Thursday, October 31, 2013

wild chickens: divorce!

heyyyyyyyyy gs

happy halloween i guess

aw gob how come you like always almost forget to post but you never actually forget

wow lately ive only had a few tabs open at a time but i know how stressful it can be to have a million open bleh. especially when it really slows down your computer

aw g para well i have 14 jamz as i said so what does that tell you? idk what it tells me so

oh ok i guess i did know that was a cover but i forgot

yeah same icqcme for xmas already too. wow ive been so done w/ halloween since like october 1st probably and i kept thinking it was over even though idk why

yeah it has snowed a lil bit so. wow i think fall and spring have been deleted just sayin

ok well i see too many kids so my appreciation for them has decreased even more. altho i am not gonna lie i saw a really cute and small wolverine the other day. also theres a certain age of kids that ok like 7 or under maybe.

well its not that its a super alliterative name its just really stupid idk. altho its less stupid now that i know that noah didnt make it up

wowwwwwwwwwwww "there wasnt room for two girls" what the actual f. these casting people or whoever + fanboys need to simmer down wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

nooooooooo my second best ship D: D: D:::::::::::

oh ok. u could just eat gummy octupusses and hot cheez its on weekends then

tyt for the advice

oh yeah haha i actually thought of that exact game a few weeks ago but then i forgot but yeah thats a good one we should do that

ok para well how will you even know until a few days before if you can get a ride? cant we just assume that you can idk we really need a straight answer over here so....................

yes we want some more gob pics!!! and some hob pics!!!!!!!!

nice pics!!!! wow that first one is pretty amazing omg

omfg for some reason hawkeye keeps stealing the drain stopper things from the sinks in our house like the one from the first floor bathroom ended up in the basement and then the upstairs hall bathroom one was taken out and left in the sink and its like we havent seen her doing it but idk who else could be doin it. also she was standing in the sink looking down the drain so. wow w h y

ok wtf its like 10 pm and mom and dad just decided that the'yre going to boston for the weekend and they're leaving tomorrow.............o.............k..............................

wow unlike for some ppl, this weekend is gonna suck on ice for me. at least i have off on sunday but  i have to work for EIGHT HOURS on fri and SEVEN ON SAT and like tomorrow theres no school for the children for some unknown reason and so its gonna be so crazy and im gonna be there alone for part of it yeah i wanna die. i feel like i already said all this but who cares. mayb i'll get chipotle after work tomorrow at least that will be somethin

*no work
*ok this happened yesterday but there was this big glug thing that finally got sorted out and its such a relief
*actually another thing got sorted out today and it was a smaller thing but its still a relief
*i finally got added to a shift for my volunteer job

*i acutally kinda wish i had worked tonight because there would prob be no one there since all the children would be trick or treating and its like if i was there then i would get paid to give candy and stuff to children instead of being home and giving candy to children for free so
*no food or drink in the house basically
*everyone grumped around the house

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

my mirror cat

heyyy gs

oops i almost forgot to post but i still have like half an hour so everything will be okay

wow there are two new albums that came out recently that i really need to listen to!!!

Reflektor - Arcade Fire
Wild Light - 65daysofstatic

ahhh also mogwai's new album is coming out soon!

oops this post is actually going to be shorter than i thought it was going to be but oh well.


  • i felt super tired all day
  • i had a block of classes/meetings/lessons from 11-3 with no break
  • the dinner at the dining hall wasn't very good
  • i have wayyyy too many tabs open and idk where to start in closing them and it is stressing me out
  • i also have wayyy too many windows open
  • it's almost november!
  • i had a good clarinet lesson
  • i can go to sleep early tonight

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

o, bitter goat

Hey gs!!!

Hahahaha icqcml at Gob being Squidward omg

Aw g well I already have three tg jamz so what does that tell you?  Well it tells you that I found a JohnnyPeter fanmix the other day but yeah let's have our good jamz exchange!!!

Oh speaking of the jamz you gave me I was gonna tell you that the one that is a cover is Pioneers and it's a cover of a song by Bloc Party awww yeah

Same icqcme for tg!!!!!!  Also xmas already oop!!!! Wow I am so done with Halloween this year though like I keep thinking that it's already over bc most of the Halloween stuff on campus happened last weekend sooooo

Also it snowed today and that is like making me think that winter is coming......

I mean I like Halloween but there's not really a point to the actual day of Halloween if you're not really doing anything...... G the best thing about giving out candy is seeing cute little kids dressed as superheroes because for one thing that's the most adorable thing in the world but also just kids.  Like I don't ever see kids tbh I think that increased my appreciation for them a lot. Like they are. Kind of cute.

Well yeah John Jonah Jameson Jr. is the most alliterative name in the history of names but that's what's so great about it????/

Aw g but your piccies were so beautiful I miss them

Yeah it's so mean to recast her I'm crying about it.  Well like okay the reason they said they cut her from TASM 2 was because "there wasn't room for two girls" which is like the biggest bullshit I've ever heard like wow there's room in this movie for 403684093 villains and 3405943 father figures and dead people to come back as ghosts or some shit but you can't have two female characters????  That's so stupid first of all but also I'm pretty sure part of the reason was stupid fanboys complaining about how Shai wasn't pretty enough to play MJ which wow I'm pretty sure I've never ever seen anyone say Andrew wasn't pretty enough to play Peter in fact I've seen a lot of times people saying he's too pretty (which is really stupid) so that's just awful plus Shailene is really beautiful like wow and.  Yeah it isn't clear whether she will actually be recast but I think if they do they will say that it was because of scheduling conflicts because Shai is filming another movie around the same time they will be filming TASM 3 but the whole thing seems awful to me.

Also another thing is that since MJ was cut from TASM 2, if Gwen dies in that movie, we will never get to see Gwen and MJ together AND THAT IS SUCH A GREAT SHIP!!!!!!!!! D:

Tyt about my vid!

Well no I'm just gonna try to not go to the dining hall on weekends because it's just a plum waste of a meal and I only have a limited amount...... I could go to pizza ranch but I'd have to walk there and also spend money..... What I did last weekend was just eat food I have in my room like I ate a can of soup that I had.  I still have one more can of soup but when I run out I still have a lot of dining dollars I can spend at the c-store so

Wait here's a little advice for you all.  Don't go to the dining hall when you are very tired don't do it you will take off your lettuce to spread may on the bread of your sandwich but then you will accidentally spread bbq sauce instead because you weren't looking and then you will try to scrap it off with your knife and accidentally cut a big hole in your bread and then you'll go to throw the bread mush away you cut off and accidentally throw your lettuce away too and then you'll get too excited about grapes and take way too many of then and then when you are done eating you will go to throw your food away and accidentally throw your knife in the compost and then you will leave it there okay don't do this it is v dangerous

Not that I have done that.....

Tyt about my pics!

Oh well I had an idea for our next game called you just take a piccie of something in your day and you just post it.  It could be a pic of could be a pic of your food.... it could be a sneaky pic of your roommate.... Who knows!!!!  Does that sound fun idk it's just a suggestion

Okay Hob but tbh the main problem I'm having is finding a ride so yeah I don't really mind skipping my classes that day but what good will that do me if I'm still stuck at school because I don't have a ride

Well no because I posted in November 2012.... But that reminds me I should make some more of those Goblin pics!!  Haha actually I just got to the part where the Hobgoblin shows up so I could make some Hob pics????

Those small kittens!!!  Haha that reminds me of when I was playing that pirate comp game with Noah and we found a ship called Jarvis.

Omg it's the Days Of Future Past trailer!!!

It looks so sad!!!!!!!!!! I'm shippin Charles/Charles.  Haha jk but I hope this movie has lots of good Charles/Erik!!!!!  Also lots of Kitty Pryde PLEASE

It's let's talk about comics time!!!!

