Wednesday, April 30, 2014

suddenly...the goat!

Heyyyyyyyyyy gs

Dang Gob that sound bad tho on the bright side it's not as bad as if Bucky had killed you.

But maybe Bucky is psychologically torturing you instead by making your past two weeks extra stressful somehow.  We just don't know what he is capable of.

Icqcme for your Friday post!

Dang I'm really curious about why Noah did that can he just say

No Doc Ock's not still alive that issue of Superior Spider-Man team up was mostly flashback it was really pointless.  At least Doc Ock does not seem to still be alive but you just never know I'm sure he'll come back sooner or later but

Okay just whatever about that cover just if they have multiple ones which idk if they will then just get the best looking one okay.  Okay I'm gonna read that issue later I can't wait I can't do it

How can it seem weird of my Latin professor you don't even know her you don't know what she's capable of.

Icqcme for your PeterMJ mix!!! Dang I really want to know what that song is but also maybe I don't want to because it might ruin my life

Yeah wow Mom was so annoying about that Bucky thing dangit.  WOW last night I had another dream that we were watching tasm2 and it was us same four watching it for the first time but we were trying to all squeeze into this chair and Noah kept making me sit on the floor and everyone kept talking the whole time and it was the worst experience ever.

Wow haha that's crazy about the cracking eggs thing.  Well I guess there's a lot of egg cracking in that movie but just wow

Oh okay.  Haha Phil

Yeah I know you want me to be aunt-may but what do I want.  Probably not that right now

Um do you mean just a normal place to make lil guys and not like a special place to make cap2 guys?  Because I don't think such a place exists even. There is an Avengers doll thing but that's not

Yeah dang that vid I should never have put that on tumblr it's really embarrassing

Well I think it was while you were in nyc that the cast of tasm2 were there for the premiere or whatever. Someone I know snuck into the thing lol

When were you in Knoxville? Oh wait was that for the music festival thing with Gob?

Tyt about my idea to blow up the community center.

Tyt about my list of cards.  Hmm let me see if any of those are yucky babies.  I guess only the Red Hulk I don't like v much I don't not like him I just don't care but we needed to have him so we could have three hulks that was our goal

Oh yeah I remember that conversation. Though I wonder who is older at this point because I think I read that Bucky was a lil bit older than Cap before like less than a year but Cap has been unfrozen for more than a year but how long did Bucky take to kill those people probably not a whole year idk

But is the disc drive in the wii working yet that's what we all want to know

Yeah I've only heard of one other time of there being a midnight premiere at the Morris theater and that was for Iron Man 3 last year but I didn't go to that either because that was also right before finals week.  Having movies come out right around finals is just not ideal.  Maybe in 2016 I will be able to go to the midnight premiere of tasm3 bc I think that's going to come out in June so that will be after I graduate wow

Dang that PeterJohnny icqcme to read that issue!!!!!!!!!!!

Tyt about my game idea.  Well hmm if other people want to help come up with the scavengers than that would be good otherwise I could do it. But the question is how many scavengers should there be???

No we don't want Pete to die again that would not be ideal.  What would be ideal would be if I had a million dollars to buy them all and I could go to the comic book store every week to get them that would be ideal

Tyt about my vid!!!!

What is baja sol.  Dang well I want one of those action figs will you take me to target when I get home

Dang that flappy 2048 game!!! I have played it before actually I don't like it bc I'm so bad at flapping but I did get to 8192 in that game which is my goal for 2048 but

Haha wow that's craz about Sam and Dean and Bucky and Cap.  Bucky and Cap are a lil bit like Sam and Dean actually bc they are kind of like brothers but closer haha.  Also they risk their dumb lives for each other dangit and one time Cap watched Bucky fall to his apparent death but then he came back WOW and that part in cap2 at the end is kind of like in the end of Swan Song when Lucifer Sam is beating up Dean NO DANGIT STOP WOW PLEASE END ME

This day was supposed to be deleted from existence why is it still happening?

Dangit I need more jamz

Bleh I wish you could come to get me bc we will need your help carrying all my stuff down the stairs!!  Haha jk I wish it bc icqcme to see my g

Does you wanting to watch that Pooh movie have anything to do with Chris Evans singing that Pooh song or is it mere coincidence?

Dangit we needed that Winter Solider hoodie for ya

Bleh I wish I was going to Duluth this is the rustiest stuff I've ever experienced.

Hey g before you leave for Duluth can you try to record this Saturday's SNL so I can watch it when I get home???

Okay here's a thing about my day.  I woke up and then I accidentally slept for an extra like half an hour but it was nbd except that I had to print a thing before class which I remembered bc I saw my note so I quickly got ready and then went to print the thing and then went to class and then went to another class and in that class my prof brought us donuts and juice so that was nice and then I had lunch and then I did hw and studied for an exam and wrote this post and then I had dinner and then I studied some more and wrote this post some more and then I had ice cream cake and then  I took a shower and then I finished this post

Okay here's the list of things to scavenge.  They do not need to be found in order!

*a squirrel
*a walrus
*something you ate in your day
*the best time to wear a striped sweater
*the winter solider
*a funky little bear
*old friends coming together after 70 years apart
*the petermjs
*the most good looking little thing you can find at a place where things are made
*a very big person
 *the chamber of secrets
*a ghost
*the end of the line
*knife party
*a mage of d00m

Well that's all have a nice day!!!

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

battery chargin

hey gs.

sorry about not posting on here

sorry about not posting on tumblr

the past 2 weeks with final exams and projects and juries and stuff an have just been super stressful and busy and i've been feeling like crap and really tired and just sleeping a lot when i'm not working.  i still have a ton to do tonight but i actually remembered to at least somewhat post.  by the time of my next post it will be summer for me though and things will be better!!!

icqcme for summer!

my post on friday will be a great one

Monday, April 28, 2014


heyyyyyyyyyyyyy gs

ok gob

yea i did not ask noah to post for me so he is our greatest mystery. well apparently he reads this blgo always so maybe he'll tell us what went. hi noah

wait so doc ock is still alive. i still dont kno what even happened

g i keep having fears where i go to the comic book sstore and the only cover they have is that one you dont like. what if that occurs. btu yea im going on thurs.

that seem weird of your latin professor to do but ok

yea i havent worked on that petermj mix in a while but i will. today one of my greatest petermj songs came on the radio and i screamed the whole time

tru about seeing tasm2 w mom. ok let me tell you remember when we were seeing cap2 w her and she was like "i bet thats bucky" and i was like ok please stop this and then later when i knew the who the hell is bucky part was coming i was tihnking to her please dont say antyhgin please dont say anything but she made an annoying noise and then she was like i told you and i was like ok first of all you ruined this moment and second of all youre prob the only person in this whole theater who didnt already kno this. well anyway

i say we head back to the mortal world

haha omg i think i remembered that movie when i was crackling eggs incredible

um the helpful stuff i foudn was a few dif things but mostly this. also kinda this but mostly just for the dl links. thanks phil.

aunt-may aunt-may aunt-may aunt-may aunt-may aunt-may aunt-may aunt-may aunt-may aunt-may aunt-may aunt-may aunt-may aunt-may

wow thats crazy that you made your lil cuties on a place that just had normal stuff on it. if oyu know wha ti mean

ok bub that vid has twice as many notes as last night even. can i believe this

what tasm2 ppl in nyc? dang it

it was really good pizza but not as good as the pizza i ate in knoxville

ok i like your idea fo rblowing up the comm center

nice list of cards!!!!!!!!!i love so many ppl on there and the ones i dont love icqcme to get 2 kno. unless theyre a worthless person cuz i know we hav cards of yucky babies. but i still wanna kno em i guess. wow imagine all the games we will play w these cards. i love our cards

i said it was 200 assassinations rmmbr and you were like but then he owuld be really old. well truns out hes only 24 days older than in cap1. haha jk

i didnt eat dinner in the family room i meant like i went in there then ate dinner out of there. well the wiimotes are wokrin again but

what the fck of all the movies to have a midnight premiere at that place but of all the days for it to be on. well i wouldnt want oyu to see it w out me so im a lil glad but still im frowning a lil

oooooo yea cool peterjohnny

aw yeaaaaa i like that game idea!!! whos gonna think up these scavengers

dang that peter being in a few issues every month soon. our only hope is he will die again so we wont have this and then you can keep up your record

nice vid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! dang i love tha tvid i just love it

today i did what i did and then i went to baja sol which was really yummy and then i went to target for no reason even though it was raining and cold a lot and i didnt wanna get outta that car and i looked at the bucky action figs but i decided i wanted one of those bobbly things instea and then i bought a movie and then i came home and got some jamz and then i made a burger and i loved my burg

pela,se end my tlife

wow i jus realized that bucky and steve in cap2 look kinda like sam and dean haha

now im deleting the next two days from existence. especially wendesy

oo yea i have 48 jamz. thats how many i had last year

welp i guess i cant come and get para after all. cool

i realy wanna watch poohs grand adventure the searhc for christopher robin

wow i keep imaigng me like working every day next motnth and being at work like "im dead but its ok becuz at least i have my winter solider hoodie". but ther eare dreams that cannot be. and there are storms we cannot weather

bleh i wish it was time to go to duluth. i want my jamz and my comz and my hotelz and my otherz. wow every time at work for the last like 5 months whenever i pour a hot choc or cappuccino from the machine im like i wish i was at the hotel in dululu doin this


okie dokie

Sunday, April 27, 2014

the goat battle!

