Sunday, September 29, 2013

goat no more!

Hey gs!!!

Why didn't Gob post we wonder

Well I have chocolate now so

Okay the next three days can be deleted.  Or I guess it's the next two days now.  As long as I don't wake up and it's magically Wednesday because I have an exam that day and I need to study more for it

Well I still have to write the final draft and stuff but that's not due until the end of the semester so I'm not sure when I will do that.  I guess you could read it though???

Really I can't remember them ever changing Delicious for the better but idk what they are doing.  Like you can't even see how many you have of each tag like what's the point now what's all this been for

Aw g you should watch Agents of SHIELD bc it'd be so crazy like we'd both be watching a show.  But yeah it's not as annoying as Loki bc I did used to like Coulson a lot and at least people seem to at least react to his character in normal ways instead of like woobifying Loki and completely misunderstanding everything but yeah it's still annoying how Coulson is in three movies, two tv shows, a video game, and is now in the comics while Maria Hill, who has been around in the comics for eight years, is in one movie and has a super small part so far in the tv show and everyone seems to forget about her. :(

But idk I have heard a lot about Agents of SHIELD though I am in the Marvel fandom so that's expected????  Not everyone likes it and that's fine but I did find it really annoying how this one person was talking about the guy who's name is I guess Mike and not Max oops was a problematic character and therefore the whole show is horrible and everyone who watches it is a bad person.  Like???  I kind of agreed with the things that person was saying but you are allowed to think a thing is problematic and still like it???  Also it's a show about a super spy team that's actually evenly split with men and women like there's not just one token woman I mean that's amazing!!!

Okay the last ep of Breaking Bald is on tonight god when will it be on so that this can all be over

Aw g we're gonna need a new game soon.

Here's some negativity for our blog:  I hated today because I was p much writing this dumb essay all day and then there was like nothing to eat in the dining hall like why does this always happen on weekends its like its the weekend so everyone in the dining hall just gives up

Here's some not negativity though I am so excited for Friday bc I am going home for the weekend and we're gonna go to fall con!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also I get to see my g and my kitties!!!!!

Okay I just have one more pic for the game though I might see if I want to do more of those other songs idk.  This is the one that got really complicated so

Okay yeah the song is Leader and it's about Avengers vs. X-Men!!!

Hob do you remember this game????

Well that's all have a nice day!!

Saturday, September 28, 2013

last chicken this year

heyy gs

aw g no gob yesterday

blehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh more pringie talk :(

well i miss my chocoalte. actually i have some even better chocolate that i will eat soon so

well now its almost sunday which is the day i did NOTTTTTTTTTTTTT WANT IT TO BE. bleh im deleting the next 3 days from existence. i dont think anyone will mind since its just sunday monday and tuesday

wow thats nice and crazy about your story. can i read it?!?!??!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?! i really wanna!!!!

aw g i havent used delicious in a long time cuz i havent read much fic for a while but thats glug. wait wtf why do they keep changing it??!? and are you sure its not just temporarily unusable but it will be changed to be better cuz isnt that what happened before??

i probably wont watch agents of shield idk. wow idk why i havent heard that much about it cuz it seems like it'd be really popular but ive seen hardly anyone talking about it. anyway i agree w you about phil like i thought he was a cool little guy but idg the huuuuuuuuuge deal tbh. though at least all the attention he gets isnt as bad or annoying as all the attention loki gets

icqcme for breaking bad to be over after tomorrow

sorry gob

blehhhh i have to work on some days that i really didnt want to have to work

at least i dont have to on my bday or the day before

bleh just burn this world to the ground

ok theres not pics

i might as well just give up

wow some of us were doing so well for like the first half of the month and now idk

i hope our game next month is an easy thing like i said i wanted

even though i liked doing this game for a while

ok im not gonna say a song

i wish noah would stop talking about what he did in his video games when we're eating dinner

and constantly changing to subject to talk about himself

in fact i wish everyone would stop talking forever

you know what there hasnt been enough negativity on this blog tbh. i miss like people saying all the things that sucked about their day or like complaining about their friends. maybe there will be more of that later in the school year. we can only hope


Thursday, September 26, 2013

from the goat of defeat!

Hey gs!!!!

Yeah that's what they're from good job you guessed it!!!

Aw g I don't have pringles any more but I miss them :(

I want that chocolate :( :( :(

Yes also imagine Mary Winchester and Anna lipsyching for their lives

Well now we're almost on Friday which is the day I want it to be!!!

Idk what that show is really but I am all for white guys dying instead of women or poc

Well I was trying to catch up on my song piccies today but then I started doing one and I accidentally started making it very elaborate and time consuming so yeah I haven't finished any more actually welp

I'll just say the next song... It's going to be... One More Night by Maroon 5.  Haha okay.

