Wednesday, February 29, 2012

no books

heyyyyy gs

bleh i dont have a single thing to say!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



today i read a worthless fic

that was basically all

oh wait i also read a really good fic

and an ok one

dogs dogs the musical fruit

THERE'S NO FOOD IN THIS HOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

bleh i could go for like 6 big snacks right now but theres none

gob idk if your post is a foot!!!




oh wait here's news. today i saw the air date of the finale!! it's may 18!!! so i guess that means the next hiatus is the very last one right?? and also next to it it said "No word yet on renewal, but I think an eighth season is likely." except idk if those are the words of a like official and important person or just the person who compiled the list. well ok. it's on this list of all the dates for all the cw shows and a lot of them only say "No word yet on renewal". there are only like 2 or 3 others that say it's likely to be renewed. haha it's like " I think Nikita's chances for a third season will depend entirely on the strength of The CW's new pilots." that doesnt sound very positive. bummer for nikita. well i guess a 10 minute long show is a tough sell. well anyway here's the thing if you wanna see it for yourself

wow i guess i did have a thing to say

Day 29 - Best cliffhanger

season 3. wow para s4 was one of my least fave cliffhangers. like i remember before i watched it i would always see people talking about what a crazy cliffhanger it was but idk, it wasnt that crazy to me. so.

not tortellini

Hey gs!

Wow for a min I thought Gob's post said "so I'm not going to post on this blog for 4 years."

But nope it doesn't. Although it wouldn't surprise me too much if it did seeing as Gob hates this blog.

Well today was a really bad day.

Okay like yesterday I was like oh man I wish I could bring a turkey sandwich for lunch but I can't because I have to go to the capitol but I was like well that's okay I can have one tomorrow. But the whole day I was really like oh man I can't wait for that turkey sandwich tomorrow. And the night before I was like nice a turkey sandwich tomorrow can't wait. So today when I woke up well immediately when I went upstairs my dad was like "welp you have to shovel and you have to do it all yourself so you better start right now." and I was like okay I just got up I haven't made my lunch yet I really want that turkey sandwich. So I thought I could just make it quick and I got the hoagie roll which are so delicious and we only had one left and I spread mayo on it and then I was getting out the turkey but we didn't have any!!!! And I was like no this can't be real. And then I spotted Noah who was coming downstairs in his underwear and I was like WHERE IS THE TURKEY!?!?? And he said in this really annoying voice. "Well, I used the last of it." Wow I just wanted to throttle that boy. So then I had to throw away the hoagie roll and it was WASTED! And then I had to shovel the driveway basically single-handedly although I was apparently taking too long for some people's tastes so I guess someone forced Noah to come out and help at the end. But that snow was really heavy because it was so wet and my arms still hurt from that experience. But then I was like half an hour late to school and I didn't have a lunch. Well actually mo was nice and apparently brought me a lunch but the person in the front office never gave it to me or told me that it was there or notified me in any way so it never got to me and I starved.

Wow today was such a waste of a day too because I couldn't go to the community center and so I didn't have anything to do for the last two hours of the day and in the morning I just had two classes that were completely worthless and this morning mo was like saying maybe I didn't have to go to school so that was getting my hopes up but then I had to go to school anyway. That made me hate life. Also what was annoying was Abby a little bit because she was like "oh I had the worst morning let me tell you about it" and I just did not think any morning could have been worse than mine but mostly I was just in a super bad mood.

I hope tomorrow will be a better day...Although it will probably still suck because I have three classes.

But okay gs remember the optimism survey that I took for school? Well I got my hands on everyone's (anonymous) results and some of them are hilarious.

Okay here are the golden nuggets of the lot.

If you feel you need more sleep, what is the primary reason you stay up later than you should?
*I watch tv
*I go have fun.

Also the results that the actual optimism test gives you are sometimes funny like "moderately hopeless" and "crying out for change."

Ahaha comedy gold.

There's not enough Supernatural on this blog!!!

