Tuesday, April 30, 2013

problem cat

heyy gs.

i only have 2 more finals and they are both on friday so that means only one more day of school for me!!!!!!!!

okay next week when i'm finally not busy i'll try and draw something  so i'm not the only one on the blog who is not posting drwawings.  but it probably will suck really badly. 

who/what should i draw?

haha so during the star trek into darkness press conference jj abrams star wars was brought up.  he confirmed that john williams (who has scored all 6 previous movies) will do the music!!!

speaking of star trek, i can't believe it is coming out so soon!  i think it's been getting really good reviews from early screenings and stuff too so it should be awesome.

the uncanny threat of the terrible goat

Hey gs.

I was trying to get this paper done before my post but no such luck so this is probably going to be a suck post because I only have 15 mins to write it bleh

Aw g Noah is such a dumb like wtf why would you go to bed at 10 any day let alone when its the weekend and you are chillin in a hotel in Duluth???? Yeah we would have been having a party bleh Noah is a waste of life.

Same but that's probably the same for a lot of things like I like lions and sharks in theory but if I was in the presence of one I would probably be afraid of being eaten.

G that seems really hard to draw esp by hand

What books?

Yeah wow idg it like Thor is workin his hair and Loki is not Thor shante you stay Loki sashay away

I will have to explain Spock to you in my next post.

Oh okay are you sure it's not your roommate Molly?

Oh I was going to say that to Gob too because just some months ago I also though I couldn't draw anything.

Tyt!!! Yeah also I drew Wolverine who is also hard to draw for me! Yeah there are actually a bunch of places on deviantart I use for ref pics I think I have used that one place for one other pic but that's cool that you recognized it. But g you are missing the important thing of that pic which is that its so sad!!!!!

Wow I love your piccies!!!!! I need to see them with my own eyes though but I love Thor's sock feet so cute also nice hammer so beautiful also I love that pic of Spider-Man he gets sick a lot that's so small of him.

Gob idg how that pic wouldn't remind me of you. First of all it is directly telling me to think of my cousins and you are the first cousin that comes to my mind and also it is common knowledge to me that you hate mice and rats duhhhh also I wasn't saying like here's a pic you might like I was saying it just made me think of you.

Welp there is only three minutes left of this post so I will just tell you that I hate life because I have this dumb paper due tomorrow and the library's going to close in an hour although I'm almost done I think but still. Also I have a group debate tomorrow and one of the people in my group never showed up to our meeting and so I have no idea if he's even going to contribute at all and the other person in my group is clearly on the wrong side of the debate like we spent half and meeting arguing about the issue with him on the opposite side and he is so stupid and selfish I guess wow

Two minutes left so I still have time to say that Joy left a gross cotton swab stick thing icr what you call those that she had used to clean her ears on the floor and I almost died it's probably still there pls kill me

What a great post this is going down in the history of best posts

Sunday, April 28, 2013

chicken volcano

heyyyyyyyyy gs!

i am back!! theres not much to say about duluth really. it wasnt a time as muych as last year. we didnt even do anyting really and like bleh noah was a g idk. he kept going to bed at 10:00 wtf and we had like 2 bedrooms and i was in a bedroom w/ him so i had to keep going to sit in the couch area bc he made us turn of the light. that really made me miss my g bc i was like if para was here we would be havin a good time instead of everyone goin to sleep except me :(

ok everyone i literally just said that you have three days to work on your post so if you're busy on the day you have to post you couldve started it two days ago js

i like rats and mice in theory but if im actually in the presence of one i want to die p much

gob how come you never gc

to switch back to the old email thing you uh i forgot like create a new message and then i think in the corner of it theres something that lets you do that

wow ya i hate when people wont let you make one little joke. that makes me really like uncomfortable idk

ok para you know when you were like lookin at this pic w/ a buncha marvel characters and it had like spiderman in the front or s/t and you were talkin about what a dummy he is well just draw a pic like that w/ like a lotta people or

i bought some books w/ my amazon money

yeah g loki look a mess blech

wtf that doesnt make me unconfused why is spiderman spock?????????????????

ok just calm urself down

my friend is my friend molly who was here one time

oh gob i was gonna say that you should just try to draw a thing bc a few weeks ago i couldnt draw anything, i thought. so

nice piccies para!!!!!!!!!!!! wow you drew thor again and he looks so cute!! also omg the one w/ the children icqcml. also ok iv e been using this one place on deviantart that has all these reference photos although i dont think ive finished a drawing based on any of those yet but i was lookin on there last night for s/t to draw and i saw a pic that looked exactly like your sad pic so i guess you use that too????

ok sadly i still havent finished my one pic bc i havent been able to work on it but i did draw some pics on paper in duluth and i took pics of them and they probs dont look that great in the photos (if at all) but ill just post them and if para wants to see them better when she gets here she can. ok first we have thor in sock feet bc sock feet are so cuties and im goin to draw everyone in sock feet. i might draw a better thor in sock feet on the comp. although wow it took me about 20 mins to draw this on paper whereas it wouldve taken several days probs on the computer. although its not colored but thats mostly the easy part. i guess i could just trace over it in photshop and color it idk. ok:

ok then i asked mo what to draw and she said to draw spiderman w/ a cold?????? idk why she thinks id want to draw that but i did. he's blowing his nose if you cant tell that well. poor guy

anyway i'd like to dedicate this post to thor's hammer for allowing me to successfully avoid drawing his hands

Saturday, April 27, 2013

the cats in the lobby

heyy gs.

okay so i was busy literally like all day, first playing music for a bar mitzvah, and then playing in this concert, and then studying for my finals next week so i don't have time for a huge post.

i didn't really want to play music at the bar mitzvah because the rabbi never told cm and i what to play so we had to learn the music in less than a week...but on the bright side we each got $50 for playing!

um para why does that rat remind you of me...?  also i don't find rats or mice cute no matter what, except remmy in ratatouille is pretty cute but he's not real.  bleh speaking of mice i think i heard one underneath the computer desk or something today. D:  i hate when i hear them scuffling or squeaking and never no if they will actually come out or not.

well i'm going to go study for my finals some more and then go to bed pretty soon.

later gs.

Friday, April 26, 2013

duel to the death with the goat

Hey gs.

Aw g I wish I was in Duluth.

You know what's great is watching episodes of Spider-Man TNAS and then listening to Dr. Horrible songs because then it sounds like Peter Parker is singing them.

Wow it was so warm today.

How do you switch back to the old email writing thing? Although what's really the point if its only temporary?

Wow as bad as it probably is to be taking a test and realizing you should have studied more, it's also kind of annoying when you're taking a test and you're like wow this is super easy I could have studied a lot less I could have been doing so many things

Wow I'm so mad at my friend he is pretty much dead to me. Also right now he's being like Noah where you try to make one little joke and he gets so mad and takes like so much offense by everything you say even if you are just trying to lighten the mood wow I can't not make jokes idk what you want from me

Hob there are hundreds of characters in that book you dumby

Aw g what did you buy with your amazon money though

Oh okay well they look good to me but idk I never really try very hard to draw good shoes.

Yeah that is the best part of Thor's hair. But bleh idk why everyone is like losing their shit about Loki's hair like what it only looks a tiny bit longer to me and it looks like this glug mess. You should be losing your shit about Thor's hair because do you see how much longer it is and how beautiful it is and have you seen his beautiful hairstyle and tiny braids???

Iron Man 3 hasn't come out in the US yet. It comes out May 3.

