Friday, August 31, 2012

beauty cat

Hey gs!

I really want to slaughter Kelly right now!!!!!!!!!

Okay turns out no one is going to finish the game this month either...

The game for next month could be complete the last two months' games???

Today a magical thing happened where yesterday I wasn't understanding my math homework at all and then I woke up today and it was all clear to me!!! That was a crazy experience!

Today I ate some delicious lasagna.

Goos I have a three day weekend that is glorious!!!!

Okay there is a spinny rolly chair below my lofted bed. And every time I want to get down my brain tells me its a good idea to try to just jump right down onto the spinnny rolly chair which is probably a HORRIBLE IDEA so luckily I have stopped myself every time before I try it. But what if I can't keep stopping myself and one time I just do it and I die.

That would be all Kelly's fault because its her stupid chair.

She also has three chairs and I have one.

This song is so good to me just let me die.

Okay that's all.

suck it

heyy gs

time to speed play the game

Top 12 best hairs

12.  Sawyer (Lost)
11.  Isaac (Heroes)
10.  Elle (Heroes)
9.  Peter (Heroes)
8.  Sylar (Heroes)
7.  Kate (Lost)
6.  Bella in season 3 (Supernatural)
5.  Sam (Supernatural)
4.  Claire (Heroes)
3. Thor (Marvel)
2.  Padme (Star Wars)
1.  Desmond (Lost)

ahhh actually screw it.  it looks like no one else is going to finish the game and i just don't have time to do 17 more days.

i only have like a few more minutes to do this post

chickens of the undying

heyyyy gs

wow today was the worst day

here's the day

*i woke up up and got ready for darn school on then i went on the comp for some time and people wouldn't shut up about a ship i hate and that made me so angered

*then school idk

*then i just wanted to die but mo kept making me do a thing

*then finally i got to die

*but comp froze and when i restarted it ALL MY MUSIC WAS GONE FROM MY ITUNES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it was still on my comp but like ALL MY PLAYLISTS WERE GONE AND EVERYTHING WAS GONE AND I HATED LIFE!!!!!!!

*also it was really hot


*also i was still sad about my show cuz like a week ago at this time, i was just starting to watch the first half of the 13 eps i had left 


*kill me

*also i kept trying today to watch this one glug show but one of the main characters (you might even say he's the most main character) IS SO ANNOYING. LIKE HE'S A HUGE GLUG AND HIS VOICE IS SUPER ANNOYING AND HE HAS A REALLY ANNOYING LOOK TO HIM. I WANT TO SHOOT HIM

ok but the good news is 4 day weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

flirting with cats

Hey gs.

Copy editing is when you edit articles for a newspaper.




the arrogant palm of a small chicken

hey gs

wtf is copy editing

well that's all i have time for tonight sorry









facebook statistics

heyy gs

uh oh  i believe i still have to do all of these for the game:

Top 8 best self-cest
9 parallels between two different things
Top 5 best uses of water
Top 4 favorite montages
Top 11 bouts of insanity
Top 5 best schools
10 best ships from 10 different things
Top 9 favorite weddings
Top 8 soggiest day
Tsop 7 best boys and their dogs
Top 5 best food fights
Top 5 best sexual scenes
Top 7 favorite future versions of characters
Top 5 best institutions
 Top 12 best hairs
Top 7 parallels between two characters of the same thing
Top 9 best destructive characters
Top 14 best pranks

that is 18 so i have to do 9 of these today and tomorrow! D:  or i could do 0 today and 18 tomorrow.  or some other combination.   well at least i think hob and para are in a similar boat as i am.  but still i will try and do as many as i possibly can.

but not today actually because i just absolutely don't feel  doing it.

instead here are some cool statistics about my facebook page that i found by typing "facebook report" on WolframAlpha!

  • Hob is my oldest friend at 109 years old.
  • Skater is my second oldest friend, also at 109 years old.
  • My oldest friend with their real age on Facebook is my clarinet teacher who is 88 years old.
  •  I have posted 71 statuses.
  • 58.6 % of my friends are guys.
  • 41.4 % of my friends are girls.
  • 41.7% of my friends are single and female.

secret cats

Hey gs!

Okay sorry that I did not post today (or yesterday since its 1:30 am) but I just got back from copy editing and I did not expect that I would stay there that long.

But it was super fun so I don't even care.

It's too hot!!!!!

Luckily tomorrow is like my easiest day since I only have one class and it starts and noon and its like my favorite class so far.

It seems like Monday through Wednesday will be these semi glug days and then Thursday and Friday will be better in terms of classes.

Okay I cannot stand this heat.











