Sunday, September 30, 2012

the ultimate cat

Hey gs.

Bleh I pretty much did homework all day.

Bleh tomorrow's Monday.

Bleh I don't know what to say in this post.


Bleh this weekend was so short.




Bleh looks really weird now.

It looks not real.

Is it even  real word???

Like is it actually?

We just don't know.

attack of the cats

heyy gs

 i really don't want to study for my test in health class tomorrow. it's all multiple choice and should be pretty easy though.  and it's all pretty common sense stuff.  knowing my luck though it will probably be all on really detailed and obscure stuff that my teacher barely even talked about.  oh well though.  i'm pretty sure i have an a in the class right now anyways and i don't really care about that class that much.

wow there's a movie on my front page of netflix that has the actor of ned holding a sword and in armor and i thought it was game of thrones at first!!!

but it's not.  it just happens to be a movie where he is in a medieval setting and his hair and facial hair looks exactly the same.

i still need to watch season 2 but i think i'm going to wait until i get around to finishing the second book.

well actually i am going to study just a little bit for my health test before i go to sleep.

and i have a little bit of homework to finish.

byee gs

Saturday, September 29, 2012

the cat without fear

Hey gs.

Wow I used to think that everyone in the world loved Loki but then I just saw something that was someone hating him and hating all his fans!!! Also recently I saw some people talking about how they didn't like him that much! Nice!

Well I guess we could try to do that review thing, Gob.

I wish all Doctor Who fans would shut up is what I wish.

Hahahaha icqcml because there's this video of Stan Lee saying the alphabet and like one thing for each letter and three of them are Spider-Man.  Like A is amazing Spider-Man and P is Peter Parker and S is Spider-Man.

I love my ship though.

If I was going to make a video of the alphabet I would make all of them be something to do with my ship.


Today was a day.

Tomorrow will be another day.

That's all we know.

the phantom cat

heyy gs.

wow wtf, how did it already get to be almost october?!?!?!?!?!?

that is so crazy!  where has this month gone?

oh yeah do you gs remember when we used to review episodes of lost and heroes on here?  we should make that a thing next month.  like you could have to do a review of a movie or a tv show episode or anything really weekly.

well even if you gs don't want to do that i think i will.

we just need something to give this blog energy again and make it not so boring!

wow this room is a mess!

i should probably clean it up sometime soon.

but not right now because i'm feeling too lazy.

i wonder if my roommate cares that my half of the room is always like 234932325 times more messy than his half.  but it's okay because i don't care.

well that's it for this post.

cat racer

Hey gs.

Sorry this post is way late but my friend wouldn't leave me alone so.

Bleh okay a little bit earlier we were sitting on my floor and talking about spiders and then a giant spider came crawling across the floor and then he killed it with my shoe and now I'm really creeped out...

Um idk actually why Kelly moved out...she said it was something to do with our different sleeping schedules... Perhaps my wanting to study at like 10:30 pm was the final straw...

Well it's really nice right now because now I can stay up as late as I want and not annoy anybody and nobody wakes me up really early in the morning with their stupid alarm and I don't have to hear annoying laughter all the time...

Also now I can hang up my towel on the actual towel bar that Kelly was hogging.

It would be so nice if they never assign me a new roommate but idk if that could happen.

Plus Spock is enjoying that side of the room.

Okay that is all.

Friday, September 28, 2012

peanut butter crackers

heyyy gs.

i don't have much time for this post.

this week has just been super sucky and busy. 

but this weekend i'll make good posts!

and not posts with blank line between each sentence to fill out the post.









out the post


Thursday, September 27, 2012

modern cat

heyy gs. 

just another super boring, busy, tiring day. =/

i feel like next week should be better though.  except for my midterm in health class but i think it should be okay

wow the new supernatural episode is so soon!  i really don't want it to suck so i'm trying to stay positive!

actually now that i think about it, it shouldn't be too bad!  my first class will only last like 10 minutes, my second class we will just be doing review stuff but my third class will probably suck/
well i'm going to finish my homework and stuff now and get ready for  friday.

byee gs.

enter the cat goblin

Hey gs!!!

Kelly moved out!!! Happy day!!!!

I'm so glad tomorrow is Friday!!!!!!!!!!!

I ate some delicious meatballs today! Mmmmmm!!!

This is a happy post but I don't have anything to say.................

I love my ship!

I love the solitude of this room!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love Friday!!!!!!!!!!!

I love meatballs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The best thing was that this time the meatballs were like serve-yourself meatballs so I took like four meatballs.

Darn it now I want some more of those bad boys....

Well that's all.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

attack of the cat

Hey gs.

I'm at the times!!!

Bleh I hate this paper.  I wish the world would end so that I wouldn't have to finish it.

It needs to be like a page longer but I really don't see how that could happen.

Well my professor said it could be any does that mean I can just make a huge font if I want to???

Well maybe I will do that then!

Wow the wifi is so good here at the library wow.

Wow why did I need to use the word wow twice in that last sentence.

Wow and I just did it again right there!!!!


Okay so I think I knew about this but I never utilized it but I just kind of realized that you can put the lyrics to songs right in your itunes.  So lately whenever I'm listening to a song and I look up the lyrics to read them along with the music which I pretty much do all the time even if I have looked up the lyrics 30958208 times before because I just like to read the words while I hear them then I just copy and paste them into itunes and WOW I never need to look them up again!!! Crazy day!!!!

Hob you realize you don't have to watch Supernatural...or you could watch it a different day I mean you don't have to watch it that same day except you might if you really care about spoilers I guess.

