Thursday, November 20, 2014

they're here

heyyyyyyyyyy gs

tyt bout my pic gob. its an ipod touch!!!! the ipod i had before that was a really old one frm...i think i got it right before we went to dominica so. it was about time. anyway i can finally use all the apps and stuff that i cant get on my kindle. like now i have an instagram which im p excited about. wow.

ok heres my answers

*um we can probably bring a wiimote. i'll put noah in charge of that
*yea we can def do the talent show on friday or saturday. i think we usually do anyway but yea thats fine
*hmmm idk i'm good w/ pretty much any kind of snacks. i know last year you brought some kind of really good doritos but icr what kind it was but if you know whta they were then maybe you could bring those again. it was some kind in a purple bag i think haha thats all i know. otherwise idc.
*i cant think of anything that i wish we had brought last time. i'm sure there was some stuff but i forget sorry g
*no i hate tg
*hm idk if i want to do reddit secret santa. i kinda have a lot going on already but we'll see

bleh i still cant remeber what i was gonna ask you last night. oh well

questions for you

hey gs!

nice snow picture hob!  that's a lot more snow than we got here!  and yesterday the snow all melted too :(

what kind of new ipod did you get hob?!

okay here is a list of questions i have for you two before thanksgiving:

  • can you bring 1 wiimote and how ever many nunchucks you have from your wii?  the new game super smash bros that we are getting tomorrow can have 8 people play at one time!!!!  we have 6 wiimotes and a gamepad i think but we need one more wiimote and we only have 2 nunchucks.  haha that would be so fun to play a game with seth, nathan, kasandra, cm, noah, and then us 3 all at the same time!
  • can we do the talent show either friday or saturday night?  i have stuff i need to prepare for mine that i can only prepare when i get to wisconsin
  • what are some good snacks for us to bring?
  • what are some things that we wished we brought last time?
  • are you excited for tg?!?!?!?
oh and this is unrelated to tg but do either of you want to do the reddit secret santa gift exchange this year?  i'm doing it and it is going to be fun!!! also if i refer 5 people to it i get a free poster!  you have until december 1st to sign up.  if you do sign up, use this link below:

refferal link

Wednesday, November 19, 2014


heyyyyyyy gs

just a quicky post

nice pics gob!!!! i really love snow pics so those are especially nice!! heres a snow pic i took at school today:

i may not have a fancy camera but i did take it with my new ipod!!!!!!!

also tyt for all the jamz!! idk if i'll have time for another round but i'll try

also i already said this but icqcme to see whats in this box

thats all bye

i love snow

Here are some cool pictures I took outside our house on Monday when it snowed a bunch!  I can't wait to take a lot of pictures with my new Sony camera at Thanksgiving!  Hopefully there will be a lot of snow!

Monday, November 17, 2014

round 2!

hey gs!  here is round 2 of the tg jamz exchange!  this is a short one compared to last one but maybe i'll get to doing a better round 3

San Francisco - Foxygen
Olympic Antidote - Foals
Hey Mami - Sylvan Esso
Lucy in the Sky of Diamonds - The Flaming Lips (The Beatles cover)
Maiden Voyage - Herbie Hancock
These Are My Twisted Words - Radiohead
Forced In - Muse
Orawa - Wojchiech Kilar

Friday, November 14, 2014

hello small dogs

heyyyyyyyyyyyyyy gs!!!!

tyt for the jamz gob!! wow thats such an organized list. mine's not gonna be as organized but i'll make a list of songs and then a list of artists i think. sorry i didnt get around to posting this last night but i had to finish my homework. well i wonder if para will do the exchange. she probably doesnt know its happening. anyway


*christmas lights-paul baribeau
*easy money-johnny marr
*alley cats-hot chip
*beautiful boys-cocorosie
*mary jane-tori amos
*melody from the past-the megas
*new york city-punch brothers
*all the rage back home-interpol
*me and the devil-soap&skin
*happy idiot-tv on the radio
*they'll clap when you're gone-chelsea wolfe
*fast peter-moonface
*superheroes-daft punk

*mother mother
*jordaan mason and the horse museum
*julian casablancas + the voidz
*man man
*twenty one pilots
*the joy formidable

thats the stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hot apple cider

Hey gs, here are some thanksgving jamz!!!!!  The bolded jamz are the ones that I've listened to the whole album of and the whole album is really great and worth listening to.  The bolded AND highlighted jamz are the ones where I've listened to the whole album and the artist's entire disography a lot and just love everything they put out.  The ones that are not bolded/highlighted doesn't mean I don't dislike all their other songs, I just haven't gotten the chance to listen to them as much.

Guess Again! - Thom Yorke
Can't Do Without You - Caribou
Archie, Marry Me - Alvvays
Thanksgiving - George Winston
Snow in Newark - Ryan Hemsworth
No Surprises (BBC 1 Evening Radio Session) - Radiohead
Bloom (Jamie xx Rework Part 3) - Radiohead (Remixed by Jamie xx)
Midnight - Coldplay
363N63 - King Krule
minipops 67 [120.2][source field mix] - Aphex Twin
I'll Try Anything Once - The Strokes
Alphabet Aerobics - Blackalicious
First World Problems - Weird Al
Apologetic Shoulder Blades - Baths
Life on Mars? - David Bowie (all the music on The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou soundtrack)
Knee Play 3 - Philip Glass
Howling at the Moon - Phantogram
My Body is a Cage - Peter Gabriel (Arcade Fire cover)
Rice Pudding - Sufijan Stevens
Cristo Redentor - Donald Byrd
The Empire Strikes Backwards - The Bad Plus

okay there are a lot more things i could post about and i will but i'm going to save that for another day!

Friday, September 26, 2014


heyyyyyy gs

or whoev

well apparently para posting was only a one time thing. cool. well im in the worst mood bc my class was canceled and it was my only class today and im already at school and its like a 25 min drive and im stuck at school until 2:00. and like i left the house at 9:00 and i checked my email like 10 mins before that but she sent the email at exactly 9:00 and like this also happened on monday but at least i could go home right after but i cant even believe this hapened again cuz i checked my email like 50 times since last night cuz she said it mgiht be cancledd. im going to scream haha. wow imagine me just staying home today and getting it all did and jus chilling wow. when will this teacher just meet me in the pit

anyway im bored so im posting this. wow i was like ok im gonna respond to stuff and then say all my stuff but then i remembered theres nothing to respond to. great!!!

fortunately i have a lot to be said. maybe

well the week that spider gwen came out i forgot about it and also i was sick i think so i didnt get it but then i went there on wednesday this week and i didnt get any comics from this week but i got the spide gwen and i got original sin #8. wow im so behind on reading everything tho. but omg next week the new winter soldier is starting!!!!!!!!!!! icqcme!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! also according to this calendar also coming for us next week is the new thor!!!!! and amazing spide w ms marvel!!!!!!!! do i believe all this. well i want to. well i am def goin to the store on that next weds. and then a few days after is fall con. nice!!! and para comin oooooooooooooooo

wow i asked mom if she was gonna go to fall con cuz when there was spring con she couldntg go and she kept saying that she wished she could get to go w us but this time she was like "are you going" and i said yea and she said "ok well then i dont have to" so me think we were being lied to that last time

hm what else did i have to say

ok every time i remember about this big disaster that happened today i am ready to thro up

ble i have a lot to do at home like make salsa and vacuum and cleany room but i am not there

well i would say about my day but i already said about it. i will say about yesterday. uh i made a rosh hashanah din. that was basically it. ok i made jam with which to glaze the chicken and i made a challah and then i had leftover chinese lunch and then i finished the challah and then i went to an appointment and then i made roasty chicken n noodle kug n grilled baby broc. then i ate my din. then watched chop. then dipped apples in honey for a sweet new year. then tried to watch beat bobby flay but mom lost my place in it where i had paused and then the tv screwed up. then i chilled. then shower. then homework which was all for nothing. coolio

wow imagine if i was at home rn. i could be watching a show

ok i could go to panera but im just so lazy. and like i had a breakfast cuz i wasnt gonna have a lunch so now what


Sunday, September 14, 2014


heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy gs

wow im not the one who hcked up..............i wanted to post but no one else was posting so i decided not to post out of spite

also i thought para hated me so what was the point


lets get down to it

lets get down to it and do it

lets do it lets do it lets do it now

my chunks were leftover meat chunks i belive

the obscure space comic was most definitely nova

g did you ever think that your posters aint sticking because of the humidity............

oh dang it that roommate sounds like as bad as those other roommates you didnt like....altho you never clean up your hair in the bathroom js. well anyway you hecked up in having this roommate

what are you and ab writing?

aw g im really worried about tom

well apparently mom is now playing a dif game thats similar to the other one cuz she finished that one. wow why did i say that thing about imagine if she was playing kim kardashian. wtf

yea i got my ms marvel!!!! but tbh i havent read it still behind on everything

ok g as a matter of fact there is something i want you to respond to. its this:

"chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake"

omg i didnt know spide gwen was coming next week!!!!!!!!!!!! ill have to buy it!!!!!!!!!! that is sad about pete i guess. idk

well thats the stuff

omg a few weeks ago i saw on two dif occasionas...small little children out in public in spider-man costumes and just like.........the feels..............

well the other day i finally finished that ep of chop that we recoreded and that one shit head man made it to the last round but then lost to the white woman ehehehe. tho i was sad that the black woman got out in the first round but i kinda expected it basesd on the comments everyone got

omfg its so cold in the house and we dont have the heat on and mom is building a fire. what the fuck

im so close to finish cleaning my room that i can scream...........that petermj trade will soon be mine

im hungry

whoopie i started this post yesterady but then i felt badness in the night so i didnt finish it. but here i am

wow yesterday it was so cold in the house that i almsot died so we put a fire in the fire place but then smoke consumed me and i felt like i was going to die even more from that and i was still cold. wow. also me and noah went to two groceries to find apple cider. also we watched the book thief. today i went to work and let me tell you there were like two customers in the first hour and then not a single  customer for the rest of the shift and i was tryna train someone so that sucked for her but at least me got to leave like 3 hrs early. then i ate beef stew

wait i just realized that i already said about the coldness and the fire. well oh well

600 days until cap3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ok here we go. i did this post

Friday, September 12, 2014


Hey gs



Okay but seriously I was like ok I'm gonna start posting when school starts but then I didn't.  And then I was like ok I'm gonna start posting in September but then what

Okay we are let's start posting

First I'm gonna reply to everything

Sounds like that was a lil day you had what were those chunks

Haha obscure space comic was it Nova???

My old room is good except dangit I can't get my posters up no matter how hard I try.  Actually I haven't tried in a while maybe I will try again but just dangit

My roommate like I want us to be fine but we're not that fine like first of all I've become a problematic roommate bc I always have friends over and I know that would be annoying to me if she did that but I do it anyway bc I'm trash. But ok like shes so gross!!! Her side of the room is so messy she leaves dirty dishes everywhere her lotion stuff smells so bad and I hate it bleh.  Also her hair gets everywhere I mean I guess mine does too but I at least try to clean mine up but she just leaves it there and I really want to vacuum but I can't find a vacuum bleh.  Okay also she leaves the door unlocked all the time and leaves the light on. And her humidifer thing she leaves on all the time and like what is it for? What does it do?  That's still a mystery to me.  Oh also she chews on a blanket all the time.  Just why? Why do you do that?  Are you a goat?

Anyway that's happening.

Abby's good I guess we have writing time together every night basically although she's writing a lot faster than me and she's probably going to overtake me soon. I was going to write right now to try to stay ahead of her but I decided to write this post instead so you're welcome

Abby didn't bring her horse :(

Tom is fine.  Wait no he's sick.  But he's fine don't worry about him

Wow is mom still playing that game? Haha I never played that Kardashian game but I always thought if I did I would be MJ

OMG YOUR MS MARVEL COMIC!!! Did you get it????

Well actually the rest of your stuff is just stuff idk nice stuff.  Well if there's something there you want me to respond to directly then just holla at me



Wow I'm so excited but also.  I just read the preview and ok I know I said I wanted Peter to die but....when I read the preview and discovered he's dead I cried.  Dangit why do I do this?  I am trash. I am trash of the worst kind.  Except he didn't get thrown off a bridge dangit that fuckin nerd basically brought it on himself it looks like so he deserved it everyone stop crying ok

Um hmm what else?  I'm not gonna talk about every comic I've read but there haven't been a lot of great ones that I've read lately because I haven't been keeping up with all of them I need to do that and also probably because all the best ones we've been waiting for are coming this month or next month.

Okay well that's all I can think of to stay actually so

Have a nice day!

Saturday, August 23, 2014


heyyyyyyyyyyy me

just posting again cuz i have to say what i have to say

well today was a p more eventful day. first i had a brunch at a restaurant and it was p good. then i came home for like 1 hr and then left again to go to work. then at that place i spent like a lot of hours talkin bout comics time w this one new guy who apparently really likes comics and this g whos been there for longer than ive been there and i never knew she really liked comics i just thought she was like vaguely into them idk. then the rest of the time i just cleaned up a lot. then i came home and ate my chunks and now im here

wow the guy at work like hes in noahs grade at mounds view and he has some similar intersts to noah so i asked him if he knew him and he said he knew of him or somethin and he was like "one time i saw noah reading a comic but it was some obscure  space comic" and i was like ah yes


para gone

hows your good old room g?

hows your roommate???

hows abs

hows abs horse

hows tom

hows all your friends you made frm giving cookies out

hows barry

hows it all

ok i guess gobs not coming back to the blog not ever >:{

dang i onyl ha ve one more day before school starts but its not really like a day cuz i have to work and like id rather be at school than working anyway so this is basically nothing

i wonder if when para finally posts she will respond to all my things

if she ever posts

wow mom is obsessed w her kindle game. amazing. what if instead of that she was playing kim kardashian and she was obsessed w that. ok that wouldnt happen but thats sometihng i just dreamt up. ok i was playing that game a while ago and when i started it i made a girl and i had to name her and i named her mj and made her look like mj and then after i did that i found out my girl was bout to be a model and i was like wow

omg para today i listened to a voicemail i got two days ago was from the comic book store saying my copy of ms. marvel is


Friday, August 22, 2014

meat chunks

heyyyyyyyyyyyy me

wel im supre bored so im gon post again

but theres nothing to say

para is leaving us tomorrw

but hopefully shell be coming backt o the blog so thats really good

bleh tomorrow i have to work

tho i might have a breakfast so that will be good

today i just idk cleaned my room and stuff

ate spaghetti n meat chunks

just stuff

oh you know how yesterday i had no dessert well today there were a big amount

i had a cuppie

(and cooks)

wow we have all these cooks but i was planning on making some on tuesday

please let these ones be gone by then

i wish it was octobre

i wish my room was clean

i wish it were time for breakf

ok has gob started school back up yet and if so why wont he post

i guess it was just a childish dream of mine htinking he would come back to his blog

oh i played squares today but it wasnt the best

ok you know what i just felt badness so this is the end

Thursday, August 21, 2014

91 mol of dog + 400 mol of plog

heyyyyyyyyyyyy me

wow theres notihng to respond to in that last post. theres just no words..........

hmmmmmmm. what  can even be said


today i was gon clean me room all day but i just felt so lazy like usual so i cleaned it osme in the morn and then i was like ok ill have lunch thats what ill do and then ill get back to it. but i could spy notihng for lunch so i was like ok ill get some things i need from target and ill also get lunch so i went to targ and had a p bad lunch but w/e and then i got some things even tho i didnt exactly need them right away but i needed them pretty soon. then i went back home and i think cleaned some more or i did at some point and i did a lot more lazing and then i got a little hungry for dinner but i cleaned some anyway but then i got a lil too hungry so i lazed then i had good chicken wings and salad and then lazed. yea.

last night i had a dream that i was somewhere and i saw chris evans there and he was bout to do the ice bucket challenge, i somehow knew, so i followe dhim into a room and i was like please can i watch you do this but then there was a g somewhere else bout to do it too she was some actress or s/t and i was like ok im gonna see her do it first but then by the time i was done w that, chris evans had already done it and i was like dang it all to heck i missed a once in a lifetime opportunity.

well today he posted his vid of that for real and it was something. wellp he nominated sebastian stan n anthony mackie n other so please let me view these

wow its like the best part of the gob log is ppl responding to your stuff so what is the point

i want a snack

i want it to be choc

a big chocolate cake

ok theres nothing for snack im dead

chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake

Tuesday, August 19, 2014


heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy me

coolio stuff in your last post

ok lemme thik up some crazy days i had this summer. well there was the day when i had to get some hens from the airport and i didnt get a sleep and para was for some reason stayig up really late even tho she was tired and we watched the office on the couch and then i had to drive to airport w no sleep and i never drove there before and like there was a part where the road was really narrow n bumbity or smthn and i thought i was gonna die evry second. then i got thems and then came home and went to sleep for a few hours at like 11 am or whatevers and then i was supposed to make dinner but too tired and didnt want chinese food so we went to a mexican restaurant for some reason

hm there was a day wen i went to work at 6 am and didnt have any sleep the night before that either and basically all i had to do was make coffee and set sum stuff out and check up on it a few times and clean up and then just sit around for the rest of the hrs and then came home and there was no lunch so i left again and got a hot dog and then came back and idk and then i think i made dinner and then i tried to go to bed very early but could not and that made me feel bad inside and then the next day i had to have the same day so i only got 5 hrs of sleep that night

hm what else

those are my crazy days i guess

wow i keep missing mad eye so much. i wisj i had appreshed it more when i had it. usually the only times i miss mad eye are like june and july and those are fine cuz then mad eye comin for me.

well its just like the last few weeks since we got back have been kinda stressin and its just like wtf mad eye wouldnt treat me this way..........

now im listenin to my mad eyes and theyre making me miss that crazy place

today i woke up and i was gonna go out but then i didnt want to so i just stayed where i lived. i did some laundry and idk cleaned up a lil, had a frozen thing, blah blah blah, got ready, went to work, it was so busy at that place, just worked, left the place, went to subway cuz i wanted a sandwich and not a lot of places were open and i felt bad cuz it was 20 mins to closing and they were obv tryna clean up stuff and were starting to put stuff away and ik i hate when ppl come near to closing when im at wrok but then in came two more peeps and i didnt feel as bad. anyway the sandwich wasnt the best espec compared the the panera sand i had to other day but it was so cheap so i smiled. and then i came home which is where i ate the sandwich

wow this is so neat that i have my own blog. ive always wanted a blog

hawkeye is out for my toes

what the heck noah got a new theme. i dodnt like it......................

why are my fish right there

why are these tags so scrolling?