Wednesday, August 29, 2012

cold chicken

heyyy gs

welll my internet wasnt working yesterday so i could post

wow i could just not even want to post right now

goos i thought i had to get up at 7:30 tomorrow even though no class until 1 but not anymore!!!!!!!

wow i just watched the saddest vid wow i have tears in me :(





this room stinks

hey gs.

well today was really busy and tiring but i got in a nap so overall it wasn't too bad.

blehhhhhhh my roommate burned popcorn and this room smells horrible.  and it is not very neat and tidy right now.  i will have to fix that soon.

i feel bad about not giving these pictures or explanations especially considering these are some of the saddest and most powerful scenes in all of the stuff i've watched. :(  maybe if i ever feel like it i'll come back and add more but right now i just want to get through the game.

top 12 most emotional deaths:

12.  Dobby (Harry Potter
11.  Sylar's Mom (Heroes)
10.  Hedwig (Harry Potter)
9.  Jin and Sun (Lost)
8.  Mufasa (The Lion King)
7.  Marshall's Dad (How I Met Your Mother)
6.  Eddard Stark (A Game of Thrones)
5.  Sirius (Harry Potter)
4.  The Tenth Doctor (Doctor Who)
3.  Sam (Supernatural)
2.  Dean (Supernatural)
1.  Charlie (Lost)

Top 4 best vacation themed:

4.  A Flight To Remember (Futurama)
3.  Arthur's Family Vacation (Arthur)

2.  Hawaii (Modern Family)
1.  The House Meets the Mouse (Full House)

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

stray cats

heyy gs.  tomorrow is going to feel so stressful after how relaxing today was!!!!! D:

top 17 best orphans:

17.  The Baudelaires (A Series of Unfortunate Events)
16.  Stuart Little (Stuart Little)
15.  Stitch (Lilo & Stich)
14.  Peter Pan (Peter Pan)
13.  Annie (Annie)
12.  Aladdin (Aladdin)
11.  Tom Riddle (Harry Potter)
10.  Harry Potter (Harry Potter)
9.  Peter Parker (Spiderman)
8.  Bruce Wayne (Batman)
7.  Luke and Leia (Star Wars)
6.  Hiro (Heroes)
5.  Sylar (Heroes)
4.  Molly (Heroes)
3.  Simba (The Lion King)
2.  Sawyer (Lost)
1.  Winchesters (Supernatural)

Haha so many of them have the character's name in the title of the thing!  I guess orphans are just important people.

the fright before cat

Hey gs!

Bleh Kelly won't stop watching Supernatural!!!!!!

Okay mostly I wish she would stop laughing at things that aren't funny and laughing at everything and having such an annoying laugh and not caring about Sam and Dean's love and not caring about Sam and ughhhhh she is just watching the show wrong.

I wish I had never let her watch it...

Top 17 best orphans

17. Molly Walker (Heroes)

16. Yin (Darker than Black)

15. Hiro Nakamura (Heroes)

14. The Baudelaires (Series of Unfortunate Events)

13. Oliver (Oliver!)

12. Harry Potter (Harry Potter)

11. Sawyer (LOST)

10. Matt Murdock (Marvel)

9. Annie (Annie)

8. Claire Bennet (Heroes)

7. Tarzan (Tarzan)

6. Arnold (Hey Arnold)

5. Aladdin (Aladdin)

4. Voldemort (Harry Potter)

3. Sylar (Heroes)

2. Peter Parker (Marvel)

1. The Winchesters (Supernatural)

Haha I just realized as I was making this that Kelly was watching the episode where The Winchesters become orphans! Funny day!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, August 27, 2012

the ultimate cat

Hey gs!!!

No okay Hob it's like because in animated things there can be hair that can simply not exist in real life even if the person has a wig or whatever and it can be some great hair so it's just like not fair to all the other characters whose hair is limited by gravity and stuff.

I wish Kelly did not have such an annoying laugh.

Icqcme for some cold weather.

Well Hob I counter your fanmix no one will care about with a fanmix no one will care about that I also only spent like twenty minutes on and is pretty pointless.

It's a Hilary Duff Avengers fanmix!!! (plus Peter and Loki)

Inner Strength - Bruce
Beauty strength and wisdom, too
You're beautiful inside and out

A Girl Can Rock - Natasha
Hey boys, are you ready for a shock?
I'm living proof, a girl can rock

Little Voice - Clint and Loki
The little voice in my head won't let me forget
The little voice in my is never mislead

Metamorphosis - Peter
Metamorphosis, whatever this is
Whatever I'm going through

Come Clean - Thor
Cause I wanna feel the thunder, I wanna scream
Let the rain fall down

The Math - Tony/Steve
Don't have to be a genius
To figure what's between us

chicken from the east

heyy gs

wow gob wtf why do you have so many classes, and especially why do you have so many classes in one day!!!!

today i had 2 classes sort of and i was done by noon and it wasn't that bad i guess. and no class tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

bleh still i want to die. i miss my show :(

ok idk here's a pic i made

wow i just looked in my pics folder and what i saw was...ok when i was watching fma i kept making caps to show some people and i knew i took a lot of caps but wow there's SO MANY wow ydek. now i'm looking at them and wanting to die

here's my fave cap:

here's my least fave cap:

para here's a cap for your ship (that's al on the left)

okay well

5 little cats

ok i am just going to go ahead and play the game:

