Saturday, May 31, 2014


heyyyyyyyyyyy gs

ok if gob went somewhere or died he coulda at least said soemthin before he did this. especially if he died. dang

what are you talkin bout dead men need their games

well you didnt answer my q of why do we have all these nasty gs in our movies

ok but you didnt read it how i wanted it to be read



cool day i guess

today i had a bagel and then icr what i even did this morning. probably nothing. then i had a chicky sandiwhch and then i experienced rain and darkness descended upon our afternoon. that was nice. oh wait i kno what i did in the morning. i made dough for garlic knots. ok back to the afternoon. i just chilled really in the darkness and waited for pamish to get here. then they got here and i chilled more and it wasnt as dark no more. then i made my knots some more and then chilled and then finished them up then had em and spaghett and then played quelf. nice!

icr for brunch tomorrow

when we gonna see xmen? i need to kno so i can be prepared. w my teeth and ambitions bared.

ok thats me

Friday, May 30, 2014

the spider or the goat?

Hey gs!

Well maybe Gob would have had his Good Summer Posts if he hadn't died :(

I guess Gob don't need a game because he's dead. Dead men don't need games I guess

Oh okay well I haven't heard anything about those other gs I guess I don't know a lot about them dangit.

Aw g I was trying to read your comic carefully except for that one time when I was holding it how you were holding mine as revenge but

Tyt about my messages

Tyt about my comic thoughts

Nice lil day

Dangit I wish this comp would stop its noise

Here was my day.  I woke up and then I went and planted some things which was glug and then I took a shower and then I had lunch and then I went to REI and Old Navy and the grocery store and then I went home and I watched Star Trek and made some rice and then some people came over and then I had dinner and then I watched more Star Trek.

Welp we hecked up this game something's coming for us

Have a nice day!

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

who's a kitty cat

heyyyyyyyy gs

well i dont kno where gob Good Summer Posts are but hes been posting even less than when it wasnt summer. bleh i wish everything wasnt dead. i wish it. what came for all those?

but whats gonna be gobs game for next month? if hes even alive. aw g i dont want somethin to come for me but i dont see me finishing this game

aw g idk those other gs have just said a ton of really rusty things tho i think gwyneth paltrow mostly just says really obnoxious things a lot so i guess shes not the worst but

ok g ill read that spiderman but i didnt like how you were reading my comic either but ok

nice message from your g. i agree w everyhting she said

ooooooooooo yea that ff filming. this is the dream

ok i guess there was a lil bit of stuff to respond to the other day but i didnt feel like it

well nice message from lauren

nice comic thoughts but i didnt read the spider-man ones yet so i wouldnt have spoilers

those old friends comign together..........................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................

today i didnt have to get up early and go right to work for once cuz i went in the afternoon so i listened to a fanmix and then nhad two lunches and then went to work and was so bored cuz there was no one there and then of course a bunch of people came there in like the last half hour when i didnt want them there. tho this one lil boy asked me like 50 questions about the spongebob ice cream treats. that was small. then mom and baba arrived. then i ate pot pie

OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO ONLY ONE MORE DAY OF WORK LEFT IN THIS GOD DANG MONTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Tuesday, May 27, 2014

a goat in the life of..

Hey gs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gob is dead. Our fish are dead. Our turtle is dead. Everything is dead.

Well we know our game for next month but not everyone has finished the game for this month. And by not everyone I mean no one. If you do not finish this game Something Will Come For You.

Yeah both Nick Furies have eyepatches maybe those patches are genetic. Yeah I like that idea of starting to draw Johnny black too.

Aw g try to remember what you had to say about let's talk about comics time

Okay I know what Jennifer Lawrence and Scarlet Johnasson did to incite my wrath but what did the others

G you can read that Spider-Man you just have to be nice to him when you read him and don't bend the pages like you were doing

Here's a message from my g:

Um...but I knew him. That was my message. Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! Okay, okay. Um..once there was little boy. He went to a place where it was and became a man. But not just any man...a man that could do whatever a Spider-Man can. Then he loved MJ. Keep going? Um...I like to go my only way. That's it. I won't say anything else. Oh my god. Hm? Um...this look bad right here. I hate what I see. Maybe Noah's blog is trying to be like The Goblog with it's greenness to it. I wonder why we have this... Um I just said that. Wow! Even with a lot of Gob not posting we have 29 posts in May and it's only the 27th. That's amazing! Um...let's see.. This seems like it's Hob's post and not the g who was supposed to be posting. I don't know why she can't put her own thoughts in her post. Well, bye! Now back to Para.

The only thing I have to say is that they're currently filming FF this is real this is happening

Have a nice day!

Sunday, May 25, 2014


hey gs

well theres nothing to respond to and today was completely worthless


Saturday, May 24, 2014

gwen stacy is dead

Hey gs!

Lauren is here!  She has this message for you:

I don't have a message! I just...maybe your computer has a message instead. I don't know. Tell Danny I love him. Even though we don't actually talk... That's that's that's yours. I mean this is your post. This is not supposed to be happening. Except that this post should probably serve as a reminder and a commitment that Anna has to take pictures with me tomorrow.

What a nice message!

Well that's all have a nice day!!!!!

Friday, May 23, 2014

no goats, no glory

Okay it's let's talk about comics time again now actually because I didn't finish this yesterday and idk if I will have time for it tomorrow

Amazing X-Men #7
*Um this was kind of confusing??? I just have so many questions
*Why is there a raccoon eating a giant Oreo on the first page?
*Why is Bobby eating cat treats???
*How does Angelica not know what pop means?
*Why does Bobby refer to Hank as Mr. McCoy?
*Lol "it'll be upper body ice only"
*But why is the store closing in the middle of the day anyway?
*What's the deal with the sun?
*Why is Peter wearing red and black?
*You can't drive, Pete
*Um what did Spock do to Bobby though I can't recall them ever meeting
*Why do you need mints for parenthood?
*Oh was the sun thing because of the baby?
*Peter stuck in the ice lol
*Who the heck was the friend that Peter promised he'd babysit a goat for?  Because I agree with Angelica he doesn't have friends!!! 
*Uh I don't get what happened to Wolverine's car
*Okay well this issue told me why I don't usually read Amazing X-Men... 
*Maybe if Ms. Lion had been in this issue it would have been better

Amazing Spider-Man #2
*Maybe Silk just has webs
*No he is the Spider-Man she knows. It's Doc Ock who wasn't the Spider-Man she knew.
*There's a typo in this it says baking try instead of baking tray uh oh
*Why did she need to go on a walk to think about it when the reason she started cooking was because she said she thought better when she was cooking??? That makes no sense!!!
*Really Peter changing your ringtones is the the thing you get mad about?  That you can easily just switch back but there's so much crap that can't be undone!!!
*Francine is nuts
*Peter brought cookies to the Avengers gosh that's so small BUT HE SHOULDN'T BE BRINGING THEM COOKIES HE SHOULD BE MAD AT THEM
*"Just last week"???? Um that was at least a month ago Goblin Nation was at least 31 days long remember??? 
*Lol at Tony's face when Peter punches Cap tho
*Okay okay okay okay okay can Flash just come back from space already so he and Peter can have a heart to heart and can Peter just tell him he's Spider-Man please please please
*Okay if Peter's still an Avenger what was the point of Spock quitting
*How does he have a degree in cybernetics when that's not what he was studying before at all?
*Thank god Anna's not really pregnant that'd be a disaster
*Okay what was the point of Francine if she was just gonna die
*Johnny and Felicia!!!!! Standing next to each other!!!!!
*Old faithful lol
*Wow the flaming letters that is so necessary
*Wow just dang Peter and Johnny dang their special spot dang their little faces and them putting their arms around each other they are trash!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
*But okay is Peter really just standing around by the Statue of Liberty with his mask off?
*I have no idea what Smash is
*"you're lucky he didn't give you a bowl cut" lollllll
*"How could this possibly go wrong" my thoughts exactly

old friends coming together after 70 years apart

Thursday, May 22, 2014


heyyyyyyy gs

bleh everyones watching colbert and i dont see why para had to stop our card playing to watch that trash really

ok hold up one minute. do both nick furies have sour patch eyes? i do not understand this at all. but i thought up that they should now suddenly start drawing johnny black w no explanation. well doi what could be an explanation for that. but u kno.


