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ok here are some things i disagreed with...

Give me a reason to end this discussion (The discussion of whether or not Sam is alright.)

well i guess but i really think it's a lot more fitting to dean not wanting to talk about his feelings but w/e

I used to rely on self-medication (Demon blood)

ok i get that you're trying to make this whole part about sam but i don't think demon blood is really fitting at all because that wasn't, like, medication, it was more comparable to like athletes using steroids. he wasn't doing it to help him cope with anything, he was doing it to get stronger. if you want to make this line about sam i think the pressing on his hand thing is MORE fitting. and usually i associate self-medicating w/ dean but like whatever ik that part was supposed to be about sam so w/e i guess either one is fine

ok those were really the only big probs i had. there were some things that were funny to me that we were both reminded of thos things like the california thing and i think we generally agreed on a lot of the things. idk. that's all i guess

cool door knocker

well we said a lot of the same things except i still like mine better because its just more specific and i like the conversation thing but anyway

one thing about yours was that in that part where its like give me a reason to end this discussion to break with tradition to fold and divide

i think its just referring to the same thing in the whole part so its like give a me a reason to end this discussion, to break with tradition, to fold and divide.

so when you say that the discussion is talking about their feelings or whatever and then breaking with tradition is breaking the tradition of not talking it doesn't make sense.

because how can breaking tradition of not talking, which would mean talking, be the same as ending the discussion, which would mean not talking?

well that's all mostly

i mean i disagree with some other things but idk

well, its just like

ok in the part where its like

i used to rely on self-medication, i guess i still do that from time to time

its just so perfect for it to be about demon blood because of how the next line is but i'm getting better at fighting the future, which is like fighting destiny and stuff and fighting the "the end" future. because its like drinking demon blood was what the demons and angels and everyone wanted him to do, so its like i used to do that, but now i'm getting better and fighting that crap and stuff.

so yeah.

okay that is all.

cool door

gob i vote for pics of yourself

alright here's my thing for everything is alright

tell me that you're alright

ok this song reminds me in partic of season 7, though really it could be for like the whole show but this first line could be dean saying this to sam in the first ep of s7. and i think through this song the "tell me that you're alright" means 2 things. one is that they actually want each other to be alright and the other is like "tell me that you're alright even though i know you're not because we're these guys who just like shove everything down and move on" like the part in meet the new boss when dean was talking about how he knows sam's not ok but he's going to accept that sam is ok when sam says he is because he wants him to be ok and they can never catch a break and w/e he said

yeah everything is alright

ok this is just sam saying that he's fine in the first ep of s7

oh please tell me that you're alright

and then this is a few eps later, either when sam is like "we're okay, right" and stuff at the end of the witchs ep or when he's like "you can't just look me in the eyes and tell me that you're fine" at the end of the mentalists. i guess this whole first chorus could be dean saying "tell me that you're alright" to sam and then the next chorus could be switched but i like it better with them each saying it to each other once in every chorus

yeah everything is alright

ok then obvs this is just dean telling sam he's fine

give me a reason to end this discussion

this is both of them, but especially dean, like not wanting to talk about feelings-y things. kind of like when sam was like "what's going on with you" and dean was like "we've had this discussion" and sam was like "no to do that you'd have to actually speak"

to break with tradition

i don't really know, i guess this would be breaking the tradition of avoiding these types of discussions

to fold and divide

and then this would be to like give in and just like tell each other their feelings or something

cause i hate the ocean

idk the only thing i can think of for this is like california which dean prob hates and idk maybe sam hates it becausee of jess dying and stuff. oh it could also be how they like mostly stay in the midwest because idk it's just more familiar/comfortable for them to be there or w/e
wait at dinner i thought of another thing that goes with the california thing which is thatt sam prob hates florida too because of mystery spot which also reminds me of the ocean so that's that

theme parks and airplanes

well the theme parks part could be that they never got to go to theme parks or that kind of thing (baseball games, etc) when they were kids so...
and the airplanes part is obvious

talking with strangers

this is about talking w/ people when they're working a case and they're like tired of this same old routine working case after case and blah blah blah

waiting in line

well i guess code for hell because hell is apparently waiting in line now so...

i'm through with these pills that make me sit still

idk what this is...................

are you feeling fine?

