Saturday, November 30, 2013

forget your chicken

heyyyyyy gs

ok quickie post bleh i already did most of my post but it got gone

ok whys it take so long to load this page where you write your pozt when theres hardly anyhthing on it

bleh im so sad tgivings alnost over bleh kill me. at least i dont have to work til tues

well no pic sorry

wait we need a new game tomorrow

or we could continue the pic one tbh. i'd be good with that

wow im in my room but i just heard cm downstairs go awwwwwwwwq yeeeeeaaaah

i guess thats his contribution

im hungry

i might go down there


Friday, November 29, 2013

too lazy for a title

hey gsssss

what to type.

i'm a goblin.  i'm very very lazy.  i'm a bad gobby because i should of started my post half an hour ago and i could have been playing nerf battle by now.  i'm smelly.  i just farted/  i just farted again. i don't know anything.

okay that was hob.

gob is stupid and my whoopie cushion is broken.

okay that was comp man

hey gs.  how's it going?

okay that was noah.


okay that was para.

i'm sooooo lazy right now and i don't want to finish this post! plus i want to go do a nerf battle

Thursday, November 28, 2013

i don't know

Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy gs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Three gs one post!!!!!!

First Gob will start us off:
I don't... no I don't want you to literally type what I'm saying. Oh my gosh I knew you were gonna do this. Come back to me. I don't think so. What? That has nothing to do with the blog post. I was talking to Seth, not you. Okay that's all I have to say.

Okay that was nice.  Now here's Hob:
I'm Hob here! I love Thanksgiving! I love food! I love PeterMJ! I love swingin around! Jk! I love you, Harry. I love this fire. I love this chair. I love cats. I love lazing around. I love baby. I love cats. I love PeterMJ! That was my contribution.

Okay Gob says he can do an actual contribution now.  But do we believe him?

Well here he is:
Let's make a list of all the things we still have to do over Tgiving break:
*Look at pecan pie bars. (Oh yeah where are those? I thought I was going to be able to look at them and try to steal them.)
*We still need to play Taboo
*See Thor 2 (awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww yeahhhhh)
*A wand

Okay now we're going to say positive and negative things about our day.

*Gob's head
*none of us won Settlers of Catan
*Gob destroyed Para's turkey
*the really great song Hob was trying to show Gob wouldn't load
*Gob wouldn't believe Hob when she told him a truth

*Para got a new Spider-Man hat
*Tgiving dinner
*the first 2 minutes of the geocaching walk were nice
*Para is a gift to this world

Okay here's a song we wrote about geocaching

Walk On
I did my anime run the other day
Blah blah blah blah blah Blah blah blah blah blah
Blah blah blah blah blah Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah
Blah blah blah blah blah Blah blah blah blah blah blah

And my toesies hurt okay
And my toesies hurt okay
And my toesies hurt okay
And my toesies hurt anyway

Okay time for the game

Wednesday, November 27, 2013


heyyyyyyyyy gs

happy hanukkah!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Cat trip

hey gs

okay so i am posting at 11:30 am but this is still going to be a pretty short post because i have a ton of packing and getting ready today still.  and at 6 we are leaving for a concert in indianpolis and then idk how late it will be after the concert when i can use the internet because i think we are going to drive some of the way to wisconsin after the concert and then find a hotel to stay overnight.

yeah i'm positive that for the last 2 years at least taboo has been at the house.

haha i actually only know one of those jamz (the ghost mice song) and i'm pretty sure you got that from me.  i might download some of those other ones if i have time.

here are the things i need to do before tg:

-clean up the house a bit
-help get all the food and other stuff we are bringing to tg packed
-load the car
-download more jamz if i have time but its not super necessary because i already have downloaded over 20 new albums

well i had planned to write more in this post but then we got busy packing for the trip and then we went to the concert and now I'm typing this post on my phone from the car and I don't really feel like typing a really long thing on it and using a ton of data. If I knew how to put in a picture on this app I would...  I'll try to add one in later though maybe

Monday, November 25, 2013

mission: crush the goat!

Hey gs!!!!

Aww g too bad I will only be home for a little bit of hours to see that baby!  Let's bring her with us pls

Aw g I really wish we could see Thor 2 at Tgiving!!!!  I don't think it will be coming to Morris for a while.  Bleh you and Noah ought not spoil me Tgiving!!!!

I think they have Taboo there but we could bring it just in case they don't have it anymore or something.  That would be the worst thing to not have it!!!!!  That is the worst situation I dare to imagine!!!

Okay... I've been reading 19th century literature all day and it's having an odd effect on the wording of this post.

Wow I can't even envision a world in which I didn't steal food from the dining hall all the time.  Yeah you really shoulda done that.

Aw g well I don't really know John that well its doubtful that we would take me

Okay well I'm used to people spelling Spider-Man wrong all the time so

Aw g so basically you don't want me to have happiness because that is exactly what I want to be doing tomorrow but instead I will be waiting around really bored probably

Yeah I used to wear my spn shirts sometimes but not anymore but I already explained why

Okay well I still don't think I've ever had the experience of getting into a fandom and the thing doesn't salt my sugars.  I guess I just don't see why you would even get into the fandom when you don't really care for the thing that much idk

Okay I'm glad the thing helped you.  Well yeah okay so I didn't have anyone to guide me when I first started reading comics but I kind of thought I wanted to read Avengers comics so I decided to start at the beginning so I read like twenty issues of Avengers and they were okay to me but when I got to issue 11, that's when the Avengers first meet Spider-Man and I realized Spider-Man was the most fun character I had encountered in all those comics so that's kind of where my love for Spider-Man came from.  So then I decided I wanted to read Spider-Man comics instead and again I decided to start at the beginning and... I'm still reading through all of the Spider-Man comics oop. Though obviously I've read a lot of other comics since then haha.

