Monday, May 31, 2010

Don't Call It A Come Back

Hey gs. Even though I'm in a sorta grumpy mood because everyone in this house is too darn grumpy and I have school tomorrow and I have a TONNNN of studying for finals to do, I will still make this a really awesome post. Wow g, these last posts the last couple days of May have been really awesome compared to some of the other days I think!

Since the game this month was having a list in each post, for the final post of the month I will have a ton of different lists.

List of my favorite lists I did this month:
-Reasons why Doctor Who is awesome (Strange Attractors: May 2)
-Random facts (Vampires of Venice: May 8)

-List of how much school is left (My Favorite Accident: May 18)
-Mischief to get into (Dual: May 29)
-Fun facts about Gob, Para, and Hob (Special: May 30)

List of the most fun stuff we did at CM's bar mitzvah:

-Changing songs on the jukebox at the bowling alley
-Laser Tag
-Swimming in the pool
-Watching Heroes on Para's iPod in the parking lot
-Duck, Duck, Goosbag in the elevator

-Elevator hide and go seek -Elevator races
-Monsters in the elevator
-Monsters in the bathroom
-Monsters in the closet -Heroes drinking game (we didn't actually use any alcoholic beverage, i promise!)
-Drinking 3 cups of coffee to stay awake at like 3 am.

-Writing yesterday's post together
-Silly stringing the baby swing

-Watching Star Trek Rhaposdy and Lost Rhapsody

-Watching the Asian youtube video channel

List of things I want right now: -Coffee
-School to be over

-To time travel to June 4th when school is out

-People to stop being grumpy
-A laser tag place in my backyard

-An elevator in my house to play monsters in the elevator in.


-To come up with a way that I can stay up really late tonight

-My mom to go to bed
-To play monsters in the elevator again

-Some good new jamz
-My throat to stop hurting from growling (from monsters in the elevator)
-To watch the new episodes of Doctor Who
-To watch some Torchwood
-To not be so darn lazy right now
-A good title for this post
-A billion dollars
-A computer
-To stay awake all night
-My mom to stop telling me to go to bed
-To remember what website I was about to go to
-A Tardis
-A sonic screwdriver
-It not to be so quiet in the gc and in my house
-This list to be over

Here are some nice pictures (click on them to see the whole thing since they are all so darn big):

Here is a time line of the color of a banana:

Here is something slightly inaprop (though not nearly as inaprop as that one thing para and i saw):

Sunday, May 30, 2010


HAPPY 150TH POST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


right now we are gonna start our first list of this post. (hopefully there will be a couple really awesome lists)

fun facts:

*about gob
-he sucks at the macarena
-he does have a special goblin dance, but he won't do it in public. only in dark corners.
-he has a confused goblin face but he won't make it irl.
-he wants to have a threesome with desmond and elle.
-right now it looks like he's not wearing a shirt, because his shirt is the same color as his goblin-green skin
-he made para sleep in an uncomfortable chair last night
-he's married to three people
-his favorite song is "oops i did it again" by britney spears
-he is para's new brother
-his room is really messy
-he has a gmail draft that says "mom get waffles"
-he likes to preview his blog post every fives seconds

*about para
-she has an ability where she instantly falls asleep in any car or bus and wakes up right before she arrives at her destination.
-her parasite dance is swaying back and forth
-she is gob's new sister
-she's awesome at laser tag
-she has like ten empty boxes of star trek cereal in her room
-she wears mismatching socks all the time

*about hob
-she likes to keep leaving while we're working on our blog post
-she wants to have a threesome with The Doctor and Isaac.
-she does a mean buster impression
-she ruins your favorite childhood tv shows

noah's quiz from his blog:

1. My name is SYLAR!!!

2. Where are you from?
-the future

3. How are you?
-Hungry...for braaains.

4. Can I pay you in gum?

5. And you are?
idg this q

6. Your proffesion?
you spelled profession wrong

7. We are family?
yeah g you are our cousin

g that was the worst quiz ever. sorry.

hey gs check out these really cool arthur trading cards!

now we are gonna do a little game. first we make a list of characters.

2. peter petrelli
3. hurley
4. jack shephard
5. desmond
6. elle bishob
7. mr. muggles
8. walt llyod
9. the mib
10. hrg
11. matt parkman jr.
12. claire bennet
13. kate austen
14. sawyer
15. john locke
16. spock
17. arthur (arthur)
18. mr. ratburn
19. captain kirk
20. nero
21. arthur petrelli
22. nathan petrelli
23. goblin
24. parasite
25. hobbit

now they battle!

*first round: captain kirk vs. hurley
-battle summary: hurley first tries to gain peace with the violent captain by exclaiming, "hey dude, why can't we all just get along?" but it doesn't take. the captain simply won't listen, and he points his phaser at hurley threateningly. this angers hurley, so he jumps on him, and his weight causes kirk to scream like a girl. he is able to push hurley off of him, however, and get in a good punch. then hurley charges into captain kirk and pushes him against a tree. but kirk has his communicator and calls scotty. "kirk to enterprise. beam me up, mr. scott." "aye captain," scotty says, but accidentally beams hurley aboard as well. they find themselves on the landing pad and tousle for a sec, until a few redshirts come and stun hurley with their phasers.
-results: hurley unconscious, kirk a bit squished.
-winner: kirk

*round two: kate austen vs. walt lloyd
-battle summary: walt says "what is it, like checkers?" and kate gets confused, giving walt time to tie her shoelaces together. kate trips and falls over. and walt makes a run for it. kate kicks her shoes off and chases walt. she catches up to him and grabs him around the neck. then, walt summons a dead bird to fall out of the sky and land on her head. kate screams and releases walt. walt runs away and kate runs after him again. once she catches him, she pulls out her trusty handcuffs and secures him to a tree.
-results: walt restrained, kate has smelly hair
winner: kate

*round three: arthur (arthur) vs. claire bennet
-battle summary: claire uses her cheerleading moves to kick arthur in the shin. arthur screams and starts to cry. claire feels bad and bends down to comfort him. but its a trick. arthur cries out like a ninja and punches claire in the face, breaking her nose. but claire regenerates and pounces on arthur. she pins him to the ground and drags him by his ears. arthur screams and claws at her arm. this causes claire to release him and arthur takes a gun out of his backpack. he shouts "i'm not afraid to use this thing!" claire laughs in his face, because she knows it can't kill her. but arthur knocks her down and points the gun at the back of her head and pulls the trigger.
-results: claire dead (for now), arthur-sore shin and ears
-winner: arthur

*round four: man in black vs. elle bishop
-battle summary: elle begins by flirting with the man in black. "hey g," she says. mib looks at her like she is a fool. this is when elle realizes its time to kick it up a notch. she shoots electricity at mib, but its not very effective. mib is momentarily stunned, but other than that, there is no effect. he walks over and twists her neck.
-results: elle dead (forever), mib just a tad crispier
-winner: mib

