mal and not her because Ariadne is just Mal's serving girl/bed buddy.

Little does she know there are two men creeping on her from across the great hall.

One of them is the prince. His name is Arthur and he is looking so fine in his royal prince clothes and his crown. The man next to him is Eames, his newest knight.

"What do you think of Mal?" Arthur asks of his knight.

"Very beautiful, Sire," Eames replies.

"Hmm," says Arthur as if he has never thought about it before. "I suppose she is." But secretly he cannot keep his darn eyes off of Ariadne. "What about...Ariadne?" he inquires casually. At least he hopes he sounds casual. There's nothing weird about asking that, is there? That's what casual people do.

"I have a thing for her," Eames admits.

"Do you?" says Arthur in surprise. "Well then..." he doesn't quite know what to say to that. "Cobb!" he yells, calling over his manservent/sex slave.

"Yes...Sire?" Cobb says, running across the party to meet them.

"We need a second opinion," Arthur tells him. "Who is more beautiful: Ariadne or Mal?"

"Mal," Cobb reports immediately.

"What the." Arthur and Eames say at exactly the same time.

"You're dismissed," Arthur says to Cobb. "Go polish my saddle or something."

Cobb whines and bitches at him, but eventually runs off and Arthur smacks him on the ass as he leaves.

Arthur looks over and a panic begins to rise in him because Mal is dancing her way over here.

"Whatchoo doing?" she asks.

"Just chilling," Arthur replies irately.

"You wanna dance with me?" she asks.

"Um..." says Arthur. How can he tell her the truth, that he prefers Ariadne? He is a prince, and princes don't dance with servants.

"No," Eames answers for him.

"Why not?" Mal pouts.

"Because..." says Eames slowly. "Because...he's busy!" And with that Eames grabs Arthur and kisses him so forcefully that they almost fall over.

From across the room Ariadne comes to a halt mid-dance move. She sees a sight that she quite likes and it is called Prince Arthur and Sir Eames making out. She thinks she might have to go for a threesome with them later...



k for my fic you can just write the one we were talking about earlier.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Dueling Club

well all i really want in life is for grs to stop sending me facebook messages
gtfo out of my life you dumb school

omg para i have just been stressing over yo prompt the whole day. D: D: idk how to write this!!!!!!!
i was gonna explain what it is to gob but i bet he doesnt even care so why bother

alright now im gonna share my top 10 fave tv characters.

let me say that the other thing i want in life is for my g to get back online so i can get my darn movie sent to me

whoaaa guys it is like 100 percent completely silent in the comp lab right now even tho there are pplenty of other people in here!
this is so beautiful i cant even omg

ok now the thing

10. Barney Stinson from How I Met Your Mother

9. Rose Tyler from Doctor Who

8. Claire Litteton from Lost

7. Wilfred Mott from Doctor Who

6. Sawyer from Lost

5. Anya Jenkins from Buffy the Vampire Slayer

4. Isaac Mendez from Heroes

3. Amy Pond from Doctor Who

2. Ianto Jones from Torchwood

1. The Doctor (Doctor Who)

omg this girl came in here and now its not silent anymore and she wont shut up and idk what her problem is she's really weird like is she drunk or something or what?


wow here's what i dont wanna do: write this fic
what i want to do instead is watch the darn scream awards

wtfffffff shes like talking to everyone and jsadgklasdgsd aok first of all what is wrong with her brain. second of all why would she be drunk. it's tuesday night. well i guess. idkkkkkkkkk
ughhh its like the opposite of quiet in here because of this 1 girl
omg i feel so bad for this guy sitting next to her
shes being like "can i see your room" blah blah blah omg and he obvs doesnt want to be associating with her

fyoosh i have been assigned a new prompt
ok crisis averted

Alright. Once upon a time, Peter/Emma and Sylar/Claire decided to go on a double date. They went to their favorite restaurant called olive garden.
when it came time to order food, peter order some noods for him and then he ordered soemthing for emma that he thought she might like. emma made a face like tyt that is what i wanted.
next sylar ordered and tired to do the ordering for his woman thing for claire. he picked some he thouht she might like. claire was like WHAT THE and then she ordered something completely the opposite of that. so far pemma was winning the double date game, even though only sylar knew that it was a game. but syclaire would redeem itself, sylar knew.
next game the acticity of making small talk. sylar laughed to himself because how were the other team gonna accomplish this? well turns out peter picked up some sign language so they had this nice little signing convo. sylciare talking about the weather some and it was a snooze. darnitall for them.

ughhhhhh its getting too late ok to be continued
omg i am a failure. sorry

wait idk whyy that was in past tense. w/e

fml here come the asians

wow ok you know when there are some people online and they are just obviously like treally stupid? its like idk they just dont get it, you know? and like you can tell what people are like that and what people are legit? well its like some people i know are good regular people but they dont have the sense installed in them to tell when people are these dumb people. idek


well anyway 1.5 hours till by bday
ok bye

ughhh i cant find a darn title

alright here is something very very very important i forgot to say. it is that in the hp computer game with the dueling club, that was just ok. well i kinda miss that game actually. Also i miss HPM.

