Saturday, August 27, 2011

The Squirrels

welp here is a post. nbd.

welp here is a vid

here is a thing

and here is another thing

and this is what cas would look like if he was an octopus and was strangling lisa with his tentacle.

aaaaand....well that's all i feel like putting here really

school starts so soon that is craz but that is good because that means its almost fall sort of


i have hunger

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

we love posts

hey gs again. haha ok i just saw a thing that was like "find out what your archangel is based on your bday" and i was looking at what other people got and they had stupid ones like uriel and i thought "man i will only be happy if i get michael because he's an awesome dude" even though no one else had michael but then i got michael!!!!
ok look:

Born: Sunday
Presiding ArchAngel: Michael
Assignation: Protection
Daily Affirmation: "I am committed to all that God intends for me and the universe."

wowwie! try to see what yours is! actually i already know the triangle's because i did your bday but i will keep it a surprise
ok here are some other peoples' ones:
mother: raphael
noah: uriel
dean: raphael
sam: gabriel haha do the people who ship that stupid ship know this????
jensen: raphael
jared: gabriel ok that's really weird ok dean and jensen have the same one and sam and jared have the same one wow ok i am too weirded out to continue with this wow ok

oh man that was really weird

you know what else is really weird???????? time travel!!!!!!!!!! that's right i have traveled in time and the next part of the post was written about 24 hours before i wrote this first part of the post!!!! here it is:

hey gs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ok well frankly i was sick for about a month and i didn't feel like posting and before that my computer was broken so sorry to people who like when there are posts ok also idk what other peopls excuses are. well ok tuba has posted some which is weirdo because he is usually the one i expect to forget to post or whatevs but still we are dummies because it has been summer so now you are going to have to make up for it by posting more now but it is school for tubs and soon it will be school for the triangle so too bad.

ok i am pretty tired and i was gonna go to bed but i was just reading a thing that got really excited so now i'm less tired so i'll just start this post. maybe i will tell you about the thing later but now i am just lazin. alright i will make this a goodie long post even though i can't think of a thing to put in it. let me see if i have any piccies or whatnot.

nope no piccies. well i will find some because a post is boring if there's none.

bleh no one will be on gmail ever. wait wtf the triangle is on gmail every single time i've ever gone in the basement so what the. she must be claude????? i was claude until a little bit ago because i was hiding from mother but idk why she would be. wait what how could we both have been claude???? well i must have been peter and she is claude. hahahaha

wow ok i just want to shred noah. alright he has a temper like an angry bird. alright all i wanted was for him to stop saying obnoxious things but then i felt a teensy bit bad so i said an apology but he didn't accept it!!!! :( :( :( :( that was so mean so then i wanted him to stop talking to me forever but he wouldn't. bleh can he sleepover at max's house again.

ok let's have an interesting thing now. this is like a post from the beginning of this blog when people said things about their lives. can we have more of that because ok soon it will be the best months and those are when you might want to read things that are not about some brothers and dumbo stink angels and stuff. oh i know! i will make a list of why i want it to be fall or whatever!

*well summer clothes are dumb and fall and winter clothes are nicey
*no dumb bugs
*a nice snuggly cat
*my bday
*idk summer is just dummie
*applie cider
*whoops i accidentally typed applie hahaha
*applie pie
*some other fallie foods
*i like the hot drinks at caribou better than the cold ones
*a snuggly blankie
*it's easier to fall asleep when it's not hot
*my dumb fan is even too noisy
*raking leaves is so nice in the fall but horrible in the summer
*same with walking a dog
*ok you can like be outside a little before dinner and you're kinda chilly and then you ome in and your little nosey is cold and you smell a nice dinner cookin!
*oh i know squash
*oh pumpkiny foods!
*there is pumpkin ice cream at cold stone even!
*it's like the best food on this earth
*the sky is really un-sunny usually

alright well that's the list. i will add to it if i think of a thing.

hahahaha i just realized that gmail is like mail for Gs!!! hahahahahaha that is hilarious to me

here i am in the future again!! now it's the same time as when i wrote the first part of the post except now it's not really time travel anymore because this part is being written after the previous part so.

wow this has been a really good post so far don't you think??? atually i don't even want to know what i wrote last night so maybe it's a really dumb post idk.

ok now it's about 10 days later. i have no idea what i said in this post but it's probably not even relevant anymore. well frankly i'm really bored. here's all the things i've done tonight:
-play kids battle the grown ups
-pretend to be sam and dean and answer questions from that game
-draw piccies
-draw piccies of my fave ships on paint
-play the sims facebook game until i got bored of it which was 5 mins after i started

now here i am. alright i am wrapping up this post. bye now