Sunday, October 30, 2011

last post of the month

so october is almost over so i figured i might as well post one more time this month.

ahhh i can't believe it's already almost november!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

well you know we all love making lists so here is a list of all the awesome stuff happening in November 2011.

-Last Marching Band contest in Ohio
-11/11/11 at 11:11
-The Muppets Movie
-This game called The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim coming out
-More new Supernatural episodes
-More new Dexter episodes
-My stupid first trimester being over and my easiest trimester beginning
-Cold weather and snow

haha i'm already making another list of stuff i need to bring to thanksgiving this year. icqcme for it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this year our school is getting wednesday off too so we should be able to leave for Wisconsin early in the morning because we don't have to worry about missing school. and that means maybe we'll actually get there before like 10 at night this time!!!

oops i forgot to post this yesterday, so i'll just post this today.

oh yeah, and happy halloween!!!!!!

haha someone dressed up as dobby just came to our house! and it was a little kid so he was about the same size as dobby and everything!

ok so this is all i feel like posting because i have a bunch of homework and stuff to do. blehhh. but i'll see you in november!!!!!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011




in my time of dying

everybody loves a clown


houses of the holy


what is and what should never be

fresh blood

a very supernatural christmas

mystery spot

no rest for the wicked

free to be you and me

Thursday, October 20, 2011

happy thursday!








okay well here is a pic

okay why is it taking so long to upload bleh the internet is being so slow

okay here it is

alright that is just fine i guess

okay well

here is the first fic for the kink meme!

its not great but i thought we just needed one to get everyone writing because so far there have been none and that is not okay

Sam/Dean handholding

Dean was paying for their food when he realized Sam was no longer standing by his side. He spun around, not seeing Sam in the restaurant at all. Dean’s heart sped up as he tried to think of why Sam was not with him… Was Lucifer talking him into putting a bullet through his brain? Was he hallucinating another Dean again? Was he having another seizure or passing out somewhere? Dean grabbed the food and ran outside. Sam was standing on the curb, about to walk out into traffic.

“SAM!” Dean yelled as Sam’s foot stepped onto the busy street. “SAMMY!” he ran at Sam, pulling him back onto the sidewalk.

“Dean?” Sam said in confusion.

“Yes, it’s me…” Dean breathed, holding tightly onto his little brother. “This is real, Sammy.”

“Uh…I know,” Sam said.


“I’m not hallucinating…right now…”

“Oh yeah?” Dean responded with a skeptical raise of his eyebrows. “Then why were you about to step out into traffic.”

“I was just crossing the street, Dean.” Sam gestured to where they had parked the car.

“Yeah? How about you tell me the truth? You’re really not seeing Satan right now?”

Sam sighed. “Okay, I am, but I know what’s real, Dean. I handle this.”

Dean shook his head. “Fine, but we cross streets together from now on. If you’re seeing the Devil you could be seeing a clear street where there isn’t one, you know what I mean?”

“Yeah, whatever, let’s just go.” Sam made to step off the curb.

“Sammy, wait,” said Dean, grabbing his brother’s hand.

“What the hell?”

“Just a precaution.”

Sam rolled his eyes incredulously. He didn’t understand the way Dean’s heart had nearly stopped when he had seen his brother about to walk out into traffic. Dean just couldn’t lose him again. He couldn’t do it.

“This is stupid, Dean. I don’t need to hold your hand,” Sam said as Dean tugged him across the street.

“As long as visions of Lucifer are dancing through your head, yeah I do, Sammy.”

“I told you, I know what’s real.”

“Oh come on, Sam, I always used to hold your hand when you crossed the street.” And in parking lots, libraries, restaurants, motel rooms… Dean remembered falling asleep with Sam’s tiny hand clasped in his.

“Yeah, when I was four,” Sam returned as they reached the Impala and got into their respective sides of the car.

Dean just shook his head. “Okay, look I know you want your independence or whatever, but is it so hard to hold your brother’s hand in dangerous situations?”

“Crossing the street isn’t a dangerous situation, Dean!”

“It is if you don’t know what’s real!”

“I know what’s real!” Sam nearly shouted. “At least…” his voice softened. “I know you’re real…and that’s all that matters to me.”

