Saturday, March 31, 2012


heyyy gs

yeah top ten lists sounds good and it sounds like way less work than those darn quizzes

2. well same i guess

5. yeah except that isn't actually lucifer, and his whole purpose is to annoy sam and stuff and so i really think he'd just say whatever he had to say to make sam as uncomfortable as possible, which means saying things like "you're worthless" or whatever. and since it's not really lucifer it's more like...the idea of's kind of soulless!lucifer or just like idk but i don't really think his supposed love for sam would matter at all unless it was actually him. idk this is hard to explain but i just really disagree

6. yeah i guess eventually but i really don't think what sam when for ruby for the amount of time that he knew her was anything close to love. but anyway wow sam and dean are like these little guys who probably are pretty much done with women (besides casual sex although idek if dean is up for that anymore and sam was never into that that much anyway...) and will never love anyone besides each other ever again!!!

8. yeah same to anna/ruby! even though i hate anna. but i don't hate her like i hate cass

9. let's have ya gob!

bleh this isn't long enough let me find some more things from the spn secrets or something

10. i'm pretty content with the number of eps ash was in because nothing ruins a great minor character quite like being in too many eps

11. i wish people wouldnt use "samifer" for the sam/lucifer ship name because it used to usually mean sam!lucifer and now when people are like "i hate samifer" i get so confused. wow wait we should talk about sam/lucifer BECAUSE PEOPLE ARE SO ANNOYING. ok people are basically like "i mean...ship whatever you want but don't ship that!!!" wow it's like...ok i ship that a little especially in season 5, but like...there are way more things to that ship than the fact that lucifer raped sam so...and it's like "i ship sam/lucifer" is the new "i hate jo" haha. wow like you should really not tell people what to ship. unless it's destiel. jj.

ok well that's the post

pigs that eat cows

Hey gs.

Today was such a boring day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well the italics clutter up the post and sometimes just whatever the last person said doesn't explain which conversation that was, so its just easier to do numbers I think.

If you just said one or two words I will assume that conversation is over I guess.

2. Yeah I mean I don't really hate John though. I can't remember if I used to hate John, maybe I did but idk. But well he has grown on me I guess. Like yeah he was a terrible, terrible father, but he also loved his sons. And his love for Mary is a beautiful thing. John is just a very interesting character. But no, I hate Adam. Adam has no good qualities.

5. Yeah I mean I already said this but hallucination!Lucifer is a combination of Sam's memories of Lucifer from the Cage and his own personal thoughts and feelings. But I do disagree, when Lucifer is insulting Sam that is 100% Sam. Lucifer loved Sam. I mean Lucifer loved Lucifer, and in Lucifer's eyes he and Sam were the same. Yes, Sam trapped Lucifer in his Cage and so maybe Lucifer had some problems with that, but Lucifer wasn't saying anything like "oh you fool why did you have to jump in the cage you really suck for doing that." It was like "you are a terrible an awful person look at you, you are pathetic." which is more along the lines of how Sam feels about himself.

6. Yeah I guess I mean Dean doesn't fall in love as easily as Sam so I think the only people Dean ever loved was his family. As for Sam he hasn't known anyone really long enough...definitely he loved Jess. I think if if Ruby had been the person Sam had thought she was, he would have fallen in love with her eventually.

7. Yeah that is the ep I was thinking of. Only seen it once so idk really.

8. Idk an angel/demon ship could be interesting but not with Cass no no no way. Idk who though. WAIT GIRL HOLD UP THE BEST ANGEL/DEMON SHIP IS... Anna/Ruby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

9. Come on Gob the water's fine.

How about for next month's game we do top ten lists??? IDK!!!!! BUT WE NEED SOMETHING!

i'm boreddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd

heyyy gs.

ok so i'm super glad it is spring break but i just realized how bored i'm going to be this whole week. like today was the first day and i'm already extremely bored. i like watching shows and playing videogames all day but after awhile it just makes me feel tired and bored doing it for so long. i mean i like being lazy and not doing that much but too much of laziness can be a bad thing in my opinion.

oh well, being bored is way better than school.

ahhhh what the... how did it get to be 11:45 already?!?!?!?

well i should finish up this post now.

here is a great list of things i plan to do over spring break:

-watch supernatural episodes

-go see the hunger games

-finish a game of thrones, the book i am reading

-be lazy

-do interesting stuff

-stay up late

-sleep in late

-eat lots of pizza

-not think about school

-practice a lot of clarinet

-practice a lot of piano

Friday, March 30, 2012

squirrels that eat cats

Hey gs!

Well that ep was pretty boring and a lot of it was pretty stupid.