You also realize that my ship is better than yours right




how i met your cat

heyyy gs.

who feels like typing up a whole post right now?

definitley not me.

this has just been such a crazy week.

here is seth's really cute new kitten and also some other cute things!

the northern wall of chickens

heyyyyy gs

bleh here's all the things i hate


i wish yesterday was tuesday and today was tuesday too

wow yesterday was a day like literally all i did was talk to my friend about my show because she was on some really great eps

ok well para you could have gotten a phone any time in the last 2 years so

ok there as something else i was gonna say but idk what it was?

wow im the the computer lab and all these people are doing work what is wrong with them

i wish i was dead


i wish my ship wasn't as great as it is

also jj

wow it's really the best ship i am just going to say

ok well one week from today is spn. who is excited not me. wow i wish i could get to watch it when it was on if only because i'll have to come home from a long day of being at school for 12 hours and i'll just want to relax but nope i'll have to watch an episode of a show that will probably just make me angry

well bye

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

singing cat

heyy gs

sorry but all i have to say is

why do i have to do this stupid singing test tomorrow?!?!?!?!?!?!? D:

i feel like i'm going to fail it







especially when i have to sing in solfeg (do re mi fa sol la ti do)









make a cat

Hey gs.

Another Tuesday down the drain!!!!







Okay so apparently they're going to make the Ant-Man movie after all!!!! Goos!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Um that's all the news there is...

See ya chickens!!!

doctor cat

Hey gs!

Sorry this post is a wee bit late but boy did I have a fun night؟  So I was studying for my test tomorrow and then Kelly kicked me out of our room because she wanted to sleep with the light off and I wanted to study with the light on so we had a conflict of interests I guess.  And so then I went to study out in the hall because the lounge was filled with people watching tv but that wasn't really working for me so then I went to my friends' room but then they wanted to go to sleep to so then I went to the library and studied and wow fun times I just got back wow so much fun.

Also people in the library were talking and being so annoying.  Like okay if you want to talk go to the first floor where that is acceptable because here on the second floor we like to be quiet.  And this one person was like talking to this other person and he was like "why are you talking so quietly???" And his friend was like "hahaha idk." And then he was like "oh I guess we are in a library." And then they both did a big laugh and kept on talking loudly I wanted to stab them.

Gob you haven't seen the new Spider-Man movie??? You FOOL!!!! It's so great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hob I feel for ya but raise your hand if you have gotten a new phone in the last four years.

Although I guess I am getting a new one.

But wow Noah lost his phone how predicable.

Monday, September 24, 2012

green cat

heyyy gs.

hahaha i forgot that spiderman actually calls the green goblin gobby in the movie.

 i wonder if he ever called the hobgoblin hobby.

i still really need to see the new spiderman movie!  i wonder when it is coming out on dvd.  i was going to go see it with seth and cm while it was still in theaters but something happened, icr what and we couldn't go.

 wow the new muse album is actually pretty good!!!!  here is a new song off of it

okay i have a super busy week and a ton of work to do so i might not have a lot of really good or long posts.  sorry in advance.

the chicken's son

hey gs

well you know what i hate noah cuz i was supposed to get a new phone but predictably noah fucking lost his so now he has to get a new phone instead of me. i could just about choke the life out of him

ok thats reall y all

Sunday, September 23, 2012

the cat nightmare

Hey gs!

Today I watched The Avengers.  That is a marvelous movie.

Also I loved my ship a lot. That is a marvelous ship.

Also I accidentally this Tony Stark fanmix...

Tony's Theme - Pixies
This is a song about a superhero named Tony
It's called Tony's theme

The Impression that I Get - The Mighty Mighty Bosstones
Have you ever had the odds stacked up so high
You need a strength most don't possess
Or has it ever come down to do or die
You've got to rise above the rest

Help, I'm Alive - Metric
Help, I'm alive
My heart keeps beating like a hammer
Hard to be soft
Tough to be tender

The Nerve - The Republic Tigers
Because you're making me feel like I'm a real live human boy
And she said,
"What's that you got? Robotic insides?"

Oh No - Marin & the Diamonds
Maybe it is all a test
Because I feel like I'm the worst
So I always act like I'm the best

Million Dollar Man - Lana Del Rey
How did you get that way?
I don't know
You're screwed up and brilliant
Look like a million dollar man

Oh My God - Ida Maria
Oh my god
Oh you think it's all for fun
Find a cure
Find a cure for my life

Die Alone - Ingrid Michaelson
I never thought I could love anyone but myself
Now I know I can't love anyone but you
You make me think that maybe I won't die alone

Circuits & Wires - Motion City Soundtrack
I am all motors and gadgets
Organically designed to last a finite length of time
Locked in this rotary motion, the wheels spin round and round
I comprehend it all but still can't make a sound
I know there's something wrong within my faulty brain
I lack the proper behavior

Iron Man - The Cardigans
Nobody wants him
They just turn their heads

Saturday, September 22, 2012

shriek of the cat

Hey gs!

Today was a super boring day.

I have a ton of homework to do tomorrow.

There's nothing to say...

I love my ship.

My ship is great.

Nothing is better than my ship.

My ship is better than all ships.

It is the best ship ever.



hey gs. 

i'm watching spiderman on tv right now so i'm not going to do a full post this instant but i will later tonight for sure.

wow it's been forever since i've watched this movie!

i didn't even remember all this stuff in the beginning with peter!

the 520 chickens promise

heyyyyy gs

well tonight was like the best night ever omg. ok well we went to khan's and then i came home and found out that my good friend sam had started watching fma!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and like that is a big deal to me cuz she's almost as stuborn as para!!!! but now she's watching it and she ships my ship already! ok well and then ii fixed my darn computer!!!!!!!!!!!! now it doesnt freeze every 1 seconds or at all even! and i can listen to things and watch things and i'm so happy omg. at least that was a good ol end to a bad ol week

well that was the night

also that was the post

Friday, September 21, 2012

ravages of cats

Hey gs!

Goos it's Friday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was just watching Heroes with my friend.... Blehhhh I forgot how good season 1 was.

Bleh I want to go to Khan's.  My dinner sucked.

This was such a long and glug week bleh.


I love my ship bleh.