I think I'm probably going to do the take home essay but I guess I'll wait to see the prompts before I decide.

Here Hob I drew you a pic of Spock.

Aw g I had to go check what you were telling me to be calm about and that darn reminded me about it so NOW I AM SCREAMING AGAIN BECAUSE THAT SUIT OF COURSE I JUST HAD TO LOOK AT THOSE PICS AGAIN WOW SO BEAUTIFUL

Tyt about my pics Hob. Wow I didn't think that close up of Peter was very good idk like I had considered putting it in my post before that one but I was like nah this isn't good but then I just went for it last time because I didn't care but okay.

Yeah I guess it could be kind of sad but but I was thinking Peter was just unconscious like not dead or too badly hurt. Also it's still cute to me because I like when people carry Peter haha

Who's your friend g?

Aw g I really want Panera idk when the last time I had Panera was. The only time that's coming to mind if when my friends and I went to Panera right after we had just seen The Amazing Spider-Man. Bleh I wish it was that day instead of this one.

That's such a beautiful pic g!!!

Yeah I know what you're talking about g like in one of my classes there are always some questions from the book  on the test and like I always read the book and I try to study the chapters but every time I end up getting some of those questions wrong because they are like on these specific little things and I just can't remember every specific detail like who can even do that?

Wow Gob that's a lot of events and by the way thanks for telling me when the 4th of July is!!!!

Tyt Gob and uh tbh it doesn't take me that long usually but it depends on the pic idk like I don't try that hard to make things look good? Like I just enjoy drawing things so once it's sufficiently drawn I just want to move on to drawing something else idk.

Me I have five more school days plus two or three finals.

Wow icqcme for the Spider-Man and Deadpool team up in Deadpool #10!!!! It looks like it's gonna be awesome!!! Plus they are so matching now cute!!!!

Hmm apparently Joss Whedon said that Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver are going to be in Avengers 2. Well at least he said there's going to be a brother and sister and everyone is jumping to that it's Wanda and Pietro and I guess they are the only ones I can think of so that makes sense plus they were Avengers pretty early on in the continuity. To be honest I don't really care for them although I do ship them with each other p hard. Also it will be good to have another woman. But there are other characters I would rather have like Black Panther or Carol Danvers.

That reminds me of this really stupid article I read one time where it was like  "women I don't want to join the Avengers in the MCU" and it was pretty much ALL THE WOMEN like Scarlet Witch was definitely in there, also Carol, She-Hulk, Tigra, and idk what I pretty much got from that was "I hate women."

Hmm one thing I am wondering about the Thor trailer is if there is this big threat to Earth, where are the Avengers?  Although I guess the same goes for Iron Man 3 like why can't Tony call any of the Avengers to help him?

Wow I was studying for a test yesterday and I was reading the definition for pathos which is suffering that exists simply to satisfy the sentimental or morbid sensibilities of the audience and right as I read that I stubbed my toe on my chair and I felt very angry at my audience because I know they wanted that for me so it's all their fault.

It occurred to me the other day that a lot of people in like the Avengers fandom in particular and don't  understand Spider-Man at all like even people who love The Amazing Spider-Man because like in so many fics where Spider-Man meets the Avengers it's just all wrong. Like a lot of people have him as this like starstruck guy who's completely intimidated by the Avengers and okay different interpretations of character sure but its SO different from how Spider-Man interacted with the Avengers and other superheroes when he first met them like a lot of times he would be annoyed by them and would act really belligerent towards them I mean this guy called Thor names and insulted Iron Man. Like okay yeah Spider-Man is just a kid congratulations you know that but he's not going to act like a kid when he's being Spider-Man like he's not going to act intimidated like that because when's he's got the mask on he doesn't care what anything fucking thinks of him like he can say whatever he want because he's like a troll on the internet and they don't know where he lives.

Also going off of that a lot of people REALLY have Captain America wrong. Captain America is not stupid. He can figure out technology okay he's not going to be afraid of it. AND TOASTERS WERE INVENTED IN LIKE THE 1920s!!! Also he is not afraid to swear and he's not sexist or racist or homophobic goddammit.

Wow the other day Joy's alarm went off in the morning and she wasn't even in the fucking room so I had to get up and climb up to her bed and turn it off myself.

Also two times this week I thought I had to leave for my first class half an hour before I actually did so I got ready half an hour early and the first time I even made it halfway down the stairs before I realized wow I think I need a break.

Gob I saw this cute pic of a cute rat and thought of you.

Time for piccies!!! I guess I will say what's in them again.

Well I drew this pic a while ago but I don't think I eve posted it?? This is Superior vs Amazing I guess??? Sort of??? Well you can clearly see what it is.

Okay this pic I forgot to put in my last post.  This is Peter and Johnny obviously. I think every Spidey pairing needs an upside down kiss.
I asked Karl what I should draw and he said "Thor and Wolverine playing chess? while Manhattan is getting destroyed in the background? by giant robots?" so

This pic isn't approp for Gob but it is Johnny and Peter doi
Here's MJ and Gwen. They can't quite contain their laughter!
Peter and Johnny again because they just can't keep their hands off each other.
The ever adorable Peter Parker.

Peter and Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel!!!!

Peter and Wade Wilson/Deadpool
Haha icqcml because I saw this pic that was like this but with real children and it reminded me of Peter's team in Ultimate Spider-Man so I just had to draw it as them. Except no Ava oh well. Okay from left to right: Sam Alexander/Nova, Luke Cage/Power Man, Peter Parker/Spider-Man, and Danny Rand/Iron Fist.
Okay Hob you requested a sad pic and this is it. It's Peter and Gwen if you couldn't figure that out... AND GWEN IS DEAD

Thursday, April 25, 2013

no chickens in the wild

heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy gs!!

goosbag im goin to duluth tomorrow!!!!!

goosbag gmail lets you temporarily switch back to the old email writing thing

tyt gob!!! well it takes me forever because for one thing i dont know wtf im doing so like if i want to draw some hair for example, i have to just like go for it and keep doin things until it looks ok, and for another thing, i have to use this stupid mouse when i draw so it takes 1000000 years to get anything right. so it takes a couple days to draw a thing idk

nah para just go through your encyclopedia and draw each person from it on the paper!!!

well i actually need those 60 cents because i need to buy a jam from amazon that i can only find there and i just spent all my amazon money so that plus another 70 cents that i got will be able to pay for it!!

tyt about my pic!! wow i thought the shoes looked really bad bc i drew them last and i was getting so lazy so i just like drew these big clunkers and then put some random lines on them idk. for some reason i always do that w/ the shoes like on the one im doin rn ive done pm everything except the shoes

yeha that trailer!!!!!!!! thor's hair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it espec looks good at the part at the end when he's talkin to loki wow i wish it was october. g didnt iron man 3 come out or s/t

hmmm idk i would do the take home essay because pm 100% of the time id rather write a paper than take a test so

im confused is there a spock in marvel

ok calm urself

really nice piccies para!!!!!!!!!! i espec like thor and i like that close up of peter. also the last one in that post is a sad one isnt it???

omg my friend just said sh emight come here this summer so we can see the les mis tour togvether wlow im dying gvb njmfrd

bleh i didnt finish this one pic and heres why: theres no food int he house like theres never been less food in the house than there is right now and idk why but i was like starving all day except luckily i had leftover panera for lunch but a lil bit after that i was startving so i couldnt do anything annd i had to do so many things like getting jamz and pack and finish this pic but i didnt do any of that. but ok heres the other pick............its a little dif and better than my other ones as you will see. its a pic of enjolras who was in um one other pic so yeah


wow you know when you take a quiz for a test to test if youve read s/t or whatever and like you DID read the thing but theres really specific questions on the quiz about these like little details that you just cant remember like wtf is the point of that. well anyway that is me right now

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

half cats

heyy gs.

wow so many special occasions and celebrations for our family are going to come up so quickly once the summer starts!!!