nice day!! ooo yea that was a nice day. and what makes nice days valuable is that they end. jk thats what makes them glug

nice lil tasm2 guys!!!!!!!!! they small

ooo nice talkin bout comics time. wait i thought i had something to say to something up in there but i cant find what it might have been

tyt bout my sodas gob. yea ive only had one of them so far but it was p good. altho i kno that one of the others is good frm when i sipped yours

no i havent seen that comic book man sho

nah dont watch star trek into darkness. jk go for it

haha wow you're always like "miriams getting so cute". just wow

nice vids n pasta

today i went to work and it was ok but it was like the slowest day ever but that was ok but i had to train a dragon again but that was ok but we basically didnt do any training cuz there was nothing to do but whatever. but when she left i read a comic then came home and chilled and died of hunger and had nothing to eat but then i ate spaghetti and then i chilled a lil more and then ate a cookie and then i tried to play cards w para but she left because she likes watching things. wow she usually is tryin all the time to get peeps to play games w her so i dont even kno. at least we got to pick teams and i got my good team

ok heres my q it is why do marvel movies always have the worst possible gs in them like jennifer lawrence, natalie portman, gwyneth paltrow, scarlett johansson, other those are all the most worthless people why do we have them why

i dont like how sum people are going to bed later. please dont

ok i guess theres nothing left to do but die

jk its lets talk bout comics time ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

original sin #2

*ah just look at this beautiful cover
*wow tony jus chilling in his robe and mask. just why. well working. whatever
*i suspect noahs gonna use the gold hes collecting to build a ship to fly to the moon. thats my thought
*same tony should put some pants right on
*dr. strange...................stay out of the shadows
*ah thor

ok it turns out thats my only stuff

gosh oh gee i wish i could read that spider-man


Wednesday, May 21, 2014

the goblin's last goat

Heyyyy gs!

Tyt about my springcon stuff.

Uh yeah I watched a couple of episodes of Comic Book Men a couple of years ago I guess but I didn't like it I remember thinking it was boring and sexist...

Have you not seen Star Trek Into Darkness??

Tyt about my drawing

What a yucky planet

Miriam is getting cuter...faster...stronger... Soon she will be ready to strike...

Yeah I have seen that music video!!!!!! Wow that's great!!!!!!!

Cool pasta

Yeah I think they should have just started drawing Nick Fury black instead of making a new Nick Fury but that's not what we have.

Nice lil day

Haha nice lil ones!!!! Those are really something

Okay what happened to our fish and our turtle?????????????????????????????????

Okay my day was this. I woke up and then I chilled and then I went to the bookstore and I bought Spider-Man Family Business and then I went to the comic book store and bought my comics and then we went to the shoe store and bought me some shoesies and then we went to Noodles and ate some lunch and then we came home and I chilled and ready my comics and played a game w Noah and then I chilled and then we had dinner and then I read another comic and then I wrote this post

Here's my lil tasm2 guys

Okay now it's let's talk about comics time. Spoilers for these comics I guess

Original Sin #2
*If there's a new body only every few months, why are there so many bodies that still look fresh?  Or does being deep in the earth keep them more preserved?  Or idk
*I want a seatback jetpack
*What is it with these guys giving their flying red convertibles girls names tho
*Is there a point to Tony wearing the mask while he's working or
*Lol which telepath are the X-Men sending?
*"We're a murderer here, Bruce, and you're talking about pants? Let's
try and be professional."
*The realm of man-eating shadows is pretty
*See those birds I conjured those birds
*Nova's not from New York
*"mindless little gods" lol
*I've never heard of Oubliette Midas tbh
*But wow I can't believe this but I DO know The Orb a supposed "z-list super-villain" in fact I've read the comic which I think was his first appearance! I'm amazing!

Deadpool Annual #2
*It says Spideypool right on there wow just wow
*Wow this issue is actually really sweet tho
*"I like him just fine" wow this is real this is happening
*I can't believe Spider-Man is going crazy over this Chameleon thing yet he takes all the crazy stuff that happened to him in his own book cool as a cucumber
*I like this art because you can see their little nosies through their masks
*That pregnant lady might not be pregnant anymore js
*So Peter was sleeping on the roof lol
*"maybe he's somebody famous" um he's Spider-Man he's already somebody famous what you think he's secretly two famous people?
*This is seriously the second comic I've read where they've traded costumes
*Although at least the first time Spider-Man was in on it and it wasn't Deadpool being kind of creepy and undressing Peter while he's unconscious but
*Although that is sweet of Deadpool not to look at Peter's face I guess?
*Also when he kisses him on the head aww
*Except how do their costumes fit each other??? Deadpool is like four inches taller and fifty pounds heavier....
*Well I guess Deadpool did rip Spidey's costume with his muscles but still
*Wow what if it rained snakes
*I like how Peter had to leave off the boots of Deadpool's costume that's small
*That was a pretty clever way to find the real Spider-Man I guess
*Hot dogs!!!!!!!!!!
*Wow I can't believe

Whoops I'm out of time okay we'll continue this next time or maybe tomorrow

Have a nice day!

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

totally awesome

heyy gs.  sorry i missed posting last time!

i was out at a stand up comedy show with seth in bloomington and i didn't realize it would be so late.  it was really fun though!

wow those sodas sound really good hob!

nice stuff you gs got at springcon!  that reminds me, have you gs watched the show comic book men on netflix?  i started watching that recently and it is really fun.

oooh also star trek into darkness is on netflix now.  should i watch it?

nice drawings!!

haha when i was in bloomington i was playing this board game with cm, seth and nathan and in the board game there was a planet named loki!

ahhh miriam is getting so cute!  she can crawl so fast now!  i think she can crawl faster than i can!! haha.  we really need to convince nathan and kasandra and miriam to come to tg this year.  my mom and i have been looking for new tg houses to stay in this year and i think we've found some good ones!

idk if you've seen it but i thought you gs might like this music video that came out recently!

also this movie looks really good!

here's something for the game:
what i ate today:

a plan

this is the map you're looking for

Monday, May 19, 2014

i want my blood back

heyyyyyyyyyyy gs

ok where the heck is gob. just where


tru that bucky in a ponytail is the smallest man but

ok i thought white n black nick fury were the same guy and they just like started drawin him black bc of some kinda reason which seemed normal but i guess that aint what we have

i wanna see tasm2 again but mostly i wanna see cap2 again so

nice dayyy

ok heres what i got at springcon. im gonna try and kno it all w/out getting up and seeing:

*captain america #33
*captain america #50
*captain america #600
*women of marvel trade vol 2

thats the stuff. it was kinda hard to kno what to get since i just started reading comics but i still got some good stuff. tho para stole my best stuff right out from under me. jk

nice game pic

today i went to work and trained a g and that was some good cuz it made the time go by fast but some bad cuz i wanted to read some comics but whatev. then i had rain on me and then i had to drive moms car in the rain cuz i had driven it to work cuz dads car didnt have a good amount of gas and it was like ok this rain isnt what i wanted for this drive but when i got home i loved the rain. and then i took a nap and then i had some soup and then watched the slavengies

whoa boy i keep forgetting to show off my lil ones




steve n bucky:

loki n thor. i think:


i made these the other day

Sunday, May 18, 2014

the night goat stacy died

Hey gsss

Dangit Gob

No I'm Spider-Man

Everyone draws Bucky in a ponytail bc that's cute.  Also it is based on real bc it was in emh so

Target's coming Wednesday maybe

What okay once upon a time there was a guy named Nick Fury and he was white. Then they made ultimate Nick Fury and he was black and then they were like dang black Nick Fury is the best and so they made him black in basically every other variation that followed. Then they were like dang we don't even like white Nick Fury anymore so they made a new Nick Fury in 616 to replace him so now there's two Nick Furys and I think the black one is the white one's son but idk. So the guy in that issue of Original Sin is the Original Nick Fury and if you see a black one running around in 616 that's his son I guess

Yeah I wanna see cap2 again too but mostly I wanna see tasm2 again so

Okay here was my day. I woke up and then I chilled and then I went to Spring Con and that was great and then I came home and I chilled and I had dinner and played squares and watched some stuff with mo and then I wrote this post

I got a lot of good stuff at Spring Con awwwww yeah here's what it is
*MJ toy
*a box set of Spider-Man and Spider-Man 2 the whole thing was a dollar because that is how much those movies are worth. hahah well jk but not really that much
*Spectacular Spider-Man #112 aka the cutest PeterMJ xmas issue ever
*FF #17 aka the issue where Johnny and Peter move in together
*Superior Spider-Man #31 aka the return of Peter Parker
*Spider-Man Fairy Tales trade. I haven't read it yet but it looks so cute
*Six Ultimate Spider-Man trades (vol. 2, 3, 5, 6, 8, and 11)

Okay time for the game

The PeterMJs

That's all have a nice day!