Top 5 Best Cats

5.  Mr. Tinkles (Cats and Dogs)

4.  Milo (The Adventures of Milo and Otis)

3.  Snowbell (Stuart Little)

2.  Crookshanks (Harry Potter)

1.  Puss In Boots (Shrek 2)

Sunday, August 26, 2012

taco cat

ahh i almost forgot to post.

well i successfully got through one week of college.

now i have to get through week 2...

blehh this is why tomorrow is going to suck

class from 9-10

class from 11-12

class from 12-1

class from 2-3

class from 7:30-8:30

this is my busiest day of the week AND it is a monday


well i'm going to go get some good sleep so i'll be prepared for tomorrow


chickens who lurk underground

heyy gs

wow i actualyl want to die because i finished that darn fma. like i finished it at like 7 am and this whole day i couldn't stop wanting to die. also i've gotten like at the most 4 hours of sleep in the last 2 days. and also i have school tomorrow. and also i want to die.

okay para i don't see why it matters whether the characters are animated or not because like it's about the CHARACTERS, not the real people so....and also one of the hairs on my list is a wig sooooooo

wow idk i want to die

what's another thing that could be said


the cat menace

Hey gs!

Wow Hob crazy day because for the last few days I have had this big wanting for puppy chow.  Like I've had this tab open that is a puppy chow recipe but in order to make it I'd have to get so much stuff so idk.

Okay for this I was going to emit animated characters seeing as there is such a thing as improbable hair styles in animation but I could not for the life of me think of that many live action folks with particularly impressive hair.  So I kind of took the fact that they were animated into consideration when choosing the order.

Top 12  10 best hairs

10. Sawyer (LOST)

9. Thor (Marvel)

8. Jesse (Full House)

7. Danny Fenton (Danny Phantom)

6. Sylar (Heroes)

5. Hei (Darker than Black)

4. Isaac Mendez (Heroes)

3. Peter Parker (The Amazing Spider-Man)

2. Peter Petrelli (Heroes)

1. Sam Winchester (Supernatural)

Saturday, August 25, 2012

heyy gs

well i'm going to continue what i didn't get to finish in my last post because i didn't have enough time before i had to post.

9.   Shrek - All Star - Smash Mouth

8.  Doctor Who: The End of the World - Toxic - Britney Spears

7.  Supernatural: Faith - Don't Fear the Reaper - Blue Oyster Cult

6.  Supernatural: Mystery Spot - Heat of the Moment - Asia

5.  Supernatural: Dark Side of the Moon - Knockin' On Heaven's Door - Bob Dylan

4.  Supernatural: No Rest For the Wicked - Wanted Dead or Alive - Bon Jovi

3.  Supernatural: The Slice Girls  You Shook Me All Night Long - AC/DC

2.  Supernatural: Skin - In-A-Gadda-Da-Vidda - Iron Butterfly

1.  Supernatural Carry On My Wayward Son - Kansas

chickens of dublith

heyyyyy gs

wow today was a weird day like idk ok like last night i watched some of my show and i watched the BEST EP!!!!!!!!!!!!! and some other good eps and then i couldn't fall asleep until so late because idk and then for some reason i woke up at like 7:30 and i didn't go back to sleep. and then like in the day, dad spilled paint ALL OVER THE BATHROOM!!!! that was craz. and then wow another thing that i could not even want to talk about. and then me and noah made puppy chow!!!!! and then i'm gonna finish my show tonihgt!!!!!!!!!! wow i'm so scared because idk what's going to happen???? but i have an idea and also i don't want it to be over!!!!

ok time for me to play the game

top 5 best cats

ok i'll finish it in a little bit!!

alright i guess here's a fanmix that no one will care about! well maybe gob'll care idk. i dont know why i made this because the starks aren't even my faves. i was just inspired idl

01. anthem | emancipator

02. orange sky | alexi murdoch
i had a dream i / stood beneath an orange sky / with my brother standing by / with my sister standing by

03. o my love | the cloud room
love, my love, o my love, my love  / o won’t you come on home / we miss you so much

04. sink | brand new
how darkly the dark hand met his hand / he was withered and bony / exposed for a phony / but we heed the last words that he penned / haste to disgrace the traitor / do not wait ‘til later

05. up the wolves | the mountain goats
our mother has been absent / every since we founded rome / but there’s gonna be a party when the wolf comes home

06. summersong | the decemberists
summer blows away and quietly gets swallowed by a wave

07. the five ghosts | stars
now i have grown old and all my grace and beauty gone / five ghosts surround my garden / i don’t tell them to move / oh, what a beautiful day to try to die

08. cathedrals | jump, little children
there is a feeling that you should just go home / and spend a lifetime figuring out just where that is

09. live to rise | soundgarden
like the sun will will live to rise again

bleh i need to watch my show soon but i can't bring myself to start it

cat crisis

Hey gs!