WOW A CRAZY THING HAPPENED called I turned in my rough draft of my short story and also a four of my peers reviewed it and well I thought everyone was going to really hate it because I pretty much rushed writing it the last two days before and also it's pretty long like 6,000 words and I was really not happy with it but wow crazy day everyone loved it!!!!  They just kept going on about how great it was and also my prof told me it was really funny????  I'm so confused but also so happy!!!! Haha the only thing they told me to change was to draw out the ending which is so funny to me because they're telling me to make it longer when it was already like five times as long as anyone else's.  So I guess they liked it. Also one girl said she almost crying when she read this one part!!! That is so crazy to me because I mean it was supposed to be sad in that one part but no one has ever told me that before about a thing I wrote I am amazed!!!! Also I am laughing because this one girl told me she was really shipping the two guys in my story and was so happy when they got together.  I was also shipping the two guys in her story though but they didn't get together in the end bum bum bum.

Okay but here's some bad news Delicious made their darn website completely unusable wow they hecked up so badly

Okay so I watched the pilot of Agents of Shield!!!  It was p good!!! Oh wait idk if anyone's gonna watch it but






*Okay well there were a few things I didn't like like that one white guy who's name I forget was p boring and I didn't care about him at all
*Also no way is he almost as good as Natasha just no
*Also wow "sweaty cosplay girls" way to make fun of your fanbase
*Okay but yeah besides that it was good it seemed like it was very accessible to non-comic fans too
*The "he can never know" thing is intriguing.  A popular theory seems to be that he is a clone that doesn't know it kind of like what happened to Gwen I guess but my first thought was that he was a LMD or something idk.
*Maria is really great though I hope she will be around for the rest of the season
*I think my favorite characters so far are Melinda and Jemma and Leo
*Leo reminds me of Chekov a little bit idk
*My first thought when I saw that Max guy climbing the building by sticking his hands into it was that he was supposed to be like the Prowler but probably not because he has a different name and also that was really the only thing that made me thing that (well, other than the fact that he was a guy trying to be a hero but ending up being dangerous) so he's probably not supposed to be him. That would be cool if the Prowler showed up in an episode though
*Max did kind of remind of of DL though like just because he had his son and rescued someone from a fire.
*Oh I just remembered another thing that made me mad was when Skye was interrogating the white guy why did she need to take her jacket off and be acting all sexy when he already had the truth serum and it was clearly working??? There was no point to that!!!
*Also I feel like I used to like Coulson more but all the attention he gets from Marvel and from fans really annoys me and makes me not like him as much because a lot of characters are just as awesome or even more awesome and they don't nearly as much appreciation
*This show also kind of reminds me of Heroes like from the point of view of the company if it wasn't evil
*"With great powers comes...a lot of weird crap you are not prepared to deal with." haha
*Wow I was reading a review of the episode and haha I guess the flying car must seem really random to people not familiar with Marvel but I was actually expecting it!

Welp that's all kiddies have a nice day!!!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

chicken ii

heyyyyy gs

oh cool. wow yeah i would prob not have wanted to watch that w/ a parent. though i guess i used to watch game of thrones w/ my mom which is way worse

are they from spiderman comics para

I PLEASE WANT SOME PRINGIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

bleh since you keep talking about pringies im gonna say about this piece of chocolate i just ate. it was so yummy dark chocolate w/ sea salt. yummy yum!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! too bad it was p small and i ate the whole thing but just wondering who would have wanted to eat it

imagine mom and sharon lipsyncing for their lives w/ same hair

well now we're on wednesday which is the next day i wanted it to be. goos no work until sunday

oh dang i forgot to say a song last time. bleh im so behind and i havent done any pics again

thee next song is how i could just kill a man by charlotte sometimes

bleh there was some stuff i was gonna say what was it

oh ive been watching sleepy hollow and i really like it cuz it has some spn vibes to it but in a good way like it reminds me of s1 of spn but better cuz like instead of a woman being burned alive in the first five mins, one of the only white guys dies in the first five mins. awwww yeah. also theres john cho whcih i didnt know about until he appeared in the show.

ok goblog

i love bed

i love my pajams

i love my cats

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

fool me cat

heyyy gs.

yeah i am watching orange is the new black and its not like an amazing show but i still like it and its pretty good and funny.  haha it is a bit awkward to watch with your parents though because in like the first three episodes there is a ton of sex and nudity.

haha awesome there was just a conan episode that came out that is entirely devoted to breaking bad.  like 7 or 8 of the cast members are on the episode.  haha there are too many of them to fit on the couches and chairs next to conan.

okay gs sorry this going to be another kinda lazy and boring post but i will try and at least make it a bit longer than my last post.

tomorrow the string quartet is auditioning my composition for the contemporary music festival student recital and i really hope they will play it well so it will get chosen to be on the recital.  i think like around 3 hours worth of people are auditioning and the recital will only be 45 minutes of that. D:

oh yeah i should probably say a song for the game even if i don't have any pics in this post.  i will say 2 actually since i forgot to say one in my last post.