Friday, May 16, 2014

the widow eats the hawk

heyyyy gs

bleh im so tired

every night im so tired but i just wanna do what i wanna do but im so tired

ok you got me im spider-man

idk why they drew that. why does every one draw bucky w a ponytail if thats not based on real. jk thats fine and good to do and also he supposedly has that in our show. wow

idk when will target come

ok ill just destroy myself

cool tasm2 thoughts

cool soda pics gob. in duluth we went to a soda store and i got a pineapple soda and a pineapple cocnut nutmeg soda and mandarin and orange soda the same as the one you had at that one place in knoxville

alright buddies i kno we wanted our posts to suck a lil bit but we still want to have good posts to read if we wanna go back and read em so idk. im just so tired

wait para you didnt answer my very real question about nick fury. well really i just wanna kno why is he white in this thing

today was pretty glug and a lil weird.thats all i have to say. bleh this is literally the longest week ever and it still wont end cuz i have one more day in it. and then my one day weekend :). but theres a longer week to come

bleh i want to see cap2 again. tbh. anyway thats my struggle

bleh i need to play that game some time

Thursday, May 15, 2014

the goat and the fury

Heyyyyy gs

Wtf how would I know anything about the identity of Spider-Man?  It's almost like you are trying to deflect suspicion from yourself.....maybe you know something.....

Yeah that wasn't based on real but why did they draw that?

But when will Target come is the q

Yeah maybe.  Haha yesterday I saw this review of tasm2 and these ppls were saying you didn't need to see tasm1 to understand it so maybe we shouldn't have told him to watch that first

Well you could just as easily destroy yourself and save Bucky the trouble of having to come and throw you in the trash tho

Tyt about my tasm2 thoughts

Tyt about my winter soldier

Yeah that was our lil day we had

Nice lil Spider-Men






*yeah okay idk if Aunt May knows Pete is Spider-Man or not bc she doesn't seem like the kind of g that would just let him lie to her about that and put himself in danger and whatnot without saying anything but it did kind of seem like that. And also I got that vibe at the end of the first movie too so idk
*yeah their actual relationship was a mess but their love was still really strong you know.  Well especially Peter's love for Gwen I don't think it could have been more clear considering he followed her every day for a year and was going to move to England to be with her and just every part he was so in love with her did you see all of those pictures he had of her that boy was so in love.
*Okay but actually I thought of one other thing I don't like about the movie which is that Dr. Kafka is all wrong!!! First of all Dr. Ashley Kafka is supposed to be a woman.  Second of all, she's supposed to be a good guy!!!! That's the dumbest thing in the world to have Dr. Kafka in the movie but instead of being a nice lady scientist be an evil dude scientist because there are a million evil dude scientists they could have chose from instead!!!!  Why not Doc Ock?  Why not Miles Warren?  Why not probably dozens of other ones just why did they ruin Dr. Kafka just why??????
*But I also thought of a lot of more things I love about the movie so yeah it's still a great movie!!!!

Oh dang it I was gonna say more things but I got so distracted sorry

More next time have a nice day!

oops forgot to post this

heyy gs.

blehh it has been raining here so much lately and i'm so tired of it.

yeah i do need to see tasm2 soon!!

nice spider-man hob!

haha nice jimmy pictures too!

nice winter solider para!

oh yeah, so on sunday when i was in indianapolis i went to this awesome soda and candy store!!!  that's where i saw the spider-men.  here are the 4 flavors of sodas i got!

they were all really yummy!  except the sweet corn one was kinda weird haha

hmm idk what picture i'm going to do for the game...

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

slavengers slasslemble

heyyyyyyyyy gs

aw g well you seem to kno bout the identity of spider-man and you ok. unless you are spider-man...................what were we tlakin about again

ooo i think ive seen that fanart. i dont think that was based on real tho. i guess his hair coulda potentially been that long in the comics. not 48 inches but an amount long. but for what. i guess he coulda cut it himself. one time he was shaving his face. tho that was a special circumstance where he like ran off to new york of his own free will and stuff so maybe thats not usual. what were we talkin about again

target could come any time really

well i cant imagine regretting seeing tasm2 but. hm maybe dad just didnt want spider-man to come for him

aw g i want bucky to come for me and destroy me and throw me in the trash where i belong and then throw himself in the trash where he also belongs in a different trashcan far away from me

nice tasm2 thoughts. ill say mine later and respond to some

nice talk about comics. wait is white nick fury a dif man that black nick fury? or is that jus a small joke

nice winter solider!!

nice spider-men gob

ok hm today i went to the bookstore and para went along and we just chilled and had some muffies and i read a lil hawkeye and then we were hungry as bears and we had some yummi sandwiches and then got home and did some really nice blogging and i got some comics frm para and then we went to see tasm2 again and had chinese at the food court and saw the thing and died a good death

bleh theres not really time to respond to paras tasm2 thoughts and say my own stuff. ill just say some quick thoughts


*that was a really good movie like just a good movie
*wow i pm cried from when gwen died to the end of the movie espec the first time just cuz everything was happenin so much. i wasnt expecting this for me
*ok this second time we saw it i really got the vibe from the last scene w aunt may that she knew peter is spider-man idk thats my thought
*tbh gwen and peters relationship kinda looked a mess i thought like in every scene they had together like like broke up and got back together 5 times what even. oh well. they still had their good times. and gwen was really great. espec in that one scene and that other scene and her speech and other
*pete was small
*i loved electro
*pete and harry wht the fresh heck
*bleh the part that possibly has mj in it keeps going by too fast for me to see if shes there. but now i remember what part its after so next time i'll kno to look for her


just normla post finishing sttfuf

hers  my game



settle back easy jim

Monday, May 12, 2014

the goat's name is...hulk!

Heyyyyyyyyy gs!!!!!!

I'm bored as heckie

Nice Spider-Men Gob

Well idk if it's Lupita's dream to be in Star Wars I don't know her dreams I don't know what she wants. Yeah tru esp bc there's already one woman in that movie I guess so

Well actually all I had to do to get the key to work was fill out a form online it wasn't hard

Well are you sure you want to know anything about the identity of Spider-Man it could be dangerous to learn that.....

Tyt about my cool joke

Okay but I saw some fanart that was like saying that Bucky's hair had been cut a lot of times and was really long at one point but like???? Would there really be time for that???  Well maybe in the comics I don't know but it looked like the movie but would there even be time for that in the comics

Same when is Target coming for us

I don't know I guess I was picturing like one of those things at a science museum that's like a model of a thing that you can go in and maybe there was an electric fetus I don't know

Idk why dad thought he wanted to see tasm2 I wonder if he regrets it

Dif I don't want Bucky to come for me I want him to stay far away from me and be thrown in the trash where he belongs

Nice lil day that we had

Sameeeee about that Agent Carter show!!!!!!!!!