But there's nothing to talk about!

We need a new ep!


Day 29 - Best cliffhanger

Well if we're talking about cliffhangers at the end of season then I think I have to go with the end of season 4 because, well first of all the only season finales that I have watched of spn where I didn't watch the first episode of the next season immediately after have been 4, 5, and 6. And I remember after watching the season 4 finale just being like wow that was crazy and it was right in the morning before I had to "wake up" and go to school so I had to wait THE WHOLE SCHOOL DAY until I could go home and watch the first episode of season 5.

Also like season 1, that's not THAT much of a cliffhanger, like its surprising but you know Sam and Dean are going to survive and who even cares about John so. Season 2, that doesn't really have a cliffhanger. Season 3, yeah Dean's in Hell but who even cares about Dean so. JJ but its not like as crazy as in season 4 where its the start of the apocalypse!!!! And then season 5 that's not crazy that's just sad. Well I guess Sam at the end is kind of like what? but I see that more of the start of season 6 then the end season 5. Like in Heroes when there would always be a little bit of the next volume. That's how I see that part really. And season 6 has like the worst cliffhanger ever so.

Plus, brother touching.


heyyy gs

so i'm not going to post on this blog on this day for 4 years.

i wish i had time to make this an actual good post but i don't really have time.

oh well. maybe in 2016 i will make that year's leap year day post a great post if we're still even doing the blog then.

wow you know what's crazy? if i live to be 80 years old it will be the year 2073. that will be so crazy being like:

"i remember when i went to high school in 2012..."

well anyways, here's the game now

Day 29 - Best cliffhanger
hmmm well none of the cliff hangers really had me in suspense for very long because most of them i just could immediately watch the next episode but i imagine if i had of watched it on tv the cliffhanger at the end of season 1 would've driven me crazy.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012


hey gs

bleh i dont want to make this darn post. i have been dreading it all day. jj

wow ok i read your posts so nvm

sam and dean have matching tattoos

sam and dean love each other

sam and dean's love saved the world

sam and dean

sam and dean are brothers

sam and dean are little guys

sam and dean are alone in this world

sam and dean have hands

sam and dean have a car

sam and dean hug each other some times

sam and dean have died for each other

sam and dean have gone to hell for each other

sam and dean have died in each others arms

sam and dean had friendship bracelets once

sam and dean have felt like watching the game

sam and dean!

Day 28 - What character do you want to ravish?

free lunch

Hey gs.

Bleh my head hurts.

Kill me.

Kill me.

Kill me.

Kill me.

Kill me.

Kill me.

Kill me.

Kill me.

Kill me.

Kill me.

Kill me.

Kill me.

Kill me.

Kill me.

Kill me.

Kill me.

Kill me.

Day 28 - What character do you want to ravish?


blehhh i'm really tired and don't feel like doing anything.

here is a list of random stuff










crossword puzzles

Day 28 - What character do you want to ravish?

Monday, February 27, 2012

sloppy jose

Hey gs.

What is there even to say?

This post is gonna suck.

When you grow up when you grow up.

This post is gonna suck when you grow up and then you're gonna die.

Welp there's really nothing to say.

We need a new ep to spice things up in this blog and in my life.

Too bad there is still 18 days.

Bum bum bum.

Is this a foot?


If you hurt my brother I'll kill you.

I'm not leaving my brother alone out there.

You're my brother and I'd die for you.

I wish you would just drop the show and be my brother again.

That's my job, right? Watching after my pain in the ass little brother?

Because. You're still my big brother.

Oh, Gob. Last night I was watching Point Of No Return, and I was already thinking this, but watching that scene where Dean kills Zachariah really confirmed it for me that that scene is pretty much not badass at all. You've probably only seen that scene once so maybe you don't remember but that is like this really emotional scene where like Dean is crying and begging and then he's looking over at Sam and they're having this conversation with their eyes and they're just having this beautiful brother moment and Sam's bleeding on the floor and like dying but he still just like looks up at his brother and just portrays all these emotions to just Dean even though there are two other people in the room and that look is what makes Dean not say yes to Michael and then Sam's just looking into Dean's eyes and he gets this look and its so beautiful. Not badass at all.