ok so to me, the previous few lines (from 'cause i hate the ocean' to 'that make me sit still' are like ok sam and dean are having this convo about how they're fine or whatevs, and they're both sitting there with these reasons why they're not fine running through there heads and then dean turns to sam and is like "you're ok, right sammy?" and then...

yeah i feel just fine

sam is like "yup dean i'm great" (and obvs he doesn't mean it and dean doesnt mean it when he says you're ok righ and then they get back to having "not ok" thoughts going through their heads

i'm sick of the things i do when i'm nervous

idk i guess the next few lines are not really things they do when they're nervous but more like upset so it could mean nervous like "idk what to do with myself because i don't want to deal with things so i'll just do this"

like cleaning the oven or checking my tires

well 'checking mytires' is obvs dean working on his car. idrk about cleaning the oven. the closest thing i can think of is like cleaning guns

or counting the number of tiles in the ceiling

this could be like not being able to sleep due to nightmares or something, and it could also hav something to do with people burning on the ceiling. idk

head for the hills the kitchen's on fire

the cage!!!!!!!!!!
bobby's house and also the other times there were fires in their houses

i used to rely on self-medication, i guess i still do that from time to time

dean's drinking. i guess it could also be sam doing his hand thing but that's just like a really recent thing so the "i used to" part and "still do that from time to time" part doesnt really apply, and yes, dean is drinking more now than ever but that just seems like the kind of thing he'd say about it and sort of a way of admitting he has a problem with out actually admitting it like "yeah ok whatever i GUESS i do that occasionally" like he'd say it in the way that he says that stuff at the end of the mentalists when he's like "yeah ok you got me i've been blah blah blah. i guess it's cuz i don't like lying to you"

but i'm getting better at fighting the future

ok so in The End dean was like "now we make our own future" and since then they've gone through the apocalypse and all of the s6 stuff and some of the leviathan stuff so now it's like yeah ok we can get through anything but not really because they're tired of having to stop the end of the world and stuff

someday you'll be fine

well in hello cruel world when lucifer was being dean he said "you are never going to be okay sam" and this line is from the deleted scene from the end of the next episode after they're done with that hospital business, maybe when they're driving to the motel at the end, and dean turns to sam and has this little face on his face and is like "someday you're going to be okay, sammy" and sam has this cute little smile to himself because he's remembering what fake dean said and he's like i love my brother

yeah i'll be just fine

and then sam says this because he's thinking about how he has dean and as long as he does, he's going to be fine

ok the next part is two different things at once and half the lines are sam and the other are dean's so i'm gonna do sam's whole part first and then dean's whole part

give me a reason
to end this discussion
to break with tradition
to fold and divide

ok well the last time these lines were said, they were more dean saying them but sam could be that way too i guess and in like the first 2 eps of season 7 he def didnt really wanna discuss his prob and also this is him like wanting to give up on getting dean to talk to him like it's pointless to try and get anything out of him so he just wants it to be over

i don't believe a word
of anything i've heard
they tell me that it's not so hard
it's not so hard

i just think this part would be dean's part because i think of the two of them, dean is usually like more negative and less hopeful and especially the "i don't believe a word of anything i'v heard" sounds really un-hopeful to me and it kind of goes with dean not believing in the god/angels stuff, like he doesn't believe there's very much of anything good in the world and stuff. and then the "they tell me that it's not so hard" is idk...just...living...and the "it's not so hard" djust basically sums up all the lying to himself and to sam about how he's fine

so let's not get carried
away with everything
away with the process
from here to in between
of elimination
the long goodbye
i don't want to waste your time

ok this whole part is also two lines at once and i dont think it matters who says what it's just the general theme of like "ok let's just agree to not talk about it" and it's sort of listing off excuses for not talking about it like i don't want to waste your time, let's not get carried away, etc.

and then at the end when it's like "everything's fine evreything's fine etc" it's basically them skipping off into the sunset telling each other that everything's fine with the knowledge that that's the opp. of true and that they're just not gonna talk abou it

the end


gob idg how to vote on your poll but I vote for taking pictures of yourself

here is a pic i made though its not of myself


ok now I'm going to analyze the song Everything is Alright by Motion City Soundtrack in relation to Sam/Dean.

To me this song is a conversation between Sam and Dean so it is from both of their povs.

D: Tell me that you're alright.

S: Yeah everything is alright.

D: Oh please tell me that you're alright.