Okay well before I get to talking about tasm2 I just want to say something non-spoilery about it for Gob.  WOW WHAT A GREAT MOVIE THAT IS THE BEST MOVIE EVER YOU NEED TO GO SEE IT!!!!! YOU DON'T WANT SPIDER-MAN TO COME FOR YOU TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay now





*Basically everything I didn't like about tasm1 were fixed in this movie!!!!!
*Like Peter and Captain Stacy trying to make Gwen's choices for her wow Gwen was just not having that in this movie
*Like dang after Peter webs her to the car and she just gets right out of there and goes right to the place and yells at Peter just wow that was perfect
*And wow Peter and Aunt May!!!! That was so perfect that one scene that's like my boy just wow. I didn't like how they were trying to make Peter's father so important to him when the most important parent in Peter's life is Aunt May so that scene was so great!!!!!!! And also I want to destroy it :)
*Okay the only complaint I have about this movie is that after seeing it I really don't understand even more why they cut MJ out. I don't think it would have suffered anything it was really abundantly clear that Peter and Gwen were in love just having Peter interact with another girl wouldn't have taken away from that in fact I think it would have added to it because it wouldn't be like Gwen is the love of his life only by default because she is the only girl in his life period
*But they left that one second of MJ in the movie anyway haha so maybe in tasm3 MJ can mention that idk
*Oh the one other person I wish they didn't cut out is Flash :( I know he shot some stuff at graduation and I really wish they had left that in there as well because I really liked the scenes with Peter and Flash in the first movie
*But yeah pretty much everything else about this movie was perfect to me I need to see it 32395802398 more times
*Peter and Harry were so small omg they also need to be destroyed
*So there's no end credits scene and I know a lot of people are complaining about that but personally that doesn't bother me I like end credits scenes but also I feel like there's merit it in a movie not needing one and being able to fit everything into the actual movie instead of having these extra parts that some people don't even see. There is an X-Men scene though but that was worthless to me because it only has has characters I don't like and I'm not that excited about DOFP at this point
*I really liked the explanation of why Peter is a perfect cross-species. Except there is still kind of the question of how did Peter coincidentally get bitten. I feel like a lot stuff from the trailers was cut out of the movie again like "We have plans for you, Peter Parker" and "Oscorp had you under surveillance" like maybe they were gonna have something about Oscorp purposely leading him into that spider room so he would get bitten. I hope that makes it into the third movie because I would like to hear more about that!
*Okay but I think my favorite parts of this movie were the action sequences mostly because there was so much great quipping!!!! As you probably know my favorite scene of the first movie was the scene with the car thief and this movie had a lot of scenes like that but even great wow I was so happy!!!!
*Wow it really just felt like that was Spider-Man like the real Spider-Man like he just acted and sounded and looked perfectly like Spider-Man that costume is amazing I mean I liked the suit in the first one but THIS is Spider-Man
*Also even just a lot of the scenes where he was just being Peter were really perfect I'm sorry but Tobey Maguire's Peter is complete stranger to me compared to this Peter who just seemed like the real Peter Parker you know
*And okay Gwen's death was perfect.  I mean it was sooooooooooooooo sad and I never want to see it again but it was perfect.
*Just throw this whole movie in the trash basically
*"I like to think Spider-Man gives people hope" yeah hope that we will drive off of a cliff

Well I'll probably think of more things to say probably more specific things after I've seen it again but yeah


Okay now it's let's talk about comics time!!!!

Amazing Spider-Man #1.1 - Learning to Crawl Part 1
*I really liked it!!!
*It's sad though dang that Uncle Ben
*Aunt May cooking three breakfasts nooooooooooo
*Wow Clayton is using like an iPhone and Peter and Aunt May have like one of those phones where you turn the numbers with your finger haha
*What would Peter do if people didn't always have windows that open in their offices?
*How come occasionally he has underarm webbing but most of the time he doesn't?
*"Maybe I don't deserve to have a normal life" wow shoot me in the face
*Mr. Warren as in Miles Warren?  Well that doesn't make sense because he was Peter's professor at ESU what would he be doing teaching at Midtown High?
*Wow baby Peter he's so small please destroy him
*Flash really comes off as a jerk in this issue like giving Peter a hard time right after his uncle died unlike in tasm when he was trying to be nice to Peter about it.  I guess Flash did use to be a pretty huge jerk but I just
*Quentin Beck okay
*If they know he's a kid shouldn't they realize he needs to go to school or
*Wow Aunt May walking Pete to school nope that's too small get it away
*"Hang in there" lol
*Wow Peter really needs counseling tho that's a v good idea for him
*Tho I guess we know it's not gonna help him dangit
*Haha I'm laughin bc at the end it's like imagine if any children tried to imitate Spider-Man and then on the opposite page there's a real ad for like a Spider-Man disc shooting toy

Original Sin #1
*Okay why are Natasha, Steve, Logan, and Nick Fury eating at a steak house anyway?
*Well that's small though
*You haven't eaten Russian bear. If you had, you wouldn't be so short" lol
*Lol at Steve being worried about his figure too
*Did the original Nick Fury have to retire because everyone only cares about black Nick Fury now?  Haha well that's fine
*That's so small of Bucky
*But how can Logan eat more than Steve I mean he's so short
*I'm really curious if that's Steve's uniform under his shirt or if he's just wearing a normal shirt with a big star on it haha
*Is that Ant-Man Hank or Scott I don't know. Oh never mind it's Scott doiii
*These seem like really odd teams
*Why is it like call from the FF but then it's just Ben and Peter? I don't think Peter's on the FF anymore...and where's the rest of the FF???
*How has Peter never heard of the Ultimate Nullifier before?
*"There's no one watching anything anymore" That doesn't make sense??? Everyone's blind???

She-Hulk #4
*Haha the monkey looking at the pen that's small
*Also Jen and Matt are so small dangit
*Why was Matt even admitted in California though
*I really like that first panel of Matt and Peter it looks really cool
*Latveria has it's own airline?
*Why does Jen always rip her clothes tho
*I don't really get this blue file thing but okay

Miles Morales: Ultimate Spider-Man #1
*I really appreciated that guy punching Norman in the face
*Who in ultimate has coming back to life tho?  Well I guess besides Captain America... and Norman Osborn...and Gwen Stacy...and possibly Peter but they don't know about that. In fact they probably only know about Captain America sooo
*Why would you think two guys in armor are Spider-Man though
*That's really sad about Miles' dad
*Miles is a better person that 616 Peter at least he knows that lying is mean
*Althoughhhh I don't know if Miles should tell Katie I mean idk MJ's right that he needs to make sure about it like does he even like her that much I don't even know
*Maybe ult Pete is a better person than 616 Pete too
*Wow MJ is so small tho
*"It was like we were bonded for life. Like we were married."WOW JUST DESTROY ME
*Jeez why does Miles just walk in there with his mask off is he stupid
*Wow um
*Let's just say that it is
*Well anyway he's kind of wearing a tasm Peter inspired outfit haha like the jacket and the blue hoodie
*But wow his hair is so long and it kind of looks like Sam Winchester's
*Well I guess Peter really hates haircuts
*But wow baby Pete is all grown up he must be like 18 now!!!! Assuming he's been alive this whole time
*Well I wonder if this means that ult Peter will get to meet 616 Peter in Spider-Men 2!!!!!!!!

Dangit I really wish I hadn't accidentally deleted those lil guys

Well time for the game

The Winter Solider

Have a nice day!

Sunday, May 11, 2014

awesome sodas

ahhh so i got home from indianapolis after being there all day so i don't really have much time for this post.

but i did find spider-man...twice!