I'm just gonna talk about this one comic that came out last week I think because it is so hilarious. Okay it is Marvel Now What? #1 (although idk why it's even numbered bc it says it is a oneshot but)

*Okay but the Marvel babies are my fave variants I'm sorry!!!!
*Haha Salacious Spider-Man.  I wish Slott WOULD get arrested then maybe we could be done with him
*Well tbh I probably would read a comic where Punisher and Bullseye ate Chinese food for the whole issue so
*Ock doesn't have six legs though he has two legs...and six arms... Eight....limbs.... He' octopus....???
*"awfully handsome" Aunt ooooo
*Omg Cap's face in p much every panel of the internet dating part
*I think Cap and the Red Skull should just kiss
*Aww one time I read an issue of Marvel Adventures where Thor and Storm were dating and it was.  Really cute??? So I'd say I ship it...
*Also their lightning bolt children!  Shocky and Electrocutey!!! And their dog Buttons omg!!!!
*Why is Thor having brunch by himself though wow I volunteer to have brunch with Thor!!!
*Jen, Sue, and Jan having brunch together though omg they're so small!!!!
*Hey Doom is using the door like a peasant!!!
*"Quit using gendered pronouns!"
*Jan zapped Doom in the butt....
*Tbh the part with the Watcher was kind of boring and long and I skimmed most of it....
*Deadpool kitty!!!

Okay that's it!  What a fun time!!!

*There's no Agents of SHIELD today bum bum bum
*It was v cold
*This download is taking so long omg

*Well it wasn't too busy of a day I just had my one class and I didn't have that much homework to do
*I read a really great comic!!! It wasn't the one I talked about it was an old issue of ASM and it's so great I need to own it wow!!!!

Okay piccies time

Okay well here's Michael B. Jordan Johnny and Andrew Garfield Peter

And yeah this is pretty self explanatory

Alright that's it have a nice day!!!

Monday, October 28, 2013

la chicken

heyyyyyyyyyyyyyy gs

well gob at least that trend is better than your old trend of having a really bad post and then a really bad post for your next one haha. so i hope what you mean isnt that you're going back to that trend now!!!

aw g those suitemates are yucky. though haha im laughing a little cuz its like you're squidward tryin to practice your clarinet and they are spongebob and patrick. but i hope you killed them after that

yeah icqcme for tgiving at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i hate that its so late tho cuz will i make it through the month we just dont kno. but ive already started getting my jamz!!! i might maybe have a lot this year unlike last year i had like 15. we'll have to do a jamz exchange altho i just did one for para. idk we'll prob see a movie but what. idk about a murder mystery those arent actually my fave so. haha lets put on a play about thanksgiving like we did the first year in west virginia!!!!!!!!! aw g for a sec i thought you were saying that nathan and kassandra and miriam might come this year but i was let down. well next year is something at least. 

wow idc about halloween this year either at all. in fact i think im done caring about it like last year made me hate it when i was home alone. like after you're too old to trick or treat whats even good about it? its just this day when you have to keep gettin out of your bed to give away all your candy to babies. what even. apparently para likes that tho

well para theres a few ships that im talking about but yeah i agree w/ you bleh

yeah but this guy's name is way stupider than all those other names idk what to tell you

aw g idk when i'll draw some pics i havent been feelin it for a while idk if its for me :(

wow also that seems mean to the actress to recast her idk. maybe that happens a lot but it still seems mean. 

oh yeah i have seen people sayin that stuff about loki i could kill them

cutie alien baby

nice vid!

yeah g i realize that about pop now

wait so you're just not gonna eat anything on weekends??? u could go to pizza ranch

wow nice piccie!!!! shes so shiny!!

whats our next game gonna be? i kinda like this one lol. maybe a similar kinda thing idk

ok para lets have it are you going to go to your classes the wednesday before tgiving or not please say no we are all counting on you to say no and to give us your answer immediately thank you. bleh ok i think we all know that you are not going to those classes so could you just say it already thank you

beep boop

i lvoe cats

do you ever wanna look at your posts from november 2012 but you basically posted no posts in november 2012 just wondering

omg remember that kitten livestream thing i miss those babies

hold on just one sec theres one again!!!!!

omg i cant believe it they're called the A.I.kitties and they're named like glados and jarvis and things

ok well

*no work
*lazy lazy lazy lazy lazy lazy girl
*leftover chinese food for lunch
*pumpkin ice cream!!!!!!!!

*not the dinner i wanted
*noah was extra annoying at dinner
*the book im readin has no end in sight

Sunday, October 27, 2013

my own personal cat

hey gs.

wow it seems it is almost like a trend now now where i'll have a really bad post and then a good post for my next one.  hopefully that will not be a continuing trend though...

well the trend will continue this one time to have a bad post followed by a good post but the trend will end with this good post.

okay so first of all let me explain why i was so annoyed at my suitemates on thursday.  so the guy that is in the room across the hall from me has really crappy speakers that make the bass sound really loud on every single song and he blares loud, annoying rap music all the time.  even that still is annoying i've gotten kind of used to that since i can just block it out with my music or just go somewhere else.  what is really annoying is the specific thing that happened on thursday.  so even though my suitemates never ask me if it would disturb me if they blare loud rap music i thought i would be polite and nice and ask them if it was okay for me to practice clarinet in my room with the piano accompaniment recording on my speakers.  and they were like, "yeah that's totally fine."  ten minutes into my practice they started blaring loud music like they had no fucking idea at all that it would disturb me and like they had absolutely no clue i was trying to concentrate on practicing.  so i got really pissed and i tried to just play loudly and turn up the piano accompaniment louder but i could still hear the stupid rap music.  and like it's not even really the fact that they were rude enough to blast music while i was practicing that bugs me the most.  it's the fact that they had absolutely no idea how shitty and inconsiderate they were being to me and they didn't even mention it at all like they had done absolutely nothing wrong.  i probably should have just went up and asked if they could turn off the music when they first started but it just really pissed me off that they would have the nerve to do that in the first place and it just made me in a really bad mood.

oops i did not mean to rant that long...haha sorry.

okay well after writing that super long wall of text i will just write some short  and random observations:

  • this is turning out to be a pretty long post actually
  • i hope it isn't too boring for anyone
  • thanksgiving is like a month away!
  • i should mention halloween is even closer but that's kinda obvious and tbh i don't really care much about halloween this year
  • we should try to have gcs at least like on the weekends more often
  • i just rarely use gmail now since all my important email goes to my school email
  • are we going to see a movie at tg again this year?
  • how about a murder mystery?
  • how about a talent show? haha jj.  
  • i think there might be a good chance nathan, kassandra and miriam will come to tg next year because nathan thinks he probably will have quit his job at best buy by then!


  • i slept in later than i wanted to
  • my practice sessions weren't very efficient and i didn't get as much done as i wanted to in them 
  • i had the house to myself most of the day
  • i listened to some really great new music
  • it is starting to really feel like fall and the whole atmosphere of outside is really nice right now
  • i had really good pizza for dinner

Saturday, October 26, 2013

the goat of the brainwasher!

Hey gs!!!

Wow Gob I have been wondering how your suitemates are working out for you.  I guess not good, huh?

I am not surprised Hob.  I don't know what ship you're talking about but I am not surprised at all!!! Wow I hate fanboys so much usually fangirls do a lot of stupid things sometimes but they are not as bad as fanboys usually and more often a lot more awesome.

I guess Noah does make up some corny alliterative names but let me tell you so does Stan Lee I mean
Peter Parker
Betty Brant
Bruce Banner
Reed Richards
Susan Storm
Pepper Potts
Matt Murdock
Stephen Strange
Scott Summers
Okay you get the idea

Doubtful that I have the same thing as you I guess because I haven't felt that bad I mean I made it to all of my classes it was nbd really and I feel mostly better now.  It was mostly just my throat hurting and feeling congested and my nose being sniffly.

It's a study group thing for intro to psych.

Tyt about my pics!!! Oh nice I like that one a lot too and yeah I'm trying new coloring techniques idk but mostly I just fuck around with it until it looks kind of good or I get bored.

When will you draw some more pics g??? I miss when you posted piccies too :(

Oh yeah and speaking of that MJ pic I'm sad that they are probably going to recast MJ for the next film because Shailene seems like a really cool person but I wish that if they do they would consider casting a woc but doubtful that they will because if they thought the backlash of casting Shailene was bad (which was full of sexist comments about her not being pretty enough) they definitely do not want to deal with the backlash that would happen if they casted a woc so.

Bleh that baby is so yucky wow I can't look at Loki's blueness anymore without thinking about that time some dumb people tried to petition for Marvel to make a Loki movie on the grounds that Loki was a poc because he has blue skin sometimes

But wow that is the ugliest alien baby ever esp compared to the cutest alien baby ever

 Wow what is that movie

Oh speaking of Cap 2 the trailer came out a couple of days ago and looks so awesome!!!!