S: Yeah everything is alright.

That part pretty much needs no explanation, its a typical conversation between the brothers, with Dean looking out for Sam and Sam trying to assure Dean's he's fine. It reminds me of...well it reminds me of a lot of conversations between them, but this one comes to mind:

Dean: I mean you, uh, you sure you're okay?
Sam: Yeah. My head hurts a little, but...basically.
Dean: Seriously?
Sam: Look man, I'm as surprised as you are but, yeah, I swear.
(7.01 -- Meet the New Boss)

But, throughout the song it switches who says "tell me that you're alright" and who responds, because it goes both ways.

Sam: You know, one more thing. What's going on with you?
Dean: We have had this conversation, Sam.
Sam: No, we haven't. See, to do that, you'd have to, uh, sort of...speak.
Dean: [...] that doesn't mean that something's going on with me, okay?
(7.05 -- Shut Up, Dr. Phil)

D: Give me a reason to end this discussion (The discussion of whether or not Sam is alright.)

S: To break with tradition. (This conversation is a tradition, of course it is. They've been having this conversation since they were kids.)

D: To fold and divide. (In which Dean gives up and let's Sam pretend he's fine.)

Now we get into reasons why Sam and Dean are NOT alright

S: Cause I hate the ocean (For this this I think of California for some reason, and by extension, thoughts of Jess)

D: theme parks and airplanes (Dean's afraid of flying)

S: Talking with strangers (witnesses, victims' family members)

D: Waiting in line (Hell, right?)

S: I'm through with these pills that make me sit still. (Sam, Interrupted)

D: "Are you feeling fine?"

S: Yes, I feel just fine.

The next part is about Dean and Dean's problems from Dean's pov

D: I'm sick of the things I do when I'm nervous (Yellow Fever)

Like cleaning the oven or checking my tires
(Maybe not cleaning the oven since they don't have an oven, but checking his tires makes tons of sense)

Or counting the number of tiles in the ceiling (Because his Mom burned on the ceiling)

Head for the hills, the kitchen's on fire!
(Pick your house fire, really.)

And then this part is about Sam and Sam's problems from Sam's pov.

S: I used to rely on self-medication (Demon blood)

I guess I still do that from time to time (My Bloody Valentine)

But I'm getting better at fighting the future
(Fighting his destiny)

D: "Someday you'll be fine.."

S: Yes, I'll be just fine. (I think this is the only time this statement seems sincere in this whole song)

Okay now for the part where its like two parts at once, one part is Sam and the other part is Dean. I just love this part because its like it all comes together.

S: Give me a reason

D: I don't believe a word

S: To end this discussion

D: of anything I've heard

S: To break with tradition

D: they tell me that it's not so hard

S: To fold and divide

D: it's not so hard

That part is again, both trying to get straight answers out of each other on whether they are alright and neither believing the other.

The next part is switched, its like reasons why they won't just talk to each other.

S: So let's not get carried

D: away with everything

S: Away with the process

D: from here to in-between

S: of elimination

D: the long goodbye

S: I don't want to waste your time. (This, I think sums it up pretty well.)

Now, in conclusion, one final quote by the late Bobby Singer.

"You know, you worry about him. All he does is worry about you. Who's left to live their own life here?"
(7.09 -- How to Win Friends and Influence Monsters)

Thank you, and goodnight.

rambling hippos

ok i guess i'm going to post for real now because i feel bad that i haven't posted in a really long time. i haven't posted in 37 days! DDD: i think next year for our blog maybe we should go back to having more rules about posting or something. we started off really good this year but we just kep slacking more and more during the end of the year.

well i'll stop being a downer now and actually make a good post!!!!

okay so in 2012 i'm going to try and make a year long time-lapse photography thing because i've been wanting to do one of those for a super long time.

you can help me decide which to take pictures of!!
What should I take a picture of every day next year (2012)?
The front yard of our house
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Something different every day
Other (specify in comments)

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oh yeah you know what show i think i'm going to try to watch some time over the last week of this winter break? american horror story. seth said from what he's heard and seen it's really good. it looks kinda like a darker and scarier supernatural but maybe it will be just like completely different and i won't like it all though. oh yeah and it has zachary quinto in it

haha you know that sidebar think on facebook where it shows ads that relate to what you've liked on facebook or searched for or talked about? well look what showed up as one of my ads! it knows i'm a tuba!

wow i'm just rambling about different things and this post has no point at all. oh well it's better than nothing.