HEY YOU are you watching too?

ok you know what apparently last night there was a fire at the shoreview community center and yet the place didnt burn to the ground. somethin just aint right.

now is the time where i announce the game for next month!!!! it is this: everyone posts all the days when it is their turn to post!!

thanks you for reading my little blog

youre welcome

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

time trumpet

heyyyyy gs

ok just why

wow some of us were doing so nice on this blog for the beginning of the year and then it got danged to heck. well that will suck for when we want to read posts in the future from this summer and there are none. well what did i say about this being thehoblog. too bad gob is dead and para hates me and my blog so they will never kno that our fish are back w their background and everything. its just too bad. today i got right up and ate granola yogurt and then went to target and saw falcons and then did the stuff blah blah blah. then came home and then left again for the farmers market and voted and got butter and that took so long and then i came home and had to make dinner right then and it was p good but there was a bug in it and some people hated it and just whatev. then i just did nothing. would steve rogers have done any of that. well i guess he might have gone to target and looked for falcon figures. and then excitedly texted a pic to para. anyway today was not a best day. wow i have so much to do but every frickin day i have to go a place. though i try how can i carry on. it used to be so nice. it used to be so good. this post is veyr nice i will love it in one year. ok i guess really soon we'll kno if things will go back to normal when school starts. the best thing i cant wait for is for this star trek hell to end. hm this summer has basically sucked on ice. wel l this night is completely dead i hate it. i just hate it. thank you bye.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014


heyyyyyyyyyyyy gs

well i guess its my turn to post or w/e

ok we've been back from trip for some days now but i didnt relly kno whos turn it was not that it matters but this is me

doi g it was thehoblog bc it was like first gob disappeared and didnt post for two months and then para disappeared and didnt post for a lot of days and i was ook its happening again

yea well like basically all the shows i can think of that were tragically canceled have been on nbc so lol

um the show is about sebastian stan crying and me also crying. acutally its a good show but

maybe all her friends except one got their noses stolen so they only have one nose between them

nice talk about comics except i havent read two of those yet so i shant read your talk yet

yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa thats the best news ever about that samcap mighty slavengers. its all happening

tyt for those jamz

today i ahd to write a letter thing for a form i had to turn in and i spent the entire day putting it off and literally like every hour i told myself i would start it at the beginning of the next hour and i finally did most of it and it took like 5 mins. just life

hm what elsei did today was cleaned my room some and wrote a few recipes and saved a lot of recipes and had just a few noodles for lunch and had tofu dinner and just lived a lot and yea

ok well on that mad eye i was bored to tears most of the time wow. i was reayd to go home by wednesday. altho the only good thing was when i kept having dreams about being at work and then i woke up and i was on vacation. that was good i guess. well i was reading a good book but i didnt really read much of it til the last few days and it took some time to get good so thats what happened

on thurs i have to wake up at 5 am and idk if i should not sleep at all tonight so i can get to bed early tomorrow night or try and jsut wake up really late tomorrow so i can not sleep at all on tomorrow night. i like none of those options cuz i like my sleep. wow i used to pull all nighters all the time but now im too weak. at least i dont have to drive to airport. ok if i do the first one like what if i do that but then i cant get to sleep tomorrow night and then im screwed to heck. ok you know what. im just gonna do what i do best. whatver that is

i wonder if gob will come back in the fall


Saturday, July 26, 2014

hwite people

heres jamz

*empathy-crystal castles
*mr. roboto-styx
*reagan's skeleton-yeasayer
*mary jane's last dance-tom petty and the heartbreakers
*black gold-foals
*friend, please-twenty one pilots
*we will commit wolf murder
*virgin-manchester orchestra
*shoot the water-austra
*little things-danny elfman

Friday, July 25, 2014

what the hair

Hey gs

Okay lets do this let's do this

How can it be the Hoblog when most of the post this month have been my dumb drawings js

Wow do all shows on nbc just have hecked up endings just what

What's that show even about idek

Bleh I can't even think about that tasm3 thing it makes me want to slaughter 10 men each of them larger than the last

Maybe all of her friends is just one person so they only have one nose... like here is all of my friends. that's just one person. yeah but that's them all. or maybe she has two friends one is normal the other is the dark lord voldemort so there's only one nose there. Or maybe they have one big nose they all share. We just do not know

Now it's gonna be let's talk about comics time I guess but I don't even remember what I still gotta do so let's see

Ms. Marvel #6
*Dang this comic is so good and cute this comic is what all comics should aspire to be like
*Haha at first when I read this I thought the growling in the pothole might be Wolverine lol but it wasn't
*"you're a bird"
*of course the clone of Thomas Edison would be evil
*"wow. such athletic. very claws. so amaze."
*Wow when Kamala does her lil dance when she meets Wolverine that's so small pls destroy me
*How tall is Kamala? Well, taller than Wolverine lol
*I want to read that Wolverine and Storm in space fanfic!!!!!!!!!!
*But I do not want to read that Emma and Scott fic ntyt
*Aw Kamala feelin bad for the alligator that's small
*Wolverine ball!
*Well Kamala can be healing factor twinsies with Peter when she meets him. And huge nerd twinsies. And I was/am a teen superhero twinsies I guess.
*Dangit tho I kind of wish Peter was coming to Ms. Marvel instead of Kamala coming to ASM bc this book has better writing and better art bleh idk about Slott writing Kamala...but whatevs I am still really excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Original Sin #6
*Does Nick Fury even like anyone???
*The only one of those ppl I would trust to keep the world save is Black Panther tbh
*Um what did Fury do to Buck?
*Dang the Avengers look so cute in their matching armor...but why
*Um is that guy on the last page still Nick Fury what happen???

She-Hulk #6
*Dang the art in this issue is so disappointing bc you see the cover and you're like ah beautiful Kevin Wada art!!! And then you turn the page and you're like oh okay it's Javier Pulido art that's still cute! And then you turn the page again and you see the real comic and it's the ugly Ron Wimberly art and you're like oh......
*Aw man I feel bad for Angie
*"He-Hulk" lol
*Dang this comic is really good and has tons of ladies and poc and a monkey but...this art I don't like it that's all I can say :(

Well those are the comics from last week I'll do this week's tomorrow I promise

But WOW REALLY GOOD NEWS Might Avengers is relaunching and SamCap is going to be leading them!!!!!! (its now gonna be called Captain America and the Mighty Avengers I guess) I'm so happy bc now I can read about SamCap w out having to deal with yucky Remender!!!  Also Greg Land is not gonna be drawing it anymore!!!! That's great bc he is also horrible!!!!  Also Spider-Man is rejoining the team and it will be great this time bc it will actually be Peter instead of Ock!!!!! I'm so excited for this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Welp here some jamz ????

captain america-the hit crew
the war was in color-carbon leaf
i don't wanna be (a superhero)-roadrunner united
moving to new york-the wombats
dick & jane-sidney york
here is a heart-jenny owens young
air-the owls
australia-the shins
this is a song-the magic numbers

Have a nice day!!!

chapter 7

Someone small looked so good. The small person was just named MJ. She looked so good. "Wow," said she to her friend. "I look so good." Her friend said, "I don't look good." Her voice was bad. Her hair was so not did. "What the hair?" said MJ. She wanted to help the friend. but nothing could be did. "Please get away," she screamed so loudly that her little friend felt fear. Then her hair got a new look because she put her hat on her self and stuck a feather in her little cap. Then Cap came in and said, "Wow, nice feather," in Spanish. "Where did you learn that language?" asked MJ. She wanted to learn that same thing. "I don't remember," said Cap. "But I can tell you why I have to destroy my favorite little friend." "Who is that friend?" asked MJ's mouth. Cap said, "It's my friend named Spider-Man." "Oh," said MJ. But she wanted to know if this was real. "Is this real?" she asked. "I don't remember," said Cap, "But I'm going to tell him that he has three days to live." MJ said, "Oh, cool. But can I live with Gwen still?" "Sure," said Cap. "That sounds nice." "Thank," said MJ. "But I need to know why you are destroying that spider." Cap said, "Because he doesn't love soup." MJ said. "Wow, that makes sense." Then she said, "Bye." And left. Her friend said, "Bye," and started choking on her hair. Cap felt like leaving so he took his feather and left.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, where Professor Bohrod was killing her friend, Professor Xavier. She was feeling so good. "That's why I like to do what I do." She said. Professor Xavier was not listening because he had just passed away. After that everyone had been feeling happier because Professor X was so gone. "Hooray!" they all sang. "The most bald guy is exed out!" Then Magneto said, "I feel blue. But that's because I loved that bald man." Magneto didn't know anything about love.

