Saturday, August 31, 2013

the end of the goat goblin

Hey gs!!!

Gob why did you post yesterday even except not really??? Yesterday was my day??? Also why did you post the last time also on my day???? Can't I have a day to myself to post?????

So are you ever gonna post a real post or

Well you have to post tomorrow otherwise its all messed up.

Also ah the biannual time when Gob posts a pic of his schedule as an excuse for not posting

Tbh I don't want that game.  It could be fun like one time I guess but I can't see us wanting to do that over and over again???

Tyt about my old blog post yeah that was a great post maybe I should post more often at 5 am.

What ep of Parenthood did you watch???


Is that character Wolverine???  Is your fav character going to be in it????

Well just a few mins ago we had a severe thunderstorm warning and I had to go into the basement which was so boring bc I didn't grab anything to do down there but it only lasted like half an hour so I am back now

So time for piccies

So here's a pic I drew of the fic I wrote (and am mostly done with, I just need to finish editing) It pretty much summarizes everything you need to know about it.  Also I really like this pic because I think that is the best I have ever drawn Spider-Man's suit from the reboot

Okay so also I redrew a pic I drew a while ago I think I drew it in March so about 5 or 6 months ago

Here's the old version

And the new one
Improvement????? At least I didn't draw sunglasses on Peter this time because I couldn't draw eyes haha

Okay so I asked Hob what I should draw and she said Spider-Man and green so I decided to draw Spider-Man wearing something green so then I asked Spidey what he wanted to wear that was green and this was his answer (I swear!!!)

Oh also it looked so cute so I drew it again
Oh I forgot that just today I redrew another pic from a while ago.  Actually it was the first pic that I digitally colored although I drew it by hand and then scanned it. This was from January so like 8 months ago wow

Here's the old one

And here's the new one

Well that's all have a nice day!!!

Friday, August 30, 2013

my tormented cat

heyy gs.  i might be hanging out with friends tonight and won't be home at midnight so i'm going to go ahead and at least put this as a temporary post.

Thursday, August 29, 2013


heyyyyy gs

wow gob why do you always have so many classes

well nice pic

that could be a game except some games im just too lazy for like the ideal game for me is one where you dont have to open any other tabs or windows to do it and that is not the thing. we could just do that for fun though

hahah i was reading random posts the other day and i found the best post on thegoblog

good 1 para

well i watched another ep of parenthood i mean just the parts w/ a lil guy and he was so lil but everyone else is so big. i do not care for the g

omg last night i went in the kitchen and it was dark and i turned on this lights and hawkeye was just sittin on the counter like this so small

what a baby

ok theres supposedly gonna be a modern les mis tv show which obviously is the dream but it sounds really bleh like for one thing its on fox and it sounds just like a blah lawyer show w/ the basic concept of an ex criminal tries to avoid a guy who wants his ass back in jail. who knows if it will have other les mis characters in it and who especially knows if they'll be done right im so doubtful. also the jvj character is gonna have a love life or something wtf and why. 

beep boop bye

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

my porcelain cat

heyy gs.

sorry about the last 2 posts...or really absence of posts

my schedule is so busy and like i keep getting so mentally and physically exhausted during the breaks in my schedule that i keep getting lazy and procrastinating.  hopefully i'll get into the groove of things soon there.

here is how filled up my schedule is.

haha so i was bored today  (or procrastinating from doing work really) and i was going through pictures from random articles on wikipedia and this is what i came up with from the first two pictures i found!
i was going to add more pictures to it but i kinda just like it simple how it is even though there are probably plenty of pictures like this and it didn't take me long to do

that could be a game.  to like mashup as many random pictures from random wikipedia articles to make an awesome picture!  it could be really minimal like the one i did or it could be like things from 20 or 30 different pictures.  what do you gs think of that?  or it could just be any sort of collage type thing i guess from other random sources.

how green was my goat

Hey gs!

Oh right I guess I must have been thinking of a dif show

Bleh its been so hot these last couple of days and there's no air conditioning in my dorm so I've been going to the student center because there's air conditioning but its so cold here like right now I'm in the student center and I am so cold bleh

Nah I only had to help freshmen move in for like 5 hours.  It wasn't that bad except it was so hot especially the higher up you went in the dorm the hotter it was and also the harder it was to bring the stuff up obviously so that sucked also my arms were really sore yesterday but now they're mostly fine.  I got a free tshirt and a really nice free bag and a free flashlight thing and free food so it was probably worth it.