That's all gs.


absolutely nothing

heyy gs.

just posting real quick.

i  am so bored right now.

today wasn't nessecarily a bad day.

it was just a day that absolutely nothing happened.
i'm so bored i have like absolutely nothing to say.

oh except the goblin related thing i'm working on just might be awesome!



Thursday, September 20, 2012

cat of time

Hey gs!



Also just like

Blehhhh so many things that I have heard and seen about season 8 have made me not want to watch it.

And nothing at all has made me want to watch it.

I'm really tempted to just like

Watch that clip

And then wash my hands of this show.

But I doubt I could do that.

Wow today I spent forever waiting outside the football stadium while this football thing was happening because it was way too loud in there and I even went in there and watched a little bit of it because I was waiting for this tug of war thing to happen and then the tug of war thing lasted like five seconds and there wasn't even anything to watch really.

But the good news is we won so.

Ugh I just want to watch Ultimate Spider-Man but 1. idk how to watch it. 2. There are a lot of other shows I want to watch too that would probably be easier to watch. 3. I've somehow started re-watching TAS and can't stop. 4. Someone told me it wasn't good and not to watch it.

But I don't trust her because she doesn't like the Avengers.

Also she threatened to push me down the stairs.

Oops I forgot I was writing this post.

Well I don't really have anything else to say anyway so.

little people

hey gs.

wow haha sorry i have no idea why i typed season 3 instead of season 8.

okay do you want to know something crazy?!?!?!?!

today when i was walking to class i saw a little person that looked EXACTLY like tyrion from game of thrones!!!!  he had a really similar haircut and his face was pretty much the same shape and he was about the same height!  maybe i can secretly snap a pic if i see him again. 

idk do you think it would be offensive to him if i went up to him and told him he looked like a dwarf on game of thrones?  like maybe he would go "oh are you just saying that because of how short i am???" and get mad at me.  it probably wouldn't be a good idea for me to just walk up to him and say that.

also what is the correct term for people who are really short like that?  i know dwarf is like a really offensive term but is midget an offensive term too?  i think i read somewhere that they like being called little people but idk really.

 yay! tomorrow is the last day of this stupid week!

the chicken war of extermination

heyyyy gs

yeah same this is the longest week of my life too. and the worst. that's a bad combination

bleh i hate when noah makes his stupid smoothies

wow i just found out that all the dubbed fmab episodes are on the funimation websites includng these extra eps that i really wanna see but too bad my comp isnt working enough for me to watch them

tbh i'm like dreading spn coming back. that is what i realized today. also apparently there was another promo with more of the hug. ok well

wow i WISH it was s3. that would be the best ol time. WE WOULD HAAVE THE CHRISTMAS EPISODE TO LOOK FORWARD TO!!!!!!! even though we wouldn't know about it yet. wow thanks a lot gob for getting my hopes up!!! i really thought s3 was starting in 2 weeks

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

the immortal cat

Hey gs!

Wow Supernatural season 3 starts in 2 weeks? How did we get back to 2007???

I can't wait to find out whether Dean goes to Hell or not!!!!!

Goos tomorrow is Thursday!  I love a Thursday!!!

Blehhhhh I hate group projects.  It makes homicide seem more like a viable option then usual.

Wow I just walked all the way down to the store to find something to eat and they didn't have anything that I wanted to buy so I walked all the way back up.

Luckily I have my apples.

It seems way earlier than it is.

Same Gob this is the longest week of my life bleh.

Okay I don't have anything else to say so.


heyy gs.

blehh today was a really busy and stressful day and  now i have a huge headache.

idk why but this week has just been dragging on forever and i really want it to be the weekend already so i can just relax and regain energy.

even though i have less classes per day then i did in high school, every day just seems so long and exhausting.

the only real good thing today is i managed to smuggle out 2 pears in my jacket and an ice cream cone from the dining hall!  you're only supposed to be able to take out 1 piece of fruit or 1 ice cream.

oh yeah and idk if it's going to work out and if i'll be able to do it but i'm working on something awesome and goblin related for our blog!!!!  it will be really awesome if i can find the time to finish it and if it turns out well!

 wow, supernatural season 3 starts in exactly 2 weeks from now!!!!  i am excited for it but at the same time i'm kinda worried it will be similar to the way i felt about season 6 and season 7.  i liked those two seasons but i didn't think they were nearly as good as seasons 1-5 and there were parts of the seasons i really didn't like.

i just wish there would be one last season of supernatural that focuses entirely on sam and dean and doesn't have the whole heaven thing or cas or kevin.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012


hey gs. 

the fire alarm just went off unexpectedly and we all had to wait outside for a really long time and by the time i got back up here it was 11:57 pm!

so i don't really have time to post but tomorrow if my day isn't super busy i will work on making this blog more like the goblin blogging videos!


cat, the vampire hunter

Hey gs.

Blehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh today was such a stressful and busy day!

I hate Tuesdays!

Although one good thing about it was that I bought a ton of apples from the farmer's market!!!!!

Also it was a nice temperature like nice a cool and it was starting to feel like fall even.

Also I got free pizza.

But everything else that happened was awful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hob I can't really understand what you're saying but do you mean that you tried to look up Peter or Wade?

Luckily you don't need your o or your i key to type those!

Well your ship is not better than my ship Hob sorry.

Hahaha what do you mean what's up with our blog???? This is really normal!!!!

Okay I need to do some chillaxing now because I haven't done any chillaxing today and I don't like it.