But you probably don't remember. That's probably all you could think of so don't sweat it. I just needed to point that out.

Whooo that's definitely a foot.

Day 27 - What character do you want to bake cookies for?

Sam and Dean.

But if I could only pick one then Sam.

And if Sam was unavailable then Lucifer.


heyyyyyy gs

ok gob here's the dealio!!!!!!!!! we have decided that you will still be punished for your actions but great news!!!!!! your punishment will not be that you have to post twice a day for a rest of the year!! instead we'll just think up a dif punishment for ya. but this is your only strike!

alright well what else is there to say? i was hoping it would take more words to tell gob about his punishment so i wouldnt have to say other things. well. today i read some good fics

oh happy anniversary jared and gen!





Day 27 - What character do you want to bake cookies for?

sam and dean!

brand new tri

heyyy gs.

okay so today was the first day of my new trimester and i thought all my new classes were going to really suck but they actually aren't too bad!!! they all seem like pretty nice teachers and in 3 of my classes i will be able to listen to music on my ipod while i work and in 2 i will be using computers and in 1 i will be playing music so i am pretty happy with them. plus in all of my classes except one i have a bunch of friends which will make my day more enjoyable!

it has come to this...

i don't think i should have to be punished and post twice every day because i literally had no way of posting on our blog once i left at like 6 in the morning and i reminded cm like three times to post for me and he just dropped the ball.

oh okay well i actually i just read hob's post. tyt gs!!!!

oops it looks like i'm still behind one day in the game. well i'll fix that right now.

Day 26 - Favorite Wincest scene
probably them buying each other gifts at the end of the christmas ep.

Day 27 - What character do you want to bake cookies for?
I want to bake some cookies for Sam and Dean! And also maybe a pie to go with it.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

squirrel friends

heyyyyy gs

oh goos gob has to post twice a day now!!! :D now we'll have even more posts on our blog!!!

bleh today was the most worthless day of the whole world. right when i woke up i read someone saying a thing about how they hated the "we got you out sammy" line because cass was the one who got sam out and dean was trying to take credit. and then i spent the entire rest of the day being angry about that. wow im getting angry again just thinking about it. wow i want to slit that person's throat. omg i just hate everything

i want to puke all over cass i just hate him so muhc!!!

wow i shouldnt have talked about that now im too angry to finish this post right up

you know when we had that game where you had to take online quiz things and post your resutlts? we should bring that back and do that for our next game













Day 26 - Favorite Wincest scene

the "we got you out sammy" scene. well idk that's def in the top 5. maybe the end of the christmas ep is my fave


Hey gs.

Well today I did homework all day again. Except not even the important homework so I will have to do a lot tomorrow at school.

Well Gob maybe you should tell a more responsible person to post instead. And Comp Man can't be punished because he's not part of our blog and the punishment for not posting is that you have to post twice a day from now on. In my opinion you should still be punished but I will leave it up to Hob to decide.

Oh yeah one more thing I'm pretty sure that picture you posted for the Dean killing Zachariah scene was from a completely different scene. And a completely different episode. And a completely different season.

Sorry, I just had to point that out.

Ugh you know what is so annoying is the Oscars because I really don't care about them at all but they are all anybody is talking about.

Hey guys. 19 days.

Wow Hob I just read your post.


Wow how can anyone.

Cass only got out Sam's body which was actually doing everyone a disfavor because soulless Sam was a generally not good person and killed a lot of people and also it led lots of people to believe that Sam was out of Hell and so they weren't thinking about saving him. And Cass knew, he knew right away that he didn't do it right and he still pretended like he didn't know and ignored Sam's prayers and lied to Dean. And its like. Okay, saving someone's body is all that matters then Cass never saved Dean because Dean's body wasn't even in Hell. Sam buried Dean's body. Cass only saved Dean's soul. And Dean saved Sam's soul (with some help from Death, but it was Dean who took the initiative and killed himself and killed those other people) and held Sam down and stuffed the soul back in. Cass already got credit for saving Sam's brother from Hell. I won't let him do that again with Dean's brother.