Seth's graduation - May 4
Mother's Day - May 12
Aaron's birthday - May 16
My Mom's birthday - May 23
My birthday - June 5
Father's Day - June 16
Seth's birthday - June 28
Nathan and Kassandra's baby's birthday - June 29 (Or some day close to it)
Nathan's birthday - July 1
4th of July - July 4

well we don't really do a whole lot for mother's day, father's day and 4th of july but that is still a lot of stuff to celebrate!!!  oh yeah and a bunch of movies coming out like iron man 3, star trek:into darkness, and monsters university.  and a bunch of tv shows like the new whose line is it anyways, futurama and breaking bad and arrested development. i really want it to be summer already...

only 7 more school days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

wow all these pictures on here that you two have drawn are so awesome and it really makes me wish i could draw better. D:  how long does it take you to draw one of those?

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

goat vs the chameleon

Hey gs!!!

Haha whoops I'm starting this post in the last hour of the last day

Wow thanks Hob except I can't draw every Marvel person because there are probably thousands of them.

Aww yeah what are you gonna buy with your 60 cents???

Okay I was just curious g but I have never heard of those guys idk. Why does everyone in that have such weird names wow. Well I always think it is p obvous who everyone is but if you don't know then you can ask of course!!! The guy in the yellow sweater is Peter Parker!!!!!!!!

Okay maybe I will try to make a banner out of those pics idk

Such a nice pic g!!!! I really like the one guy's hands!!! And both of their shoesies!!!! And the tall guy's tall hat!!!

Haha icqcml at your pegging comment.







But bleh okay I am already sick of hearing about Loki pls kill me

Bleh I want to go to Duluth too g. That was so great last year bleh can me and Noah trade places pls. Actually jk he would probably ruin my life and get me fired from the Avengers.

Okay yeah although this one person keeps spoiling RuPaul's Drag Race for me bleh.

Okay Gob that's not as bad as I thought because it sounded to me like a week where you just have no classes and you just study and that sounded stupid.

Hmm in one of my classes I have the option to do a take home essay instead of a final but idk if I should do it??? Like on one hand, I wouldn't have to take this final at 8:30 am and I wouldn't have to memorize stuff and study for it really, but on the other hand the essay has to be like 6 to 8 pages and that sounds hard... What do you gs think I should do????

Haha in class today we were listening to a recording of the Supreme Court and one of the people sounded like Robert Downey Jr.!!!

Wow people are so stupid being like "spock is the best bc he shoots people in the face with a gun and kills people who deserve to be killed peter parker is worthless he hates guns and doesn't kill ppl!!!111" Like, for one thing, Dan Slott is obviously against guns I mean just look at his twitter so like wow you are clearly getting the wrong message from these comics just saying.  Second of all, why do you even call yourself a Spider-Man fan if you think Peter's weak or stupid for not killing people and for hating guns?? That has always been a thing.....


Time for piccies!!!

Okay I will tell you who is in these pics this time maybe you will like that.

Here we have Peter Parker/Spider-Man as a ghost-like entity and Danny Phantom.

This is Peter but I really have no idea what I was trying to do here.

This is Peter and Johnny Storm/Human Torch.  It's based on a pic I saw of some of the people from the current season of RuPaul's Drag Race.

Okay this is my best attempt at drawing Thor.  He has no need for puny clothes!!!

This is (from left to right) Gwen Stacy, Peter Parker, Mary Jane Watson, Flash Thompson, and Harry Osborn.

This is Peter and Johnny again. Johnny is half on fire so that he can fly and carry Peter without burning him.

Well I'm about out of time so I don't have time for the last ones but that's probably good because they might not be approp for a Goblin and there's already a lot of of nudity in this post whoops.

Monday, April 22, 2013

apollo and the buffalo and chickens chickens chickens oh!

heyyyyyy goats

ok everyone just so you know, you have three days to work on your post so you dont necessarily have to start it in the last hour of the last day, js

well it cant be as big as apple because ive never heard of it. well i mean ive heard of it a lot but ive never known what it was

para you should draw every marvel person on your big piece of paper

you can do the jobs here

oh and i forgot to say that some of the jobs are like writing short essays/articles. i havent done one of those yet but yeah. oh goos i just got paid for the last one i did. it was only 60 cents but w/e

the fools in my pic are named jehan and enjolras (from les mis doi). you never say who's in your pics tho. for example who is the guy in the yellow sweater and glasses frm a few posts ago??? welp really nice piccies!!!! i still cqcml at those two pics. we should use the one of us as a banner or s/t idk

ok bleh the pic i've been working on is not quite done. i think im doomed to always have one not quite done pic when im supposed to post. fortunatley i have one done one that was not quite done last time but it's not very good. its def not as good as the one im doin now and its probs not as good as the other ones idk. anyway these fools are named montparnasse and gavroche:

ok hmmm i could talk about game of thrones from last night. i didnt watch it until this morning so yeah/
spoilers spoilers spoilers spoiler spoilers spoilers spoilers spoilers spoilers 

*wtf did cat ever do to the writers of the show tbh. i wish she'd die already so i wouldnt have to put up w/ the way she's treated by the writers any longer
*the cersei scenes were rlly great but i wish they hadnt cut out the scene that was supposed to be in the last ep where her dad was like "you need to get married again" because that scene is so sad but i wanted to see it and its like one of the only scenes from the book that i remember her being in
*the dany scene was so beautiful i almost cried. sometimes dany annoys me as i think ive said but that was the greatest thing ive ever seen
*jaime :(((((((((((
*i liked when the guy implied that cersei pegs jaime. she probably does tbh
*thats really about all i cared about idk it was a really good ep mostly so

ok what else idk

its fuckin snowing again

apparently theres gonna be a thor trailer tomorrow. but just a teaser i think

oh ok im goin to duluth this weekend and its like ok para you know how last year you were there and noah wasn't and this year it's the opposite of that? well i wish it was like last year because noah is boring and annoying. bleh that was so nice last year. noah probs wont wanna go in a deserted room at night and watch rupaul. not that i would necessarily want to bc i havent been watching this season yet but/ maybe we could watch it w/ para when she gets home. anyway bleh

Sunday, April 21, 2013

cat space

 heyy gs.

sorry to sorta be doing a last minute post (only 15 minutes until midnight) again but i just had a super  busy day today and i almost forgot!

okay i will respond to a couple things i neglected to respond to last time.

hob, microsoft is looking to pick it up, so i don't think it is a rumor but idk how likely or not it is to actually happen.

also, we don't know what kinda app we are going to make for sure yet.  an android is like an iphone type smart phone but not made by apple.  it's like just about as big of a smart phone company as apple.

para a study week is just the week of classes before finals week where a lot of times teachers choose to cancel classes or just spend the classes reviewing but you're not supposed to do anything major during the week.

okay well i would respond to more things but i only have a few minutes left to do this post...

2 more weeks of school until summer!!!!!

Saturday, April 20, 2013


Hey gs!!!

Well if that new season of Heroes even does happen I doubt it will be very good just saying.

