Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Gamesters of Triskelion

Hello thar!

Well unfort I haven't been makin many piccies lately! I have like 5 new ones though but they aren't realy that spectac. But do not worry! There will be more pics to come! I just haven't been inspired lately I guess. But anyway. I will show ya them in a bit. I'm too lazy at the mo. Ok. Lost. Hm.

-Girl why in tarn do the flashes keep like ending with cliffhangers? Are they gonna resolve all these things in the last ep maybe? Hmmm. Well idk if all of them did but some that i can rememb having cliffhangers are Jack's, Sawyer's and Sun/Jin's. hmmmmmmmmmmmm
Well. I think that says it all.

Alright. Lately I have been browsing the internet, you know? Bet ya ddin't know that one. But I just keep stumbling upon interesting little things that I have taken some screencaps of:

This first one is so darn strange/hilarious.
Ok so this is one of those ads that are on the side of facebook, you know em?

Looks pretty reg, right? Well take a closer look at that piccie. now google image search "mr eko". now if you are a para take a look at the card ya made for mr. eko. uhhhh what. so that's that.

now here is the second thing. ok the other day i was jus chillin with the doctor and i was helpin him to make an email address.

Ok girl what in tarn?!?! that is the most disgusting thing i have ever witnessed with these eyes. why is it being so racist to people older than 150?!?!? ok first of all, usually you have to be older than a certain age to do these things but in this case you have to be younger than a certain age! why is it for people that are 0 but not people that are 906??? ok girl all my fave people are older than 150 just about! like the doctor and adam and this awesome vampire in being human and richard is not my fave person but he is pretty coo and dumbledore is not my fave but he is pretty coo. some of these people are normal people even! what in tarn?!

ok turns out i only had 2 of these things to show ya. but lets see what else i have cooked up for ya. ah yes. i decided to do this little game that gob played a bit ago. i usually think these things are stupid and boring but in this case i added commentary which made it more funner.

How am i feeling today?:
This is Gallifrey: Our Childhood, Our Home - Murray Gold
(what in tarn? that doesn't make a shred of sense you dummies)

Will I get far in life?:
I Can Hear the Bells - Hairspray
(afagjaksdg that doesn't make sense either)

How do my friends see me?:
Heart Songs - Weezer
(ok girl. i get that this thing is occasionally funny if you get an answer that makes a shred of sense at all but that is not occuring and so it is just dumbo methinks)

Where will I get married?
Beautiful Place - Good Charlotte

What is the story of my life?
16 Going on 17 - The Sound of Music
(Uh no dear because I am 18 and i was only 16 goin on 17 for a few months of my life so that could not poss be the story of my life even if i was 16 goin on 17 right now unless i was a 16 year old vampire or somethin)

What is/was high school like?:
Never Know - Jack Johnson
(Well I do know actually)

How can I get ahead in life?:
Use Your Words - Owen
(idk what in tarn that is supposed to mean really but ok)

What is the best thing about me?:
Swans and Swimming - Iron & Wine
(uh. what. i don't have any swans and i am not the swan princess. but if you mean i am beautiful like a swan then tyt)

How is today going to be?:
overs in Japan - Coldplay
(sorry dear. that makes no sense again.)

What is in store for this weekend?:
I'm Going to Stop Pretending that I Didn't Break Your Heart - The Eels
(haha that is an answer that makes sense for the question for once! but idk what i am going to be doin exactly cuz there are too many negatives in that.)

What song describes my parents?:
Women and Men - They Might Be Giants

My grandparents?:
What's My Age Again - Blink 182
(Haha. old?)

How is my life going?:
Fly Trapped in a Jar - Modest Mouse
(Nah girl my life is not going like a fly trapped in a jar)

What song will they play at my funeral?:
This is for Real - Motion City Soundtrack
(Haha. well i guess that would be good cuz that is one of my fave songs evs.)