Monday, October 18, 2010

We Do What We Have To Do i'll admit i've been a very bad goblin and i deserve to be punished. D: but......i've just been super busy with marching band and school and i just started driver's ed and like i just haven't had much time. omgg like idek how it is already october 18, like this month is just going by sooooo fast. well that's no excuse for not posting, not gcing, not completing my last punishment, and not playing the game but anyways i have an idea. instead of you punishing me i'll me the bigger goblin and i'll punish myself. here is my punishment:

-Every post I make must not be a suck post.
-Every night I must stay up until at least 1 am goblin time.
-Every week I must preform at least one sneaky act (other than staying up late/gcing) and post on the blog about it.
-Every weekend I must have at least one gc with hob and para.
-I must finish my slash fic by next Monday at the latest.
-This week I have to listen to only Britney Spears music and nothing else. And you can make sure I'm really doing that by checking my profile.

this will be in effect until after marching band is over...which is like the first week of november, but hopefully a lot of that stuff will definitely continue anyways. oh and feel free to add any suggestions to my giant punishment. let's just say this will cover all the times i haven't been punished.

and what if i don't follow through on this punishment? idk what will happen...but it will be REALLY REALLY bad.

okay also there is the issue of the game. i don't really like my goblin game either but i just could not think of anything else. if someone thinks up something else i'll do it, i just really don't want to write fic every post. well i'll go ahead and play the game, even though it is really dumb because playing a game is better than no game. again, feel free to suggest something.

1. What was awesome about this day?
nothing really.

2. What sucked about this day?
it was just a boring average day. oh and driver's ed is like the most boring 3 hours of my life ever.

3. What happened today that you feel like sharing but no one cares about (besides the above)?
i had chili for dinner.

4. On a scale of 1-10 what would you rate this day?

okay and to end this post, here are some random pics i found.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Beauty and the Beast: Part Two

wow i am this ball of frozen
wtf why does it need to be so cold inside
try bein this outside
actualyl it was nice and cool out this evening
idk abiout earlier though
wow here's who is gonna get it: gob

wow this post is just not happenin
i am too distracted
you wouldnt understand
wow my nails are yellow and its fun to watch em type


omg here's a thing to say
if the bathroom wasnt so far away, i woulda tinkled liek 5 hours ago
but omg why though

wow this is like the stupidest post i've ever made
but at least it's better than not posting at all
cobb is squinting at cobb

omg i just dont

let's write some fic
ok what is it

wait raise your hand if you have th is prob wehre you always type faceboko instead of facebook

omg syclaire h/c
ok well i guess i'll just think of what to write as i go along like always

ok a/n: the caps part at the biegiing is accidental. i dont relaly feel like fixin it so deal wit it

Claire is not a happy camper one day.

Sylar waddles over to her.

"none of your business," she tells him. Sylar gets realy frustrtated because he's this guy who has to know everything. But DARNITALL he doesn't have any mind reading or anything to get her to spill the beans



Sylar takes it out of his pocket and tangles it in front claire. Claire's eyes light up like a christmas tree and she grabs it with grabby hands.
"MINE!" she says. Sylar chuckles and sits back and chilaxes as he watches claire gulp down the whole bottle in one go. when she is done, claire rmemebers that she can't get drunk.
"FML!" she screams, chucking the bottle at sylar's face. it hits sylar's face and broke and then his face is all bloody with little peices of glass all up in it

Claire shrieks and dashes to his side like a reindeer.

"omg are you okay?" she says. he is crying pretty much, and she wipes them away, and gets blood on her fingers and even wipes the blood on her own leg. sylar nods with difficulty. claire sits him down and picks out the glass pieces and he acts like the beast in beauty and the beast when belle is fixin' him up.

"don't worry," claire says. "i will comfort your hurt."
the end

omg ok big twist right, because you thought it was gonna be like sylar comforting claire about her probs.
yeah that's what i thoguht too

alright my prompt is saito/carpet noncon

Saturday, October 16, 2010


heyyyy gs

my fic is 35k words. nbd.



























for these reasons he will be tortured and slaughtered tomorrow afternoon.

alright lets talk about fic.

why do people have to have lives? espec really great fic writers? why do they have to have probs in their lives that prevent them from writing fics? why do they have to have jobs and relationships? can the government just pay every awesome fic writer to stay home and write fic? is that too much to ask? i just want my fave fics to be updated already! kdlsjgdlksjglsdgj

speaking of fic

I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE MY G IN LESS THAN A WEEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


speaking of awesome

only two days of school next week for me! its like. one day and then the next day is friday.

can i just say hob no offense to you but i don't like shipping real people. its like everyone in the world ships zq/cp but ewwww ntyt i don't even like cp and if i was gonna ship zq with someone it would be mv. or kb.

hey gs it is now later in the evening because i had to go my mi madre to get my bro.

nbd i'm back.

but i still gotta write hob's fic.