*Idek why we needed so many scenes of that thing killing people. Why did there have to be so many children bleh.
*And also idek why we needed so much Garth.
*I find Garth very annoying.
*That one scene where Sam and Dean were getting drunk was cute though. That was pretty much the only good scene so.
*So was the whole thing with the two guys leaving their friend behind or whatever supposed to be like Sam and Dean "leaving Cass behind"??? Because if so that wasn't very clear.
*I thought this episode was going to have to do more with Dean's drinking problem but it really didn't at all? Well I guess then they're not going to do anything about that I mean if they don't even really talk about it in an episode about alcohol then they're not going to talk about it ever.
*Bleh do not want Bobby.
*But really does Bobby just really hate Sam or what???
*What even was the thing where Garth talked about the hot dog and then Sam and Dean made faces at each other like "you. me. later."????
*And then they even did it again sort of when Garth talked about skinny dipping.
*Also if those things aren't real then here is a real thing that happened. Garth was like "hey you want to get brunch?" and then Sam and Dean were like "nah." And then Garth left and then Dean was like "hey you want to get brunch????"
*Wow Garth hugging Sam and Dean was great because of how awkward it was. And when they hug each other it is like the opposite of awkward. It is like they belong there right in each other's arms.
*There's not a lot to say about this episode except that Sam and Dean love each other!!!
*I wanted Sam and Dean to be more drunk!!!!
*Guys you don't need a flashback for a thing that happened five minutes ago!!!
*I can't believe that guy interrupted drunk!Sam and drunk!Dean right before they were about to kiss!!!!!!!!!!!!!
*I ship drunk!Sam/drunk!Dean like nothing else.
*Also drunk!Sam/Dean.
*Also possibly Sam/drunk!Dean.
*Also Sam/Dean doi.


heyyyyyyyy gs

that ep was ok

well that one scene was GREAT and then the rest was pretty darn boring. well ok

*bleh garth is so boring who cares


*ok i really dont understand whats the point of killing people off if they're just going to come back. espec. if the whole point of killing them off is so sam and dean to be alone

*wow the convo sam and dean had at the end was like the longest feelings-y convo they've had all season and it was all about dumbo bobby

*ok but the scene where sam and dean got drunk together!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*their little waves at the camera!!!

*just those little guys being drunk

*um what was that line? icr that really great line but it was there

*also the "can you even get drunk" line was so great to me

*just that whole scene

*hmm ok what else. oh sam and dean looking at each other and being like "you. me. hot tub?"

*and also possibly "you. me. skinny dipping?"

*did we really need three whole giant scenes of people getting killed by the whatevs

*haha sam and dean being these little guys talking to a guy at a japanese restaurant

*sam and dean

*wow garth was so useless. like he just got knocked out and then sam and dean had to finish the darn case that he started. well that was good to me but im just saying

*bleh when i was watching the promo for the next ep i was like "hmm yeah this looks ok. this looks like a good old fashioned hunt" and then bobby's pinchy mouth had to show up bleh i want to smack him


i don't have to go to bed

IT IS FINALLY SPRING BREAK FOR ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

today at school was so pointless because in all of my classes we hardly did anything because most of our work was due before today or on today and they can't assign any homework over spring break. well they probably could but none of the teachers i have this tri are mean enough to do that.

and i finally get to watch supernatural actually on tv tonight because i have no activities after school today!

okay i just got done watching the new ep and here are my thoughts:

-idk if it was partially because i was on my mom's bed watching it and i got tired but i just thought it was only like just an ok episode and overall kinda boring.

-haha i don't really care for garth that much and it was kinda annoying but the sock puppet thing was kinda funny also.

-seeing bobby at the end was so sad! =[

-i'm super excited for the next ep though!

-i might say more of my thoughts about the episode later on when i rewatch the episode but right now i just don't have much to say about it.

oh and hey gs since i can stay up super late tonight/sleep in super late tomorrow we should have a good gc!

oh yeah and we really need to decide what we're going to do for the game in april.

tomorrow is the last day of the month!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

i don't want to go to bed

wow i woke up today and i was like really sure it was friday and i got all excited that i only have one more day of school. but then i woke up and realized it was thursday. =/

oh well anyways, when i wake up tomorrow it will be friday and last day of school until spring break!!!!!!!!!! and tomorrow in all my classes we are doing absolutely nothing too.

and yeah gs i will join in on this discussion soon but i don't have time tonight because my dad keeps yelling at me to go to bed.

i hope my parents don't try to give me bed times over spring break.

because i'm going to bed whenever i want over my break.

i don't care how much or little i have to do the next day.

if i'm tired i'm tired.

big deal.

here is a really great song that i hadn't listened to in a really long time but i have listened to it a ton this week!


hey gs

wow ok i thought about just putting the numbers but then i thought it would be annoying for you to keep having to look back at what you said for each numbers. i dont see how the italics make it less easy but ok...

1. ok

2. yeah john is a big g but at least he's not as big a g as adam. well idk. he's a g in a dif way. like even though he really blundered raising his children and jsut really blundered his children, i dont hate him like i hate adam.