I can't hear anything and my legs are super sore but that is because I just got back from an awesome Cloud Cult concert!!!

It was so awesome!!!!!!  I was standing right up front which was kind of next to a speaker so that could be why I can't hear anything but that's okay because it was awesome!!!  During the thing there was a guy who was painting an awesome painting and sometimes he would like spin the canvas and it was awesome!!  Also sometimes they would all like bang on this drum at once and that was so awesome!!!

That was a really good time!!!

Omg you know who is dumb though is Kelly because she didn't go because she "doesn't like concerts."  Idek what kind of person doesn't like concerts, especially free ones that are just a short walk from where you are living.

Also I wish she would turn off this dumb movie she is watching.

Wow Hob wtf are you watching Avatar the Last Airbender????  And you made fun of me for liking Danny Phantom???? YOU BIG GIANT FOOL!!!!!!!!

Well I have a part of the game mostly done but I'm just gonna post this and maybe that will come later tonight.

I am so hungry though so I need to get something to eat.

Friday, August 24, 2012

heyy gs.

time for me to play the game.

Top 15 Best Uses of Songs:

15.  Heroes: Genesis - Eyes - Rouge Wave

this video won't embed but here's the link. 

14.  Lost: Tabula Rasa - Wash Away - Joe Purdy
this video won't embed either but here's the link. 

13.  Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1 - O Children - Nick Cave

12.  Breaking Bad: Faceoff - Freestyle - Taalbi Brothers

11.  Breaking Bad: Over - DLZ - TV On The Radio

10.  How I Met Your Mother:  Arriverderci, Fiero - 500 Miles - The Proclaimers

okay i'll finish the game in a little bit but i'm going to go ahead and post this

cat storm

Hey gs!!

I'm going to play the game!

Okay while I was making this I kind of thought of a few more that would probably fit in here better, but no turning back now.  But also while I was making this I was kind of tearing up a few times so it's probably still a good list.  Except I'm sorry some of the piccies are so bad.  This was legitimately the best I could do.

The main way that I judged what order these should go in was how much I cried.

Top 12 most emotional deaths

12. George Berger (Hair)
"I'm a genius, genius / I believe in God"
11. Sirius Black (Harry Potter)
 "Come on! You can do better than that!"
10.  Isaac Mendez (Heroes)
 "I finally get to be a hero."
9.  Dobby (Harry Potter)
"Such a beautiful be with friends."
8. Dean Winchester (Supernatural)
 "Keep fighting. Take care of my wheels. And remember what Dad taught you, okay? And remember what I taught you."
7. Angel Dumott Schunard (Rent)
"Take me, take me / Today for you / Tomorrow for me / Today me"
6. Charlie Pace (LOST)
 "So much for fate."
5. Phil Coulson (Marvel)
 "This was never going to work...if they didn't have something to..."
4. Hedwig (Harry Potter)
"No - HEDWIG!"
3. Uncle Ben (The Amazing Spider-Man)
 "You owe the world your gifts.  You just have to figure out how to use them."
2. Sam Winchester (Supernatural)
 "Don't do this.  Don't play into what it wants."
1. Sam Winchester (Supernatural)
 "It's okay, Dean. It's gonna be okay. I've got him."
Fun times fun times!

Goos its Friday!!!! What a nice day to love!!!

What was a nice thing today was that I was able to read so many fics in between my two classes!!!!!

What was not a nice thing today was that it was so hot!!!!!

Icr what else I was going to say in this post.

Oh well.

one is all, all is chickens

heyyyyy gs

my room is almost clean!!!!!!!!!!!!

icqcme to watch my show tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

well that's all i have to say

ok let me take a look at the game

ok you know what i'm never gonna finish this so i'm just gonna make regular ol lists for some of these things ok nice

Top 8 best self-cest

8. dean/dream!dean (supernatural)
7. finn/fionna (adventure time)
6. sam/soulless!sam (supernatural)
5. past!karkat/karkat/future!karkat (homestuck)
4. any two incarnations of the doctor (doctor who)
3. willow/vampire!willow (buffy the vampire slayer)
2. dave/davesprite (homestuck)
1. dean/2014!dean (supernatural)

wow okay...................i just searched for selfcest cuz i couldn't think of enough and what i saw was a ton of explicit my little pony fanart omg help omg i want to die that was the worst experience of my life

top 6 best twins

6. annie and hallie (the parent trap)
5. connor and murphy (the boondock saints)
4. indigo and ravel (princes)
3. fred and george (harry potter)
2. dave rose (homestuck)
1. jaime and cersei(game of thrones)

Thursday, August 23, 2012

chicken noodle soup yum

hey gs.  sorry about that post yesterday.  i just almost completely forgot about posting!!!

oh and the show i was watching was wilfred, this show about this depressed person that see his neighbor's dog as a man dressed up in a dog costume.  it's a really weird show.