Locke is just bleeding. And then all of a sudden... he's not! He's good as new! It's a miracle! He looks upon his beloved Island and smiles at the thing.

"Thank you my love," he says sweetly, giving it a soft kiss upon its mossy head.

"No prob, John," The Island replies.

Locke gently strokes a tree. "What nice shrubbery you have," he notices.

"You too," The Island jokes, patting Locke's baldo head.

Locke smiles bashfully. "Oh Island," he laughs. "You flatter me."

"John, I have to tell you something," says the island suddenly.

Locke nods. "Okay," he says, feeling mightily important. "Go on."

"I...I love you," the Island tell him.

Locke's eyes widen. "I feel the same," he says.

"Kiss me," says the Island passionately.

Locke proceeds to make out with the ground.

He looks into the eye of the island. And what he sees... is beautiful.

ok hook me up with sylar/claire. hurt/comfort

Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Doctor Dances

omg sjdghsdklagsag
i can't even
your fic
what is it like checkers
i have never laughed so hard in my life
which is unfort cuz i'm in a comp lab full of people
ok also its like this is a crack meme instead of a kink meme because i think all the fics have been crack so far, even the noncon ones. haha i don't think i've ever really read a crack noncon fic before. all the ones i've read have been the darkest of the darks

GUESS WHAT. MY INTERNET BREAK ENDS THIS AFTERNOON! haha i am on the internet right now but w/e w/e
ok i just got new headphones and they are these big things that blog out a lot of stuff from m y ears so idk it makes the typing sound really nice

here are some things i hate:
the gob game

omg para i loved your nano snippets
especially the part with the shapes and some other lines
well me i'm still deciding about nanowrimo this year


omg it's just like the sound this keyboard is making is the darn stuff


INCEPTION KINK MEME ROUND 9 STARTS TONIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


ok here is what i mostly did over this break: read a whole shitload of fic. ok every night i would load up a word doc with fic, and i would have about a hundred pages of it and read about half that night and the rest the next day. omg some of it was so darn good i c an't even

omg the other day i went to this darn concert and it was great

alright lets talk about how i don't really read rpf or whatevs and ok sometimes shipping rela people is a LITTLE creepy but i mean idk i'm ok with it and ok last night i was thinking about how if 2 people are in more than 1 movie together that aren't like sequels or w/e and play a couple in more than 1 movie then i pretty much automatically have to ship it
like ok jgl/zooey deschanel. yeah bet you didnt even know about that one. but i'm just shippin' it. also leo dicap/kate winslet omg they should just get married already

wow wait what was i talking about icr cuz i just took a break and now i am back AND I AM BACK ON THE INTERNET. omg never again

ok speaking of people being in more than 1 movie together
alright apparently tom hardy is gonna be in this new batman movie and idgaf about batman, frankly, but i do gaf about tom hardy and ok the point of this is that there is a darn rumor that jgl is gonna also be in that movie soooooooooo. do i even need to say it?

omg wow more speaking of this,
ok apparently jgl and the person who plays Nash in inception were in a movie together that i have plum even seen. wow. hello otp
jk whoever even ships nash with anyone can just go die.

omg hold up i also ship tom hardy/palms


ok i'm just gonna wing it

but thats what i always do so w/e

Peter was just dancin'. His fave jam was playing and he was just groovin' to the beat. Then he heard footsteps and turned around. There stood his friend Emma. He wanted to barf upon thinking the word "friend" because he wished for her to be his Gf and not just his regular f. He made sure she could see his mouth and said
"Ohai Emma" She waved. "Me, I'm just dancin'," he said. She nodded awkwardly.
"Wanna join?" he asked. She shook her head no.
"I can't really hear the music" she said kinda. Peter danced over to her and took her hands
"nbd," he said. "we can just dance to the rhythm of our hearts, beating as one." Emma almost upchucked the turkey burger she'd just eaten at these cheese ball words. she wasn't sure she read peter's lips right at first. could he poss have said something so darn cheesy. but from the way he was smiling at her with goo in his eyes, she guessed that she had read correctly. But she also thought it was the cutest thing she had ever not heard. Peter danced over to the radio and switched off the music. Then he danced back to Emma and took her hands, waist, etc and danced her around the room. Finally they kissed. the end.

wow sorry g i just dont have the darn time for life rn.

alright a prompt a prompt a prompt

wow i feel like there was a ton of stuff i didnt finsih saying in this post. w/e w/e

ok hmmm

locke/island fluff

haha idek

wow perfect title is perfect

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Forbidden Forest

heyyyyy gs

there was something i was going to tell you...icr what.

alright lets hook you up with some excerpts of last year's nano

“What do you mean?” Hamma didn’t say anything but instead turned into a cat.
“Meow,” she said.