A smile tugged at Dean’s lips. “Okay, Sammy.”

okay that ending is worthless i mean what is that it like doesn't even have an ending but bleh i couldn't think of a way to end the thing

i can't wait for tomorrow! goos!

Friday, October 14, 2011

gob is posting again right now

ok i'm supposed to be going to bed now because i have to wake up in the morning tomorrow for marching band...but i'm going to just say i lost track of time or something. but if i don't finish as much as i hoped to write in this blog post i'm just going to go ahead and post it as is because i haven't posted in soooooooooo longggggggggggg.

wow apparently supernatural is coming to netflix soon!!! i wonder if that includes the current series as it airs on tv or like a day after. probably not but that would be awesome. wasn't heroes like that for awhile or something? idk.

speaking of supernatural, that was a really good ep tonight! i liked how sam and dean are like just back to doing cases now. i feel like this isn't really going to be the end of dean feeling guilty though, and it's going to be a problem dean and sam are going to work out throughout the season.

hahaha this is definitely the movie we have to go see this thanksgiving.

wow it's getting really close to tg already!!!!!!!!!!! icqcme!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i think a while ago i saw pictures of what the house we're in is going to be like and if i remember correctly it looked really awesome.

well i'm tired and i don't feel like saying anymore in this post. hopefully saying this doesn't jinx it but i should be posting a lot more often now!!!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

don't call me a fool!

hey gs just posting. is gob ever gonna post again or

aah this fanmix i'm making is going to be great. its prac done but i need to make art for it and bleh to lazy to open photoshop so that will have to wait

that is a nice fanmix hob but i still have to listen to it

i will prob post this fanmix soonish

its preseries

speaking of preseries that was a nice ep last night. well it was pretty good. i love little sam so. okay hob i'm just saying that to me when i watched the ep i wasn't thinking oh wow what's wrong with dean why did he kill that monster? i was thinking silly dean you don't have to be so jelly sam loves you the most. jk i was thinking dean that is uncool HE WAS THEIR FRIEND YOU LIAR LEVIATHAN. if they wanted to make a point that dean was being a weirdo they should have made it more clear.

okay just saying that.

also saying that i'm not that excited for the next ep except for one thing that is lawyer sam but bleh i do not like jo. i hope the ep will be better than it looks in the promo. what is the fifth ep even about i have not heard a shred of news about it.

you know what is a good ship it is dean and bobby

wow in that last ep bobby did not even care about sam at all. like remember when dean was trying to talk to bobby about sam and bobby was like whatevs he's fine. how is that even fine? except well maybe when sam was spacing out bobby was also spacing out but not in the way where something is wrong with your head just in the way where you are staring at a man you want to smooch and that is because bobby is in love with dean.

but dean will never smooch bobby that would be too much beard on his lips and not enough hair on bobby's head to grasp onto

he probably wouldn't even do it if bobby had been slashed up by hell hounds because he was stupid and tried to shoot them and then he was like whatevs i'll just stay here and die nbd. dean wouldn't even give him a small pity kiss

what am i even talking about

this week will suck blehhh i do not want it

more than this week i hate bobby though

omg remember in that ep when bobby gave dean this little pat on his face dsgldskgjlkdsjgd sthat was so annoying i want to shred bobby. that was probably really exciting for bobby though because he got to touch dean's face and dean was wearing one of those little hospital dresses so bobby was probably really into that

except what i would have done if i were bobby was stick around while dean got changed and helped him with his crutches and whatnot bobby you fool you missed your chance

jk because if i were bobby i would not have this pathetic little crush on dean. what i would do is find sam and look at him in a hospital bed. did sam ever get to have his mri because i would have liked to see that. that was nice when he was strapped to that thing though speaking of that i miss the panic room although that is the only part of bobby's house i miss. more than that i missed motels though that was nice how they went to a motel.

but wait okay you know how dean doesn't want sam to take his car places i guess even when there is a hunt and dean has a broken leg? okay i have an idea for him called he could get a motorcycle. just do it sam it would be really greaaaaaaaaaat.