Welp classes start tomorrow.

Burrr I'm cold I'm gonna go outside for a little bit.

Okay I'm back.

Ah nice air conditioning.  So good.

Hmm idk what else there is to say though.

Yeah someone should think of a game for next month (not me)

Well that's all I can think of to say actually have a nice day!!!

Monday, August 26, 2013

bloo blah

heyyyyy gs

wow gob what even

really para???? it seemed like a p nice show!!! like it was only about 15 mins long and that lil guy was the main character!! w/e you say though!!!!!!!

wow well it was apparently 100 degrees today although tbh i was inside most of the day w/ the a/c so i didnt really care

bleh did you have to do that freshman moving thing all day?? that sounds like it would suck i would not have done that tbh. what did u get outta it..........

sick and tired of hearing all these people talk about what's the deal with this pop life and when is it gonna fade out. the thing you got to realize...what we doing is not a trend. we got the gift of melody. we gonna bring it till the end

bleh one year ago from today i finished watchin fma i want 2 die

lets have a game fo next month

idk what tho

bye bye

Sunday, August 25, 2013

rabid cat

sorry i forgot to post last time!!

i almost forgot to post again!!!!


i will do better next week!

Saturday, August 24, 2013

just a goat named joe

Hey gs!!!

Welp I moved into my dorm today.  It's weird that the other girl in my room is white...she seems okay though.

Okay I don't think Abby ever really says any of those things but I will keep an eye out.

Yeah same except the show's not that nice but that's such a teensy guy in a big glug show so that's small of him

Wow its so hot in this world Some people came into my room a little bit ago and they were like wow it's so cool in here....its so hot??????

 Well I really like my new room though.  It's bigger than the room I had last year and it has two closets and it just looks really nice.  Also I didn't loft my bed this time so that will be nice to not have to deal with that.  I still need to put up my posters and set up my desk more though but other than that I've mostly unpacked.  Also what's nice is that my room is right across from the bathroom and there are three showers instead of just one!!!!!

Tomorrow I have to help freshmen move in bleh its going to be hot again tomorrow so that might suck.  At least the lounge of the freshmen dorm is air conditioned idk.

Well now in Marvel Heroes you can collect these things and buy new characters and new costumes with them.  So far I have 8 very nice I just need 592 more to buy Spider-Man.

Welp that's it have a nice day!!!

Friday, August 23, 2013

dumb as rocks

heyyyyyyyy gs

wtf why didnt gob post yesterday?????

bleh i honestly have nothin to respond to. what even. everyone really hecked up

i just saw something that said:

  • smh - saddling my horse
  • ham - horse and me
  • wtf - washing the fetlocks
  • lmao - love me an ‘orse

so para if you're ever chatting w/ abby and she says any of those things, be aware that that's probably what she means

that was a nice lil show about a teensy small guy we just watched

ok sorry i have nothing else to be said. i hecked up. i hecked up. i hecked up. i hecked up. i hecked up. i hecked up. i hecked up.  i'm so sorry. i'm trash

Thursday, August 22, 2013


Wednesday, August 21, 2013

once upon a time, there was a goat...!

Hey gs!

Same Gob that is super racist to say why would you even

Idk I just thought Gob was supposed to post so I just started reading it thinking it was Gob's.  I think I only got to like the second paragraph before I realized though.

Yeah that's what I meant.

Well I probably have some more pics I haven't posted idk but I haven't drawn that much because I've been busy writing but I'll def get back to drawing more soon.

Wow one week until classes start for me!

Wow the new pics from TASM 2 are really interesting.  Idk what's up with the Sinister 6 thing but I hope that's just a reference or whatever I mean it'd be cool to see the Sinister 6 in a movie but I don't think they could realistically do it well especially since they've already had one villain who is not usually in the Sinister 6 (Lizard) plus there's probably going to be another one who I could never see being in the Sinister 6 (Green Goblin).  Even the Rhino is not usually in the Sinister 6 I mean basically all we have so far is Electro and that's not a good start.

Omg I just finished the first draft of my fic!!!!!! I'm so happy!!!!

Well this is probably my last post from the house for now.