“How’s your head?” she asked.
“Um,” I said, “It’s you know, round.”
“Not really,” said Hamma.
“Oh,” I said, “Square?”
“Yeah,” Hamma nodded.

I hated him so much. I really wanted to do bad things to him. And not in the way that I wanted to do bad things to Sheniqua. That would be disgusting.

I would fuck her so hard that she would never run back to Zander again. It would be beautiful.

And that was what I wanted to do to Zander. Shoot him with a giant hose with full of spit.

“Come on,” I repeated, tugging on his arm. Carlos said something in Spanish. “I don’t know what you just said,” I replied. And to that Carlos replied with something else in Spanish that I couldn’t understand. “Stop talking in Spanish!” I yelled.

“Because you’re not. You can only get one by filling out a form requesting for one. But they won’t give them to just anyone.” Doo doo doo doooooo! Doo doo doooooo! Doo doo doo doooooo! Ohhhhh! Ohhhhhhh! Where’d the man in horn rimmed glasses hide a child so odd? Where’s the teen like Wolverine with the sexy indestructible bod? I sang that song in my head because Roklina and Gordon were talking on and on and being really boring.

One of the receptionists had yellow skin, purple eyes, and green hair. The other one had green skin, yellow eyes, and purple hair. “These are our receptionists,” said Roklina, “Mookoani and Jessica.”

“You can’t go to the third floor,” Roklina replied sternly.
“Why not?” I asked.
“It’s forbidden.”

“Can we eat right now?” Sheniqua asked, rubbing her bump I swore had gotten bigger over night.
“Not right now,” said Roklina.
“Girrrl, I’m so hungry!” she yelled.
“You can eat later,” Roklina promised, “In fact I’m going to give you some money, right now, so you can buy food after the tour.” She handed us all some strange looking coins.
“Money!” I yelled.
“Dinero!” Carlos screamed.
“We’re rich!” Gina cried.
“Let’s swim in our wealth!” Blake shouted. We all threw our money up in the air.

"Dammit," said Zander, "I'm a nurse, not a physicist. What are you saying?"

"Why do we have a fucking swear jar?" Zander asked irritably.

wow hello what a g that novel was. this year's shall be far superior.

alright let's hook ourselves up with the game because i'm tired of this.


then i must say that i was hoping for top!peter in that last fic really. i guess i should have specified. ):

well hob didn't specify who she wanted to be top in her fic so this is what she gets. well i haven't exactly written it yet soooo

Hurley and Libs are just chilling. Well actually they are having their picnic but Libby didn't get shot. Okay and then Libs bites into a big piece of fruit and says,

"Mmmm so WET!"

"What the?" says Hurley in confusion.

"This fruit is the juice!" Libby squeals.

"Okay..." Hurley says awkwardly.

"Hugo," Libby urgently grabs his hand.

"Yes? ...Libbo?"

"I need you right now," Libby says seductively.

But Hurley doesn't recognize her sex voice because he's never had a girl speak to him in such tones. He is fully unprepared when Libby suddenly tackles him in the sand.

"Dude, what are you doing?" Hurley screams and Libby RIPS his shirt off, and begins stroking his fat.

"Don't you want me Hugo?" Libby doesn't stop. "I'm better than some imaginary friend, right?"

"No!" Hurley cries as Libby tears his pants off. "I don't want this!"

Libby pays no attention. "Can Dave do this?" she asks, a bit of crazy in her little voice as she forces him into her.

Suddenly there is a rustling in the jungle. Libby and Hurley look over to see Walt just standing there, watching them.

"What're you doing?" he asks.

"We're just playing, Walt," Libby assures the kid, even though Hurley is clearly crying.

"What is it like checkers?"

ok hook me up with peter/emma fluff

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Do No harm

asdkfmdakfmkld sorry i almost forgot about this post! actually i didn't almost forget...i did forget until just now. one day i promise i'm going to make a legit good post and stuff but today is just not the day. D:

Gob game:

okay now the gob game:

1. What was awesome about this day?
i watched one ep of veronica mars and it was a really good and exciting one.

2. What sucked about this day?
everyone was super grumpy in my house in the morning, school went by soooo slowly, my classes were really boring, i got injured twice today (by someone kicking a padlock into my foot and by someone hitting my head with a bass guitar), i didn't bring enough money to buy a drink with dinner at Subway, and band practice went by super slowly.