Who the fuck said this I want to kill this person.

Day 26 - Favorite Wincest scene

Uuuum that's a hard one.

Maybe the scene where their love saved the world.


wow okay so i knew i was going to be gone all day this Saturday so i told cm to post for me like 3 times and he still forgot to do it. so can i not get punished for that and can he instead somehow? i'll have to figure something out to do about this though because there are going to be several saturdays in the future where it will be very hard for me to get in a post and i can't really trust cm to do it now.

oh well anyways, i will at least get caught up in the game this post. and then if i have time i will say other stuff

Day 24 - If you had to pick, which monster do you think is most likely to exist in the real world?

i will say demons because a lot of the time you hear about people doing really messed up stuff in the news and who knows, maybe they could be possessed by demons!!!

Day 25 - Most badass scenes
well there are a ton of them but one that comes to mind immediately in dean killing zachariah

Saturday, February 25, 2012


hey gs

wow im in a bad mood because i just read people saying mean things about dean

wow i just wanna bomb the whole world

jj i guess


ok idk what to say in this post











Day 25 - Most badass scene

idk when there are people with a gun and dean somehow manages to tie them up and he's supposedly unarmed. it's in the first ep of s7 i think. idk there is probably a better scene but i cant think of anything right now.

chicken and artichokes

Hey gs!

What is up!?!?!

Today I did homework all day!

Tomorrow I need to do more homework!

This is a picspam of Sam's pink shirt because mo claimed that Sam never wore pink.

Day 25 - Most badass scene

Well I could not tell you what the MOST badass scene is but this one comes to mind since I was watching On The Head Of A Pin last night and Sam is pretty badass in the scene where he kills Alastair.

I mean he just like slips in there, nobody even sees him come in, and then suddenly he's using telekinesis on Alastair and then he just tortures him and doesn't even blink.

You know he rescues Dean and Cass in this scene and no one ever thanks him so.

But seriously the way he just says like "Now I can kill" is really badass.

Man this is a weird post because first I talked about how Sam wears pink and then I talked about how badass he is.

Friday, February 24, 2012


heyyy gs

wow i do not have one single shred of anything to say in this post

ok here's the colors of the rainbow listed from my fav to my unfav







here's the numbers 0-9 from my fav to my unfav











here's farm animals from my fav to my unfav






ok that oughtta do it

Day 24 - If you had to pick, which monster do you think is most likely to exist in the real world?

probably wendigos because they hardly have any special skills and cannibalism is real so.

turkey sandwich

Hey gs!

Goos today is Friday and it was an okay day!

Well no Supernatural was bad but at least the extra week is over and now there is just three weeks to go.

Okay one bad thing was that today I had three classes and none of them really had any of my friends in them.

Wow isn't it nice when you're doing a project with someone but you just let them do all the work because you know they care about it more than you do so they'll probably just do it all by their self if you don't help them. Well actually I never really do that but I pretty much did that with this theater/art project that I just finished because I really didn't care about it and I didn't see how it could go wrong and it went pretty much really well.

Though I am not doing that with this project for musical theater that I am doing with Abby. Wow I have spent like this whole day working on it and its not even close to done or even halfway or even close to halfway or halfway to halfway done. And its due Monday. Okay its not even supposed to be like a huge project but I am so inspired by what we've started doing so we're writing this super long thing and its really fun. Well I hope Caroline doesn't actually mind that its more a musical than a review because in a review the story's supposed to just be not that important and just a few short things that set up for the song but that is not at all what we have because we have like this complicated story and we thought up this whole different world and all these characters and wow. Well its really awesome so I don't even care. I want it to be a real musical.

