Sunday, July 31, 2011

Fading In

this is probs going to be the final post of this july and maybe the last one of the summer for me! D: (depending on weather or not there's internet at beach)

well i'm going to try to make this one an awesome one.

Oh yeah first of all i want to say:

Happy Birthday Harry Potter!!!!!!!!

I made this cake for you!

jj i did not make that. but i wish i did.

ok even though 2 gs on here haven't participated in round 3 of the jamz exchange i'm going to fast forward to the next round to encourage them to post some new jamz.

round 4:

Another Loveless Anthem - Beat Radio
MoneyGrabber - Fitz and the Tantrums
Satellite - Guster
Lions In Cages - Wolf Gang
Dancing With The Devil - Wolf Gang
Processed Beat - Kasabian
Monsters Get Slain - Ghost Mice

hahaha g have you ever tried to make a song get louder as it's fading out? because i just did that and it was really cool...except when it got to the next song it was super loud and it scared me! DDDD:

well that was not as awesome of a post as i thought it would be but oh well. i'll try and do a better one soon.

Monday, July 25, 2011


hey gssssss

oops well i haven't posted in a while but nbd

bored bored bored that's what i am.

okay let me see if i have any pics for you...

well there is this

also this

okay those aren't very good what else do i have

hahahah ok look at this pic

i call it "the winchester nest" because it looks like they are in a nest.

hahaah icqcml at that

bleh i wish it was time for spn s7 icqcme

bleh there is a clip that you can watch of the third episode and it has little sam and i saw a gif of it and i was like blehhh spoilers but i want to watch it so badly but bleh i don't think i should i think i should wait

because its like the third episode. that doesn't seem right to me.

bleh i want to watch it though

omg did you gs watch the spn panel from comic con tho it was great. there was this adorbs moment when jared whispered something to jenny so

that was cute

bleh why isn't it september

although what is good is that the spn anime comes out tomorrow. although i will still have to aquire it. i have a lot of money tho so that is one big plusball

bored bored bored

wait remember the game of taking dean/cas moments and effortlessly revealing their true nature of being about sam/dean? i think we shall play that some more.

but wait ok remember that pic i made that was a screencap of dean fixing sam's tie?


that is beautiful. although not as beautiful as that other one really because this is from what is and what should never be and therefore although dean is still in love with sam, sam does not really share those feelings.

also they are shaking hands at the same time. pretty much what i think was happening is that dean went for a hug but sam went for a handshake so dean had his hand up ready to hug sam and he had to fix sam's tie as an excuse for what his hand was doing up there.

hahah that is beautiful. okay but this is not our game really. we need to get to the good stuff. okay what was that moment i was going to talk about?

oh yes its at the end of on the head of a pin. like when cas makes dean cry at the end of the episode. well you pretty much know what happens after that is sam comes in and yells at cas for making dean cry and then comforts dean. do dean/cas shippers even like that moment? i mean cas makes dean cry... well i guess they probs do because dean/cas shippers have a habit of taking every single moment and claiming it as evidence of dean and cas's fictional love.

wait ok in on the head of a pin there is well i think there is this moment that cas is like "i would do anything not to have you do this" or something like that (talking about dean needing to torture alastair) and its like well you say that and then you turn around and make him do it anyway. actions speak louder than words buddy and who is the one who actually saves dean in this episode? i will tell you. it is sam.

why did they even need dean to do that because you'd think an angel would be better at torturing a demon than a human. idgi.

wait okay remember in that other post i was looking for a list of dean/cas moments? well, i found one.

okay the first moment is from idk what episode and its like

uriel: he has this weakness. he likes you.

well uriel that's cute of you to say and maybe that is one of cas's many, MANY weaknesses, but i think both the winchester boys are cas's weaknesses. but i don't think the same can be said for sam and dean because really they are each other's weaknesses and that is it.

Dean: All I'm saying, Sammy, all I'm saying, is that you're my weak spot. You are, and I'm yours.

Dean: I think we're weaker. Because whatever we have between us -- love, family, whatever it is -- they are always going to use it against us.

those are straight from the mouth from the mouth of dean winchester, so well if you're saying having a weakness for someone equals love, then i don't think you can deny that sam and dean are absolutely in love with each other.

okay the next one i have absolutely no idea what episode it is from either but it is

cas: i was getting too close to the humans in my charge. you

to be honest i don't know what he's talking about so its a little hard to tell how it relates to sam and dean but i can discredit it in that cas clearly states "humans." PLURAL. everything is not just about dean and cas and cas and dean.

to be honest... when even is this moment? okay i looked it up and this is from on the head a pin. okay i don't know when it is though...

okay he follows it up with "They feel I've begun to express emotions, doorways, to doubt. This can impair my judgement."

which honestly sounds to me like "i hate you."

sorrry i don't know what else to say about this and i'm listening to this really wincesty song which is distracting me.

okay well that's enough of that list for now because frankly garage your moment are sucking.

also i'm bored bored bored

i am bored because livejournal is not working and it makes me want to die so that's that.

blehhhhhh fix it

bleh i really want to watch the clip from s7

what can distract me blehh

well this is not doing it so byeeee gs

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Probably the scariest thing I've ever seen...