I feel like I should say more things but I can't think of anything else to say.

Well it's only 10:30 maybe I'll just leave this post for now any then by 12 I'll have thought of some more stuff.

Well it's now 11:30 and I've just spent the last hour trying to think of a title for my fic and I still can't think of one so I'm just gonna post this have a nice day!!!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

i hecked up

heyyyyyyyyyyy gs

wow gob ur so racist. those ppl are probably goin "wow one of the people in the suite is green. he seems ok though"

why did you think my post was gob's post para? did you think it the whole time you were reading it?

doi para thats the joke

im writing a thing. its not a fic. idk

did you mean "i asked her if she liked writing"?

bleh yesterday i bit like the inside of my lip really hard like i pm heard a crunch noise when i bit it and it was bleeding and then a few hours later i bit it again and it still hurts i wanna die

i wish everyone was aslep

shut noahs yapper

para how come you never post pics anymore

have you not drawn any

icqcme fo you to start school again so you'll draw like 50 pics a week

im a little bit owning as noob sniper

thats what noah said

one sec paul

no ones responding to my yells about air strikes


ok i got some real ownage now

yeah i know but i was a sniper

why does the seal mask exist? why does it exist?


Monday, August 19, 2013

cat horde

heyy gs

i moved into my dorm today!  it's a suite so i have my own room but it's connected to 3 other rooms.  haha what's weird is i'm the only guy in the suite that's isn't black...they seem okay though.  like they were eager to meet me and they seemed friendly. it won't be too big of a deal if they start getting annoying because i do have my own room though.

aw g i need some stuff to hang my posters up.  i have a bunch of posters i want to put up but i forgot the things that i used last year to hang them up

omg wtf someone on my facebook just posted an article titled "man sticks fork into his penis" and there's like a really gross picture that showed up right on my facebook.  that is so weirdddd.  omg why am i still looking at this.

here are two great songs i've been listening to a ton lately

Sunday, August 18, 2013

when falls the goat

Hey gs!!!

Wow Hob at first I thought your post was Gob's post and I was like wow Gob wrote a real post and responded to things but then I realized and I was like oh.

Yeah I've seen like 4 movies this summer???  Also I saw some of them multiple times crazy day.

Yeah I want to see Fruitvale Station but I guess I'll wait until its out on dvd and then download it or something.  Haha but 10/10 is the same as 100/100 just saying.  Well Fruitvale Station's probably better though like Parenthood is a dumb show do not attempt unless you really want to see Micahel B. Jordan be a cutie.

Yeah same like Loki looks gross all the days also I feel like people who really love Loki have a really bad understanding of him and also like excusing him for everything he does makes them seem like horrible people and like wow I saw some people saying they wanted Jane to be killed for slapping Loki like bro even Loki didn't care about that like bro he destroyed New York City like what are you doing man?????

Yeah it was hard to hold all those at once I had to take the picture with my foot I'm not even joking.

Oh I got another one today by the way.

Tyt I got poster strips.  But I might need more idk I have a lot of posters but idk if they will even all fit on my walls I will have to see.

Tyt about my vid

Yoooo what are you writing?  Well I'm still writing my fic I just finished chapter 3 probs like 1 or 2 more chapters left then I can finish the fic I started months and months ago then maybe I will write something else then maybe I will write a sequel to this I love writing

Haha what was funny to me is that Abby revealed to me yesterday that on the first day of eleventh grade when we met she lied when I asked her if she asked writing and she said yes. Like bro we spent the next two years writing constantly that was a horrible mistake for you. Jk probs not because she does like writing now so I guess I changed her life forever

I am flattered someone would lie to be my friend though

Boop boop there's nothing else to say.

Have a nice day!!!