3. same

4. ok nice

5. wow what the. wait actually i saw someone saying a thing about how they think there's still a part of lucifer inside of sam thing and that's an interesting theory but it's obviously not the case so. but also like...people are always saying "every thing lucifer says/does is just a part of sam's personality/something sam feels or thinks" and wow i dont really agree with that. well i agree with it to an extent like when lucifer got him to get info out of that women in 7x15 but some people just take it way too far. like people are like "whenever lucifer says 'wow sam you're such a terrible person' or something, that's because that's what sam thinks" and even though that probably is what sam thinks, i don't think that necessrily has anything to do with anything because like...if sam thought highly of himself, do you think hallucination!lucifer would be saying nice things about sam? duh of course not. and i don't think everything lucifer says and does really has to be something sam wants to say/do because like sam spent many decades w/ lucifer so it's not like he doesn't know anything about him so i really think some of it is just...lucifer. idk. whatevs

6. well idk i definitely think sam had genuine positive feelings for ruby and he maybe genuinely cared about her to an extent but i think that's really all. ok tbh i think that of all the women sam and dean have been with, the only one that one of them actually loved was jess.

7. i could not really tell you. i keep meaning to watch that ep that jimmy was in and maybe that will tell us but bleh too much snooze. jj i love ya jimbo. jj but not enough to sit through that ep sorry pal

8. well idk angel/demon ships are interesting to me i guess. but i dont really care about any of the angels enough to ship them with someone except i care about lucifer but lucifer/demon is boring because that like defeats the whole point of that kind of ship.

9. do it gob!!

kangaroos that eat squirrels

Hey gs!

Oh Hobby if you had numbered the things instead of putting them in your post in italics it would have made it so much easier to respond...

Okay well I will number them and put them in italics so you know what I'm talking about but from now on just put the corresponding number.

Well one will actually be the first one.

1. well ok that's what i'm saying though. like you apparently don't hate dean but you hate hurt!dean and you would have hated for that ep to be about him, so i dont see why you'd accuse me of hating sam just because i didnt want to watch the stuff in that ep. tbh the hurt!sam stuff made me angrier than most of the cas stuff because the cas stuff wasnt as bad as it couldve been and i just did not want to watch the sam stuff at all. so. well idk if angry is the right word. i just couldnt do it

Okay well I didn't know you hated hurt!Sam really. Wow I can't even fathom the parts with Sam in that ep making anyone mad... You're the only person I know who feels that way.

2. yeah i guess those are some good points (about adam) idk. hahahha the thing about john is so funny to me haha icqcml. good going john.

Yeah same. Wow John has such a different relationship with all of his sons its kind of weird. But none of them are good relationships really at all so wow he really just failed big time.

3. like as opposed to him being god, you mean? well i dont really know i just like can't even muster up enough care juice about chuck to decide whether or not i think he's god. i just think it's supposed to be an ambiguous thing and idg why people even care.

Well this was just be responding to someone's opinion that was like "Chuck is god doi doi doi" which I do not really agree with because that doesn't even make sense but yeah I don't even care really.

4. oh......well it's my number one thing about it so...

I can't really remember but what I think this was a response to was something like "Cas blah blah blah is my one of my favorite things about Supernatural!" So I just had to turn that around. But yeah its my number one thing too.

5. same. well jsyk i know i said lucifer is being kind of annoying this season but i dont really like him any less because like...s7 lucifer isn't really him and also like his whole purpose is to be annoying

Yeah except s7 Lucifer is not annoying to me. I mean he seems different but still not annoying. But okay one thing is that some people have been really annoying and being like "Lucifer is communicating with Sam from Hell" or "There is still a part of Lucifer inside Sam" and that's why Sam was having his hallucinations. But not only is it made really clear that is not what is happening and that would completely make a lot of what has happened this season just meaningless, if that really was Lucifer, that is not how he would be acting. But I still like hallucination!Lucifer.

6. uh idk if she loved sam. well the other day i saw someone saying that sam genuinely loved ruby and wow i really disagree with that. even when he thought he could trust her and w/e, i would not say that was the case.

Well. I sort of agree with that actually. Like I don't know if love is the right word but Ruby was kind of a replacement Dean for Sam while Dean was gone and even sometimes in season 4 after he came back and I think that was intentional on Ruby's part and she was using Sam's feelings for Dean and reliance on Dean to try to get him to trust her more and Sam kind of projected his love of his brother onto Ruby and so with that trust came love... And I mean Sam really did trust Ruby and so he didn't just think of her as another evil demon. And she was pretty much the only one who cared for him at some points or at least he saw it that way. And so why shouldn't he like her? And again maybe love isn't quite the right word but Sam does fall in love easily I think so I don't know.

7. idk. well i will say i agree just because i refuse to believe that that little guy could be dead!!!

Okay but I don't think angels can possess dead vessels??? And didn't Cass like tell Jimmy he would never die as long as Cass was in him or something???

8. well i definitely dont ship that but i dont really care about those people or that ship enough to hate it, i guess. i just could not care less about it. if i cared about emanuel enough to ship him with someone, it would be crowles.

Emanuel/Meg just makes me sick. I would never ship Emanuel with a demon. If I were to ship him with someone it would be death. Or extreme obesity.

9. gob should join in on this discussion!!!