blehh at the beggining of the week i was like, oh college is going to be so easy!  but gradually more and more commitments and assignments have been added to my calendar to the point where i have like 4 - 6 things on each day...

i think if i manage my time wisely i should be able to keep up with it though.

here is an example of how busy my schedule is!!!

miracle at chicken valley

heyyyyy gs

wow i had a thing to say in this post but icr it????

well here's a thing: today i was cleaning my room and i found a bag of noah's underwear in my closet hahahahahahahaha

okay tomorrow and saturday i'm gonna finish my show!!!!!!!!!!!

bleh only 3 days until school starts. i can't say i want for this really. well i sort of do. but what i really want is for this room to become cleaned

blah i wish we had a dessert for me

i'm watching another show and it's not as good as my good ol show. although i've only seen 5 eps but like i loved fma after the 2nd ep so

ah what a good fic. actually it wasnt that good. idk why i said that. well it was good-ish

why is this person so bald. what this ep needs is more of the only character

bleh that ep was so pointless. for one thing it didn't have my fave character in it, for another thing, there was this really stupid part, and for one last thing, it was literally pointless like this dumb old guy made this bald guy do all these stupid challenges for no reason and then turned out to be his friend omg. wow bleh i miss my real show. but tomorrow i will have it!!!!!! but only for 2 more days prob

wow today i learned that on most wednesdays this semester, i have to be at school from 10 am until like 9:30 pm. even though i only have one class in the morn and one in the eve. i wish i was dead. also i have to be there from like 8:30 to 5 on thursdays even though i have one class in the afternoon. but i already knew about that. why am i alive. why is there a cat on my towel. oh wait she's leavin. she suspected i was talking about her. ok bye

pirate cat

Hey gs!!!

Wow Gob is so mysterious.  He won't even say what tv show he's watching.

Today a crazy thing happened where I woke up before my alarm.  Because my alarm was set for 11 and I woke up at 10:30.  Also I only had one class and I didn't even have to stay for the whole thing.

Bleh it was so hot today though I wanted to kill myself when I was just walking to the not even very far library.  I thought that there might be some nice rain but it only lasted like five minutes and was truly disappointing.

Okay what else is there to say?

I just tried to play the game but there was nothing that would take less than five minutes and didn't not require thought.

Today I went to a floor meeting where I learned not to jump out my window.

Everyone at the meeting lives on the fourth floor like me.

So...well I guess that is an important lesson.

Aw g today I talked to this girl who told me in a class she's in they watch Star Trek.  I wish I was in that class.

Okay that's all.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

blueberry muffin

ahhh i was watching a tv show with my roomate and i almost forgot to post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!






























doctor's cat

Hey gs!

Today I had my first day of classes!  Well actually it wasn't that exciting because they were all so boring all we did was look at syllabi.  Wow I could not for the life of me find my first class though and I was so confused and then even though I gave myself half an hour to find it I ran out of time and then when I actually found it I was confused because it was a computer lab and I was not expecting that for a math class and then when I opened the door and asked what class it was no one would answer me so I left and then I saw some people going in there a few minutes later I was like do you know what you are getting into and they were like yeah calculus and I was like oh okay and then I followed them in but that's how I ended up being late for my first class.

Wow a huge stress came into my life today though because I got an email from Mo telling me that the doctor had called and I needed to call them back and so I convinced myself that I must have a horrible disease and I am going to die and they are calling me to say that I have two months to live but then I called them and they were like yeah we're just calling to tell you that nothing is wrong with you.  That was such a huge relief!!! If I had two months to live I would probably kill myself!!!!

Okay I just watched Star Trek XI with Kelly and she was so annoying the whole time like laughing at everything Kirk said like he was so cool and not caring about Spock at all.  I want to stab her.  Also she likes Dean more than Sam but that is nbd because I am used to that with my g.

Those are some great categories Hob maybe I will check them out!!  I wish there was a category that was exciting violent serial-killer tv thrillers for ages 11-12!!!!

Wow I did not know that Sam was still part of our lives.

Goos tomorrow I only have one class and it's not until 12!!!

Well that's all.

Wow the title of this post relates a little bit to something in the post! Crazy day!!!!!!

separate chickens

heyyyyy gs




haha last night i chatted with dinu!!!! haha he said "do u remember tis asian spy"

and then he said "hw is para and all oour frnds?"

that little guy

i think he wants to have a gc

okay who knows what else we have to say

haha here are some categories that netflix is recommending to us

"exciting tv for ages 11 to 12"


"violent serial-killer thrillers"

everything para loves!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

bleh sam is here. i thought noah was done w/ him

ok bye

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

cat blank

Hey gs!

Goos I am done with registration finally!!!  Bleh today all of the things were so boring and pointless I just wanted to die.

Haha I have watched the first ep of Supernatural twice in the last two days because first I watched it with my roommate but then I met a few other people who wanted to watch it too so I watched it again with them.

But that was like the first time I had watched an ep of Supernatural since the season finale besides that one ep that we watched that one time when we were glugs.