Comforting Sounds - Mew
Someday - The Strokes

Monday, September 23, 2013

the wings of the goat!

Hey gs!!!!

No my titles are not episodes of a Spider-Man show but close.  They used to be but now they're not and I've been doing the same thing since I started with the goats.

Idk Gob's sched didn't look that busy to me but

Doi because it was funny icr why but I had a good laugh about that I remember

Aw g but now I have pringles so can I mention pringles again to offer some more pringles to anyone who wants them?  (They have to come and get them though)

Okay and if that doesn't make mo want the glasses to kiss try stirring up some sexual tension between them and see if she mentions it

It's not a Peter/Johnny fic anymore but no I was writing it just for class but then it turned into not that anyway.  I've only written one Peter/Johnny fic but I'm still not done with it but I definitely couldn't turn that in because its not an au.

Haha that is what I was thinking of too.  You shoulda tried to get mo and Sharon to battle a little bit.

Well I did not want it to be Monday but here we are.

Nah I don't think we ever filmed any of it because we kept putting off shooting the first scene until we had like the perfect opportunity or something and for some reason we thought we needed to shoot it all in order idk

Yes that moment of the posts being longer than the labels was a fleeting but still very glorious moment

Same get us some crepes please

Tyt about my piccies!!!

Aw g no one said any more song piccie songs and though I still haven't drawn the one for the song that I said

I will just say another song anyway because that's called setting a good example

Okay it is going to be... Father of Mine by Everclear.

Well I think I did draw one other pic but icr actually if I finished it and I'm too lazy to check.

The other day I saw a House Hunters drinking game do you think Mo would want to play that

Well Agents of SHIELD starts tomorrow!!!  You should all watch it!!! Hopefully it will be good!!!!

Wow an even better thing to do than watching episodes of TNAS and then listening to Dr. Horrible songs is watching USM and then listening to Drake Bell's songs because he has like three albums amazing.  Also he sings a little bit in the show I think he should sing more

Well this post is very lazy and hurried but I had a very busy day and I have an exam tomorrow so that's all I have for ya have a nice day!!!

Sunday, September 22, 2013

the chicken is getting thinner

heyyyyyyyyyyyyyy gs

whoa gob are you watchin orange is the new black?? jw if that what your post title is from haha. well if so then thats a good show. i still never know what paras titles are frm. im guessing episodes of a spiderman show or s/t. have they been from the same thing from the last like year or dif things??

wow wtf you already had such a busy sched it looked like how can more things go in it

para i dont know what youre saying to me either. i dont know what my question was. i forget what this convo was about

yeah but that doesnt explain why you couldnt just have given me a straight answer instead of lying to me and saying like "oh those two guys look really similar" like wtf

yeah same gob's drawing belongs in the beautiful drawings tag

bleh you talked about pringies again

oh yeah i shoulda said kirk/uhura when i was imagining bad ships mom could ship. she probably does ship them. one time when shes using the kirk glass i'll use the uhura glass and see if she makes them kiss

was it a peter/johny fic you'd already written or did you write it just for class

hahah i'll have to tell mom that her hair looks the same as sharon's hair. or at least her hair in that pic. wow that reminds me of in um that one ep of spn where anna and young mary are battling and their hair looks exactly the same but dif colors hahahahaha

i wanted it to be monday because i had so much to do the last three days and its not monday yet but it doesnt matter bc im done w/ everything now so goos. we made it through. we didnt know how lost we were

yeah same. although/...did we ever film any of it? well probs not or who knows where it is so w/e

omg!!!!!! thats so amazing about the posts being longer than the labels. although its not that way any more i guess cuz gob's last post was short. but i told you it was cuz of not having long posts and not just because there were so many labels. though i guess its still pretty long cuz we prob have to have all really long posts on a page for it to be long enough

bleghhhh we want crepes

nice piccies!!!

ok its only the afternoon rn but idk if i'll have tim e  for piccies cuz i havent started them yet. bleh ive been so busy. see heres my schedule

haha small joke

actually tbh thats the schedule for the week that just started and last week was so more busy but still. wow last week what even so many things happened thank you for letting it be over. though some good happened like the rupaul thing. wow that was less than a week ago but it seems so long ago

today hawkeye cleaned a window w/ her tongue

Saturday, September 21, 2013

tall cats with feelings

heyy gs.

okay thanks gs, now that i know i can make the pics pretty much however i want i should be able to make them more easily and be more satisfied with them.

wow i wish things would stop getting added to my schedule every week.  my week is too busy as it is already!  like last week my accompanist for my solo kept adding rehearsals which was really annoying because like technically most people only have 2 rehearsals with their pianist in the span of 2 weeks before a school of music recital. but i am going to have 4 or 5 in the span of two weeks before the recital i'm playing's not for a grade anything and it's not like a huge deal recital so idk why she keeps wanting to add rehearsals.  plus i think it is sounding fine but whatever.

wow i felt like i had so much to say last post and i didn't have time to say everything but like nothing at all to say today on this post...

maybe it is just because i'm tired. idk.