*round five: arthur petrelli vs. sawyer
-battles summary: sawyer begins by throwing out a nickname "you really think you can take me, old geezer?" he taunts, "shouldn't you be playing connect four in the nursing home?" "i see you like to play games," arthur says calmly. "lets see how you handle this one." and with that, arthur stops time and ties sawyer's shoelaces together. he unfreezes time and then sawyer trips and falls over his shoes. "what the-" sawyer exclaims, righting his shoelaces, arthur chuckles quietly. "had enough?" sawyer stands up, his temper rising. "enough chatting," he replies, and charges at arthur, but arthur teleports out of his path. sawyer spins around, grabbing his trusty gun. he points it at arthur, but arthur uses telekinesis to throw it out of his hand. "can't have that. that's too dangerous." sawyer looks around for his gun, and spots it on the ground. he makes a grab for it. "okay," arthur says, "you asked for it." he uses telepathy to makes sawyer shoot himself in the head.
-results: sawyer dead, arthur unscathed
-winner: arthur

*round six: hobbit vs. desmond hume
-battle summary: hobbit enters the battlefield, clutching her nose because desmond is so stinky. "hey brotha," desmond shrieks. hobbit yells, "you killed charlie!" and desmond replies, "no, it wasn't my fault, brotha." "YOU LIAR!" hobbit yells, "I HATE YOU!" "hey man, why so hateful?" desmond inquires. "you disgust me," hob tells him. "i tried to stop desmond from dying. he was my best friend. he thought it was his destiny to die." desmond explains. "well you should have tried harder," hob snorts. desmond hangs his head in shame. "i know g. i'm sorry. let's hug." hob grudgingly hugs the stinky man and desmond sneaks a kiss on her hobbit lips. "ewwwww!" hob screams.
-results: desmond embarrassed, hobbit emotionally distraught
-winner: tie

*round seven: nathan petrelli vs. nero
-battles summary: upon seeing the scary man, nero tries to run away, but nathan flies after him. nero yells, "FIRE EVERYTHING!" and shoots nathan.
results: nathan dead, nero emotionally distraught
-winner: nero

*round eight: parasite vs. jack shephard
-battle summary: parasite pounces on jack and easily pins him to the ground. jack says, "what the?" and then makes a big glug jack face. para laughs at him and then momentarily forget to keep her parasite eyes on jack, so he gets up and laughs at para. and then para starts laughing too. and they both laugh together like big glugs. and they fall down and start rolling on the floor and laughing.
-results: para lhao, jack lhao
-winner: tie

*round nine: john lock vs. hrg
-battle summary: john lock enters the battlefield, with 400 knives. hrg enters with a gun. hrg points his gun at locke, locke points his 400 knives at hrg. its a tense moment. then hrg yells, "you can't hurt my daughter!" and locke replied, "DON'T TELL ME WHAT I CAN'T DO!" this causes hrg to shoot at locke, but locke deflects the bullets with his bald head. hrg is stunned because he has never seen such badassery. he bows down to the great locke and locke stabs him. -results: hrg dead, locke bruised head
-winner: locke

*round ten: mr. muggles vs. peter petrelli
-battle summary: young peter spots the little doggy and immediately is enamored by his adorableness. he bends down to pet the thing. and notices his expertly styled fur. "nice hair," he comments, "although not as great as mine." this infuriates mr. muggles and causes him to bit off peter's entire finger. peter yells, "WHAT THE!" and kicks mr. muggles across the battlefield. mr. muggles squeaks and yaps annoyingly. peter covers his ears, yelling, "shut up!" but mr. muggles doesn't feel like it. so he jumps on peter's head and starts clawing and biting his hair. peter excaims, "NOT TIM!" and attempts to throw the dog off. but mr. muggles will not. he chomps down on peter's head and pierces his skull. he tears at peter's cranium and eats his brain.
-results: peter dead, mr. muggles satisfied.
-winner: mr. muggles

*round eleven: goblin vs. matt parkman jr.
-battles summary: goblin sees the baby just lying on the floor and feels sorry for the thing, so he picks him up. matty starts to cry and turns off goblin's sneaking powers. gob is unaware of this, so he tried to sneak over to get a bottle for the baby, but he is caught by someone. gob realizes what has happened and drops the matty on his head.
-results: gob embarrassed, matty permanently brain damaged
-winner: gob

*round twelve: sylar vs. spock
-battle summary: "i assume you have prepared new insults for me."
"well, let's have it."
"you're ugly. your eyebrows are weird. what even are your ears? is that spandex you're wearing?"
"your mom is a cool door."
"well your mom is a- oooow spock! stop hitting me!"
"take it back!"
"don't make me eat your brain!"
"how illogical."
"how's this for illogical?"
"aaaaaaaaasaroiasfh!...what the? i am curious to know what technique you used to electrocute me."
"well i'm not telling, acting captain."
"you will answer me."
"no, i don't think i will."
"whatever. say, you look sort of like me."
"like you? nah g. i'm much hotter than you."
"i'm unconcerned with my appearance, i am merely pointing that we look quite similar."
"except your ears are pointed. what are you, an elf?"
"and your eyebrows are weird."
"my eyebrows are weird? excuse me, but yours are- aaaaaaaahskjfavnjhf!"
"don't you dare say another word!"
"i will kill you!"
"i'm going to-aaaaaahskafjasl!"
-results: sylar unconscious, spock kind of crispy
-winner: spock

aw g mr. ratburn didn't get to battle but inbd. also i swear all of those battles were completely random. we just used a random number generator to pick the battles.

this is our golden buster we got from being awesome movie makers and making a really great sad movie.

SUP GLUG FACES. HOB IS TAKIN OVER THIS POST LIKE YEAH. jj. she is just doin a spec little thing while the other glugs walk around nakie. jj. kind of. well idk what to say really. i just wanted to say hello really and that i love hotels. ok laters.

haha nice one hob.

Okay, now this is Gob. Haha so when we got back from swimming at the hotel today and went up to the room to get changed I looked everywhere and I could not find my boxers!!!! I looked under the bed, inside my jeans, in my backpack, and everywhere else in the room. I knew that I had brought them to the hotel because uhhh...that would have been wearing jeans with nothing on underneath them. Eventually though CM found them! Guess where they were?!?!?!?!?! He was accidentally wearing them!!!! What a g!!! So then he gave me my boxers and put on his Hahaha I'm typing this big long paragraph and idek why. I like coffee. Kinda. Well I like it when you put in some milk and 7 packs of sugar. Okay, well I'll bbl to say some more maybe. Bye for now

haha gob. i am also drinking coffee, except i put in 8 packs of sugar because i am a big glug.

okay. gob is back. haha i want some more coffee. i might go get some in just a little bit. aw g i just realized, tonight is our last night together in Indiana! DDDDDDDDDDDDDD: starting tomorrow we will have to do separate posts. idek whose turn it is tomorrow. g, this was so fun working on the posts together. i hope we will do cc this year because that would be a big bum if we didn't. good night goblog readers. byeeeeee.