Hey gs!!!!

Dangit Gob is dead.  My only regret is that he didn't live to see cap 2 or tasm2

Wow here I was thinking you had told Noah to post for you but he just did that??? Why did he even???

Tyt about my comic thoughts.  Well yeah although that Superior Spider-Man team up was the last one also but also it didn't even hardly have Superior Spider-Man in it it just had Doc Ock I don't really get what the point of it was but okay

Yes pls get me my comic this week.  Although I still can't decide if I should read it on Wednesday or wait to read it until I get my hands on my own copy idk

Tyt about my day I ate dinner at my Latin professor's house bc she invited us to her house to have dinner doi

She wanted to play it though it's not fault I didn't try to destroy her life

Well I said I can't remember what that free lunch was for so I don't know

Aw g just try to make that fanmix. Though more importantly make that PeterMJ fanmix

Haha yeah tho mom seeing tasm2 by herself would also be rusty tho if we didn't have to see it with her it might save us from her dumb questions I guess

Well maybe we can still see cap2 a third time who knows

Well I never forgot that cooking hsm I think of it every time I crack eggs for some reason

What was the helpful stuff that you found about the cap comics tho

Idk what to change my url to actually

Tyt about my lil cuties I made them here

Yeah those are dif than that other Bucky well obviously bc its a completely dif style but ok.  I tried to make those other ppl with that same one but it couldn't be done they didn't have good hair or clothes for anyone else

Aw g I guess that song doesn't want to be on youtube well maybe this will work

Dangit you were in nyc at the same time as all those tasm2 people

Was it good pizza tho is the real question

Wow when I saw cap2 again there was just a gotg trailer and thats it that was the only trailer

Nice game of thrones thoughts!

I am praying that the community center will burn to the ground but it might not be enough I would suggest planting a bomb inside it next time you go just to make sure my praying is successful

I'm making a ton of more Marvel cards haha okay here's the ones I've made so far
*Jessica Jones
*Aunt May
*Red Hulk

Wow that looks like a lot but that's fine all of those people are so important they need to join the party

Haha same about the freezer thing that would be the life I would trade my left arm for that

Who said it was 200 assassinations?

Wow that is definitely Gob's best post no doubt about it

Then each week would be a day.

Same I'm gonna unfollow Gob if he don't step it up

Nice day but why did you eat dinner in the family room? Also dangit we need that wii to be fixed

Did you know that the Morris theater's going to have a midnight premier of tasm2 but I have an exam the next day in the morning anyway? Thanks Obama

ALERT ALERT PETERJOHNNY IN THE PREVIEW FOR THE SECOND ISSUE OF ASM Wowwwwwwww I need it right now this is what we have all been waiting for folks

Also wow this new trailer for the tasm2 video game looks amazing!!!!

I'm hungry but there's nothing

I have an idea for next month's game maybe tho idk if we are tired of picture taking games or not but how about like well it would sort of be like a scavenger hunt and there would be a list of things you need to take a picture of and post them before the month is gone and some of them would be easy like a picture of yourself and some of them could be more hard like a picture of a walrus.  Except that wouldn't be one they would be still be easier than that but

Wow ever since I started reading comic books I have bought I think almost every single new issue that has Peter Parker in it.  But that was not that hard because he was dead most of the time now that he's alive I don't think I will be able to do that because he will be in a few issues a month at least. Dangit

Hello I also made this video

Have a nice day!

Friday, April 25, 2014


heyyyyyyyyyy gs

jus doin it

ok i dont know whats happening on this blog. me couldnt post on my day cuz i didnt get back til like 3 am after i was supposed to post. and i only had my kindle so it wouldnt hav been v good anyway. but i dont know whats gobs excuse. and i dont kno what noah is doing here. i guess technically noah posted for me so its fine but did i ask him to

ooooooooooo nice comic thoughts. thats unfortuante that you had to read about reed and doc ock. wow we thought we were done w superior spider-man but it turned out we still had superior spider-man team-up. hm when am i gonna get paras comic? probably next thurs. wow for some reason i kept thinking that came out on april 27 but then i was like wait a sec thats a sunday. ok

cool day why did you eat dinner at your latin professors house


i dont care if moms playin 2048 but its like wow way to heck up her life. jk idk if shes played it that much but you kno

oh yea well same about that day of our seder. that was a day and i want it

well like if you had to do for a free lung whatever they were wanting you to do for a free lunch

ok apparently cap1 is on some dif countries' netflixes so maybe ill watch it soon. probably the whole thing bc whatever.

yea that fanmix i found was really great but if i made one it would be a lil dif like the songs would be more specific to steve/sam but idk if i will

haha but its a lil funny to imagine mom going and seeing tasm2 by herself like in duluth or w/e

ok tyt for clearing up that we havent seen the last of mj. the person who said that is dead to me

aw g im jelly about me seeing cap2 again too because now thats already happened and i want to see it a third time. whatever that just meant that i said. well you know

idk why we're remebering that cooking hsm but i just remembered it and i was like its all coming back to me now

same i went thru a few of the songs on that fanmix to see what was goin but the other 90 songs are a mystery

ok that was not v helpful about those cap comics but its ok i found some more helpful stuff

noah jus came home and he grumpin

yeaaaaaaaa i got my good url my life has meaning now. aw g are you gonna change your url to aunt-may pls

tyt bout my haircut!!!!!!

tyt bout my day and got thoughts

idk where noah was. he was at pauls house one day and i guess he was home afterall the day when i didnt kno if he was. so i guess i do kno where he was. well.

wow congratz on your 50k!!!!!!!!! thats something!!!!!!!!!!!

nice lil cuties!!!!!!! where didchoo make em? these are dif than that other bucky you made right

bleh that vid you made aint working!!!! dang nab it!!!

nice day

idk why its so cold in here. well its not but

ok gob hows our cousin camp comin now

aw g icqcml whenever i think about how we were lookin for a tgiving house and then we found that giant one and cm kept goin on about it and that was the end of that

hahah nice dream. i think you should devote the rest of your life to trying to understand it. the other night i had a dream that i went to starbucks.

tyt about my hair!! well i think its time para had some new hairs

same i wish i had some indian food rn



the other day me and my friend drove to nyc and saw les mis on broadyw. that was crazy. i saw spider-man walking around in the middle of times square. also there was a giant digital poster for his new movie.

also i went to a pizza place where chris evans has eaten. well idk there was a pic of him on the wall w the owner of the place or w/e so i think that means he ate there? anyway i was tryin to escape white guy hell and it followed me to this pizza place.

oo when i saw cap2 yesterday there was th guardians of the galaxy trailer and i liked it more this time. that was the only marvel trailer tho which was funny to me cuz last time that was the only marvel trailer that we didnt have

ook heres my game of thrones thoughts:


wow my duluth jamz are gonna be so good wtffffff. tho the price i have to pay is that my maryland jamz sucked on ice. like luckily the only times i needed them were on the plane rides but i was so done w them halfway through the first plane ride on the way there. and on the way back my flight was like 4 hours and i wanted boredom to throw me to my death

wow my may work schedule is trash. my only hope is that the community center will burn to the ground in a few days. please pray for me

para when oyu get back here you really need to make some more marvel cards. here are some v important ppl that i thought up that we need:
*mj doi
*falcon i dont think we have him or else i would have known him

im hungry

icqcme for duluth

but then after that i want to be destroyed

thats the dream

i wish someone would put me in a freezer and only wake me up whenevr a marvel movie comes out

it turns out bucky is responsible for 2 dozen assassinations not 200. but.

i wish someone would assassinate me

im hungry but i dont kno why we're having tofu again for the second time in two weeks. or three. and theres no broccoli in it again. whats the point

i found gobs best post ever

the one prob w my url is i keep tryin to go to it and accidentally going to fuckyeahpetermj

jk thats fine

peep peep peep

what if each day was 168 hours long and we took 7 naps throughout our day

ok gob better step up his tumblr blogging game

and his goblog blogging game for that matter but

wait let me say about my day. um woke up had a toaster strudel sat in the kitchen cuz there was a dead mouse in the family room and i got some jamz and watched some vids that hecked me up. and i ate some fettuccine alfredo. then mom came home and the mouse got cleaned up but it wasnt she who did it. but it also wasnt noah. then i went in the family room and ate an ok dinner and then we tried to watch breaking bad but the wiimotes werent working. oh and i listened to avril lavigne. yes that was my day

Thursday, April 24, 2014

who the heck is goat?