And I don't like this day.

struggle of the chicken

hhhhhhhhhheeeeeeeyyyyyyyy gs

haha icqcml because just now i was in the kitchen eating some pretzels (i mean i was eating nutella but i was using pretzels to get it into my mouth) and dad was in the family room watchiin tv and he thoguht i was noah. because i was eating prezels, i assume. hahahahahah

nah para i was jj. well i tried to look up that guy to see what his deal was and well i just could not knw. well did i saw that now my o key fell of??? cuz it did bleh

WOW LIKE TODAY I WOKE UP TO THE NEWS THAT A SONG WAS RELEASED BY W/E THAT GUYS NAME IS AND JENSEN BUT I CAN'T LISTEN TO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and there's a music vdeo which ii watched w/out sound. i could just about slit a man's throat. and that man could be misha maybe because he did a tweet about that poll, as you would expect of him, but this one was especially dumb

haha para also icqcml at your picciiies

wow idk what is up w/ this blog cuz i can't watch that vid

here is what i love: my ship. it's better than most things in our world

wow tuesdays are the best day thuogh. because i have no classes so......................

i am so darn hungry i could eat a thing. ww it is earlier than i thought s o i'll probably havve to wait 6 hours until dinner. wehre is mo

the weather today and yesterdyda was so nce!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it felt liike a fall's day almsot!!!!

well i realized that lookin at the recently watched on netflix isnt even that excitng because the only thng para watches on there is spiderman and the only thing noah watches is how i met your mther. and whenever i see that he's watched that it makes me so angry for some reason iidk

duel of the cats

Hey gs!!!

Yeah I love ItsJustSomeRandomGuy's videos!!!!!!!!!

But only you can make our blog like that, Gobby.  It's all up to you.

Well actually jk because I took the first step for ya.

Mmmmmmmmmmm tea...

Today was the most blah boring day ever.

Bleh also I do not want tomorrow because I hate Tuesdays.  It's like I have two hour and forty minute classes right in a row so it's like I'm in class for like three hours and twenty minutes and that is not what I want for myself plus I get so hungry because its right all through lunch time.

Today I ate the most delicious meatballs!!!!

Also some pretty delicious soup.

Also a delicious chocolatey bar thing.

Also I managed to steal THREE apples from the dining hall.

Wow remember that time in Aladdin when Jasmine stole like one apple or something and then a guy was going to cut off her hand!?!?!? What if that happened to me????????

Well that's not really the same though because if I ate those apple in the dining hall I would be fine and if I just took like one apple like a normal person I would be fine but I just don't think you're supposed to take three apples and store them in your mini fridge.

Also I've never seen them cut off anyone's hands...

Also I've never seen them stop anybody from taking food.

Also these glugs I know take whole entire sandwiches like everyday.

Wow I should have stolen meatballs!!!! I'm a FOOL!!!!!!!!!!!

Oops I accidentally just kept writing this post right through 12:00.

Oh well. Close enough.

Monday, September 17, 2012

gobby is posting real fast

ahhh almost forgot to post!

haha that goblin blogging video was awesome.

haha i like how he's also called gobby.

this video is great too!  yeah our blog should be more like this! 

Sunday, September 16, 2012

enter the cat

Hey gs!

Whoops almost forgot to post!

I wish our blog was more like this.

Can we try to make that happen?

Like can you seriously get on that, Gob?

New Year

Heyy gs.

L'shanah tovah!

Happy Rosh Hashanah! 

Well I don't have much time to post, plus I'm really tired so this is pretty much all I'm going to say in this post.






Saturday, September 15, 2012

cat's revenge

Hey gs!!!!

Um Hob I can't tell if you're joking or not but just in case you're for real, um Spider-Man's real name is Peter...

Wow this is weird but it seems like I shouldn't say that because if Spider-Man were real I would have just revealed to you his secret identity!!!!!

Today I walked to town and also I figured out how to use my webcam!!!!!!!

new ipod touch

heyyy gs. 

i'm going to go ahead and post now since i might be out past midnight tonight.

ahhh i really want one of these new ipod touches!  and it has siri too!  i most likely  want the blue one or the white one.  my ipod touch doesn't work any more and i really miss it. :( maybe i'll get a new ipod touch for hannukah

also, look how thin and sexy that is!
ahhh i want a new ipod touch so bad!!!!!!

chcken party

heyyy gs

who the fuck are those people i thouhgt spder man was n your shp?????????????????????????

i wsh  could fnsh my fanmx but well my computers not workng the best so. i could nto even know whats wrogn wth iit

i wsh t was dnner tme

well sorry theres not v many i's n ths post but the key completely fell off so. lke i already sad it fell off but you know when a key falls off but then there's stll a lttle squshy thng underneat that you can press on? well before the squshy part was stll on there but yesterday that fell off too. i could just about throw ths thng out the wndow

whys t not dnner tme. oh wat we already sad that. well there we have t agan


when we press on the thng t hurts my fnger cuz there's these lttle metal thngs that are supposed to hold the squsher n place

eye am so hungry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

why s sam stll n my house

Friday, September 14, 2012

the cat agenda

Hey gs!!!!!!!

Here's my long-awaited fanmix!!!

It's a Say Hi fanmix about Peter/Wade!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bruises to Prove It
And you got the scars and stitches to prove
And you got the bruises to prove it
Well you got a taste for the pain, you heard me
And you got to do what you're supposed to do
Still that's better than a torn up heart

There's the thing with her father
The thing with me broken
Her new jealous ex and the press
And each of them not much worse than the other
But still pretty bad nonetheless
Because there's spiders under my skin when she's not around
And there's spiders creeping around next to organs I need

Dimensions and Verticals
Would you draw me with your pencils and your pens?
Make me much prettier than I really am?
And would you draw us with some picture perfect friends
If I chipped in for the ink?

Poor Pete is a Bit Self-Conscious 
Poor Pete isn't fashion forward
But he likes to think he's ultra cool
He winks at a girl named Susie while she's playing bumper pool
She looks at him rather blankly before mouthing the words "yeah right."
She knows Pete's not the kind of guy who will ever get it right

Prefers Unhappy Endings
Oh and it's not for certain but
I'm pretty sure it won't work out then
There's only room for one of us in this town
But we can't go back to the way it was
So one of us is gonna have to go down

Back Before We Were Brittle
Hey, remember when we could save kitten from trees?
Or lunch on skyscrapers?
Bring the villains to their knees?