Meanwhile, Kitty was just dancing and having fun. Her friend named Cyclops was also trying to stop from killing someone with his eyeballs. Kitty couldn't care about that because she was having fun. "Please don't let the music stop," said Kitty. Cyclops was about to turn into a very bad guy. But then, Kitty said, "I'm small." And then she did something really good. It was that she just accidentally killed Cyclops with her dancing. "Oops I did it again," Kitty sang. But then she saw someone coming towards her. "I can't believe it's my last chance," said the guy. "What did happen?" asked Kitty to guy named Wolverine. "I just need to kill you now." "Why?" spoke the Kitty. "I wanted to kill Cyclops but you did it so now look what has to happen." "Please just don't," said Kitty. "If you don't stop then you might regret what you do." Wolverine just started to feel like a failure. He had nothing left. "I have nothing left," he said. Kitty said, "Me and my big mouth," because she was just about to tell Logan that her friend, named Jean was still here. But she then realized that she had to save that girl from this Wolverine so she didn't.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

the littlest seahorse


well well well looks like this is thehoblog now. thats fine. ive had enough of waiting for para to post honestly and i keep thinkin like well whats future hob gon do when she wants to look at posts from july 2014 and there aint none. tho i guess this is like my last post for over a week anyway cuz we goin to mad eye soon.

well obviously there isnt anything to repsond to

today i woke up and felt dead inside cuz i finished a show last night that destroyed my miserable body so there was nothing lef tto hold all my insides in and they all died. nice! then i found some jamz and stuff and mixed up some stuff. then i had some frickin little frozen waffles for lunch and i didnt want that at all. then back to jamming. then me and para went to the comic book store and i got storm and other. then we went to regular bookstore and i got nothing. then we came home and hunger consumed what was left of me. then i ate 5 servings of pasta

anyway please never wathc a show on the national broadcasting company everything i kno goes away in thne end. and i could have it all. my empire of dirt.. it wil let oyu down. it will make you hurt

what have i swetest friend

this is nice. thehoblog has such nice posts

i have so much to do tonight but i dont want it

i hav so much to do before mad eye but i dont want it

oh wiat today i also learned about tasm3 in 2018. ther eis nothing left for me but to die

i hope me in one year is loving thist post. hey g, what's up. hows things. hows it w less than one yr until cap3 hows less than 3 yrs until tasm3. hey how the fck was slavengers2????????????????????? anyway how ar eoyu w living your life. does anything have meaning again .. i hope not. bye.

what els ecan i say. he wanted her. shed never tell., secrely she wanted him as well. why do her friends have just one nose

well thank you

Friday, July 18, 2014


heyyyyyyyy gs

blh i cant think of anything else gob loves to summon him w :(

yea nice choc cake

your fic is coming honey

yea but i dont think i knew of petermj when i wrote the story so their existence at that time is irrelevant.

yeaaaaaaaaa all these dang comics coming for us!!!!! wow i didnt hear of superior iron man but any iron man could be superior to tony so

but yeah same bout thor and like even tho i want a woman thor and icqcme, im a lil bit sad still. well at least w captain america its like we knew there was gonna be a new cap and then sam being cap is the best possible thing we coulda hoped for. idk hwats being said. its w/e

anyway its basically like every day we learn of a new thing coming for us in october

plus theres these dang slavengies2 things happening. boy oh boy


those were my words about all those beautiful drawngis

today i woke up dead and i had chips for lunch and beans and then i tried to clean a little but i had pain so then i chilled and waited for ppl to pick me up and then they picked me up and we went to ice cream but i got caribou. then i made pretzel bread and tomato soup w my sous chef and then i watched a sho and thats about it

whoops i missed the deadline for posting. well who really gives a heck

bleh i cant even imagine making it to my bed but i want to have a good sleep and i cant have that on the couch please have me destroyed

Thursday, July 17, 2014


imagine petermj coming home and theyre really sleepy and theyre like “ok where are our keys” and peters like “uh i think i accidentally dropped them into a chinese takeout container yesterday. and mjs like “ok well i threw that out” and peters like “what. why would you throw out the keys” and mjs like “i didnt kno they were in there” and peter is too sleepy to climb up the building and go through the window and mjs really sleepy too so shes like ok that makes sense so they have to go dig through the trash for their keys and when theyre in there they realize thats where they belong


Hey gs!!!

Whoops I forgot to post. I was having fun I was drawing and just having fun. and so I forgot

WE WANT GOB DEAD NOW!!!! jk we want him alive n postin




Did that get him?

That was good chocolate cake we had

Pls write that fic

Nice lil day

Wow that dream is something tho tbh I can kind of see why dream Para wasn't impressed perhaps was thinking that since Peter and MJ still existed even then when you would have written that story then maybe lil you coulda been influenced by that but that Dane Dehaan thing just can't be explained so

Oh yeah I was watching Avengers Assemble.

WOW so many new comics news thats so exciting wow first a woman being Thor then Sam being Cap and also I hear there's going to be a Superior Iron Man. That's p crazy since Thor, Cap, and Iron Man are kind of like the three amigos you know what I mean and none of them will be who they like to be. But that's fine. Idk who the Superior Iron Man's gonna be but I hope it's someone really good I hope it's not a white guy!!!

Tho one thing that kind of bugs me about the Thor thing is that Thor isn't like a codename that's Thor's actual name his name is Thor he's not gonna have his own name they're going to give it to someone else?  That makes me really sad for him. Also I thought his hammer was like bound to him now or something or did that get undid. Well anyway that just bugs me a lil bit but I still like the idea of a woman being Thor...just maybe they could have called her just the God of Thunder or something instead of taking Thor's name but

Falconcap look so good just dang

Welp have a nice day!

Monday, July 14, 2014


heyyyyyyyyy g


nice vid!!!

yea im thinkin bout that SUSHI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! again and jus lovin it

aw g i want that choc cake

nice talk about comics. tho id didint read the learning to crawl one cuz i didnt read that comic yet

ok i didnt write your fic. its fine

today i had lunch and then went to the store to get a few ingredients i needed for make dinner and i had to go to like four stores to find a thing plus one of those stores i went to twice plus i went to the drugstore to get some dif stuff. so fun. then i got home and cleaned room a lil. then i made lo mein dinner. then i tried to get jamz and felt boredom and then watched a show

last night i had a dream that was like i found this story that i wrote when i was little and it was coincidentally bout a girl named mj who happened to have a bf named peter. and i had like cut a bunch of pics out of magazine or somethin as illustrations for the story and so there were pics of dane dehaan as mj's and peter's friend and i was so amazed bout the whole thing and i showed para and she wasnt as amazed as me wtf

whats para watching. i hear captain america

ok back to my show

freedom boy

Okay here's my vid finally

don't anyone love a spider?

Heyyy gs

Bleh when will Gob return from his three month boat trip

Tyt about my fanmix yeah I hecked it up :(

Also tyt about my fic

Nice lil day. Yeah that was good SUSHI that we had

When will we get us that chocolate cake

It's time for let's talk about comics time but icr what comics I need to do still I'm just gonna do some of the most recent and then we'll see

Fantastic Four #7
*What the heck when will this series stop making me cry every issue???
*That what happened to Ben look v scary :o
*tbh think about what could have happened if Johnny hadn't been there to burn the cables what if it had gone wrong anyway what if Reed has just hecked it up and Johnny hadn't been there to save the day just think
*hey speaking of that are we even really sure it was Johnny's fault I mean all he did was sit down in it are we sure Reed didn't just heck it up and blame it on Johnny to make him feel bad and make himself feel better like that seems like the kind of thing he would do I wouldn't put it past him
*Bleh Reed's so scary and stretchy I'm afraid
*Sometimes I don't think I hate Reed as much as I do like bc I started hating him so soon into meeting him that I think I might have misjudged him like I did w MJ but then nope I didn't I made the right call on that Reed is absolute garbage and not in a good way
*Pls stop calling Johnny stupid everyone :( bleh where's Peter he needs to come cheer up Johnny asap
*Everyone time I see Alicia I am confused and disappointed bc I always picture her as she is in the FF movies that's just so much better
*"can you unlock it using your science" lol
*Wuh oh