Yeah Gob try to get a piece of this action!!!!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

what should we have on a chicken dinner tonight

heyyy gs

well ok that's what i'm saying though. like you apparently don't hate dean but you hate hurt!dean and you would have hated for that ep to be about him, so i dont see why you'd accuse me of hating sam just because i didnt want to watch the stuff in that ep. tbh the hurt!sam stuff made me angrier than most of the cas stuff because the cas stuff wasnt as bad as it couldve been and i just did not want to watch the sam stuff at all. so. well idk if angry is the right word. i just couldnt do it

yeah i guess those are some good points (about adam) idk. hahahha the thing about john is so funny to me haha icqcml. good going john.

well i said that was all i had time for but i'll respond to the rest now

I am content with the amount of people in the world that know about Supernatural. Except for the fact that if more people watched it there would be a higher chance of more seasons.


Chuck is just a man.

like as opposed to him being god, you mean? well i dont really know i just like can't even muster up enough care juice about chuck to decide whether or not i think he's god. i just think it's supposed to be an ambiguous thing and idg why people even care.

One of my favorite things about Supernatural is Sam and Dean's love.

oh......well it's my number one thing about it so...

Lucifer is the best angel. The end.

same. well jsyk i know i said lucifer is being kind of annoying this season but i dont really like him any less because like...s7 lucifer isn't really him and also like his whole purpose is to be annoying

Ruby was awesome and she loved Sam.

uh idk if she loved sam. well the other day i saw someone saying that sam genuinely loved ruby and wow i really disagree with that. even when he thought he could trust her and w/e, i would not say that was the case.

Sebastian Roche is not my favorite but I don't really care about him.


Jimmy is not dead.

idk. well i will say i agree just because i refuse to believe that that little guy could be dead!!!

I hate Cass/Meg or should I say Emanuel.

well i definitely dont ship that but i dont really care about those people or that ship enough to hate it, i guess. i just could not care less about it. if i cared about emanuel enough to ship him with someone, it would be crowles.

gob should join in on this discussion!!!

snakes that eat dogs

Hey gs.

Well today was a really glug day...

Something that's kind of goos and kind of glug is that tomorrow I have no classes in the morning. Like that's good to me kind of because doi who likes to go to a class but also I usually get kind of bored.

And yeah okay I wouldn't have liked that ep really if it had been Dean in Sam's position but that is because of my hatred for hurt!Dean. Not my hatred for Dean. And you know my hatred for hurt!Dean burns with a firey passion so obviously you know that is why.

Why am I glad Adam exists? Let's see... well, his relationship with Sam and Dean and the way that Sam and Dean don't really care at all what happens to him makes Sam and Dean's relationship seem even more beautiful in comparison and you can really tell that they don't just do what they do because they are brothers or because they are family but because they really love each other.

And hey the one episode that he's in is a really great ep. (Point of No Return)

And I like how he thinks that he got the short end of the stick with John because its funny to me how John managed to make all THREE of his sons believe that they were his unfavorite.

Also yeah Adam stopped us from ever seeing Michael!Dean but come on that wasn't going to happen and if Adam hadn't said yes to Michael then all the beauty of Swan Song couldn't have happened.

And I think Adam was really well cast. Like he reminds me a lot of young John and he has the Winchester good looking genes.

Okay that is all.

Hob you were supposed to respond to all of those...

spaghetti salad

heyyyyyy gs.

so i'm really tired and don't have much time so i'll make this post short and sweet.

only 2 more days of school until i go on spring break!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!














Tuesday, March 27, 2012


oops i almost forgot to post

hm well would you care about the things that happened in that ep if it was dean instead of sam?

oh wait you hate dean

why in this whole world are you glad adam exists

well thats all i have time for




octopus that eat bald eagles

Hey gs.

Well to me March has been going super slow so idk.

Hey doi we are doing a new game next month. But I'm gonna go ahead and say all of those ideas are worthless because you're right we need a game we won't get bored with but there's no way we could do any of those ideas for one month and not get bored of it.

Well Hob if you really like Sam then I don't get how you could not care about any of the things in that ep. I mean half the episode was about something pretty important happening to Sam and he could have died or something so.

Wait, the first half of which season?

Well I have really not cared for either of the episodes that Adam Glass wrote this season, and looking over the other episodes he wrote which were in season 6, none of them are that great so that just made me even more unexcited.

Okay one thing that is making me excited though is that I am getting new jamz!

Okay bad news I can't think of any controversial statements. Good news I can just go on this Supernatural opinions blog and state my opinion about a few of these.

1. I hate Adam but at the same time I'm glad that he exists.

2. I am content with the amount of people in the world that know about Supernatural. Except for the fact that if more people watched it there would be a higher chance of more seasons.