Saturday, August 17, 2013

peter spider

heyyyyy gs

wow well ive seen a lot of movies this summer i guess. thats weird. well like 3. wait was star trek in the summer. i guess. so yeah 3

oh haha para i guess thats a good reason to have watched it. you shoulda seen fruitvale station bc he was really great in that 100/100

yeah idg whats good about loki. he doesnt even have a good look to him???? and isnt that the most important thing 2 most ppl like................................

wow that collection of folders and notebooks is rlly something else. also the fact that you can hold them all at once. you're so talented. but then again i can hold all my spiderman folders and notebooks at once too

remember to get poster strips

really nice vid

hmm what else

today i worked on a writing thing that like...i started a few months ago but then was like nah but then i decided to work on it for real except i spent like the whole day on it and several hours last night and all i did was make a playlist...............

ok thats all

Friday, August 16, 2013

cat come home

heyyy gs

wow i kept thinking today was saturday instead of friday and idk why.

today my mom and dad and i went to go see the butler in theaters and it was pretty good!  that's crazy though that it's the only movie i've actually gone to see in theaters this whole summer! D:

only 4 more days until classes start for me. 

haha here are a bunch of really random stupid web pages:

thing 1

thing 2

thing 3

thing 4

thing 5

Thursday, August 15, 2013

the goat man regrets

Hey gs!

Happy my mom's birthday!!!

Okay I was watching Parenthood for Michael B. Jordan... He is a real cutie in that 10/10 would recommend except not the rest of the parts of that show because it's really boring and this one guy in it I hate so much and is super annoying.

Yeah bleh Loki.  Wow today I was thinking about how I probably wouldn't hate Loki as much if it weren't for everyone only caring about him and not about Thor.  Like ?????? Thor is the main character of the movie???????? Thor has such a good look to him?????? Why do we even need to talk about Loki??????

Jk I would probably still hate Loki because he stinks.

Okay apparently this one guy is going to voice Groot hmm I wonder if he's going to actually talk or just say I am Groot over and over again.  Do we know yet who is going to voice Rocket yet idk.

Okay so today I got the rest of my school supplies stuff and well basically all summer I've been collecting Spider-Man notebooks and folder and I guess my collection's complete now since I have one of each for all of my classes (plus I have two extra notebooks) but okay this just needed to be documented.

Look at that.  A thing of glory.

Omggg I just clicked on this ad that was for a Spider-Man doll (not because I wanted to buy it, just because I was curious) and this review for it is so cute!!!! "He is watched and cuddled and they can dance with him. In car pool this morning, my 4yr old showed another 4yr old in our car how to treat spiderman,"  That's just so cutie I'm dying!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Whoops I wish I hadn't just put those two things right in a row now it seems like my Spider-Man obsession is out of control!!!! THIS IS PERFECTLY NORMAL

Quick let's talk about something else

Welp 9 days until I go back to school.

Dangit I just remembered something I forgot to get at the store oh well.  Well it's poster strips remind me to get those I'm probably going to forget again.

That's all I can think of to say.

Oh wait here's a vid I made a long time ago it looks like it was hastily made probably because it was

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

dumb as sticks

heyyyy gs

boop beep

we hate noah

we love cookies

well para you big glug that doesnt explain why you were watching parenthood

yay thor!!!!! yeah there was too much yucky loki. and yeah thor's hair is so beautiful and him is  small. icqcme

aw g i guess i wont get to see pacific rim again. this is all noahs fault


wow i take back what i said about maybe not wanting to see the last les mis show because some things might be different. apparently my ship almost kissed in it so yeah. and like other things bleh kill me. ive been tryin to download the audio of it all day but the internet keeps stopping working in the middle of it so i havent been successful yet. i have like two other recordings of this cast but this one has a really good sound to it somehow. bleh i cant believe this tour went on for three years and theres not a single video recording wtf

what else do i have to say

think think think

oh well

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

yoga means cat

heyy gs

wow i only have like 6 more days of summer!  i'm kinda sad that summer is going to be over because it has been kinda nice but i've been bored a lot so it will be good to get back into doing a lot of productive things and to see a lot of my friends again and stuff.

here's an awesome band i just recently found out about.

and here's a new song from cage the elephant's upcoming album!

and here's a song from the strokes that has regina spektor singing on it and i hadn't heard it until just recently!

Monday, August 12, 2013

the thrill of the goat!

Hey gs!

Well Gob you could have said you weren't going to post for those days beforehand instead of just skipping off but whatever.

Yeah idk that trip seemed p short idk I read some comic books I wrote my fic and then???

Well actually I'm done watching Parenthood now so

Wow the new Thor 2 trailer is so awesome!!!!!  But it has too much Loki bleh.  Thor has a really good look to him esp his ponytail!!!  Also I spy Jane and Sif in the same scene!!!

Oh here is the trailer in case you haven't seen it.