ugh can that just happen i'm sorry i just need that

philo quests

ok here is a pre-series sam/dean fanmix!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

no sound but the wind | editors
we can never go home
we no longer have one
i’ll help you carry the load
i’ll carry you in my arms
if i say shut your eyes
if i say look away
bury your face in my shoulder

the bed | st. vincent
we’re sleeping underneath the bed
to scare the monsters out
with our dear daddy’s smith and wesson
we’ve gotta teach them all a lesson

by your side | house of heroes
brothers the same
raised on promises we’d stay that way
as boys we believed summers at sea
we were free to become men of good will
side by side

under my skin | jukebox the ghost
i can feel you breathing under my skin
each breath you take is a brand new begin
each breath you take, brand new beginning
my family has a way of getting under my skin

fireworks after midnight | gold motel
once we were careless kids on the fourth of july
while we watched the fireworks, twenty years went by
first you’re laughing, then you cry
fireworks are almost over; it’s after midnight
one last time, pull me closer after midnight

mykonos | fleet foxes
the door slammed loud and rose up a cloud of dust on us
footsteps follow, down through the hollow sound, torn up
brother you don’t need to turn me away
i was waiting down at the ancient gate

peachy | missy higgins
it’s no one’s fault, it’s nobody’s fault
that i fell on you and you on me
that’s what humans do as they pass on through
but i think we can’t, don’t you?
no of course you don’t, of course you don’t
you say life is peachy without me

never come back | company of thieves
you’re dirty, you’re sick, i don’t exist
you’ll never come back
you’ll never come back

for blue skies | strays don’t sleep
between you and me
you and me and the satellites
do you ever get homesick?
i can’t get used to it
i can’t get used to it



what else is there happening?

that was a p good ep
it was super good directed!! i wonder who was responsible for that fine directing!
bleh but it's like everyone is being really annoying about what dean did at the end. and i didn't like that he did that either but everyone is either hatin' on him for it or they're justifying it by saying like "he's just being dean and doing what he always does because he thinks it's the right thing to do blah blah blah" and those people are a bunch of dummies because obviously it's foreshadowing like the next ep and probably future eps and the whole point of it was that he's not "just being dean" and that he has some probs that they're hopefully finally going to deal with in this season. and also some people are saying itwas out of character, and it technically was but just not in a "bad-writing" way. and it also was not in a "he's just mouring cass way" you dummies. bleh i just want to punch some people in the face even if they are having hallucinations of their buddy lucifer or whatevs

alright well

where are my fics for my prompts
where are gob's posts
why is everyone so dumb
what should i have for lunch

the world may never know

Monday, October 3, 2011

this is real


ok here's some prompts

*noah/pretzels wedding fic
*sam/dean hand holding
*sam/dean or gen pre-series
*where john is like "you carry me!"
*gob/bugs fluff


will someone just fucking post?

gob hasn't posted since july

look here is a post and it isn't even hard to do

its on a monday

remember when...there was heroes on monday

that was a different time in my life

i wish it was friday then there would be supernatural

bum bum bum

omg that ep

that scene

i want to love it

jk i already love it but i want to watch it

ok help me stop only typing these little things on every line and then going to the next line this isn't a fucking poem what am i doing? you know what i love? that scene.

okay but please can someone post and they don't even have to write those fics for the kink meme but when they post can they put some new prompts preferably at least a few of them? you see i am going to a nobel conference and last year it was only tolerable because i had this fic i was writing and i wrote a lot of that during all the talks but this fic i was writing is not working out for me so i would gladly write you fools some fics while i'm there if you just give me some prompts. just like some pairings even like a lot of them and i'll write a bunch of short things that would be good and that would keep it fresh

ok so

prompts please

you know what i love? that scene omg i love it so much

bleh apparently misha might be in some more eps but no more cas i guess so that is good

i don't really mind misha...i mean i don't like him and he's annoying but i don't mind him when he's not playing cas. like i think i recall liking jimmy in that one ep and the leviathan was kind of interesting. so

ah that scene


um i have a pic i think


well i wish it was friday how will i get through this week idk it is only monday bleh please kill me

bleh today sucked i don't know why it just did i just felt so betrayed by mary today

hopefully tomorrow will be better

i need those prompts gs

if only gob were still alive