Tuesday, January 31, 2012

dog house

heyyy gs!

nooooooooooo no bleh bleh blehs and no game??? what am i supposed to even have in this post?

ok well tomorrow will be glug because i have so many things to do. here's a list of the things:

*do this darn glug homework that's due on saturday which is a stupid day to make something be due but i won't be able to do it on thurs or fri or saturday so i have to do it tomorrow even though today i was like "oh man i have so much to do tomorrow!" and then tonight i found out that now i have to do this glug thing on top of that
*do some darn laundry
*walk a dog
*walk another dog
*paint some darn stair railings
*make a darn chart about days i walked a dog
*go to the bank
*download some darn jamz. well i might do that tonight
*put thos jamz on my ipod. that might take more time than you would think
*pack a darn suitcase. goos my suitcase is still in my room from the last time i used it. wait what was the last time i used it? thanksiving? no wait it was in decemebr. wow that's a lot of trips in a few little months. probably after this i won't go a place till the summer
*buy a darn ticket for a thing
*print some thingsm
*make a darn dinner ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGH I FORGOT ABOUT THAT! AND IT'S NOT EVEN LIK A QUICK LITTLE THING YOU WHIP TOGTHER IT'S THIS HUGE GLUG THING THAT USES 1000 POTS AND STUFF. AT LEAST IT'S NOT MY DISH NIGHT! haha that's funny to me. it's not too late to take back your wanting of mac and cheese, para. jj it is.

well that's the list

wow i am so hungry. i had a glug dinner and it was many hours ago

3 days until spn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

all cats break loose

Hey gs!

Wow I forgot I still had to post for a while there but luckily there is still about two hours left so we're good. That would be really glug of me to not post on the last day of the month and ruin this perfect month of posting!

I could really go for Inception right now!!!!

Bleh Karl spoiled me a little bit for Supernatural he is no longer my friend.

I love kitties!

So... I still don't have enough questions and neither of you have given me any so how about we just skip the game today and then tomorrow we'll start our new game on the first day of the month. Always I was thinking about it and it would be better to have all of the questions posted in the month that most of them are going to be answered in because then when you're looking for the next question you don't have to click on that little arrow to open the January posts to find the right posts.

Bleh today was kind of a bad day. Also this week is going so slow. Oh, almost forgot to check my predictions.

EXPECTATIONS: About the same as today was because all Tuesdays are the same.
REALITY: Oh darnitall I don't remember what last Tuesday was like. I will have to read this post now. Welp there is not that much information in it actually except that it sucked so accurate I guess.

Wow Hob no more of that bleh bleh bleh thing with all those spaces just to make your post as long as your foot. That is cheating I would say.

I super can't wait for Friday. Except I keep remembering how this is going to be like at least the third Dean episode in a row and its putting me down.

Oh I saw a thing that said that Jared actually won't miss any episodes but I don't know if that is accurate. Although I'm sure even if that's true those three episodes will still be glug because they will probably all be about Dean and Cas anyway.

Ho hum.

This fic I am writing is taking me quite a while even though I've been working on it constantly these past couple of days. I wrote a lot today but not enough... I've pretty much been putting writing this fic higher up on my list of importance than any homework including this huge glug confusing history paper I need to write. Maybe I should try to get an extension on that because I haven't even started wow and this fic is more important. Although I have never gotten an extension before on anything so I don't know how it works. Well I could ask Abraham because she gets extensions all the darn time. But bleh if I got an extension until say Monday then I know I will put off writing the whole darn thing until the weekend and I'll have to spend all of Sunday working on it. I don't know.

Oh dammit am I supposed to take the bus to the community center tomorrow I don't know.

Nelson is a huge glug to me and I just hate everything because okay I had to memorize this huge long glug thing and he keeps making me do it and then he's like great can you do it again tomorrow and then I'm like wow no thank you then I have to make sure I don't forget it for another day and I just want to let it slide out of my brain to make room for more important things but no.

Okay no one cares about my problemos but that's pretty much this whole post.