Oh cool how do you do the jobs

No I still haven't yelled at her because I didn't see her for like two days afterwards and then by the time I saw her again it seemed like too long after the thing like kind of like when a pet does something bad you have to yell at them right away or else they forget about it. Idk I am still so steamed at her tho bleh

Yeah I mean a lot of people said nice things and its not like anyone was really criticizing it but just like a few people were taking it way too seriously and bleh I hate people

Nice piccie I will say again. Who are those fools???

Same it seems like it snows every Thursday idk

What is mo even

hahaha icqcml at Katie Utke crawlin up the stairs.

Gob didn't answer any of our qs bleh.

Wow speaking of Heroes I was looking at the cast of Ultimate Spider-Man the other day bc icqcme to watch it and there are so many people from Heroes in it!!! Like
Jack Coleman (HRG) voices Dr. Strange
Greg Grunberg (Matt) voices Uncle Ben
Adrian Pasdar (Nathan) voice Iron Man
Wow so crazy! Also Christopher Daniel Barnes (Spider-Man in TAS) voices Electro!!!

Okay gs my friend gave me a giant sheet of paper and I want to draw something awesome on it but idk what so I need some ideas pls help

Wow only two weeks left of classes that is crazy stuff man

Time for piccies!

Okay first this pic I forgot to put in my last post bc I am a dumby.

It's good old Spock!

Hahaha okay now this pic and icqcml when I look at it. It's the Goblog bloggers as Spider-Man villains!

Okay Gob is the Green Goblin bc doi that's just him. Hob is the Hobgoblin bc hob and Para is Venom bc Venom is part parasitic life form.

Okay Hob here's the pic you told me to draw of Spider-Man and a fish.

Here's a pic of these dumbies with their dumb matching outfits being so dumb

Eh I have more but too much lazy in me so next time.

Friday, April 19, 2013

all the pretty chickens

heyyyyy gs!

im starting my post rlly early bc im so bored


but i wont post it early like a glug

gob is there a big chance of that or is it just like a rumor or

the jobs are mostly like taking surveys and stuff and theres also a lot that are like transcribing audio and you can get paid a lot more for some of those though for some of them you have to take qualification tests that are hard to get a good enough score on.

uh this is the song

wow wtf joy is a dummy. if she even touched my stuff i would push her out the window. have you yelled at her yet?

wow yeah g i hate when ppl say dumb things about something you make or whatever. its like first of all, you try doing better at making the thing, and second of all, it's not really your place to say what shuold be dif about it, and third of all, it's really mean to criticize something unless a person asked for it to be critisized. like i made this graphic like last week and people kept like laughing at one of the things i put in it and that was really mean of them bleh.

anyway really nice pics para!!!!!!!!!! ok i have at least one pic. idk if the other one will be done today. bleh i hate when a thing is almost done but you have like all these little details to finish on it. thats me w/ this one pic. ok heres the first one of two little guys:

this is not my ship but the one on the right is in my ship. well i guess i could ship them but when i looked for fics for it some things about all the fics were not what i watned.................

anyway i drew that because ok everyone always draws the guy on the left looking like a g just because he likes flowers and poetry and stuff and people draw him exactly the same always and theres not even any physical description of him in the book and thats really annoying, and then  there's a lot of descriptions of the guy on the right and he's actually supposed to look like a g or whatever but everyone just draws him like he looks in the movie and i hate how he looks in the movie and it all makes me so angered. so.

bleh i guess im gonna only have like 20 jamz for duluth. ah well atl east its only two days.

wow it snowed probs like 6 inches yesterday what the fuck

bleh theres been nothing to drink in this house for several days and i thought i would be saved today but alas no one went to the grocery store and now we dont even have any milk im gonna die

i see a small cat

these furry kitties on our floors here they come walking once again our little dog would chase them off he never had a scrap of brain hey skatie cat what's up today i havent seen you much about meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow mind that big dog dont cat you up meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow dont judge a cat on how she looks i know a lot of things i do boy skatie the things you know you wouldnt find in books bc you cant read i like the way you grow your fur i like the way you always sneeze little she is little she seems

mo was just crawling on the floor


do you ever think about katie utke crawling up the stairs

Thursday, April 18, 2013

4 cats out

heyy gs.

wow did you gs hear that apparently there is a chance of a new season of heroes!!!  it is said that the show would mainly focus on new people but have like cameos from the last 4 seasons of heroes so it could be really good or really bad.  that is just so crazy though that it randomly come back when i thought it was really dead forever.

this week was so long and sucky...i'm so glad tomorrow is the last day until the weekend.

well sorry gs but i'm super tired and i've gotten like almost no sleep this week because of how much stuff i had so that's the end of this post.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

final cat

Hey gs!!!

Aw g every time I read that thing about people yawning I yawn.

Okay though maybe before we mass produce them we should do some testing and try to find the best materials like a waterproof pen that might be good.

Haha yeah that was how I remembered it that was an amazing experience.

Aw g hair is so hard just give everyone a mask that goes over their hair so much nicer

Wtf I have never heard of that what kind of jobs do you have to do

What is that song g

Wtf is a study week?????????

WOW I AM SO MAD AT JOY I AM COMPLETELY STEAMED bc yesterday I came back to my room after class okay I usually leave my laptop on my desk plugged in and I guess while I was gone Joy placed her laptop on top of mine, unplugged my laptop, and plugged hers right in. To my charger. LIKE SERIOUSLY WTF WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT???? First of all, why the fuck are you using my charger for don't you have your own and you didn't even ask me, second of all, why the fuck would you put your laptop on top of mine don't you know you're not supposed to stack laptops like that especially while they are charging because laptops are heavy and the bottom laptop (mine in this case) can be damaged like that and charging laptops generate heat and so the other one (mine) can also be damaged from that???? And third of all, DON'T TOUCH MY STUFF!!!! Wow I don't go around messing with your stuff idk why you would even think that is okay like wow. Also my laptop was on like it wasn't sleeping or anything so when Joy unplugged it while I was gone it ran out of battery and died so I lost everything that I was doing. I haven't even gotten to yell at her for this yet bc she is rarely awake and in the room at the same time as me. BUT WHEN SHE IS I AM GOING TO KILL HER.

Wow I guess the Deadpool video game might actually be coming out for pc too!!! I hope that is true!!!!!

Well okay there were some set pics of Electro and he looks p cool but I am really questioning all the people that are seriously like "wtf what about the green and yello outfit and the starfish mask???" like okay haha that's funny to joke about but you didn't expect them to actually do that did you??? Anyway he looks a bit like Ultimate Electro from what I can tell so

Wow speaking of stupid people there are so many annoying people saying about those superhero shaming pics I drew that they want to see other superheroes shamed for all the bad things they did that they are mad about or like writers or whatever or that those people have done worse things or like a ton of people have pointed out that Peter's the only one who feels guilty and they're like wow everyone else is worthless and like okay we know okay I had to pick which ones to draw I couldn't draw everyone okay I had to pick which crimes to put on there okay the point of this wasn't to ACTUALLY shame them I mean I love most of those characters like wow it's just supposed to be funny

Aw g Superior Spider-Man Team-Up is gong to be replacing Avenging Spider-Man that makes me sad

Okay it's let's talk about comics time again!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well okay first this I just want to say that I don't read Alpha bc I don't like him but I saw some panels from it and Alpha was talking to Spider-Man and he was like "are you ugly under your mask" and Spider-Man was like "no I'm extremely handsome" like haha okay Otto you think Peter is extremely handsome good to know.