Okay based on your interests I will give you some suggestions.

petermj doi 
Gosh okay I don't know.  If you're just interested in Peter and MJ's relationship in 616, I could give you specific issues you could read, but I can't really suggest a title for you, since you'd have to be skimming over a lot of other stuff.  I know there are limited series about it, but I haven't gotten to them yet. I would actually suggest reading Spider-Man: Blue, because even though it's centered on Peter and Gwen, MJ is in it, and also it's a really beautifully written series and has amazing art by Tim Sale, who did the art from Heroes, so it's almost like Isaac Mendez drew it haha.  Well okay if you're just interested in PeterMJ, here's some specific issues I would recommend. Amazing Spider-Man #42-43, which was the first full appearance of MJ and features Peter and MJ's first date, Amazing Spider-Man Annual #19, in which someone thinks MJ is secretly Spider-Man and MJ is a total let's see what else. Okay well the Christmas ish I was talking about is Spectacular Spider-Man #112 in case you're wondering. It's really hard to suggest specific issues because I would suggest reading Spider-Man comics for more than just PeterMJ.  Also because most of the PeterMJ greatness I still haven't read yet!!! Like I know JMS's run is really good for PeterMJ but that is still far ahead.  Okay but here's another suggestion.  Spider-Man Loves Mary-Jane isn't 616 but MJ is the main character and it does have some cute PeterMJ in it. I read the whole thing but I did find the high school relationship drama stuff a bit tiresome at times and felt myself craving action, but that could just be me.  Okay well I'll get back to you on this subject. Oh, as for what shows to watch for PeterMJ, Spider-Man: The Animated Series  from the 90s is the definitive PeterMJ show.  It will also break your heart because Peter loses MJ like 3 times!!! Oh! Also Spider-Man: The New Animated Series. That's also a good PeterMJ show that might also break your heart because well dang I don't want to spoil it.  Um also I'm still hoping for Peter and MJ to get together in Ultimate Spider-Man but we'll see.

thor doi doi doi
Thor: The Mighty Avenger!!!!!  It's the series I was reading on Mad Eye with the really cute art!  Yeah yeah yeah it's a really cute series!!! Cute Thor!!! Cute Jane!!! Cute cute cute!!!! As for what show to watch, definitely Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes. Gosh I love Thor in that.  Especially in like the last two episodes of the first season.  Yes good. Also Ultimate Spider-Man has a couple of really cute episodes with Thor, one where he's turned into a cute lil froggie, and one where he's turned into a cute little baby.

captain america
????? I'm sorry I don't know.... Um... I can tell you that you should not read his current title because it's....not good. But I swear if you read other comics you will encounter Captain America you can't avoid it haha.  Also watch EMH for Cap! Especially in season 2!!!

hawkeye mayb
I highly recommend the current Hawkeye title!!!  It's actually just Hawkeye vol 1. But yes it is a very good comic and features two Hawkeyes and a dog who loves pizza! Um as for what show, this is starting to get redundant but EMH has lots of Hawkeye.

jus the avengers in general
Avengers vol. 4 is really great. The lineup it starts with is Bucky as Captain America, Hawkeye, Iron Man, Spider-Man, Wolverine, Spider-Woman, Thor, and Maria Hill.  Other Avengers join later on, but yeah it's really good.  Also if you want to read something a little more recent, Avengers Assemble  is pretty good too and the first eight issues have the same Avengers from the movie. As for what show, obviously for the Avengers I have to suggest EMH again.

???? Um some X-Men comics probably.  I just read some really great Spider-Man comics with Wolverine but you might not want that idk. Wolverine also just shows up everywhere I really don't know. But I do know what show!!!  Wolverine and the X-Men!!! Gosh Abby and I watched that whole show in like two days because Wolverine.

jus x-men in general idek
I want to read more X-Men comics but I just don't know.  I starting reading the current just X-Men title because it's like all women but then I forgot I was reading that. Um I would also suggest Wolverine and the X-Men for just X-Men in general because they're in that too haha

squirrel girl doiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
Oh my gosh if you like really sad comics then read Great Lake Avengers.  Haha I thought it was going to be lighthearted midwestern fun but then it was like people dying all the time and sadness.

that civil war thing prob
Civil War is an event so you should probably just read the whole thing.  Um I still haven't read it actually oop.

deadpool???? idk!!!!!
Um I'd suggest Deadpool vol. 4 which is the current Deadpool title.

Oops those got way more lazy as they went on haha I wrote an like an essay for PeterMJ and then one line for Deadpool sorry.

Yeah Daredevil is an Avenger though he doesn't stick around them very much. Are you still patting me on the back even though I wrote that huge glug thing about PeterMJ and then tiny little things for everyone else cause I swear I didn't plan that.

Haha I'm laughing again about that haha thing haha

Aw g those qs about PeterMJ are impossible to answer.  Yeah try to think up some real qs

I'm planning to try to turn it into a fanmix but that's such work

Aw g well maybe that is why I know those jamz haha

Yeah that's the very same pic!  Wow but speaking of Noah and people posting my art on tumblr.... My very own brother posted my art on tumblr....... Also it wasn't one I posted on Deviantart so he must have searched through our blog to get it.... Um.....

Wtf does Noah want to fuck the entire Olympic swim team????  Okay??????

Yeah wow I couldn't even stalk Noah's blog the other day because there was too much Doctor Who bleh

Okay well I feel like you either know all of these jamz or maybe I even got them from you or gave them to you before but try these

*plea from a cat named virtue-the weakerthans
*i'd rather be with you-joshua radin
*north by north-faded paper figures
*scar that never heals-jeremy fisher
*free pizza for life-ghost mice
*buildings and mountains-the republic tigers
*what to do-ok go
*lies-the pierces

What is the dessert????  Well maybe I will know of it by the time you post but

Aw g well if I can't have that PeterMJ playlist you should turn it into a fanmix I guess

Tyt about my sneaky pic!!!