Apparently some footage of Guardians of the Galaxy and Captain America 2 was leaked but I refuse to watch it.  Bleh now there's leaked footage for three movies I want to see that I have to avoid seeing gifs of pls kill me.

Hey maybe if I see The Wolverine again there will be a Thor 2 trailer this time now that there's a longer trailer!!!  But idk because they showed the shorter trailer one time when I saw Iron Man 3 so???

Today I went to the eye doctor that was fun.

What else is there to say?

There's nothing.

This post is a failure.

Have a nice day.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

i don't want to let chickens go

heyyyy gs

ok i guess it was supposed to be my day yesterday

ah well

ill just post today bc its looks like no one else is gonna

well gob para told me that you only posted once while we were gone and i was like wtf but i see now that you had a reason for it so ok

bleh that stuff about stan lee is yucky

that video what even

ok well our trip was nice i guess but it seems liek we didnt do a single thing really? and i didnt even read that many books so wtf did i even do

goosbag fma brotherhood is back on netflix!!! idk why they took it off for a time? although not all of it is on there. like before only about half was on there and now there's maybe 3/4ths and idgi???? but the main reason why i want it to be at least some on there is so people who havent seen any fma wont go on there looking for fma and just see the other one and just watch that dumb show. although i know two people who have done that even when brotherhood was on there. one of them is noah hahah

para why are you watching parenthood or w/e and especially why are you watching it in like the middle of season w/e. i didnt know who was watching that but now i have my answer

bleh im so sad that the les mis us tour ended today. i wish i was in las vegas rn. then i'd be seeing it rn probably. but at the same time like the time i saw it everything was so perfect in it especially some ppls interactions that i owuldnt wanna see anyhting different than that or idk. you'd think they'd do the exact same things every time but apparently not

Friday, August 9, 2013

saturday morning fun cat

heyy gs.

sorry i didn't do posts for awhile either.  my family and i went on our trip to the indiana dunes and the internet was really spotty in the hotel + i didn't bring my laptop + i was pretty tired after each of night of hiking/swimming.

here's a cool picture from on top of one of the dunes!

Friday, August 2, 2013

the final goat

Hey gs!

I'm trying to deflate this ball and it's really hard! I can't get all the air out of it!!!

Same this is my last post before mad eye too. Well obviously since we are leaving tomorrow. Well apparently its Gob's job to make sure there's a post everyday since apparently that was our job when Gob couldn't post so

Who says he's becoming bisexual? (audience laughter) Who have you been talking to? (audience laughter) I don't know. I seriously don't know anything about that. And if it's true, I'm gonna make a couple of phone calls. (audience laughter, applauding, cheering, and whistling) I think that one sex is enough for anybody. (audience laughter)

Wow I just was reading some more of the youtube comments on the video of that and pretty much every single one of them makes me want to strangle something. Yes, representation of gay people in media is "bending over backwards" for them. Wow also so many people with their apologism for Stan Lee it's super annoying like just because he's old doesn't make that okay??? And just because he (with Steve Ditko) created Spider-Man doesn't mean he's right all the time about everything or even everything Spider-Man related. Also Andrew Garfield was definitely not joking when he said that. Even when he had to backpedal a little bit he still said that it was a good thing to think about and still a good idea.

Tyt about my vid!

Okay so I saw The Wolverine!!! I thought it was p good! It was definitely better than X-men Origins Wolverine.

I had a dream that Iron Man and Captain America were women and they were traversing the multiverse together trying to sell real estate.

Well I had dinner with my roommate and her parents today. She seems p nice so hopefully I won't have as many roommate problems this year.

This was listening to this song and the music video is really creepy and also has Elle in it so that's double creepy! Also it's a little bit sad and I may have teared up a little bit...

Well that's all the time we have see you when I get back have a nice day!!!!

Thursday, August 1, 2013


heyyyyy gs

well this is my last post before we go to mad eye. i guess gob will be on his own starting on saturday. bum bum bum

which set of speakers are you keeping

para what was stan lee's response please

really nice vid u made

idk what our game will be

goos i got a tattoo the other day!!!

also i saw les mis w/ my friend and like before the show we went in cvs and we saw this one guy who's in the show in cvs!!! crazy day!!!!

bleh i wish i had more mad eye jamz

ah well i have an ok amount