Thursday, November 19, 2015


Heyyy gs!

Yay I'm so glad to have 10 days off from school now!  And I'm super excited about Thanksgiving!!!!

Your dog is super cute Hob!!!  What is his name?

Here is a super cute picture of Rebecca!  That will be fun for you gs to meet her next week!

I'd go to a Star Wars dance party haha.  I do love all the Star Wars stuff that has been going on lately and I can't believe the new movie is so soon!  Maybe I should just talk about Star Wars the entire time at tg haha.

Here are some jamz I have to share:

New Skin - Torres
Ones Who Love You - Alvvays
Melody Day - Caribou
Fall In - Cloud Nothings
Longer Shadow - Twin Limbs
Smells Like Content - The Books
Trippy Gum - Hinds
Move Systems - Georgia
KC Accidental - Broken Social Scene
Royal Blue - Milo Greene
Space Song - Beach House

More to come later most likely!

Wednesday, November 18, 2015


heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy gs

happy almost tgives!

ok i dont have to wake up at 4 am tomorrow so im tryna not sleep rn because why

would i

tho i already napped a lil bit

i love my dog

here is he


para did u kno they opened up a pizza luce in roseville?! thats crazy omg

wow ok i am a glug but i just booked a flight to utah in the beginning of jan and its like ok i dont have that kinda money and its like a week or two after new york and just ok. but whatevi

ok real talk who wants to go to a beyonce dance party

theres also a star wars one and idc about star wars really but i kinda wanna go?

gobs life must be so good rn because star wars is all around us

ok heres my jam exchange

*thomas jefferson - astronautalis
*tears for animals - cocorosie
*all your light - portugal the man
*you and me (flume remix) - disclosure
*king of swords - the dear hunter
*lower the heavens - the donkeys
*two hearted spider - editors
*no comprende - low
*ambition - we are scientists
*monument - royksopp

ok thats all i gotcha for now but maybe more later

Saturday, August 29, 2015


heyyyyyyyyyyy gs

i guess i could post on here now that paras not here and whatev. and i will have more free time now i guess? idk

wow i just got home from work and it was a weird day idk. i basically didnt do any work and just complained to my friend about stuff and said too much stuff about stuff whoops

wow do i wish it was monday

ok tbh i just canceled plans w my bf for tonight but meanwhile i just want it to be mon so i can see my coworker for 5 mins so thats prob not a good sign.....................

ii feel really dizzy or something idk

wow back in the spring when i did all those survey things. that was a weird time

this summer has been so crazy and im ready for a nice chill fall but doubtful that we'll have it. at least we wont have target but like

ok i bleh it i should made plans w my friend tonight.

why did the dogs eat the post

ok last night i went to dinner w a bunch of old ppl and tonight im like gonna eat ice cream alone in my room. this weekend is really sucking. actually this whole week has sucked.

wow everything was better when the mama sang us to sleep

Sunday, June 7, 2015


hey gs

oh for you folks playing along at home there were some baby ducks in the window pit thing

they were so small but now they're gone

whats even there to say

oh i got an ipod touch heck yeah

its so good. i love to play trivia crack lol

also this spider-man game that i'm so bad at but look what you can see in it

its emj

so far in this day ive done nothing but eat pizza. so a p good day lol

i drew this petermj

thats all have anice day

Monday, June 1, 2015










ok here i am upstairs my room is dead to me

why wont hob post

well today i woke up then i took a shower then i tried to go back to slep bc i was so tired but no dice then i got up off of that thing then i had pizza then i went to the mall w my friends and we had dinner and were bored in some stores then i came home then i died then i wrote this post

alright heres the next installment of the outfit meme thing

its casual or something?

i drew both peter and mj in each others like normal clothes i guess theyre so small

heres mjs. she's like wow tiger u look so good

heres peters. mjs like wow i look so good. she's so right
well idk if peter has ever really worn this but it looks like something he would wear idk if peter really wears that much plaid shirts but i always imagine he's a plaid shirt kinda guy. well he's a yellow shirt kinda guy we know that.

anyways thems my mamas.

have a nice day

Wednesday, May 27, 2015


heyyyy gssss

tyt about my fanmix

tyt about my pics

yeah those dorks.  yeah i did that on purpose.

dang im so bored

lets just get to the point of this post which is to show my new pic

well ok heres what it is i started this drawing meme thing or whatever where you draw a character in dif outfits and i was gonna just draw spide but then i was like he'll be so lonely so i'm probably just gonna draw petermj every time whoops

this is tourists or whatever
wow those are my mammas!!!

tbh 616 petermj are my parents but i been reading ultimate spide and wow ult petermj are my small biological children!!!!

except dang i hate the art in the old ultimate spide comics like i know bagley is like legendary for drawing so many issues of ultimate spider-man but no one ever talks about how that is not a good thing!!!!

anyway thats all have a nice day!

Saturday, May 23, 2015


heyyyyyyyyy gs

blehhhhhhhhhh nice fanmix g!!!! i did not draw a pic of mj while listening to it cuz i wouldnta done it justice. but after listening to it i was like dang i need to take that tswift quiz so i took it and i got new romantics. so. im mj.

nice pics also!

haha the title of your post thats titled dorks is p fitting for that post. idk if you did that on purpose or no.

haha i still cqcml about mom and dd. what the

anyway nice petermj pic and icqcml at the peterjohnny. i already said this but.

speaking of johnny i love my guy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ok tbh the main reason i made this posts cuz i wanted to say im mj.

um i dont really wanna say about real stuff. theres too much weird things going on. fine actually ill say stuff. today i did nothing cuz its 9 am. tho i have been awake for 3 hrs. im oging to symphony tonight but whatll happen during the day. yesterday i went to the wrong mall. then lay on floor for a long tim. the day before i did nothing i think. of wait i went to my friend apt and we sat on the sidewalk for 10 mins then i went home. the day before i dont frickin remember. ooh wait i think i went out w alisha. idek.

whats there to say about anything

i dont have any money. how have i got in this situation

im smelling my man candlde