Saturday, May 29, 2010


how about we switch roles? do you want to do something else? idk what to talk about. i am such glug because i am a goblin.

ok g now for realsies we are going to start this awesome post. it is awesome because all three of us are practically in the same place almost. hob is upstairs being a giant g but para and gob are right standing next to each other except para is sitting and gob is standing.

g we just made some wanted posters for sylar and we are going to hang them around the hotel. except we hope zachary quinto won't walk into the hotel and then get arrested. some other pranks and mischief we hope to do later is:
*fill ice buckets with pop and popcorn
*put a wet chair in the elevator
*set the computer backgrounds to funny things
*what else? idk g but there will be a bunch more

g we gtg but hopefully we will be back later to finish this post!

g we are back! also g, guess where we are right now! we are at gob's house! goosbag! except we can't do any of the mischief tonight that we said we were gonna do. but we can still do other mischief like:
*walk to the gas station
*idk what else but there will be some

ok now i will type and goblin will facilitate again.

uuuuum uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuum uuuuuuuuuuum uuuuuuuuum (i think he is meditating) uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuum uuuuuuuuuuuum uuuuum hey i didn't say that! you added an extra um. yeah you did. anyways, uuuuuuum uuuuuum uh uh what's up gs? idek. blehhh what to say!? i can't think of what to say when i'm being pressured like this!!! uuuum uuum i'm hungry.we should go get a snack in just a minute. maybe we can get some vanilla cokes except para probably doesn't want vanilla cokes but oh well. i think there are other drinks in the fridge that para can have. noah says there's some lemonade in the fridge that you can have. i mean pooh-bah. wow g i didn't know pooh-bah was hyphenated. hmm ok now its para's turn. ha yes it is. yes. yes. yes. yes. yes, end of discussion. bye.

hahahahahahhaha (more gob)

hi this is para (more gob) and its definitely not gob. (gob plays with swinging door thing and makes noise and won't stop)

ok now this is para for real (this is really para) gob is being so boring. ide. its not even that hard to think of things to say. i mean what the. actually i can't really think of anything to say. haha gob is laughing. now he is going to take the garbage out real fast. g this house is so dif from my house because if it was my house everyone would be sleeping except for a para and a hob but in this house there are a bunch of people that are awake. i don't even.

aw g we just tried to find something awesome to put in this post but unfortunately we were unsuccessful. we are such gs. then we just tried again but it still didn't take. bleh g idk how we can make this post awesome in the next ten minutes. well actually i have another hour after that to post it but idk if we should use it. idk g.

hmm what should we do g (gob again)

aw g gob is being silent actually and he won't talk. D:

g lets do a one line story. ok gob will start.

g: once upon a time there was a goblin who liked to drink vanilla coke.
p: except his parasite cousin did not like to do that activity.
g: so gob decided to pour vanilla coke all over parasite to make her enjoy it.
p: parasite was not pleased.
g: then company man helped pour coke on parasite.
p: she was still not pleased! in fact, she was infuriated.
g: then noah helped pour coke on parasite.
p: then para STRIKED! she attacked the gob and comp and pooh-bah with her parasite battle skills.
g: then hob came in and tried to break up the fight.
p: she said, "stop fighting! stop fighting!" and she hit her hand on the ceiling.
g: but para, gob, comp, and pooh-bah did not stop fighting. and they started to pull each other's hair out.
p: then they all perished because they killed each other and para ate one of pooh-bah's limbs and gob had been ran through by a sword.
g: then they all met up in a church in the afterlife and all became best friends again.
p: and then hob cried hobbit tears and brought them all back to life.

the end

Friday, May 28, 2010

Not in Portland

Hi here's a post. We just went bowling it was great the first game I sucked and the second game I ruled. I'm writing this from the hotel lobby cuz I'm awesome.

Here's a list:
Things para is wearing:
-a purple and white hair clip
-a black shirt
-a purple and black shirt
-a haitian necklace
-a bra
-a cat necklace
-new loosy goosy jeans
-new shoes
-a sylar watch

this keyboard is so darn fun to type on i can't even. also i am in indiana and its midnight but inbd cuz its not in minnesota
here goes the hob

Thursday, May 27, 2010


Hey gs. Just warning you, this post might kinda suck, but I have a couple little good things planned for the end.

I am writing this part in geometry class right now and I thought I'd just go ahead and write part of it here because:

a. I'm super bored
b. I might be too lazy to do a bunch of my post when I get home so I want to at least have something.
c. I'm really annoyed at my geometry teacher.

You want to know why I'm so annoyed with her g? Okay well because last night I was going to fix up my geometry notebook and get it all organized but I fell asleep. So I spent like all morning working on it and she gave me a 43 out of 50! She spent like forever leafing through my notebook when she just glanced at other people's and gave them a 50! Blehhh I hate that woman. At least I only have to be in her class for three more days. After that she is retiring and I'll never have to see her again! ICQCME!!!

Okay, enough about that. I'll move onto a different subject now. Haha I love how we wall have such giant rants when we are in a bad mood for our post. Haha what gs we are.

Okay I'm going to try playing a random game and make a big list of all the Goblin Green stuff in this room:

-My skin
-My notebook
-Some other g's notebook
-Some g's shorts
-My teacher's folder
-A chalkboard thing
-A tree painted on the mural on the wall.
-A mountain painted on the mural on the wall.
-Two pieces of paper hanging from the wall
-Another folder
-Someone's shorts
-Someone's pencil
-The trees outside

G nvm, this game is so boring. I'm so bored idek what to do. I wish my big g teacher would turn on the TV for channel 4 news. I hate how a lot of the time she teaches past our communications times or just doesn't let us have it on. I thought we are supposed to always watch it but whatever. Goosbag! Someone in my class turned it on! Oh yeah, haha I'm such a g. It doesn't come on at 12:17. It comes on at 12:27. It just now started. I think I'll just watch it instead of working on this post. Byeeee.