Okay there isn't that much to say.

This is a boring post.

Sorry gs.

Is it even a foot?

Nope I don't think so.





Day 24 - If you had to pick, which monster do you think is most likely to exist in the real world?

Well idk if this counts but probably the croatoan virus. Or I guess the equivalent of that would bt the people infected by the croatoan virus.

early bird

wow this is probably the earliest i've ever done a post this year!!!!

it is 6 am right now!

but i'm just doing it now because cm and i both have this all day jazz band thing and i don't know if we'll get back before midnight or not. but i don't have much time because i'm leaving in like 30 minutes.

oh and depending on how late it is when i get back tonight and how tired i am, i might just ask cm to post for me tomorrow since i have another all day thing.

wow i did not realize this month is almost over. that is crazy

ahh this post is not longer than my foot yet i don't think.

this is a giant mosaic made from rubiks cubes.

Day 23 - How do you think Supernatural will end?
I think that Supernatural will have not really a sad ending but not really a happy ending. Just like a sort of bittersweet ending.

Thursday, February 23, 2012


I have like the worst headache ever right now and I can barely even think straight. DDDDDD:

Fjdjd disk

chicken patty

hey gs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

today was a great day!!! i read the summary for the next ep and it sounds so great!!!

well that was the whole reason why today was great.

jj sort of. i went to caribou and hmm idk did some other stuff. but wow when i read that summary it was like my whole life got turned around. except then i remembered that its not for another 3 weeks and blehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

ok well here's a thing where i pretended to be sam and did a survey about how well yo uknow your bf

What's his/her fave candy? - licorice

Fave song? - ramble on and travelin riverside blues

Fave place to go for a date? - a bar

Do they like to sing/dance? - he sings love songs to his car sometimes

What's their hobby? - saving people and hunting things

Your and his/her's first kiss? - 4th of july 1996

Fave drink? - alcohol

Best thing about him/her? - every darn thing

Simularities? - we have the same blood

Fave sport? - the game

Do they play sports? - nah

Do you flirt with anyone other than your bf/gf? - lucifer sometimes

Do you truly love him/her? - wow

If so how much? - well our love saved the world so idk a little i guess

wow that was too shorty this post isnt even a foot still.

Day 23 - How do you think Supernatural will end?

well same as para

fish fillet

Hey gs.

This is a post.

The end.


Not the end.

Bleh how can we save this post?

We can't do another survey no no no.

Well today was a day.
That's all there is to say.
It was kind of gray.
With not a lot of play.
And nobody said "yay!"
Or went to a cafe.
Or learned to crochet.
Or play croquet.
For dinner I had a fish fillet.
Not a souffle.
Or sorbet.
The summary for the next episode is okay
Something about ballet
I only pray
That Sam and Lucifer will play
In a big way
Tomorrow will be okay
But the lack of ep makes me say
"I hope everyone gets tooth decay
Then falls into the Hudson Bay
And is attacked by a bird of prey
And hit by a Chevrolet
Then passes away."
Well that's all there is to say
That was today

Day 23 - How do you think Supernatural will end?

Okay since this is such a bad post I will illustrate it for you. But you can't make fun of my drawings because these are really bad.


Sam and Dean die bloody, possibly hand in hand.
It's this really sad moment, and then it all goes black. But then... FIREWORKS!

And Dean's stupid smiling face.

And he looks over, expecting to see little Sammy.

But instead, adult Sam is there with a stupid smile.

And that's all.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

a bagel

Hey gs.

Well today was not great.

But there's nothing much to say.

Okay I'm so bored I will do this survey and that will make this post super long.

1. If you were to attend a costume party tonight, what or whom would you go as?

2. What are your choice of toppings on a hamburger? And do you prefer gas or charcoal grilling?
-jellyfish jelly

3. You are chosen to have lunch with the President. The condition is you only get to ask one question. What do you ask?
-Do you love dogs?