3. Chuck is just a man.

4. One of my favorite things about Supernatural is Sam and Dean's love.

5. Lucifer is the best angel. The end.

6. Ruby was awesome and she loved Sam.

7. Sebastian Roche is not my favorite but I don't really care about him.

8. Jimmy is not dead.

9. I hate Cass/Meg or should I say Emanuel.

Okay that's all. Unfortunately these are boring. Oh well.


heyyy gs.

wow it's crazy how fast march has been going by. like it doesn't seem like that long ago that it was feburary and now there's only a couple days left in the month. i really hope the rest of the year will go by this fast too because then it will be summer!!!!!!!!!!!

hmm what else to say....

yummm this is some great mint chocolate chip moose tracks!!!!!!!

so are we doing a game next month or not? i would be fine with doing a game for real next month but we need to make sure that-

a. it's a game that can last a whole month without getting boring
b. it's a game we will enjoy and not just half-ass it every post

well here are some ideas for the new game next month if we really in fact want to do a new game:

-Post a new song (that you think other people might not have heard before) and post a small description of the song/mini-review

-Write a one line story.

-Do a shenanigan every day and post about it.

-Answer philosophical questions.

Monday, March 26, 2012

onion soup

heyyyy gs

wow g i like sam you big g. but i just didnt care to see the things that happened in that ep. well the first ep of the season wasnt anything special to me idk.

wow icqcme for the next ep especially because ok. i was excited for it but i didnt want to get my hopes up again and have it be some really dumb ep like 7x16 and like the last one that garth was in and stuff, but today i saw that it's written by adam glass who wrote 2 of my fav eps this season so goos!!!







dogs that eat fish

Hey gs.

Oh okay Hob I guess I mean who could really care about the Bobby one but I guess some people do. And I guess if you don't like Sam or Emanuel then that last ep could have been worthless. But Sera also wrote the first one which I thought was pretty good although it wasn't as emotional so idk.

There is not a shred of anything to say bleh.

Except well the next ep looks pretty worthless to me and idk anything about any of the eps after that really but I wish I could know about something that was coming up in this season that would make me excited.

I am really ready for March to be over!!!!











4 more days

ok so today definitley was pretty sucky but it wasn't quite as bad as i expected. plus i got a bunch of really good news about tomorrow like that i get to miss some of the school day and that i don't have a ton of after school activities.

ahh i can't wait for my spring break next week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i think my teachers can't too because they are all being like super easy on the amount of homework and tests on stuff this week. like in one class i literally am going to have no assignments the rest of the week because we're just using it for people to get caught up on their work and i'm 100% done with everything.

wow this is actually a pretty awesome shirt and i might consider buying it! it's only available for like 19 more hours though so idk if i will.

oh yeah and one last thing. march is almost over. are we going to actually commit to doing a game every post in april? if so we should think of a really good one we will all enjoy participating in.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

children shouldn't play with dead children

heyyyy gs

ok para i just meant sera's eps this season. i love some of the ones she's written in other seasons but likt i think she's written 3 eps this season and 2 of them (the last one and the bobby one) would probably have been some of the best eps if i had cared about what was happening. so.

well what to say. bleh i had something to say but icr it. i think it was about emanuel. hmmm. well he stinks. yes that was it. jj that wasnt it. he does stink though

wow i saw the hunger games today and ok the books are ok but not my fav but i dont really understand the appeal of a whole book/movie about children killing each other??????? like i love sad things but i dont like when children die usually idk.

well this week will probably pretty good i think. who really knows.

oh here's another thing: the guy in the hugner games who evreyone seems to love so much and who they like ship with the main g, was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO ANNOYING WOW I JUST WANTED TO SNAP HIS NECK

hmmmmmmm who does that remind you of!!!!!!!!!












kittens that eat chickens

Hey gs!

Today I did homework!

Okay this week is going to suck. I do not want it to occur. But I want it to be over. You can't explain that.

Wow I am not really feeling this post. I haven nothing to say...

The cats just keep on coming. I am the master of cats. Oops I accidentally typed "mater of cats" at first... That is not me.

There's nothing to say wow wow wow. All I could tell you is that I did homework today. But I already told you that!!!













lo mein

oh man tomorrow is going to suck. and this is why.

it will be monday.

i will be super tired because i had a really busy weekend and didn't get much sleep.

i have to wake up early for jazz band.

i have a test in math class...i think.

i have like a bunch of after school activities back to back.'

well hopefully my day will be much better than my expectations though and it will be a half decent day. sometimes that happens to me on mondays. like i think it's going to just totally suck and then it's actually a great or an ok day.

ok so i just watched the promo for the next ep of supernatural and it looks like it will probably be not a super great ep but it will be ok. and i knew that guy was guest starring on the show but i thought it was this different guy from this one show i watch that is soooooooooo annoying and its not him so i'm happy about that. there will probably be some good laughs seeing sam and dean drunk!

haha even after that huge discussion last night about my computer having viruses i still haven't run the virus removal software....

i really should do that soon.

but right now i need to go to bed

or at least pretend to for awhile. i took a big nap today so i'm not tired at all right now

Good night gs

Saturday, March 24, 2012

cats that eat tofu

Hey gs!

Wow I finally figured out how to play minesweeper!

And that's the post!

Jk. Well I can't stop thinking about that ep and all of the parts that were great in it. If only Emanuel had not been in it then it would have been one of the best eps ever!

You know... Okay well I need to say more about how I will be really mad if it turns out Emanuel took Sam's memories of Hell. Okay I just have two more reasons besides what I already talked bout really.