3. What happened today that you feel like sharing but no one cares about (besides the above)?
In history class we took notes over the deceleration of independence

4. On a scale of 1-10 what would you rate this day?

Monday, October 11, 2010

The Long Con

Hello gs! Greeting from astronomy! Ha ha. My prof says hello. Jj. She says “pleasae make use of those extra resourses if you need help understanding the material”. Zzzzzzz now she is saying “blah blah blah red dwarfs”. Goosbag now she’s saying that she’s gonna drop the 4 lowest quiz scores. That is an excitement and a half. Also she’s talking about this stupid test that is on my birthday. I want to smash her face in.

Alright well he’s what I need to be saying and it is that I haven’t read the post from yesterday. This is because I am taking a little sort of break from the internet this week until idk maybe Thursday night. Well ok not a completel break because I need to do my posts and chat with my Gs and do homework stuff and watch things and get fic to read, but I didn’t feel the need to do any of those things last night or this morning so I didn’t even. Well this break if pretty refreshing, actually. You don’t even know.

Oh man last night I read a ton of fic. Also I wrote some. Ok but let me tell you that there will be no more reading of porn before bed because okay last night I had what was definitely the weirdest dream I’ve ever had in my life. Jk I will keep on keeping on but wowwie. What was that even Do not want. Okay and then I woke up this morning from that dream with this big headache and I had no plum clue what day it was, but I suspected it was Wednesday. So then I asked Mol, my roommate, what day it was and she made face like “what the” and then she told me it was Monday and I made a face like “what the just that?”

Haha one of the questions of this quiz is “why does a star leave the main sequence” and one of the choices is “it is bored”. Haha 6% of people picked that one. I sure did.

Ok let me tell you that last night I read some of my nanorimo from last year and let me tell you that it was the funniest thing I’ve ever read in my life. Omg was I high the whole time I was writing that or-
Ok I don’t remember writing a single shred of even one word of that. Omg what even is this thing.
Ok let me givey ou some snippets:

“Do you always have to shout? Well, Voldemort, obviously. That man is the shit!”
“Nancy!” said Wally. “You are a bad influence!”
“What is the shit?” asked Ada.
“See what I mean?” Nancy ignored him
“It’s like the bomb,” she said.
“What is the bomb?”
“The stuff?”
“The junk.

“They are fruits,” said Wally kindly, before Nancy could shout out another “WHAT?!”, which it was clear she was going to.
“Oh.” She seemed satisfied. And then, “What is fruits?”

“Oh, Honey, Forks ain’t in Seattle,” said Nancy apologetically,
“It ain’t eh?”

Man, this thing is huuuuuuuuuuge!”
“That’s what she said,” Captain snickered. Nancy laughed. Loudly.
“Thank you turtle.”
“I’m not a turtle.”
“I know.”
“Nancy! Don’t say ‘LOL’ in real conversation.” This was Wally. “I’m a big geek and even I don’t say LOL. In real life. I mean… I work at Best Buy for goodness sakes.”
“Aaaaaaaanyway. I’m gonna flip through this big ol’ honker and see what I can find. Hmmmm.” She ruffled the pages. “Seattle. Seattle. Where is Seattle?”
“We’re in it,” Oswaldo said jokingly.
“No, I mean in the book!” said Nancy, flipping through it ferociously. “Oh. Here! Okay, let’s see, let’s see. Okay, it starts on page 929 by the way. Remember that, Ada.”
“What? Why me?”
“I don’t know. You just look like the kinda girl who’s good at remembering stuff.

You are not to be coming. I will be going to the land of America, which is why I need my English, in case I must be communicating with any American cows while on the road.

“I am going to go on a road trip.” Eduardo blinked twice. “It is a trip that you take on the road.” Eduardo grew engraged. “I KNOW WHAT A ROAD TRIP IS YOU BOLSA DE BASURA!” He calmed himself down immediately. “I apologize.”
“You are forgiven, my friend.”
“Good. Now, you tell me. What is this trip taken on the road that you are to go on?”
“Well,” Oswaldo said, not quite sure how to begin. “It is like this. I seem to have a… lot on my mind lately. And in order to get it off of my mind, I plan on taking a short trip lands never explored by me, Oswaldo, before. It will be an adventure, of sorts. It will be a blast!”
“A blast?” Eduardo said, raising his eyebrows. “What is blast?”
“It is fun times to be had, that is what it is,”

Ok do you people know wtf this is. Wow I don’t even.



Well I’m gonna finish reading this fic now and then write some. I would write the one for this post but obvs idk what the prompt is. Man I can’t wait to read para’s fic.
Oh I just realized I never read gob’s post either hmm

Ok I just read gob’s and the beginning of para’s.
Alright here is a list of things th at I just can’t bring myself to care about:
*when the date, month, and year are all the same number. w/e w/e

Alright gs remember when our blog was apropr? Hahahaha

Omg gs
Ok idk what happened but the fic I was writing turned into porn. I don’t even. What is this
Ok it’s like legit nc-17 porn even jsgahkjdasghsadghla wtf


"Palms," Arthur repeats. He doesn't remember that particular character. "What book is he in?"