Friday, September 20, 2013

in the hands of the goat

Hey gs!!!!

Hob I don't know what you are saying to me.  His hair is black in that pic I drew.  His hair is normally blond.  Does that answer your question or

Haha it was funny at the time I don't remember why.

Well what is even worse than us not labeling our piccies as beautiful drawing is that Gob labeled his as not beautiful drawings :(

Okay I won't talk about pringles anymore.

Idk I couldn't think of too many gross ships I guess Sawyer/Juliet is pretty gross though.  The rest of those I don't really care about except for the ones that I said.  Kirk/McCoy is pretty bad too I guess not as bad as Kirk/Uhura though.

Wow actually I bet mom ships Kirk/Uhura ask her if she does

Haha well the story I'm writing started out as a Peter/Johnny fic actually except I had to make it really au because first of all I didn't want anyone to recognize it for what it was and also it has to be like realistic fiction so it had to be a no powers au but then it just became so au that its hardly even Peter and Johnny anymore so

Well I also cqcme for Thor 2 for other reasons like that I want to see the darn movie

Tyt about my piccies!!!

Wow that pic of Mo and Sharon is amazing to me because they're hair looks the same except dif colors

Bleh I wish I coulda been there I have sadness in me also I think I had a dream about RuPaul's Drag Race but icr what happened in it.

Why do you want it to be Monday that's yucky

Wow that's amazing though tbh I'm always super glad we never actually did that it would be super embarrassing to look back on I'm guessing

Nice piccies!!!!

Wow Gob you can go on about Breaking Bald if you want to like I go on and on about Spider-Man and Marvel stuff and no one cares so

Okay I am affronted that you mistook Peter for Doc Ock. Jk you're fine but uh just so you know the six arms thing is an actual thing that happened to Spider-Man and. Doc Ock is gross.

Gob can you write a string quartet version of "Bleh I don't want to post"????

Nice WIP!!!

But Gob um so you can you use photoshop to draw things??? Like that's what I usually use??? It's a lot easier I think???? But yeah you can do whatever you want idk

Wow okay this happened today and it is unacceptable

Wow I will tell you why it is truly an amazing time to be alive.  The posts on the blog atm go longer than the list of labels!!!!

Aww man I want crepes I can't believe we let that whole summer go by without ever making crepes we should have made them when we had strawberries to put on them we are dumbies I'm crying rn because I want crepes

Jk I'm laughin because someone made a graphic of that deleted scene in TASM that I was watching at 3:30 in the morning that one time you know that one where I was shipping Peter and Curt Connors really hard and I'm just looking at this graphic and I understand where 3:30 am Para was coming from tbh

Okay time for song piccies

Common People:

Rat a Tat:

Common People:  Spider-Man: The Animated Series
Rat a Tat: a lot of different comics

The next song is Leader by Phantom Planet.

Okay time for pics from the generator

The prompt for this was "She-Hulk being a super spy"

And okay the prompt for this was "Deadpool being Spider-Man" and well I know they have traded costumes and you couldn't really tell but tbh I don't see how that could work because they are very different sizes Deadpool is like four inches taller and fifty pounds heavier so...

Yeah and okay the prompt for this was "Spider-Man betrayed" and welp I do want the current Spider-Man to be betrayed so here is a thing that should honestly just happen



Thursday, September 19, 2013

that one thing

heyyyyyyyyyy gs

nice posty gob. youve been doin some good posts lately that is nice. although i think you forgot to say a song but inbd cuz i already was really behind so

aw g that sounds like an awesome concert. i hope ill be able to go to more concerts now that i have a job and a license (to kill)

well i said idc if you wanna talk about breakin bad on the blog. im already used to para goin on and on on the blog about things idc about so. and ik that was a big night for breaking bad or whatevs. tho i cant for the life of me figure out what even happened. but dont say cuz who knows if i'll watch it. how does the hightlighty part relate to something ive said??

ok i thought i already said that you could do/use anything when making the pics but maybe it wasnt clear. but yeah you can use pre-existing photos and stuff. i would do that but im too lazy to open photoshop. nice work in progress pic though! it looks better than the pics i posted in m,y last post so thats somethin

yeah para ik you said everyones hair isnt their normal hair but knowing that didnt make me be able to recognize human torch cuz i dont know what his not normal hair is like

oh that reminds me that i was gonna say i cant believe that when you were making that one vid and i thought it was spiderman/captain america you didnt just tell me that the joke was that captain america and human torch are both played by chris evans like???? wow whats the big deal and also its not that funny..........