Wow even though I took this pic and Ginny was just yawning when I took it, it still creeps me out every time I see it! D:

Saturday, July 16, 2011

i need sleep but i'm probably not going to tonight

ahhhh harry potter 7 part 2 was so amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i wish i could talk about in this blog post but i think the triangle and garage haven't seen it yet! DDDDD: i definitely plan on seeing it again at least 2 or 3 times in theaters. being up so late at the midnight showing was so crazy and i don't think i fully absorbed all of it.

oh i have an idea actually! i just found a way to put spoiler tags in blog posts and i'll do that and if they want to they can come back and read the post once they've seen the movie! actually screw that. the spoiler code i got looked really bad and i'm too lazy to try and get it right now. i'll just talk about hp in the next post.

haha sorry for just like rambling for 2 huge paragraphs. i'm still so tired because friday night i got like 3 hours of sleep and last night i got like 2 because we went to this music festival in chicago.

guess what it's time for gs??????


Contact High - Architecture In Helsinki
Brothersport - Animal Collective
Saturday Call - Little Victories
I Am A Scientist - Guided By Voices
I Don't Know - Lisa Hannigan
Couldn't Care Less - Blackmail

sorry this was a short post. this weekend has been crazyyyy and i kinda forgot about posting

hahaha what the...

Friday, July 8, 2011

All dogs

hey gsssssssss

welp here i am just postin

well i don't have much for this post

well i have a few pics

ok well here is this

and here is this

and this

and this

and that is all

ok well here is round 2 i guess:

lullabies don't work no more-olivia chrestomanci
some greater good (click to download)
crossroad demon blues-olivia chrestomanci

welp those three were written about spn. here are some ones that were probably not:

dimensions and verticals-say hi to your mom
people change-joel & luke
the warning-incubus
your fractured life-air traffic
an aria-plushgun

alright well that's that

some dogs

hey gs! i am posting and it's not even saturday!!

ok first here is round 2. i love our jam exchange!
*no one would riot for less-bright eyes
*few against many-hell is for heroes
*how does it feel-eskimo joe
*biko-bloc party
*road trippin-red hot chili peppers
*in this together-apoptygma berzerk
*shoot me down-nick cave and the bad seeds
*a lion's heart-the tallest man on earth
*kettering-the antlers
*true faith-new order
*runs in the family-amanda palmer

that's the round!!!!!!!!!

alright i don't have that much for this post tbh. ok here is a thing i made that is so hilarious to me:

hmmm what else do we even have for this post. really there's nothin to be said

i sure hope the triangle posts today

alright bye bye bye

Thursday, July 7, 2011

The End

hahaha did you like that turtle pic spam? i did!!!!!!

well this is going to be a real post though.

ahhhhhhh icqcme for harry potter and the deathly hallows: part 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
and i'm going to a double feature midnight showing of both parts back to back! it's going to be so awesome! it's going to be so weird though because harry potter has been something i grew up and some of my earliest and fondest memories are my dad reading the books aloud to me and now this is all ending. :( i'm pretty sure also that either harry potter 1 or 2 was the first movie we all saw together as a family at thanksgiving.

i was watching the harry potter premiere in london live and it was so incredible! like there were thousands of people there who had camped out for 3-4 days in rain and everything and it looked so massively huge. ahhh and this video. i wanted to cry when i saw this! it was so beautiful and so emotional and sad! D:

haha what you've done for ginger people. noah and cm would like that.

here's a bunch of great hp stuff i've been finding on youtube.

here is round 2 of the jamz exchange!!!!!!!!

My Body - Young the Giant
Touch Me I'm Going To Scream - Morning Jacket
End of an Era - Oliver Boyd and the Remembralls
Surrounded By Your Friends - Hooray for Earth
My Girls - Animal Collective
Shake Me Down - Cage the Elephant
Into The Galaxy - Midnight Juggernauts

oh and one last thing. here's a nice pic i made!

next time on the tublog:

new and unreleased pics and videos from cousin camp 2011 straight from tubs' phone!!

Saturday, July 2, 2011


hey gs! remember me! i am a maraca! i accidentally haven't posted in a long while but whatevs. ok firsties here is a pic of the triangle with sam!!!:

ya like that?

ok now our jam exchange! i love our jam exchange! ok well i don't really mind f there's no youtube or download link because it's not that hard to fnd them yourselves and i'm too lazy to find links for you gs but you can have link if you want

ok here are my round 1 jamz:

bring me down - lenka
the hellcat spangled shalalala - arctic monkeys
got to move-cake
damn these vampires - the mountain goats
the saddest of all keys - tapes 'n tapes
california - phantom planet
some boys - death cab for cutie
palmistry - great lake swimmers
stab city - as tall as lions
tomorrow never comes - vnv nation
farewell to the fairground - white lies
posture, etc - say hi
daisy - brand new
people say - portugal the man
all the pretty girls - fun

awwwwwwwwww yeaaaaaaah

ok now here are some piccies i made!

here's a gif from my bloody valentine

here's a thing i made right after we watched scarecrow:

here's a song piccie but icr what song it's for so it's just a piccie

here's a song piccie for nineteen hundred and eighty five by paul mccartney:

my mama said the time would come
when i would find myself in love with you
i didn't think, i never dreamed
that i would be around to see it all come true

i think that all the piccies i have for ya. idk what else to put in this post
oh well. bye bye!