Tyt about my other pics!!!!

Bleh why did you talk about Loki at din?

Haha that is so hilarious to me.  I guess they probably couldn't get the same guy to play John but that's just funny.

Aw g well maybe we can do some group posts at Tgiving!!!

Here's a list of things I have to do before Tgiving:
*put my jamz on my pod
*get some money from the atm so I can pay the person who's giving me a ride

Cute piccie!!!!

Bleh I need to scroll past those Thor 2 spoilers to get to Gob's post to respond to him bleh bleh

2 am Gob write really great posts!!!!

Tyt about my guide to the Marvel universe. That's really cool that you want to read Spider-Man comics!!!! If you want I can give you some at Tgiving so you don't have to dl them?????

Tyt about my pics!  Yeah I like those pics too but they take a lot longer to draw haha

Yeah MJ is planned to be in the third movie but they might recast her so if they do it will still suck for the actress.

Awww yeah nerf battles.  Remember when we played that assassin game or whatever?  Maybe we could try doing that again????

It's so crazy that tomorrow I will be going home!!! Even though it's not until the evening I am completely done with classes until after Thanksgiving!!!!

Wow I just realized I'm only a few issues away from the PeterMJ wedding???!?!??!?!!??!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!? I WILL NOT SURVIVE THIS IN MY CURRENT STATE

Okay here's my Supergirl vid!!!

Okay time for the game.

Well there was nothing to take a picture of again so I was playing around with my webcame and I discovered there are a lot more effects than I had previously realized!

This is me with a tiny face

This is my pointy chin

This is my giant cranium

This is what it would be like if there were 2 of me and they really liked each other

This is a bubble party!!!!

Okay we still have time for pics we can still do this okay

Well okay the other day I saw some dumb fanboys saying Gwen and MJ were never friends and it made me sad so I drew this

Also here's cartoony Peter and MJ again.  Okay because sometimes they like to fight over Peter being Spider-Man.  The first picture is when MJ gets really mad at Peter and he's afraid because as previously established in this post MJ is a badass and she likes to get revenge in creative ways.  And in the second pic is when they're just mad at each other because they both think the other person is right but they don't want to say it because they're stubborn.  And then the third picture is when MJ is trying to voice her concern about Peter but he's just like blah blah great power blah blah great responsibility. 

Wow okay finally finished this post. Hob, I'll see you tomorrow!!! Gob, I'll see you on Wednesday!!! Have a nice day!

Sunday, November 24, 2013

the chicken shoppe

heyyyyyyyyyyyyy gs

jus pettin my lil baby awww yea

shes so purring

aw gob as me and para we saying, we wish we had 2 am gob more often bc he churned out a really good postie

well tyt for answerin my questions!!!! yeah i guess im in the same situation as you w/r/t fandoms. bum bum bum. i guess classical music is what ive been missin from my life. and star wars. jk no thank ya. wow you should talk about star wars more often tho bc for some reason i like when ppl talk about things i dont care about on the goblog haha. well as long as thats not the only thing they talk about

dang it so you taught yourself to lucid dream and then practiced your piano in your dreams all night for nothing!!!!!!!!!!!

well i think we gotcha somethin or we kno what we're gonna getcha so yea

you're gonna see thor 2 at tgiving thats when!!!!!!!! jk but i wish

oh ok well the pears looked worse than the oranges so i would imagine that the oranges were better

aw g those nerf guns were sooo annoying last year not gonna lie but w/e. maybe if you use them outside or in your room or something idk

wow looks like you had a lotta stuff to still do at the time you took that picture of your list. it better have got done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

dang it para im so sad you didnt see thor 2!!!!!!!!!!!!! wow delete that friend frm your life pls. bleh pls god let you see thor 2 soon!!!! well me and noah saw it on fri!!!!!! but yeah it made me so sad to see it w/outcha bleh. ok im gonna say my stuff about it at the very end of the post tho i hope everyone will remember to read it once they see it!!! i'll put a special label on this post maybe

ok i always forget if they have taboo there or do we have to bring it?

well i have never stolen food from a dining hall but now that i think about it that woulda been a good idea....................................

aw g well you shoulda tried to see it w/ john he might been a better bet.

doi i know how to spell spider-man im jus messing witchoo

yeah but like you bein at school on tues is better than you just like chillin at home and like idk packing and helping w tgiving stuff and yea idk that'd jus b bad

aw g i still wear my spn shirt and like im p sure you never wore any of thems even when you liked spn so?

nah not like gettin into a fandom and hating the thing but just like bein w/e about it like it doesnt salt your sugars or anything. wait wtf does that mean thats not anything. well u know what i mean

ok tyt!! my where do you start was not rhetorical altho we will dont kno if i will start be we still wanted 2 kno. anyway that was v helpful altho i would prob hypothetically want to read some comics and i still might not kno where to start exactly but i guess u could help me figure it out hypothetically. what comics did you start with? ik you read some avengers ones like in maine but idk really. hmm also i might hypothetica;lly watch one of those shows.ok what if i told you the things im most interested in that could be somethin. hmmmmmm let me think ok:

*petermj doi
*thor doi doi doi
*captain america
*hawkeye mayb
*jus the avengers in general
*jus x-men in general idek
*squirrel girl doiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
*that civil war thing prob
*deadpool???? idk!!!!!

p.s. wow its news to me that daredevil is an avenger what even. also im pattin ya on the back for not mentioning spider--------man in that

ok g let me say before i forget that you said "haha" soooooooooooooooooo frickin much in that post like basically in every paragraph like was that on purpose like what is happenin haha

ok heres some qs about petermj
*how dare they??
*what gives them the right???
*what even??????????