well i started not labeling mine as beautiful drawings because you didnt label yours as beautiful drawings first

NO MORE PRINGIES TALK BLEHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. but yeah they should also make a pringies commercial that's just like two seconds long w/ someone standing on the screen and they say "pringles" and thats that. or just two seconds long and there's a picture of a can of pringies and thats that. or both

haha just imagone mom shipping destiel. what are you talking about though i can think of so many gross ships. even though some of them you dont know. ok here's my top gross ships:

1. sawyer/juliet (lost)
2. deastiel (spn)
3. roy/ed (fma)
4. enjolras/eponine (les mis)
5. desmond/penny (lost)
6. buffy/riley (btvs)

yuck im pukin

or what if she shipped a bad star trek ship what if she shipped kirk/mccoy bleh imo thats a pretty yucky ship. i guess she couldnt make the kirk and mccoy glasses kiss since mccoy broke. what if she was wishing she could make those kiss instead

tyt about my pics!!!

haha one time for a creative writing class i changed the names in a slash fic i wrote and turned it in

ahh icqcme for thor 2 tho not for those trailer reasons

nice piccies!!!!!!! wow thats a compliment to me that you think my magic girl pic looks really similar to yours!!!! haha jj ik what you mean and icqcml

also that six arms pic is yucky but still nice

wow so much responding what a time to be alive

ok well i went to a rupauls drag race thing on monday!!!! it was pretty craz. the best part actually was when we were waiting in line to get in and we were standing next to an alley that led to the back of the building and then we suddenly saw sharon needles standing next to the back of the building omg. and then she came over omggggggg. and she signed stuff but i didnt really have anything to sign but she signed her hair on mom's sharon needles shirt:

heres a few more pics


sharon and alaska haha:

also i took a vid of most of this really great harry potter thing that pandora did:

anyway theres more pics of fb so

wow this has been a crazy week. i kinda want it to end tbh. and by that i mean i want it to be monday bleh.

mostly i want to stop being sick

actually no i'd rather be sick for three more days than have to do things the next three days that i dont wanna

omg para the other day i saw someone say that when they were younger they tried to make a shot-for-shot remake of moulin rouge w/ another person and also they switched roles in it wow amazing

ok i only did one pic frm the generator but here's mikasa ackerman being a hipster which is hilar to me cuz she basically already looks like a hipster

now here we have my song piccies

the lion's roar:

flying at tree level:

weird fishes:

blue lips:

the lion's roar: harry potter
flying at tree level: fullmetal alchemist brotherhood
weird fishes: spongebob squarepants
blue lips: blues clues


ok i didnt have time to do the last one or two songs but i will next time

the next song is

rat a tat by fall out boy

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

sweet cats are made of this

heyy gs.

last night i saw sigur ros live in indianapolis and they were soooo good!  all the climaxes of the songs were so powerful and moving.  the visuals on the screen plus the lights and fog to go with it were really cool too. we were really close up too and had a really good view.  Like not so close that we constantly had to be tilting our neck up to see everything but not too far that we couldn't see all the people in the band well.  plus the sound isn't as good if you're like only a couple feet away from the speakers.  here are some pictures my friend took!

sorry hob and para about going on and on about breaking bad in my last post.  yeah hob i get what you mean that it is kinda annoying when like so many people are always talking about it and keep going on and on and everything.  but like that happens with so much stuff like with the episode "red wedding" on game of thrones or like when the avengers came out.  like i know how you feel because even though i like those things it still gets really annoying to have people constantly talking about them and like it being everywhere on the internet.  oh well though.

oh sorry i have one thing to say about breaking bad actually that relates to something hob says but if you don't want to read it because you don't want to hear anymore about breaking bad just don't highlight the next couple of lines below this.

i just saw that george r.r. martin said that walter white (from breaking bad) is a bigger monster than anyone in westoros.  somehow i don't really believe that though.  like i think joffery is way more pure evil than walt... 

oh yeah and nice pics everyone!!  haha at first i thought that pic of spider-man with 6 arms was supposed to be doc ock but with real arms or just his mechanical arms were made to look more like real arms.

ahh something awesome that happened today was that my piece of music i wrote for string quartet got rehearsed today and i actually got to hear what it sounded like on real instruments instead of the computer realization!!!  it's going to be in an audition for a student music recital in the contemporary music festival at my school and i really hope it makes it into the recital! D: if it does, i will get a really good and high quality recording of it and i will let you gs listen to it.

blehh i have so much work to do tomorrow.  even though i could add a lot more to this post probably i should wrap it up since i'm going to have a late night getting all my work done.

okay i have a question about the game.  does it have to be things drawn by you or can you use pre-existing pictures in your picture?  because i still really suck at drawing people and i would be much better at just making cool things in photoshop.  here is proof that i am working on the game though and one of my pics that is a work in progress.  like i might even start over because i don't really like anyone's hands in the pic and also paint keeps doing that annoying thing where when you use the fill tool it leaves a trace off the last color around the edges.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

the sinister goat

Hey gs!!!