Icqme for Falcon!!!!! He looks so awesome when he is flying!!!!

Oh also there's this teaser trailer thing for X-Men: Days of Future Past

Hmm I wonder when a trailer for TASM 2 will come out????  Probably soon!!!!!!

Oh here's a vid I made also. Before you watch it I will just tell you that it's based on Spider-Man: Blue.  And also I guess The Night Gwen Stacy Died.... But yeah mostly Spider-Man: Blue so yeah you might remember this song was in my fanmix for that but okay the beginning is Peter going to the bridge where Gwen died and thinking about her and the part that's sepia is his memories of her and when he throws her out the window and catches her that's supposed to be her death but obviously I don't have a video of that (yet) so yeah

No Hob the pop massages your throat back to health it's very magical I have been drinking sprite in the dining hall the last few days and let me tell you

*Well today has been really uneventful but I guess that could be a good thing I mean at least I don't have a lot of homework this weekend
*Okay this wasn't today but last night we had this Halloween in the halls things where we had trick or treaters and I saw some cute Spider-Man kids and Iron Man kids!!!

*Okay again I can't really think of anything all I really did today was read comics and draw so
*Well someone turned the light off while I was in the shower so
*Also I didn't really have anything to eat today because I decided that since the dining hall is worthless on the weekends I should just not go at all because if I don't eat on the weekends then I can eat two meals every other day of the week and that's better

Okay time for more piccies

Okay here's Felicia.... I wish I could draw backgrounds but I sadly I can only draw people

Hmm I want to post this pic I drew today but I'm not ready to let it fly free yet....

Okay what else do I have I think I have some really old stuff I never posted oop

Nah nvm it's all worthless to me right now maybe another time

Have a nice day!!!!

Friday, October 25, 2013

chicken silence

heyyy gs


at least we know you will have a great post for your next post!!! wow what did your mates even do? werw they bein racist???

yeah para let me tell you that some  Certain Actual Canon Slash Ships have fanboys of them who think they aint canon

well i thought noah made him up? like his name sounded like one of those really dumb names that noah comes up with idk!!!

oh i also saw that thing about no female leads til whenever and i rolled my eyes so hard at that wow. the worst thing is there wont be a squirrel girl movie until then no!!!!!!!!!! nah the worst thing is everything

what jam was it????? i didnt know any was covers

aw g i hope you dont have what i have cuz mine turned in from a teensy cold to a huge big thing bleh i feel so yucky. well i feel some better now but still some yuck. and its not the hugest thing but still huge. and i have a sore throat so yeah

whats psych pal

nice pics g!!! i espesh love all them. well espesh espesh those babies and that mj and spiderman one. wow i lvoe that one!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and not just because its my best ship ever but because it looks so good and mj looks really good. wow your drawings are gettin so fancy!!!

omg yesterday i was watchin thor and let me tell you i found the yuckiest baby of all the yucky babies

wow also today i was watchin a movie and one of the trailers before to movie starred scarlett johansson and chris evans and i was like wtf am i watching the captain america 2 trailer but i was not. i mean it didnt look anything like captain america 2 but


*wow so many things
*i was sick for one thing
*actually today wasnt as bad as yesterday but
*for the second time in one month my plans i was really looking forward to to go out to din w/ the family and relatives was squashed. the plans were for tomorrow but today was the day when they were squashed
*this morning dad got the mac and cheese that i was really wanting yesterday but he didnt care to tell me and so the whole day until dinner i ate nothing and starved thinking we didnt have anything. not that he knew i wanted it but we also had a lot of other things that we didnt have yesterday and he didnt care to tell me of any of them
*i texted noah to close his door and he did not so i had to get outta bed
*i had to type most of this on my kindle which sucked and now im typing on the computer which also sucks cuz im not in my bed
*i had to email in sick for tomorrow which i hated doing

*dad made chicken noodle soup which i wanted all day yesterday but did not have
*7 up
*throat drops
*i had a two day break today and yesterday so at least thats something

wow until recently i didnt understand the idea of drinking soda when your throat hurt cuz i thought it would hurt it even more but now its like if im not drinking soda every minute when my throat hurts then im dead probably

Thursday, October 24, 2013

my jiggly cat

hey gs

omg i had a ton of good stuff to say in this post but i really don't feel like doing it now because my suitemates got me into such a bad mood and i'm so pissed at them.  sorry, i really wanted to do a great post but i'm just in such a bad mood now because of how annoying my suitemates are being and i don't feel like doing anything


-my suitemates suck

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

to kill a goat!

Hey gs!!!!

Well my internet's not working in my room at the moment so I came here to the library to take this online quiz that I had to do but I guess I'll just stay here a little longer to write my post and then I guess I'll post it in case the internet doesn't come back before midnight.

Yeah I guess.  Is Spider-Man actually bisexual we just don't know. But what we know for sure is that probably even if he married the Human Torch some dumb fanboys would never accept it so.

Yeah haha Jameson is a real character no I didn't make him up Stan Lee made him up and he first appeared in Amazing Spider-Man #1!!! Why did you think I made him up though???

Yes bleh racist people but good news is I have seen some fanart already of my ship with MBJ!Johnny and so now I can probably die happy.

Yeah same that also reminded me of that.  Okay on Noah's birthday I'll heck up hard boiling and egg and you can cut up a few strawberries and that'll be all he gets.

Tyt about my pic!  I'm really glad you like it!!!

Aw g I saw Star Trek XII in theaters I think twice that was the summer of seeing lots of movies in theaters lots of times.  Actually this summer may also be like that because I can think of three movies so far I want to see coming out this summer I want to see and one of them I might want to see 403968340698 times.

Oh yeah speaking of movies they just said they are working on developing a Black Panther movie!!!!!!!!!!!  Idk when it will come out but that is p exciting!!!  I wonder if he will be in Avengers 3???  Hmm I wonder if they will just keep adding more Avengers as they make more movies or if some will leave.  I kind of hope some will leave because too many Avengers in a movie could get confusing.  It's okay in comics but in a movie you can't really do that.  And there is not very good representation in the current MCU Avengers so I'm hoping they will add Black Panther and Falcon and Scarlet Witch and hopefully Wasp if she's actually in the Ant Man movie!!!  Although it's really disappointing to me that they also just said there are no Marvel movies with female leads coming out until at least 2017.  Like someone asked if they were going to make a Black Widow movie and they just said to watch Cap 2.  Like that is great that Natasha is going to have a big part in that movie and that she had a big part in Avengers but the movie is still called Captain America and it still has the subtitle Winter Soldier who is also a male so that's not really the same thing at all.  Also they said they had a lot of female representation so somehow that meant they don't need to make a movie with a female lead well no you can't just say yeah we've done enough for women for now let's stop with that like having one out of six Avengers be female and having some love interests isn't enough at all.  Well okay this paragraph got way out of hand the point is that we're happy they're making a Black Panther movie I bet it will be really awesome!!! And yay a movie with a poc lead!!!

I still want a Captain Marvel movie though :(

Oh yeah speaking of Cap 2 here's the trailer for the trailer that's coming out tomorrow!!! Haha

Looks really cool!!!! I especially like the last shot with Cap bringing down the shield!!!  I wonder if that will be a flashback because that appears to be his suit from the first movie.  Oh speaking of that I really like the Commander Rogers costume and how it looks!!!  I didn't like his costume in the Avengers movie very much so I'm glad they are changing it.  There weren't any shots of Falcon in this though I hope there will be some in the real trailer and I hope he will have a big part in the movie.

Oh Hob I was going to tell you that one of the jamz you gave me is a cover of a song I really like and it's a really awesome cover too!!!

Yeah Gob I think I have seen most of Stan's rants.  There are a lot of funny things on Stan's youtube channel.

*I think I have a cold or something too because my throat has been hurting all day.
*I accidentally woke up 2 hours early and couldn't get back to sleep.
*Well my internet wasn't working this evening which is why I'm here.
*We were peer reviewing our poems in creative writing but we were doing it all in a big group which was going fine until my prof said we didn't need to raise our hands which was worthless so me because people kept starting to say things just when I wanted to and it made me so frustrated.

*Psych PAL was cancelled today
*Only two more days until the weekend already

Well I can't put any pics in this post because I'm not on my computer darn it.