Saturday, May 10, 2014

but i knew him

heyyyyyyyyy gs

bleh i dont want to post

i want to go read some comics tbh

welcome home para!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

is it actually lupitas dream to be in star wars or? well the fact that a yucky mans making that movie tells me she probably wont be in the thing after all. cool

congratulations on achieving your goal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! well what did you have to do to get your key to work?

ok but why did noah make that post

idk what you could have to hide but im going to find out

haha cool joke

well no we dont actually kno that buckys hair was 48 inches at one point but. well if it was then it must have been cut pretty soon before we just saw him cuz it woulda taken most of that time to grow 48 inches.

when are we gonna go to target

wow you were picturing a real electric fetus. that must have been nice

well dad did not seem to want to watch tasm1 v much so who knows why he wants to see tasm2

aw g i would not actually have blown off our movies to do something w alisha altho i kind of want bucky to come for me and end me

ok i dont really have a lot ot say to gob and i want this psot to be done for. nice squares g

crazy day today!! me and para went to see cap2 for our third times and we were in our cap n bucky hoodies and the movie was really worthless n hecked up and then we went to the comic book store and para got some stuff and i got the first two winter soldiers plus a dif cover of amazing spider-man and then traded w para. para got some things and a nova prezzie for noah. then we played squares. then i made gravy and we celebrated noahs bday and i had an ok lentil steak and really nice onion rings and then we gave him some prezzies and all watched tasm1 and some ppl had a cheese cake and one person had a bagel. the person was me. there we are

ooooooooooo icqcme for agent carter show

well tomorrow we seein tasm2 that will be that. oh nice then para can finally get on that internet

bleh after tomorrow will be 6 worthless days


Friday, May 9, 2014


Heyyyyyy gs!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What time is it summer time it's our vacation

Oh thats dang about Lupita being in Star Wars only being a rumor.  Actually tho do we even want that for her bc that yucky guy is making that movie plus we don't even like Star Wars.  But I guess we want it for her if that's her dream we just don't know

Tyt about my cuppy cake

Tyt about my vid

Yeah dang those squireels must have known bc the next day I saw 39258032598 squirrels just why

Well my goal was to get my key to work by the end of the year so I achieved that and you should congratulate me.  And my room key worked to open one of the doors manually so what I did was I just kept walking around the building to that door and going in through there.

Dang well we tried to go to Don's Cafe but it was closed so we didn't get to eat at Cloud Cult's favorite restaurant

We'll just never know why Noah made that post I guess

Well Superior Spider-Man team up was actually better than Superior Spider-Man sometimes but yeah we didn't need that last issue because we already had our normal Spider-Man back.  I wonder if there's going to be a new Spider-Man team-up book or no

Wtf I'm not being defensive I'm just saying what is the truth. What could I even have to hide?

Haha Mom and Dad were trying to console Susie, whose dog, Skipper, had recently died. "You know," Mom said, "it's not so bad. Skipper's probably up in Heaven right now, having a grand old time with God." Susie stopped crying and asked, "What would God want with a dead dog?"

Okay but real haha are you saying at one point Bucky's hair was 48 inches long that must have been beautiful

Icqcme to go to our comic book store and our movie tomorrow

YEah wow dang that friendly Steve dang him right into the trashes of hell

Dang well I'm still gonna try to find those action figs when we got to Target

Yeah that's fine for us to go to the comic book store so many times that's just fine that's perfect

Bleh I hatecha I hate my jamz everything is trash

Oh okay I was picturing a real electric fetus I don't know what I was picturing

Okay well I guess we're seeing that movie on  mother's day.  Well I don't even know why dad wants to see it that's weird but okay

Wow mom is onto about those PeterMJs. Jk she was already onto you probably

Wow if you blew me and our movies off to be w Alisha then I'm pretty sure Bucky would come for ya

Wow icqcml about google tryna take u to church

Nice lil day

Well you don't have to start with the hard ones that was just a suggestion. That was actually mostly a suggestion for Gob because he's the most likely to run out of time at the end js



Thursday, May 8, 2014

elevate your leg

heyy gs.

yeah i had heard about lupita being in star wars but it is just a rumor at this point.  just like there was a rumor going around that benedict cumberbatch would be in star wars which i'm pretty sure is completely false.

that stuff you ate yesterday looks really good and yummy hob!!!!

so does that chocolate cupcake para!!

idk why but at first i thought that picture of your roommate was hob....

nice vid para!!!!

aw g there's not much to say about my day because i had a pretty uneventful and boring day.  and i have a big headache now.

this is a cool song that came out pretty recently!

ok i will try to do one of the hard ones for the game today:

or maybe not actually because it is getting late and i have a headache.

here are some squares

Wednesday, May 7, 2014


heyyyyyyyyyyy gs

im bored

those pesky squireels. they kno you comin for em

wtf you...........waited til the last week to get your card fixed..............wait then how the heck have you been getting in your dorm this whole time/??????

noah is even more of a mystery than bucky

what i didnt hear this abt lupita being in star wars. or maybe i did. like a rumor or something. well we want some answers here

maybe cloud cult just really likes don's cafe. thats probably it

SAME WHERES NOAH W HIS ANSWERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

wow why did we want this not superior spider-man not team up in our world. we didnt

ok g youre being really like defensive abt the peter being spider-man thing which tells me you have something to hide

yea doi its dif in the comics but im just sayin. i tihnk he was 21 in the comics. but how old steve is is a mystery. well probably at one point someone was like ok this guys hair is 48 inches somehting has to be done about this so it got a snip snap. anyway. but wait heres something else that needs to be taken into consideration for the movies which is that apparently cap2 takes place 2 years after avengers which i didnt kno or expect so yea but that still doesnt tell us anything cuz bucky is still a mystery but

yea we'll have to go to that comic book store. our good ol comic book store and target

well i would expect most ppl from high school to remember me but i dont kno about that guy

dang that steve wanting to be everybodys friend. just dang him. wow steve. i just love him

or is reading cap v5 your friend

yea i guess thats tru about the civil war thing cuz i do kno a lot of hateful people

ok tyt ill try to be careful

aw yea we will hav to go to spring con on the sunday but thats fine rihgt.  well icqcme to see my hoodie too cuz it said it ouwld be delivered between monday and today but it aint been. im a lil concnerned but mostly i need this in my week. i need it.

yea i meant what went on in that issue. ok yea i think ill start reading this amazing spider-man. awwwwwwwwww yeaaaaaaaaa

yea every time i go to target (like today) i check to see if maybe theres some falcon or black widow action figs and there aint. why do i keep trying to live

well we're gonna hav to go to the comic book store a lot this summer i guess to get storm and asm and other. that is fine.

oooooo icqcme for your ride home jamz to destroy you :-)

haha electric fetus is a music store

i dont kno why we want to see it on mothers day. we dont really but dad was like maybe we'll see the new spider-man on mothers day and its like??? you havent even seen the first one????? or wait did he see it icr. but i didnt kno if that was really happenin or not but then today mom was like blah blah blah we're seein spider-man on mothers day so i guess thats real. well.

doi i want june cuz this month is trash cuz i have to work like every day. cool. and last night i found out its even more frickin days than i even thought. like they asked me if i could work 9:30-3:30 on wednesdays and i wanted to have a break on some of the wednesdays so said i would do one and a half wednesdays but then they just went ahead and scheduled me for 3:30-8:30 on one of the wednesdays that i wanted to have off. and thats even worse. but i decided that im going to take the whole first week of june off so there. icqcme for that!!!!!! that is the only thing letting me live. and also the fact that my dream of being at work jus hating it all but being like at least i have my hoodie will soon be real

ooooooooooo yqw for the jamz!!!!!!! im glad you like em!!!! yea that last ones always heckin me up along w all of them. nice

dang me for being so older and wiser. especially wiser

tyt bout my spaghetti petermjs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

haha yea mom asked me that relationship thing when i was creating my spaghetti petermj so................

nice games stuff!!!!!!!! did your roommate kno you took that pic? im guessing no. did your cupcake kno

nice vid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ooooo yea that peter/gwen

wb gob!!!!!!

yea i wish i had got to be in nyc for more than like a few hours but

same my current emotion is missing tomato head. also thats my natural state

ooo ive used hola unblocker  a lil but i didnt kno you could only use it if you dont have the dvd plan. that seems weird. welp i guess thats one good hting about not having that plan

wow gob. wow. cap is really furious that you saw two movies and neither of them were his. and you kno who's even more furious. its bucky. hes coming and he's strong, he;s fast, and he has a metal arm

nice walrus


last night i had a dream that i made plans w alisha for saturday but then i was like wait a sec i already had plans to watch two movies w para on saturday. and then it was like i DONT kno what to do next

wow i was googlin the lyrics to that take me to church song but i forgot to put "lyrics" up in there so google was literally tryna take me to church

 well i cant say i blame em

today i bopped around a lil and i had to work at 1:00 but i wanted to go to lunch first so i left like an hour and a half early and i went to baja sol again haha. but then i had way too much time left on my hands so i was like well the only thing i can really do is go to target even tho i didnt wanna. so i went and i bought a lil thing called captain america: the first avenger. oooooooooooooooooooooooooo. then i went to work and only had to work 2.5 hours so it wasnt the worst and then i came home and bopped around for an hour and then made dinner and blah blah blooh

ok i kno im suppose to do the hard ones for the game first but i already planned to do this on this day so heres something i ate in my day:

also this:

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

countdown to goat!