1. It's really annoying when that kind of thing happens. Like I'm sorry but its just bad writing when people choose to make their characters forget an experience instead of dealing with it.

2. With Sam's memories of Hell came a peace of mind. I mean Sam had finally gotten rid of all of the guilt he'd been carrying around and it would be really sad if that was undone.

Well for me Hob Sera has written some of my favorite eps so idk.

Me I don't like when they release clips for the new ep on Saturday because Saturday for me is a day to reflect on the last episode and you don't want to start thinking about the next episode quite yet.

Blarg there were so many great things in that last ep... Every second I remember another great thing.

Bleh I need it to be Monday so I can talk to someone irl about the ep because Hob refuses to talk about it for some reason.

I can't put my foot to the screen to find out if this post is a foot long because there's a cat sitting on my lap.

Well it's probably a foot.

grumpy man

ok i was going to start this post earlier because i was super tired/hungry/cranky and in a really bad mood but now i'm not as tired and hungry and only a little bit cranky.

i just watched the episode of supernatural and while i didn't really like most of the dean and cas parts i liked the sam and lucifer parts! i think the whole sam going crazy thing was really well acted by jared. haha sam might have not liked lucifer's singing but i did.

i would talk about the episode in more depth but just don't feel like posting much more right now though.

the good news is that even though this was a really sucky and tiring day for me, winter drumline is over (we got 6th place out of 22 groups!) and now i should be infinitely less busy, less tired all the time, less stressed out and actually do some good posts again!!!

goosbag for having free weekends again!
goosbag for having free weekends again!
goosbag for having free weekends again!
goosbag for having free weekends again!
goosbag for having free weekends again!
goosbag for having free weekends again!
goosbag for having free weekends again!
goosbag for having free weekends again!
goosbag for having free weekends again!
goosbag for having free weekends again!
goosbag for having free weekends again!
goosbag for having free weekends again!
goosbag for having free weekends again!
goosbag for having free weekends again!
goosbag for having free weekends again!
goosbag for having free weekends again!
goosbag for having free weekends again!
goosbag for having free weekends again!
goosbag for having free weekends again!
goosbag for having free weekends again!
goosbag for having free weekends again!
goosbag for having free weekends again!
goosbag for having free weekends again!
goosbag for having free weekends again!

stink stank stunk

hey gs

bleh is it friday yet?????

what is there to say

i need jamz

why does sera gamble keep writing eps that i dont care about because they keep being like really well written and like really angsty and stuff but i just dont want these darn eps

is she writing any more eps this season probably not

bleh here's who is writing another ep: ben edlund and i was fine with that until i found out that emanuel isnt in 3 eps in a row so now the one he's writing is probably gonna be one that emanuel is in oh and he's also directing it and here's the only other ep that guy has directed: the man who would be emanuel

say say what shall we say? bleh didnt they start releasing promo clips on saturday? so why wasnt there one today? ok here's a thing i don't understand: it seems like whenever there's an ep that they think people are gonna be really excited about, they release 837459834750384750345 clips and spoilers for it. but shouldnt it be the other way around and they should do that for eps that they think people arent excited about so they will watch it? like they did that for the last one and well for me the spoilers kept making me less and less excited but. and they did it for 7x05 which i wasnt that excited for but i assume they would think people would be excited for it cuz of the guest stars

bleh what was this darn day.

bleh i need to do homework before midnight

emanuel stinks

emanuel stinks

emanuel stinks

emanuel stinks

emanuel stinks

emanuel stinks

emanuel stinks

emanuel stinks

emanuel stinks

emanuel stinks

Friday, March 23, 2012

grizzly bears that eat cows







Okay. I am calm.

But okay I don't ever see how that is possible like how can Cass just like. How can he just start seeing Lucifer blah blah blah. Like did he TAKE Sam's memories of Hell? Wouldn't he also have to take Sam's subsequent memories of everything after Hell? And if he did that wouldn't that make Sam really confused like why am I here when I was just in season 5 and what is a leviathan? And if he didn't do that wouldn't that just make the last few months of Sam's life really confusing and make no sense at all? And then wouldn't that make Sam really disoriented because at least his hallucinations made and now nothing will? And shouldn't Sam still be tired? And how can you take someone's memories? Like how does that work? Like obviously you can erase memories kind of or whatever which is what I thought the Wall was. But how can you take memories and give them to yourself? Do the memories change when they are transferred to you to make it seem like all that happened to you (but then you'd think it wouldn't be as effective because Sam's tortures were probably tailored to his unique position and personality) or do you just remember them happening to someone else (which hey, also not that big a deal because remembering someone else be tortured is not as traumatizing as remembering your own torture)

AND FURTHERMORE Cass was like okay the Wall if broken but I can shift it to me. And okay the Wall was like. A memory block, right? So if you shift a broken memory block... Um. Nothing should happen. Ding dong its me your memories! Oh no Wall I see well that's fine I'll just come right on in LIKE NORMAL! IT WOULD DO NOTHING! I DON'T UNDERSTAND!!!!!