Same I could not care at all about Breaking Bald.

Okay well clearly you are not paying attention that much.  And yeah I told you everyone's hair is not their really normal hair he dyed his hair black.

Speaking of the Human Torch today in psych class we had to get into groups of Fantastic Fours and I said I wanted to be the Human Torch and this other girl who's always in my group said she loved the Fantastic Four movie and then we both couldn't think of anyone who was in it except Chris Evans haha.

Well I don't know why are your song piccies also not labeled as beautiful drawings???

Thor Girl is like an alien girl that transformed herself into an Asgardian goddess and fights with Thor sometimes and stuff.

Mmm pringles. I think the pringles company should pay people to just go around and mention pringles in their conversations to make everyone want pringles.

I guess that's true because those are beautiful ships.  A bad influence would be if she started shipping Destiel or something.  Actually that's the only gross ship I can think of.  Wait I just thought of one.  Buffy and that boring yucky guy who's name I can't remember.  If she started shipping that we'd have a problem.

Tyt about my piccies!  Haha well I would hope it would be obvious what pic it was if you have seen it.  Haha I love that pic also it's my reaction to a lot of things.

Well I don't think it's weird for it to be cool in September, but I don't think its weird for it to be warm either like September is really just a wildcard month like it's been pretty cool these last few days but it's supposed to get into the 80s tomorrow and I don't really see anything weird about that.

Nice piccies!!! Wow I'm so glad I posted that thing about the generator because it made you draw some beautiful things!!!  Haha I like the one with Kanye and the horrible eyes!!!

Well today I had a meeting with my creative writing prof about the story I'm writing and we collectively decided that my two male main characters should fall in love at the end.

Wow seeing Thor 2 is going to be really exciting because apparently there's supposed to be trailers for both TASM 2 and Cap 2!!!!

Okay time for song piccies

Flying at Tree Level:

Weird Fishes:

Blue Lips:

Flying at Tree Level: my mad eye fic
Weird Fishes: all comics involving the "ESU crew" (Peter, Gwen, Flash, MJ, and Harry)
Blue Lips: Spider-Man: Blue

The next song is Common People by William Shatner.  Yup.

Okay now it's time for more piccies from the generator!!!

Okay I'm laughing so hard because I also drew Spider-Man as a magic girl and I drew it like a couple of days ago and it looks so similar to your version Hob omg I just

Okay and the prompt for this was "Squirrel Girl dramatic death"
This was "the main character of the last show/movie you watched as a pirate" and it was Ultimate Spider-Man so

Okay and this prompt was "Deadpool in a science fiction/fantasy setting"

Alright and here is "a Disney princess as drawn by Rob Liefeld"

And the prompt for this was "George Washington wearing a sweater that's too big"

And this was "your favorite animal as a fairy"

This was "your favorite dead character has replaced you at work/school" so yeah here's me at school

And okay the prompt for this was "the first character in your liked posts has an animal mutation" and it was Spider-Man big surprise but he already has an animal mutation so I drew him with his more extreme (but not the most extreme) animal mutation of having six arms WARNING FOR BODY HORROR

Okay!!!! Have a nice day!!!!

Monday, September 16, 2013


heyyyy gs

well i have to start this post early cuz idk when i'll be home tonight. and bleh i havent started my pics yet so idk if i'll get those done but i'll try.

wow im so sick of hearing about breaking bad

jj gob

well not jj but its fine on the blog but just in general like i dont even have anything against it but i just wow wish everyone would shut up so tbh im glad its ending

though i might watch it

haha i wish i could forget about spn. actually i usually forget about it. whats spn?? what was i talking about?????? well i dont know or care whether its the last season so w/e

well para i still could not have told you what he looks like and also hes not blonde in that pic so

how come your song pics arent labeled as beautiful drawings when they're beautiful drawings?

ok. wtf is thor girl even


i dont think influencing mom to ship those things is bad really

tyt about my piccies!

yucky snakes

wow let me tell you that even more than the amount of sick that i am of hearing about breaking bad, im sick of hearing about that harry potter movie. and its only been a few days. just shut everyone up bleh who cares and still idgi

really nice pics!!!!!! i especially like hmmmm the lion's roar one, the amazing friends one, the texture one, the squirrel girl one, and the hawkeye one

haha in the squirrel girl one ik what pic that is that its based on

wow idg ok its been kind of cool the last few days which is so nice but like a few days ago i kept seeing people complaining about it being really hot in the middle of september when its supposed to be really cool and stuff and like???? what????? usually its barely even cool by the middle of OCTOBER. like even in minnesota its usually not cool in september like ok its still summer rn........