jk i'll have to thin k up some real qs

yeah like ik they cut a lot out of movies all the time but it seems weird for them to completely cut out a whole character idkkk. but yeah the whole thing is jus so yucky blehhhhhhhh

aw g well try turnin your petermj playlist into a fanmix!!!

yea harry/mj belongs in the trash

aw g those were the best jamz on there!!! jk but oblivion is one of my fav songs ah well. i wish it was one of my tgiving jamz

haha is that the pic thats like "whats on me" bc that is a great pic hahah noahs bday card is famous

ok yea also what is up w this

wow i had to scroll through like 50 variations of the same doctor who gif to find that zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

wow i just learned of ANOTHER dessert we gonna have at tg awwwwwwwwwww yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaa

bleh i really need more jamz lets have em

aw g ya cant have that playlist rn. maybe some time

hahaha that dang fic u wrote...........icqcml at all

nice sneaky piccy!!

omg that beautiful pic!!!!!!!!!!! well they're both beautiful and the cartoony one is so cutie but that first one omgggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg wow youve gotten so good at art and like its so beautiful and small and dang!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

kill me idk

wow today we talked about loki at dinner. i almost threw up

omfg the other day i saw a spn gif set that led me to conclude that there was an ep recently w a flashback or somethin and not only was there yet another young dean but there was a dif guy playin john and icqcml idk like they had the same guy playin him when he had his lil babies to when his lil babies were in their twenties but then they jus had this other guy playin him in this ep idk its really funny to me

ok what else

i still need a pic and to say my thor thoughts but i feel like i shoudl stay some more stuff but idk what and while i still have two hours before midnight, i have a lot to do kinda so we'll see. and i havent taken my pic yet so it might be nothin good

well the next time i post will be wednesday omfg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! doubtful that i'll be able to post v much during tgivin bc i dont think theres that great internet and i dont have a laptop but i'll try my best and i'll try to at least post a pic or somethin but i'll prob just like say a few things about my day and then wait til i get home to respond to everything maaaaaaybe.

bleh i have to work 1 billion hours tomorrow the thought of it makes me want to die but at least im halfway through my 4 days of work but not really cuz the last 2 days had 13 hours in them and the next 2 have 16 so. at least i'll be a rich man soon

ok heres a list of some stuff i need to do before tgivin

*finish findin jamz
*d/l jamz
*wash my coat
*do a bunch of other laundry
*send an email to a person
*go to the library
*go to the drugstore
*make pecan pie bars
*pack doi
*kitty litter

thats not in order but yea

oh cool my friend jus gave me some jamz. i hope theyre good. they have p good taste in music so we'll c


cat and mouse:


thor: the dark world spoilers thor: the dark world spoilers thor: the dark world spoilers thor: the dark world spoilers thor: the dark world spoilers thor: the dark world spoilers thor: the dark world spoilers thor: the dark world spoilers thor: the dark world spoilers thor: the dark world spoilers thor: the dark world spoilers thor: the dark world spoilers thor: the dark world spoilers thor: the dark world spoilers thor: the dark world spoilers thor: the dark world spoilers thor: the dark world spoilers thor: the dark world spoilers thor: the dark world spoilers thor: the dark world spoilers thor: the dark world spoilers thor: the dark world spoilers thor: the dark world spoilers thor: the dark world spoilers thor: the dark world spoilers thor: the dark world spoilers thor: the dark world spoilers thor: the dark world spoilers thor: the dark world spoilers thor: the dark world spoilers thor: the dark world spoilers thor: the dark world spoilers thor: the dark world spoilers thor: the dark world spoilers thor: the dark world spoilers thor: the dark world spoilers thor: the dark world spoilers thor: the dark world spoilers thor: the dark world spoilers thor: the dark world spoilers

*w/e his name is idris elba guy!!!!!
*thor's hair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
*that one super important and necessary scene u kno the one :)
*thor and jane small cuties!!!!!!!!!!!!
*omg espec the part where jane was like "quantum blah blah" and thor did the smallest lil smile omgggggggggggg
*you look ravishing brother lol
*that whole part in fact. captain america!!!!!!!!
*brothies tbh
*i was shippin jane and sif jus so much but i wish they had more interaction bc that was like nothing
*also we reeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaally needed more sif in general. i have an idea of whose screen time we coulda cut some in order to have more sif instead :)
*that lil guy chasin birds at the v end of the scene that was after the second set of credits!!!!!!! he was so happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
*the birds were yucky tho
*for a while i thought loki might not be that much in it but
*i love thor
*so does jane
*so does loki
*gosh his lil hairs (thor's, not loki's.......)
*ok thats all 4 now. i hope u enjoyed these really nice and super spoilery thoughts

Saturday, November 23, 2013

our new cat-bro

hey gs.

so it is 2 am and i am starting this blog post just because i can!

to answer your questions hob right now i don't really know like what kind of fandoms or anything i'm into rn because i'm not like super into in specific shows or movies or comics or anything right now really.  well like i guess this isn't really a fandom or anything but i'm just really into classical music and contemporary classical music right now.  i still really like star wars but i'm not really into it a ton now just because pretty much the only thing that is going on in the star wars universe is the expanded universe (eu) comic and books and i just like have gotten behind on a lot of eu stuff plus i didn't really like the direction the main post-movies story line was going.  but episode vii is hopefully going to be really awesome and a lot of cool stuff will probably come out around then!!!  idk what that is going to do to the eu though because the eu already covers 40+ years after the last movie.  they probably will just end up completely contradicting the eu and come up with a new story line but idk if the preexisting eu will continue or if it will be rebooted.  like up until now the eu has coexisted with the movies and they try their best to make nothing conflict (for the most part) but i imagine that is going to change.