Your Brains vs My Tractorbeam
We spent the night training for showdowns
And microwaving marshmallow treats
And now our adrenaline's rushing
And you are my arch-nemesis
You're still mad that I copied your hairdo
I'm still hoping you won't notice

Did you like that????????????????????

Okay Hob I figured out how to find the recently watched page.
1. Go to Netflix
2. Click on Your Account in the right top corner.
3. Click on See instant watching activity
4. Magic!!!

Ugh my ship.

So great.

Now that you have listened to that fanmix you probably know how great it is.

Well that's all kittens.

easy friday

hey gs

ahhh i almost forgot to post!!!!

today was such an awesome and easy friday!!!

here is how it went:

  • first i had my music skills class at 9 where all we were doing was taking a test and once we took the test we could leave so the class was only like 10 minutes
  • then i watched an episode of louie on netflix and took a nap
  • i slept through the time when my health class usaully is because the professor canceled it today
  • and then i went to a really easy day in communications class from 12-1 and that was like my entire school day!
well i don't have much more time to post so here are some good jamz i've been listening to lately!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

chicken of darkness

heyyyyy gs

wow i definitely had a prophetic dream last night. that was crazy. because i had a dream that i found out my friend was watching fma, and then i woke up and went on my comp and the first thing i saw was that a different friend had started watching fma!!! crazy day!

there's an owl outside

ok that's all i have to tell us









Hey gs!

Well I don't feel like posting either so

I'm bored.

I'm hungry.

I'm so glad tomorrow is Friday.

My ship is so great.

I love it.

Where is Kelly?




That's the post.


wow i have the worst headache ever now and i've had it since like 5 o clock. 

i really just don't feel like posting at all right now.






















battle of the insidious cats

Hey gs!

Sorry that it is a few minutes after midnight and I'm just starting this post but I was copy editing and I just got back and who even really cares?

Bleh while I was walking back I was hoping Kelly would be asleep but turns out she was awake and there were a ton of people in my room.

Luckily they are gone now and I think Kelly will be going to bed soon I hope.

I'm so hungry!

You know what I hate?

Southern accents.

Goos I'm so glad tomorrow is Thursday!

My Hunger is so strong.

I fear it is going to consume me.

Today I had a really glug headache.

But now it is gone.


Okay I can't think of anything else to say.

So that's the post.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

bag of ruffles

heyy gs.

awhile ago i watched the pilot of the new show revolution that eric kripke and jj abrams created and it was okay but not great.  idk,  once the show actually starts i might give a few more episodes a watch but the pilot just wasn't as good as i thought it would be.  i mean it wasn't bad but it wasn't amazing either.,p0,s1,d0

haha this is a cool shirt.  i need to get some sort of supernatural t-shirt

wow the rest of this week should fly by now that my worst day of the week is over with!  plus on friday one of my classes got canceled so it will be an even easier day!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

the insidious cat

Hey gs!

Almost forgot to post oops.

Bleh I hate Tuesdays.

Today I thought I was going to take a math test at 6:30 so I pretty much like spent all afternoon studying and planned my whole evening around it and basically stressed myself out a ton and then I went all the way across campus to the science building to take it and I found out that there wasn't going to be any test.

So now I have to repeat the whole process tomorrow I guess.

Wow I just re-watched the greatest episode of Spider-Man the animated series and remembered how great it  is.

Well its more like the greatest three episodes but they're all the same episode kind of.

I wish I could eat my apple  but that is my breakfast.

Okay that's all there is to say.

Plus I'm almost out of time even.

cat de lune

heyy gs.

ahhh my piano teacher gave me clair de lune as the piece i'm going to work on this semester!!!!  on the one hand i'm really excited to be learning it because it's one of my favorite pieces of music for piano but on the other hand it's also really hard and i feel like i'm going to be really nervous playing it for my jury and for a grade.

wow that is crazy!  i have to do this journal assignment online for my communications class and i can see everyone's journals!  so i could just like browse a bunch of them and paraphrase them for my own!  but i think that would be more work than is really necessary since writing a journal entry about the readings isn't even really that hard.

well i better go get started on my journal.

inside the chicken

heyy gs

yummerz this apple is delish

well thats really all i have to say today

ok i could say that tomorrow i have to be at school from 9:30-9:30. blah shoot me

wow now even noah is watching hgtv. still shoot me

blechy it was so hot today

i miss my old show

but i want fools to go to bed so i can watch avatar. the last ep ii watched was so great. and tonight maybe i'll get to this ep that my friend told me was one of the best things to ever be on her tv. so that sounds promising. but bleh i mss my computer sound

ok now that's all i have to say for real

Monday, September 10, 2012

yoga cat

heyyy gs.

i thought today was going to be a super stressful sucky monday but it actually wasn't that bad!!!

first i had music skills class which i wasn't worried about and it was fine.

then i had health class which is usually super boring but today it wasn't too bad.

then i had my communications class which i was really worried and stressed about because i had to present my speech which i basically threw together in an hour this morning.  but it actually went pretty good!

then i had my piano lesson which i was kinda worried about because i hadn't really practiced enough this week but it went a lot better than i thought it would.

then i relaxed and watched a bunch of episodes of weeds and had dinner.

then i figured out how to make my webcam work right for submitting an assignment to youtube.

then i went to a yoga class which was actually a lot better than i thought it would be.  (but i only really went to fill out the requirement of going to 4 exercise classes for my health class this semester)

and then i had dinner and cleaned up my room some

so overall even though i thought everything was going to go horribly it was a pretty good day!

day of the cat

Hey gs!

Bleh I hate everyone but especially Kelly because she brought this person into our room to watch something I guess and I'm pretty sure this person hates me but idc.  And then I asked them if they could wait a few mins to watch whatever it was because I was in the middle of reading a fic and so then they did but then they just talked really loudly anyway so what was the point?  And then I finished the fic so I told them they could watch it but now they're just continuing to talk and its so annoying.