Wtf I don’t want to write sypeter noncom D: D: D:
Alright well w/e. well g idek who you are wanting to be saying that thing so i'm just gonna go with it really.

Sylar and Peter are just chillin'. Actually they are playing a game of checkers. Sylar is getting really frustrated because he thinks he knows everything and so of course he should be winning, but Peter is kicking his ass. At last Peter wins the game.

"CHECK MATE!" he hollers in a really obnoxious voice.

Sylar flings his arm across the table and knocks send all the checker pieces flying across the room.

"Oh, great," Sylar snarles. "You won a fucking game of checkers. You think you're so special?" he continues, advancing towards Peter who is just standing there looking rightfully terrified. "Let's see how much I can break you. He telekinesises Peter back on to the bed that happens to be there, and Peter lands on top of it with a thud. Peter squirms and tries to rol off the bed but Sylar is too quick for him, holding him there with his mind. Sylar flings h imself on to the bed next to him.

"DON'T KILL ME DON'T KILL ME!" Peter shrieks. Sylar lets out some maniacal laughter.

"Kill you?" He says, raising an eyebrow. "I'm not going to kill you." Then he presses his lips to Peter's and wets Peter's lips with his saliva. He sits back up and Peter's eyes are filled with horror as he realizes what is happening. Sylar smiles and RIPS off Peter's shirt.

"NOT THE SHIRT NOT THE SHIRT!" Peter says. Sylar rolls his eyes.

"Shut the fuck up," he tells Peter, and presses his lips to Peter's again in a sloppy kiss to make him do just that.

"Please don't do this," Peter says against Sylar's lips. "It doesn't have to be this way. We can, we can play another can of checkers." Sylar pulls back and looks at him with a smirk.

"Oh Peter," he says. "This isn't about the checkers." Then he undoes Peter's belt and slides his pants down his legs and then plum just noncons the hell out of that little guy.
A few years later, on their wedding day, they look back at this and laugh and laugh and laugh some more.

Ya like that?

Alright here's what you will write. hmmmmmmmmmm

Okay it will be some Hurley/Libby noncon

haha icqcml at this prompt. i can't even

omg i came h ere mostly t o chat w/ my gs but they not even here so w/e goodbye to all.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Tropical Depression

heyyyy gs!

aw man i was just watching those vids we made at goblin camp and let me just say i miss goblin camp.

but omg tg is coming up and alskjaklsjflasjfas ICQCMEEEEEEEEEEEE


ok well actually it was 22:10 that i missed because i slept through the actually 10:10 but still.

although i was on meebo at the time and i did manage to save this

[22:10] Annie: lauren

well that's... something.

wow hello remember when i asked you gs to give me a reward for winning the summer challenge? well you never did that. just saying. it hurts me inside.

i love me some fanfic. hob i read the first two pylar fics you gave me last night and they were AWESOME. espec the first one.

speaking of fics my mad eye fic is over 31k words. i would really like to fin it this month but idk if that's gonna happen.

alright i still need to write hob's fic.

ok here it is:

"The mark has a flight to Florida next week," Arthur tells Eames one stormy afternoon. "We can do the extraction then."

"Florida?!" Eames asks.

"Yes..." Arthur responds. "Why?"

"Oh," Eames gives a brave attempt at hiding his excitement. "No reason."

Arthur glances down at the large bulge in Eames's pants. "Doesn't look like no reason," he chuckles.

Eames's cheeks redden. "Uh... I mean... Wizarding World is there. That's why I'm..."

Arthur gives a look. "Harry Potter. That's what's arousing you?" He smirks. "Or is it Draco Malfoy?"

Eames shakes his head.

"Severus Snape?" Arthur guesses. Perhaps Eames has a fetish for copious amounts of hair gel.

But again Eames denies this.

"Ron Weasley? Lord Voldemort? Hagrid? Dumbledore?!?!?!?"

Eames says no each time, and Arthur has run out of characters.

"Then what is it?" he asks, hoping with all his might its not Hermione Granger.

"I can't tell you," Eames says in a small voice.

"It's not Hermione, is it?" Arthur asks seriously.

Eames has a disgusted look. "Are you kidding me?" he inquires incredulously. "Ewww no!"

Arthur shrugs. "Tell me or I'll assume the worst."

"Fine!" Eames agrees in desperation. "It's palms, okay!?"

"Palms," Arthur repeats. He doesn't remember that particular character. "What book is he in?"

"Palms is not a Harry Potter character!" Eames cried. "It's a tree!"

"Oh, like the Whomping Willow?"

"No!" Eames shouts. "Nothing like the Whomping Willow! Palms are beautiful creatures! Palm trees! How can you not know about palm trees!?!?!?"