Nova #3
*Well to be honest I only read this because I had already read the first two so I thought I might as well
*Also soon I can watch Ultimate Spider-Man soon so it might be good if I cared about Nova
*I don't care yet
*He doesn't seem that likable
*Wow why is no one ever honest with anyone
*I like Rocket okay he's really small like a cat
*This training from hell thing has been done a million times I am so sick of this trope
*Yay Chitauri

Daredevil #25
*So beautiful
*I like how Ikari outfit looks like Daredevil's original costume.
*Why does he carry his weight like a blind man if he's not blind
 *Matt's so cocky wow
*Look more training from Hell
*What a small little guy
*Okay Matt but in the movie the sprinklers helped you just saying
*Ah so much pain
*I don't know why people are saying this series is happy bc this is fucking depressing and so many other issues have been too

Age of Ultron #6
*Ah good
*That panel on the first page that's a close up of Wolverine is scary
*I find it hard to believe none of the other people Fury left behind tried to stop Wolverine like to be honest it seemed like Hawkeye, Moon Knight, and Spider-Man were going to try to stop him
*Haha past Fury I'm laughin
*Yup he brought people who could follow orders
*Oh past Hank
*"I'm the ghost of Christmas future."
*More scary Wolverine
*Haha big small Hank
*Also Wolverine looks so teeny!!!
*Why is the future so gold????
*Haha little Wolverine just scratchin
*Wow their plan did not work at all like wow that was a really bad plan
*Nooooooooooo Steeeeeeeeeeve
*NOoooooooooooooo Hank
*Nooooo is everyone who went to the future dead???
*Wow I'm guessing the present is going to be really dif now??? Icqcme!!!!

Superior Spider-Man #8
*Well that fight pretty much had the expected result
*Haha I'm laughin at Natasha bein like this fuckin spider is too hard to squish
*Well actually who knows what would have happened if he hadn't gotten distracted by Peter
*Haha Peter's like "not the face" and then Cap hits Spock in the face with his shield
*Me too Carlie
*Ooh tests are fun jk
*Wow I hate Otto so much like do you know how long it took Peter to get the respect of the Avengers??? A really fuckin long time!!!! YOU ARE RUINING HIS LIFE WOW STOP
*What is Natasha's face????
*Haha Spidey looks so hilarious when he's drawing like he's just doodling a little pic while he talks to her
*You have red in your ledger now."
*Wow nice drawing!!!
*Haha no but really Peter drew himself so cutely!!!
*"who probably can't even program a DVR" haha isn't that what Clint was having trouble with in one issue of Hawkguy?? icqcml
*Wow what an asshole you're making everyone hate you
*A better scan of your brain?? Wasn't your brain just scanned p thoroughly I mean
*See that is his catchphrase
*Haha icqcml at Spidey with his darn mask and operating scrubs and surgery cap and other mask wow
*Aww the part with the little girl at the end was cute
*Okay are you going to perform brain surgery on yourself or

Okay times for piccies!!!

This is something!
This is me trying to draw faces and hair!
This is me trying again with less success!
This is something else!
This is based on that one fic that was good except the author was kind of stupid
This is my madness taking over!!
This is so cute!!! 

There was one other one but I'm not sure it's done so I'll wait to post it I guess.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

look down (chickens)

hyehy gs

wiow im so hunrgy im lik e onga pass out is eveyron e going to bed y et why fno wtf

whats evern thi s day i hate i t i awant to die this week wont end

wow i hate phones

i hate when people yawn loudly its like good for you im so gla d you wyaned but noo  one want s to hear it

gobs what will your app do

whats even an android im not realy sure


ok para i think ill invest

hahah did u renmembvr what the fic was from saying "icr what the fic was honey" or

ok ill try to write it but ed  not if im so hungry

rlly nice pics as i alredya dsaid

i need to ifnish i pic but ti c ant do anyhting rn

i just how fo you draw hair

its prob eeasier w/out a mouse bc i tried to draw hair on my kinld e and it looked better but the porb on there is i have to draw w/ my finger whci h makes some things easier and omse things harder. bleh i have a tablet but idk wheres the software. waitr that wasnt all i aws gonna say that apra has drawn hair w/ a mouse so its prboably just me

did you know theres a thing on amazoln where you canm complete lil job things and earn money. ive earned like $12 aw yeah

;let this night come to an end

whens it gonan end

when we gonna live

soemthings sgotta happen now or sometings gotta giev itll ocme itll come itll coem itll come

where ar ethe leaders of the blog

where are the gobs who run this show

onkly one gob and thats goblin

speaks for the paras here below

see our children dead

help us w/ our posts

something for a nice lil fic when someone plays the game

plays the game plays the game plasy  th egame playst the game

goblin is ill and fading fast

wont last the week out so they so

with all the ange r on the blog

hosw long befofr eht e judgment day

before we cut the comp men don w to size

before the punismhents arise

watch out fvor that ol glug noah. all of his family's on the blog. once ran a glug ninja ducks blog. bit of a po make no mistake. he's got a friend who's name is sam rush. he is a rfeal fantasti cguy. thats hawkeye she knows her way about only a cat with lots of hair do we care not a chance we love bread WE LOVE BREAD!

ok sorry fo r this hunrgy post byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeedrftgbhlmk,;'./

Monday, April 15, 2013

tree cats

heyy gs.

yeah i have 3 weeks of school left including finals.  this week is the last real week of classes, next week is study week, and the week after is finals week.  ahhh saying that is kinda making me panic though because it is making me realize i don't have much more time to bring my grade up in this class where i have a c. :(  also i have a composition due at the end of the semester and this made me realize i really need to work faster on it.

oh and cm and i are working on making an android app because it will be cool to have made one and we could potentially make some money off of it.

wow that is so crazy what happened in boston.  it was really confusing at first though because for awhile i really couldn't figure out from the news stories whether they knew if the explosion was just some sort of technical error in the building or it was a bomb...i saw a really graphic picture of the detonation site and there was so much blood and it was really disturbing and i wish i hadn't of seen it. D:  i really hope the person who planted the bombs was just some random person and not some organization or anything trying to threaten the us.  also one of my friends that is muslim posted on facebook he really hopes the bomber isn't muslim because of how many people would condemn him and his family and all muslims everywhere.  i really hope america is better than that now.  like it would make me really sad if there was even close to as much muslim hate as there was after 9/11.  also i hope everyone injured from the detonation can have a quick and good recovery.  it's amazing though how almost instantly there was so much coordination online for support for the people in boston.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

cat night

Tyt Gob and Hob.

Yeah Gob at my school we have what are called "Intellectual Community" courses and you need to take one to graduate but they are only offered to freshmen in their first semester. Idk what happens if you fail it though....

Aw g well I guess I didn't think about how people might be annoying about it but tbh people are annoying in every class so that wouldn't be that different plus I bet it would be better than my IC course which was such a snore.

Aw g I have four weeks well three weeks not including finals but idk if you are including finals because last time I asked you ignored me I guess you will probably ignore me again but whatever

Why are you making an android app?

No g because my adviser didn't look at the times at all or like he didn't even ask me if I wanted to take them he's just like well here's an idea bye

Tyt you can construct one yourself or you can buy one from me if you want. Or you could invest and then we can mass produce them and make millions

Icr what the fic was honey

NO OMG I JUST REMEMBERED I AM A GENIUS It was Matlida/Miss Honey!!!! Hahahahaha

That doesn't seem like its really the same as J2 dating because tbh I shipped J2 for reasons other than just that they play Sam and Dean.