4. It's your first day of vacation, what are you doing?

5. What is your concession stand must-have at the movies?

6. Which do you dislike most: pop-up ads or spam email?
-ads because the emails make me feel like I have more friends

7. What do you think Captain Hook's name was before he had a hook for a hand?
-Captain Hand

8. Rock, paper, or scissors?

9. How long was it from 'the first date' until the proposal of marriage? How long until the wedding?
-wtf? what is this survey from? Well I don't even know what you're asking me but Sam and Dean will probably get married any day now.

10. Which is worse, being in a place that is too loud, or too quiet?
-Too can a place be too quiet?

11. What is one quality that you really appreciate in a person?

12. At the good old general store, what particular kind of candy would you expect to be in the big jar at the counter?
-hahahahahaha "the good old general store"

13. What is the most distinguishing landmark in your city?
-obviously GRS

14. Everyone hears discussions that they consider boring. What topic can put you to sleep quicker than any other?

15. How many times did it take you to pass your drivers test?
-so far it has taken me zero times

16. If you had to have the same topping on your vanilla ice cream for the rest of your life, what topping would you choose?
-the tracks of a moose

17. What food item would need to be removed from the market altogether in order for you to live a healthier, longer life?

18. You are offered an envelope that you know contains $50. You are then told that you may either keep it or exchange it for another envelope that may contain $500 or may be empty. Do you keep the first envelope, or do you take your chances with the second?
-take the second because I need that money for Chicon!

19. If you had to choose, which would you give up: cable TV, or DSL/cable internet?
-cable tv wow that is not even a hard q at all.

20. What is your highest level of education?
-What are you implying?

21. How much is a gallon of gas in your city? What was the highest it's been?
-I could not even say.

22. What kind of lunch box did you have as a kid?
-I have had many lunch boxes in my life. Currently I carry a Star Trek TOS box.

23. What would you rather have, a nanny, a housekeeper, a cook, or a chauffeur?

24. Would you rather be trapped in an elevator, or stuck in traffic?
-stuck in traffic because if you try to open the elevator and climb out it might close on you and cut you in half.

25. Lets say a brick fell on your foot, and your kid is standing right next to you, what is your 'cleaned up' swear word?

Day 22 - Favorite title sequence

Season 2.


hey gs

bleh who even wants to live anymore

not i

bleh you know what. when i agreed to post every darn day this month i did not sign up for all these hiatuses. t

today I heard theres gonna be another one in april. also i heard bobby isn’t coming back this season.

today i watched four movies

i love blueberries. i love that one blueberry book

oh sal. not a care in the world

Day 22 - Favorite title sequence

season 4

only good food

heyy gs.

blehh today was a really sucky and boring day. i had my 1st hour and 5th hour finals at school but my 1st hour final was my web page design final and it was just 20 super easy multiple choice questions on using photoshop and my 5th hour final was my band final and i already got an a in that final by going to this band concert. and just like in all of my classes all we did is "review for finals"

blehh oh well this boring school week is almost over.

well i did have really good food for dinner and dessert though. chilli and rice for dinner and cake and ice cream for dessert!!!

Day 22 - Favorite title sequence

ahhh this is a lot harder to choose than the last day. because i really like the season 2, 4, and 5 titles. i think if i had to pick one though, season 2 is my favorite i like how the flames really tie into a very important aspect of the show and also it's cool how the A in supernatural becomes the star.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


hey gs

haha para your post was really great.

but here's a thing that was not great: today. well it was ok but how can a day really be good when theres no spn for 24 days. well today i went to the dentist and i didnt have any cavities which was suprising to me because i didnt have any last time either and they're always being really annoying like blah blah blah you need to brush your gums better or you'll get cavities but then i never get any. wow who even brushes their gums? when you are a little child no one ever teaches you to brush your gums. i bet the dentist people say that to every single person and just pretend to act like it's this really crazy thing that they're seeing in your mouth

ok well heres a pic i made


oh man when i was making that, the tip of sam's nosie got covered by the texture i put on it so i had to recreate it. so now i have experience in plastic surgery i guess.

bleh im cold

Day 21 - Least favorite title sequence

i will say season 3 too. idk whenever i see it i think it's for a season earlier than s3 but it's not.

two crackers

Hey gs.