"Oh PALMS!!?!?" Arthur understands finally. And then he doesn't. "Palms?"

"Yes. Palms."

"And this pleasures you how?"

Eames shakes his head. "If you don't understand, perhaps you're not the man for me."

"No, no, I'm trying to understand!" Arthur assures him. "So...palms?"

"It's sort of a kink of mine," Eames admits sheepishly.

"Oh," is all Arthur can think of to say. "That's cool."

"Really?" Eames asks in surprise. "So you agree?"

"Yes?" Arthur replies, hoping he hasn't just agreed to fucking Eames in any palm trees.

"Great!" Eames beams. "Then you'll do it?"

"...not in the tree..." Arthur says carefully.

Eames laughs. "Oh no," he says. "No, believe me, I've tried that. I've got a much better way."

"How?" Arthur asks, curious now.

"It's not something I could explain..." Eames tell him.

Two sets of eyes fall to the silver briefcase on the table.

"Then show me," Arthur purrs.

They race to the bedroom.

alright i want my next fic to be
sylar/peter non-con "you think you're so special? let's see how much i can break you."

Saturday, October 9, 2010

The Gallery

ahh i'm so glad that it is fall break and i get monday off! though you know what sucks, both thursday night and friday night i didn't get to stay up late because on thursday i accidentally fell aleep because i had a really bad headache and on friday i went to bed early because i had to get up at 7 am for band! D: the good news is though, i should be able to stay up as late as i want both tonight and tomorrow night!!!! and i think i'm going to stay up like super late both nights to balance out me not staying up late the last 2 nights.

okay i'm going to make a bunch of playlists like hob did in her last post:

Veronica Mars songs in my iTunes:

Fidelity - Regina Spektor
Rally - Phoenix
The Time Of Times - Badly Drawn Boy
Don't Fear the Reaper - Blue Oyster Cult
Run - Air
Smoke on the Water - Deep Purple
Such Great Heights - The Postal Service
We Used To Be Friends - Dandy Warhols

Falling songs:

Jigsaw Falling Into Place - Radiohead
Falling - Florence and the Machine
Falling Down - Muse
Falling Away With You - Muse
Watching Me Fall - The Cure
If I Fall - Matchbox 20
Sky is Falling - Queens of the Stone Age

Instrumental songs:

Life In Technicolor - Coldplay
The Gallery - Muse
New Orleans Instrumental No. 1 - R.E.M.
YYZ - Rush
Eruption - Van Halen
Genesis - Justice

okay now the gob game:

1. What was awesome about this day?
I just got to chill all day pretty much, watch like 3 eps of Veronica Mars and I got pizza for dinner.

2. What sucked about this day?
I had to wake up at like 7 to carry the banner for the band in this parade but inbd because it only took like 2 hours of my day at the most.

3. What happened today that you feel like sharing but no one cares about (besides the above)?
I had a Tootsie Roll Pop after dinner.

4. On a scale of 1-10 what would you rate this day?

Friday, October 8, 2010



jk not all of them





ok you know how much i love fanfic? i have as strong feelings towards asians except these are feelings of hatred.

well anyway, here is para's weekend plans if you didn't know

ok make sure you rsvp girl, but nbd because it was just announced today so its not like you're late or whatev

ok yesterday i was bored so i made a zillion awesome playlists on my itunes

here are some

songs for winter

* Hazy Shade of Winter - Simon & Garfunkel
* December - Weezer
* Winter Song - The Caesars
* Someday -Bryan Greenberg
* Winter Winds - Mumford & Sons
* I’m Going to Stop Pretending that I Didn’t Break Your Heart - Eels

inception songs

* Wild - Poe
* Was it a Dream - 30 Seconds to Mars
* Last Day on Earth - Kate Miller Heidke
* Pure Imagination - Maroon 5
* Borrowed Time - A Fine Frenzy
* The Tourist - Radiohead
* Lucid Dreams - Franz Ferdinand
* Adventures in Solitude - The New Pornographers
* In Limbo - Radiohead
* Upside Down - A Teens
* Here I Dreamt I Was an Architect - The Decemberists

arthur/eames songs

* Arms of a Thief - Iron & Wine
* Hardest of Hearts - Florence and the Machine
* Wake Me Up in Time - Mads Langer
* Sweet Darlin’ She & Him
* Promise - Eve 6
* Kiss with a Fist - Florence and the Machine
* Oh! Darling - The Beatles
* Staplegunned - The Spill Canvas
* Foundations - Kate Nash

songs for nanowrimo

* Paperback Writer - The Beatles
* Failure by Design - Brand New
* Can’t Finish What You Started - Motion City Soundtrack

existential songs

* Skin and Bones - Motion City Soundtrack
* Make Yourself - Incubus
* Existentialism on Prom Night - Straylight Run
* Killing an Arab - The Cure