Okay and now here are some awesome things:

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Worst Part

this post comes in two parts. a sucking part and an awesome part.

we'll start with this suck one.

this part will comprise of me talking about my trip. i can basically sum it all up in one word, but unfortunately that word is not allowed to be said on this here blog. so i will have to use a few more words than that. ok here is how it went down.

first of all i got up at 6:30 so i could arrive at school at 7:30, but when i got there, there was not even anyone there. i was the only glug in the whole place just about. i mean what even. i guess no one else followed instructions. and then we didn't even leave until like 9. but i was like inbd because i didn't even want to go to that place. and also we didn't even get real busses. we just got two darn school busses. though i got a whole darn seat to myself so that was a plus. except i didn't bring my ipod so all i could do was sleep. well i am pretty good at doing that on busses actually, but then when i woke up and found myself at the land school, i muttered to myself another word i can't say here on this blog. but it was legit like, i fell asleep, and the next thing i know im at the land school. what am i even supposed to do about that? ok g well then something happened that made me so darn angry because i was in a tent with sandy and sydney, but sandy is in student council so she didn't even have to help set up tents. none of the stupid student council people even had to set up tents.
it's not even like we appointed them student council people. all they had to do was show up at the meetings. i could have been in student council except there was no way i was giving up one lunch period a week to go to their stupid meetings. bleh i just hate student council with a passion.
ok back to me. so well we accidentally got a stupid a-frame tent which are really stupid but inbd i guess. and we made sandy sleep in the middle because at this point it was super super super hot and we weren't expecting it to get much cooler because we are fools. bleh and then we had to do this stupid scavenger hunt thing that student council came up with. bleh and it was so hot. bleh and we had to run all over that stupid land school. bleh and student council didn't even have to do it.
what. the. again.
and no one even won the darn thing because they screwed it up. bleh i hate that stupid council of students. g i was so legit getting dehydrated during my scavage. it was not even a joke at all. also i was so hungry and i didn't even have a lunch. wow g i am so glad that is not my life right now because it sucked so much.
and then everyone dyed. except me. i didn't dye because i couldn't.
and then, the best part happened. its name was i got to clean out the chicken coop. it was so disgusting i don't even. and it was so hot i was for realsies going to die. and also i had to wear this mask thing and i legit could not breath. it was not even a joke. also by this time i had developed a terrible headache and it was sooooooooo hot. i don't even.
then i was pulling junk out of llama hair except not really i was just pretending to while everyone else did that and then it started to get cloudy. so that was something to celebrate.
and then they set out this tarp on this hill for people to slide down because there was a hose and whatnot, and that was when it started to rain. what even. couldn't it have rained before? when we were working? i don't. except i didn't slide down that stupid hill because i had a headache and i didn't feel good and i wanted to die.
and then much much later we ate dinner.
and then we played this stupid grs version of who wants to be a millionaire.
and then some people went to the treehouse and there were so many people in that house in that tree i legit thought it was going to break or something. and we played i never and i learned a bunch of things about my classmates i did not even want to know.
and then we were having our community meeting around a campfire, and right in the middle of the thing, the teachers are like "ok everyone go in your tents and then we'll ring this little bell if you need to run into the basement." and im like what the. but i went to my tent anyway and it starts to thunder and lighting, and everyone is like freaking out. and no one in my tent even had a flashlight so i could barely find the thing. and then it starts to rain there was like so much thunder and lightning i don't even. and everyone is like screaming "we're all gonna die!" and i was like "shuttup!" except i didn't actually yell that.
and theeen at 1:30, enrique, my spanish teacher woke everyone up looking for people because apparently some people had snuck into tents where they didn't belong and no one could find them. what even. i was trying to sleep you fools. and then at like 6:30 dalton, a student, woke everyone up by announcing to everyone that he had slept on a rock. what even.
well then we had breakfast and it was some pancakes and some fruit but i just wanted some fruit but i ate one pancake anyway and everyone was saying how good they were but i didn't think they were very good. and some people had 12 apparently.
and then we had to do even more work. and i had to do this gps thing and the whole time i had "spaceman" stuck in my head, because of this one part where its like "my global position systems are vocally addressed. they say the nile used to run from east to west."
and then i had to clean out the stupid llama pen or cage or whatever you call it. and it was so gross i don't even. except it was made better by singing mulan songs, but it was made worse by the fact that some people were not even helping and they were just standing around. what the.
and then we had lunch but it was just peanut butter and jelly but i don't like peanut butter and jelly so i just had a piece of an apple.
then we finished our community meeting.
and went home.
wait g i missed somethings and im too lazy to go back and add them so here they are:
*during the scavenger hunt, there was a "game" where goblins were ravaging the town and eating people, so we had to give them marshmallows, because as everyone knows, goblins love marshmallows. BUT THAT IS WHERE YOU ARE WRONG! goblins can't even eat marshmallows unless they are special goblin marshmallows, which they weren't. so that is so false.
*what else? oh yeah. in the morning i learned that all the teachers, and a couple student council members slept in the homestead. WHAT. THE. that made me so mad i don't even.

wow g that was a huge ginoumous rantball. did anyone actually read that? oh well g. time for the awesome part of this post.

watch these g.

did you like those g!!?!?!?!?!? hahaha im so excited for this weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

oh yeah g, so there is a petition thing going around where they want you to make a quick vid of yourself to send to nbc to try to save heroes. perchance we would have time to do something like that this weekend? maybe something awesome? comp man as claire again? hahaha i will bring skirt for him just in case.

oh g that reminds me to make a list of things to bring.

*skirt for comp man
*clothes and such for myself
*the pod
*an action figure. i will only bring one though. idk if i should bring sylar, peter, or spock. haha i am so awesome.
*video camera to make more random videos, plus have a camera battle
*my monster face for mitd
*the heroes/lost/glee/merlin cards

probs more things but i can't think of them right now. what else, gs?

wow im posting this so early.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

...And Found

Hey gs it’s Monday and I’m not scheduled to post till Tuesday but I’m writing this post today because yeah. I’ll prob post it tonight after midnight or something. Idek.

Ok this post is prob gonna be mostly about lost. I feel like a gob. This sure is strange because I haven’t really cared all that much about lost since like the middle of season 5 and like now I kinda care again. Idek.

Ok…I loved and hated the finale. Gs as you know sawyer/Juliet is one of my least favorite things in the whole entire world. So when that stuff happened I was seriously ready to turn off the tv because I was so angry and disgusted and agjhdasljgahsgasdghag I can’t even express how angry I am about that. Omg. So then I spend like the last half hour of the thing wanting it to be over and playing pacman on google. And then when it got to the end I was like wut is going on and I was so confused and I didn’t really like it, but then I thought about it some more and I really loved the very ending actually and it like makes me want to cry/actually cry whenever I think about it. But asdjghasljkdgajsgdasdgadsg asgasdghjasdghlasgfasg it could have been SOOOOO good if it had just been Sawyer/Kate instead. Omg. Bleh and you know what’s REALLY annoying is that like the previous flash sideways got my hopes up that it would end up being sawyer/kate. What in tarn? Ajdhgajskdhaskf asfajsfahsugaga
But anyway. I’m just still really confused also because ok…so the stuff that happened on the island and junk was real? So then they didn’t explain any of it? It’s like the explanation they gave at the end like only applied to the last season. Like they just plum didn’t explain anything. What is this?