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haha i didn't even realize i used hippos two titles in a row

well g i agree with most of yours, especially the first verse. i pretty much 100% agree with that part

i always thought of the chorus (you go on and i'll be happier) as him not really convincing himself that he'll be happier but more like...the opposite of what he means kinda? like idk it's hard to explain but it's like both of these songs have the general theme of someone leaving and the other person being bitter about it but they're called "happier" and "peachy" and the fact that they're called that makes me think they're meant like ironically or w/e espec in happier

well whatevs i cant remember what i was saying anymore because this g i hate made me really angry and also what you said about the peachy song made me kind of angry.

i dont really think sam would think like "it's not my fault you've said mean things to me"............. and like the whole way you interpreted it was just kind of mean on sam's part and i don't really see any of that at all...........


ok we can do another song but what one

hippopotamuses like me too

ok now this is going to be an analysis about peachy because i just saw that you asked for that

right well first i have to say i really disagree about the unrequited love thing. i just can't see that. i don't know why you would think that...

so that's not going to be a part of mine, obviously.

also...okay let me listen to the song again...

wow would you hate if i said i don't see this song with any of the same meaning you do because i don't see it as pre-series... i can see it as like early season 5

okay i will tell you how

its from sam's pov

It's not my fault, it can't be my fault

That you speak to me the way you do
(this is early season 5, Dean's said a lot of unkind things... well, they both have but this is Sam's pov)

Now I'm split in two

I'm half me and half you

But I hate us both, don't you?
(Obviously Sam hates himself, he's not happy with Dean, Sam pretty much hates everything at this point.)

No of course you don't, of course you don't

You say life is peachy without me (Now, "without me" means when they were split up in the beginning, which was Sam's suggestion, but he thinks this is what Dean wants)

The next part... I don't even know how it relates to Sam and Dean but I just thought of a crazy meaning that relates really well to Sam and what he was doing while they were split up

It's not your fault, it can't be your fault

That I let you crawl inside my head

Cause you know my places (Lucifer knows how to get to Sam)

And you know that face
(That face being Jessica)

But I hate this taste, don't you?
(demon blood, trying to make himself think he hates it)

Okay, now we're back to Sam and Dean...

It's no ones fault it's nobody's fault

That I fell on you and you on me
(for this I see it as fighting)

That's what humans do

Then they pass on through (people fight, then they split up)

But I think we can't, don't you?
(they need each other, they can't stay away)

okay well that got way out of hand but I like how it turned out... I'm sorry.

LET'S DO MORE SONGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

happy hippos

ok nice analysis g even tho i disagree about a lot of those things but i'll get to that later

first i'm going to analyze the song Happier by A Fine Frenzy in relation to Sam/Dean pre-series!!!!!!!!

okay this song is obviously from Dean's pov and its most about Sam leaving for stanford

Quick kid quip so harsh and cynical (A pretty good description of teenage Sam, I think)

Touches stricken cold and clinical (No more "thanks Dean, this is great" hugs)

What a transformation to behold (Sammy's all grown up)

But I don't like this new, I want the old (self-explanatory, Dean misses kid!Sam and being a kid with him)

this whole part basically about Dean just noticing changes and wanting them to stop. then, we get into Sam actually telling them that he's leaving.

It's not the words that make it final

You've said just things to before to rival them (Sam has threatened to leave, and has even run away before)

But's its how you say them now that's changed (I imagine Sam has definitely made up his mind about this. nothing can get him to stay, whereas before there were always things that they could do, things Dean could say to him that would get him to stay)

Cold and sympathetic all the same (Again, Sam has made up his mind-- he's leaving. but being Sam, he's empathetic.)

Like to convince me that I'll be better off

So you go on and I'll be happier, I'll be happier (Dean's bitter thoughts, he won't admit he needs Sam to stay)

a lot of repetition in this song, so I'll skip to the next part.

for this part I see a beautiful meaning that probably wasn't intended in the lyrics, but...

Shoot me with your rubber bullets (training...)