Daredevil #5
*This was a good issue but idk what to say about it
*MattFoggy is really small it makes me wish there was someone who looked better playing Foggy in the Daredevil show so it would be better to ship tbh
*I can't tell if by "going out small was a better option" he meant it would have been better if they'd just said he died of cancer or if that was just a pun about Ant-Man lol

Amazing Spider-Man 1.3: Learning to Crawl Part 3
*Clayton is so annoying bleh
*lol "the drug lord of forest hills"
*Okay I feel like the part w the Vulture would be really confusing if you haven't read that issue like even I was a little confused until I realized that was what was happening
*Um don't we already know that Peter wins the science fair? Or is that a different science fair?
*"see I'm talking to an aunt" icqcml
*Wow that Reed costume truely amazing
*That's so sad just what
*tho lol that "to be continued...?" like yeah that's just the end he gives up being Spider-Man in the second issue that's just what happens

100th Anniversary Special #2: Spider-Man 
*This issue was pretty good......but the best part is the art pls let the art in Spider-Man books be this good in the future...tho when this issue is supposedly gonna be I'll that too old to be reading comic books???
*Well tbh parts 1-7 of this arc seem more interesting I would rather see Peter being corrupted by the techno-symbiote suit than him fighting Kingpin Venom
*Tho I did like how he did the whole fight entirely in his underwear that was great
*Yeah the second best part of this issue is that Peter is basically naked the whole time haha
*Wow I saw someone being like why did Peter shout "NO!" when Eddie died but tbh if you think Peter isn't gonna shout his lungs out when anyone dies meaninglessly like that then um you don't know Peter
*Plus you don't know maybe in the future they are friends I mean it says they came to an agreement to destroy the suit together that doesn't sound like they were really enemies that much
*Peter still looks like he's like 22 dangit just how
*Wow 48 years from now PeterMJ still aren't together pls destroy my life
*NOOOOO!!!! Aunt May!!!!! That's so sad just why
*Ah yes Peter sewing I love it
*Okay like not a lot happened in this issue I guess but it was really beautiful and sad
*Plus it was just like a nice good solid issue of Peter getting beaten up and being bloody and crying and naked so I'm really okay w that

Okay thats enough of that for now

Dangit I'm trying to put this vid but it needs to process idk how long that will take so I'll put it tomorrow if you see it on youtube don't watch it yet pls

Okay that's all have a nice day!

Sunday, July 13, 2014

buck rogers

high school musical
someone really small
comic book
90s songs
a g
a movie
a ship

Friday, July 11, 2014

hwipped cream

heyyyyyyyyyyyyyy g(s)


theresn o words for what i see on our blog

bleh i miss gob

yea its like if you dont post a couple times you cant really care like in the office when andy was gone for some months or osmething and then he came back and a bunch of ppl just walked outta there in the middle of the day and he was like where are oyu going and they were like uh not on a 3-month boat trip. maybe thats where gob is

nice fanmix!!!!!!!! tho u hecked up cuz it started out so small n happy n then it hit me w my feels. jk that fine

wow nice fic. wow.

ok i have nothin to giv ein this post

today i had lunch, did laundry, cleaned my room some,chilled, did the kitty litter, took a shower, read a comic, chilled, went out to din and had tempura and SUSHI, chilled

wow icqcme for a lotta things

i want chocolate cake


i guess thers nothing

the new winter soldier comic looks great

imagine petermj following the yellow brick road. mj is a girl w beautiful red shoes and peter is her dog in a basket

Wednesday, July 9, 2014


Hey gs!!!!

Welp sorry I haven't posted the past few days

Tho tbh is that really so bad compared to Gob who has barely posted for like 2 months???

Tyt about my fic and my comic thoughts and blah blah

Wow those dreams theres no words

Also that fic wow I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay here's a fanmix this is out of order I think but this is the ship one I guess it's GweMJ and it's called dance with me tonight :) you can listen to it here

Also you can view this pic I drew while you listen to it mayb

1. Why Do You Let Me Stay Here? – She & Him
Why don't you sit right down and stay a while?
We like the same things and I like your style

I think you're just so pleasant
I would like you for my own

2. Dance With Me Tonight - Olly Murs
Look around there's a whole lot of pretty ladies
But none like you, you shine so bright, yeah

Oh baby,
I just want you to dance with me tonight

3. My Best Friend – Hello Saferide
We even like the same movies
No damn jedis or hobbits, this time
And you laugh at my jokes and I laugh at your jokes
And I even like the birthday presents you get me
 And we dance in the living room, dance on the sidewalks
Dance in the movies, dance at the festivals
Let's dance, dance
No men ever really dance like this

Damn! I wish I was a lesbian
Damn! I wish I was a lesbian
Damn! I wish I was, and that you were, too
So I could fall in love with you

4. My Best Friend’s Hot - Dollyrots
My best friend’s hot
My best friend’s hot
No matter what I do you love me not

5. I’m Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How to Dance with You – Kate Nash
You are the girl that I've been dreaming of
Ever since I was a little girl

I'm not gonna teach him how to dance with you
He's got two left feet and he bites my moves

6. Fixing Her Hair – Ani Difranco
She's so happy
And I think, this is not cool
'Cause I know the guy she's been talking about
I have met him before, and I think
What is this beautiful beautiful woman settling for?

7. The Bodies! The Zombies! – Mal Blum
I hate this, don't you move to New York
You'll jump off of the bridge again
And I will never see you

8. Almost Lover – A Fine Frenzy
I should've known you'd bring me heartache
Almost lovers always do
We walked along a crowded street
You took my hand and danced with me

I never want to see you unhappy
I thought you'd want the same for me
Goodbye, my almost lover
Goodbye, my hopeless dream

9. Stolen Dance – Milky Chance
And I want you
We can bring it on the floor
You’ve never danced like this before

Coldest winter for me
No sun is shining anymore
The only thing I feel is pain
Caused by absence of you

Dang I need to have lets talk about comics time from last week still I think and also this week tho I haven't read those comics yet we need to go to the store some day tho first we need to decide what to do about my falcon action figure!!!

Okay here's your fic this one's not the best I didn't have that many ideas for it I can't write fight scenes I'm sorry

"HE SAID WHAT????" Bucky yells super loudly, making Steve cringe.  Bucky has his grumpy face on, which isn't that different from his usual face but this grumpy face looks extra grumpy somehow.

"Okay," says Steve.  "Just never mind.  Please forget it."

"I think I've done enough forgetting recently, don't you?" Bucky responds.

Steve sighs.  "That's not what I meant," he says.  Bucky stands up. "Where are you going?" Steve asks.

"To give Stark a piece of my mind," Bucky tells him.

"Whoa there, settle back easy, Jimmy," says Steve.

Bucky looks at Steve.  "Who the hell is Jimmy?" he asks.

Steve chuckles. "I just thought I might start calling you Jimmy.  You know, because your name's James."

Bucky shakes his head incredulously and marches out the door.

"Bucky!" Steve yells, running to the door after him.  "Bucky, Bucky, come on!"  But Bucky has already disappeared.

"Dangit," says Steve.

Meanwhile, Tony Stark is just shining his armor humming a little tune.  Then suddenly he spots a reflection in the surface.

"Feels like someone's coming towards me," he says to himself.  He turns around and sees Bucky just standing there. "Oh," he says. "What's up?"

"I heard you were talking shit," says Bucky.

"What?" says Tony. "I never said anything about you..."

"Not about me," Bucky explains. "About Steve."

Tony just shrugs. "I don't know what you're talking about," he says.

Bucky leaps at Tony and grabs him by his shirt. "Everything special about you came out a bottle?" he quotes.  "Let me explain you a thing!"

But instead of explaining Bucky just decides it would be much easier just to beat him up and that's pretty easy since Tony's not wearing the suit.  It turns out that being a billionaire genius playboy philanthropist is not much use against the Winter Solider.

As Bucky leaves Tony bleeding on the ground Tony yells after him, "I never liked you, Barnes!"

Then Bucky goes home and tells Steve what happened and Steve says, "Oh Bucky you little rascal." Then they have the second best sex ever god bless America.

Okay the prompt for my next fic is...gwemj and peterjohnny going to a party

Saturday, July 5, 2014

chapter 6

The guy who loved Captain America was just living life in America. He wanted his friend named Sam, the coolest bird, to give him some good advice, so he called him into his house where he and Kitty were living and asked about his friend.  "How do you know this man?" asked Bucky. "What you talk?" asked Sam. Bucky just quietly cried.  He was so sad because he felt sad. Sam said. "Why this happen?" Just then, Kitty jumped through the window and said, "I see my friend named Bucky just looking a mess." Then Sam said, "Please get away from me." Kitty said, "I'm going to get my shoes so I need to call my friend, MJ. She loves those shoes." Kitty left with her only little thing. Then Bucky said, "I don't want to live." He then said, "How do we do what do?" Sam didn't know what to say so he left. He went to the mall and found Kitty and MJ. "Hey Squirrel-friends! What's this?" He pointed to Kitty's hair. "That look good." "Thank," said Kitty.