Okay yeah if the teacher wants you to tell them but otherwise I don't think it matters especially if its just like five mins early.

Well I was in a motel because my friends were visiting me and they were staying in a motel so I stayed with them.

Oh Hob when you said that it made me want another Spider-Man poster.  I already have two Spider-Man posters!!! I am a fOOL!!!!!!!!!!!

I just memorized the unit circle again. I AM NEVER GOING TO FORGET IT!!!

Okay I've spent the last few weeks trying to remember where I know this person in my calc class from that I sit next to every day and then today I ate lunch with her and she told me she knew me in sixth grade.

Also there's someone else who knew me in sixth grade in one of my classes but I don't remember him????

I hate the look on Kelly's face when she's watching something that amuses her.


GO AWAY!!!!!!!!!

Okay that's all of it.

chickens on the battlefield

heyyyy gs

funny day today

because this morn i woke up because idk and iit seemed like the middle of the night and it was really dark and then i heard noah get in the shower. hahahahaha. and then i did a giant laugh to myself and then i went back to sleep for a few more hours

and then mom told me that last night she had a nightmare about one of her hgtv shows. haha icqcml

ok well i started my computer n safe mode and it works just fine in that mode and i was going to try to figure out whats wrong with it but almost everythng (except the sound) works nice and good so why bother for now

alright well you know what i would more side with gob on this thing like...i wouldnt say you have to ask permish before leaving but you should probably just let the teacher know if you're gonna leave early, espec. if it's a smallish class and/or you're near the front because otherwise it's kinda weird of you to just walk right out and i've had a lot of teachers that have said to let them know if you have to leave early soooooooooooooo. well next monday i have to leave a class 20 mins early so i'll be sure to write up a full report on it

para why the fuck were you in a motel. do i want to know?

yesterday i went to michael's to get some art supplies and there were posters there and there were none i wanted but so many spiderman posters bleh.

wow avatar is getting so good ngl

also this one show is getting so good even though i've only seen 2 eps. wow it's so great. i think i'll watch it really slow because theres like 26 eps and already i dont want it to end

well i watched captain america because idk?

wow idk why i keep havng actual things to say in posts. this is weird of me and i dont like it. jj obvs i do like it.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

the cat costume

Hey gs!

Wow Kelly is still not back.

I wonder if she will be coming back tonight.

Idk why she wouldn't considering she has class tomorrow morning.

Yeah but Gob you don't have to sneak out you could just leave.

Bleh there's so many things I want to watch but I don't really have an easy way of watching them.

Here's the best I could do to take a pic of my poster:

Oh I guess I could have used my actual camera.

Nah too much work.


Well it looks way more awesome in person I guess because in that pic you can only see part of it and that's not the best view of it.

I really hope Kelly doesn't come back tonight.

That's all!


heyyy gs.

haha so yesterday i went to my friend's house to play poker and we played for 5 dollars and at the end i had exactly $4.50, one of my friends and $5.50 and the other had $5.00 even!  it was kinda fun just hanging out with them but actually the whole thing was kinda pointless since it came out so even. 

and also it is more fun when you have more than 3 people. 

and also we watched house while we were playing some of the time and i don't really like that show.

blehh my roomate's friends were over in our room for like 5 or 6 hours so i got practically no work done that entire time.  they are really loud and obnoxious and like crappy music.

oh yeah and para, i know that technically you don't even have to go to class but i sit in the front row so even if i didn't tell my teacher it would still be hard to sneak out without making a big scene.

wow how have i even had the time to watch this much tv???  i've gotten through 3 seasons of the show weeds in like a week!!!!

i love netflix and watching it in college!

well i have to go finish writing this speech that is due tomorrow since I didn't finish it earlier in the day when all of my roomate's friends were over here.

cat the hunter

Hey gs!

Sorry that I'm writing this post at like 1:10 am so its not actually yesterday anymore but really does anyone actually care?

Well not much is happening.

I'm in a motel room right now.

Everyone is sleeping. Those glugs.

Wow I was just peacefully listening to music and then my horrible piano playing came into my ears. Why do I even have that in my itunes???

Hob why did you watch Captain America???

I need two Spider-Man posters because my new poster is awesome!!!!!!!!!!! Okay I will try to take a pic of it soon so that you can see how amazing it is.

Okay I went to the Asian Student Association because my asian friend wanted me to go with her.

Gob did it ever occur to you that you don't need your teacher's permission to leave five minutes early because you're not in high school anymore??? Just a thought but that's probably why he did that to you.

Wow okay last night I finished watching my show and the last two episodes were SO GREAT!!!!!  Wow it was like the best ending of anything ever.  I did not see that coming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today I visited the snakes in the science center and they are so cute!!! One of them was being so adorable and it stuck its little head out of its cave and when I moved around it would follow me and stick out its cute little tongue!!! I love that little guy!!!!!

Okay that's the post.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

kettle chips

heyy gs.

wow today i kept thinking it was sunday even though it really is saturday.

good thing i still have 1 more day of the weekend though!!!

here are some more cute animals!


heyyy gs

quickie post maybe

ok my comp keeps sort of freezing every 5 mins and then takes about an hour to unfreeze. so. also it almost always freezes right when i restart it so that doesnt help

also my I key just broke off wow kill me

well i guess i can maybe type in this post even if it freezes possibly so maybe it won't be that quickie of a post

today i watched captain america and it was pretty good

and i finished s1 of avatar and it's also getting pretty good i guess. i'm excited for a character who was at the very end of the last ep and who i think is more in s2. so. wow it was like the other day i watched a few mins of this one anime and then the main character sounded a ton like my fave character from fma and i was super distracted the whole half of the ep that i watched trying to figure out if it was him and then turns out it was him. he is everywhere wow. now i'm more excited to watch that show and also less excited because idk

ok well now my comp is sort of frozen but i can still type

what else was i gonna say

oh yeah para why in this whole world do you need two spider man posters

oh yeah and also why in this whole world did you go to the asian student association idgi

yeah the weather was so nice today. i think. i havent actually been outside but i assume it is kinda cool. it was yesterday also

ok well now i want to be done with this post but typiing in it is the only thing i can do rght now so i guess i'll just continue. i hope it doesnt disappear when my comp starts working hmmmm

wow yesterday we went out to eat at that one restuarant where you have to wait an hour to get in and mom was like "well it will be fun because it's always a fun ol time sittng there waitng with a nice group of other people who are waiting. we'll get some nice drinks and it will be so jolly" and well let me tell you it wasn't fun and also idk why she kept talking like we had been there so many times when we had only been there once. she's a darn fool. also both of the tmes we went there it was pretty cold outside so we had to squish into the dumb teensy room. i wished i was dead

bleh my computer is still at it.