Wow what is there even to say?

Today was a really bad day that made me want to kill everyone.

Bleh Gob I hate those optical illusion things they hurt my eyes sorry.

Okay what can fill up this post?

Well I could say one thing that I hate about every single person but then everyone would hate me.

Well I'll just say things about my day.

Today I woke up late because Abby told be to just set one alarm so I didn't have to wake up early and then wait for my second alarm but the first alarm didn't do the trick.

Today I pretty much had to shovel the driveway by myself because dad was like "oh its not much, its just a little wet" and then NOPE IT WAS SUPER HEAVY SNOW but finally Noah came out to help me.

Today I took an optimism survey and got "very pessimistic."

Today I didn't have breakfast or lunch but luckily I found two crackers in my pocket to eat.

24 days until the next ep. I'm not going to make it.

Wow I hate Noah right now he is so annoying. He's like this stinky worm just sliding around and eating everything and making irritating noises.

Day 21 - Least favorite title sequence

Well I'll go with season 1 because it seems the most boring.

ugly title

ok i don't have much time tonight to post but here is my blog post.

here are some crazy optical illusions i found in a few seconds just to fill ups space in this blog post!

this one should look like it's pulsing and moving fast.

this one should like like it's flowing back and forth like a wave

this is another wave one.

Day 21 - Least favorite title sequence
the season 3 title sequence is my least favorite because it doesn't look very scary or creepy to me at all like all the other ones do. well except most of the joke ones aren't scary but that's okay because they are one time things and not the whole season. and also it reminds me a bit of the time vortex from doctor who. idk, it just looks really weird to me.

Monday, February 20, 2012

slytherin robe head

heyyyy gs

bleh there's nothing really to be said

today was a glug day bleh

also tomorrow will be a glug day bleh. i have to go to the dentist and not only that but i have to wake up really early. blehhhh. i hate every single person at the dentist place that we go to so much. i just want to spit on them.

ok well here's what i have to say

Day 20 - Why do these people assume Sam and Dean are gay?

because they have matching tattoos

when they showed that to that lady in monster at the end of this book she probably wanted to be like

"......................well since you're such big fans, you know sam and dean are gay, right?"

and then sam and dean would be like "what??" (they'd say that at the same time)

and she'd be like "well it's just...their matching tattoos...i mean...who gets a matching tattoo with his brother, right above his heart, unless they' know"

and then sam and dean would avoid looking at each other and they'd both like force smiles and then dean would be like "right............"

chicken pot pie

Hey gs.

Well there's not that much to say.

Sam and Dean's love. That's all we need in life.

Today I did...nothing. Well, I did homework actually. And I watched one and a half episodes of the Supernatural marathon on TNT.

Bleh tomorrow I have school. I wonder how many days I have left until spring break. Actually I'm going to check when my spring break is right now.

Wow it starts March 12 that's the same day that Jared's baby is due. Both of those events will happen before the next Supernatural episode so.

I wonder what ep they're filming now.

Ho hum nothing much to say.

Well maybe there will be something to say later.

Nope still nothing to say.

Except I just saw a really cool picture of a pool. I want to go swimming.








Day 20 - Why do these people assume Sam and Dean are gay?

Couldn't say.

beef brisket

heyyyy gs. ok sorry i didn't finish my post yesterday. i will get caught up in the game today.

the only good thing about this hiatus is maybe cm and i will get a chance to watch a ton of episodes together and get him caught up in it before the hiatus.

ok here is something random.

here is a really fun game to play and a great way to waste time when you are supposed to be studying for finals!!!!