life of pi songs

* At the Bottom - Brand New
* The Ocean - The Bravery
* At the Zoo - Simon & Garfunkel
* Swallowed in the Sea - Coldplay
* Lifeboats - Snow Patrol
* My Tiger My Heart - The Boy Least Likely to

songs for writing slash

* The Predatory Wasp of Palisades is Out to Get Us - Sufjan Stevens
* Michael - Franz Ferdinand
* I Know Him so Well - John Barrowman
* Every Man I Fall For - Cold War Kids
* I’ll Cover You - Rent

songs for doing homework late at night

* Time is Running Out - Muse
* Under Pressure - Queen
* Failure by Design - Brand New
* History Lesson - Motion City Soundtrack

really adorable songs

* All the Same - Sick Puppies
* The Hat - Ingrid Michaelson
* Build Me Up Buttercup - The Foundations
* Be Gentle With Me - The Boy Least Likely To
* Getting to Know You - James Taylor
* Treehouse - I’m from Barcelona
* Dream - Priscilla Ahn

songs with words in them that happen to have good instrumental parts

* Folkin’ Around - Panic at the Disco
* Believe - Yellowcard
* Good to Know that if I Ever Need Attention, All I Have to Do is Die - Brand New
* Duk Koo Kim - Sun Kil Moon
* Fairytale - Alexander Rybak

songs inspired by books and movies

* 2+2=5 - Radiohead (1984)
* Baobabs - Regina Spektor (The Little Prince)
* Between Angels and Insects - Papa Roach (Fight Club)
* How I Go - Yellowcard (Big Fish)
* Princess Bride - Cloud Cult (The Princess Bride)
* Ender Will Save Us All - Dashboard Confessional (Ender’s Game)

songs that make good alarms

* Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien - Edith Piaf
* Dream is Collapsing - Inception soundtrack
* Eye of the Tiger - Survivor
* Wake the Sun - The Matches
* Oversleeping - I’m from Barcelona
* Good Day-Nappy Roots

lost songs

* Return - OK Go
* The Ocean - The Bravery
* Keep it Together
* Better Open the Door - Motion City Soundtrack
* The Scientist - Coldplay
* Mr. Brightside - The Killers
* You Found Me - The Fray
* Angels On the Moon - Thriving Ivory
* At the Bottom of Everything - Bright Eyes
* This is Not the End - The Bravery
* Rescued - Jack’s Mannequin
* Lost - Coldplay
* Dare You to Move - Switchfoot
* How Far We’ve Come - Matchbox 20
* The End - The Doors

songs for not sleeping

* Rebellion (Lies) - Arcade Fire
* 4 AM Forever - Lostprophets
* Why Does it Always Rain On Me - Travis

ok now it's time for writin' a fic

ok this will be an AU where Hiro and Daphne are Olympic track running people.

Hiro narrows his already narrow eyes at the short American girl standing next to him.
"Nemesis," he growls. He, being Japanese, doesn't know much english, but is pretty sure that's the word he's searching for. She smiles obnoxiously back at him.
"I'm gonna beat you," she tells him. Hiro seriously doubts this. In fact, he knows she won't. He's been training for this for years, and she looks like she's about 5, so she couldn't have been training nearly as long. Yes, Japan is scoring a gold medal for this race once and for all. He makes the mistake of lookinig over at her again, and she has the most smug expression of her face, he wants to smash her face in. Instead it just makes him feel ever more powered to beat this bitch. THen he looks straight ahead, and focuses only on what he was about to do, and as a loud horn sounds, he is off.
He is off to a good start. He sees that the american is dragging behind him, but he guesses she was probably using the old "start off slow, end really speedily" approach. as for hiro, he is all about speed speed speed the whole time. But turns out she is only about not speed for the first few seconds, because suddenly, she SPEEDS RIGHT BY HIM. Hiro growls, and tries to catch up , but his little legs just can't take it. That girl is SPEEDY. All of a sudden, the most horrible thing of his life happens. As it turns out, Hiro, being an Olympic runner, is really attracted to fast people, so he started to get really really turned on by this girl.
"JESUS FUCKING CHRIST!" he screams in Japanese, before collapsing in a pile of exhaustion and sexual frustration.

The girl wins, of course. Daphne, Hiro finds out her name is when they announce the winner. Hiro scurries over the congratulate her as fast as he can, which isn't very fast due to the reasons why he just lost himself the race. He gets over there just as they are awarding her the gold medal. He catches her eye, ready to plant a wet one upon her yapper. But before he gets a chance, he feels a wet one upon his own yapper. It's Daphne. Hiro smiles shyly.
"Want to go get a coffee?" he asks? She nods.
"I'll race you there," she agrees, and they're off.

ok my prompt is arthur and eames go to florida and eames gets really excited by the palms.