i wsh everyone would go to bed so that i could watch some good ol television. unfortuantely it's only 4:30. wow those glugs have been watching tv so late into the night lately. i hate them. they are so obsessed with their dumb hgtv show sthat it makes me want to puke.

oh goos my computer is working ok bye

Friday, September 7, 2012

early cat

heyyy gsssssssssss.

today was a good day.

it went a lot better than i thought it would.

my first class went by really fast.

my health class teacher let me leave class 5 minutes early so i would have time to meet with my group for communications class right before the class started it which was good, even if he embarrassed me by asking the whole class if it was ok if i left 5 minutes and made a huge deal out of it and made everyone say goodbye to me when i was leaving.

my communications class went WAYYYY faster than it usually does.

my clarinet lesson was super long and dragged on forever though.

and then my roomate's friend's roomate came over to my room and he brought his guitar and we jammed for a bit and he seems kinda cool

well i just suddenly got really tired so i'm going to end this post now.  i hate when you feel fine and awake but then your eyes starting hurting and you have a headache. D:

the sting of the cat

Hey gs!!!!

My new poster looks awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yay I'm so happy Kelly went home for the weekend!!! It's so peaceful in this room without her watching annoying things or laughing annoyingly or being generally annoying.

Bleh this ship is so beautiful I just want to tear it up into little pieces and feed it to a child so that that child will grow up and become this ship and rule the world and then I can live in a world ruled by this ship.

It was such a nice day today in terms of weather!  Like it had a good chill to the air and it wasn't too sunny!!!

Wow I ate the most delicious thing in the dining hall today idk what it was but it was some kind of thing that had golden grahams and chocolate and marshmallows and it was so good!!!!!!

Bleh now I want another one of those but idk when they will have them again.

Wow okay you know how I said I really wanted puppy chow?  Well the other day my CA came in with this little cup of puppy chow and he was like "want some puppy chow?" and I was like "YES!" and then he's like "okay, here." And I thought he was giving me the whole cup because it was just like this little cup so I reached for the cup and then he was like "you can just grab some." And so I reached in and took like a few pieces because there wasn't even that much in there so I didn't think I should grab like more than half of it and then I ate in in one bit so that's how I had one bite of puppy chow that just made me want more puppy chow.

Hmm it appears I am really hungry all I can talk about is delicious desserts.

Okay today I am DEFINITELY going to finish my show because there will be the perfect chance with Kelly gone and I can't watch it tomorrow and it's been so long since I've even watched it so this is the perfect chance.

I wish I could show you a pic of my poster but idk how to use the my webcam besides on skype????

After Kelly left I cleaned my side of the room so now it looks like I am a neat person and Kelly is a slob. Ha.

Wow Kelly really picked the wrong side of the room.  It's like I have control of the window and the sink and I can plug in my internet to get a faster connection and she has nothing...

Dif Gob this week went by so slow it was just like crawling by like a slug.

Last night I read a super great fic!

Well that's all.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

a billion cats

hey gs.

here is a really awesome song that i've listened to like a billion times this week!

wow this week has gone by so fast.  it feels like it's all just been one giant dream and that last weekend was just yesterday!  idk, maybe it's because the schedule of some of my classes got all switched around but this week has just been really fast.  like it's weird because my weekend seemed longer than this whole week has been. idk.

anyways yay for tomorrow being friday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


the menace of cats

Hey gs.


Also wow if they get rid of all the demons I will just hate life because demons are my favorite.

Also that promo had waaaaaaaaaay too much Kevin or whatever his name is.

Also too much Cass.

Okay yesterday I went to this meeting of the Asian Student Association and it was so awkward because I was like one of the only non asians there and there were so many asians!!!

Haha but it was like I was the spy spying on the asians instead of the other way around!


Oops I forgot I was writing this post.

This fic is great.

Okay that's all.

chickens in the distance

heyy gs

ok well my computer keeps not working and then occasionally working for a little bit so i can just post when i can post

also i just scanned my computer and there are apparently no viruses so now idk what to do to fix it. like sometimes you just wish it could be a virus

wow i pretty much hate everything because i guess there's a spn promo and there was a clip of the hug and like..........................that was my only reason for looking forward to s8 so now what's the point of watching it

i didn't watch the promo cuz my computer freezes when i watch youtube things but i saw gifs of the hug wow thanks a lot

the one good thing life has going for it is that i'm done with school for the week! and yesterday was my first day of school for the week. goos

ok that's the post

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

so boredddddddddddddddddddddddd

hey gs.

blehh my health class is so dumb.  i have to go to 4 different exercise classes over the semester and keep a physical activity log and do a behavior change thing and a bunch of other junk.  it is defintley my least favorite class.

oh and my communications class today was so boring i wanted to fall asleep.  i kept accidentally yawning but it was dark in the room so idk my professor saw that or not.

oh yeah and another thing that sucked today was having to walk to one of my classes in the rain.  luckily it was not too far away but it still sucked.

wow some of the bands at this thing called blues fest next week in terre haute seems like they are actually pretty decent!  i mean none of them are bands that would be my absolute favorite but i kinda like 3 of them and i know 2 people in one of the bands.  i might actually go to it this year because it sounds pretty cool!

oh yeah and so are we doing a game this month or not?

doctor cat: armed and dangerous

Hey gs.