Also darn it I was going to watch the Agents of SHIELD ep I missed yesterday but if the internet is still not working then I can't.  Oh well if the internet is still not working when I get back to my room I'm just going to make some tea because my throat is still hurting and then read some comics.

Okay well have a nice day!!!

Oop I just got back and my internet is working now so I'll add some pics!!!

This is based on a really cute ep of Ultimate Spider-Man where the whole team are turned into babies!!!

This is showing four different versions of Peter Parker and their respective heights.

Let's see um I wanted to draw MJ as a woc and then

And here's just some normal Peter and Felicia.
Okaaaaaay that's all for now have a nice day for realsies!!!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

chicken is never enough

heyyyyyy gs

wow im so tired let me die

nice post gob

wow sometimes its weird when things are disney idk

tyt para!!! yeah i liked all those things a lot!!

wow what am i looking at ok like sure a guy can casually kiss guys sometimes and still be straight i guess but i wouldnt think that like a average person would write them doing that and it wouldnt cross their mind for that character to be not straight. tho w/ fanboys im not surprised lol

wait that jameson guy is a real guy i thought you made him up.................................................

wow yeah i have seen ppl being racist w/r/t this casting news and im not surprised about that either bleh

omg that thing about you having to make the cake pm by yourself reminds me of that time on mom's bday where noah wouldnt even boil some eggs. he really likes to laze on ppls bdays i guess wow we should all be lazy on his bday

omg thats such a beautiful pic para!!!!! ya didnt heck it up i love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

wow speaking of casting news and of that one guy, today i learned that one of my fav ppl who was in the les mis tour is gonna be in the bway revival and like idk why he nevre said anything about it or at least hinted at it tho he doesnt have a v big part but thats still so crazy wow. too bad i'll never get to see it

*playin cooking mama w/ para
*mario w/ para
*my yoshi!!!!!!!!!!
*i got my november schedule and it looks like im working fewer hours a week now which is what i wanted

*i think i have another lil bit of a cold or somethin and i just had one like one month ago
*i was so tired at work which is normal but i was even more tireder than normal
*someone stole my chair at work so i had to stand p much the whole time and like they have their own chair and its a better one so idgi
*para left
* para didnt take her pickles
*a bad thing about my november schedule is that i have to work the worst possible shift every single saturday that month (except the one after tgiving thank u jesus)

haha i was reading over my post and i accidentally started like every other paragraph with wow

Monday, October 21, 2013

my life in four cats

heyy gs.

sorry about the suck post last week...

this one will be a better one though!!!!

okay responding to things...

para i will try to watch the new star trek movie soon!  idk why i didn't see it in theaters.  i guess i just never got around to it.

also, yeah i do read the posts.

oh and speaking of disney princesses,  princess leia from star wars is an actual disney princess!!! though that was so annoying when star wars was first bought from disney and people kept like pointing it out so many times and doing so many stupid disney/star wars drawing mashups.

wow this is 2 of my usual things got canceled so i only had a class at 11 and a class at 1.  and tomorrow i only have 2 classes because one of my classes was canceled.  and then thursday and friday all my classes are canceled so i can attend concerts and talks at the contemporary
 music festival!

haha it's probably pretty likely at least para has seen this but i randomly found it the other day and i thought i would share.

-it was really cold when i walked to class
-my lunch at the dining hall was not that great

-i only had 2 classes today for once
-my dining hall was pretty good
-in my world music class we watched part of a really funny bollywood film
-i got in a good nap

Sunday, October 20, 2013

the goat of ka-zar!

Hey gs!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY HOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I hope your birthday was really great!!!!!  Did you like your prezzies and your cake and your eggplant and your apple pointing????

Yeah maybe she tasted it a little bit and you didn't notice.  Before we left today we covered the cakes with a towel so that she would not eat those whole big cakes because who knows what kind of baked goods she might like to sample????

Nah actually it's not like that at all?????

I mean the only time I can think of when it was like that was when he made out with the Thing for three whole panels

But like he just sometimes kisses guys because he wants to??? I guess that should make him pretty not-straight but good luck convincing dumb fanboys or sometimes dumb writers that :(

Like okay
There was no reason for him to kiss Jameson he just did it

Ugh I was trying to find some other examples because I know of some times when he just kisses policemen or random civilians but I can't actually find them right now but yeah the point is Spider-Man's just the kind of guy who doesn't mind kissing other guys.

Also by the way I'm pretty sure the same goes for Deadpool but I'm not a Deadpool expert but yeah

Although that looks like more of a kiss on the cheek than a really kiss idk he might kiss guys too I have no idea really.

Actually I did see some people calling Loki a Disney princess the other day gross

Yeah but do they have to clear their throat over and over again I mean when is that ever necessary???

Idk that was the most uncomfortable experience I've ever had in the dining hall.  I forgot to say though that it's not usually ever that crowded but there were a ton of prospective students and their parents or whatever visiting that day but those people I sat with definitely were not that.

Omg well I already told Hob this because I couldn't qcme but it actually looks like Michael B. Jordan will in fact be playing Johnny in the new FF movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ICQCME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wow since the first rumor about this came out my love for both MBJ and Johnny has increased a lot so this news is even more exciting!  Also because obviously it is almost confirmed!!!  In other news people are still very racist :(

Whoops I'm running out of time but first the game then pics

*Hob's bday yay!
*We got lots of delicious apple things
*A yummy dinner
*A yummy donut

*Cold cold cold
*There no horse that knew the way to carry a sleigh over the brown and mushy mud
*I had to make Hob's cake p much by myself bc Noah got mad and quit after doing one little thing what a yucky boy

Okay Hob this looks really bad but I drew you this of that one guy hugging you happy birthday!!!!

I probably hecked it up but oh well.

Actually that's going to be the only pic for today the cheese stands alone

Okay have a nice day!!!

Saturday, October 19, 2013

kiss from a chicken

heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy gs

aw gs responding-to-things!gob only lasted for one postie :(

also you never go back and add things when you say you're gonna bum bum bum

aw yeah para we made it through!!!!!!!! we didnt know how lost we were!!!!

yeah or she nibbled a little baby nibble of it

wait what do you mean by "kissing guys and not caring" doesnt that make him pretty not-straight already? or is it like he had to kiss them like maybe to make a deal w/ a demon or s/t like that. i guess its probably that

oh yeah i meant to say disney prince but i wouldnt be surprised if ppl were also saying like "actual disney princess loki!!!!" except i would be surprised because wtf and why

bleh i hate when people keep clearing their throat tbh. like w/e they cant help it or something but i remember one time at the beginning of the year i was in the computer lab at school and i was sitting next to a person who kept clearing their throat and it was annoying me so i moved and then it happened again w/ the next person i sat next to and then the next and like it was really making me so angry bc idgi like everywhere i moved there was exactly one person sitting right next to me who kept clearing their throat that was the worst day ever

wow what is w/ that guy and dad

aw g you made the wrong decision because you actually wanted to post pics :(

ok i might heck up the game cuz today was really good so

*we went out and to some stores and it was nice because it was cool and gloomy and rainy for some time
*we went to a bookstore and i got some coolio books
*we went to a really nice coffee shop and i got a p good sandwich and a v good pumpkin latte
*we went to a spice store of goodie smells
*barbie: life in the dream house
* i found out the candy crush saga is finally available for kindle!!!!!!!!!
\*it i think was the first saturday in a long time that i didnt have to work
*para was here
*yum scones and hot choc
*just a good ol day

*after the rain it was yucky sunny and greeny
*like a dummie i forgot to look up the authors of some books i wanted before going to the store so i couldnt find any of the things i really super wanted

Friday, October 18, 2013

i'll try to fix cats

heyy gs!

ahhhh i almost forgot to post!  i'll play the game real fast so i at least do the minimum for this post and maybe later tonight i'll actually put more into this post just a little bit late

-i woke up later than i wanted to and was in a rush to get to class
-my classes today were boring
-i had a really bad headache today
-today was a long day

-pizza for dinner
-it is the weekend now

Thursday, October 17, 2013

goat disaster!

Hey gs!!!

Yeah tbh it's not Benedict Cumberbatch's acting that I hate it's just him

Wow Gob how have you not seen the new Star Trek movie tho what have you been doing??? If you ignore the racism and sexism there are some good parts you should watch it!!!