Hey gs....

Ummmmmmmm what's happening?

Okay well obviously there's nothing to respond to

Well I guess we'll have let's talk about comics time since that usually only involves me talking to myself anyway

Fantastic Four #3
*I don't like how a good portion of this issue is Reed talking before for one thing I hate Reed and for another thing he's always like blah blah blah science stuff and that's exhausting to have to try to figure out what he's saying
*Johnny's way too calm about losing his powers I did not expect that when's he gonna cry
*Is the dog part of Damage Control??
*The FF kids are my fave they are the most precious they must be protected
*Val looks so old tho why
*Bleh stretchy Reed that's nasty
*Why does Ben need to do the coat hat thing but Johnny doesn't aren't ppl going to recognize him too???

Superior Spider-Man Team-Up #12
*This is the last issue of this right is there going to be a new team up book or no?
*I just do not care at all about most of this issue blah blah Doc Ock blah blah
*But wow Checcetto's Peter is too pretty he needs to be stopped
*That's really all I have to say about this sorry

Original Sin #0
*Nova is a small baby
*"I can't get by on just the Daily Show anymore."
*I don't get how building a robot to complain about oil drilling is good for the oil companies tho???
*Wow Nova's so dumb tho he needs to learn
*Also he spends too much time on the moon
*Lol Sam's mom also watches remodeling shows
*So his helmet gives him like spider-sense? Helmet-sense?
*None of those worlds seem parallel tho I recognize all of those moments from 616
*Wow both of Sam's parents are still alive that's impressive
*Also Uatu is small I don't want him to die :(


Okay here's a thing about my day.  I woke up and then I chilled a lil and then I had lunch and then I went to class and then I went to another class and then I did homework and then I went to dinner at my Latin professor's house and then I came back and I wrote this post

Okay that's all have a nice day.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

giant glugs

giant glugs

Monday, April 21, 2014

they call the doctor...goat!

Hey gs!!!!

Dangit why did Gob start a post yesterday but he didn't post it?????

Why do you care if mom is playin 2048 tho

Aw g well just bring back that day that was the seder at least bc that was a good day

I guess it depends on what I had to do for the free lung.  Also how much I needed the lung.  Like I don't need the lung rn that much but perhaps I will become more desperate for it in the future

You could just start watching from whenever you want.  Whenever you feel like. Whatever is your favorite spot

Yeah I figured you were probably talking about a white guy.  Bleh why do ppl like such ugly white guys all the time they are trash to me

Well luckily you found that fanmix for us!!!! Tho I could go for like 10 more fanmixes just like that one so maybe you could still make yours pls

Tyt about my dream

Okay I will try to not see TASM 2 w/out you. Tyt for saying you won't see it w/out me also pls don't let Mo do that either that would be so rusty

Tyt about my let's talk about comics time.  Wow whoever said that is so dumb.  Yeah MJ told Peter that she didn't want to be part of his life anymore but come on that's not going to last. I mean the solicitation for one of the first issues of the new ASM said that Peter's going to be teaming up with MJ's bf and if you think MJ is not going to show up in that issue at least a little bit you are stupido

Tyt about my day. Aw g I'm still jelly about you seeing Cap2 again bc I want to see it a third time!!!!

Gob you don't want Cap to come for you you better see it

I remember that cooking high school musical but why are we remembering it?

Wow that fanmix..... I don't want to listen to it but I'm so curious what songs are on it.  Dangit 8tracks strikes again

I haven't read that many Captain America comics no but Captain America vol 5 I think plus others obviously  but idk

Aw dang I wish we could know that Cap2 dream

Is the url you were trying to get the new one that you have bc its a really good url haha. Dang I keep meaning to change my url but I'm too laze

V beautiful haircut v nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nice day you had there nice Game of Thrones thoughts

Yeah are we gonna get that alter sex that's the question we've been asking ourselves

Where is Noah even?

My fanfic is 50k words!!!!!!!!!!

Dang look at these cute lil guys I made
Just to be clear I didn't draw those I made them on a website. Well obviously but

I also made this v important video

Okay here's a thing about my day although all I did was I woke up and then I went to class and then I had lunch and then I wrote my fanfic and I made those lil guys and then I had dinner and then I wrote this post

Why is it so cold in here????

Oop Gob posted his post finally.  Okay well I guess I'll respond to it now

Is Miriam going to come to cousin camp?

That dream is something.

Well in my dream I wasn't on the show to talk about anything when I got out of the elevator I was just like on the stage and Ellen was like hey come be on the show and I was like okay.

Well that's all have a nice day!!!


heyy gs

i will try to get to work on seeing if we can have cousin camp!!

also we still need to find a place to go to for tg.  and not that house that sleeps 20 people that cm kept saying we should stay at haha.

maybe you'll get to see miriam at tg or cc!

oh i remembered my dream last night!!! sorta.  only some vague stuff about it.  i remember i was in a bakery and i wanted to have this really good looking chocolate pastry thing but when i asked what was in it, the person working there said there was pork in it....and my dad ordered this other chocolate pastry with a really gross looking slab of meat right in the middle.  and when we left the bakery i started running after someone on a bike because i thought it was seth but it turned out it wasn't and i got in the car with my dad, seth, and some of his friends.  okay that dream was lame compared to all of your dreams.  and i don't really understand what was going on it.

wow that would have been so awesome to have a dream where you are on the ellen show and see stan lee in the audience.  what were you on the show to talk about though?

wow running out of time for this post.  oops.

i'll just keep writing this post and post it a little bit late because i feel like i'm on a roll anyways

aw g that sucks that you can't remember your dream hob.

nice new hair cut hob!  haha there has been lots of new hair on this blog recently!

ahh i wish i could have indian food right now!

that's nice about your work!  except for the stuff that sucked like the hot dog machine part.

oops i fell asleep on accident and didn't post this post so i'll just post it now

Saturday, April 19, 2014

the chicken in the house!

heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy gs

well para speaking of 2048 you got mom playin it now dang it you hecked up

yea same bring back our seder. actually idc that much

truuuuu wheres our cousin camp gob

well if you had to go to or do something for a free lung would it be worht it

ok lil bud theres no need to yell. but i said maybe if you hadnt watched it by yourself when we woulda been more likely to watch it

aw g but what place would i start from to watch the end of the movie cuz i left off in dif places and last time icer where i left off cuz i slept thru some like i said

because when i said that i saw someone loving a celebrity w a squished face but now idk who it was. ill tell you why someone would do that cuz its always white guys so

aw g i dont wanna make that fanmix. well i do but do i have the time

haha nice dream

aw g if tasm2 gets there dont see it w/out me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wow you kno when mom was saying about seeing it w/out you well maybe she would do that but i would not

nice talk about comics time. dang that ssm. well at least its over right??? wait i saw someone where someone was saying "well looks like mj is out of the comics for good" wht the heck?

haha yea mte bout cap's and pete's glasses

wow nice day!!!! i would be jealous bout you seein cap2 again but im seeing it in a few days when i vist my friend!!!!!!!!!!!!!

inbd gob. we all hecked up kinda so its whatev

aw g i would not want to leave something unfinished and have to wake up early to finish it like the other night i was like ok im just gonna wake up early to do some laundry that i need but then i was like wait a sec if i jus frickin do it now i can sleep a whole extra hour and then i was like ok nvm

yea you better see cap2 or cap is gonna come for you!!!!!!!!!!!

you mean miriam wasnt already cute? yea she had a lot to say when i was there but i didnt speak her language

oooooo icqcme for your good summer posts!!

who remembers that disney channel movie that was like high school musical but w cooking

please listen to this very important fanmix

or just view it w/e


ok para whats the comics that cap2 are like based on? if you even KNO. im pretty sure you said you dont even kno cap comics

dangy dangit speaking of not remembering dreams, the other morning i woke up and was like hmmm and then i saw a cap2 gifset and i was like this reminds me of my dream but i still couldnt remember my dream. and then i was like dang. that was really unfortunate

it was lost long ago

but it's all coming back to me

blah blah blah


it was dead long ago

but it's all coming back to me

it's so hard to resist

and its all coming back to me

i can barely recall

but it's all coming back to me

no it's not

im tryna get a really good url from the person who's saving it please pray for me

well i got a hair cut please view it

ooooooo today i woke up, had part of my leftovers from the yummiest indian restaurant that we went to last night, went to work for 7.5 hours and it wasnt that bad cuz the ppl who normally work there on saturday are way better than the worthless sunday ppl and like one of the gs always bring food and we watched orange is the new black in the back and ppl actually did stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! except the prb was i had to clean the ho tdog macine and it took basically an hour cuz it was a horrible mess and someone wrote a rule in the back room that said you cant use an abrasive sponge on the hot dog machine but then i gave up and did it anyway hehe. then i went to the grocery store and then came home and had the other part of my yesterday leftovers. dang that was so good

now i dont have to go back to work for a week oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

ok i forgot to say my game of thrones thoughts from the last ep so:

spoielrs blah blh

*well tbh i skipped some of it hehe
*that theon part was disturbing no thank you
*"because you'll never marry her. and neither will you"
*i really liked how the wedding took up literally half the episode
*i was very sad bout cersei but i thing that part coulda been a lil better

ok thats all i wanted to say

well can we expect some alter sex in tomorrows ep thats what we really wanna kno

wait is noah even in this house?

i havent seen him since thursday

thats the post

goat cops out!