That pic is so beautiful Hei is so small wow

Wow I kept hearing "Quesada" in my head and I was really confused because it was in this voice and then when he watched Heroes I realized it was Nikki's voice and then I was like what and then I remembered that time when Jessica killed Alonso and Quesada and i couldn't qcml. (they are or have been editors in chief of Marvel)

Okay NOW it's let's talk about comics time.

Though I'm gonna have to reread the comics to remember what I was going to say about them oh well

Hawkeye #9
*Aja's art is always so good to me
*How was that card even stuck on Clint's face??? Like okay Bobbie and Natasha stuck theirs in their hair and Jessica might have face sticking powers idk but Clint??? How are you???? Doing that????
*I think Fraction has lost control of the "bros"
*Clint's face!!!!!!!
*Why did they just walk into Kate's apartment like is that normal??
*There's so much red in this issue it's weird
*Nooooo Clint and Jessica!!!
*Actually I don't really care if they break up they were kind of cute 2gether in Avengers vs X-men but
*NOOOOOO GRILLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Avenging Spider-Man #19
*Checchetto's art is always really good too ugh
*Peter Parker!!!!!!!!
*I can't think of many things creepier than Aunt May in a wedding dress talking to Otto saying things she says to Peter
*Okay maybe that spider octopus.
*Sleepwalker is really cool but idk that much about him tbh
*So if the Avengers are like monitoring Spider-Man or whatever why aren't they seeing this???
*So someone took control Peter's body that was was already being controlled by someone else okay
*Ah more tentacles
 *Okay yeah I recognize you're trying to make me sympathize for Otto but no I'm not going to do that like do you want me to forget all the horrible things he has done this doesn't excuse any of that okay a lot of people have had horrible lives Peter's was more horrible and Otto was partially responsible so just no
*Sleepwalker has a good look to him...
*"The fat guy with the arms, right?"
*Jeez calm down it was just a dream

Age of Ultron #5
*Ah yes I think this is my favorite issue so far
*Haha I love the cover bc it looks like they all have one arm thrown in the air and they're all shouting like "YEAH!"
*"One of us marries it."
*Wow when Steve is like "Tony, stead," and puts his arm on Tony's shoulder. Shippin it.
*Haha the panel of Logan sniffin. I'm laughin.
*"How's your spider-sense?" "Pretty good, how's yours?"
*Fury!!!!! Reall Fury I mean!!!
*"Miscolored hulk."
*Haha Fury's like "so who wants to go with me" and Black Widow and Moon Knight are like "we'll go" and Fury's like "thanks but I need people who are actually powerful so."
*Noooo you can't kill Hank he's too small!!!
*That is not the Mark II wtf
*I'm wondering how Fury decided who to bring with him because it doesn't seem like he based it simply on usefulness because a lot of the people he left behind would be more useful than some of the people he brought. But looking at the people he left behind...Logan....Peter...I think it's more that he brought the people who can follow orders
*Why is Logan's solution to everything "kill someone in the past"?

Okay it's time for pics!!! I have a lot since I've been drawing so much since I got my tablet but we'll see what we have time for since I'm almost out of time actually.

Okay these are supposed to be like those pet shaming pics idk if you have seen those but yeah except with superheroes idk

Okay this I drew before I got my tablet so

Oh I also drew this before 
And this was the first thing I drew with my tablet
Okay and this...well I asked Abby what I should draw and she said "Wolverine in pain" so
And then I asked Tom what I should draw and he said "Spider-Man and Deadpool holding hands with a little kid dressed as Superman running around them" so

Well that's all we have time for!!! Sorry!!!

Saturday, April 13, 2013

red and chickens

heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy gs

happy yesterday bday para!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

beep boop

wow para if that class was offered one year too late for me to take it i'd probs kill myself. just throwin out suggestions. though actually in theory it sounds like a grreat class but ppl can be really annoying about fandom things and like it could be really frustrating idk

perhaps it didnt occur to your adviser that four hours of english three times a week is anything to be concerned about

what a great thing you invented!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wow i get so many ideas in the show yuo dont even know. and i never get ideas anywhere else. sometimes i write like half a fic in the shower and then i have nowhere to write it down!!! ok im just writing up a commercial for your thing rn

same about the snow

nice fic g!!!!!!!! tyt for it


wow the ppl who play my ship frm les mis in the current us tour are dating. thats a lil bit like if j2 were dating wow happy day

DARN IT ALL NOW I JUST WANNA BE DONE W/ THIS POST SO I CAN POST MY PIC THAT I FINISHED!!!!!!!!!!!!! ok tbh i take back the thing i said about ill probs never be able to draw a good thing again bc this one looks p good too


here it is...................................................

blehhh i need to write a fic

nah i dont wanna

Friday, April 12, 2013

loyalty to the cat

heyyy gs.

happy birthday para!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

congrats to now being the same age as me!

haha so yesterday when i was registering for classes next year i saw there is a philosophy of star trek class available!!  maybe one semester if i have enough credits free i will take it but i couldn't fit it into this next semester.  okay so far my schedule next semester is turning out to be really awesome though.  on tuesday and thursdays i will have a class at 8 but on mondays, wednesdays, and fridays, i won't have any classes until 11!  that will be so nice to not have to wake up at 6 or 7 am every day of the week any more!!! :D

wow that's weird that the class is only for freshmen para.  idg why they would do that and i don't think there are any classes that are like that at my college.

 wow only 3 more weeks of school until summer...that is so crazy!  these 3 weeks are probably going to be like the longest suckiest weeks though. D:  haha cm still has a whole month of school to do after i get out.

okay well now cm and i are going to go work on figuring out how to make an android app!!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

cat subtext

Hey gs!

Whoops I meant to start this post way earlier where did the time go?

Wow do whatever you want Gob it's p clear you don't care that much about this blog so

Haha but did you even read the fics I wrote like do you think being bad at writing fic even matters??? Well Hob's was great tho we can't deny that.

Tyt about my pic!!! I worked so long on it you don't even know

That vid scares me and idgi....

Tyt about my vid and my pic Hob

Yeah I can't draw hands either hands are really hard

Wow did you know you can delete the playlists in itunes that are like automatically there???? I did not know that but the other day I discovered it and so I deleted a bunch like
90s music why the fuck would you need that all my music is 90s music
classical why is there even this
top rated who the fuck rates their songs
music videos are on youtube who the fuck watches music videos in itunes
So now I can see slightly more of my HUGE list of real playlists without having to scroll down!!!!!

Wow okay the other day I was looking at classes to register for for next semester and I saw the BEST CLASS EVER but I can't take it DDD: It's called something like fandom writing and it's an english class and it's about fandom and writing and they're going to talk about meta and fanfiction and tumblr and dslkjglsdkjgslkjglksdjgsdkjglksdjglkdsj Bleh it's only for freshmen why this I hate freshmen so much next year I'm going to stab all of them

Okay but I have to tell you that my advisor is completely worthless. When he was advising me he didn't even look at what times the classes were or anything and it turns out that with the classes he suggested I take I would have four fucking hours of english classes in the afternoon three times a week. I did not take his suggestions but I hope he never finds out about that well actually idec

Okay so I invented something so that I can write down all the ideas I get when I'm in the shower (this was not one of the ideas) and I've used it twice and it's really helpful! Basically it's a few note cards attached to a string and on the other side of the string is a marker and if you have a hook outside your shower you can hang it on that and when an idea strikes you just write it down and try not to make the stuff too soggy it's a super great invention

Wow so I thought we were done with snow but last night we got a ton of snow and actually I think it's snowing right now.