How does the world see me?:
Kids - MGMT
(well that doesnt really make sense either. but whatevs. i guess the world sees me as a kid or somethin)

Will I have a happy life?:
Saturday Morning - Eels.
(uh ok? my life will be as happy as a saturday morning?)

Alright. moving right along.

ok speaking of games, tomorrow is april which means a new game! here is the thing. ok there is this thing i found:

Day 01 — Your favorite song 
Day 02 — Your favorite movie
Day 03 — Your favorite television program
Day 04 — Your favorite book
Day 05 — Your favorite quote
Day 06 — Whatever tickles your fancy
Day 07 — A photo that makes you happy
Day 08 — A photo that makes you angry/sad`
Day 09 — A photo you took
Day 10 — A photo of you taken over ten years ago
Day 11 — A photo of you taken recently
Day 12 — Whatever tickles your fancy
Day 13 — A fictional book
Day 14 — A non-fictional book
Day 15 — A fanfic
Day 16 — A song that makes you cry (or nearly)
Day 17 — An art piece (painting, drawing, sculpture, etc.)
Day 18 — Whatever tickles your fancy
Day 19 — A talent of yours
Day 20 — A hobby of yours
Day 21 — A recipe
Day 22 — A website
Day 23 — A YouTube video
Day 24 — Whatever tickles your fancy
Day 25 — Your day, in great detail
Day 26 — Your week, in great detail
Day 27 — This month, in great detail
Day 28 — This year, in great detail
Day 29 — Hopes, dreams and plans for the next 365 days
Day 30 — Whatever tickles your fancy

and ok. this is normally a thing for just 1 person to do and what we COULD do is each do one of these things in our post but i think that everyone would wanna do all of them so here's the rules. you must post them in order and you must post at least one of these things each day but you can do more than one a day obviously because you will have to on some days. if you dont post at least one on a day then you get punished so the game is that at the end of the month you have to make sure you still have some left. you could just do one a day until the last day of the month that ya post on but that is boring. also you may have to switch days with people sometimes so you may end up posting on more days than ya thought, eh? does this sound pleasurable? also try to make your answers intersting. don't just say your answer but maybe post a nice picture or video or at least have an explanation for your choice.

ok whats next is called givin each of you a really spec gift. ok both of these things are saved on my comp and i need to give em to ya already so i can delete these nauseating things. ok here's gob's:

ok now the prob is para's is a tad inaprop so i am gonna do something spec.
ok go here

and enter the password which is the animal that our second batch of tracks was except make it plural pleasie. ok then ya will find the pic i hope. does that please ya?

alright i guess i will show ya the song pics now:

1. When the Day Met the Night - Panic at the Disco
2. Somewhere Only We Know - Keange
3. Sing for Absolution - Muse
4. Return - OK Go
5. All Fall Down - One Republic

k now i will play the game one last time.

1. what are you listening to? Wannabe - Spice Girls
2. what is your quest? To tell you what I want what I really really want
3. what tabs/windows are open? tabs-facebook, gmail. this, tvshack, thegoblog. windows-internet, itunes, pictures. i wish the window in my room was open though. its getting hot in here
4. what do you love right now? tracks, torchwood, and these awesome un-3D 3d glasses i might be wearing right now.
5. what do you hate right now? this thirst bubbling up inside of me.
6. what do you want to eat/what are you eating? a beverage/nothin but i wish i was eating a beverage
7. what is your mood? thirsty
8. where are you? sitting on my floor cuz i wasn't feeling my bed and my chair is not a god typing chair and my desk has too much stuff on it plus also i would have to unplug my comp and plug it in near my desk which is too much work. ah girl i wish my room was clean so i could lie on my floor like i used ta.
9. what are you going to do after you post this? get a drink and then 1 line story/watch torchwood
10. what are you excited for? wetting my mouth.

ok now here is a bonus feature. since it is the last time i will tell ya some fun facts that i noticed about my answers for the game this month:
-I was just about always listening to an actual song. methinks gob and espec para cannot say the same
-i don't think i ever said a quest that i was actually on
-i always had the same darn tabbies and windowies open just about
-i was never eatin anything i believe
-well i dont think i need to even tell ya that i was almost always on my bed


this is the end eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeend this iiiiiiiiiiiiiiis the end
of the post


Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Blackout (Part 1)

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah i just remembered today is my blog day!!! i had forgotten! bleh that sucks. well i remembered earlier but then i forgot again.

alright lets see...

i need to talk about the situation with the fish. because i have not really been feeding them either. but here is the thing. they are right below our banners, but i don't want to put them below our banners because it will mean that less people will see the banners, methinks. well we can take the banners down when:
1. heroes has been saved (nbc announces that there will be another season) and
2. haiti stops needing our help
but i think that if we don't feed the fish they will die!!! so here is the deal, if you want to save the fish, save heroes and haiti first. so sign the petition and donate everyone! we need you!!!! the fish need you!!!!

alright now something really spec. i think you will all remember a little thing called PHILO QS! do we love those? do we hate them? do we at least miss them!?!?! well, it doesn't matter because they are back and they are ready to strike. only this time, you had better think even MORE about your answers, because the whole entire world will be able to read them, because we are posting our answeres right in our blog posts! yay!!!

alright here is the fresh batch of Philosophical Questions

1. What are you?
2. Girl, wassup?
3. If you had three wishes, what would you wish for?
4. If you kill your future self, is that suicide?
5. Who died?
6. What is the greatest thing you'll ever learm?
7. Star Wars or Star Trek?
8. Are you comfortable with morally gray?
9. Is there gonna be another blackout?
10. Will we be alright left alone tonight?
12. Are you him?
13. Why is this night different from all other nights?
14. What lies in the shadow of the four-toed statue?
15. Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?

and here are the rules again:
1. try to answer the question with at least a good paragraph. long answers=more points, usually. if you think you can do a good job with a short answer, go ahead, but don't do that for every questiong please.
2. get your darn answers in on time. they don't need to be in the next post, and they don't even need to be in the post after that. but if three posts have gone by and you still haven't answered, there will be trouble.
3. don't copy other people if you read their answers before you write your own. everybody wants to be cat, but nobody likes a copy cat.

alright. one more thing to do.

ok girls, did you like that? i noticed that last time mine were so very black and such, so this time i tried to make time more colorful.
oh, you might like the answers, might you?
1. aliens exist- blink 182
2. monsters- matchbook romance
3. that green gentleman- panic! at the disco
4. yellow- coldplay
5. above and below- the bravery
6. scars- papa roach
7. kids- mgmt
8. pulp fiction- motion city soundtrack
9. ocean breathes salty- modest mouse
10. the feel good drag- anberlin
11. you know what they do to guys like us in prison- my chemical romance
12. light up the sky- yellowcard
13. welcome to my life- simple plan
14. alive with the glory of love- say anything
15. the future freaks me out- motion city soundtrack
16. failure by design- brand new
17. scar tissue-red hot chili peppers
18. 99 red balloons- goldfinger
19. sophmore slump or comeback of the year- fall out boy
20. lovers in japan- coldplay
21. red flag- billy talent
22. a million ways- ok go
23. breakeven- the script
24. unwell- matchbox twenty
25. cookie jar- jack johnson
26. walk away from the sun- seether
ok there they are.
the game!!!
1. what are you listening to? hob scuffling around the kitchen.
2. what is your quest? to take whatever we want.
3. what tabs/windows are open? tabs: gmail, meebo, blogger, the goblog, heroes wiki. windows: sticky notes, internet explorer, my pictures.
4. what do you love right now? tracks
5. what do you hate right now? not too much actually. wait. desmond.
6. what do you want to eat/what are you eating? some noodles but hob won't let me! D:
7. what is your mood? awesome!
8. where are you? family room!
9. what are you going to do after you post this? retire to my room
10. what are you excited for? poo-bah to come home!
that's it! byeeeeeeeeeeee

Monday, March 29, 2010


Blehh girls something you may have noticed about me lately is I am being so darn lazy!! today I practically had to force myself to get started on this post! Hmmmm what to talk about in this post.....