I guess I should probably write this post now since I don't know when I will get back from copy editing.

But enough of these glug boring posts.  Try to say something things.

Today was a pretty good day I guess.

Bleh Kelly stole my season 3 dvds without asking me.  I hate her.

Also I don't understand how you could cry at Madison's death but not at Sam's???

Today I went to a poster sale and they had so many posters and I bought a new Spider-Man poster!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I thought that I didn't have any more room for posters on my walls but then I found one that is like more long than tall and so now I can put it right over my bed. That will be glorious.  They had a bunch of cool Spider-Man posters and I really wanted all of them.

I didn't finish my show last night because the last two episodes look so great!!!

Wow I just realized that once Supernatural starts I will not even be able to watch it on the night that its on if I keep this copy editing thing up.

But today I saw the newspaper and it had my name in it and that was a great experience!

There's a great feeling in me when its Wednesday after classes because its like there's two days left in the week and I only have three classes.

Haha I just got some email messages that Michael Flood put up some assignments on Manegebac.  Maybe he forgot to take me off of there???

Wow right now I would actually kind of prefer to have Michael as my math teacher because my professor is so serious and strict and while Michael was the most unorganized person ever and not a great teacher at all, at least every class was entertaining.

Today it was nice because it was a little bit chilly this morning!  Although it did get warmer but not too warm!!!

That is all.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

return of the cat slayers

Hey gs.

Bleh today was a day.

I'm so hungry.

What is there to eat?

Oh yeah I forgot I was writing this post.

Maybe I will finish my show tonight.

Who knows?

I wish I was more excited for Supernatural but I just read this like description of what season 8 will be and it made me like 937257 times less excited than I already was even so

Hob are we gonna do that game that I said?

I did laundry today.

I wish it was more cold or I wish the cold would come sooner.

Today is like one of those days where I am annoyed with so many things.

I want to eat something!

less than a month left

hey gs.

hmm what is there say...

oh yeah, less than a month until supernatural starts back up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i don't have like any show to watch right now and have nothing to watch anymore. D:

blehh nothing interesting to say...


Monday, September 3, 2012

the cat slayer

Hey gs!

Here's a message from Hob:

"We're not doing that! No!"

Oh okay.

Well oh well.

We tried.


advance of the chicken

heyyyyy gs

well now my ocmputer wasnt working again yesterday

it seems to be working now thoough

but like it seems like every day another thing of it stops working

at least it turns on now though

wow noah is a person i hate cuz yesterday we bought a package of 6 donuts and now they're gone and noah ate 4 of them

and what's worse is he won't admit it

it's okay thoguh because tomorrow he was to wake up at 6!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahahahaha. and i don't have class tomorrow so i'm tempted to stay up until then just so i can be still awake in a world where noah is having to wake up. haha icqcml and i'm so excited

ok here are some cute animals


heyyy gs.

wow this was like such an awesome weekend!!!  and now back to school...even though this weekend was a longer weekend than usual it still went by super fast.

here are some cute animals!

Sunday, September 2, 2012

cat cave

heyy gs. 

sorry i didn't post last night  D:  i went to bloomington to hang out with seth and nathan and kassandra and we went caving for a lot of the day and then swimming and then we had pizza and watched a movie at one of seth's frends house and by the time i got back it was after midnight. 

ahhh seth's new kitten emma is so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!

she likes to climb up onto people's shoulders and just sit there!!

i wish my cats were still kittens.

oh and you know what other animal is really cute that i saw yesterday?


there were a ton of them in the cave and they were just so cute little orange guys!  that would be cool to have one of those as a pet.

here is what they looked like:

also i saw some bats in the cave, but they were sleeping and also not very cute.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

night of the cat

Hey gs!

Have I mentioned how much I hate Kelly like all the time?  There's just like 2398579382579 things that piss me off about her.

Like her voice.

And her laugh.

And how she fucking laughs at everything when she watches Supernatural.

Even things that aren't fucking funny at all.

Like she was watching Playthings and just plumb laughing her head off at the part where Sam tells Dean he has to kill him.

What is funny about that!?!?!??!

Someone please tell me!!!!!!!!

And sometimes I'll just be reading something and she'll just think that's a good time to watch a thing on her stupid tv.

And then laugh really loudly at everything she sees.

And even if I make her watch it on her computer I still can't stand it because of her FUCKING LAUGH.


And she says the word "fantastic" WAY TOO FUCKING MUCH.

And in such an annoying way too.

I cannot stand the word fantastic now.

Which is really unfortunate for the Fantastic Four.

Actually any time she says anything I really want to slaughter her because of her glug voice.

But pretty much my response to anything she does is to blast my music really loudly.

It gives me some kind of pleasure hearing her ask me to turn it down.

Because then I just turn it down a little bit and then turn it right back up again a few minutes later.

I am a joy to live with.

father before the chicken

heyyyy gs

what do we have to say


do we have a game/????????????????????????????????????????????????//

i wish i hadnt bitten me tongue this night

i wish we didnt have to go a place tomorrow

i wish i hadnt finished my show one whole week ago

last week at this time i was just starting to watch the last few eps

i think tonight i'll watch some good ol eps. maybe i'll re-watch this one ep for the 4th time!!! maybe i'll watch this really sad ep!

i wish i could find more songs for this fanmix

well i got not even all my music back on itunes but somehow i already have way more than i did before? like now i have over 10,000 songs and i sure did before i had like 9000 something and i havent even gotten them all back yet. so idgi. i just want my playlists though :(

my eyes are watery

today doctor who started but idk if i'll watch it anymore tbh

i wish there was a man to slaughter

whats for snack

maybe some cereal if noah hasnt eaten it all

ok good enough