Meanwhile, the Captain of America was crawling around in his bed. "This feel good," he said to his friend. Then his bed was feeling even more good. He asked his friend if he could just leave. His friend was just not having a good time. Then his friend said, "Okay, but you need to live." Then he left. Cap felt sleepy but he wasn't wanting to sleep because his bed was so good. "Okay," he would say if he hadn't gotten himself in trouble. Cap decided to not let anyone tell his friend about when he destroyed his life. The he just went to sleep. He slept and woke in the good old place where he fell asleep. It was his good bed.

Meanwhile, Spider-Woman and Captain Marvel were having really good, really nice, really just some good hot and delicious soup. The best part was the tomatoes because they were so good. "My tomatoes so red," said both gs. "The best color is green," said one of the tomatoes. The tomatoes were talking but nobody could hear them. Nobody was listening. They were busy loving soup. Spider-Woman loved soup. Captain Marvel loved Spider-Woman and soup. "Let's some soup," they sang while eating their soup. Then they just loved what they had.

Meanwhile, someone named Wolverine was just afraid.

Meanwhile the little guy named Spider-Man was wishing he had someone to love him. Unfortunately nobody love a spider. Therefore, he decided to find a way to become a boy. "I'm gonna be a real boy," he said to his reflection. He started on Monday because that was his birthday. He didn't have anyone to remind him so he accidentally until he remembered. "That's okay," he said. Then he started to feel someone coming towards him. "Feels like someone's coming towards me," he said to his reflection. Then he remembered that forgot about his friend, everyone's friend, Captain America. Cap was coming towards him. "What this mean?" he wondered. Then Cap said, "I need to know what you're favorite kind of soup might be." Spider-Man actually didn't like soup so he just lied and said, "I love soup." Cap agreed. "Yeah, soup is wonderful." Then Spider-Man felt like telling the truth so he said, "I actually hate soup." Cap punched him but he missed. "That's because you are a man-spider." Spider-Man just started to jump around and say, "I'm so bouncy!" Cap said, "Okay, but you are so weird and radioactive." Then he left.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

petermj cap

heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy gs

wow. wow.................................are there kno what im tlaking about

noooooooooooooooooooo dont let gob kill our gf!!!!!!!!!!!!!

aw g but the juicy gossip wouldnt interest you so

oh ok well im still mixing up stuff fo rthe game so. well i havent been but i plan to

but that g doesnt love spider-man that much idk

nice talk about comics. well the ones i read anyway. some will spoil me. oh i guess i can read the one for asm now. well ill do that later

nice day

WOW THAT FIC WOW............................ARE THERE WORDS..................I LOVE IT. THOSE ARE MY WORDS. ok i would say more bout it but you were there as i read it so you kno my feels

ok today i went to target and got some storage containers and looked all over for the glasses aisle w a dummie and got some frozen things and other. then i got chipotle. then i just bopped around for some hours i think. oh i mixed up something good. then made roasty veg pasta. and then read a comic. oh wait no i also read a comic in the afternoon. then i tried to do laundry and looked thru a whole pile for a certain shirt and had a hurt back and couldnt find it and then i found it elsewhere

okkkkkk well the night before last i had a dream where i was steve and i was in this very house w bucky + a bunch of other people and there were also some people who thought all us were evil or something even tho??? hello im captain america/???? anyway me and some other person got captured by them and tied to chairs in a room and i escaped from that really easily and i was like wow why do they always use these lil ropes. and then i kept going on about it like "they couldnt at least have tied knots? because that would make it so much harder to escape cuz youd have to untie all the knots" and the other guy was like "ok". except halfway through when i was escaping someone came in so i had to put the ropes a little bit back but then they left and i escaped. anyway then they found out this one g was apparently the red skull's daughter even tho she was dif from the actual red skull's daughter and she was supposedly on my side. then she and bucky nad some others were in a room i think and then we all escaped and ran out of the house and a little bit down the street and i kept lookin waiting for bucky to come out and everyone was running and i kept being like "wait!!! please wait!!!!!!!!!" and a couple of people only spoke spanish i think? or they were just speaking it cuz they were annoyed w me and they all wanted to just leave and i was like "ok w/e you can all just go on w/out me i dont care". wow steve please. nd i was like all ready to die if bucky didnt come out. and everyone was just kinda standing there w their arms crossed looking annoyed and then i asked this one g like "you were in a place w bucky. did they get him" and idk if she answered but then i read the comic book of where this happens and i found out that really bad stuff happened to bucky. then i woke up. nice.

wow ok also last night i had a dream that wasnt as craz but it was just craz that i had this dream the night after that other dream but it was like i was spider-man but this time i was hob still. hob was spider-man. and para was some other superhero who i forget and she had this bf and he just like thought i didnt like him even tho i think that wasnt tru idk but he really wanted me to like him for some reason i guess so he called me up and did this big speech and i couldnt really hear him nor care so i pretended to be listening and the whole time i was thinking about how i could just go thwip and swing around the room while i was "listening" but para was right there and i knew she wouldnt like that. also i wished the guy didnt kno i wwas spider-man so i could tell him

i wonder what superhero im gonna be tonight!!!

ok its let's talk about comics time

original sin #5
*well this was kind of boring
*blah blah blah
*that man-spider icqcml
*ok how did bucky kno about all this tho? or some of it or
*wow good ol marty and matilda
*haha that weird radioactive man-spider
*so fury was jus gonna shoot him and that would be that
*what does ant man mean why is he so old? he should be asking like "wow how old are you". or does he mean like "how are you even still alive if youre that old

im not gonna do that spider-man one

ok heres my fic

it was a blustery blistery day. but peter and mj had been planning for months on going strawberry picking today so they went for it anyway. before they got out there, they made a game plan that they were gonna get one good box full of berries. then they said a go team and peter swung them out there. it was with great difficulty cuz there werent many buildings around so they had to swign frm some lil trees mostly and they ended up just crawling in a field part of the way. but that was all they could do because neither of them knew how to drive.

when they arrived they were asked by the boxes girl how many boxes they wanted.

"two please," said peter.

"wtf," said mj.

"whoops," said peter. "that just slipped out." he truly couldn't do anything right. but now they were stuck with their two boxes and they knew they had to fill them up or the would look like fools.

"ok," mj said grinning. "let's make it a competish. whoever fills up their box first has us both dinner tonight."

"yeah okay," peter agreed, and they shook on it, both hoping with all their might that they would be the winner because neither of them had any money.

they got out in the field and started at it. mj immediately got down in the dirt and started shuffling around the bushes, looking for the most beautiful, reddest, juiciest berries alive. she hummed a lil song to herself and plopped one juicy berry after another into her box. she looked over at peter in the next row over, every so often and saw that he, too, was down in the dirt getting it did. he was pluckin em one-by-on and laying them gently in his box,looking lovingly at each one as he did so. what a guy.

before too long, however, it started to started to drizzle, and then rain. and then pour. 

"oh shoot," said mj, trying to shield her berries from the drops. "peter, we better go."

"yeah," peter said. "okay."

they both laid their baskets side by side and stared down at them.

"........................." they said.

"mj," peter said. "you picked like ten strawberries. and yeah, sure they're lookin really good but-"

"you filled your basket with bugs, peter."

peter said nothing. neither of them had the words.

"well, i guess neither of us wins," he said after like five minutes.

"tru," said mj. they both stood there with rumblie tumbies thinking boy are we screwed. then mj picked up her basket. she gave peter's basket one last horrified look, then marched off to the place where you buy your berries, leading peter by the hand.


there was a knock on the door.

"who's coming here?" aunt may said

"just us," said petermj, so aunt may said 

"come right in". peter and mj opened the door a lil and peeked their heads in.

"hi aunt may!" peter said. "we uh...brought you something." he pulled a lil container with a handful of strawberries in it frm behind his back. he held it out to aunt may and peter and mj both had big smiles on their faces.

"oooooooooo" aunt may said. then she said she would make them some nice dinner.

"phewsh," peter and mj said to just themselves. 

"don't worry," peter said quietly when aunt may when to start dinner. "in the morning i'm gonna get paid maybe probably. so then tomorrow we can go grocery shopping!"

the end

oh dang let me think of a prompt

ok my prompt is "bucky smash iron man"

chapter 5

Everyone thought their food was the best food ever.  Even a small girl who was named MJ loved her best food. She ate almost too many. When she saw how much food everyone ate she laughed. "Wow I ate more food than you," she said to Gwen. Gwen just frowned. Everyone also laughed at themselves. MJ just loved food. Soon Kitty arrived with her friends. "Aren't you dead?" asked everyone. Jean laughed, "Yeah!" then she left. Kitty only felt hunger so she went and filled her bowl with lamb and noodles and broccoli and some nice carrots with some good spinach and a really nice special sauce. Then she said, "This needs some good tomatoes." But there were no tomatoes to put on her food so she threw it at Captain America. Cap caught it in his mouth. "Yum!" he said happily. "Now I've eaten something good!" Kitty felt angry. She wanted Cap to be dead. So she started to scream. "Please die!" she screamed. Cap just felt satisfied by having eaten a good meal. He turned and said, "How many noodles did I eat?" Everyone just couldn't believe how many noodles he ate when he told them. At first, Professor Bohrod didn't want anything because she was feeling blue. But then a waiter said, "Here's some tofu," so she immediately went and got something good. Everyone was satisfied but Kitty wasn't. She felt like a small Kitty that didn't get any food. She promised herself that she would be satisfied the next time they came to the Bowl Place. But she wanted to kill Captain America still. 