Heyyyyyy gs

Okay but the thing I don't like about that version of 2048 is that you can't keep going after you win!  That's rusty!!!!

Yeah Gob you gotta see Cap2 it's so important I might see it again tonight but idk if that's actually happening or not yet

Same we had a good seder too but that was last Saturday that was like a week ago that's was so long ago please bring it back

Aw g I wanna see that baby

Are we gonna have cousin camp tho Gob was supposed to be in charge of planning that

I wanted a free lung more bc think of all the cool things I could do with a lung.  I don't remember what that lunch was for but I probably had to go to or do something for it so it wasn't worth it.

Wow I didn't even remember that Amy friend but maybe my dream was influenced by that who knows


Then just watch the end of the movie doiii you don't have to start from the beginning again

Then why did you say that if you don't know any celebrities with squished faces why would anyone like that

Nice Cap 2 thoughts.  Yeah I know that about Agents of SHIELD now but I didn't know that when I wrote those thoughts.  I still need to catch up on that show tho

Aw g I really want that fanmix too you should make it.

Yeah it snowed a lot here too bleh

Okay the other night I had a dream that I was trapped in an elevator and when I got out I was on the Ellen DeGeneres show and Stan Lee was in the audience.

Wow TASM2 is on the coming soon page of the Morris theatre website!!!!!  But not Cap2????  Why???? Well maybe TASM2 will actually come here on time then wow.

Okay it's let's talk about comics time

Ms. Marvel #3
*Wow the art in this is so pretty and cute
*I love this series it is great!!!!!
*There's nothing real about shapeshifting on the internet even in a world where shapeshifters really exist?  I mean there's nothing about Mystique or skrulls or anything?
*So science is supposed to explain how she can crush things when she's big because she gets more mass but what kind of science is supposed to explain how she gets and loses mass like that
*Haha the picture of a woman on the locker room door looks angry
*Why would the door be locked tho?
*You should try talking to...some X-Men idk
*I thought the gun wasn't even loaded tho
*Wow what if she just died what if she died 3 issues in that'd suck

Superior Spider-Man #31
*This issue was crap I'm sorry
*It had a few good parts but still it was not good
*Also the art doesn't seem very consistent to me because it some parts it looks good and in some parts just no
*How come Carlie's eyes are normal colored in this part and black in the ending?  Is it just because it's a different artist or
*How does taking off your mask prove anything?  Spock looked like that too doi it's the same body.  Or if its not supposed to be proving anything what's the point why would you do it
*It's not going to get very complicated if everyone just accepts your story as quickly as Carlie and MJ and Miguel did
*"I've never been better in my life!" *explosions in the background*
*Seriously Miguel is just like ok yep that makes sense let's go
*Um did you say you were going to arrest him, Cap????
*And I mean even if he didn't quit the team weren't you about to fire him anyway?
*Wait does the spider jammer work on Miguel too or just Peter?
*He's still carrying a man purse tho
*Sooooo Norman grew a mustache?  Or did he get plastic surgery?  I really can't tell.
*This thing where someone's falling and he's like wow better not mess it up again has been done a lot of times and at this point basically only serves to remind us that Peter killed Gwen and it could have been avoided if he hadn't been so careless
*Okay I guess the spider jammer doesn't work on Miguel.  But why?
*Okay so Norman escaped by just walking briskly away from them?
*Peter needs therapy
*I don't really like the art in this other part either I mean in some parts it's okayish but mostly it just looks too computerized idk
*Cute Peter Aunt May hug tho
*Please tell me Parker Industries is dead
*What if Peter actually just was this kid who made tech for Spider-Man and got put in danger all the time because of it that'd be a really interesting relationship I bet.  I bet Peter would start hating Spider-Man tho.  Oh wait...
*Wow those two lil guys just can't stop hugging
*"All right, son" awwwww
*Wow MJ has made pretty much this same speech before
*MJ's touching Peter's face call 911
*Ummmm didn't Carlie know Gwen too when they were kids???? At least in that one issue she did....
*Carlie MJ hug tho!!!!!!  Carlie and MJ supporting each other and being friends!!! That's all we need in this world!!!! That's all that matters the end!!!!

Wait okay






Yeah that's also funny to me about Cap dressing like Pete but I also realized that he's wearing glasses for part of that scene and like

Wow just wow

Okaaaaaaaaay sorry that it is 1 am and I haven't posted this yet but I just now got back so I'll just finish up this post and then post the thing.

But first I want to say a thing about my day.  Which was actually yesterday I guess now but okay I woke up for some reason I was like this is a good day to wear my Captain America hoodie so I got dressed and put it on and then I went to class and my friends was like I might go see Cap2 today and I was like take me with you and she was like maybe and I was like look I am wearing a Captain America hoodie you have to take me but she had to ask her friend.  Then I went to another class and then I went to lunch and there were smore bars!!! As we know my Captain America hoodie has v big pockets so I was able to steal five smore bars no problemo!!!!  And then I went and wrote this post and then I chilled and then I had dinner and then while I was in the dining hall my friend texted me that I could come see Cap2 with her but I had to hurry so I left my friend in the dining hall and ran to my room to get my stuff and then ran to her dorm and then when I got there she was like yeah we're not leaving so then we waited around in her dorm and then we left and we and her other friends drove to Alexandria but when we got there we were too late for the 7:15 showing so we went to Walmart and my friend and I bought bday prezzies for each other and then we went back to the movie theatre to see the 9:35 showing and we saw it and it was great!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And then we drove home and now here we are.

Okay well that's all have a nice day!!!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

real sugar...real good!

heyy gs.

wow i'm a bad goblin.  the last time i posted i forgot to say sorry for not posting and also i probably didn't respond to everything and also i just didn't really have much to say.  sorry gs!

yqw about your video

haha that version of 2048 is great.  wow i've won it so many times!

well i guess the stuff i did in the morning before my first class and how long i did it for was just an approximation.  i got up that early though because i went to bed without finishing my work so i had to get up early to do it before my class.

yeah that does make me feel better about dreaming so tyt hob!

hmmm what to say in this post....

i need to see cap america 2 soon!

tonight we had a really nice passover seder and all the food was so great!!

also miriam is getting sooo cute!  it was fun to see her being able to crawl!  haha also she kept saying a ton of stuff (gibberish not real words) during dinner and like laughing and smiling and just being so cute!

i'm really tired.  my eyes are hurting so much.  i'm also so cold right now

this summer i'm going to do some really great posts when i'm not constantly so stressed and busy and tired.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

on your left

heyyyyyyyyyy gs

well sorry for not posting the other day. hod hecked up

happy other day birthday para!!!!!!!!!!!!!

aw g you didnt want a free lunch tho?

wow thats a crazy day!!!! also i thought abs couldnt be in your same dorm but thats cool that she is!!

awwwww yeeaaaaaaaaaaaaa that version of 2048 is good

haha i think its hilar that what caps wearing in that part looks similar to what peter wears

aw g gob well i feel like i had some really crazy dreams last night but icr them. does that make you feel better? tho i remember one part where i was putting on makeup but that wasnt that crazy idk

cool day g. actually it doesnt sound the best. wow why did you need two whole hours to get ready? and in fact did you really wake up 6 hours before your first class wow

thats one wacky dream para. was the part abt peter having a childhood friend named amy sposed to be like when sam had that or

well i thought gwen's daytime look was the look we see that that pic

yea but why would you go and do a thing like watch cap1 w/out me? and maybe if you hadnt you wouldve been more likely to get us to watch it. wow i really wanna see that whole movie but im getting tired of seeing the first half well not tired of it but i dont want it to get really old idk. ok when we watched that the other night i actually saw even less of it than you might think cuz i fell asleep during some of it. and then i woke up just in time to see bucky fall of the whatever hahahahahah

um i cant actually think of an example of a celebrity w a squished face haha. ok not squished like a squished dogs face but where its all squished together w like a really big forehead or s/t yea idk.

nice cap2 thoughts. ok my thoughts are:







*same as para haha
*ok i'll try to think up more stuff since i went to the trouble of putting those spoiler warnings
*uhhh natasha's hair was not her best look
*i dont usually like to multi-ship a lot but steve/sam and steve/bucky were both so great and i liked how we had em both in this movie like we had this nice romantic comedy action but also this angsty lil thing and its like ok i dont kno how to explain this. jus really good. obviously this is a really important thing to be saying
*para to answer your q but not really, i thought i saw someone say there was an ep of agents of shield that ties in w cap 2 so?? unless youve seen it i dont kno
*to answer your other q, hawkeye was napping
*the movie needed a cat



what i want from the world is a steve/sam romcom-y fanmix but i dont wanna be the one to make it. but if i dont make it and wont gets made it prob wont be good. but it would be so much work. oh well

unless para makes it hehe

ok heres what im gonna do is save the jamz i had found for my next week trip and have them be summa my duluth jamz and then for my other trip i'll just use my maybes from my indiana trip. yeah.

today it snowed a big amount please just melt this shit earth but literally


Tuesday, April 15, 2014

to stalk a goat!

