Monday, December 31, 2012

where evil cats nest

Hey gs!

Just gonna quick make my last post of 2012 before my party!

Well this year of blogging started out okay but then it turned into a flop.

Does anyone still like this blog?

If yes, then what do you think about going back to taking turns posting everyday?

And maybe there could be some opportunities to take breaks idk??

Here's something to end the year with a bang.
By the way I think think that for who will be the best uncle it will be a tie between comp man and Seth.

Happy new year gs!!!!!!!

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

pear celery chicken juice

heyy gs

 well i wish i could post more but its so darn hard to type a lot on this thing. whats everyone elses excuse. bleh i want my computer back already

 i think cm will be the best uncle. he was pretty much born to be an uncle

haha out of me, para, and noah who do you gs think will be the best first cousin once removed?

will the baby come to tgiving? well will nathan and kassandra even come. maybe it will come without them

gob why are you going shopping in the snow

 oh wait thats not what that says

 ok heres a list of things ill do when my computer is fixed:
download and listen to a lot of jamz
 download this one anime ans watch the thing
 make a fanmix
 photoshop a thing

 ok i cant type anymore rn

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

the hobbit: an unexpected baby

hey gs.

i guess i will do a post today!

but i don't really have much to say because i haven't done much lately.  this winter break has been just like constantly relaxing and not doing much for me!  which is good, but i don't have much to talk about.

okay actually i wrote that a few days ago and was going to do my post but i ended up not doing it for awhile.  but now i have some great stuff to talk about!

last night at dinner kassandra and nathan announced that they are having a baby!  i am going to be an uncle in about 6 months!!!!  icqcme!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

haha out of seth, me and cm who do you gs think will be the best uncle? i think that you gs will be the baby's first cousins once removed or something like that. i'm not sure though.

oh yeah and another thing awesome that is about to happen is a blizzard where we will get about 5-8 inches of snow tomorrow!  i can't wait to go snowing!

wow this is like the most excited post ever!

well actually i'm getting kinda tired now, but i'll do another post sometime later, soonish.

merry christmas gs!  we should have a gc sometime soon over winter break!

Sunday, December 23, 2012

cats apart

Hey gs...

Wow this blog is a wasteland.

Mewonders if Gob is dead.

Well I guess if no one cares about this blog anymore then I can just talk about whatever I want to...

Okay so I had a dream last night that was so crazy it that I was Spider-Man but then for some reason I had to reveal my secret identity to everyone like idk why it was kind of like Civil War except not really because I think I was in trouble with the law or something or idk but JJ was really happy about it and like so excited and idk. But I didn't want to reveal my secret identity so Tony Stark and I came up with a plan called steal a cooler of pop and then spike one of the bottles of pop with polyjuice potion. So we did that and then when I showed up to the thing with all the press people there I drank the pop and made myself look like Tony Stark and then took off my mask so then I pretended to reveal that Tony Stark was both Iron Man and Spider-Man and then everyone was like what now we have to love Spider-Man because he's Tony Stark what and JJ was super angry and for the rest of the hour I just partied as Tony Stark.

Yeah that was a crazy dream.

I sure with there was more posting here...

Thursday, December 20, 2012

cat games

Hey gs.

Welp I guess everyone forgot about posting!

Also I guess we might all die tomorrow so this might be our last blog post.

Also our new kitty is really cute.

Also I love winter break.

Also I'm so happy about my grades.

Also I don't even know what else to say.

Today was a good day but icqcme for tomorrow idk.

This night is just dead to me.

Oops weren't we supposed to be playing the list game?

Well okay here is a list of marvel heroes and villains that I could think of today.

1.      Peter Parker
2.      Tony Stark
3.      Steve Rogers
4.      Clint Barton
5.      Natasha Romanoff
6.      Bruce Banner
7.      Thor
8.      Loki
9.      Nick Fury
10.  Phil Coulson
11.  Maria Hill
12.  Wolverine
13.  Storm
14.  Gambit
15.  Rogue
16.  Jubilee
17.  Scott Summers
18.  Jean Gray
19.  Magneto
20.  Charles Xavier
21.  Mystique
22.  Nightcrawler
23.  Jessica Drew
24.  Carol Danvers
25.  Luke Cage
26.  Jessica Jones
27.  Nathan Summers
28.  Wade Wilson
29.  Matt Murdock
30.  Elektra
31.  Johnny Storm
32.  Felicia Hardy
33.  Sue Storm
34.  Reed Richards
35.  Ben Grimm
36.  James Rhodes
37.  Norman Osborn
38.  Eddie Brock
39.  Sabretooth
40.  Rhino
41.  Electro
42.  Otto Octavius
43.  Kraven
44.  Vulture
45.  The Falcon
46.  Miles Morales
47.  Jennifer Walters
48.  Ben Reilly
49.  Black Panther
50.  Wanda Maximoff
51.  Pietro Maximoff
52.  Mockingbird
53.  Iron Fist
54.  Azazel
55.  Stephen Strange
56.  Hank Pym
57.  Janet van Dyne
58.  Hank Mccoy
59.  Emma Frost
60.  Sophia Sanduval
61.  Kitty Prdye
62.  Ghostrider
63.  Hercules
64.  Tigra
65.  Vision
66.  Black Knight
67.  Bucky
68.  Red Skull
69.  M.O.D.O.C.K.
70.  Anya Corazon
71.  Doctor Doom
72.  Silver Surfer
73.  Thanos
74.  Curt Conners
75.  Flash Thompson
76.  Sandman
77.  Carnage
78.  Kingpin
79.  Galactus
80.  Abomination
81.  The Leader
82.  Scorpion
83.  Mysterio
84.  Shocker
85.  Mephisto
86.  Frank Castle
87.  Hobgoblin
88.  Morbius
89.  Bullseye
90.  John Jameson
91.  Alex Summers
92.  Harry Osborn
93.  Kang
94.  Blade
95.  Mandarin
96.  The Blob
97.  Absorbing Man
98.  Bobby Drake
99.  The Tinkerer