my piano practicing went really well but i didn't even play the piece i practiced the most on and really hard on in my lesson!!! D:

well idk if by the time this post was posted you gs have gotten a present for me but like books or board/card games are always good! i'm pretty sure we've gotten you gs all your presents but some of them haven't arrived but they should arrive by tuesday at the latest.

idk when i am going to see thor 2.  maybe i might so see it sometime this week if someone else wants to go with me.  idk.

nice guide to getting started on the marvel universe!!! i think i might actually try to read some spiderman comics and/or some other marvel comics.  i feel like i know somewhat more than the average person would know about some of the stuff but obviously i don't really know that much and like some of it i've probably forgotten.

nice pics para!  i like the style of the more 3d/more depth/more realistic pictures you've been drawing lately!  well i like the more cartoony ones to though.

wow that would really suck to be an actor or actress in a movie and just get your whole role cut from the movie after all the work you put into it.  is mj planned to be in the third movie?

the oranges were pretty good but the pears were actually just so-so.  like they were better than they looked but still not great.

haha cm and i had some great nerf battles tonight!!!!!!! we are going to bring 4 or 5 of the nerf guns to tg and we should have some battles then!

wow so in addition to there being snow showers monday of next week in wisconsin there is chance of there being snow showers while we are there on saturday!!!!!!  that will be really nice if it is really snowy while we are there!

here is a picture of a list of things cm and i had to do today.  it also has a lot of random drawings on it!

Friday, November 22, 2013

goat on campus

Hey gs!!!!

Gosh darn everything to heck!!!  My friend said he would take me to see Thor 2 today but today he told me he was going home for the weekend!!!  Why the heckie would you go home for the weekend the weekend before Tgiving???????  I hate every darn thing I'm never going to see Thor 2 am I???

Okay well here's the things about Tgiving I'm excited for:
*seeing all the cool people
*my jamz
*having a break from school
*stuffing my face
*playing taboo and poker and other
*watching Gob like a hawk when he's sleeping on the floor
*feasting my eyes on those darn pecan pie bars

I think it's normal to steal food from your dining hall tbh

Oh you probably meant John. No John the guy from the comic book store doesn't go to my school.  Jon is a different guy and he was supposed to take me to see Thor 2 but I'm a lil bit mad at him now.

Aw g that makes me really sad that you and Noah are going to see Thor 2 without me :( When will I see it even I don't know

Oh okay I didn't realize what that meant but ok icqcme to know who my name is!!!

Yeah dang Spock right to those darn depths!!!!

Well you don't have to know everything about Spider-Man to know that you don't know everything I mean you aren't even spelling his name right it's not spider man or spiderman it's Spider hyphen Man.

Yeah it was a lil bit earlier last year dang it.  Well last year also I just had one exam the first day I believe so I came home as soon as poss but this year who knows

Aw g well I'm just gonna be chillin on Tuesday anyway it's just I will be at school instead of at home so???  Well I will be chillin until 8 and then I will be driving but then I will be jammin so.  Actually I'll probably do some homework on Tuesday but that is nothing I don't think I will even have v much to do.  I'll probably pack too and stuff but that won't take long.

Aw g well I would still wear my spn shirts if spn had ended like 2 seasons ago but it's like I feel like I'm not a fan anymore since I quit watching like my friend Jon still watches spn and he accuses me of hating spn and I'm like I don't hate it you don't understand I was the biggest fan like 2 years ago so idk its like I can't wear those shirts do you feel me

Well I don't think I've ever had the experience of getting into a fandom and then hating the thing so idk.

Okay I don't know if your "where do you start" question was rhetorical or not but I'm going to seriously answer it for you and maybe this will help you and maybe it will help Gob since he as kind of??? expressed an interest in reading comics???? I guess????  Okay well maybe this will help someone

Para's Guide to Entering the Magical World of Marvel

1. PICK A TEAM!!!!
Okay well this isn't a definitive first step but it could be a very helpful one because the Marvel multiverse is huge and you can't try to plow through the whole thing because that's not going to be very effective.  People basically separate Marvel into three main teams though:  The Avengers, the Fantastic Four, and the X-Men. Obviously these do cross over a lot but that will actually help you to expand your knowledge if you just pick one and try to learn about that one first because you will be introduced to more of the characters that way.
Also, this doesn't have to be literal like you don't have to choose one of these literal teams.  Like, say you decided Daredevil was your favorite and you wanted to know more about him, well he is an Avenger, but for that I wouldn't suggest trying to learn all you can about the Avengers because you're not gonna come across Daredevil much that way.
Okay so most of the main Marvel characters have been around fifty-ish years, but you don't have to read fifty years of comics.  You can if you want, I mean I love old comics but they're probably not for everyone.  If you want to read modern comics, go ahead!  Marvel NOW is supposed to be a great starting point for new readers, and for most characters that's probably true.
Seriously, if you want to understand something, look on wikipedia or if you have a Marvel encyclopedia you can look in that haha.  Or you can ask Para.
For real though there are a lot of good Marvel cartoons in my opinion that can help you get a grasp of a lot of characters and storylines.  Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes  is probably one of the best ones because it has a lot of characters and it is really good in my opinion.  If you like X-Men, I would suggest Wolverine and the X-Men. I've heard the 90s X-Men show is good too, but I can't recommend it because I haven't watched it.
It's impossible to know 70 years of continuity.  Nobody can do it.  I certainly can't do it.  And you don't HAVE to read comics.  I mean just watching all the movies is a great start!  You could just watch all the movies and go straight to fanfiction if you want and you could still be part of the fandom.

tl;dr Watch/read what you want, and don't worry about trying to tackle the whole multiverse at once.  If you want suggestions, tell me the kind of thing you're interested in and I'll direct you!!!