Yeah same.  We are almost there though just a little m ore to go we can do it maybe!!!!

This weekend is gonna be a blast if we survive until 3:20/4:30 tomorrow!!!!

Tyt for the jamz!!! I have listened to some of them I still need to listen to the rest I guess I'll do that after I post.  But omg one of the songs I have already listened to is so PeterJohnny yes good

Oh okay well tyt for reading it!  Does Gob read any of my posts at all usually is the real question I guess

Maybe she licked the donut and it wasn't to her taste

Yeah I mean specifically I was saying he has written Spider-Man (Peter Parker) as potentially not straight...... I mean lots of other writers do it too but yeah I'm signalling Bendis out because he was the one who made the comment and well I was trying to look for examples but too busy so there's this (Iron Fist is a guy)

and this (Moon Knight is also a guy)

These aren't the best examples (but those were both example of Bendis writing him by the way) but you get the idea kind of..... I mean yeah obviously he's jokin around otherwise there wouldn't be any question to it but that's the point.  And there are better example of him kissing guys and not caring about it or not correcting people when they assume he's into guys sooooo yeah Bendis what's your excuse now????

It wasn't princess in this case it was prince but I've also seen him called princess which makes me so angry because Thor actually got called princess in the movie but apparently no one cares enough about Thor to remember that :(((((

What I want is an actual long box for storing comics so I can store them upright and not stacked on top of each other so yeah I'm not gonna worry about it until I can either get one of those or until I need to bring them all home whichever comes first until then I'm just stacking the ones that don't fit on top of the boxes

Aw yeah having your bday at the community center will be great I love summoning satan he's so wild!!!  I was thinking you could just put out the plates and then hide in the kitchen but

Get Noah's help again maybe!!!

SSM = Superior Spider-Man aka Spock aka Doc Ock aka My Worst Nightmare

Tyt about my vid!!!

Yeah the same guy the very same guy please can someone beat him up for me????

Tyt I tried very hard not to heck up the game.  Jk it was just a very negative day.......

Gob was the food in your dining hall broken or????

*My psych exam was p easy I think I did well on it???
*Only one more day until I will be going home for fall break

*The guy who was sitting behind me during my psych exam kept clearing his throat over and over which sounded really yucky and kept distracting me bleh
*The dining hall was SO crowded at lunch I seriously regretted the decision of going there I mean there wasn't even anything that good to eat and there was nowhere to sit basically and then finally I found a spot and I was sitting there and this guy came up and asked if he could sit with me and I was like alright fine and then he sat down and he was like oh by the way my dad is going to sit with us and then his dad came up and sat with us and I was like ?????  Because he wasn't like touring like that dude is a student I have seen him around why is his dad here??? And then the two of them kept talking about how he had failed some test and needed to study some more and I was so uncomfortable!!!!! And then the dad asked me what my major is and I told him and he was like wow amazing!!! My daughter is an english major you must know her!!! And then he started telling me about his daughter to try to get me to remember her or something but like dude I'm sorry I don't know every english major!!!!!  I don't even have very many english major friends I have like two of them I'm sorry I mostly know biology/chemistry majors obviously I fell in with the wrong crowd but like I'm not going to know every person anyway he said his daughter was a senior like wow I'm not going to have any classes with her I'm still taking the survey classes..........

Beep beep do I want to post those darn pics I drew or do I want to be lazy?

I want to be lazy.

Have a nice day!!!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

chicken tree

heyyyyyyyyy gs

oh nice gob responded to things!!! crazy day!!!!!

well i prob would hate benedict cumberbathch even if i hadnt seen any of those things

aw g same but maybe you should try listening to some better music!!! jj. tho every time i go on there it seems like you're listening to some classical things or somethin so idek. but yeah still idk how it could be so low. well i broke 52,410 plays on there today!!!! actually yesterday. well.

wow para thats craz that we're in almost agreement of when we want it to be cuz usually its like we want it to be opposite times or something. maybe cuz you usually want it to be the weekend like a normal person hmmm. but this weekend i dont have to work at all thats so crazy!!!!!!!!!

oh cool i thought you would like that song. ok g i gotcha some songs if thats what you want. so heres the para's fall break jamz exchange. tho para doesnt have to give any lol.

*hunger and thirst - typhoon
*matches to paper dolls - dessa
*playing cards with judas - sarah slean
*pyromaniac - oh land
*sweater weather - the neighbourhood
*heavy lies the crown - in fear and faith
*love is paranoid - the distillers
*honeybee - steam powered giraffe
*pioneers - tunng
*female robbery - the neighbourhood
*sleepsong - bastille
*plain sailing weather - frank turner
*paralyzed - the cardigans
*through the deep, dark wood - the veils

i missed it because idk its just like good ol refreshing lets talk about comics time???? idk!!! and yeah i read it though sometimes i dont read it right away but i at least read it before the next time i post

she didnt even eat any of the donut though i thought. well i dont really know. maybe she tasted it a lil

so tru about thor and loki. wow how can you look and yucki loki and think disness princess??? i dont????????????????

yeah i guess i didnt think about how some of thems been around for 50 years or whatever. wow so like that guy wrote some characters as potentially being bisexual and he doesnt even know it or? someone should tell him..........

you could get a new box when you come here. although you also have to bring your pickles so maybe not. tho you could put the pickles in the box maybe

uh at birthday parties they go swimmin. and prob summon satan. yeah we're def gonna have my bday there and i'll set up for it and make the food and stuf. so great.

dang it i didnt even think about my phone being possessed bleh help me!!!!!!!

whats ssm

beep beep nice vid!!

wait is it the same guy as you were saying about before??? if so blehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. if not blehhhhhhhhhhh

well ya didnt heck up the game this time

*i have chipotle for din

*i had that din at 4:00 and now im so hungry but cant find a snack in sight

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

the 112th cat

heyyy gs.

i don't really have any feelings about benedict cumberbatch one way or the other.  like i haven't watched sherlock, i haven't watched the new star trek movie, and i don't plan on watching the new hobbit movie.

aw g, hob, i feel like our music compatibility should be at least a bit higher...D:

the only person i have a super music compatibility on with right now is seth.  i have a very high music compatibility two of my friends, and a low  music compatibility with my other friend but i actually understand why that is more than me having a low music compatibility with you.  i feel like our music compatibility should at least be average but idk.

oh and speaking of finally broke 10000 plays on there today!!!!!
speaking of music, here's a really nice new artist i found about today:

negative things:
-i bombed the sight singing section of my test today
-i kept dozing off during someone's presentation in one of my classes

positive things:
-i aced the piano part of my test today
-band rehearsal got canceled so i had a lot of time today to get work done
-at the dining hall this chef from chile came in to fix the food and it was actually pretty good

Monday, October 14, 2013

doc goat wins!

Hey gs!!!!

Yes can it be Friday please 4:30 would be great or really anytime after 3:20...

Very nice MCS song!!!  I put it on my list of songs to get for the bus ride home on Friday but tbh there are only three songs on that list so far so I don't know if this is going to go very well please help me

Idk they just had an album come out last year.  Yeah it wasn't their best but I do really like a few of the songs on it so

Yeah this week is gonna be way more busy and stressful what are you talking about Gob

Wtf Benedict Cumberbatch is going to be in Star Trek and Star Wars???? Shouldn't that be against some sort of rule???  Well whatever idc about Star Wars at all but I also hate Benedict Cumberbatch so if I were you I would be very angry but

Why did you miss let's talk about comics time if you don't care for it??? Do you actually read the stuff or do you just ignore it I always wonder that.  Anyway I'm going to try to have it more often though I really need to catch up on a bunch of series.  I guess I could talk about older comics but that seems a little bit pointless because I read so many comics and I don't know how I would pick which ones to talk about.  I guess I could talk about the ones I am reading to catch up like I need to catch up on SSM even thouhg I hate it and I want to try to read FF before it ends and I need to read the last few issues of Daredevil

Okay I guess I did heck up the game to start with because I needed to say some positive things to brighten my mood after reminding myself of all those negative things and then everyone started doing that but since that's what we're doing now I just gotta be honest and I can't make up negative things to balance it out so

Maybe the donut was not pleasing to her.