The other day a spider was on my bookshelf and then I was like "okay girl just kill it." And then I got my paper towel clump and tried to smush it in there but IT ESCAPED!!! AND IT WENT BEHIND MY BOOKSHELF AND NOW I FEAR IT IS BACK THERE PLANNING ITS REVENGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yeah I pretty much feel like crying every time I go in there and I will never get a good night's sleep until that spider is dead or out of the country.

Today a fuse blew or something at school in the west campus and the power went out and that was great because we took naps and no one could see us napping.

SO MANY WORDS!!!!! Fun!!!!

That's all gs because no game remember.

tater tots

goosbag for officially going a whole month with everyone posting every single day!!!! hahaha we have 91 posts already and the whole last year we only had 111...

oh yeah and para, that sounds good about if you know there's absolutely no way you can post to get someone to fill in for you. i mean so far even if some of our posts haven't been the best we've been doing really well but i can see sometime in the the future this year i will most likely have a day where i'm completely busy the entire day and have no chance to get online and post.

okay here are a couple of great new jamz i have found recently that i felt like sharing!

Love Interruption - Jack White

Freestyle - Taalbi Brothers

and also, i can't think of any other game to do so more new 30 day challenge stuff sounds fine to me. aww g tumblr is down though so it's harder to find some 30 day challenges from other shows to get ideas. D: well anyways, here's some ideas i thought of though:

-favorite title sequence
-least favorite title sequence
-how do you think supernatural will end?
-if you had to pick one, which monster from supernatural do you think is the most likely to exist in the real world?
-your favorite alternate reality episode

haha i found this one 30 challenge for lost and like 5 or 6 of them were just "whatever tickles your fancy"

Monday, January 30, 2012

the dogs

hey gs

what is there to say!!!!!!!!!!!!

bleh i can't think of a single thing to say

oops i just forgot about this for an hour















oh goos about netflix! that is good for laziness! and for people who have two sets of dvds in their household but no disk 2 of season 4!!!

Day 30 - Anything SPN related

sam and dean have matching tattoos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

what cats are and what cats should never be

Hey gs.

Bleh today was a pretty bad day. Wait let's evaluate our prediction first.

EXPECTATIONS: Really glug but better than the last Monday (yesterday)

REALITY: Wait I don't remember how last Monday went goddammit why did I phrase all of these like that? Okay let me look over last Monday's post... Oh yeah wow that was a super bad day. Okay I guess that was accurate I mean a lot of things sucked today but overall it wasn't THAT bad. I guess.

Gob- or I guess this should be directed at Hob. But isn't that the necklace that you have? The salt one?

That's so awesome about Netflix now I can be even more lazy because I have a bunch of the eps on my computer in addition to having them on dvds but sometimes I am too darn lazy to go into my files and find the right one and open up the player and stuff. Also and unfortunate thing has occurred where both Hob and I don't have a working copy of one of the season 4 discs so now we can watch those together on the tv.

Okay so for the game, I've been working on a list of new Supernatural related questions. I have about 20... Unless you gs want to play another game then we can use those for our new game but I need more questions so it would be helpful if you gs each contributed a few questions. If you each thought up like 5 each we would be golden. Try to make them interesting... I'll try to post the new list or whatever the game is tomorrow.

Hob- before we get to 550, you have a draft that I think is a copy of something you posted but you might want to check that out. It's about to go onto the next page when you go into edit posts.

I don't think we really decided this for this year but if you're unable to post I think you should have to find someone else-- not the other people on the blog but a guest blogger, to fill in for you. I think that's what we did a previous year once or twice when Gob was gone somewhere and CM filled in for him.

Hob- I have to be mean to Gob sometimes to make him a stronger person. The pain that he feels is the man leaving his body. He's just becoming more feminine and more feminine.

So much text in this post! Crazy day!

I thought I didn't have anything to say.

Sometimes it just turns out that way.