Sunday, December 16, 2012

when cats fly

Hey gs!

Oops I forgot about posting!

Wow good job Gobby!  That is the same sense that I got because when I asked my roommate why she was moving out it she was acting really awkward and then I asked her if it was because she hated me and she said no but I could tell she was lying.

Sorry buddy but I could honestly not care less about the new Superman movie and like really I think it's a really bad idea like idc about Superman or DC but if I did I think I would probably just want to puke on that movie. Also okay but like who even asked for a Superman origin movie???

Can Nolan just get out or

Whatevs idc that's their problem but it just seems like a bad idea to me.

Well idk what else to say.

Oh wait I will say that we got a new kitty and she's so cute I love her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

country cat

hey gs.

guess what?!?!?!?!?!?

i successfully made my roommate decide to live somewhere else!!!!!  well at least it's pretty likely i did.  i mean he didn't say, "hey i hate you.  i'm moving out." but i get the sense that i am a good part of the reason why he is moving out.  that will be so nice to have the room to myself next semester!!!!

oh also as of today, i am finally all done with my finals and everything this semester!  and i think i did pretty well on all of them! 

wow tonight is the peak of the geminid meteor shower and at like between 2-3 am you are supposed to be able to see as many as 120 meteors per hour!!  i wish i could go outside and watch the meteor shower but not be so cold and bored.  i might go for a little bit and see if it is exciting enough to stay for awhile.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012


hey gs.

ahhhh only 2 more days until i am done with this semester and my finals!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  i can not wait, because i am just really ready for a good break!

oh yeah gs have you seen the new trailer for a very potter senior year????

apparently they are releasing the script and soundtrack friday but not the actual thing on youtube until sometime in early 2013.

speaking of trailers, here is also the trailer for the new superman movie!

Monday, December 10, 2012

cat memory

Hey gs!!!

Aaaaaaaaaaah I'm so happy to be done with finals and going home tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I feel like it is a new day!!!!!

That's so goos that you are feelin better g because we are going to party all day!!!!

Noooooooooo I almost forgot to buy spicy cheese its better go do that!!!

Wow good thing I started writing this post other wise I would not have remembered. Only the thing is it's only going to be like a small bag so we'll have to share.

icqcme to be going home!!!!!

Welp I'm going to go buy cheese its and also eat pancakes!

Sunday, December 9, 2012

chicken pizza

heyyyy gs

 whoa gob calm right down little guy. maybe your last post was so long ago that a person plum forgot what you said in it. that is what you could have assumed. also why didnt you say the words "turn off the goddamn light" to your roommate? just wonderin

well im about to go to a party!!!!!!! in fact im about to leave the house for the first time since tgiving!!!!! woo hoo i am almost better!! also tomorrow a great thing might happen. and then just one little day and thn my g!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ok sorry i started this post yesterday but then i had to go and then i was gonna finish in the night but i fell asleep

 well we were supposed to visit kitties today but now theres too much snow. so i guess we' re going on thursday. at least para will be here! happy day!! ok time for lunch

Friday, December 7, 2012

cat commons

heyy gs.

ok wow i am not dead and i don't hate you...

like i said in my post 3 days ago i am just super busy with preparing for finals and everything and you could have assumed that's why i didn't post wednesday and thursday.

wow my roommate just keeps getting more annoying every day.  last night i decided i would go to bed earlier than usual because i had to get up really early.  so i turned off the lights and started to go to sleep while he was taking a shower.  but once he got out he turned on the lights without even asking me and kept them on for an hour.  and i kept trying to make really obvious hints to him that i can't go to sleep with the lights on like pulling the covers over my head and moving around a ton to show him i couldn't fall asleep.

well whatever, only one more week until my winter break!

oh yeah and for supernatural every once in awhile i like skim through a recap of one of the new episodes to see if something interesting is happening but it's like always talking about benny and amelia.  idek what is going on in spn anymore.

and the new star trek trailer looks awesome!!!!!  the homage to wrath of khan at the end of the japanese trailer was really cool but idk really how much the movie will actually really relate to wrath of khan if at all.  