Because of this one of my classes and a lecture I was going to go to were cancelled and also my other class had already been cancelled so today I had nothing to do basically.

Good news the free comics thing is back!!! I got a ton more comics!!!! But unfortunately you can only do it if you signed up for it before so you can't just jump on it right now sorry

Hmm I was going to have let's talk about comics time but now I'm debating whether I even have time for it or if I should wait....

Okay I guess I'll save it this post is even kind of long without it.

Oh also I need to write a fic!!! Okay wow we definitely don't have time for comics then.

Roy was working at a coffee shop.

Suddenly the two brothers walked in.

"Hey Full-Metal Alchemist. Hey his bro," Roy said.

"Hello we would like some coffee please," said the metal brother. He was so small.

Roy gave him some coffee. The little guy spilled it.

"My coffee!" he cried.

"Noooooooooooo!" yelled the other brother.  He quickly cut off his remaining arm and brought the coffee back to life.

"Wow that's disgusting get out please," said Roy.

The brothers left.

Then Hawkeye walked in.

"I love you babe let's get married," Roy said.

"Okay," said Hawkeye.

They skipped off into the sunset.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

chickens by the sea

heyyyyyyyyyy gs

oh fyoosh i thought gob you hated us and were never gonna post again so. ok ya g that sounds reasonable

wow i could not for the life of me remember how to spell reasonable

nice vid para

and nice pic

yeah in my pic theyre holding hands but i cant draw hands probably so

and nice fic!!!!

bleh you didnt tell me what the fic was that you wanted me to write before we even started this game. ok i guess ill just write a dif fic for para anyway since gob doenst like fics

unless he wants to say one he;d want to read

ok this is peter/johnny:

peter and johnny were just chillin.

"hey john!" said peter

"hey again peter..........."

"johnny guess what."

johnny rolled his eyes a lil bit. "what," said he

"i like hot dogs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"


"i like spiders! i like red! i like blue! i like deadpool! i like ironman! i like fighting crime! i like mj! i like aunt may! i like uncle ben! gwen is ok! i like captain america! i like civil war! i like spider webs! i like hot dogs! i like nyc! i like mabel!"

right about now, johnny was consumed by rage bc peter's yapper wouldn't shut.

"peter..." johnny started

"i like swinging around! i like mj! i like hot dogs!"


peter looked at the guy.

"what?" he said.

johnny took an exasperated breath.

"just....just shut up, you fool...and kiss me."

he cupped peter's cheek with his hand and pulled him in for a passionate kiss.

it was so passionate that it was only moments before they looked around to realize that they had taken all each others' clothes off.

johnny's tongue wasnt the only thing in peter's mouth that night..............................

the end

ok what to i have to say. i thought there was something

well the pic im drawing now isnt quite done so i cant post that yet. bleh its like this pic looks p good actually but i have a fear in me that its just like one of those things where you accidentally do a relaly great thing and you dont know how you did it and then youre never able to do it again. like i even tried drawing another pic in the middle of drawing this one and it looked so bad. well w/e

alright i guess thats the post

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

the cat grinder

heyyy gs.

i'm really sorry i missed my post on saturday!!!  i just had a really busy day and it completely slipped my mind.  okay but here's what i was thinking.

this blog shouldn't be really stressful and something to worry about.  can we just chill out and not worry about punishing people and being mad if they accidentally miss a day or anything or if their post happens to be really short or boring one day?  also i am not really that into writing/reading fanfic so i am debating whether i really even want to attempt it but if i decide i don't like it/i'm not good at it can it just be nbd?  like let's just have this blog be more relaxed and not worry so much about following rules or keeping it perfect.  also i am NOT constantly ignoring both of you (which i'm pretty sure i've said before), it is just i either don't really have much to say about the subject or don't have time to respond to the subject before i finish my blog post.  also i've asked "is it really necessary for me to be punished?" but no one ever answered that and you both just keep asking when i am going to punish myself.  but anyways, can we just not worry about all that stuff and just have fun doing blog posts on here?

i really like the pic of all the green guys para!  oh and i like your pic you made hob but idk who those people are.

haha i just found this video today and i've watched it like 50 times already.

if you are wondering why i am doing this blog post so super early, it is because tomorrow is a super busy day for me and from 8 am to 9:30 pm i only have 3 hours of downtime in there, not including time for meals.  plus i have a ton of homework and studying for tests to do tomorrow too.

Monday, April 8, 2013


Hey g(s?)!!!!

Well idk what the fuck is up with Gob I think he hates us now. Idk why he is trying to tear this family apart.

Wtf I haven't heard anything about Adam being back except a lot of people complaining that Adam should come back and I guess some people thought he was coming back instead of Bobby idk

Wow I don't really have anything to say in this post.....

Well this is going to be a little bit of a snore of a post I guess.  That is unfort because I am so bored and it would be good to have something to talk about but I just can't think of anything...

Well here is a vid I made.  The song was in my Peter/Gwen fanmix so that should be familiar I guess if you actually listened to it

Idk why but its not showing up in my uploaded vids idk

Nice pic Hob!!!

Well I was trying to draw a pic like yours this afternoon but it was too late before I realized that you can't actually see their hands in that pic but I guess I just assumed they were holding hands???

Anyway here's what I came up with

It's taking place during Omega Effect because I read that the other day and it was greaaaaaaat!!!

Oops I almost forgot the game and I have already written my fic! That would be dumb of me!!!

Hei was working at a coffee shop but not really because he was undercover.  Everything was running really smoothly except for one thing.  He couldn't stand to be around food all the time and not eating it.

Everyday he looked at the muffins and scones and stuff that they sold and wasn't allowed to eat them and he cried a little bit.

He couldn't take it anymore.

"Just a taste," he whispered, slowly reaching into the shelf and pulling out a muffin. He brought it to his mouth and...

"Hey," a voice interrupted him.  Hei quickly threw the muffin to the ground and stomped on it.  His head snapped up.

Yin was standing there with her usual blank expression on her face. "Hei," she repeated.

Darn it all! Hei had thought someone was saying "hey" like "hey don't eat that' but in fact someone had just been saying his name! And what's worse it was a doll who probably didn't even understand that he wasn't supposed to be eating that darn muffin!

He had taken his one shot at happiness and thrown it to the ground and stomped on it.  He felt that was a cruel metaphor for his life.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

driving in cars with chickens

heyy gs

darnitall darnitall darnitall darnitall darnitall gob didnt post wh y did nt he now hell have to punish him three times just let it end!!!!!!!!!!! bleh im so sad :( i just wanted this to be a nice little blog again the tears wont seem to heal. this pain is just too real. wait that doesnt make sense. wow jon is a glug. sorry im tyrin to watch got and post at the same time and its not going the best

wow i was thinkin of watchin some spn but apparently adams back or s/t so lol no thanks

today i was transcribing this audio thing and the person talking in it had a voice like the voice of a gross smelling angel and she kept sayin things i really disagreed with and i wanted to rip my head off. that was nice

alright buds i drew a real pic. its an ok looking thing i guess? its a pic of a cute lil (friend)ship

well here it is


the next pic im drawin might be better who knows

ok i was gonna talk about game of thrones but thers not really time............

i will in the next post

wait darnitall darnitall DARNITALL DARNITALL DARNITALL i forgot i enneded to write a fic and now theres not really time

i guess......i will in the next post

wait para what was that fic u wanted me to write

oh i almost forgot to say that i loved my fic!!!!!! it was really beuatiful and i couldnt qcml really

ok this post is a piece of scum


Friday, April 5, 2013

probably cats

Hey gs!