Sheep go to heaven

hey gssssssssssssssss

i'm gonna work really hard on this post so it will be awesome!

alright well

here is a pic i don't really like


ok first look at this:

you might be looking at that and you might think hey now buddy that looks so fake to me. well that is because this pic is a fakey manip that i tried my hand at. but if you are stupid you might be like this g that saw this pic and was like "omg that's my fave ep!" when i saw like i was like are you stupid sweetie this never happened. but i wish it did.


wait let me check what else i have for ya


i call it: sámúél y déánó.

ok also i just have this:

well ok let me tell you a little story. those things are so fun to make but i don't know whether they are fun to look at or you see i made a lot of those so if you like that one you can see the rest maybe.

ok well

that's all my pics

well its not all my pics but nbd

this post will have a lot of talking because its going to be awesome

wait ok i was trying to play this game called taking some dean/cas moments and flawlessly interpreting them as sam/dean moments. but the prob is that i couldn't really think of any.

ok like i tried searching in google for them but that was not even going well. like ok if you search for like say "best destiel moments" then nothing. but ohoho if you search "best wincest moments" you get a goldmine. what does that say?

also ok here is something hilarious

ok in this thing called fuck yeah nouns if you search wincest you get this interesting pic:

and if you search destiel you get this:

haha what even is that i don't know.

hahahahah if you search the triangle you get this:

that's great!

haha i love this game!

alright well back to taking some dean/cas moments and flawlessly interpreting them as sam/dean moments.

my g and i thought of two together. the first is this:

in this moment you can see that dean is fixing cas's tie for him because they have to pretend to be some people. and okay dean/cas people might like this because dean is helping cas or something or idek why they like it. but ok this is obviously reflecting how cas and dean are not nearly as close as sam and dean because see that troubled and confused and uncomfortable look on cas's face?

welp that is to be expected because cas is not used to that sort of thing but obviously dean is because he's just like chill. now try to think of whose tie dean would normally fix. if you answered sam then that is correct. you see dean just went for that because he's used to doing it for sam and just taking care of it because they are brothers and they love each other. done.

here is a pic of dean fixing sam's tie.

see not a worry to be had that it completely natural for them.

also if you just think about that whole darn episode... i only saw it once but from what i recall, i understand that episode to be about sam and dean taking a break in their relationship and how miserable they are without each other and dean is using cas to fill to void and cas is sort of like this rebound guy and dean tries to do all the things he does with sam with him but it just isn't the same and the whole time he's thinking about sam. is that pretty much what its about. oh the ep is free to be you and me. or something like that. the other day i was trying to do this quiz on sporcle where you have to name all the eps and it was so HARD! i could not think of the name of that ep and i couldn't spell provenance and so many other things went wrong.

wait ok speaking of provenance wait actually speaking of free to be you and me ok in that ep dean tries to get cas to have sex or something. well that also happens in provenance but with sam. ok well i don't know about you but please note in free to be you and me dean was like whatever any girl is good for you i'd say and in provenance dean is like that girl is really nice and pretty and smart and bad ass how about it sammy. also note that cas goes for it and sam does not.

where am i going with this i don't even know

wait garage what was the other one we thought of

oh wait i recall

ok well in...what is that ep? is it point of no return or abandon all hope? or neither? ok its point of no return. and cas is like staring at dean and dean is like "blah blah the last time someone looked at me like that i got laid."

ok well that's pretty obvious he's talking about sam.

ok this is the look cas is making:

why, who would look at dean in such a way? dean is just a innocent little boy! but wait isn't he having a big old argument with his bro right at this time? why, yes! i believe he is! also sam is pretty much known for making those kind of annoyed faces so...

also i don't really see how this is a dean/cas moment at all because dean is not like "hey you seem angry let's have angry sex" he's more like "hey you seem angry by the way i just had angry sex with sam."


okay well maybe there will be more to come of this game.

here are some jamz! i love the jamz exchange! are we going to keep it going for a long time?

sheep go to heaven-cake
what became of the likely lads-the libertines
life goes on-noah and the whale
you can run, but we'll find you-matchbook romance
there's a fire-ok go
electric storm-delta goodrem
gold guns girls-metric
heaven knows i'm miserable now-the smiths
spinning out-valencia

by the way i'm looking for songs about sheep if anyone has any. or well they don't have to be about sheep, but if they mention sheep even if they aren't even talking about real sheep i will take those too.