Your finger on the trigger, pull it

I know you want this suffering to end (Sam hates hunting, hates training, hates this life, and Dean knows it)

So it is forgivable, my friend (Now, because Dean knows this, he's honestly being a bit selfish about wanting Sam to stay with him and Dad where he's miserable, because most people go to college, they move out at 18, they live their own lives and follow they're dreams. Sam, who's unhappy, has all the reason in the world to go out looking for something more. Dean's selfish, he knows he's being selfish, so Sam leaving is somewhat forgivable.)

now, if you don't want to take it quite so literally...

Shoot me with your rubber bullets (Sam's trying not to hurt Dean by leaving, he's still leaving bruises)

Your finger on the trigger, pull it (Go ahead, Sammy. Tell me how you really feel.)

And then this part:

Say what you mean, what you mean, cause you'll be happier without me, without me, without me (Although Sam was just going to college and trying to get away from Dad, Dean sees it as Sam leaving Dean and thinks that what he wants)

okay, so there. that is all.

peaches the dancing hippo

ook im going to analyze the song "peachy" by missy higgins in relation to pre-series sam/dean!!!!

alright well first...the way i see their pre-series relationship is that there's lots of like ust from the time they're like 14/18 or 15/19 on sam's part (like only sam felt that way when they were younger) and then like maybe 16/20 or 17/21 on dean's part and the only thing that really happened between them before sam left for stanford was a kiss or two and then like the last year before sam left there was just all this tension between them (regular tension AND sexual tension) and ok...this is the wincest-y interpretation of this song. it could also be interpreted as gen but more just the chorus/general theme of it

ok so this song is from dean's pov

It's not my fault, it can't be my fault that you speak to me the way you do.

ok well this is just about when sam would be like "come on dean let's do some unbrotherly things" and dean is trying to convince himself that that's not his fault (except he doesn't really believe that...) and that all he did was be a reg. big bro and stuff

Now I'm split in two, I'm half me and half you but I hate us both, don't you?

well this one is pretty obvious i think, at least the "i'm split in two, i'm half me and half you" part. the "i hate us both, don't you" part is sort of sarcastic and sort of not (well this whole song is pretty much half sarcastic and half not i guess). i think that part is two things: first it's "i hate us both for feeling this way about each other" and it's also "i hate myself for feeling this way and it obviously IS my fault and i hate YOU for leaving me"

ok the chorus is next but i'll save that for last because i think it fits best with the last verse

It's not your fault, it can't be your fault that I let you crawl inside my head

alright well now this line is him telling himself how he actually feels which is that it's not SAM'S fault and dean should have done a better job of pushing him away and stuff

Cause you know my places, and know that face but I hate this taste, don't you?

well this line is less specifically relevant than all the other ones but i guess it's just the same stuff that's already been said.......

It's no one's fault, it's nobody's fault that I fell on you and you on me
It's what humans do, and they pass on through but I think we can't, don't you?

ok this whole part is like "ok well whatever it doesn't matter, it's just a thing that happened but.............we cant do this"

ok now the chorus

No of course you don't, of course you don't

ok when this line comes after the last verse it's like "of course you dont think we cant do this or you wouldnt have left" (of course thats not the main reason why he left but....)

You said life is peachy without me

well i think this line just sums up how dean feels about sam leaving, with or without the wincest. it reminds me of the "he wasnt the only one you got away from" line from dark side of the moon

we should do this for more songs!!! that was fun. maybe we should switch songs after we both post ours and say what we think the other person's song is about????
actually can you please do that because i really dont understand how this could be sam's pov

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hippo hero

YOU FOOLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU BETTER POST THIS DAY OR TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!

well here is a spn christmas fanmix!!!!

1. mary did you know | wynona & kenny rogers
mary did you know that your baby boy would save our sons and daughters?

2. christmas (baby please come home) | michael buble
i remember when you were here

3. it came upon a midnight clear | frank sinatra
oh rest beside the weary road

4. all i want for christmas is you | house of heroes
i just want you for my own, more than you could ever know

5. have yourself a merry little christmas | ella fitzgerald
until then we'll have to muddle through somehow

6. did i make you cry on christmas day? | sufjan stevens
i only grabbed your wrist, or would you rather we kissed?

7. o holy night | brand new
fall on your knees, oh hear the angel voices

8. god rest ye merry gentlemen | bright eyes
to save us all from satan's power for we had gone astray

9. angels we have heard on high | sufjan stevens
when the choirs of angels praise

10. carol of the bells | thrice
on without end


well that is all for now. maybe i will post again tomorrow