Thursday, December 6, 2012

cat party

Hey gs.

slkgjsldjgsd okay today I was watching a video that was like a compilation of people saying things and one of the people looked like Katie Utke omg idk if it was here but icqcml

Maybe Gob hates us now idk.

I also cqcme!!!! Wow haha I am laughing on Noah right now.  Well I'm pretty much laughing at everyone because I have over a month off wow.

Yeah idk what is even happening with Supernatural.

Omg have you gs seen the STXII trailer because slkjgdlsgjdsjlsjglskjglsdjgslgkjsdg dljg sICQCME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wow that is scary it's like he is haunting his room. Even when he's not there his presence still remains...

Okay well here's the thing is that they sell spice cheese its at the c-store in like little bags and they also sell them at a normal store in town in normal boxes but I don't have any time to go to town so I just went to the c-store and bought a small bag but now I want to eat them so I think I'll just go ahead and do that and then I'll try to remember to buy another bag on like Monday night and then try to remember not to eat them.

Well actually I slept on my big bed for one night and then I put the other bed back because it was super inconveniencing me and also I feared that someone would see what was going on in here and just think I was this huge glug so yeah. But idk if I had the means to lower these beds and move them to where would be a good place for them I might do it.  Okay one good thing about having that bed there though was that I fell asleep with my computer on my bed and didn't have to worry about accidentally kicking it off in the night. (which has never happened but I still worry about it.)

See how much better these posts are when we can actually communicate instead of saying random stuff to the air?

chicken oatmeal

hey gs

 well its kinda hard for me to post cuz my comp is broken so i have to use my kindle and its not the best to type on. but im bored so.

well wtf happened to gob. we just dont know. the last we heard from him was when he was leaving the tgiving place so perchance he never made it home. what a shame. oh wait he posted once since then. well that couldve been from.beyond the grave

icqcme for my g to be home!!!!!!!!!! she' ll be home for so long this time!!!! haha today i laughed because i learned that noah only has like a little over a week of winter break. hahaha. he is probably regretting his dumbo week long tgiving break now. anyway i hope ill be better by the time para gets here. probs not but im a lot better right now. but when my g is here we can have a fun ol time and i wont be so bored all day and we can laugh at noah being in school. even though im supposed to be still in school but i guess my break started like a month ago

yeah idk about spn and wasnt that the fall finale so you' d think you would be hearing about it. idk but all i ever hear about that show is stufd about benny and i couldnt care less about him. wtf is even this season. w/e idc. wait also idgi cuz benny isnt even attractive. ok anyway

what else is there to say. i wish it was dinner time. but you know what its not even lunch time.

ok gs im scared because every few minutes i hear noahs obnoxious laughter coming from his room but i thought he was at school. im pretty much fearing for my life. what is going

para when you come you should bring some spicy cheez its cuz ive been wanting them since you said about them but dad couldnt find them at the store. jj you dont have to.  but if you think you might want to then maybe you could go for it. well you might wan to because we dont have those here and youre gonna be here for SO LONG and knows what could happen if youre away from them for too long. it could very well be the death of you.




ok we're all wondering why a cat hasnt come on our bed today

para hows your big bed

i suspect a cat is on to us and knows we're getting another cat and now she hates our guts

ok beep boop

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

head over cat

Hey gs.

Wow I hate people at the library.

I also just hate this week I want to be over.

I just hate everything really.

Well I guess one thing that was goos is that I had my last class of one of my courses today and all we did was have an ice cream party and we don't have a final.  That was like the easiest class ever idk how it was real.

Oh I guess another thing that is goos is that tomorrow is Thursday but idk bro I will probably just need to study/do homework a ton tomorrow anyway so it might suck more who knows?

The only other thing that is goos is that in less than one little week I will be home!!!

Wow well apparently Supernatural was on today but idk why nobody's talking about it? Like I don't even know what happened??? That's so weird I mean does anyone watch this show anymore???

Furthermore, does anyone post on this blog anymore???

Is anyone even reading this???


Tuesday, December 4, 2012

cat squeeze

Hey gs.

Bleh I want this week to be done.

In one week I will be home though that's so goos.

It has seemed like this week is so long and it's only Tuesday why this?

I need more jamz help me.

Here is a list of things that I need:
1. jamz
2. not this week
3. not this weekend
4. not monday
5. death

Monday, December 3, 2012

cat crawl

heyyy gs.

i'm just doing a real quick post to say that i am going to start posting again.

just right now is super busy with finals and everything.

but just letting you know, i'm going to post again soon.

here is a list of things that i am not looking forward to this week/next week:

-clarinet jury
-the suspense of not knowing my grade in one class

later gs.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

keeping cats

Hey gs!

No one has posted for so long!  Time to rectify that situation!

Okay gs I need more jamz again so really we could just finish that good ol jam exchange we started maybe???

Let's bring back the list game because I can't think of a better game and we haven't had a game in so long and we all loves lists.

Here is a list of the Avengers in the order of how much I ship them with Spidey:
1. Tony
2. Steve
3. Bruce
4. Clint
5. Natasha
6. Thor

Bleh a week left of the semester but it's going to suck!!!

Well that's the post.