Bleh one thing that is glug about this place is that there is only one shower for the floor and it is really cramped and glug.

My eye hurts.

Wow I haven't played the game in so long either... Well I will do that when I have more time.

I suppose I still have like two hours but that is not how I want to be spending them sorry.







tired tired tired tired

heyyy gs.

i had a super long day because today was my first day of classes and i'm super tired and don't feel like doing a huge post.

i mean my classes weren't bad or anything, they were just tiring.

wow i still have a lot of the game to do! D:

but hopefully i can catch up on it before august ends.

there are still like 10 days left of august i guess.

what else to say.










chicken feelings

heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy gs

blip blop

what have we to say

today i cleaned some room !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

omg icqcml i just read that avril lavigne and the guy from nickelback are engaged omg is this a joke i can't contain that laughter

well i'm alreayd out of things to say and this is how darn short the post is

i don't have anything ready for the game

bleh what will i do with my night

i decided i'm not gonna watch anymore fma until my room is clean


i probably won't get to watch it til the end of the week and then i'll finish it right before school starts and then i'll want to die when school. wow everytime i remember that it's the best show, i realize that it's the best show

there's a cat at a door

now i'll sing a song:

tokyo pokemon ando masahashi sushi sushi

masahashi tokyio hiro nakamura sushi sushi sushi

yugio yugio yugio masahashi nakamura


sushi sushi sushi sushi sushi sushi

ok enoguh of that

blop blip

Monday, August 20, 2012

cat freaks

Hey gs!

Just trying to post but Kelly is distracting me.  Although I do feel guilty because she said she wanted to go to this show thing but then I thought she was sleeping so I went without her.

Okay there's not much time for this post.

Okay now less time because Kelly distracted me for fifteen minutes.

Wow what is wrong with her I thought she had a headache when I have a headache I don't want to talk to anyone.

Okay there is just no time.

NO TIME I SAID!!!!!!!!!








cool sequels.

heyyy gs.  i haven't played the game in awhile.  i'm going to do that.

top 6 worst sequels

6.  Shrek 3

 5.  Spiderman 3

4.  Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End

3.  Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull

2.  Both of The Matrix sequels

1.  Star Wars: Episode 1: The Phantom Menace

the fifth chicken

heyyy gs

bleh who wants to post

we just don't know

bleh today was kinda glug



how's kelly????????????

here's a pic i made today

ok that's the post

Sunday, August 19, 2012

million dollar cat

Hey gs!

Just posting from my dorm!

Wow Gob there is someone named Kara right across the hall from me!  They're all over the place!  It's a swarm!  But she doesn't look anything like Hob and I talked to her and she isn't anything like Hob so I don't think that she could be Hob.

Yeah I had so much glug orientation today.  Except it wasn't even orientation, it was orientation for the next two days of orientation blehhh.

Twice I had to play this game that I hate where first they offer you candy and then they're like however many pieces you took, that's how many things you have to say about yourself.  And it's like this cruel trick because when they give you candy you think they are nice and you can trust them, and then they turn on you and betray you and make you do things you don't want to.  I feel like that is how a little kid must feel when they get in a van...

Well other than that this day was okay for me.  Except bleh last night was such a glug night for me.  It was the worst night of sleep ever.  I think I need to get up early again tomorrow but I'm not going to make the same mistake I made last night and go to bed early.  I am not going to go to bed until it is nice and late into the night and I am good and tired.

Luckily this internet seems to be working nicely so I can watch Spider-Man!!!!

Well that's all for now, chickens!

cool ice breaker

heyy gs.

bleh today was all this stupid orientation/ice breakers stuff.  but i still hung with out my friends some so it was okay.  oh yeah hob, i met someone named kara that also kind of looked like you!!

hmm what else to say.

oh yeah on my new laptop i installed this thing that lets me have a dock with icons like mac have but the only problem is if it interferes with either my tabs when i have it on the top or start bar when i have it on the bottom.  but it looks really awesome!

blehh .i have a really big headache from all the stupid orientation stuff and the super loud music and not having a real lunch probably.  but i took some ibuprophen so hopefully that will kick in soon.

tomorrow will probably be a stupid boring day that i have to wake up early for to do more orientation type stuff.

i just want classes to start so i'm on a normal schedule.

i'm kinda tired so that's all for this post.


hidden chickens

heyy gs

bleh today was pretty glug

here it was:

*i woke up so early

*i had to walk up the stairs of joy so many times

*it was a boring old day

*para is gone from our lives!