But okay. In addition to this just. Not making sense at all. I HATE IT! Because Cass, yes I hate him and yes, okay, he deserves this and more BUT THAT'S JUST IT! I hate him! I don't want to see him! He is not a character that I love to hate. He is a character I actually despise. I hate Cass, I hate Misha, I hate the idea of Cass I hate everything he has ever done, I hate everything about him. In general I mostly want to see bad things happen to people I like. I don't want to see people I don't like at all. So Sam's craziness? Perfect for Sam, completely worthless when transferred to Cass. And really, I want Cass to be a perfect happy butterfly so I don't have to watch "his" problems. I mean I don't care. Really like Cass could live happily ever after in a castle or die bloody and screaming. It doesn't matter. As long as I don't get to see it.

AND AND AND Sam and Lucifer have a perfect relationship. Cass and Lucifer? They are strangers. That is not interesting to me. I mean, okay when I say I love Sam/Lucifer I am not joking around. Okay and I don't just like it because Lucifer loves Sam or because Lucifer hurts Sam or anything. I mean there are so many things...but I can't explain it right now.

AND ALSO wait dammit what was I going to say.


Okay. Well, um. I was promised (by spoilers) that the effects of Sam going to Hell would never fully go away so I am hoping this will hold true.

And I guess this has been going on for a while but come on it was only important in like 3 or 4 episodes that's not very fair. But I guess like well how could it get worse than this without Sam actually dying... but you don't have to fully cure it! Okay maybe Sam should just have died then... No, I'm kidding. Sort of. But okay if Sam still has some effects of it. Like...just something. And if Cass gets rid of it somehow because lets face it, who wants that? (I mean apparently Cass fans don't like to see bad things happen to Cass so) Then...I will accept it.


Other things that sucked about this episode were:
*Dean is really just not a good person
*Meg was annoying
*The actress that plays Meg, I'm sorry but she is horrible
*And then ending (well doi that's what all this post has been about so far but I'm just putting that on there to make sure you all know)
*Oh and the stupid Cass montage.
*Well all the stuff with Cass you got that?


*THE BEGINNING! Wow that was like. That was just spectacular!!!!!!!
*Sam and cars continue to not get along. (further evidence he should get a motorcycle)
*Lucifer Lucifer Lucifer.
*Sam's hair! All of the hair on Sam! But mostly on his cute little face!
*I really love mental hospitals!!!
*Lucifer probably really loved seeing Sam in white!
*All of the parts with Sam were great.
*Wow there were so many great parts.
*Sam loves chocolate! See, I told you!!!!!!
*Sam is the best. He is the best ever.
*Sam was like. At rock bottom and still feeling sorry for people and helping them. Oh Sam.
*One not Sam related thing: I love demons!!! (except Crowley and now Meg which sucks because those are the only two left with names and personalities I guess)
*But the demon that was torturing Sam! Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
*Sam's high pain threshold!!!!!!!!
*So many things.
*So many.
*There was a lot of good stuff in this episode.

WAIT I JUST REMEMBERED THE REASON THAT I FORGOT!!!! Okay, because hallucination!Lucifer was actually Sam. Well okay its partly made of what Sam remembers of Lucifer sure but its also himself. And when Lucifer's complaining about this and that and insulting people and trying to get Sam to hit people? That's Sam. And when Lucifer's singing Stairway to Heaven fifty times in a row? Sam's doing that to himself. And when Lucifer constantly puts Sam down and says hurtful things? That's also Sam. And that is beautiful. SO THAT'S WHY!!!!!!!


dirty trench coat

heyyyyyy gs

ok well.....................................that ep wasnt as bad as i expected i guess. well ok it's like i didnt enjoy watching it and i'll probably never watch it again but it didnt really make me that mad or anything. and ok about the end..........idk how to feel because i'm glad cass got what he observed but i also don't want this to be a thing that that they have to deal with on the show and i don't want it to be like poor little baby cass blah blah blah. and also i don't want cass to redeem himself or whatever because i dont want him to really do anything good idk. and also now people are going to be really annoying about how mean dean is to cass, probably. cool!!!!!!!!!! and as for that sam is apparently fixed now, well this thing has gone on for such a long time so i would think people would be ok with that probably being over now. like i would have been angry if he had been fixed right away and/or if the effects hadnt been as bad as they said it was gonna be but considering sam came back from hell at the beginning of season 5, and it's almost the end of season 7, and his wall has even been broken for this whole season, and it's been pretty bad, AND there was just a whole episode devoted to it, that is just fine

haha wait did they even have that one dumb line "part of me always believed you'd come back" line? icr it

wait there was someting else i was gonna say

well w/e ICQCME FOR THE NEXT EP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! except i dont like that annoying guy that's in it and idg why he has to be in it. whats even the point of him

oh man ok why in this whole world was it necessary for cass to put on that smelly disgusting bloody moldy trench coat

bleh this foot thing is getting annoying to me because my posts on friday are usually better than my posts on every other day of the week combined but they're not always long enough












whipped cream

heyyy gs.

so i got home late from winter drumline tonight and i missed the new spn ep when it is on and i have to go to bed in just a little bit but i will watch it for sure tomorrow and post my thoughts about it on tomorrow's blog post!

hahaha i found this picture online and that would be a great prank to try out some time soon!

and also here are two cute cats i also found on the internet

Thursday, March 22, 2012

let's gc again

Blehh I dont have much time to post because today was so busy.