I think first off I will share some pictures with you.

1. Livin' On a Prayer - Bon Jovi
2. Clint Eastwood - The Gorillaz
3. Endlessly - Muse
4. Magnolia - The Hush Sound

Ahh girls. I think I can't really work on my post any longer. My mom wants me to go to bed and it's not worth arguing. My posts have been sucking so much lately. =/ You girls should give me some advice on how to perk my blog posts up!!

1. what are you listening to? Stellar - Incubus
2. what is your quest? To stop being so lazy
3. what tabs/windows are open? tabs: blogger, goblog, facebook, gmail, blank tab
windows: internet, paint
4. what do you love right now? the pics game
5. what do you hate right now? Being lazy
6. what do you want to eat/what are you eating? Harozets (the apple stuff you eat at Passover) and I am content with eating that.
7. what is your mood? Frustrated
8. where are you? My bed in my bed room
9. what are you going to do after you post this? Sleep probably. =/
10. what are you excited for? Lost tomorrow!

Sunday, March 28, 2010


Alright I barely have a singly darn thing to say to ya because I have 33 pics to share with ya which equals 33,000 words apparently which is more words than I wrote for nanowrimo last year so me thinks I can just not say very many extry words. But anyway here are the words:
Girl I have been neglecting our fish! I used to feed them all the darn time. Maybs cuz they are not right at the top so i don't always see em.
ok i reached 300 drafts. actually 302. what in tarn.
ok yesterday i found this awesome thing where you can make a font out of your very own handwriting though idk if it costs money but someone oughtta try it.


ok and some of these have pretty teensy writing so def click on em if ya cant read em:

Fyoosh! Now the answers.
haha i accidentally did them in reverse alphabetical order i think. ah well.
1. Why Does it Always Rain in Me - Travis
2. We Used To Vacation - Cold War Kids
3. We're Golden - Mika
4. Wake Up - Arcade Fire
5. Under Pressure - Queen
6. Under Pressure - Queen
7. Ulysses - Franz Ferdinand
8. Transatlanticism - Death Cab for Cutie
9. Time is Running Out - Muse
10. Thoughts of a Dying Atheist - Muse
11. This is for Real - Motion City Soundtrack
12. The Scientist - Coldplay
13. The Chain - Fleetwood Mac
14. Stripped - Depeche Mode but secretly Shiny Toy Guns
15. Spaceman - The Killers
16. Sons and Daughters - The Decemberists
17. Skin and Bones - Motion City Soundtrack
18. Relax, Take it Easy - Mika
19. Radio Nowhere - Bruce Springsteen
20. Post Blue - Placebo
21. Parallel Worlds - Elliot Minor
22. Map of Your Head - Muse
23. Long Distance - Turin Brakes
24. Lonely Day - System of a Down
25. Let's Dance to Joy Division - The Wombats
26. Kryptonite - 3 Doors Down
27. It's Not the Fall That Hurts - The Caesars
28. High - James Blunt
29. Hallelujah - Leonard Cohen but secretly Jeff Buckley
30. Do it Alone - Sugarcult
31. Closer - Kings of Leon
32. At the Bottom of Everything - Bright Eyes
33. 42 - Coldplay

1. what are you listening to? The Scientist - Coldplay. Haha one of my piccies!
2. what is your quest? To turn everyone in the world into me!
3. what tabs/windows are open? t=gmail, twitter, this, thegoblog; w=itunes, internet, my pics
4. what do you love right now? the pics game
5. what do you hate right now? idk
6. what do you want to eat/what are you eating? no
7. what is your mood? the game
8. where are you? this chair in my room
9. what are you going to do after you post this? hob. and by that i mean like used as a verb. like when we ask gob if he is going to gob tonight? you know? ha.
10. what are you excited for? playin the game some more

i don't want to go