Alright fine I will stop ignoring Gob even though he deserves it for not punishing himself and posting a crappy post after midnight that one time and lying about it even though I had told him hours before to post so

I don't see how it's any more mean than when Gob constantly ignores BOTH of us.

By the way I wasn't pretending Gob didn't exist I was pretend he was killed in battle and we were too sad to talk about it.

Hob you are so perfect you have infinite wisdom wow

Yeah haha I was going to say the same thing about that darn hug idk it looks like a good hug though like they smushed their faces together and everything I kind of want to watch it but doubtful I will ever get around to it really.

Aw g but a circle for a head is a good start!  Pretty much the whole first part of drawing anything is to draw circles and lines!!!

Tyt about my pics!!! Yeah same that is the one I was laughing about its so cute to me

Wow well you can be addicted to video games I guess maybe we should have an intervention for Noah

Okay I guess I'll see if there's anything Gob said to respond to.

Four weeks wtf I have five weeks.Well I guess that is including finals week so it's actually four weeks but idk if you are including that or not whatever. That seems p short but also I am super ready for it to be over.

Aw g well I don't really care about Star Wars at all but I can sympathize with you a little bit because when the tv rights to Spider-Man transferred to Disney they cancelled Spectacular Spider-Man so I feel you buddy.

Well that's it.

Wow so I guess Zoe Saldana is probably going to play Gamora in Guardians of the Galaxy.  That's p cool I guess!!!

Haha yesterday I was writing a paper and I wanted to use the phrase "we just don't know" but then I realized no contractions so I changed it to "we just do not know" and then I couldn't qcml

Also the other day in class we were talking about what qualities make a good presidents of the united states and I said creativity, uniqueness, nerve, and talent haha wow I crack me up

Wow wtf is with all these new Spider-Man ongoings like the Sinister Six ongoing which I don't think is going to have Spidey in it every issue but that's still Spider-Man related and also idg how a Sinister Six ongoing will work especially without Spidey like do they plan how to kill the guy every issue and then completely fail before they even find him??? And like they can never be victorious obviously so.... I don't know it seems like a horrible idea to me.  And also they're starting a Superior Spider-Man team up onging and I don't see how that's different from Avenging Spider-Man????? Or are they going to cancel Avenging Spider-Man because Spider-Man might no longer be an Avenger???? What's happening?????


Okay I've come to the conclusion that Caitlin is stalking me because she keeps showing up everywhere I am like in the library and in the dining hall and then today she was standing outside the bathroom when I came out and then I had to quickly run away from her wow I am so scared

Yay it's time to talk about comics again!!!!

Age of Ultron #4
*Everyone's dying oh man
*Actually I'm not sure if that killed She-Hulk seeing as she is a hulk but still
*Still sad about Jessica and Danielle
*Haha I am laughing at Spidey and his hoodie but wow at least someone gave him something to wear finally
*Wow those little superheroes holding hands they are all so cute I want to smush them all
*Also that part reminds me of when the kids are flying in Peter Pan wow those little guys
*Fucking Avengers just leave their old quinjets lying around
*So everyone's just like yeah we don't want to go in to see Cage let's just stand out here and read his mind he was hit by a nuclear blast he probably looks yucky
*"The Vision? Our Vision?"
*Everyone keeps coming up with plans but they never seem to work!!!
*Someone tell me how Nick Fury planned for Ultron taking control of the earth from the future I mean really

Deadpool #7
*Peter and his yellow shirt so cute
*Wow I was still shipping Spidey and DP in this issue
*Also Spidey and Flash
*Was Peter suppose to put out his foot and stop the car??? What are you saying Flash???
"Or is someone going to shoot Flash? Would that be so bad?"
"If only Spider-Man were here!" "He is here, Flash." "SHUT UP, PARKER!" "Okay."
*Wow he stabbed the guy through his medallion thing how does that work?
*Party Time Fruit Liquor!
*"Pfft. Well, I'm not Iron Man... Oh."
*The part when they were pouring out the alcohol was really cute
*"And say hi to Uncle Ben for me!" slkdjgdslkgjlsdg

Superior Spider-Man #7
*I really don't know much about Cardiac tbh
*Well Peter you said you'd heard you were a cute sleeper so
*Hang on isn't that his left hand????
*Wow the moment Peter finally gets through to Spock is to save a criminal's life he's so dumb like the dumbest smallest guy you ever saw
*To be fair Spock doesn't know Cardiac isn't completely evil or whatever but you'd think he'd check Peter's memories about him before he charged into a fight with him
*Haha when he's hugging the box that's p cute actually
*Why is Spock even carrying Peter's spider-tracers around if he thinks they are so inferior huh?
*Wow for the most part I like the art but ugh I don't like how any of the Avengers (besides Spidey) are drawn in this issue like wtf is going on with Black Widow
*"That's right, Thor! Testify!"
*Well, I think Spidey could take any of these Avengers (with the exception of Thor) if it was one on one but all of them together, and with Thor, I'm pretty sure he's gonna get curbstomped.
*To be honest though this is making the Avengers seem p stupid like "you flag waving fool" would Peter ever seriously say that to Cap come on guys
*Oh well pass me some of that ghost popcorn too


Okay the game is going to be everyone write a fic every post. But you have to write it for someone else like people can make suggestions for fics if they want but you don't have to use them you can write whatever you want really as long as you think someone will like it.

To kick it off I wrote this fic for Hob based on what I know about Les Mis but just warning ya I don't know a lot.

Also I made it a coffee shop au you're welcome

A blond haired guy was working at a coffee shop.  Suddenly a guy walked in.  He had brown hair. The blonde haired guy wanted a piece of that action.

“Hello,” said the brown haired guy, walking up to the counter. “One French Roast coffee please.”

The blond haired guy waited to see if he was going to order anything else but the brown haired guy was just smiling at him.

“Get it because we’re French,” the brown haired guy explained finally.

“Haha,” said the blond haired guy. “Will that be all?”

“Yes,” the brown haired guy replied.

The blond haired guy made the coffee and wrote his number on the cup because even if he told stupid jokes he was still good looking but before he could hand it to him and robber ran into the coffee shop and shot the brown haired guy.

“Darn it,” said the blond haired guy in disappointment.

A few minutes later Anne Hathaway walked into the coffee shop.  She was crying.

“What’s wrong?” the blond haired guy asked.

“I don’t know, I got a haircut or something,” Anne Hathaway said through her tears.

“Oh okay do you want any coffee to take your mind off that fashion disaster?” the blond haired guy asked.

Anne Hathaway ordered an iced coffee to put on that burn but while she was waiting a blonde haired girl walked in.
“I’m your daughter or something,” the blond haired girl said.

“Oh cool I’m Anne Hathaway,” Anne Hathaway replied.

“And I’m Javert,” Javert said from the kitchen.

Anne Hathaway and her daughter left the coffee shop hand in hand but they were immediately hit by a bus while they were crossing the street.

“Has science gone too far?” asked the blond haired guy.

Just a few seconds later Wolverine ran into the shop and stabbed the blond haired guy with his claws. He then ran into the kitchen and stabbed Javert.

The End.

Okay now it's time for a pic I worked really hard on!!!!!!

I made this because Spidey is this small guy with so many green guys who hate him like this isn't even all of them this is just a tiny portion I couldn't fit everyone into the pic okay