Day 19 - Weapon of choice

i would have to say ruby's knife because it looks really cool when it is stabbing a demon and i just think it would be an awesome weapon to have.

Day 20 - Why do these people assume Sam and Dean are gay?
haha probably because two grown men that you can't really easily tell are brothers that ask for a room together at a motel just might lead some people to some false conclusions about them.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

daddy-o soup

Hey gs.

Well. This hiatus sucks. I can't see how any hiatus could be worse than the last one but this one just might be. It's longer, for one thing.

I wonder when my spring break is.

Well one good thing is that no school tomorrow although really I just want to get these whole four weeks over with so.

Okay what is there to say?

I just signed a petition to get Chad Michael Murray on Supernatural. Though I don't really want that to happen because the whole time I would not be able to stop laughing at him.

Hey Hob I'm listening to your Sam fanmix. It's still good to me! Although what would make it better is if made a sequel to it because its like in chronological order but then it stops in season 6.

Let's see what else to say?

Today I read a fic that was on my to-read list and it was super great! I should read more of those I have like this giant list so.

Ugh you know what's so annoying is when people are like "Supernatural is about a bitch and a jerk and an idjit and an assbut" or something of that nature or just use all of those things all together. Because first of all bitch and jerk together are these special things that Sam and Dean say to each other when they want to have a moment and idjit is this thing that Bobby says 20 thousand times a day to just about everyone and assbut is this thing that Cass said one time to one person so really those things don't go together at all. And also when they're saying those things they usually mean that Cass is the assbutt and Bobby is the idjit which doesn't make sense because Cass was talking to Michael and Bobby when he says idjit could be talking to anyone but its usually Sam and Dean. So that doesn't make sense because sense Cass and Bobby are the ones that say assbutt and idjit, respectively, then that would make Dean the bitch and Sam the jerk but THAT IS ALL WRONG! Dean is the jerk and Sam is the bitch! So I just hate that. I want to puke on that any time I see it.

Oh another thing that is annoying that is related to that and I'm probably alone in this but its anytime the phrase "team free will" is used because Cass is not part of their team... Like okay maybe he helped them out for a while but really he's not. Like Dean didn't say "it's supposed to be you and me against the world" for nothing okay. Also before I watched Supernatural I saw team free will stuff all over the place and so I thought it was this important thing and like they would christen themselves as team free will and go on calling themselves that thereafter and I thought that was kind of stupid but that was just the way it was but then no. Dean just says that once as a joke. And also he's not being like "YEAH! Team Free Will!!!!" He's being like "welp. this sucks." So...

I love little kitties.

Well that's got to be a foot.

Yup that's a foot.

Day 19 - Weapon of choice

Well I would have to say that Ruby's knife is my favorite. It's just really badass. And I like knives. And Ruby.


heyyy gs. wow that really sucks that the n episode won't be until march 16th. :/ and what sucks is i don't have like any other shows on tv at all to watch during this stupid hiatus. (except sometimes when i have time and remember how i met your mother)

woww my cat is being so stupid. first ginny jumped onto the table and blocked my view of the computer screen and now she is eating my homework! like she was just nibbling away on the edges of my papers. i guess that was here way of getting my attention that she wants to be fed.

crap i didn't realize it was so late!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

woww and i really was going to finish this post too but i have like 3 minutes!







yeah dean, your favorite!

heyyyyy gs!!

here's a picspam about doggies in supernatural!

here's a beautiful little hellhound:


oh cute!

hellhound. where? there.

oh man this dog is scary!

awww that little guy:


bonesie. stay.

there it goes!

dammit ya idjit! i wanted us to have some alone time why'd ya have to go and bring your hellhound with you!!!!!!

some nice juicy dog's blood:

he's so happy!!!

let us in! let us in!

just a little guy :(

a puppy!

welp. today i played mapcrunch all day. and i dint find one single airport!!!

here's a piccie i made:

Day 19 - Weapon of choice

hmmm i will say a gun loaded w/ rock salt. that sounds like fun.