Yeah I mean Thor is literally a Disney prince and Loki is literally a Disney villain like sorry kids those are just the facts.   Plus who is the guy who is yucky and greasy and smelly and lies and kills people and tries to take over the world and who is the guy who the beautiful and caring and brave and honorable saves the world???? Here's a hint one of them has movies named after him and one does not.

Nah g I get what you're saying like it seems like that would make sense but think about a character that has fifty plus years (in real time) of continuity in some cases reaffirming their heterosexuality.  If that character were to suddenly to show homosexual behavior it would seem like a big stunt and I think that would be kind of offensive????  Like not that it couldn't be realistic in a different setting of someone later in life realizing they are bisexual but that in the comics industry that kind of thing with that much continuity behind it would easily be recognized as like a stunt and not an accurate representation of the world.  I think that's what Bendis was getting at, although my point was that he's wrong that there aren't any existing popular male leads that have shown signs of being possibly bisexual, so that could easily be done I think without offending anyone!!! Yay!!!

Yeah that does seem like a lot of comics to me like wow crazy day although I am counting all the issues I have collected in trades because it doesn't really matter to me whether I own the single issues or not so

Wow when I was going through my comics though I realized I have so many issues that aren't bagged and boarded like way more than I thought those poor comics they are very sad also I am out of room in my boxes to fit them all so I need a new box

Tyt about my flu shot. It's probably better to not c because when you c you freak out way too much in the hallway and you have to lie down while they shoot you.

Yeah the weekend laziness begins at dinner on Fridays usually.  Okay this Friday I won't have dinner and you can feed me when I come home okay

Tyt about my piccies!

Yeah it is the very same fic!!!  I only have like one more scene to write!!!! Amazing!!!!

Wtf what did they want you to do what are birthday parties at the community center even like???  Do they go swimming??? Do the children exercise on the machines???  Do they summon satan?? We just don't know!!!  You should have your birthday there I think that would be a good idea.

Maybe your phone is also possessed oh no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wow they released a 40 second trailer for the TASM 2 video game I didn't actually know they were making one so I guess that is exciting because I really liked the first game but um the trailer is not very exciting because it's like 10 seconds of intro stuff and then 20 seconds of shots of New York City and then like 5 seconds of Spider-Man just hanging upside down and then swinging and then 5 seconds of ending stuff so that doesn't really tell me anything.  I read today that it's going to have something to do with Spider-Man tracking down Uncle Ben's killer which could be cool I guess although I really like how in the first movie he just doesn't ever find him.  Then again this probably means he won't ever try to track him down again in a movie sequel and these games are a separate continuity anyway so I guess that's good.

Speaking of TASM 2 trailers that darn leaked TASM 2 trailer from comic con will not go away.  I haven't watched it but I keep seeing links to it and I really don't want to watch it until they actually release it and I can watch it in good quality.  When will that be we just don't know.  Probably next month idk.

Very good news!!!!! It seems like SSM will be ending around March of next year!!! That is if Slott isn't just being a huge troll which actually is a possibility but yeah it's probably ending that's so goos!!!!  I mean it's not like people haven't predicted that Peter would come back in time for TASM 2 coming out but it's just good to have some confirmation that it's actually happening.  That is still so many month away though but I'm really happy about it idk like I said I need to catch up on SSM anyway but bleh it makes me so angry to read but I just want to know what's happening

Beep beep

Okay time for the game.

*I wish I could buy milk to make tea but I won't have time to drink it all before fall break and I don't want to leave it in my room over the weekend darn it all.
*It was too cold and windy and wet for me today because like that's fine when you can stay indoors and be warm but I had to keep going outside and I kept getting wet and I felt this whole day like I couldn't get warm at all it was just a bad feeling
*The dumb guy in my Latin class will not leave me alone!!!!!  He makes the most annoying face when he doesn't know something which is all the time and I hate him so much please get away from me stop talking to me!!!!

*Got a free juice box

Too lazy to put piccies so that's all have a nice day!!!

Sunday, October 13, 2013

thnks fr th chckns

heyyyyy gs

jus startin my post one hour after the day's begun because im bored

also one hour after the week's begun i want it to be over. actually i want it to be 6/7ths over. omg imagine if it was friday at like 4:30 pm that'd be a miracle

omg motion city soundtrack has a new song and its really good

do they have a new album comin

it seems like they just had one but i guess not really

i didnt care that much for their last album im sorry to say

ok let me see

aw gob sorry to inform you that next week (this week) will be the most stressful and busy week ever D:

ok i hate benedict cumberbatch so................

wow whys he have to be in everything i want to cut his face off

how is watching the last ep of orange is the new black a positive thing that was the most frustrating cliffhanger ending why

oh cool i missed lets talk about comics time even though i dont care for it

ok thats not a rule of the game but its just like the game was supposed to be just say negative things but then it started to include positive things and its just like ok ur heckin it up but whatev. no that was a worst day for all


yeah that donut incident was a real roller coaster ride. haha yeah that hawkeye. although she didnt eat the donut ???????

wow i have never seen anyone say that of loki but thats stupy and gross. wtf hes a straight up villain and yeah thor is the most actual disney prince guy i know. im feedin every body to my dog

aw g nice stories probably

wait im sorry but idg why it'd be offensive to make a character bisexual if they havent shown signs of it before bc like a person in our world could suddenly realize they're bisexual after jus goin a long time thinking theyre straight or something. or is that not what you mean idk 1:22 am hob's a dummie

what the actual h i wouldnt have expected that many comics. did you expect that or more or less or

nice work on your floo shot. you made it through. you didnt know how lost you were. or you did. im prob gettin a one on tues but idc really

wait the weekend dining laziness starts already on fri??? ?  we dont have that in our house so you'll have to come here

haha nice piccies!!! that lil ducks one

and the last dif one looks so nice

and the mid is good haha is that the fic you were writing a million years ago and you like asked if a guy would borrow another guy's bathing suit


now what

aw gs i just saw the saddest thing

it used to be so HIGH :(

ok alright i guess ill wait until ive experienced the day to say about my day

ok ive experienced my day

*at work i was setting up the parties and inbd mostly but this one lady omfg i wanted to smash her head against a wall like she was a mom of one of the parties and she like thought ppl were gonna like pour the drinks and idk what else and then she wanted someone to write a list of all the presents that the child got ?????? w hy????? cant you do that yourself ?? and then the dad was like "so you p much just put out the plates and then go hide in the kitchen" and wtf its called getting out of your way wow why couldnt i smack them
*these weird ppl kept texting me idk who they were but they were like having a conversation and i didnt know them and it wouldnt end

*it was kind of cool in the world

ok i lost this game cuz i didnt feel like explaining stuff that well but thats fine

Saturday, October 12, 2013

can't fix cat

heyy gs!

blehh last week was such a stressful and busy week.  i hope next week will be better D:

maybe i can get ahead on stuff this weekend so next week isn't so horrible.

ahhh it is rumored that there is going to be this huge announcement in a couple days about the new star wars movie and icqcme!!!! even though it might be just a rumor and turn out to be nothing.  it is like rumored that there is going to be some kind of casting announcement and that there will be a teaser trailer of some sort.  oh yeah, did you gs hear that benedict cumberbatch is rumored to be in star wars episode vii???  i can't remember if he has denied it specifically or not said either way.

negative things:
-not having much of a big dinner

positive things:
-getting a lot of practicing/homework in
-relaxing a lot of the day also
-watching the last episode of orange is the new black

Friday, October 11, 2013

the tentacle and the goat!

Hey gs!!!!

Okay it's lets talk about comics time because I'm finally going to talk about Marvel Knights Spider-Man #1

*Best art ever omg so so so pretty so good I love it
*Very confusing to read but in a good way like you have to pay lots of attention. There are very few like normal straight forward panels
*Peter looks a lot like Andrew Garfield hmmm
*I don't know when this is supposed to take place but it's obviously not super recently because Peter's still a freelance photographer and Madam Web is still alive
*This is like basic Spidey status quo like no money, accidentally stumble upon people to beat up and have to save people blah blah blah but it's like a breath of fresh air compared to SSM
*I mean its like your basic Parker luck scenario and that kind of thing never happens to Spock obviously
*How did his clothes pretty much disintegrate in the explosion but somehow his suit was left perfectly intact underneath???
*I like how Halloweeny this issue is like there's Jack o' Lantern and Morbius and Man-Wolf and Frankenstein's Monster lol. Also the orange and blackness of most of the issue.
*Drugs! Drugs! Drugs!
*Uncle Ben!!!! Why????
*"You will answer all of the problems or you will perish in the attempt" well we already know he's not gonna die right because this is a flashback??? I mean we already know how he dies haha (I laugh to keep from crying)
*"Spider-sense is going crazy, but I go in anyway.  It's what I do." UNLIKE SPOCK WHO JUST IGNORES STUFF although admittedly maybe he shouldn't have gone in.
*It's really hard to read text backwards
*He can just not stop thinking about Uncle Ben like is that seriously what he think about all the time??? Well probably
*When did he take the pill though
*I'm so excited for the next issue!!!! Although it doesn't come out until November bum bum bum

Well I didn't know a rule of the game was that you had to have more negative things than positive things.............  And that wasn't a bad day that a great day!!!!!

