Saturday, March 21, 2015

beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep

heyyyyyyyyyy gs

i finally snapped some pics. here they are!

just me


i see ya


my babies

tryna snatch my hogwarts letter

grump at sno


somethin aint right

what the hell

little me

im so good

nice to see you


anyway. wheres anybody. when will para reply to me email. last night i had a dream that i was reading some avengers comics or something or watching some avengers thing. i cant be sure. anyway the only part i remember was a part where i thought bucky kissed steve on the cheek but it turned out he actually kissed the joker on the cheek ????? ok........ oh also a part where natasha was like saying a thing to a bunch of different people and to bucky she said to stop doing so many stupid things without making a plan first. that was funny to me. then i woke up at 6:30 and watched fanvids. anyway

heres an art i found on this computer and it is titled "batman". i vaguely remember drawing it but im not sure why. i think para was like telling me to draw different things of different people but theres n way of knowing whos parts these are. i think spider-man's hands. maybe santa claus's bod. also we dont know why its called batman

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep

heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy gs

hey gobby!!! i was going to tell you that we had been posting on the blog again but i didnt want you to feel like you had to post if you didnt wanna. but im glad you do!!! well i think everyone is just posting whenever they feel like it so that is nice. you dont have to respond to everything if you dont wanna. just do whatevs!!

cute baby!!! i must view it

ok para it didnt actuially look steamier i guess. just toastier. whatev

what do you get extra credit for? any class you want or every class or one related to the w/e or? actually idc that much but this doesnt make sense to me

theres a baby cat here

today i spent all day making a cuban. it was pretty tasty. para really missed out. haha yesterday i had a reuben and today i had a ceuben.
i was going to snap o f pic of it but the last four pics on my gram were of food and i didnt want the next one to be

on wordpress when it loads a draft it says this:

thats small. i wish the go blog was on there

ok this will only be relevant for the next few hours but if you play the dancing shamrocks on google and play this music at the same time, it matches up really nicely w/ the instrument playing and the dancing. i better post this soon so we may view this

hey para hows your spice


Monday, March 16, 2015

the gob returns from his hibernation slumber

wow there are posts on here again! crazy!!! i hadn't been checking for awhile since no one was posting and then i checked today and there were some posts i had never seen before!

here are some cute pictures of Rebecca Rosie Ellen Mutchler!

i know this was a super short post but i'll post again later tonight or tomorrow for sure!  lots of stuff to respond to!

Sunday, March 8, 2015

beep beep beep beep beep beep beep

hey gsssss

here i am at home! hello spring break! hello cars!

wow i watched a really shitty batman movie today that happened.

also i made hamentashen.

how can the fire one look steamier when there wasnt any steam in that pic but the other pic was all about steam that don't make sense

it was a whole bag of smarties but it didn't all fit under the door i just shoved part of it

ok true about peggy but also idc

its like sometimes on campus they do like research studies or whatever and they need ppl to be in them. idk why abby went to it bc the only reason i would ever do it is for extra credit and even then probably not

when will abby return from the war again tho im waitin for her

too bored to write this post bleh

have a nice day!

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

beep beep beep beep beep beep

heyyyyyyy gs

idk g the pics where you were on fire might have looked a little steamier. its hard to kno

was it a whole bag of smarties right under there or just some goosies?

well does he usually go to california or starve or what? i dont understand it.

yesterday you got the bulletproof song in me all day. now its back

but peggy is too good to be shipped with a worthless guy tbh

yea actually i think we did pick straws and it was apple picking that i was thinking of when i thought that we didnt do it last year. yea that was def last year when like we went really early and we got done before the restaurant was even open or something so we had to go slo or idk what. i miss this. aw g theres no blizzard here but it snowed a few inches today. good thing me didnt have to go anywhere but summy wouldnt have done this to me

yea that pic is from mad eye. i miss this

hm they one time took the sound off one of my vids and then put it back. i dont kno why they do what they do

what is a survey thing. why did she go to the war

bless yoo

ok nothing really happened since i last wrote in my blog so idk what to say here. today i tried listening to my book but i kept falling asleep. yesterday i went to work. cats are still good

thank you

Monday, March 2, 2015

beep beep beep beep beep

heyyy gs

yeah if you thought it looked steamy in those pics take a look at this

ooh steamy. im in a different room though.

well here's some more pics of me cause i had to use my webcam to take that pic anyway and my hair look okay today

dangit i'm supposed to be studying.

here's a pic of me studying

yeah i could smell that bar right through its wrapper.  yeah i ate it.

yeah we made up tho i haven't given her the wolverine i forgot. maybe when she gets back. the smarties didnt fit that great but i just shoved them a bit so they were at least stuck under it sorta.

bc he just dont got anywhere to stay i mean he could stay at school but the dining hall is closed to he will starve. his parents live in....california??? or somewhere???

nah i never watched that end of the show. maybe this time. this time baby i'll be bulletproof.

ok but its like you dont need to like a guy to ship him with your g??? well ok i don't really ship that i just can appreciate it a little bit idk pls dont judge me

no because the test is like 6-8 hours or something each day so that's way worse.

idk i thought we went pickin for straws last year but who knows. dangit i wish that was us today. i wish it was summ. did you know there supposed to be a blizzard here tomorrow pls send someone for our souls

idk but i need that fairy spide!!!!!

same icqcme!!!!

is that a pic of you from mad eye or???