Omg gs everyone was being so annoying when we were watching lost. Ok for the last like hour and fifteen mins, I kept count of the number of times my mother said various things.
Here are the numbers:
Asked questions about what was going on: 16 times
Complained about commercial breaks: 3 times
Shouted someone’s name when she saw them on the screen: 4
Made other annoying comments: 19

Though I think I missed a bunch in like the last half hour probs.

Hey gs guess what I just did! Wrote another chapter of the story! Goosbag!

Chapter 6

A couple days later, Arthur was conscious, at home, and needed to think. Francine had barely spoken to him in days, and he wasn’t sure why, but he considered that maybe it was for the best. But he just didn’t even. He thought about Francine. He thought about Buster. He thought some more about Buster. He took note of his dog, Pal, sitting on the end of his bed. He stroked pal’s furs.
“Francine,” he said, “started out as nothing. Nothing. I was distressed, and she was there. But now it’s, well I don’t know what it is really. I don’t know what to feel. But then Buster…well that started off as nothing…and ended up as nothing. There might have been able to be a something once upon a time but now I, I don’t know if I’m capable of being that man anymore.” He then spent a hearty amount of time staring off blankly into space, while the dog wagged his tail impatiently.
“So tell me, Pal,” he said at last. He paused, and took a deep breath. “Is four months long enough to get over someone?” Pal responded by leaping off Arthur’s bed and scurrying happily out the door.
“That’s what I thought.”

* * *
The next day, Arthur knew what he had to do. He strolled down the street on the delightfully sunny day that it was. He felt at peace for the first time in a long time and he wanted to never feel any way other than this again. He spied some daisies by the side of the road, literally screaming to be picked. He reached down and plucked one. Then he reached his destination. He quickly hid the flower behind his back, and gave the door a good firm knocking. Arthur revealed the flower and felt really good inside at the touch of theirs hands as the flower was passed from hand to hand. Arthur barely had time to close the door behind him before he was pulled into an embrace, and their lips met.

Buster watched from his porch as Arthur strolled down the street with a sick smile plastered upon his aardvark face. He then watched as Arthur picked a flower and brought it up the driveway. A driveway that was not his. A driveway which lead to the door which lead to the house that lead to Francine. He watched with eyes of gloom as Arthur produced the flower from behind his back and Francine clapped excitedly. He picked up his own flower from the floor of the porch. The flower he had been planning on walking down to Arthur’s house. He picked each of the petals and tossed them aside sourerly.
“He loves me not,” Buster said, pulling off a petal as Arthur and Francine’s hands touched for just a moment too long.
“He loves me not,” Buster said,” pulling off a petal as he saw the joy in Francine’s eyes.
“He loves me not,” Buster said,” pulling off a petal as the door closed quickly behind them. It didn’t matter, he didn’t have to watch anymore to know what happens next. He pulled off the rest of the petals.
“He loves me not, he loves me not, he loves me not.”

Awww man g that’s a big bummer.

Wow I just read gob’s post. OK is the show is people who become superheroes when they crash on an island? Um…………..what? what is this I can’t even omg. Wow g I just watched the trailer for it and it made me want to puke because it is about a family and families make me want to puke. Jj. Kind of. But shows about families def do.

Ok g idgi. Why would people play solitaire when they can be on the interent? Like it’d be one thing if there was no interent but what the? G I guess I’m just commenting on your post in this post. Well I’ll do a real comment too maybe.

Ok now I'm going to share with you some Lost graphics that I made today. I just really love them. Ok here's the first one:

Ok this next one is the one i was going on and on about to gob and I just love it a ton. haha. ok and it's inspired by the song "There Is a Light That Never Goes Out" by The Smiths. Yeah, I just think it's better if you're aware of that song.

Ok here's the third one and it's a Lost and Doctor Who one but it's from the last Doctor Who ep which Gob hasn't seen so i guess no one will get it, but they kinda will because it's just a quote that the doctor says and you don't really need to know what's going on. and it's not exactly spoilery and i jsut wanna post it now instead of waiting so i will:

wow g's i just rewatched the like last 4 mins of lost and i legit started crying. what is this.

oh gs i have this really really great lost vid in my mind that i wanna make but i need to download like the entire finale plus a bit of other stuff first so yeah.

ok now here's some really awesome lost related pics which i did not make:

ok not aprop but it's so crazy! like those peops were on this little team for a while.


D: D: D: D:

ok this is from that one guy's twitter and i just really love it. idek:

ok one more:

And finally, here's a quote that someone said last night and idk why but I just love it so much:
"To paraphrase an old Stephen King quote for a new usage: 'If reading Harry Potter was about learning how to live, then watching LOST was about learning how to die.'"

Ok I might have gotten it all out of my system now. Not really but, moving on anyway.

Ok the other day I happened to find a whole bunch of awesome websites so I will share em with ya.

ok this is one where you can play apples to apples online i think plus some other games

ok this isn't a whole website but it's the craziest thing i have ever seen in my life omg

i just wanna go up to one of those things and be a glug named jack and be like "are you real?"

here, here, and here are these awesome wallpapers that you can arrange your icons on to look like this

And finally.

Ok now...the other day me and para and the gang went to the mall of america and bought a ton of awesome stuff...and i'm just gonna share with the pics we took while we were there for gob.
ok this is some sushi that our cousin named adam got just like a gob got that stuff at the moa! ooooooh fish!

now here's a thing. idk it's like a belt thing or somethin. i wish gob had it.

and's a sign we saw a hangin' in the mall:

Wow now I have no idea of a list to do. what even? i'll make a list of all the action figures i have and the ones i want:

i have:
crazy cat lady
captain jack harkness
harry potter
severus snape
invisible harry potter
ron weasley
hermiione granger
rubeus hagrid

i want:
the doctor
ianto jones
charlie pace
sirius black

mmmmmmmmmhhmmmmm. there are probs more. idk.


Okay gs, this has legit been like my favorite post I have ever done. idek.

The end.

Monday, May 24, 2010

The End

Hey gs! I am typing this blog post from school right now! This whole week in computer class we are supposed to be working on a final PowerPoint project but I'm just going to do whatever I want on the computer this week. Inbd, I will get it done in like 45 minutes at home real fast when I'm bored. Haha the last two weeks of school is so pointless because I am doing like nothing in all of my classes. In English we are just doing this thing where we all re-write an act of Julius Caesar, in geometry we are just doing the usual boring stuff, in chemistry we have a sub the whole week, and in band we are just like working on graduation music and a lot of the time we only work on it for like 20 minutes of the hour. Oh well, it's better than doing a ton of hard work.

Ahhh g idk what I think of the ending of Lost. Like, idk if it ended really how I hoped it would end. D: I definitley have to at least watch like the last 15 minutes again. I'm going to do that right now so I can tell you what I really think about it. Actually nvm, isn't working well on this comp so I'll watch it home and come back to this.