Okay hopefully that will be of use to someone idk.  By the way I'm really proud that I managed to go through that whole thing without mentioning Spider-Man at all I think.

Yeah idgi it either imo that vid has serious problems maybe they are watching it bc its so bad

Aw g can you possibly dl the vids in the right format haha.  Um idk I'm too lazy rn maybe next time although there are still vids I made before that one that I haven't uploaded but whatever

GOsh I don't think I can answer that question bc PeterMJ is just???  Way too small and dumb beyond reason?????  I guess I suggested a question bc that is a question I would like to know the answer to.  You should ask questions I could actually answer I guess haha

Yeah I mean I don't think MJ was supposed to be like a main character but I mean it seems like the filmed quite a few scenes with her I mean there's all those and those are just some of the ones outside we don't even know they could have filmed a lot of scenes inside and stuff.  Beyond the fact that it is just so stupid and cruel that they cut out MJ, I really hope it doesn't like ruin the movie from cutting out all that stuff haha

Yeah but wow those pics and those are just some of them wow wow wow

Aw g well my PeterMJ fanmix rn is just a long playlist of songs I listen to when I'm drawing PeterMJ and stuff

Bleh Harry/MJ is my notp for sure.  For one thing bc I don't like Harry that much. And for another thing MJ doesn't like Harry that much!!!!

Actually I realize I know 2 of your songs. Oblivion and Farewell to the Fairground.

Haha it was a pic that I drew for Noah's bday card I think with Spider-Man, Daredevil, and Deadpool in party hats.

Actually there have been three Ant-Mans haha

Yeah haha I saw that thing Noah reblogged about the potatoes and I was also confused by it!!!!  We need some darn answers from that boy

Haha yeah we always have 39025092 desserts icqcme!!!!  Bleh I do not want this weekend at all I wish tomorrow could be Monday.

Oh I forgot that it was Mother's day the first time we watched it but I guess that makes sense.

Tyt about my pics!!!

That's p cool about that casting news I guess.

Aw g I have over 50 jamz now but I need more than you probs since I have more driving to do

Aw g well I really want to at least have that playlist!!!!  Yeah wow that part that I showed you omg

Yeah haha that cover is so hilarious but also so stupid like it seems like its a parody but its not???  Wow but what even

Nice desk chair and nice other pic!! Very cutie!!!!

Nice voicemail Gob. That would be crazy if Mohinder Suresh was calling you bc most likely he would be calling about his father's research to tell you that you may have special abilities!!!!

Tyt for the jamz

That fruit does not have a good look to it.  I don't think they ever really have pears in my dining hall.

Hahah icqcml at this Eduardo from the Social Network/chicken hurt comfort fic I wrote one time

Okay time for the game.  Here's a v sneaky pic of my roommate!

Okay also I have some piccies I think let's see

Okay this is a reinterpretation of an actual panel from a comic. I think it looks a lil bit weird but

Haha okay and this is some very cartoonish PeterMJs

Beep boop have a nice day!!!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

chicken buddy

heyyyyyyyyyyyyy gs

yqw for the jamz gob

ok heres things im excited for during tgiving:

*looking at pecan pie bars
*watching gob like a hawk
*pigging out
*playin taboo and other
*seein the ppl
*my jamz
*my bookz
*jus chillin

cool voicemal g

tyt for the jamz!!!

cool fruit but actually not cuz it looks kinda bad

wow you and para just steal stuff from your dining halls im gonna call the cops

wait para i did mean jon i guess but i was talkin about that guy from the comic book store is it that guy or dif/?????????????????

well goos thor 2 tomorrow!!!!!!!! for us all i hope. altho i told mom that me and noah are gonna see and she was like aw g i wanna see it which i did not kno so i guess she'll see it a dif time

doi para i said that we took out your name before we picked the one for you so we kno that you dont have yours

well dang that spock to the depths of heck

ok g who are you to give a test to see if i know everything about spider man if you dont even know everything about spider man? no everything about spiderman! no everything about spiderman! no everything about spiderman! no everything about spiderman!

ok that seems late for when you're gonna be home for xmas like i thought you were home really early last year but w/e

nah i wouldnt wantcha to be home monday cause then it'd be like you'd be like jus chillin and it'd be like aw g i have to work. jk kinda

ok ik you dont have literally 9 shirts for every fandom but im p sure you have like 4 for spn that youve never worn wow

haha crazy dream

but like sometimes you get into a fandom but then you realize that you dont actually care for the thing that much like it doesnt do a lot for you but then like you went to all this trouble to read/watch a thing etc like that kinda happened to me w/ snk altho that was nothin bc theres not that many episodes/chapters but w marvel its like wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww and also where?? do???? you???????? start????????????????

oh ok yeah idgi like thats a fine vid but yeah idgi

aw g i wanna work on my vid but every time i think about converting those vids into the right format i just can not even at all. when ya gonna post yours tho?????

yea tru that squirrel is nuts. hahahaha

ok well then why are petermj so small and dumb why do they hurt us this way harry

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO THOSE PICS NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW MELT THIS SHIT EARTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wait so i was wondering about this like did they film all the mj stuff and then just not use it????? bc that just......................................and like it seems like ok idk how much she was supposed to be in it but it seems like if they jus cut it all out that would make it seem a lil weird idk thats my thoughts

dang it though dang it dang it dang it dang it dang it dang it dang it dang it dang it dang it dang it

ok lets have your petermj mix i really want it g

also i looked for petermj mixes and like there were a few on 8tracks that all sucked and then i looked at the spiderman tag on the fanmixes livejournal and basically like practically half of all the mixes on there were harry/mj???? wh at??????????

whats the song of mine that you kno?