what if classes were cancelled tomorrow that would be good??? i don't want this dang exam

wtfff they put the sound back on my world savvy video on youtube???  why did they do that????

when will abby return from the war??? and by that i mean from this survey thing she went to. why did she even go to that though nobody does surveys unless they get extra credit doiii

wait what's happening why are people going into that room?  no one live in that someone moving in idk


you know whats nice is my hair feels v soft rn

ok i should study

have a nice day!!

beep beep beep beep

heyyyyyyyyyyyyy gs

wow it looks very steamy in that room. there was fire in this room a few days ago but it wasnt very hot in here

yqw bout your evil plan

ok the main reason i didnt take pics of myself was because  i had no camera and my hair looked bad

you culd smell that bar thru its wrapper? did you eat it after

aw g have you and she made up by this time? i hope she gets her tiny wolverine. how did smarties fit under her door

that spide he is so tiny! i love him! he looks so yummy!

ok thats what i thought you might have done with the wrappers from your valentines chocolates but i wasnt sure.

why does he not have anywhere to stay? he does not have a house? where has he stayed in other times? i guess for a few days would be acceptable. idk

yea smae about those ships but you just know nothing goes the way you dreamed for them so whats the point? wait did you ever watch the end of that show? i never finished it so i dont actually know what happened but i heard it was glug or

well doi im planning on watching agent carter but i havent got to it yet. wtf i do not like that thompson or wish to ship him w pegs but ok.........

ok i dont see how its any different than like taking finals for 2-3 days in a row except its just one test instead of a few tests. like that is stressful but its just what you gotta do

sorry for saying that summer thing g. yea did we even go straw picking last  year i dont think so? tho the last time we went seems like i couldve been last year but i also kind of remember not going last year? idk. we should go this year. and just do all the summer stuff. bleh im already really excited for mad eye wow. and i was just looking at pics from last year mad eye but there werent that many. there was a vid of you and noah and mom and bugs. noah got really angry at the end of it which was hilarious. tho one reason i dont want it to be mad eye is thats near the end of summer. i just want summer actually. i want it so much.

wow g you need that fairy spide!!!! how can we get him for you????

icqcme for you to be home!!!

ok what have i to say

i dont want to go to work

i want to have lucnh in 30 minutes

theres a cat on me legs

last night i fell asleep so early and then i woke up at midnight and then i got ready for bed and then i went back to sleep


Sunday, March 1, 2015

beep beep beep

Heyyy gssss

this is what its like being hot in a room

jk its not that hot everything's fine.

tyt about my evil plan.

well i guess its not that craz i also watched some seasons of the office lately tho i was going in order but then i stopped bc that was getting boring

its fine to take pics of yourself when your lippies are chap just cover them with stuff

well my lips are not that chap tho i don't think you can even tell in these pics. but that kit kat bar was smellin so good when i was takin that pic.

ok well i will just tell you leslies hair in that ep. its like a little braid headband. really nice.

wow well i don't know if abby is still mad at me or not but she was was being so mean to me this week and then on friday i was like jesus pls stop we can't fight anymore bc i was really sad about leonard nimoy and i wanted us to be friends so we could mourn together but she was like no. so yeah that was a bad day. and i was like ok we won't be friends. but we gotta be friends. so i bought her some smarties and a card and i drew her a pic of clayton and i slid them under her door while she was at anime club and then we had din together and we sorta made up but we didn't hang out tonight so idk.

also i bought her a tiny wolverine but it wouldn't fit under her door so i didn't give it to her yet.  well she won't get it until she chills about clayton.

also i bought this tiny spider-man. ok i have too many spider-mans...maybe. but this one is the tiniest one i have now! i really needed it! look how small

he's so cute

also delicious like a tiny spider snack

oh also if you want to know what i did with the wrappers of the chocolates that i got for valentines day i made them into a hat for this spider-man. he loves it!

 yeah he wants to stay in our house bc he don't got anywhere else to stay. tbh i feel bad for him son but also i want to live. im trying to see if maybe he can just stay a few days??? idk or i can just say that no one wants him there lol.

well good news i watched like 10 more eps of merlin. dang its like on the one hand i love my ships in that show like merlin/arthur obvs and gwen/morgana obvs and also arthur/gwen i guess and i also kind of like merlin/morgana but i just know every single one of those ships is gonna be ruined so what's the point of rewatching this shit. its just gonna end badly. but i love those dang ships i just want them all to be happy and i just want merlin to tell arthur and morgana about his magic just dang it just pls do the right thing this time instead of being stupid.

ok i wont spoil agent carter... but also you should watch it its really Nice. my best ship in that is peggy/angie but i also have a weird liking for peggy/thompson but i don't know why??? i think i just like thompson bc he's chad michael murray and that amuses me for some reason. but also i hate him and i want peggy to destroy him but also like in a shipping way? very confusing. also a little bit peggy/dottie but i can't explain that w/out spoiling you

no we don't learn about real lawyer in lawyer club bc its not lawyer club its mock trial we just learn how to be fake lawyer to compete in fake trials. yeah. but what are you talking about imagine taking a test for 2-3 days that sounds so stressful!!!! i would die

aww dang it g i was already wanting it to be summer and then you said all those things. just dang it.  haha tho i love that shitty strawberry picking restaurant i cant wait for that!!!!

attention everyone there's this toy that's spider-man wearing a skirt and with fairy wings someone figure out how to buy it for me and do that

less than a week until i will be home! yeah!!!

have a nice day!!!