Heyyyyyyy gs!!!!

Dangit I just went out looking for a squirrel to scavenge but I couldn't find one.  That's weird because I feel like I always see squirrels on campus but now the one time I'm lookin for one theres none.  Aw well

But goos my card finally works on the doors to my dorm!!! Haha I waited so long to take care of that but I did it.  Dang I should have done it earlier that was so easy

Wow you just saw that video now okay Gob. Yeah Spider-Man likes to dance doi if he didn't would MJ have married him probably not

I wish you still had Hulk too Gob but I think he's filming Avengers 2 rn so maybe it's for the best

We still don't know why Noah did that post it is the world's greatest mystery.

Same about waiting for my grades!  Even though I haven't even finished all my final exams yet I keep checking my grades to see if they're up yet in the classes where I already took the exam. But probably it will be a while before they're all up dangit

Okay idc about whoever that is that you said was cast in Star Wars the only thing I care about is is it true that Lupita Nyong'o is gonna be in it?????

No you don't get any points you just have to find all the things one time that's the game

You should probably start with the hard ones so that when you inevitable run out of time at the end it will be easier for you to finish.  Or don't do that whatever

I'm not sure why Cloud Cult always comes to Morris someone told me that they think one of the band members is an alum but I'm not sure bc they never said anything about it each time they just say they love Morris so maybe it's just bc we're so awesome

PLEASE NOAH GIVE US ANSWERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Doc Ock wasn't actually teaming up with anyone??? Well in the previous issue he was teaming up with the Green Goblin to kill Spider-Man but then in that issue he was like competing against the Green Goblin to kill Spider-Man so really that issue was pointless because it was supposed to be Superior Spider-Man team-up but it wasn't Superior Spider-Man and it wasn't team-up

Well I guess I just assumed that you were talking about the real Spider-Man bc idk why anyone would want to dress up like Spider-Man.  I guess if it was Halloween or something like Peter did that time but it wasn't Halloween so.  But wow Peter being the real Spider-Man would be so ridiculous I don't even know why I thought that was what you meant!  It's way more likely that MJ is actually Spider-Woman than that Peter is Spider-Man. Actually I could see MJ being Spider-Woman because they are both pretty awesome and MJ seems to be a strong and capable person unlike Peter who is useless.  Yeah maybe Peter was snapping some pics nearby.

Yeah well the comics are different from the movies obviously because Bucky was just a child in the comics.  Actually I think he was like twenty. That's as old as me but that's fine. So now he's like twenty-eight wow that's as old as Peter. Though wait that was like ten years ago I guess so he's older than that now maybe he's like thirty. But in the movies okay he clearly didn't age eight years.  So that's different.  Except wait a minute in the comics he still has that dang long hair but obviously it got cut at some point because it's not 48 inches longer haha.  Well we don't know. Bucky is so mysterious that's all we can know about him.

The real question is how old is Steve in the comics?

Aw g well I guess we'll have to go to the comic book store when I get home and pay for our comics instead.

Haha yeah Target is just the place to be I guess

Well I tried that normal flapping game a couple of time I do not recommend it

Well okay that's bc all the characters in that show that are not Sam or Dean are mostly annoying but Sam Wilson is the most unannoying guy I have ever seen so clearly that wouldn't be a problem.

Ooooooo icqcme to see my comic cover!

Well if someone from high school didn't remember me I think I'd b p surprised but maybe that's because it wasn't as long ago or bc I knew them a lil bit longer or idk

Yeah haha actually imo it was more like Steve trying to be everyone else's friend bc first of all Steve is the one who first was getting really friendly with Sam and then he tracked him down where he worked and came to his house and second of all Natasha was like what do you want me to be and Steve was like how about a friend and then w Bucky obviously that was all Steve trying to be like I love you Bucky while Bucky was just like who the hell is Bucky

Aw g I need to read Cap v5 it is my mission

Hmmm that's weird maybe you just know a lot of people that hate Civil War for some reason??? Like a lot of hateful people idk

Ok I just have to say that if you're going on a secret mission to the chamber of secrets careful???

Yeah I would have played the game in that post but I couldn't find any of the things

Ooooo I'm glad you are going to Spring Con!!!!!  Icqcme for that!!!!!  Also icqcme to see your hoodie!!!!!!

Tyt about my lets talk about comics time. Um do you mean you want to know what went on in that issue or in the last issues of Superior Spider-Man? Well I told you what happened in Superior Spider-Man so I guess you mean this one.  Yeah you should read it you should just start reading the new Amazing Spider-Man series that'd be cool.

Tyt about my day.  Yeah I'm glad to know that ball exists too but I would be gladder to know that like Falcon and Black Widow action figures existed tbh

Tyt about my pic of Cloud Cult

Saaaaaaaaaame icqcme for the new Storm series dang there's gonna be a lot of comics that I'm gonna want to buy this summer!

Tyt about my beautiful drawings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Aw g my jamz for the ride home might destroy me icqcme for that.

Nice lil day. Please explain that electric fetus.

Oooo I'm comin for my tasty treats and my comic and my g!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay well I guess we could go on mother's day......if we really want to.....but we?

Okay but really if we put it off any longer I'm gonna explode!!!!!!!!!! That's what happens to a dream deferred maybe

Why do you want June?

TYT FOR THE JAMZ!!!!!  Those are really good jamz like wtf. Also that last one is hecking me up

Aw g I try to give you jamz but you are just older and wiser and know more jamz than me idk

Haha nice spaghetti PeterMJs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's so beautiful!

Wow did Mom ask you that in reference to a ship or was it just random?

Hahah those doggies!!!! We love dogs!

Well I had my third final exam today!!!! I only have one more!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay time for the game
This is the best time to wear a striped sweater!!! Haha it's my roommate

This is the most good looking little thing you can find at a place where things are made!!!  It's my cupcake from the dining hall because there was decorate your own cupcake at dinner and so I made this cupcake and it's definitely the most good looking little thing you can find at the dining hall which is a place where things are made.  Haha it's a chocolate cupcake with chocolate frosting and chocolate chips yum yum.

Here is a vid that I made

Well that's all have a nice day!

Monday, May 5, 2014

quality is our recipe

hey gs!!!

okay gob is back and he is going to do an awesome post tonight!!!!

idk why i was just talking in third person haha

okay how am i going to respond to all of of this stuff...i guess i should start from the beginning of when i missed posting!

aw g para your spider-man video got blocked because it had copyrighted material so i couldn't watch it :(

oh never mind i saw it now through the link to the tumblr page.  haha nice vid!  i didn't know spider-man liked to dance so much!

wow that's cool that you were in nyc hob!  i want to go there sometime!

ahh hob now that you mentioned it, i really miss tomato head pizza :(

aww i wish i hstill had that hulk cardboard cut out thing.  idk where it went.  i think it was seth's maybe and he took it back but i haven't seen it in a long time.

ummm why did noah do that post?  idgi.

aw g i didn't even come close to responding to everything but i'll either add in more stuff later or just say it in my next post because there isn't much more time.  i want to say some stuff now anyways

i hate waiting for my grades, i wish they would just be posted right now.

aww g i wish we didn't still have the dvd plan attached to our netflix because i really want to use hola unblocker so i can get to the movies and tv shows that other countries have on netflix instant but it only works if you have just the streaming plan.  we barely even ever use the dvds anymore so idk why we still have that plan.

yay for the star wars episode vii cast being announced!!!!!  that's awesome that a bunch of the original cast is  coming back.  also daisy ridley looks really nice and that's cool that she's practically an unknown and star wars episode vii is her first major role.  haha that's crazy that she's so unknown that no one  on the internet even knows exactly what age she is...

oh yeah, on saturday i saw fantastic mr. fox and the grand budapest hotel at the IU cinema and they were both super good!  i really want to watch the grand budapest hotel again especially. i love wes anderson films.

the new game sounds cool!  i'll start with an easy one.  do i get extra points for finding things more than once?

here is a walrus.  jj it it's a cat.