Meanwhile I will show you all these funny Lost videos I found:

Ben being creepy.

The original Lost casting tapes.

Posted later in the night:

(Okay so I watched the last scene of Lost again and I think I've decided I REALLY like how it ended! I think I understand it now too. Okay gs, this is what it I think it is. The sideways flash universe is like purgatory/afterlife place for all the Losties to be together after they all die. And like I think the idea of them being on the island was not just so Jacob could find a new candidate to protector of the island, but to improve the lives of all the Losties who had a flawed background as shown in the flashbacks. I think the island was sort of like a test to get to the afterlife. I like how the ending allows the possibilty of fans forever theorizing about what it means. I also really like the ending scene with Jack and Vincent lying down in the bamboo, and then the final scene being Jack closing his eye. That was really cool. Gs did you know the actor of Jack knew from the very beginning that he was going to die in the very last scene and the last shot would be his eye closing? I'd like to know how much of this stuff was planned from the very beginning and how much came along towards the end.)

I can't believe that my two favorite TV shows Heroes and Lost have come to an end though. =[ There are other shows I like, Torchwood and Doctor Who for example but they just aren't the same as Heroes and Lost. They haven't affected me as much as those shows have. I still remember the time I first saw the Lost pilot and I was like, "Wow! This is like a movie!" and I remember when I first saw Heroes and stayed up until 6 am watching almost the entire first season. There are a bunch of shows trying to be like Lost I guess, like FlashForward, but I don't think any of them are really going to pull it off like Lost and Heroes did. None of them have such a diverse and interesting cast of characters that you grow to love like Lost and Heroes had. Ahh this is depressing me so much. =/ This summer I probably am going to go back and like watch every episode of Lost and Heroes. Next fall idk what show we will all watch as a family as we have done for Lost and FlashForward. We won't be watching the new J.J. Abrams show because it's on NBC and it looks kinda dumb anyways. There is this dumb super hero show called The Cape and it looks so stupid, but even if I wanted to watch it I couldn't because it's on NBC and I'm not watching anything on NBC. There is this show about people who become super heroes when they crash on this island but it looks dumb too because it looks like it is copying off of Lost, Heroes, and The Incredibles. And there are two new super hero shows that are going to be on SyFy, one about a mind-reading detective, and another about a guy with telekenises. Idg why there are sooooo many super hero shows coming out if everyone though Heroes was so bad an needed to be canceled. D: Haha I'm just going on like a giant rant that you probably don't even care about. Sorry gs. I am done with that rant now.

/ends rant.


Here is a list of a bunch of great stuff we should do over the weekend:

-Play Duck, Duck, Goosbag.

-Watch Heroes and/or Lost and pop balloon characters when they die.

-Watch the new episode of Doctor Who.

-Act out Heroes or Lost.

-Play Monsters in the Dark. (haha we never got everyone in the family to play it at TG like we had planned to)

-Make more random videos of ourselves doing stuff like the "Goblin Eats Dinner" video.

-Stay up late at night.

-Get into some mischief.

-Save the cheerleader, save the world.

-Study for finals. JJ! None of that junk.

Haha everyone in my computer class is such a g. Here is what they are all doing:

G1 (My teacher): Doing something on her computer and playing terrible country music over her speakers.

G2 (Student): Doing a PowerPoint on alligators, or maybe they are crocodiles. Idek.

G3 (Student): Doing a PowerPoint on guitar amps or something.

G4 (Student): Playing Solitaire instead of working on her PowePoint like a g.

G5 (Student): Doing a PowerPoint on the history of skateboarding and playing Solitaire like a g. G, I didn't even know there was skateboarding like in the 60's.

G6 (Me): Being the coolest g ever and pretending to do a PowerPoint but really he is working on his blog post and surfing the internet.

G7-10 (Students): idek. They are behind me and idc to look at what they are doing. They are probably doing something a g would do. Haha I just realized they always see what I do on my screen, like when I watch shows and stuff. Idc though.bbgbb

Aw I HATE this computer and how it doesn't have a mouse pad on it. It just has this little really annoying circle thing in the middle of that is actually broken. First of all it really hurts my finger to press down on it. Second of all it keeps making me press the b key when I am moving it. So there probably is a sentence some where in the blog that is like "This computer is stupid.bbbbbbbbbb". Third of all, who on earth makes a laptop that doesn't have a mouse pad? I would just go get a mouse to plug in but it is so annoying using a mouse on my bed and also it makes sneaking with the computer slightly more difficult. bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb

Ahhh I was going to make one of those collages of characters but I ran out of time. I will do that some time next week. Well this is the end of my blog post. Byeeeebbbbbb.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

...In Translation

alright gs lost finale tonight. so i need to start this post now.

aw g icer what was supposed to be in this post. what the.

g i rememb one thing though. g i did that thing that hob did but i just decided to do 25 instead of 100. inbd.

  1. sylar
  2. spock
  3. peter petrelli
  4. adam monroe
  5. isaac mendez
  6. luke campbell
  7. jackie wilcox
  8. mr. muggles
  9. charlie pace
  10. claude rains
  11. pavel chekov
  12. the haitian
  13. claire littleton
  14. kate austen
  15. zach
  16. lyle bennet
  17. merlin
  18. sawyer
  19. hurley
  20. claire bennet
  21. sulu
  22. sandra bennet
  23. micah sanders
  24. arthur pendragon
  25. molly walker
here are some interesting statistics and facts about that list:
*60% are from heroes
*20% are from lost
*12 % are from star trek
*76% are male
*24% are female
*9 of the first 10 are male
*4 of the first 7 are antagonists
*1.5 are black
*1 is asian
*1 is a dog
*1 is a vulcan
*2 are children

awwwww ggggg when will it be time for lost?!??!

i don't even.

haha g look at this:

im not exactly sure what it says but i can attempt to translate it.

simone: so you can paint the future, no?
isaac: yeah g
simone: and this is how you see me!?!?!
isaac: @!*?@!

haha idk if that is right, espec isaac's lines because idk those words even. i mean what is "sip"? is that even spanish?

ok g here is something awesome. watch this:

did you like that gs!?!?!



ok g whatever. this post is good enough. i got a list, methinks.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Random Shoes

Hey gggggggggggggggggggggggs!

IT IS RAINING AND THERE IS THUNDER!!!!!!!!!!! GOOSBAG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ahhhhhhh so much thunder! I love thunder!