Day 30 - Anything SPN related

Okay well I'm pretty much addicted to...well I don't know what you call them. Like meta-analysis essays? About Supernatural. And okay here are a couple of my favorites:

Character Motivation, Devil's Trap
Rock Stars, Hunters, and Addiction

lazy cat

heyyy gs i hope this won't be a sucky monday.

oh yeah supernatural season 1-6 is on netflix instant watch now!!!!!! yeah i have all of them (except s6) on dvd but it just makes it more convenient to watch them on my computer or my ipod.

ok so the monday really sucked while i was at school because the whole day was super boring and i think i didn't do very well on a test but after school has been so chillaxed!!!

like i had absolutely nothing to do or anywhere to go and my mom wasn't home so i basically just like was super lazy and ate a bunch of great things and watched a bunch of great things and played a bunch of great music!!

except now after being lazy and not doing much all day i don't feel like saying much more in this post.

Day 30 - Anything SPN related

haha here's a necklace of salt you can wear to protect yourself from demons and stuff

Sunday, January 29, 2012

cat prison blues

Hey gs!!!

This is really normal.

That was so just regular like a regular person might make that.

Nothing weird about that really.

Bleh I don't want tomorrow to be Monday.

Oh wait I need to do the comparing thing for today even though that is always so uninteresting.

It has to be done.

EXPECTATIONS: Boring and also it will suck more than Saturday.

REALITY: Yeah pretty much though today didn't suck that much more than yesterday because I didn't have to do a ton of homework like I usually do on Sundays and also we had pizza.

Hey Hob that pic you drew of those little guys in the tree house was so cute and I love that fic.

I drew some pics of some fics I have read recently. Clicking on the pic ~might~ direct you to the fic.

Welp I'm not a great artist.

Haha I just realized they're touching in all of those pics except for one.

Day 29 - Your favorite SPN fanfic

Oh honey that is way to hard. Okay I will tell you a great one. That post-apocalypse one where Sam is a dog.

I'M A GOD!!!!!!!

heyyyyyyy gs

blehhhhh sundays are glug. espec. sunday afternoon. right now it's afternoon

ok now it's night actually

oh tyt for the jamz gob. i only know one of those jamz.

ok here are some jamz

*little talks - of monsters and men (actually just listn to every song by this band. they only have 1 album and every song on it is REALLY GOOD)
*witches! witches! rest now in the fire - get well soon
*brother - matt corby
*hell's half acre - too slim and the taildraggers
*born to die - lana del rey
*cowboy dan - modest mouse
*source decay - the mountain goats
*walls - beck
*what have you done - plan three
*vomit - girls
*detroit - black gold
*in the middle - theory of a deadman
*round a pole - ani difranco

ok those are the jamz

ok now i will respond to things

*those little guys!
*why are you so mean to a gob!
*those little monsters!

*wow cm is a glug

less than a week still!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

wow friday will be such a great day...

here's what will be a glug day: tomorrow and the nxt day. blehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

i just read a fic where sam and dean got a dog

great news. i have developed a new skill. it's called: looking at block of text on a computer screen and determining whether or not it's longer than my foot

hahahaha we're kinda close to 550 posts already. didnt we just get to 500 haha that's funny to me

wow we've made it almost a month of each of us posting every single day!

wait what if you're supposed to do if you can't post a day? do you get someone to post twice or what?

Day 29 - Your favorite SPN fanfic

my fave ever?????? idk!!! i will look in my favs tag. blehhh this is imposs. i guess i'll just say that cop au that para hates.

sundays are so boring

ok hob here are some jamz for you! if you already have some of these or anything sorry but here are some jamz that are new to me.