Sunday, May 4, 2014

to know a chicken!

heyyyyyyyyyy gs

bleh i didnt want this day to come

ok gob........................

oooooooooo why was there another dang cloud cult concert. well thats nice

WE WANT NOAHS ANSWERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

oh ok that doc ock flashbacks sound rusty. wait who was he teaming up w then?

yea happy petermj makes me want to end it all

dang that whoevers messing w our dreams. i dont like this..................

???? who said anything about peter parker actually being spider-man. wwow what are u suggesting? but he does have himself a nice spider-man costume so............................................

but now i remember that the guy in times square was the real spider-man so that aint peter. maybe pete was nearby tho snappin some piccies

ok well what we learned frm the comics is that bucky actually aged 8 whole years. at least in the coms. but ok that would mean his hair would be 48 inches longer and hmm i dont think thats the case.............................haha icqcml thinkin bout that. well something is not right here. ok it was sayin like sometimes he would be unfrozen for 6 (???) months at a time workin blah blah blah. well anyway. 

aw g thats really rusty bout no free comic book day and you walkin all the day there. well i missed the day cuz i was in dululu. o well

same bout icqcme to go to target. haha we jus always do that

ok ive never played any other flappin game so i dont kno

yea and if sam n dean had a sam wilson in their lives i would still be watching. haha thats funny cuz i always hate every character who's not sam or dean who they try to put in the sho but obv this would be my guy

well the cover i got you was only available at 8 stores in the country apparently oooooooooooooooooooooo. im not really surprised that alez kouhi didnt remember me. or maybe he did remember me and went home and wrote on his blog "wow i saw hob at the comic book store and she didnt remember me"

oh yea same i hated those two lines obv and i dont really think steve would say those things tbh so why did they have to make him say em? haha that thing about them all competing to be steve's bff. tho i dont think bucky did a v good"you're my mission" ok yea ya blew it

aw g dont read cap v5 its heckin me up. jk do it. well i have (most of) it but its jus on my kindle so :( i guess i could skip the civil war stuff idk

wtf?????? literally every one ive seen saying an opinion on civil war has said its like  a horrible event or theyre like "yea civil war is a thing that you either love or hate. personally i hate it" so i guess......i dont kno...............somethin aint right

the pic i lost was a picture of a very big person turning around and looking at me like "wtf is goin on". blehj. ok my phone is seriously heckin up my scavenging!!!!!!!!! today i tried to snap a pic of the chamber of secrets but it hecked me over again!!!!! now i might need to go on a secret mission to get that pic. ok well u didnt play the game in your post. i guess you dont gotta play it in every post but i woulda thought that you would in that idk

same im very pleased that i got that hoodie!!!!!!!!!!!!! icqcme to have it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it could potentially come tomorrow or at least some time this week so thats one thing we have going for us/.well now we have somethin to live for. ooooooo i think im gonna go to spring con and i can wear it then!!!!!!!! but i will wear it all the time prob hehe

ooooooooo nice talk bout comics time. bleh i really still wanna kno what went on. i'll have to read that

well nice day!!! except for the part about no free comic book day and the part where you didnt get us that ball. jk im glad just to kno that it exists i guess

nice pic of cloud cult

oh ok tyt for clearing up why you werent studying that day

ooooooooooooooooooooo icqcme for this storm series!!

omgggggggggggggggggg your beautiful drawings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wowww we havnet seen any piccies in so long wowwwwwwww that steve/bucky one. wel thats fine that they shirtless. its fine. anyway thats so beautiful. also that peter/gwen one is beautiful. yea we need out peter/gwen i guess

ok well im back frm duluth :::::::::::::::::::( i wish not. ok it was a p normal time idk. my jamz destroyed me tho so thats good. i wish duluth wasnt such a short time. 

well today i woke up and had a worthless breakfast cuz i really wanted something savory but there wasnt a lot so i jus had some lucky charms and there was nothing good to drink so i just had water. then we packed up and then everyone went for a wallk but i just sat in the lobby and had some doritos and chocolate milk. then we went to the soda store and got like 13 sodas......... then we got fish i guess. then we went and got our apples. then we drove down a lil and went in electric fetus. then me n noah got sandwiches from pizza luce and mine was so yummerz. then i ate it in the car while some glugs went in a diving store. then i ate some apple. then i read some comic. then slepty. then i was bored at home. then i had spaghetti.

oooo we got para a coupla tasty treats in duluth. so them and her comic are waitin for her!!!! and her g!!!!!!!!!!!

ok actually apparently we might wanna go to tasm2 on mother's day. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

i wish it was june rn

all i wanna do is read some coms or watch cap1 but its not a good time for either of those. wow i was gonna start the next issue i was on but i took a look at it and i was like no. 

ok para didnt ask for any jamz but im goin to give em anyway. some of these are my duluth jamz and some not. i hope none of these were in the fanmixes and vids i gave her but:
*stars and stripes-starsailor
*we did it when we were young-the gaslight anthem
*27-fall out boy
*this kid's not alright-awolnation
*this is everything-tegan and sara
*the tallest man, the broadest shoulders-sufjan stevens
*end of the line-sleigh bells
*d.o.a.-sleigh bells
*brother-the organ
*counting down the hours-ted leo and the pharmacists
*spiderhead-cage the elephant
*this is the day-the cranberries
*one hundred years-typhoon

idk why i always give para jamz w/out her even asking and para always doesnt give me jamz when i ask for em but w/e

ok heres the game

this is thepetermjs

luckily my phone couldnt come between petermj. and neither  could anyone at the table when i sat there creating that at the end of dinner and no one even cared. well i guess technically thats also something i ate in my day but im gonna do that a dif time

wow mom asked me like "is it possibly to be in love with two ppl's relationship" alrighty WOW

oh wait i almost forgot heres a pic i snapped today in duluth:


Saturday, May 3, 2014

the deadly designs of the goat!

Hey gs!!!!!

Dangit why did Gob say his Friday post was gonna be great but then he didn't even post???  Just why

Also dangit I said I was gonna be off of the internet on these days to avoid tasm2 spoilers but I aint

Well we all say things we don't mean I guess

Maybe I'll try again tomorrow or maybe after this post who knows

Well I just got back from a Cloud Cult concert it was amazing!!!!

I'm hungry as the bees but the store aint open yet dangit


Yeah dang Buck but also that's still small of him and he didn't mean it




No it was flashbacks to when Doc Ock was Doc Ock trying to kill Spider-Man so it wasn't even really Superior Spider-Man at all. 

Tru bc when you think about happy PeterMJs thats usually still awful bc they aint even happy anymore so it's all worthless

Maybe it was your dream maybe that one dream I had about you going shopping w that g was your dream and our dreams just got into each others head accidentally.  Or maybe we did that Inception thing and didn't know it

Yeah I know there's the thing about cracking eggs w one hand but still wow

Oh I see.  Well haha I wish there was a special place to make lil Marvel guys but you gotta work w what you got

Wtf why would Peter Parker be in a Spider-Man costume he's not Spider-Man! That would be impossible because he takes Spider-Man's pictures and also he doesn't even like spiders plus he is a weakling so that's the dumbest thing I've ever heard.

Same three hulks is what we have been waiting for!!!!!

Yeah I'm pretty sure Bucky's hair was never cut bc if they were gonna cut it then you'd think they would have done it before it reached that impractical length that it was in that movie bc really he's like trying to kill people and his hair keeps blowing around and getting in his eyes like wtf.  Okay according to my google search hair grows about six inches a year.  Was his hair more than six inches longer then it was in Cap1 I have no idea.

Aw g I need that disc drive

No after I graduate I'm just moving to Morris permanently it's the place to be.  Haha jk yeah I mean in general. 

Yeah I guess I could get to a comic book store every week if I really wanted to but that would be expensive plus buying all the comics would also be expensive it wouldn't be a million dollars but 

Dang that rusty store didn't have Free Comic Book Day this year I guess.  I walked all the way there for nothing.

Ooooooooo icqcme to go to Target w my g!