*a dumbo 3 hour drive

*i just wanted to watch my show

also this whole week will be glug probs and who knows maybe the rest of forever. i see no end in sight

because school starts in like a week

and i have to do so many things this week

and all i wanna do is watch fma

but also all i want to do is not be done with fma

so idk whether to quick finish it or maybe save it until the end of the week

bleh i'm so hungry

probs because i had dinner at like 4:30

ok bye

Saturday, August 18, 2012

cool dorm

hey gs what's up?

i'm just posting from my dorm on my new laptop!!!!

so far it seems like it will be pretty cool living in the dorm.  i don't really care too much about my roommate but one of my really good friends is in the room right next to mine so that is cool.

here is a video that contains 7 minutes of Alan Rickman drinking tea in extreme slow-motion set to the soundtrack of Inception!!!


hey gs!

what is up? just chillin. i love my show. it's so great. i wanna watch it right now.  i am in a special place known as a hotel room to some. to others it's also known as that.

beep boop bop bop bop


now for some words from my sister: hello i am a robot. i love you. i love magic. i love to learn. dramatic pause. endless shrimp is back!


sheeop! sheeop! sheeop! sheeop!

sheeop! sheeop! sheeop! sheeop!sheeop! sheeop! sheeop! sheeop!sheeop! sheeop! sheeop! sheeop!sheeop! sheeop! sheeop! sheeop!sheeop! sheeop! sheeop! sheeop!sheeop! sheeop! sheeop!

sheeop! sheeop! sheeop! sheeop!sheeop! sheeop! sheeop! sheeop!sheeop! sheeop! sheeop! sheeop!sheeop! sheeop! sheeop! sheeop!sheeop! sheeop! sheeop! sheeop!sheeop! sheeop! sheeop! sheeop!sheeop! sheeop! sheeop! sheeop!sheeop! sheeop! sheeop! sheeop!sheeop! sheeop! sheeop! sheeop!sheeop! sheeop! sheeop! sheeop!sheeop! sheeop! sheeop! sheeop!sheeop! sheeop! sheeop! sheeop!sheeop! sheeop! sheeop! sheeop!sheeop

sheeop! sheeop!

sheeop! sheeop! sheeop!

sheeop! sheeop! sheeop! sheeop!




Hey gs!

What is up? Just chilling. I love my show.  It's so great.  I want to watch it right now.  I am in a special place known as a hotel room to some, to others, its also known as that.

Beep boop bop bop bop bop.


Now for some words from my sister: Hello I am a robot. I love you.  I love magic.  I love to learn.  Dramatic pause.  Endless shrimp is back!


Sheeop! Sheeop! Sheeop! Sheeop!

Sheeop! Sheeop! Sheeop! Sheeop! Sheeop! Sheeop! Sheeop! Sheeop! Sheeop! Sheeop! Sheeop! Sheeop! Sheeop! Sheeop! Sheeop! Sheeop! Sheeop! Sheeop! Sheeop! Sheeop! Sheeop! Sheeop!

Sheeop! Sheeop! Sheeop! Sheeop! Sheeop! Sheeop! Sheeop! Sheeop! Sheeop! Sheeop! Sheeop! Sheeop! Sheeop! Sheeop! Sheeop! Sheeop! Sheeop! Sheeop! Sheeop! Sheeop! Sheeop! Sheeop! Sheeop! Sheeop! Sheeop! Sheeop! Sheeop! Sheeop! Sheeop! Sheeop! Sheeop! Sheeop! Sheeop! Sheeop! Sheeop! Sheeop! Sheeop! Sheeop! Sheeop! Sheeop!

Sheeop! Sheeop!

Sheeop! Sheeop! Sheeop!

Sheeop! Sheeop! Sheeop! Sheeop!



Friday, August 17, 2012

last post in the house

heyy gs.

like para this is going to be last post from my house as well for awhile!

ahhh i can't wait to get my new laptop tomorrow!!!!!  that will be so nice!  i think it isn't the best laptop in the world or anything but still a pretty decent one and it should be fine for me.  i hope it can run the game portal 2 because lately i have been addicted to that game and i really want to be able to beat it!

i probably should be doing my last minute packing right now so i will just finish up this blog post real fast.

i wonder if my roommate likes any of the same tv shows or music as i do.  i should ask him.

here are the things i still need to do before i leave tomorrow:

-clean up my room a bit
-get my phone and ipod and kindle and the chargers for them
-find my usb key
-find a music stand to bring
-pack a couple last minute things
-put everything into the car
-say goodbye to my family
-say goodbye to my cats

cat lessons

Hey gs!

Wow I just watched the greatest music vid ever!!!

Bleh okay I was going to do a thing in this post but I'm just not feeling it right now.

Well this will be my last post from my house for a while!  I will sure miss this place.

Wow I cannot get enough of that video...

Bleh did you know that last year we only had two posts in the whole month of August?  Well this month is actually pretty much just as bad because all anyone is doing is playing the game or just putting things and not really saying things.

Well there is what is going on right now:
*I have packed up most of my stuff to leave tomorrow.
*I have a hunger like no other.
*I want to watch Spider-Man but I will have to wait until later.
*Noah is a huge glug.
*That music video is so great.
*Hob's fanmix looks mighty tasty.
*I accidentally packed my speaker that I usually use to charge my iPod so I am having to charge it in my computer but it doesn't really matter anyway because I only have like 8 new jamz.
*I wish I had more jamz.
*I'm really cold.