Adversity - Beach Fossils
Beautiful Beat - Nada Surf
CMYK - James Blake
Summertime - The Zombies
Girlshapedlovedrug - Gomez
Jimi - Slightly Stoopid
Whirring - The Joy Formidable
Comeback Kid -Sleigh Bells
Summertime Clothes - Animal Collective

hmmm what else is there to say...

oh yeah, i started watching this show freaks and geeks and it has jason segel from how i met your mother in it!!! it only has 1 season though because it was canceled because the ratings weren't high enough. D:

oh yeah and i've heard some people at my school talk about the new show alcatraz that has hurley and isaac and even though the people at my school are glugs i might just try watching a couple eps anyways.

ahhh i hate it when i turn off my speakers to mute an ad and then i forget to turn them back on and i missed the song or video i was planning on listening to after the ad.

oh yeah and in case you're curious, here's what all the cans of root beer on cm's desk last night looked like.

here is the game. wow this game is almost over. we better start thinking about what to do next month. and also, what do we do on janurary 31 since there isn't a day 31?

Day 29 - Your favorite SPN fanfic
uhh sorry i haven't really read much spn fanfic at all.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

hollywood cat

Hey gs!

Well here is a picspam of a cute thing that I like called matching bros.


Okay time to see how psychic I am.

EXPECTATIONS: Really boring.

REALITY: Yes, exactly. Nothing but boredom in my life.

Bleh my back hurts so much I blame this chair.

Gob can I just say that no one really cares if you start re-watching episodes. Everyone rewatches episodes except for you so that is not going to shock anyone.

Haha okay its time to play the relate a random song to Supernatural game. Oh man this song that I got is so perfect.

Okay its "Back Against the Wall" by Cage the Elephant. Hopefully you gs know this song.

Okay well this song is obviously from the pov of all of the monsters and stuff that Sam and Dean hunt. It's like they take turns singing the lines okay.

They're like singing about Sam and Dean hunting them.

Shapeshifter: Tonight I'll have a look and try to find my face again

Ghost: Buried beneath this house my spirit screams and dies again

Demon: Outback a monster wears a cloak of Persian leather

Vampire: Behind the TV screen I've fallen to my knees

Demon: I said you got me where you want me again and I can't turn away

Vampire: I'm hangin' by a thread and I'm feelin' like a fool

Ghost: I'm stuck here in between the shadows of my yesterday

Shapeshifter: I wanna get away, I need to get away

Vampire: Blanket of silence makes me wanna sink my teeth in deep

Ghost: Burn all the evidence, a fabricated disbelief

Demon: Pull back the curtains took a look into your eyes

Shapeshifter: My tongue has now become a platform for your lies

Vampire: Now you know, yeah you got my back against the wall

Ghost: Oh God, I ain't got no other place to hide

Demon: Chained down like a sittin' duck just waitin' for the fall

Shapeshifter: You know, yeah you got my back against the wall

Ghost: Deep in the jungle camouflaged by all the fallen leaves

Vampire: A hand holds up the sky while shamefully I make my plea

Demon: The alter's callin' but my legs won't seem to stand

Shapeshifter: Guess I'm a coward scared to face the man I am

Ahaha that's just funny to me.

Okay gs.

Day 28 - Your favorite season finale

Doi doi doi


heyyyy gs


less than a week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

omg i just read the cutest little fic! those little guys that were in it!

bleh there's nothing to say in a post

ok i'll respond to things

para-ok i wont look at unfinished posts any more
finish your fic you big glug

gob-well im pretty busy some of those days so idk

well that's all there is to be said

ok well

here's a pic i drew about the fic i read


ok wheres that darn game

ah yes

Day 28 - Your favorite season finale

well swan song you big glug. what is there to say about it really. wait i think i already said a thing about it cuz i did it for fav ep.

well i'll just list all the finales from fav to un-fav

swan song
no rest for the wicked
devil's trap
all hell breaks loose
lucifer rising
the man who knew too much

less than a week left!

yeah well i still think it would be cool to do but i don't think all 3 of us re-watching season 7 is going to work. but i'm still going to start re-watching it on my own and i might say a bit about the episodes on here if i have anything really interesting to say.

haha here's an awesome video i found.

and here's a cat pizza!

Day 28 - Your favorite season finale

definitely swan song! though all the other season finales are pretty good too. i think i like all the season finales in general better than all the season premieres.