Well that flapping game is easier than other flapping games it seems like usually I can't even get past like the first one so

Nah Sam and Dean don't have a Sam Wilson in their life that is what they were missing all along.  If they had him it would be a completely different show bc their lives would be perfect

Aw g I'm really sad about you not being able to come get me too.

Aw g that time when we watched rpdr was the best time that's what I keep thinking about dangit

Tyt for recording snl for me

Tyt about my day

Well I don't know the cover can be a surprise I guess but I'm really curious I can't even take a guess bc there's like 50 dif covers I think.  Wow that's surprising to me that Alex Kouhi didn't remember you.

Yeah tru I did like Natasha and Steve's relationship in that movie I just wish that one line about the bikini had been taken out and also that line that Steve says after they kiss like when Natasha asks if he's uncomfortable and he says something like that's not the word I would use I don't know those parts just seemed really weird to me but other than that yeah bc I like them as friends and for the most part that's what they were like.  Yeah haha I saw this thing that was like Cap2 is basically just Natasha, Sam, and Bucky competing to be Steve's bff and icqcml at that.

I never thought about how red Target is but yeah it is

I wanna read Cap v5 too but I don't got it. Maybe I will get it after finals. Just skip the Civil War stuff maybe it don't matter

Idk I think most people like Civil War?????  I've seen a few ppl that don't care about it but it's generally considered to be like the best event so idk.  I mean nobody likes what happens in it bc it's sad but I think most people like it

Nice day

Aw g what was the pic of??


Awww yeah I got some food


Amazing Spider-Man #1
*Thirteen years ago okay I guess that makes Peter 28
*Okay Ramos's art still isn't my favorite but it does look better than it did during Goblin Nation.  Or maybe it's just better suited for this issue I don't know
*Oh buddy...oh pal...this is just...
*Wow I shouldn't have been worried about embarrassing Peter with that dancing video bc I forgot that Peter can embarrass himself just fine on his own.
*Just kidding this isn't really his fault but
*This issue has already sold over half a million copies oh buddy
*But I like how everyone in the building is like shocked and disgusted and then there's one woman that's just really enjoying it
*Okay Peter looks really small tho
*"We just had a big "P" break" lol
*Peter is a big lying liar who lies why do we even like this guy
*It's not like Peter hasn't disappeared for weeks at a time before though or are we forgetting Secret Wars?
*Ock's proposal sounds like the most cliche proposal ever jeez I can't imagine a life without you blah blah blah
*Yes shove Parker Industries in that hole just do it
*Ugh pls tell me we're not going to have ghost Ock or whatever
*Does Sajani want him to just throw all that stuff away I mean shouldn't they give it to Spider-Man I mean it's really his like for example the FF suit they didn't even make that the FF gave it to him so
*I like how basically the whole reason Ock got Peter his phd was so people would call him doctor and now Peter is like um don't call me doctor
*What is it with that robot and refreshing beverages like did Ock drink a lot of refreshing beverages and program the robot to offer him one every five minutes or
*Um sorry to tell you Pete but New Yorkers calling you a creep and yelling at you to get lost is as square one as it gets yep that's just how it is
*You didn't endear yourself to the citizens of New York or the cops or the Avengers either for a long time soooo
*"motif mo problems"
*What if you were stripped naked and your first thought was nooo my mask
*I really appreciate that the two people's reactions we see to naked Spider-Man are Johnny and MJ I feel very validated in my ships haha
*Oh and I guess the Avengers but that's not the same
*Although Cap apparently does feel the need to lean in as close as possible to the screen and stare at it intently
*Also wow Jess has such a low opinion of Pete jeez
*The webs look like a diaper lol
 *Are you serious this footage is hd enough to see his freckles oh my god
*Wow I'm so uncomfortable Pete is so uncomfortable Ock why did you do this
*Jeez this issue is just full of consent issues like first of all Skein stripping him second of all those people takings pics and video of him naked and putting it on the internet and third of all Peter finding out that Ock had sex with Anna while in his body which is horrible for not only her because she didn't know she was having sex with a super villain who had swapped bodies with Spider-Man but also for him because he obviously didn't want that to happen I mean ghost Pete begged Ock not to do it he was pretty clear on his opinion about that
*Am I supposed to care about this Electro part because I do not.
*Destroy white guy Electro
*I'm so sad for Felicia I hate Ock I hate him I hate him I hate him
*Oh my god Felicia is fearless she touched a spider
*Felicia's new outfit looks cool and wow it's zipped all the way up!
*lol Game of Thrones spoilers dang that would be useful if your spider-sense could warn you of spoilers though I wish I had that rn tbh
*Okay so the people that know Peter secret id...MJ, Miles, Bucky, Carlie, Anna Maria, Carol, Julia Carpenter,  Sue, Steve, Kaine, Stephen Strange, Johnny, Logan, Clint, Jessica Drew, Ben Grimm, Luke, Danny, Jessica Jones, Danielle, Bobbi, Reed, and the Jackal
*But wait if Miles is in there shouldn't you also count the ENTIRE ULTIMATE UNIVERSE
*Though I guess they know ult Pete's but they don't necessarily know 616 Pete's they haven't all met him I guess but still some of them have ult Gwen ult Fury ult Aunt May
*Dang I miss my game that's all I have to say about this 2099 part
*Jk I also have to say that that g is awesome she's not afraid to die and she yelled at Spider-Man
*Wow Peter looks so small in this Kaine part too with his lil hat omg
*Also his New York accent eeeeee
*Peter you can't judge people for turning into giant spiders how many times have you turned into a giant spider yourself come on
*"that you were really annoying" omg
*I like this part I don't think it was just an ad for New Warriors I think it was a good and necessary addition to Scarlet Spider because Peter never did get to see the life that Kaine had built in Houston.  Also I just like when Peter and Kaine call each other their brothers
*Okay but this Learning to Crawl part like it's supposed to take place thirteen years ago that's what we learned at the beginning of the issue, right?  But that's still way back in 2001 and this doesn't look like 2001 to me there weren't laptops or phones like that or youtube back in 2001 soooo
*Lil baby wrestler Pete awww
*Why don't you just call a cop on your cellphone doiiiiiii
*Aaaand I didn't read the Inhuman part because I don't care

Phew okay that's it

Okay here's a thing about my day.  I woke up and then I chilled and then I walked to the store to see if they had free comic books for Free Comic Book Day but they didn't and I looked around to see if I could find something for Noah for his bday but I didn't even know what he would want and they didn't really have anything interesting there and there were a lot of yucky boys there so I left and I went to the dollar store quickly to look for a present for Noah but they also didn't have anything interesting there except for an Avengers ball that had Falcon and Black Widow on it!!!  I was really excited about that but I didn't buy it because I didn't want to have to carry it back and we already have a lot of balls.  And then I chilled some more and then I went to the Cloud Cult concert and then I started writing this post and then I ate some dinner and then I wrote this post some more.

Okay this picture was taken right after they stopped playing but I just wanted to take a pic
You can kind of see the paintings that they painted during the show one was a wolf and one was like a bird and stuff.

The concert wasn't as enjoyable as last time though because for one it was outside and I was kind of cold especially towards the end and it was more acoustic because they have an unplugged album coming out which is fine but I like the normal songs better. But it was still really great!

I know you're thinking, hey Para it's almost finals week why didn't you study today, but hello first of all I already had one of my finals, so I only have three left, second of all one of them is online and will probably be super easy so I'm not even planning to study for that very much even and third of all I don't have an actual final to take until Tuesday which is three days away and it's my American lit final which you can't really study that much for anyway.  And my only other final is not until Thursday and I'm really not worried about that one either so thanks for your concern but I'll start studying tomorrow dwai

Hey if you didn't know there's gonna be a new Storm series coming out in July!!!!!!  I'm so happy!!!!!!!!

I'm just adding random things to this post because I have nothing better to do. Except study. Jk bc I'll do that tomorrow dwai I said

Waaaaaait I have piccies I think!!!

This is Steve and Bucky obviously and okay the reason they are shirtless is because clothes are hard to draw

And this is Pete and Gwen because we need to appreciate this ship we need to remember our love for it so that this movie can be really good to us


Okay I guess that's all have a nice day!