Ugh forget that there's nothing interesting.

Go to sleep little baby. Go to sleep little baby. Go to sleep little baby. Go to sleep little baby. Go to sleep little baby. Go to sleep little baby. Go to sleep little baby. Go to sleep little baby. Go to sleep little baby. Go to sleep little baby. Go to sleep little baby. Go to sleep little baby. Go to sleep little baby. Go to sleep little baby. Go to sleep little baby. Go to sleep little baby. Go to sleep little baby. Go to sleep little baby. Go to sleep little baby. Go to sleep little baby. Go to sleep little baby. Go to sleep little baby. Go to sleep little baby. Go to sleep little baby. Go to sleep little baby. Go to sleep little baby. Go to sleep little baby. Go to sleep little baby. Go to sleep little baby. Go to sleep little baby. Go to sleep little baby. Go to sleep little baby. Go to sleep little baby. Go to sleep little baby. Go to sleep little baby. Go to sleep little baby. Go to sleep little baby.

road of chickens

heyyyy gs

here's a fanmix!

01. the captain | biffy clyro

for i am the lord, your god

angels fall to the floor
like they would if i was captain

i’m in control
i am the son of god 

02. wonderful life | black

it had to be a mess, sam

look at me standing
here on my own again

no need to run and hide
it’s a wonderful, wonderful life

03. back together | babybird

believe in that. believe in me

you can’t work out which cringing
which cringing feels worse
when i touch you like this
on the place that it hurts

i’m falling apart every minute of every hour
but you’re there to put me back together again 

04. at the bottom | brand new

i know you didn’t want to let her go, but it was the right thing to do

there’s a lake
and at the bottom you’ll find all our friends
they don’t swim ‘cause they’re all dead
we never are what we intend, or invent
‘cause i make little lies and then pull them apart
think something dark’s living down in my heart 

05. until morale improves, the beatings will continue | murder by death

that doesn’t mean something’s going on with me

i’ll drink whiskey instead of water
‘cause i can’t stand to be sober in this place
your hands on my face
every step of the way
trying to peel away the pain 

06. the starting line | keane

you can unload. that’s kinda what i’m here for

forget the ghosts that make you old before your time
it’s too easy to get left behind
i know you’ve been kicked around
but tie up your thoughts and lay them down on me 

07. about today | the national

i think you should just go on without me

you just walked away
and i just watched you
what could i say

08. proof | i am kloot

you took care of me, and that’s great. but i don’t need you anymore

who am i
without you

09. beginning of the end | no, really

we’ve steered the bus away from the cliff twice already

why bother trying to save this world gone wrong?
tip your hat, raise your glass, and say so long 

10. destroy everything you touch | ladytron

you break everything you touch 

you only have to look behind you
at who’s undermined you
destroy everything you touch today 

11. smile | nat king cole

decide to be fine ‘til the end of the week

light up your face with gladness
hide every trace of sadness 

12. not asking you to leave | motion city soundtrack

i let him in once, now i can’t get rid of him

i’m not asking you to leave
i’m just begging you to let me get some sleep

13. inside it’s raining | art of dying

you think you can use your little tricks to banish me again

i know i’m crazy
crazy enough
to know that i’ll find a way to make this all go away 

14. the noose | a perfect circle

he betrayed you, this dude. he was your friend?

now you stand reborn before us all
so glad to see you well
and not to pull your halo down
around your neck and tug you to the ground
but i’m more that just a little curious
how you’re planning to go about making your amends

15. help, i’m alive | metric

every soul here is a monster

i tremble
they’re gonna eat me alive 


Thursday, August 16, 2012

cat instincts

Hey gs.

10 best ships from 10 different things

10. Sherlock/John (Sherlock)
"Listen, what I said before, John, I meant it.  I don't have friends. I've just got one."
9.  Thor/Loki (Marvel)
"I love Thor more dearly than any of you."
8. Sawyer/Kate (LOST)
"You taste like fish biscuits."
7. Hei/Misaki (Darker than Black)
"But suppose all those beautiful fake stars were to suddenly stop shining?  That would be sad too, wouldn't it?"
6. Barney/Robin (How I Met Your Mother)
"Holy crap! You're beautiful!"
5. Merlin/Arthur (Merlin)
"I'm going to be at your side, like I always am, protecting you."
4. Kirk/Spock (Star Trek)
 "I have been, and always will be, your friend."
3. Danny/Vlad (Danny Phantom)
"I could train you, teach you everything I know."
2. Sylar/Claire (Heroes)
"You may eventually come to forgive me.  Maybe you'll even love me."
1. Sam/Dean (Supernatural)
"Sammy, all I'm saying is that you're my weak spot.  You are.  And I'm yours."

That's the stuff!

Well today I learned that classes don't start until Wednesday!  I just hope those like three days of orientation aren't too boring.