omg what art was posted on tumblr this time??

aw g i didnt know who barbara park was but looked that up and thats very sad :(

wait theres two ant mans or

SAME ABOUT NOAHS TUMBLR WTFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF. yeah first why the heck did he reblog a million pics of that girl in a row and he always reblogs pics of another girl and says weird things and just wow idek theres so much stuff. he keeps?? saying stuff????? tho the most curious thing of all is he reblogged a post about loving potatoes but he dont love potatoes

ok i already talked some about tgiving in this post but i'll try to say more. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm yeah we will prob do all those things. or someone will. icqcme for our harry potter board games. wow tgivings 1 week from today crazy. ok what else to say. im really excited to pig out!!!!!!!!!!!! all i kno so far is we're gonna have one million desserts so thats somethin. awwwwwwwwwww yeeeeeeeeeeeeeah

wow thats crazy altho the first time u watched that movie was mothers day so

haha nice pics!!! i espec like the first one it has a really good look to it.

ok the other day i learned the best casting news for the les mis revival which is that enjolras is gonnab e played by a black guy im so happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and like theres some vids on youtube of him singin and hes soooooooooooooooooooo amazing omggggggggggggggg and like idk im so excited for this cast like theres a few other poc and theres jason forbach and yeah hmmmmm i will have to see it doi

alright i wanna hvae at least 50 jamz so i need at least 11 more hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. bleh im so sick of listenin to ok fanmixes tho.

ok para said to talk more about petermj so i'll try. well speakin of jamz i keep putting jamz on a petermj playlist but i prob could not make a whole fanmix for them really. but i kno someone who could!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh wait i just remembered that im 99% sure there was some of them in my dream last night but icr what really. also ok you know how some months ago i said i had a dream where i was spiderman well when we were watchin that movie the other day the tgiving part vaguely reminded me of that dream and its like ok did i somehow remember that part when i was havin the dream or?????? alright what else. that pic para jus showed us all was so darn and small and dumb that i wanted to die.

well that was not the best but i couldnt think up what to say. now im gonna say somethin for gob since he prob skipped over half this post to avoid spoilers. ok this is hard bc i dont know what gob is into rn. what are you into gob?? how did your piano practicing go???? what do you want for a present at tgiving?? i think we still need to getcha somethin so.....................

omg everyone go and listen to this cover of santa baby by michael buble. i would be angry about it if i could quite contain my laugther. tho i cant say im going to continue caring for him really

i'll wait up for you dude

ok now im jus sayin stuff to avoid having to get up and take a pic. im lazin

ok alright fine heres a pic of my new desk chair

and heres a pic of me since para has posted a lotta pics of her and i have not yet. my excuse is i dont have a web cam at the mo but i guess thats not a good excuse since as i still managed to do it so

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

cat vision

hey gs!

wow i think i only know like 2 or or 3 of all those jamz.  tyt for them!!!

yay i will see you gs in wisconsin exactly a week from today!!!!!!!!!!!!  icqcme for my break and thanksgiving and everything!

here is a list of stuff i am excited for tg break:

  • thanksgiving
  • all the amazing food that comes with tg
  • hanukkah
  • all the amazing food that comes with hanukkah
  • all the other great food i will eat while at wisconsin
  • roasting marshmallows and stuff over the fire
  • seeing para, hob, noah, aunt nina, and uncle ben
  • playing taboo
  • playing shuffle board
  • playing other board/card games
  • not having school and being stressed by it
  • getting a lot of sleep
  • listening to a lot of good music on the car ride
  • reading a lot of good books on the car ride
  • probably a ton of other stuff i forgot to put here as well

hahahaha this transcript that google made of my voicemail is hilarious because it only got like 70% of the words right! 

 So I'm going. This is suresh and tell her to be calling you tell me if you might be on your way here. School. I am really pretty sick, I came to play that the client but I really like to go home right now. So, I want mentioned to change our practice thing, Hi babe behibek 10 o'clock in the morning when I will be staying here and waiting for your thing. Silly so, then maybe I missed you here. If I don't. And then this is the message but I think you please come on 5 8 3 Thank you. Bye bye.

 it  really was mohinder suresh that was calling me though.  haha jj it was my piano accompanist.  her name sounds nothing like suresh though...

we have a map of the piano - mum
tornado - jonsi
23 - blonde redhead
rabbit in your headlights - unkle (featuring thom yorke)
allison - slowdive
popplagio / track 8 on the bracket album - sigur ros
stay lit - holy fuck
come a little closer - cage the elephant
zombies in america - the expendables
faking the books - lali puna
do the whirlwind - architect in helsinki
cherry blossom girl - air
i wanna be adored - the stone roses
where is my mind - trampled by turtles (pixies cover)
where is my mind - nada surf  (pixies cover)
lotus flower (jacques greene rmx) - radiohead
bloom (jamie xx rework part 3) - radiohead

here is a picture of some fruit i stole from the dining hall!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

to squash a goat!

Hey gs!!!!

Yeah Gob's gotta be dead for sure.  I guess we can mourn him at tgiving.

Well in our dorm room we keep the lights off that's just how we roll.  It's better that way because then we're not wasting electricity doi

Okay well I don't know who Joe is.  I guess you could mean Jon because that is who I am seeing the movie with.  Yeah we are planning to go on Friday I guess so hopefully that will actually occur this time.

Well I would rather do stuff with you but I also love Marvel so there you go.  But how do you know the name you picked for me isn't my own???  Well I guess we will see.

Yeah Peter is dead but also his life is a mess even more than that bc nobody knows he's dead and Spock is making everyone hate him and he lost him his job I think and the Avengers want to kill him and he's turning all of New York against him again and it's just horrible.  Like when Peter comes back to life it's not gonna be fun for him probably.