icqcme for fall though

i love a ship that i have

i love my pumpkin bagel

ok i didnt do my song pics but i did some super amazing pics from the generator thing (cuz i did these the other day)

here we have javert competing in the olympics:

jon snow being spiderman (featuring bonus ygritte being mary jane):

kanye west wearing what i wore to bed:

the main character in the last thing i watched (shinji ikari) crying over a tragic loss. lol thats like his favorite activity

spiderman as a magic girl:

ok buddy

our next song is blue lips by regina spektor

Sunday, September 15, 2013

cat state

hey gs.

ahahhhhhhhhhhhhh  that was like the most intense and dark episode of breaking bad ever tonight!!!! and only 2 more episodes left until the show is over! D:

i'm like really sad that breaking bad is ending but at the same time i'm glad that it's ending on a high note and not fizzling out like a lot of shows do.  i think breaking bad has never really dipped in quality all five seasons.

ahh i keep getting distracted talking to people about the latest episode of breaking bad because so much stuff happened in it.

wow i had forgotten about spn for awhile until you gs mentioned it again.  isn't supposed to be like the last season now?

aw g i never got a text back from that person that said "txt me for fun" haha

oops i didn't get pictures done for the game again because i don't have a mouse right now and i can't draw on my trackpad...

but i will go ahead and say the next song so you gs can go ahead and do it.

weird fishes - radiohead

Saturday, September 14, 2013

spidey smashes goat

Hey gs!!!

Welp hopefully Gob won't post today to try to steal my day again!!!

Yeah same bleh I wish Sam and Dean would leave the show and it would just be this Cass and other people show so those two little guys wouldn't be stuck in this glug show.

Wow you're so dumb I have posted 32903258023 fanarts of Human Torch!!! He's the blond guy usually kissing Spider-Man????  Just look through the beautiful drawings label you will see him eventually.  Or google Johnny Storm.  Wait actually I just tried that and there's only pictures of Chris Evans.  WELL he was played by Chris Evans so there you go. Okay he looks like Captain America.  (But I want him to look like Michael B. Jordan)

They change names a lot because comics and they need change in their lives.  Lol like Spider-Man has had so many other names you don't even want to know some of them are so dumb!!!  Haha well Spider-Man IS very special but it's not his powers that makes him special its being Peter Parker....... Okay that sounds cheesy but its true because like yeah there are a few other people in his own universe that have similar powers I mean there are 53239252938 superheroes so what do you expect???  But I don't think anyone has exactly the same powers like I'm pretty sure he's the only one with a spider-sense (besides his clones but even his remaining clone doesn't have spider-sense anymore so) But anyway yeah he is special but he's not the only spider-person haha. It doesn't help that people keep cloning him!!!

Also just so you know, all those people I mentioned don't all exist in the same universe at the same time!!!  Like May (Spider-Girl) is from an alternate future and one of the Spider-Women named Jessica is from Ultimate and Miles who is also Spider-Man is also from Ultimate but he doesn't become Spider-Man until after Peter dies and also there's also Miguel who is from the future and also doesn't become Spider-Man until Peter is dead (for good because he'll come back eventually!!!!)

Also like you do realize that most popular superheroes have a million counterparts like that's just a thing. Like there's
Superman, Superwoman, Supergirl, Superboy
Batman, Batwoman, Batgirl
Wonder Woman, Wonder Girl, Wonder Man
Hulk, Red Hulk, She-Hulk, Red She-Hulk
Captain Marvel, Ms. Marvel, Marvel Boy (and Marvel Girl but that's unrelated)
There's also Thor Girl!  See, it's just a thing.  It's called a legacy character and it's how you know it's a really awesome character.

Oh okay I don't remember who it was that I met.

Same I want pringles again maybe I will go buy some after this.

Yeah Molly has a lot of blankets very nice.

Yeah I didn't know Mom shipped anything maybe we are a bad influence on her.

Yeah she had a bottle with water and ice cubes in it that she was drinking and then she started taking them out and putting them down her shirt.  I was quite disturbed but mostly I was like sitting there shivering wondering how it could be normal for one person to be dying of hot in the same room where someone is dying of cold.

Tyt about my piccies!!

Nice piccies as well!!


So the other day I was wearing my Spider-Man shirt like the one that looks like his suit and I had a tense moment with a girl in the hallway who was wearing a Superman shirt.