Tyt for taking care of my cup thing

Aw g your donut story made me really sad but then I was happy you got a new donut it was like an emotional roller coaster for me.  But haha yeah Hawkeye loves baked goods remember when she ate the tops of the muffies????

I want to spit on these people who are saying "actual disney prince" about these gifs of Loki like yeah I guess he technically is a disney prince but doi he's the evil villain prince and like that's exactly what he looks like in those gifs!!????  Like????  Thor is the real disney prince hello!!!!!!!!?????  Just look at him and you will know the truth.  He is still the second best disney prince tho but still

Welp people really liked my second short story too I can do no wrong obviously

OKay so Bendis said this thing where someone asked him if they would ever possibly make a popular Marvel character canonically bisexual or something in the comics and he was like well probs not because it would be offensive to make a character be that when they haven't ever shown signs of it before and like okay yeah you're right that would be offensive but some characters have shown signs so good news you can do it!!!!! Here are just a few of the characters that I can think of that have shown signs of not-straightness
*Deadpool!!!!! Wow if any character has shown signs of being not straight it's Deadpool now just make him date a boy or something
*Human Torch (this is purely coincidence that I have just listed the three people in two of my biggest slash ships shhhh)
*Iron Man??? Maybe???
Probably more but yeah I'm just saying

So I made a list of all the comics I own physical copies off (I also own some digital comics but I didn't include those) and I learned that I own 186 comics.  I have been "collecting" for over a year now so

Okay time for the game

*I got a flu shot today and I p much almost died waiting in line for it because I was panicking way a lot and I had to remember to breathe and I felt like I was going to die.  But seriously that line was the worst because you can see right darn into the room where they give the shots unless they close the door which some people did not.  And then when it was my turn I went into the room and the nurse was like "I'm guessing from the sigh you don't want to be here" but I wasn't sighing that was just my actual breathing????  And so she told me I should lay down while she did it and I think that was better so maybe nurses do know a thing or two who knew????
*There wasn't really anything to eat in the dining hall for dinner tonight because the weekend laziness of the dining hall people is starting

*There were s'more bars in the dining hall at lunch and I ate one of them there and stole three more so I still have some goos!!!!
*It's Friday!
*There was a nice storm today

It's time for piccies because I think I have accumulated too many that I haven't posted

I drew this for a prompt in a Spider-Man kink meme that was just "Curtis Connors has 30 goddamn ducks."

This is based on the Johnny/Peter fic I'm still working on.  It's almost done but

This one is very dif but it is also Peter and Johnny

Ooookay there I more but that's enough for now.  Have a nice day!!!

Thursday, October 10, 2013

all my love is for chickens

heyyyyyyyyy gs

yqw gob!

well para you hecked up the game because it was supposed to be mostly like "say negative things about your day" and you can say a few positive things if you really want and i guess its not that any more but you still just really hecked it up and that was a really bad day so idgi even

alright buddy i was just curious you dont need to be defensive or anything calm yourself

ok g i took care of your cup thing for you dwai

*well last night i brought home a donut and put it on the counter and this morning someone found it on the floor in the dining room
*i found out that im gonna have to work or volunteer work every day next week including sunday (but not saturday) and i really didnt want that. i guess thats not that relevant to today but it still made a bad mood out of me
*it was really warm

*noah bought me a new donut!
*and lemonade
*we got pizza from the good pizza place for din
*my friend sent me a nice message
*someone left candy on our front step
*it was probably hawkeye who dragged or carried my donut on to the floor and its kind of small to imagine her doing that and none of it was eaten so she prob wanted to play w it. or at least it seems small now that i have a new donut

wow i kinda hecked up the game a lil


hob out

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

fool me cat

heyyy gs!

haha oops i did already use that title...oh well.

tyt for the wb!  and tyt for planning a memorial service!

i don't have much time for this post because i have a ton of stuff to do tonight for tomorrow :(

but actually i think i have some cool stuff lined up for my next post.

negative things:
-all day i have been dreading all this work i'm going to have to do tonight
-my lunch at mein bowl wasn't very good even though i was excited for it

positive things:
-by coincidence, each of my classes today got out like 15 minutes early.
-i had really good chili for dinner

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

enter: dr. goat

Hey gs!

Wb Gob!!!

We were gonna have a special memorial day for you but now that you're back alive we don't need to do that I guess so tyt

Yeah wow Mom is not good at being feminist a lot of the time she needs jesus

Aw g how did I heck up the game???

Fall con is just this magical place you don't understand.  There's so much comic book stuff I don't need to buy it all to enjoy that plus it's nice to be surrounded by people that share your interests plus I could not have gotten all those comics for as cheap as I did there like really.  Anyway I had a great weekend this was already established why are you questioning me?

By the way I read Marvel Knights: Spider-Man #1 (the comic I bought for myself at the comic book store) and it was SUPER GREAT OMG but I'm gonna try to write about it in my next post because I don't want to turn on a light and I can't look at the comic in the dark to remember things to say about it.

Also I watched the third ep of Agents of SHIELD that was on today and it was p good I guess no one else is gonna watch this show so I'm not gonna do the spoilers thing so sorry if you were planning to watch it and you accidentally read the stuff I'm about to say

*Ooh I definitely knew that guy was going to become Graviton but yeah I like it when they create supervillains!  Though it makes me a little bit uncomfortable that like they created this super power supervillain like Graviton's usually a big deal but they don't really have any superheroes in this show like what are they gonna do??? Those little guys who will save them they need Thor!!! Or someone who can stick to walls and knows a lot about science wink wink
*Haha when Fitz was talking about the monkey wow he's so small
*I'm the most interested in Melinda's story of everyone's.  I hope there is an episode soon that really focuses on her.
*They are trying to make me emotional about Ward and his brothers or whatever but it's not going to work!!! Although I didn't get a little emotional about Skye aw g
*Does Coulson always have to wear a suit like really???

Well that's all I can think of right now.

Oh hey g I left my cup thing at home I think so if it's there can you just like dump the water out and keep it safe for me?  I don't want it to sit full of water for two weeks please

Okay time for the game.

*I didn't like waking up this morning
*I felt very cold today even though it was that cold outside idk
*I accidentally read an extra module of my psych textbook than I needed to

*I had a p good turkey sandwich
*I didn't have that much homework to do
*I read a really great comic
*I watched a p good episode of Agents of SHIELD

Okay well have a nice day!!!

Monday, October 7, 2013

chickens don't cry

heyyyyyyyy gs

omg gobs alive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wb to life gob!!!!!!!!!!!

wow you gave us a fright buddy

well tyt for being alive

we didnt wanna have thegoblog w/out thegob

tho we were still gonna......................

yeah you can do whatever for the game idc

didnt you use that title already???

wow para wtf is mom bleh she has the worst and most backwards opinions always and she thinks her opinions are feminist yeah okay. wow a female character cant be good if she doesnt have muscles what the actual heck

also yeah that convo the other day blehhhhh. we already talked about this so i havent anything more to say

ok g you really hecked up the game in your post wow.

ok idg the big deal of fall con like you came all the way here just to get six comics idrgi

ok im just gonna play the game cuz i want to be done here. tho today was a really uneventful day so idk

*noah ate all my waffles

*i made a really positive dinner

alright sorry for the suck post

Sunday, October 6, 2013

tall cats with feelings

heyy gs!!!!!!

i am not dead!!!

blehhh sorry i missed the last couple posts though...i've just been super busy and stressed and i kept forgetting because like i just have had so much to do that i haven't been able to keep anything straight in my mind.  things are getting better this upcoming week though and i think i've caught up in almost all my work.

okay the game sounds good but i have a question about it though.  should we included things in the negative and positive lists that we already mentioned earlier in our post?  for now at least i'll just do that even if it does make the post a bit repetitive.