Hey gs!

Oops I meant to type Gob instead of God.  Haha that reminds me that the other day I read an email that said I could get a free lung but I think they meant free lunch.  That's too bad because I really want a free lung.

Hob really hecked up this time tho I guess.

Tyt about my video.

Aw g that's too bad about your dream.

That day is something.  My day was that I woke up and then I wrote my fic and then I got dressed and wrote my fic some more and then I had lunch and then I got a message from Abby saying she was in my very town????  So I called her and she was like do you want to have lunch and I was like I have to go to class and she was like okay I'm here for orientation and I was like okay well we can meet up later and she was like okay and then I went to class and then I went to another class and then I met up with Abby and her mom and her mom's bf and then I took them to the ORL so Abby could switch her dorm for next year so now she's gonna be living in my same dorm and then I showed them around my dorm and then she left and then I did hw and then I had dinner and then I did Latin hw with my friend by mostly we just chilled and then I took a shower and then I wrote this post.

Hob maybe you will like this version of 2048 better?






But not really

Does anyone else think it's weird that what Cap wears in this part of the movie
Is really similar to what Peter wears in TASM?

Okay that is all have a nice day.

Monday, April 14, 2014

the musician's guide

heyy gs.

how did god really heck up para?

nah, i think i'll pass on writing slash fic about them.

haha nice national siblings day pictures!!

nice video para!!

i had a dream last night and i remember being so excited when i woke up and i could remember it really vividly but i went back to sleep and forgot the dream. :(  i'm going to try to remember to write down my dream next time that happens

i'm so exhausted and tired right now.

here's a rundown of what my day was like

6-8: i woke up, got ready for school, got my stuff all together, took a shower, etc.
8-12: i worked on my music composition and got the final draft of one of my pieces printed out
12-1: spanish class
1-2: practiced piano
2-2:30: composition lesson
2:30-3:30: lunch/nap
3:30-4:30: practiced clarinet
4:30-5:20: clarinet lesson
5:20-6: dinner
6-7: clarinet studio class
7-8: symphonic band dress rehearsal
8-now: doing homework and this blog post

Saturday, April 12, 2014

hail hydra

Hey gs!!!!

Happy birthday to me!!!!

God really hecked up.

Ah nice display for National Siblings day.

That dream is something.  I don't think I have ever even been in Victoria's Secret but okay.

Okay the other night I had a dream that I was Sam Winchester from an alternate universe where I lived with my Aunt May and Uncle Spock and then I met regular Sam and regular Dean and also Dean from my universe was there and we had to get a hotel room where we had only two beds and so I slept in a bed with normal Dean because we decided that would be the least incestuous.

Also there was this other part of the dream that was sort of connected but not really but it was like I was me watching TASM2 for the first time except me, Hob, and mo were watching it on our tv and during all of the commercial breaks I kept looking stuff up online. Except it was also like I was Spider-Man in the movie too and I was going to this place where apparently there was this bomb or something that me and Gwen were trying to get rid of but I kept getting trapped under it and then there was like a flashback to my youth when I met a girl named Amy and then me watching it got really mad because I had never heard of this Amy so I looked it up online and discovered she was in like one comic a long time ago and I was like ok

And somehow this all connected to the dream with the Sams and Deans because there was like this inter-universe conspiracy to destroy everything with spaceships or something idk.

Are you jealous of that dream, Gob?

Idk about Gwen's daytime look but I haven't seen TASM2 yet maybe after I see that I will understand maybe she has a really dramatically different look for nighttime we just don't know.  In my dream it was night and she looked the same but that doesn't mean anything.

Um those other Rugrats babies are a little bit creepy too if you think about it tbh

Well try to change your ways to thinking about dif kinds of m&ms.

Well maybe if Shailene wasn't cut out of TASM2  she would still want to be in it because she would have to be maybe she really does still want to be in it and that other guy is just putting words in her mouth yeah that's probably it.

Well then I guess we will never know what it was that came for me

Well clearly it was good of me to have watched Cap1 without you bc we didn't watch it together before seeing Cap2 even though we could have.  I wanted to watch it again to prepare myself and I was pretty well prepared I would say.

I still cannot sympathize with Doc Ock even tho I feel like Slott was really trying to get me to in SSM I just couldn't do it.

Oh doi

Tyt about my vid.

What is a celebrity with a squished face try giving an example

Well here I am at home.  I'm waiting for it to be time for our dinner.  Well not our dinner I guess yet but our seder to start at least.  Today we saw Cap 2.  It was soooo good!!!  In a min I will say my thoughts on it.  Hopefully we might see it again later tonight haha.  So I have to write this post now.







*Sam and Steve are so small they were the smallest they just did small things
*Bucky is small too small and sad
*Bucky and Steve tbh
*When there was baby Steve that was cute
*I liked every part except for that one line you know the one
*Well a lot of parts were really stressful tho like the part with Fury in the car
*And the elevator
*And so many parts
*That was hilarious to me tho when Steve tried to sacrifice himself again at the end haha
 *Okay the real questions is what's gonna happen in Agents of SHIELD now that SHIELD is gone????
*The other real question is where was Hawkeye during all of this

Welp gtg I'll finish this later

Ooops oops oops I'm out of time gotta post this have a nice day!!!!

Friday, April 11, 2014

the power of the dark side

hey gs

oops i kinda forgot to post and now i only have like 5 minutes

sorry gs

Thursday, April 10, 2014

bobby bobby bobby flay

heyyyyyyy gs

happy national siblings day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ah. beautiful

well para i know im jealous of that dream. jk. last night i had a dream that me and you went to the mall to buy underwear and we went on a saturday like really early in the morning but not a lot of stores were open then and we apparently HAD to buy underwear at victoria's secret but we saw that that store didnt happen til 4 so i think we like waited around all day icr. and then i think we went in the store before it opened and it was dark in there and we had to have a lady walk us around the store. actually i think only you wanted to buy underwear cuz after a while i sat down and waited for you to get it. is gob jealous of that dream? does he want me to not have had it?

dang it g. well now are oyu never gonna play that again?

i sure am never playin again:

if i could not even get it that time then i have given UP

ok but buddy if i cant even win when i do have the numbers in the corner then i feel like i def wouldnt win if i dont have that so im usually like ok ive lost if that happens

haha same bout spider-man's daytme look. tho idg this gwen's look. it looks like a normal face. ok?

yea g that rugrats baby is creepy but that dont mean all babies are creepy. like rugrats as you may kno is a show full of babies and most of the regular ones arent that creepy. those are jus some examples.

no? it wasnt that i didnt care? it was jus like ok idk what you're sayin about

ok idk when you say m&ms i think normal m&ms but yes when you say pringles i doi think s cream and onion thats just how it is

what?? i didnt say i wouldnt care if spring went away. i said "spring could go away again ideK"

well what was shailene planning on doin if she hadnt been cut from tasm2? cuz she'd still be in those other franchises hmmmm

yea it came from you on a specific day but i dont wanna figure it out

oh ok well you dont hav to show those pics if you dont wanna tho i'd love to see em!!!!

wtf why would you watch cap1 w/out me when i said i wanted to watch it a long time ago? well idk we might have to see cap2 tomorrow night actually idkkkkkkkkkkkk

yea now i can truly be able to sympathize w/ doc ock and thats the dream

doi g that din is obviously sangritas and cajun creole spiced tempeh pieces with creamy grits

nice vid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

dangit i thought i was goin to bed but then i remembered i had to finish the post

gob i second that you should write some slash of those ppl and show em how its did

tyt bout my food and specs

ok i guess i didnt have a lotta post to finish

it really annoys me when people love celebrities with squished faces

well you know. today i was bored and then i did my taxes and was still bored and then made a dinner that was okay

see you tomorrow para!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

the birth of...the goat!

Heyyyyyyy gs!!!!

Yqw about your tumblr posts Gob

Aw g you should try writing a more realistic slash fic of that haha sounds like you would be the best man for the job

Yqw for the guide to beating 2048 tho I am disappointed to hear that it didn't help you :(

Well I had a really weird dream last night that Andrew Garfield was in my room taking pain medication and complaining about how it wasn't helping ease his pain.  Are you jealous of that?