Ok gs here's a special thing. Ok a few days ok on this one place I did this big list w/ pictures countdown thing of my top 50 fave tv characters! So now I'm going to share that w/ ya! Except I will just whip up this not very good little pictures collage thing cuz i don't have time to make a better one and on the list i made before, i used really big pics. so.
ok and they go in order from left to right but i'm really bad at ordering things so they are not exact really.

ok now here are the people:
1. The Doctor (Doctor Who)
2. Ianto Jones (Torchwood)
3. Isaac Mendez (Heroes)
4. Amy Pond (Doctor Who)
5. Captain Jack Harkness (Doctor Who/Torchwood)
6. Sawyer (Lost)
7. Adam Monroe (Heroes)
8. Peter Petrelli (Heroes)
9. Mitchell (Being Human)
10. Emma Pillsbury (Glee)
11. Donna Noble (Doctor Who)
12. Rose Tyler (Doctor Who)
13. Chuck Bass (Gossip Girl)
14. Lancelot (Merlin)
15. Charlie Pace (Lost)
16. Wilfred Mott (Doctor Who)
17. Arthur Pendragon (Merlin)
18. Toshiko Sato (Torchwood)
19. Kate Austen (Lost)
20. Rupert Giles (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
21. Annie (Being Human)
22. Willow Rosenberg (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
23. Blair Waldorf (Gossip Girl)
24. Owen Harper (Torchwood)
25. Claire Littleton (Lost)
26. Morgana (Merlin)
27. Hurley (Lost)
28. Sue Slyvester (Glee)
29. Spock (Star Trek)
30. Quinn Fabray (Glee)
31. Sandra Bennet (Heroes)
32. Finn Hudson (Glee)
33. Charlie Andrews (Heroes)
34. Sarah Jane Smith (Doctor Who)
35. Nina (Being Human)
36. The Master (Doctor Who)
37. Castiel (Supernatural)
38. Lyle Bennet (Heroes)
39. Richard Alpert (Lost)
40. The Haitian (Heroes)
41. Miles Straume (Lost)
42. Daniel Farraday (Lost)
43. Merlin (Merlin)
44. George (Being Human)
45. Molly Walker (Heroes)
46. Mickey Smith (Doctor Who)
47. River Song (Doctor Who)
48. Chekov (Star Trek)
49. Dean Winchester (Supernatural)
50. Mr. Muggles (Heroes)

Oh look! A list! I might do a diff one though actually. Well anyway, who dares take on this challenge?

OH AND BY THE WAY, I forgot to say in my last post that now I LOVE JACOB FROM LOST SO MUCH AJSDHFAJKSDGASDG. I mean, he's still a monkey...but an awesome monkey. I woulda put him on this list but I did the list before I saw the last episode. ok. idek.

Ok now just for fun I'll tell ya some of my most hated tv character in no partic order:
sylar (heroes), gwen cooper (torchwood), desmond hume (lost), elle bishop (heroes), martha jones (doctor who)
idk anymore i cant think right now.



Chapter 5

Arthur had done his business and was heading back out to his crew. He was right outside his living room where they had all been gathered, when her heard Buster and Francine having a chat. He immediately felt his heart drop into his stomach, and sweat form on his forehead. He held his breath, listening to their every word.
“-I’m telling you to stay away,” was the first thing he heard Francine saying.
“Oh shit,” Arthur said to himself. He had heard all he needed to hear, and he slowly and quietly backed out of the hallway.

The next day, Arthur and Francine sat in Arthur’s room doing homework, or rather, Arthur was doing homework, while Francine sat in his lap, playing with his glasses. There came a knock upon the door.
“Can I get you guys anything?” came the voice of Arthur’s mother. “Some snacks? A condom? Let me know! Oh, god love ya.” She paused. “Haha jj,” she said, and Arthur groaned in embarrassment. Normally he was glad that his mom was not like a regular mom, that she was a cool mom, but at times she would just take it too far.”
“We’re fine, mom,” Arthur said. As soon as she left, Francine tossed Arthur’s homework aside. She made some smoochy sounds with her lips and brought them closer to his. Arthur ducked out of the way just in time.
“Hey!” Francine growled. “What’s the matter with you, Arty?”
“I just have a lot of homework to do,” Arthur said, annoyed. But Francine wouldn’t have it. They did a tussle for a while, and suddenly, a loud clatter could be heard by all. Except by Arthur actually, who was lying unconscious on the wooden floor.
“OH MY GOSH!” Francine squawked “911! 911! 911!” Arthur’s family came running.

A mere 2 hours later, Arthur lay in a cozy hospital bed, while machines beeped around him. He lay there, unaware of the group that had just walked in: Francine, his parents, D.W., and good ol’ Buster. Francine immediately rushed over to comfort him. Then everybody heard him mumble something.
“Uther,” it sounded like he was saying. Nobody knew what he was talking about.
“Mustard,” he said again.
“He’s saying mustard, D.W. translated.” Then realization his Buster like a big yellow school bus. He inched towards Arthur. He’s saying Buster, he thought. He sat down next to Arthur’s bed and and took his clammy hands in his. That was when Francine realized what Arthur had been saying. She let out a cry, a rushed out of the room in tears.

You guys like that?

wow i legit need to get down to business to defeat this post. ok on this one site i like to go on, here are some posts i have seen:

Those are mine and gob's and poohbah's names! except hob is spelled wrong. i didnt find a para one though. wait. let me try to.

oh i found something! except para is also spelled wrong. but whatevs.

oh and gob methinks you should watch arrested development whatever that is cos apparently there's someone named gob in it? ok.

what is this i have been listening to this audiobook thing i have in my itunes for like the last 10 mins and i haven't even noticed. omg this lady in this has such an annoying voice. why would you have someone with an annoying voice be on an audiobook? well it's not really an audiobook, it's more of a radio show thing actually but whatevs. but the person she's talking to has the most awesome voice ever. so that's good.



omg you know what hp book i love? the fifth one.
haha idk why i said that.
well i jsut love it this second. it's not even my fave. it's like my 2nd or 3rd fave.

hey gs is the reason why lost is tomorrow instead of a reg day becasue tomorrow is the 23rd?

goosbag i have flip flops now so i dont have to search for stupid socks every darn day!

ok bye bye. tomorrow we goin to the mall of america. we will have to search for spock and kirk perhaps.

Friday, May 21, 2010

The Last Recruit

Hey Boys! Pooh-Bah again!

today i will tell you my day in great detail.

7:00 Wake up
9:00 Get up
Watch TV until about 10:00 then have breakfast. (Usually Cereal.) After that I mess around on the computer until someone kicks me off. After that I have lunch, usually something like Macaroni or nachos. Then I ride my bike for a little bit, use the computer again and go read/sleep.

I now have my own blog
here's a snippet.

Once upon a time there was a large rubber band ball named Gusto. Gusto was made 2 years ago my a girl named Sheniqua. Sheniqua loved Gusto, but Gusto was confiscated by Mrs. Burlap, Sheniqua's teacher. He lived in a small drawer with other confiscated items.