-i didn't get much work done today even though i had the house all to myself the whole day
-i'm dreading waking up early tomorrow

-i slept in until 11
-i got to just relax all of the day
-i watched the 3rd to last episode of orange is the new black.
-i had really yummy lentil soup for dinner.
-i had snickers ice cream.
-i am not dead

wow today was actually mostly positive rather than negative!!

Saturday, October 5, 2013

to die a goat!

Hey gs!

Welp Gob is dead.

Yeah but they don't have the right opinions about Agents of SHIELD wow mom said she hates "all the chicks" please kill me.

Wow those dumbies yesterday when they were talking about the gender neutral housing I am embarrassed for them

Well we still should try to finish it idk when but we should do that

Yeah like I said I'm trying to get rid of that guy but he's not responding to threats idk what to do really

Wow also I just remembered I was talking to mo today and she was like "xena warrior princess is the only good female character ever there are no good female comic book characters blah blah blah" and I was like buddy you are wrong there are tons of good female comic book characters and she was like "name one" and I said Kitty Pryde bc she is one of my faves and I had just been talking about her and mo was like "well does she have muscles" and I was like no but and she was like "welp then she can't be good" like just wow

Okay time for the game

*Noah put his chair down on my toe and it is so ouchy :(
*I didn't get to see my g that much :(

*Fall con was really fun and I got some comics that I really wanted and I got to see my friends and yeah it was awesome!!!
*I had some yummy sushi and some other yummy food for dinner
*I saw my favorite cousin today who loves Spider-Man and I was wearing my Spider-Man hoodie and when I had the hood zipped all the way up he gave me a hug and it was really cute!!! Also he was wearing a Spider-Man shirt that was adorable

Well I can't think of anything else but those were some really great things about today so yeah it was a really great day.

Anyway here's a list of comics I got at fall con:
*Mighty Avengers #1
*Avengers vs. X-Men #9
*Avenging Spider-Man #7
*Avenging Spider-Man #9
*Avenging Spider-Man #10
*Avenging Spider-Man #11

Noah also bought me some cool Spider-Man cards though I don't know what I'll do with them.  They're fun to look at though!!!

Okay that's all have a nice day!!!!!!

Friday, October 4, 2013


heyyy g(s)



are there any gobs out there???????????????????????????

what the absolute heck where could he be he didnt say he was going anywhere i dont think and i dont know why he could have not posted three times in a row??




goblin king??????????????

bleh well

well mom and noah have been watching agents of shield i think so maybe you can talk abt it w them

oh wow yeah also buffy has a million problems w it in addition to the racism but yeah i still enjoy it. although if we really liked it we woulda finished it................................jj. anyway i

wait i stopped in the mdidle of that sentence like 6 hours ago and now i dont remember what i was going to say and im too tired to finish it anyway oh well

yeah i guess inbd mostly. liek you will be here over my bday weekend right and i dont have to work on my bday and the day after so yeah!!!!

oh nice negative day u had. wow you should get rid of that yucky rapist guy. i hate him.

ok well what else

im just gonna play that fun game again. i guess i could say some positive things too maybe perhaps

*last night i put banana nut crunch on the list and i was so excited to wake up and eat it but dad didnt get it and then i was left like really prepared to eat it but i didnt have it. so then i thought everything i could eat would taste like dirt. so then my next choice was waffles cuz i was prepared for breakfast food i guess even though it was lunch time but dad didnt get maple syrup
*i woke up to find out that gob is dead or
*it was so busy at work that i wanted to die and like i was the only one there and there was a bday party and it was almost impossible to do the party and the other stuff at the same time. at least a guy helped out but i still wanted to die and also omg there were 25 ppl at the party and theres usually like 8-10 and i hated them so much they were so frickin annoying and also messy
*last night i finished a show that was so sad so i wanted to die all day. i guess thats not actually bad but
*i didnt get to go and get para

*it looks like noah baked a cake and its this yum cake that he made a few weeks ago and i loved so that was nice to come home to and icqcme to eat it
*para will be home in probably a few mins!!!!
*last night i finished a show that was so sad so i wanted to die all day
*my kitties

hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ok bye

gob please post on thegoblog :(

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

in the clutches of...the goat!

Hey gs!!!

V nice 3 am Hob also I agree w what she said.

Also I want pringies.

Nice theory but alas Gob hasn't posted since before Breaking Bald was destroyed.

That small little cat!!!

Well but it might be hard to bring the ball on the bus I mean don't we have balls at home???

Icr that time but I feel like overall Delicious has been steadily declining since I joined.

I still need to watch the second episode of Agents of SHIELD bc I had to go to a lecture during the time that it was on yesterday and I was going to watch it tonight but then Abby wanted to skype and so idk maybe I'll have time tomorrow who knows

Yeah I get what you're saying g like I can't think of anything that's perfect plus like if I want to watch a thing that's problematic I can watch it if I want to and I can still acknowledge the problematic things like for example Buffy the Vampire Slayer is so racist omg but we still watched the shit out of that and enjoyed it.  Joss Whedon is not good at putting that many poc in his stuff I guess but he is p good at writing women for the most part???  Also there is a woc in Agents of SHIELD and so far she is amazing so??????

Aw g well Sunday is still good like I will be around for most of Sunday so. Inbd really because after I leave I'll be back in like two weeks so dwai

Tyt about my pic!!!

Haha same that vid brings back memories doubtful that we still have that game or could even run it though.  I don't remember playing that game since NJ so

What a nice and cheerful game

Okay well

*I woke up way too early accidentally and couldn't get back to sleep which was so frustrating bc I wanted to get lots of sleep before my exam but no such luck
*I felt like I didn't have enough time for my exam like translating takes a long time for me idk and also this one sentence I couldn't figure out what this combination of words was saying to me until like a few minutes after I had handed in my test I figured it out and bleh like the exam wasn't too bad it was just these things
*I was trying to make some mac and cheese for lunch but these three people were hogging up the whole kitchen making a big mess and taking up the whole table with their lunch and talking really loudly like I finally made the mac and cheese but it was just a struggle
*There weren't any more french fries at dinner and I really wanted some
*This one guy who I know from my Latin class who keeps talking to me and I call him the rapist guy in my head (because one time he told a rape joke to me and he always talks to me really creepily) talked to me when I was walking outside tonight and bleh he's so creepy and I wish I could stop being polite to him and just tell him to stop talking to me but for some reason I can't????
*Someone was singing in the shower next to me while I was trying to take a shower and it sounded like the same thing over and over again and it was super annoying and I just wanted a peaceful shower but no
*This is a thing that's still happening but Abby will not stop bothering me about her presentation she has due tomorrow and apparently has barely just started and she is just stressing me out and frustrating me about her homework like why do I even care it's her homework but she has just gotten me involved with it and now I'm stressed about it good lord

Wow I do not like this game I wasn't even thinking about any of those things before but now that I had to relive them I feel so much worse like this day has been awful even though I wasn't thinking that before I don't like this......

Okay I'm sorry I need to write out some positive things to get my mood back up

*Well I'm still really excited about this weekend also I roped Abby into going with me and Karl to the convention and so yeah I'm so excited to see them and to go to fall con and to see my g even if it's just for a little bit and to see my kitties and doggie and the new smooth road and sleep in my bed for two nights!!!
*That darn exam is over with so now I can relax and not have to worry about it too much at least
*There was a really nice storm today with so much thunder and lightning and even though the power kept going out it was still cool when that happened in the middle of class and yeah it was so nice
*It's now October which is one of my favorite months!!!
*Marvel Knights: Spider-Man #1 came out today which is the first of a miniseries that's a flashback to Peter Parker!!!!!! I haven't read it yet but it sounds amazing and my friend who's opinion I really trust on Spidey stuff said it was good and also the art looks really pretty.  I really want to buy it but doubtful that we will go to the comic book store this weekend since we're already going to fall con and I doubt they will have it there since it just came out but I'm going to try anyway.  And if I can't I'll just download it but yeah I can't wait to read it!!!!

Ah okay that's better.

Okay well have a nice day!!!