Tyt about my pics but those are TIGER ears not cat ears doiiii

Yeah that's (part) of my tumblr blacklist haha

Yeah truuuu I do only have less than a month left of school wow

Yeah you can keep playing after 2048 oh yeah that reminds me

This is like the second time I got 4096 actually but look at that I have a 4096 and a 2048 I was on my way to 8192!!! But then I lost bum bum bum

Yeah I know sometimes you have to move the biggest number out of the corner but that doesn't mean you will lose you can still win I mean look at that game my biggest number isn't in the corner. And even if you keep the biggest number in the corner that doesn't mean you will win either I have lost without my biggest number getting out of the corner it's not a trick that makes you win for sure or makes you lose for sure if you don't do it it's just a thing that can help you.

That Spider-Man makeup is something.  So that's how you get Gwen's daytime look but how do you get Spider-Man's daytime look haha

Yeah but remember that creepy baby from the Rugrats that was in Angelica's little brother in her dream?  Just reminding you that a babies can be creepier than that.

Because that doesn't seem like a good night to have a big dinner bc it's a Monday??? idk????

Okay so it wasn't confusing you just didn't care or

Well bc I wanted either peanut butter or mint m&ms but I didn't know which or I didn't really care so I just said m&ms that's completely normal anyway you don't have to say the whole name of the thing that you want.... If I said I wanted pringles you would know I wanted sour cream and onion pringles because those are the best you wouldn't think I just wanted regular pringles so why can't you just think I also want the best kind of m&ms when I say I want m&ms???

Wait why do you not care if spring went away again???

Tbh id really g how Pete is back either I'm just going with it

Yeah dang those people that hecked over Shailene but also dang her a little bit still bc she's being like oh I don't even know if I want to come back I don't think I can do two franchise but I know she could do it!!!!! Bleh what was really annoying was in this interview she was with one of the guys in her other movie and she was asked about Spider-Man and the other guy like answered for her????  Like wtf shut up you don't know her life.  I hate that guy even though I don't even know who he is I hate him.

But wasn't the thing supposed to come for me on a specific day??  So what day was that really???

Tyt aboyt my pics!!!! I'm sorry for making them so small!!!!  Yeah actually I've most been drawing things for the fic I'm writing like just like scenes that I have in my head or that kind of thing to inspire me so I haven't been posting them. I guess I could post a couple of them if you really wanted

Ummm yeahhh I guess we could watch Cap1 on Friday tho the thing is I watched it last weekend to prepare myself.....I guess I could watch it again tho.  So when are we gonna see Cap 2 then on Saturday or

Wow that spider thing sounds like a nightmare. Haha well now you know the struggles of Spider-Man's villains when they are trying to kill him but he just won't die

Nice din!!!! Except I can't quite identify what it actually is

Nice specs also!!!!

Wow you know what I have tho is like a ton of vids that I haven't posted I should post one

Okay here it is

Wow the sky is a really pretty color right now I just tried to take a pic of it but it didn't really work bum bum bum

Well that's all have a nice day!!!!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

too much to do

heyyy gs.

tyt about my tumblr posts para and hob!!!

tyt hob for saying you won't unfollow me.

haha so on this radiohead blog i'm following they've reblogged some thom/jonny slash like twice now...i read some of it and like it's so awkward and totally unlike what i even imagine them being like as people irl.

tyt for the guide to beating 2048 para though i feel like i've tried all of those things but i will keep trying.

nah you can continue to keep dreaming.  i just am jealous of your dreams.

nice pics you drew!!!  haha peter does not look amused at wearing cat ears.

is that a blacklist for tumblr?

yay i'm glad that i am better than young gob at posting now!

nice food pictures!!!

nice new specs!!

today was long and busy and tiring and i have a headache and tons of homework to do so that is all i really have to say about my day

Monday, April 7, 2014

lima bean

heyyyyyyyy gs

aw g para at least ya only like one month of schoolio left

yea gobs 10 post one was my fav but both those posts were so good. yea that dang grilled cheese. that reminds me of a thing i reblogged of french toast. bleh grill me a cheese.

oh ok me and gob were wondering if you could keep playin after you got to 2048. wow i would not let that thing happen to me where i try to get to 4096 no way.

ok buddy dang it whenever anyone tries to tell you how to win 2048 literally all they say is "try to keep the big numbers in the corner" and its like DOI I KNO THAT YOU BIG GLUG BUT SOMETIMES ITS PHYSICALLY IMPOSSIBLE TO DO THAT OK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! jk you were jus tryin to help so tyt. but yea i keep havin to get my numbers out of the corner real quick and then everything gets real hecked up. altho that is not sure way to def win cuz one time i had a 1024 in the corner and everything nice and lined up next to it and then i lost

here i today snapped some pics of the spider-man makeup

heres the display:

heres um some nail polish:

and heres something:


idk if i would say all babies look a lil creepy. well maybe but not on the level of that baby

well doiiiii i was obv talkin about the first night of passover when we would have our dinner? why would i be talkin bout a dif day

yes well get ridda this matthew

ok it wasnt necessarily confusing what you were sayin it was jus like you were sayin all this stuff and it was like ok buddy. idk

yea peanut butter m&ms are p good but did you say those? no you jus said you want m&ms so me thunk you just wanted normal ones

aw ggggg i love that dream you had. i wish i had had it instead of oyu too but sorta not bc the fact that you had it is somethin

yea but ppl seem to be reacting to snow in april as if they never seen it before. well today and yesterday was so nice!!!!!!!!!! spring has come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! which is amazin cuz last year we not only had snow in april but we had no spring. which no one seems to remember. so i didnt think we would have that but we got it did. tho spring could go way again idek

yes i will try to finish my gam

ok tyt for tellin me what happened in ssm but still what even. idg how pete is back really

dang that shailene!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but mostly dang those ppl who hecked her over

well g maybe someday you'll realize what came for you and you wont be happy about it. it came for you on a day. try to think up the worst thing that came for you on a day and you may kno

cool day

oooooooooooooooooo i was wonderin where that otp drawing challenge went!!!! also i was wonderin why you havent been drawin a lotta stuff or maybe you have been but not posting them. well i loved these pics!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! nice and small!!!!!!!!!!!!! ya hecked up and made em too small!!!!!!!!!!

wow that blacklist. jus get up offa that internet. jk. well at least in a few days you can take those cap2s offa there. wait that reminds me can we watch cap1 on fri night cuz i really wanna i only have seen it 1.5 times and i dont really have a way to watch it and yea

wow gob ok the night you posted your post i was reading old posts on thegoblog before i went to sleep and i guess i left open an old post of yours but i didnt read it and i went to sleep before you posted your post and then in the morn that old post was open and i read it thinking it was your new post and it was a really bad post so i was like ok. but it kinda made sense that it coulda been that day cuz you were like "this is gonna be a really short post cuz we just got back from the concert blah blah blah" and i knew you went to a thing that day but i was confused cuz you were like "and when we got home seth needed to use the computer for something important so i couldnt post right away" and i didnt think seth went with you and also i didnt kno what "the computer" was supposed to mean. haha anyway your post was way better compared to that old gob's post. or young gob i mean

ok bud i have now seen some posts being posted on your tumblr so i wont unfollow ya

aw g you shoulda thought to get the tofu wrap

yea g you saw that pic i drew some days ago but i was showing it to para

okie dokie

yesterday a disaster struck. here was it: i was bout to take a shower and then i noticed i spider in there so i HAD to get rid of it but i tried to imagine squishing it in a tissue and i jus couldnt make me do it cuz i dont wanna squish a thing between my fingers and kill it and i guess i coulda picked it up on a tissue and moved it outta there but i didnt wanna so then i thought doi i'll jus wash it down the drain. well i turned on the faucet and then i had to watch the spider struggling for its life tryna climb to higher ground and then i was like ok this aint gettin it did so i had to reach in there and stop up the drain and then i had to watch the thing slowly die and then it was this little ball of dead spider and i had to unplug the drain and then when all the water was out THE THING WAS STILL THERE so i had to fill it up again and by this time i wanted to hurl and then that time it went down the drain. phew

heres my game of thrones thoughts i guess
spoilery spoiler spos

*well that ep was not v good
*a lot was boring and some stuff i only half paid attention to oh well
*that cersei and jaime scene was SO WORTHLESS!!!!!!!!!!!! it was ooc espec for cersei and like im so mad we didnt get to pick up where we left off w/ their reunion bc we went right from not knowing whats gonna happen to cersei being unhappy w jaime and we didnt get to see the part where shes so glad hes back!!!!!!!! what the heck!!!!!!!!!!!!! also wow some of that stuff in there made no sense bc they had to put in dumb stuff since jaime came back at the wrong time like in the book shes angry at him for coming back to late to save joffrey but this was like "you got here to late" "wtf i got it did the best i could" "well youre too late" ok............????????? at least we're sitll apparently gonna hav the altar sex but it will be all wrong
*ok i thought the purple wedding was gonna be near the end of the season so now i hav no idea what will happen this season? are they gonna go into the fourth book? am i prepared for that? dont they think they should slow their horses cuz is that 6th book gettin out any time soon?
*tho when we get into the 4th book stuff it wont be as good as readin the book cuz theyre obv gonna mix it w stuff from the 5th one so it wont be like the 75% cersei show but oh well
*at least we had those sansa scenes. that put tears in me eyes. espec that scene w ser dontos when she had some smiles. wow dang it
*thats all that has to be said

daaaaaaaaaaang you kno how i jus went on a trip and had jamz for it well im goin on another trip two weeks from today and i need jamz but i have none and idk how to find them and bluhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. and then about a week after i get back frm that im goin to duluth and i need my dululu jamz but!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this sucks on ice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hmmm today was p good cuz ok the last few nights ive been goin to bed early and then waking up early so i woke up kinda early this morn and it was nice and then i went to yoga oooooooooo and then i had a yummy leftover greek taco and then didnt do a whole lot and then i made a nice dinner:

well well well yesterday i got new specs so i will show em:

theres a lotta photos in this post

ok this post is prob a mess cuz i wrote dif stuff for it at dif times and put stuff where it lived but im not goin to read it over i dont care

Sunday, April 6, 2014

enter: doctor goat!