Martie: The bag of marbles

Lil: The Nerf gun

Joey: The picture of George Clooney. Joey had been in there for 5 years.

Stay tuned for the next installation of

Time for the game!
List of my circle of trust
1. Me
2. Michael
3. Alicia
4. Grace
5. Jacob
6. Quinn
7. Harrison

Random pic



Thursday, May 20, 2010

Mirror, Mirror

Hey girls! it's pooh-bah/Noah! i'm filling in for para today! i'll start with my name.

My name is pooh-bah. I'm the most important person in titipu. I was born from a very rich family but most of this story is boring. Here's a list of things i like:

1. Star Trek
3. Heroes
4. Harry Potter
5. Marbles
my fav character from each:

1. Sulu or Scotty
2. Richard
3. Hiro
4. Neville
5. Dragons (a type of marbles.)

My fav bands
1. Dragon force
2. Modest Mouse
3. S.P.O.C.K

So we always say "girls/girl" so in this post i'll say boys

So boys, today i was really bored in class because we weren't aloud to do Science Fair and all a had to do was a hexanomial cubed all day, but i didn't even wan't to do that because it was so boring!

I will now ask a four question quiz

1. Would you like to listen to your favorite song while playing your favorite game?
2. Would you like to watch your favorite movie/TV show while playing your favorite game?
3. Why
4. Was this quiz stupid?

well i gtg now so...

Kirk out.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


jsyk, this post is gonna suck like no other post because i have so little time right now that i dont evn think i will have time to sleep tonight.
ok seriously what even is this? i legit havent seen a single shred of para in 3 days. apparently she's been sleeping all the days? how is that possible? idegi. have you even eaten anything para? have you even like come up to go to the bathroom? explain please. are you in a coma or something? im so confused

guess what gs. at 9:45 i'm going to the airport with my mother to pick up some fools! and then i won't be back till like 12 maybe! i am so excited cuz i just love going places late at night. idek.

um i had a list in my head but icr it.
ahhh i just thought of a good title at least!
ARRRRRRRRRRGH ICR THE STUPID DARN LIST. dagfasgd i thoguht of a new one though that will actually be good cuz the other list was gonna suck i think.

ok things I really want to be doing instead of stupid homework and junk and will hopefully be able to do this weekend:

*watch torchwood
*watch doctor who
*watch supernatural
*watch winnie the pooh
*watch across the universe
*watch the lion king
*watch fight club
*watch the princess bride
*watch lost
*watch glee
*watch gossip girl
*watch firefly
*find music for the trip
*download music
*work on para's fanmix
*make this really awesome pic i have in my head plus other pics
*clean my room
*chat w/ people on aim and msn with my new awesome screen name which is priorincantatm
*do an actual good post with all this awesome stuff that i have been wanting to put in a post for a long time but haven't been able to

in other words

oh wow i did this post just darn in time cuz i gtg to the airport right now and idk if i will be back before midnight. well i might but whatevs i'm posting it now

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

My Favorite Accident

Okay so technically it is not my turn to go, but since Para is still feeling sick or something and Hob just went, I will fill in.

Haha so I was bored in my geometry class today and instead of taking notes like I was supposed to be doing I found out exactly how much more school I have! Here is a list of how much school I have left in different units of time:

1 fortnight
10 days
70 hours and 5 minutes
4,205 minutes
252,300 seconds
252,300,000 milliseconds
252,300,000,000 microseconds
252,300,000,000,000 nanoseconds

Ahhh g I keep getting distracted from this blog post and I this is all I have written since like 10:00 and it is now almost 11. D: Sorry if this post sucks a little bit. I'm doing the best I can.

Okay now I will say something I love. Idk if you know of it but I have been watching a ton of this great show called Invader Zim! Also since the episodes are short, only like 15 minutes each it is easier for me not to fall asleep during them like sometimes I accidentally do with Torchwood and other shows. Haha sorry Hob!!!! I wish I could have watched it when I was a kid! Haha it's like weird that it was a kid's show on Nickelodeon though because some of it seems really inaprop for little kids.

Okay now I will be like a Hobbit and just play the modified number game. Wow g there are a lot of numbers in this post.

School days until summer: 10
Tabs currently open: 4
Windows currently open: 8
Gmail drafts: 12
Itunes songs: 5878
Times I said “girl” in this post: 2 (shortened as "g")
Vanilla Cokes currently in the house: 14! :D
Hours of sleep I plan to get tonight: hmmmm idk. probably like...5 or 6

Now because I am such a lazy g (which could stand for girl, goblin, or glug, you decide) i will just share some nice pics I found on this awesome blog I accidentally discovered.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Hate This and I'll Love You

apparently no one's doing the blog today. that's just great. i had a really great post planned for tomorrow, but i guess this is for the best anyway cuz i prob won't have time to do it. idk why i am doin this though cuz last time i posted when para was sick she got mad at me. ok here's the list

things i hate right now:

ok that's it

Sunday, May 16, 2010

An Invisible Thread

Hello gs! Blehh I had a pretty boring weekend so idek what to tell you gs. I will think of something though.

Haha g you know what is sad? The most fun part of my weekend has been fixing up and cleaning my room while blasting loud music. That is pretty lame that doing that was the most exciting part of my weekend. Okay idk if this will be the list for the game or not but I will do a list of anyways have my great cleaning jamz that make me super energetic and make me have fun cleaning:

*All The Small Things - Blink 182
*Helicopter - Bloc Party
*Knights of Cydonia - Muse
*Mr. Brightside - The Killers
*Dead - My Chemical Romance
*Zombie Nation - idk
*Numa Numa - idk
*Welcome Home - Coheed and Cambria
*Kiss with a Fist - Florence + The Machine
*Take Me Out - Franz Ferdinand

Okay now I'm just going to post a bunch of random junk I find across the internet. I am going to find one cool thing, and from that i'll find another cool thing, and from that i'll find another cool thing...and so on.

Here is a really great Doctor Who song!

Here is another really great Doctor Who song (by the same person who made that song with the animated video)!

Here is a Lost music video set to the song "Wake Up". Haha I haven't actually watched it though so idk if it's good or not.

Here is a really well fan-made and awesome trailer for the Lost season 6 finale.

Here is a really cool official BBC promo for Heroes.

Haha here is a funny Heroes/Torchwood crossover promo that BBC actually used.

Here is some sort of Lost/Heroes fan-made crossover trailer:

Here is a website I found. Wow g! You can actually call the number too!

Here is a cool gif I found.

Haha we should infiltrate NBC like Peter is doing in that gif up there and force the people there to put Heroes back on the air. Ahhh g so I am still really sad about Heroes being canceled...D:...but....the good news is at least it looks like the movie thing to wrap Heroes up is going to actually happen! Let's hope it's really really awesome.

Well that is it for tonight. Byeeee.