Meanwhile, Spider-Woman was still trapped under a table for being too hungry and eating all of the tomatoes at the place. "Can someone let this go?" she said, but nobody could want to so she felt extremely blue. Then Captain Marvel let it go. She said, "I'm going to let it go." Then she flipped over the table and pulled Spider-Woman to her feet and kissed her and then they left. 

Meanwhile, in the country of Latveria, there was a disturbance but nobody cared because they weren't there. Everyone was having dinner at the Bowl Place. Only one man was aware and his name was Nova. But he couldn't do anything because the guy who he was trying to kill was not a man who would listen so Nova just left. Back in the United States of America there was someone still waiting to get their dinner at the Bowl Place. This person was named Beast. Unfortunately everyone had left and he was feeling blue. 

Meanwhile, Wolverine felt blue. He couldn't find the door. He said, "Why this happen?" Then his door came back. "Why this happen?' Wolverine only wanted to go to the bathroom. He snook a look and quickly saw that his friend, Kitty was outside peeing. "Hey!" he said growly. "That's my spot for peeing!" Kitty ran away. Wolverine went out and ran around his yard trying to find a new spot. "Ah this look good." Then he let himself go. After that he remembered to wash his hands and use soap. He sniffed his claws and said, "This needs to be washed by me." But he didn't want anyone to know. So he hid behind his tree and licked his claws. Unfortunately someone saw him. This guy was on his roof. He was a very normal kind of guy. He wasn't really that normal but he tried. His name was secret but most people called him by the name, Cyclops. When Wolverine finished cleaning those claws he saw Cyclops and screamed, "Please let me be!" Cyclops just said, "I know your secret." Wolverine realized that Cyclops could tell Jean. He decided he had to kill Cyclops before he was able to peep. 

Meanwhile, there was someone washing their own claws. This person was named Hawkeye. She was so small that she couldn't be any smaller. Everyone around her just loved that. "Please stop that right now," said Hawkeye to her fans. "I just need to live." Someone said, "I love cats." So Hawkeye said, "That's cool, but you need to let me live." Just then, Spider-Man swung through the window and saw everyone and saw that they were loving a cat. "What about me?" he said sadly. "Don't anyone love a spider?" Then MJ said, "I don't! And Spider-Man felt blue. Hawkeye said, "You look so tasty!" So she licked him. "Please just don't," said Spider-Man, but she started chewing on his toes. "Hey those are my friends!" Spider-Man said. He tried to pick her up but her scratched his arm. "Hey that's my friend!" he said. Then he left but Hawkeye chased him down the street. "Please stop!" said Spider-Man. He didn't swing high because he felt blue so Hawkeye kept up. Then she jumped on his web and he said. "Hey that's my friend!" Hawkeye swung into a building but Spider-Man also swung there. They climbed up the stairs and came to the door to someone's office. It was someone named She-Hulk. "I know this place," said Hawkeye. Spider-Man said. "I have no idea who this lawyer is but I can't help but find her really cool. I think we need to talk about our friend, my friend, everyone's friend, Captain America." They knocked upon the door and then She-Hulk said, "Who's coming here?" They said, "Just us." So she said, "Come right in." Hawkeye jumped onto She-Hulk's lap. "Hello Hulk!" she meowed. "Well if it isn't Hawkeye," said She-Hulk. "How are your life?" They talked for forty-five minutes. Spider-Man felt blue because nobody care about him. So he left. 

this is not about bucky

Hey gs!!!!!!

Here's what happen

But lbh his name is Goblin so it's more likely that he would return from Europe and learn he has a disease and try to get our blood and kill our gf

Aw g well now I want to know even more bc it's juicy gossip :(

Nah g we aint done with the fanmix game we still need to finish up all those fanmixies in the works or we fail

Writing fics aint hard g they don't need to be amazing they don't need to be v long just do it

Maybe that just wants to love Spider-Man w you we just don't know

It's time for let's talk about comics time

But these are now last week's comics oh well

Fantastic Four #6
*This was so sad just why
*Wow Ben shouldn't have said today can't get any worse because it did it got worse
*Go Sue!!!!!
*Also lol did that blast knock everyone away except Thor??
*Please not Dragon Man!!!!!!!!!!!
*Those teary children just what is this why this happen
*Well Jim Hammond is also an android so I think he should try to stop this don't you
*"don't call me buddy again" please god let this end
*Do you ever heck up so badly
*Wow Reed ruins every dramatic moment by being stretchy

Ms. Marvel #5
*That guy look so friendly just explaining stuff
*Wow she's like Pete in tasm when was bit by the spide
*Avengers vs aliens that's small
*Thank god a training montage that's not training from hell
*Poison dart frog burger wtf
*Wow just wow

Amazing Spider-Man #3
*What is the significance of showing Silk's face?  I mean it's not anyone we know...I feel like they're just doing that because that's a thing you sometimes do when there's someone mysterious and they're just copying that without thinking about why
*She's tried a million combinations really
*Lol it begins with 616 tho wow
*Well if she's really gonna leave she might wanna put on real clothes js
*I do not care about Electro at all sorry nothing you can do will make me care about white guy Electro
*Peter... wtf...just wtf
*Wow Peter just sent out that memo he probably came to work thinking everyone was gonna b wearing Hawaiian shirts but its just him and now he looks like a giant fool
*Well he is a giant fool but now everyone knows it I guess
*Also that shirt looks way too big from him doesn't he own any clothes that fit
*Why is Peter driving??? Why this happen??? He does not have a license!!! I mean clearly this is not supposed to imply that he does but just what
*Jameson look scary :-/
*Okay I find it very hard to believe that Felicia would act this way even after Peter told her it wasn't him.
*I mean I could buy Felicia wanting revenge she's a pretty vengeful person but not for no good reason I mean this is just stupid
*Wow I'm pretty sure Peter just put his hand through the wall on purpose nice job buddy
*"Did I really talk like that for months and no one noticed?" First of all, Peter, you should be mad about that. Second of all, Slott, making fun of your own bad writing doesn't make it better!!!!
*Okay if Peter's doesn't want MJ to have to worry about someone then how is her dating Ollie any better? He also puts his life in danger and it obviously v reckless about it as well!!!! I mean it's as bad as Spider-Man maybe but come on
*Lets face it neither Peter nor Ollie is good enough for MJ

Spider-Man Spectacular one-shot
*Dang I wish this wasn't a one-shot this was really good I would rather have comics like this every month rather than asm
*Why does a Halloween superstore double as an Oscorp workshop tho
*Wow baby Pete is so small
*Just Aunt May getting it did
*Wow Mr. Allan want him a piece of May Parker
*It's Miles!!!!!!
*"He's...he's out cold" um are you sure he's not dead???
*Wow this is so sad why this why teary baby Peter just what
*The second part is my favorite!!!!
*"I'm Peter Parker and this is my hard knock life" daaang shoulda used that hard knock life song in my Pete musicals fanmix
*This is really sad tho poor homeless baby Pete :(
*Johnny zapped Peter in the butt...
*Why is Ben calling Peter sticky buns is the question
*Wow it's Peter's American flag!!! icqcml!!!
*But also icqcm tears because Peter's note just goodness darn
*You should ask what would Captain Picard do instead because I'm pretty sure the answer would not be go into the sewers
*I love when ppl think Spidey's not v smart but then they're like wow
*Raise your hand if you kind of wanted Peter to move in the FF tho
*Tho then I guess we wouldn't have that cute Peter Aunt May hug so
*Try to imagine an issue of asm having a quote by Aeschylus you can't do it
*The art in the fourth part is really cuteeee
*But wow at the end of the last part it was like yay Spider-Man's no longer a fugitive and then right away in the next part he's a fugitive again dang that didn't last long
*Peter's lil suspenders look so cute
*The art in the last part is fine except I'm not sure if that's supposed to be freckles or acne on Flash's cheeks
*What I'm getting from this is that Kraven watched Peter change his clothes staring at him w that look on his face
*Dangit this ends like someday just gotta be patient... but it's a one-shot so we'll never know what happens dangit!
*I demand more!

Okay you might think that was a long thing about that last comic but it was a really long issue I promise!!!

Okay here's a thing about my day.  I woke up and then I chilled and then I had lunch and then I chilled some more and played shattered dimensions and wrote this post and then I had a pizza dinner and watched emh and then I went to the comic book store and then I came home and watched Star Trek and then I wrote the next chapter of our story w my g and then I watched emh and ate a croissant and then I finished this post.