Hey gs!!!!!

Bleh today was mentally exhausting.  Even though tomorrow is Monday I'm glad because I will only have one class right in the morning and not very much homework to do.

Although that one class will probably be stressful because I have a quiz and a presentation and I didn't do the reading but at least it will be done after that.

Well you had some good tumblr posts today, Gob.  Es pecially that 5 posts one and that 10 posts one.  Bleh that grilled cheese one was worthless though because it made me really want grilled cheese but I don't have any cheese to grill.

Aw g are you telling me to stop dreaming?  That's pretty mean.  That's like what the villain would say to the hero of a Disney movie.

Aw g well I wish I could stop playing 2048 I used to think that after I won I would stop playing but now I'm trying to get to 4096 I've gotten pretty close a couple of times but I haven't gotten it yet.  After I get it I will stop playing for sure.

Okay here's a guide to how to win 2048 to help Hob and Gob

What you need:
*10% luck
*20% skill
*15% concentrated power of will
*5% pleasure
*50% pain

Some tips:
*Try to keep your highest number in the corner or on the side at least you don't want it in the middle
*If you have too many of the higher up numbers you're doing something wrong
*If you feel you've already lost just start over because it's usually a waste of time to try to get your game back to where you need it to be

That's really it there isn't a magic way to do it you just have to sort of strategically funnel the numbers in one direction like don't try to go in a circle or something just go one way does that make sense

What the heckie is Spider-Man makeup like

All babies look a little creepy though

Yeah but Passover is eight days so which of those days are you talking about??? Oh I guess the first day because that's Monday... Well Monday would be a worthless day to have it wouldn't it??

Awww yeah less than a week until I will see you!!!!

My friend Matthew hates Cap I don't understand it.  Well he has a lot of dumb reasons for it bleh idk we've argued about it so many times.

Tyt about my comics thoughts! Um I don't know what was confusing about it but okay.

Though I guess the new Ultimate Spider-Man comic isn't coming out until May bum bum bum

Wow buddy have you ever had peanut butter M&Ms have you ever had mint M&Ms they are delicious think before you speak

Tyt about my dream.  Aw g when I woke up and remembered that dream I was like dang I wish Hob had had that dream instead of me.  It was really cute actually tho bc you and her were having a really good time together haha

Well idk what the real Happy song is like so it seemed normal to me but idk

Yeah I remember there being snow late in April last year but that wasn't exactly normal I think.  Well snow in April is kind of normal but last year was kind of excessive I believe.  Anyway today was a really nice beautiful day I think all the snow is pretty much gone I really hope it doesn't come back!!!!!

Tyt abot me finishing the game!!! Are you going to finish that game ever???

Bleh we need our new game though who will find it???

Tyt about my SSM thoughts.  Only one issue left!  Well what basically happened was when Peter was reliving all of Doc Ock's memories he relived the moment when he forced all of his memories on Doc Ock and that made him remember that he was actually Peter Parker and meanwhile the Green Goblin had kidnapped Anna Maria and Spock was trying to save her but the Green Goblin had also kidnapped a little girl and was about to kill her and Spock wasn't going to save her so Peter took control and then he was like wtf Ock you suck and then Spock was like truuuuu and then he was like you need to take over for me bc I am worthless you need to save Anna Maria and Peter was like yeah and then they went to Parker industries and Peter was like wtf and Ock was like dwaip and then he used the mind helmet thing to erase his memories and then Peter was like aww that's sad but then he was like okay

Yeah I want to meet those MJs too.  

BLEH SPEAKING OF MJ Shailene said "go get 'em tiger" in an interview thing WHY IS SHE DOING THIS WHY DOES SHE WANT ME DEAD

Aw g that must have been so long ago when the thing came for me I can't remember.  What day did it even come for me on?  Well I guess if I didn't notice it it couldn't have been that bad so I guess in the future I will not be as afraid when something is coming for me.

Oh yeah that was Noah I forgot about that. Wow what a glug

Yeah Pete and Harry are so small dangit

Haha nice dream.  I used to have dreams that I was Harry Potter all the time wow.

Nice pic haha

Okay here was my day: I woke up and then I took a shower and then I worked on my presentation for tomorrow and then I went to this thing that was for English professors and English majors and ate some cookies and drank some tea and talked to some people and then I came back and worked on my presentation some more and studied for my quiz and then I ate some soup for my dinner and then I wrote this post.

Okay now for something you've all been waiting for......the return of the otp drawing challenge!!!!!

This may or may not have been a reaction to the knowledge that MJ has moved on in two universes.

Hanging out with friends. (Ultimate) Aww look how cute and alive and not dating annoying guys named Liam they are!!! Though I guess it's kind of weird to have Kitty here after seeing how much she's still in love with Peter but oh well. Anyway, from left to right: Kitty Pryde, Bobby Drake, Gwen Stacy, MJ, Peter, Jessica Drew, Johnny Storm.

With animal ears. (616)  Aww look how cute and not hating each other because Spock's a jerk and not dating firemen they are!!!  I don't know why MJ is a bunny she just wanted to be idek.  Bunnies are small and so is she so there we go.

I want ice cream!!!! What if it was summer and we could go to the Village Scoop that would be a dream!!!!!

This night is so dead to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Avoiding spoilers for two movies is hard!!!!!!!!!!
That's all have a nice day!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, April 5, 2014

moshed potato

heyy gs.

noooooooooooo! stop winning 2048 para! D:

i'm going to come up with a better tumblr page and name and stuff and post more stuff and just use tumblr a lot more in general soon.  please be patient and don't unfollow me though gs!!!!  i will post some great stuff on there very soon.

well i liked the ihop better than the kosher deli but the bbq tofu thing hob and cm had looked like it was a lot better than the corned beef sandwhich i had.

aw g, stop having cool/interesting dreams gs!  i don't usually remember many of my dreams and if i do they are really worthless ones.

nice pic of you killing the person who made 2048 hob!  oh yeah, though i saw that a couple days ago already

wow that's crazy about getting 6+ inches of snow.  it felt really cold here on thursday but it didn't snow or anything and i think it was mainly just because of the wind.

today we went to the symphony and that was really good.  we ate at denny's afterwards for dinner and it was nowhere nearly as good as ihop :(

haha so cm and i were only going to jam and play some music for like 5 minutes when we got home but we ended up doing it for like an hour.

sorry this post is kinda short, i didn't realize it had gotten this late.