Yes Spider-Man is quicker than a normal spider he has the PROPORTIONATE speed of a spider so since he's a bigger than a spider he can move way way faster.  Like he can move so fast you might even not see him move at all.  Plus when you tried to attack him with the vacuum he would know you were going to do it before you even did it because of his spider-sense.  So yeah it would be really hard to get him.

Nice try on your answers.  Idk if I can answer them bc I don't know everything about Spider-Man! Okay I will give it a shot.

1. At least 65
2. I ate it.
5. One or two maybe more.

Yeah I do ship Stony that's why I said "some dumb Stony fans" doi.  Though I don't reaaaaally care about it that much I just can't not ship it I mean it's p canon.

I could do that maybe.

Yeah they do always have Marvel stuff I'm just saying.  I'm not sure when I'll come home because the finals schedule isn't available yet but it'll be at the latest on the 19th.  Wow that is one month from today!  The earliest it could be is the 16th I guess.  So yeah somewhere in there.

Okay you already know this but I'm coming home on Tuesday but it's so dumb because today I learned that the only class I have on Tuesday is cancelled that day so I won't even have any classes that day!  Too bad I can't come home Monday night wow!!!  That would be amazing.

I don't think I've ever had 9 shirts for one fandom before though.

Yeah wow when I watched spn I would have been all over that bc the only merch you could find was online p much.

But okay speaking of Hot Topic I had a really weird dream that me and a bunch of people were fighting to the death and the last person standing was going to be the guardian of Buffy the Vampire Slayer because our own mother was her old guardian because she had psychic powers but now her powers were becoming too weak to protect Buffy anymore.  But okay I had a sword and I was fighting all these people outside in this parking lot and I remember stabbing this guy in the shoulder repeatedly and then I finally killed him by slashing him across the chest and there was so much blood wow and then finally me and this one guy were the only two people left but he was a really good fighter and I was a little bit afraid of him so I went into Hot Topic but I had my bloody sword with me but good news it was Halloween and there was a Halloween party going on in there so I pretended like the sword was part of my costume even though I wasn't wearing a costume and I kind of dragged the bloody sword along the ground and okay Mom was in the store and she was trying to get me to buy a Star Trek shirt but I wasn't really paying attention to her because the guy who was trying to kill me had followed me into the store and then finally I talked to him and we came to an agreement that we would both be Buffy's guardians and then we left Hot Topic and I stole the Star Trek shirt for some reason even though Mom was gonna buy it for me I just ripped the tags off and took it.  And then as we left the store Buffy complained about how she hates Hot Topic.  The End.

Um you probably do want to be in the Marvel fandom bc why wouldn't you???  Yeah esp starting to be in the Marvel fandom is a lot of work bc there's so much stuff and it's so confusing at first but if you had any questions I could answer them!!!!

The vid that's in the top 4 most watched is the Spectacular Spider-Man Kiss the Girl vid???  Also it's rapidly gaining views like it's about to overtake the first fanvid I've ever made and it's only been up there for a few months so

Aw g well you should work on your vid maybe!!!  Tyt about my other vid.

Tyt about my photos yeah that one's my fave too but can we talk about how the squirrel in the first photo has a glowing demon eye???

PeterMJ tho!!!!!!! Well if you have an qs about them u can ask like why are they so small and dumb why do they hurt us this way harry

But wow I'm puking because I was looking at pics of Shailene playing MJ in TASM 2 which we will never see and I want to cry because like

Look at this omg so much PeterMJ look at their stupid faces look how Peter is smiling at her also MJ on a moTORCYCLE I'M SO MAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wow just their darn giggly faces wow wow wow please let us wake up and this will all have been a dream and PeterMJ don't exist

Also GwenMJ please no this is when they meet each other look they touch each others handsssss

Giggly Gwen with MJ n noo ooooooooo

Okay but this is by far th E WORST PICTURE YOU WILL EVER SEE it is MJ looking up at Spidey swingin away and smilin please stop the PeterMJs they're out of control

Also just pls look at this lil cutie she's so gr8 gosh I love MJ 

In conclusion we need to find whoever kicked MJ out of this movie and burn their house to the GROUND

Tyt about my pics!!

Yeah but how can we get those crazy kids back together they are so doomed

Yqw for the jamz!

Yeah I should make a PeterMJ fanmix bc I have a lot of songs for them.  But I also have so many fanmixes I want to make. But I'm so PeterMJ right now I just

Tyt for the jamz!  Hahah I also know just one of yours!

Nice cute Thor display!!!

Welp I saw more of my art posted on tumblr and it got lots more notes this time also. Idk.

Aw g I'm really sad bc Barbara Park died :(

Wow I used to be really worried that the Ant-Man in the Ant-Man movie wouldn't be Hank but now it's looking more and more like it's going to be Scott but I don't really care that much actually bc I do really like Scott now but the one thing I'm sad about is that probably means no Jan bleh






Wow there are a lot of pictures in this post so far kind of

Well we haven't talked about tgiving that much I mean we have but not really but I'm so excited!!!!!!!! icqcme at all!!!!! What will we do at tgiving will we play taboo will we make paper chains will we make duct tape chains will we make harry potter board games will we put on a tgiving play who knows????

Wow a crazy thing is that almost exactly a year ago from when we watched that darn movie Hob was the day that I watched it last year for the second time......amazing.

Okay well time for the game.  Unfortunately my camera's out of batteries so I had to take pics with my webcame but I couldn't find anything in my room I wanted to photograph so going along with the theme of this post having a bunch of pics here's a bunch of pics of me playing out with the webcam effects on my comp I tried to get them to go onto other people like my Thor action figure or my Spidey bobble head but it didn't work bum bum bum so these are all of me sorry


Am mazing!!!

That's all have a nice day!!!!!!