Wow speaking of his suit there was this dumb fanboy talking about how he doesn't like the new TASM 2 suit because there's no shoes on the bottom and somehow that's unrealistic??? Like. Buddy. Friend.  No. He needs to have sock feet so he can stick to stuff!!!!!? Like???  Well I don't know how it worked in TASM with those tennis shoe things on his suit but. No. You are wrong.  AND THEN IT GOES WORSE BECAUSe this dumb fanboy was making a classic suit and was planning to glue shoes to the bottom STOP AND THINK ABOUT WHAT YOU ARE DOING THAT MAKES NO SENSE

Wow I forgot to say about this but the other day I was visiting the snakes in the science building and they were so active!!!!!??? Like usually they are curled up in there but this day they were like squishing themselves against the glass and looking all around and one of them was trying to poke it's tongue out of the hole in the top????

Okay so you probably know that they're making a movie series of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them but like.  ????  Why are they???  Lol like I remember reading that book a million times as a child but I don't think the thought ever crossed my mind that it should be a movie.  Well maybe at one point in my life this would have been exciting news but I could just not really care.  I mean I'll probably see the thing but. Okay but the really annoying thing is now the Andrew Garfield tag on tumblr is full of people saying he should play the guy and. Bleh.

Oh also speaking of bad casting choices I saw someone fancasting Jensen Ackles as Deadpool????? ??????? ??????????????????? Also that one guy from Teen Wolf as Mary Jane ???????????????????? ??????????????????????  People are so stupid man.

Okay now song piccies

Jesus of Suburbia:

Lion's Roar:

Jesus of Suburbia: a lot of Spider-Man comics
Lions's Roar: Fear Itself

Okay the next song will be

Flying at Tree Level by Brand New.

Okay so also I was rereading a fic that drew a pic from last night and I decided to try redrawing the pic because it was really bad but it still isn't good but here it is I'm not even going to post the other one because it's not that much better lol but you can find it on the blog if you want

Also I drew this pic of Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends!

Also I drew this I was experimenting with textures and trying to draw the TASM suit realistically??? Also Spidey said draw me like one of your french girls???

OMG speaking of drawing Spidey like one of my french girls I forgot I drew girl!Spider-Man a while ago like IDK it was supposed to be the girl version of Peter but I guess that would be Ult!Jessica but the difference is that she's a girl but she's still Spider-Man??? See she's trying to put her hair up under her mask that'd probably be really hard to do

And she did it! Yay she 's so happy!!!

Well okay I actually have a lot of pics for this post whoops

Okay but the rest of the piccies in this post are based on prompts I got from this random drawing prompt generator thing where it gives you a person and what they will be doing.  Though a lot of them turned out to be Spider-Man because one of the people it gives you is Spider-Man plus there were a lot of other things where it doesn't specify who it is exactly it depends on who is drawing it and yeah Spider-Man. Also I just skipped it if I didn't know the person or wasn't interesting in drawing them.

So the prompt for this was "Spider-Man in a wedding dress/tux" and

The prompt for this I can't really remember the exact words and I can't find it again but it was something like "Squirrel Girl making the face of a picture in your reaction gif/pics folder" so

This was "your favorite dead character as a super spy"  Luckily for me Peter's dead!!! =D

The prompt for this was "Deadpool being dead sexy" omg

Okay this was the one I was laughing about omg the prompt was "Hawkeye gone mad with power" and I just

Well I guess only two of those ended up being Spider-Man!!!  They're all Marvel characters though lol I promise all the prompts aren't Marvel characters.  Well I'm probably going to draw some more because it's so much fun and I have the whole night ahead of me with nothing to do really.

Except go buy some pringles!

Have a nice day!

Friday, September 13, 2013

math book din

heyyyyy gs

ok??? gob didnt post???????? he better not post on the wrong day again......................

wow yeah i watched that promo bleh. i hated everything about it so much that i wish i had been still watching spn before seeing it so i could stop watching spn just bc of how much i hated it

ok well i dont really know what human torch looks like other than fire-y

human torch started the fire

it was always burning since the world's been turning

what why do they change names a lot. as if its not already confusing enough w all the spiders?? also wow sounds like spider man isnt very special after all

i dont think youve m et howard g

bleh every time you say about pringies i want em

does molly have blankets on her bed tho

yeah those glasses have kissed a good amount but i didnt think mom shipped that. she also made spock and uhura kiss which also i thought she did not

tyt about my pics

aw g you said about prings again

wtf y did a g have ice cubes in class? did she have them in a drink and took them out of there to put in her shirt bc let me tell you that there is definitely something wrong w her whether or not theres also something wrong w you

anyway nice piccies!!! i really like the crying one

ok heres song piccies


jesus of suburbia:

stronger: game of thrones
jesus of suburbia: les miserables

the next song is

the lion's roar by first aid kit

thats my post i hope you enjoyed it!!!!!