Time for the game.

Wow this fic got a little long but that's fine

imagine petermj where mj stands on peter’s shoulders and they put on a giant captain america costume

It started with a joke.

“Hey Pete,” MJ had said.  “Get a load of this.” She was leading her husband through a thrift shop that was mostly filled with what looked like the contents of a time capsule that had been buried sometime in the early fifties. Why she was doing this, Peter wasn’t sure.  He thought it had something to do with some kind of photoshoot or something but Peter didn’t really know.  Anyway, there on one of the racks in the back of the store was a very old, very large Captain America costume.

Peter nearly choked on his laughter when he saw it. “Wow,” he said. “I bet we could both fit in that.”  MJ laughed. And Peter laughed.  And then they looked at each other.

Five minutes later the couple was crammed in a single stall in the ladies room trying to fit themselves into the costume.

“No, no, your head goes here, Peter,” MJ said, shoving Peter’s face between her thighs.

“Ouch,” Peter complained.  “Okay, okay, but your arms have to be down there.”

“Yup,” said MJ.  “Okay, I think we got it.  Now, hang on, I’m gonna put my hair up and then hand me the helmet.”

Peter and MJ stood in front of the mirror at the sink and evaluated their hard work. Or, MJ did, Peter couldn’t see a damn thing, but based on MJ’s reaction, it probably looked pretty silly, because she couldn’t seem to stop laughing.

“Oh my god,” MJ said, gasping for breath. “This is amazing.”

“This is the greatest thing that’s ever happened to us,” Peter agreed.  “I mean, besides when we got married.”

“Truely,” MJ agreed. She paused.  “Hey,” she said.  “Let’s buy it.”

“How much is it?” Peter asked.

MJ looked at the price tag.  “Fifteen bucks!  It’s a steal!”

“Hm,” said Peter. “Well, Jonah just paid me this morning, so we should have just enough!”

“Tiger,” said MJ.  “We just hit the jackpot.  Again.”

Later that night, they got the costume on again and did a little bit of role playing in the bedroom.

“Bam bam bam!” MJ yelled. “Take that, Nazis!”  Peter jumped up and down on the bed and flipped them around in the air.  Then he punched at imaginary villains

“We get ‘em?” he asked.

“We sure did,” MJ said in a deep voice.  “Another bed is safe thanks to the American spirit.”

Peter laughed. “Wow you actually sound a lot like Cap.”

“Well, I am an actress,” MJ reminded him.

“You are,” Peter agreed.  “The best actress ever.  You know, I bet we could fool at least someone with this.  Someone not very bright, like maybe Hulk or… I dunno, Flash Thompson?”

“Nah,” said MJ.  “Not even the Hulk would be dumb enough not to notice…”

“Yeah, Peter agreed.

But the next day…

“Hey, Hulk!” MJ shouted, as they marched toward the green Avenger.  They’d spent all morning making sure the costume was just right, padding Peter’s legs and arms so they appeared more muscular, putting makeup on MJ’s jaw so that it appeared squarer…It was a long way to go for a practical joke, but the risk of being Hulk-smashed if it wasn’t successful made it seem a lot more worth it. Now they were both holding their breath waiting to see if Hulk could spot the difference.

“What Cap want?” Hulk asked, turning around. Peter inwardly cheered.

“Just checking up on my buddy,” MJ responded.  Peter could hear the smile in her voice, even through the disguised pitch.

“Hulk hungry,” said Hulk.  “Hulk gonna go get a snack.” With that he turned and trudged away.

Once he was gone Peter and MJ burst out laughing and congratulated each other.  After that, they were gonna go home, take the costume off probably for good, and go out for Chinese food, but then...Peter’s spider-sense tingled.

“What is it, Pete?” MJ asked, as Peter stiffened under her and turned around.

“Spider-sense,” Peter whispered.  “There’s danger nearby.  You see anything?”

“We’re in New York, Peter,” MJ responded. “There’s always danger nearby.  You’re gonna have to be more specific.”

“Are we next to a store?” Peter asked.


“Anyone in there look shifty to you?”

MJ looked through the window. “Oh boy,” she said after a moment.  “I don’t often describe people as shifty, but I’d definitely make an exception for that guy waiting in line...I think he’s got a gun.”

“Crap,” Peter muttered.

“Peter, we have to do something,” said MJ.

“Okay,” said Peter.  “I’m gonna take you up to that roof, and then--”

“Peter, there’s no time.  We can do this,” MJ urged.

“I don’t know,” Peter said unsurely.  “It could put you in danger…”

“Peter, please,” MJ said.

“Okay,” Peter agreed slowly. “But if things start to go south, then--”

“Alright, enough yapping more slapping,” MJ interrupted.  “Giddyup!”

Fortunately walking into a store as Captain America is a lot different than walking into a store as Spider-Man.  When you walk into a store pretending that you’re Captain America, everyone immediately stops robbing the place.  Imagine that.  Peter learned a very important lesson that day:  Spider-Man can’t get no respect...but Captain America can.

“That was amazing!” MJ yelled excitedly when they were once again in the privacy of their apartment.

“I can’t believe all those people didn’t even suspect anything,” Peter said in awe.

“I can’t believe we were on the news!” said MJ, flipping through the channels on the tv.  “Captain America saves grocery store.  It’s even on the Daily Bugle!”

“I can’t believe that was so easy,” said Peter.

“Peter,” said MJ slowly.  “We gotta do that again.”

“No, no, no,” Peter shook his head. “No, once was enough.”

“Oh come on, Peter, don’t you want to be a superhero with me?” MJ pleaded. Peter raised his eyebrows.  “Um, I mean you know, a different superhero,” MJ added quickly.

“Nice save,” Peter snorted.  “Besides, I don’t think Cap will be too happy when he finds out what we did, and I don’t think we want to make Captain America angry.”

But right at that moment something the news anchor was saying on tv caught their attention.  “Captain America is dead.  Merely hours after saving a grocery store in Midtown, Manhattan from a thief, the Avenger was shot and killed in his home in the Avengers tower by an associate of said burglar. The suspect in question is being held--”

MJ turned off the tv.  Peter and MJ stared at each other in stunned silence.

“This is all my fault,” said Peter after a moment.

“No, Pete,” MJ disagreed.  “This is my fault.  I’m the one that made you do it.”

“We’re both to blame,” Peter compromised.

From that moment, Peter and MJ knew exactly what they had to do.  Thus they spent the next several weeks fighting crime as Captain America.  Taking out villains with the American spirit.  It was surprisingly easy for Peter to fight in the costume even with MJ on top of him.  He didn’t even need to see, as long as he could rely on his spider-sense to guide him. And MJ was such an amazing actress that none of the other Avengers ever noticed anything was up.  They were surprised to learn that Cap was alive, but given who Captain America was, no one was really too surprised.

Then one day, Peter and MJ had just finished dealing with an alien invasion with the help of the Avengers and the Fantastic Four and were tired and exhausted but feeling good and heading home, when someone grabbed them and pulled them into an alleyway.

It was Captain America.

Peter and MJ started to beg for forgiveness, but then they realized that Cap was looking at them proudly.

“Um, you’re not mad?” Peter asked.

“Spider-Man...Mary Jane…” said Cap.  “I couldn’t be happier that you two were able to fill my large shoes while I was gone. You see, Captain America is more than a person.  It’s a symbol.  A symbol of the American spirit.  What’s important isn’t that I am who I am, it’s that someone is who I am.  Do you you understand, kids?”

Peter and MJ nodded vaguely even though that didn’t make any sense to them.

“What I don’t understand…” said MJ slowly.  “Is’re alive?”

Cap smiled.  “Are you really surprised?” he chuckled.

Peter and MJ shrugged.  No, they weren’t.

“Alright,” said Cap seriously.  “Now, you had your fun, but there can only be one Captain America.  Two, at max.  And Bucky already has dibs, so I’m gonna have to ask you to hand over the costume.”

“Right now?” Peter asked. “But...we’re naked underneath.”

“Yes,” said Cap. “I don’t know how you found my old costume, but I want it back...right now!”

“Yes sir!” Peter and MJ said together, and then scrambled out of the costume and shoved it into Cap’s hands. Cap held the costume up to his face and inhaled deeply.

“Ah,” he said.  “Smells like American spirit.”

Peter and MJ just stood there in front of him, trying to cover themselves up with their hands. Cap looked at them fondly.

“Okay,” he said.  “You’re dismissed.”

Peter and MJ exchanged glances, then they both saluted Captain America, Peter scooped MJ up in his arms and web-slung them home at high speed.  They jumped  through the window of their apartment, fell onto their Nazi-free bed and had the best sex ever god bless America.

Okay my prompt is..."imagine petermj going strawberry picking and mj fills her basket with strawberries and peter fills his basket with bugs"

That's all have a nice day!