Friday, April 4, 2014


heyyyyyyyyy gs

well i am home :(::):(:()(:)(((((:()):))))):(((((((((((((


STOP THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

HOW DO YOU WIN THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i dont like th pics ones either tho. also i didnt want spider-man to be the last pic. the last few pics were worthless cuz gob put them in when i was brbing. haha

today i listened to a song called spidereggs

the other day i saw spider-man makeup

ok that commercial was something. that baby looked creepy imo

yea same you better post more stuf fon your tumblr gob or you will lose my follow

haha the thing i had at the kosher deli was really delish so i would say that was better but ihop was like idk i think every one was really hungry so it seemed really good idek. no it was good. espec my hash browns. i want them right now

aw g idk aprils game

doi g what i meant by real passover was the day that passover is really on? like i thought we would be celebrating passover on that day so i took off for it. oh well. i shouldnt hav done that cuz its a monday and i never work on mondays anyway. oh well. ok it jus seems like there will be a lot goin on on that same day but i guess we can see it then? tho friday night could work. oh boy yeah you're comin home one week frm today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

thats a dum morris theater. and a dum friend. wtf who could hate cap???? get a new friend please

nice comic thoughts!!!!!!! wow you sure had a lot to say abt ultimate spider-man. some of the stuff you said after your thoughts i didnt really kno what you were talkin bout but ok

i cant imagine wishing for m&ms. they're...........m&ms.........

gob thor is still comin for you even tho you followed a thor blog. like all that rain the other days still happened after you followed the blog and we kno that was thor's doin so yea you're gettin it good

aw g that bbq tofu was so dang good. if i lived there i would eat it all the time. i want it now. yea that was too bad about laser tag

para idg why you keep playin 2048 even tho you've won. when i win im never playin again

omg para thats an amazing dream you had!!!!!!! wow!!!!!!!!!!! i hope it comes tru!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! tho yea that seem weird for you to hav had that

yea g thats the happy song i meant. that seems like a weird song to be used for that parody. like it seems like a big stretch to make it work idek

omg that cutie mj in spider-man suit!! i just love her!!!!

aw g we had like 6+ inches of snow yesterday. tho everyone seems to hav forgotten that last year it also snowed in april but it was even later than this? wow why does no one have a memory

same about when is it spring. bleh it was spring in indiana and tennessee please dissolve me

dang you actually finished the game. nice!

ok nothin really to respond to in gob's post from some days ago. except its makin me miss my trip. and i want that pizza we had

daaaaaaaaang nice super spider-man thoughts para. it is makin me want to kno what happen

that spider-verse sounds like something. well i was not joking about how many mjs. i want it. and i want them to meet. and i want to meet them

yea g the thing came for you. try to think what it could have been

ok that poster is really messy. but i still want this movie

im confused about these variant covers as well

no i was being like wow at noah cuz of that time when he was like "idc where we go to dinner" and then like "no i dont wana go to good earth" cuz thats the same as what his friends were doing and he complained about

aw dang those guys are small. ok the guys im talkn about are pete and harry in case you dont kno

nice game stuff

ok i did it i responded to all the stuff!!!!!!!!!

last night i had a dream that i was harry potter which i hav not had in years. i was tryna kill snape and i had to gather all these items in order to do it so i gathered them and then i went in a room to kill snape but then dumbledore called me into his office which was across the hall and he gave me a talking to because i had rushed gathering the items or something. actually im not sure if i was harry potter or me but

bleh i wish i was still in indiana. when i was there i sort of wanted to come home for a few reasons but bleh blah blooh. well i wanted my babies but there were babies there. and i wanted to cook some stuff but idek.

today i took a nap and skater was snuggly and when i woke up she had turned orange

that was my day

heres a pic i drew a few days ago of me killin the person who created 2048 :)


Thursday, April 3, 2014

vengeance from goat!

Heyyy gs!!!!

Guess what

I don't like the versions w pictures tho really bc it's hard to keep track of the orders the pictures go in but it kind of makes it worth it when the last pic is Spider-Man haha

Haha idk it's kind of weird if they actually meant it to be like spider eggs......  Spider-Man doesn't actually have eggs bc he is a man. Wait I just realized that one time he turned into a pregnant spider but how can that happen if spiders lay eggs.... Haha well that is the least of our worries about that storyline I think.

Yeah that commercial is kind of weird but I also like it. I think the baby thing is just that brand's normal marketing thing idk.

Well I'm following your tumblr now but you can't posted anything since I started following you so what's the point.

Haha so are you saying that ihop was better than the kosher deli?

Aw g what's our April game? We need it

Wait Hob I thought we were having Passover on my bday so what do you mean by real Passover day?  That's goos that you don't have to work that day though bc that would ruin all of our plans. Well yeah when else would we see Cap 2?  Well I mean I guess we could see it Friday night if you really want to.

Cap 2 isn't playing in the Morris theatre either wtf.  I mean we're gonna see it next weekend so nbd really but just why.  Well it might come to Morris eventually idk but it's not on the website.  Wow my friend apparently wants to see it w me but idg why because he hates Cap???????  Well I don't want to see it with him because I know he will just insult Cap the whole time and I don't want that.

Okay Hob you need respond to this post plus my last one plus the one before that don't forget.

Okaaaaay it's let's talk about comics time!!!!!!

She-Hulk #3
*Okay the last I saw of Kristoff he was Dr. Doom so I'm not sure how he got to this situation...
*Wow I wish I had a lil monkey that took notes for me!!!
*Coffee Bean!!!!!  Since 1962!!!!!!!!
*Wait is he saying that Captain America was a doombot or just that doombots were involved?
*So does Angie have like persuasive superpowers or.....
*Doubtful that that was really Dr. Doom just saying

Ultimate Spider-Man #200
*Apparently I like to start reading series by coming in on the very last issue
*Okay I only read this because I was curious about the ending that was supposed to make people scream but I didn't scream because I didn't really understand it
*I guess I'll have to read the new series to understand it dang it that was their plan all along I suppose
*Well it was a cute issue
*Actually no it wasn't it was a horribly sad issue and I cried while reading it
*Miles is really cute tho like a cute lil baby Spider-Man I guess kind of like that commercial haha
*MJ has a new bf in this universe too wowww MJ is moving on all over the place
*I dislike Liam though he just seems boring and just kind of annoying and MJ doesn't seem that into him why is she even dating this guy
*Okay the only person in this issue I didn't know is Lana????  Is she Jessica's gf???  Please tell me she's Jessica's gf or at least that Jessica is actually into her I mean that last panel of them in the car was really something
*Okay but for real in my opinion Jessica HAS to be into girls because Peter was and Jessica is basically Peter but a different gender so if she's not into girls then its like saying that someone's sexuality would depend on their gender and that's stupid. Well I think it's canon that Jessica likes girls bc I think she liked MJ but idk really I hope so.  BUT OKAy if Jessican's not just into girls like we know she kissed Johnny, then the same thing should go for Peter!!!  If Jessica is bisexual then I'm sorry but Peter has to be bisexual too those are the rules. If lil baby Jessica wanted to kiss Johnny I think that's a pretty clear indication that Peter would want to kiss Johnny too.  And I'm not just saying that bc PeterJohnny but come on.
*"There's going to be food" haha Bobby is me for real
*Wow that picture of Peter what a nerd
*I cried at the hot dogs okay
*The true mystery of this issue is what's in the box
*Okay this Liam thing and this thing with Gwen kissing Ganke is pissing me off bc clearly if Peter's dead and Gwen and MJ are still alive Gwen and MJ should be getting together.....
*I feel bad for Aunt May because none of the adults she invited showed up and she was stuck with a bunch of teenagers haha
*Noooooooooo cute Miles and Peter please god no please just no please PLEASE NO
*Aww Miles likes 616 Pete tho that's so cute
*"Unless, I don't know, he hated me" NO BUDDY WHY he would never hate you!!!!
*Kitty's page is so cuteee I'm so sad!!!!
*Also grown up Peter in Kitty's imagination would have TASM 2 Andrew Garfield hair haha
*Bobby wants to mix Ultimate Spider-Man with Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends I am in full support of this as long as Ms. Lion is in it
*Why did Johnny not get a double page spread of what he thought Peter would be like that's not fair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
*Okay well we know the real reason is that it be exactly like Kitty's bc obviously Johnny also wanted to fight crime with and get married to Peter
*GwenMJ hug!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
*Is it Peter
*Is Peter alive
*Okay here's the reasons why it might be Peter
*It looks like him tho its hard to tell from the back I mean he didn't have that long of hair when he died but maybe it grew we don't even know what happened to him if that's really him
*Um some people are saying it looks kind of like a girl but what kid do we know that perpetually looked kind of like a girl oh yeah Peter
*Who else would be watching a GWENMJ HUG
*No but for real I can't think of anyone else it could be that would be watching Aunt May and Peter's friends and stuff
*Parker luck dictates that Peter would come back from the dead when the three girls that liked him are all involved in new relationships haha
*It's very hip and cool to bring Peter Parker back from the dead right now all the cool kids are doing it
*Here's the reasons why it might not be Peter though
*Bendis hates me and wants me to suffer
*Um well last I checked he was dead

Okay when is the first issue of the new series coming out the wiki says April well it's April I'm ready for it.  Jk bc this just came out yesterday but

Oops that was a really short thing for She-Hulk and really long thing for Ultimate Spider-Man.....oh well

Okay wow that is probably the highest numbered new issue I will read for a long time since Marvel seems to like rebooting series when they get up to like issue twenty something usually.

If Peter does come back then he can be in Spider-Verse right???  Well I don't see why he couldn't anyway but.  OH BUT WAIT maybe he will be in Spider-Men 2????  I could see that happening because I mean Bendis already did the 616 Peter meets ult Miles thing so it'd be more interesting to add ult Pete in there too.  OH WAIT MAYBE 616 Miles will be in it too and then the four of them can jam.  And by jam I mean fight  crime probably OR THEY COULD START A BAND!!!!  This a very good idea a Spider-Man band featuring two Miles' and two Petes.

I wish I had some m&ms!!!!

I'm sorry that half this post was talking about Ultimate Spider-Man!!!!

That is all have a nice day!!!!!!!