Hey gs this saturday night lets have a gc please. We haven't done that in forever! DDD: but maybe we could start more because first of all next weekend is the start of spring break for me and second of all after this weekend I will have more free time because I will be done with winter drumline.

Goos for supernatural tommorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


That should be longer than a foot

brothers that eat smelly angels

hey gs

well me, i dont think i've ever been this unexcited for an ep. i mean i def have not. like for the cas one last season it was just like blehhhh but it didnt really make me ANGRY (until after i saw it) and i just didn't care as much but with this one i'm pretty unexcited for every single thing i've seen/heard about it. so.

oh hahahah yeah i've seen that war going on, para and like i really think people are just trying to say they aren't soulmates/don't share a heaven because they're just jealous because all dean and cass have between them is a more profound bond than sam and cass have. and as someone who has seen that ep 2903740892384080345 times, i know for a fact that they do share a heaven and therefore are soulmates. so.

well i have probably seen that movie but icr it. it was probably boring and i probably didnt pay any attention

well so far this whole post has been responding to para's post. but that's fine

ok i still need to find a bucket to puke in during the ep

ok who loves kittens

next time i post i will have seen that episode

bleh i want to puke just thinking about that

i guess i will probably have a lot to talk about in that post.

wow people are really annoying me because they're complaining cuz they dont want bad things to happen to sam or whatever and wow why are you watching this show if you dont like bad things happening to your fav character. i dont eve understand. wow just everyone is annoying me. some cass fans are saying they're not gonna watch the ep tomorrow now because of some spoilers WHY WONT ANYTHING FUCKING PLEASE THEM WOW CAN THEY JUST ALL DIE OR

haha here's a thought i had: ok you know how cas doesnt remember anything and he has a dif name and blah blah blah. well what if it's not actually cas at all!!!!!!!!!!! and dean just thinks it is but then it turns out to be idk. jimmy's twin brother or someone else w/ that vessel or something! oh man what if it's a leviathan just tryin to mess with dean wow that makes so much sense tbh hmmmmmmmmmmmmm

lambs that eat lions

Hey gs!

Well. One day. I don't think I have ever been this conflicted about an ep. I don't think I have ever been this spoiled for an ep either... Okay but its like I keep seeing things that are like click here for spoilers and I keep clicking them for some reason I guess because I just think because they are for the next ep they will just be things I don't care about that will just make me want to puke but half the time they are things that are good to me so now I'm really confused. I should stop clicking those things.

Speaking of which that thing where you click for spoilers on our blog looks really dumb. Sorry Gob.

Today a crazy thing happened where I read a thing that I wrote like well it must have been only a few days after I finished catching up on Supernatural so only a little bit after I started watching and it was a thing that was complaining about Destiel and sort of shipping Wincest a little bit. It was like a thing that was like "I don't want anyone to ever mistake Dean and Cass for a couple because that's Sam and Dean's thing and it wouldn't even make sense for Dean and Cass like it does for Sam and Dean!" And then I was like "lol but I still ship Dean and Cass!!!" Wow I was so stupid...if you don't think it makes sense for someone to think Dean and Cass were a couple then how could you think they could ever be a couple...? Wow you do not ship Destiel at all who are you trying to kid? Well I guess you are trying to kid Hob. Bum bum bum.

On a related note why is there this giant war going on about whether Sam and Dean share a Heaven? Am I wrong or was half the point of Dark Side of the Moon that Sam and Dean share a Heaven? Idk what is going on but that just goes to show that Destiel fans are delusional.

Hob have you seen the movie of The Iceman Cometh? I am really dreading having to watch that tomorrow because its so long like we're going to be watching it all morning. Well except I get to miss 20 minutes of it to do something for World Savvy but that may just make it worse because if I miss 20 minutes it will be more confusing for the rest of it. Blehhhhhhhh I don't want this. Well I think I will just bring a lot of snacks to eat during it and just try to write a fic during it also and still pay a little bit of attention because we have to write a thing about it. But I never actually finished reading it because someone spoiled the ending for me and also somehow managed to read more spoilers about it on the internet. But there wasn't a click here for spoilers thing so idk how I could have avoided that. Well I guess by not reading things about a play I am reading on the internet. Oh also I have theatre homework to do by 2:00 so I can do that during it.

Wow I have this group project due tomorrow and this person in my group just emailed me like "I'm going to send you what we have by 10 pm and then can you finish it?" Wow at 10 pm I don't want to be doing homework. Blehhhhhh

Okay last night I had the saddest dream that Sam killed himself and Dean was like crying like sobbing like seriously drowning in tears like we have never seen Dean cry before and it was so sad. He was like crying so hard you might think he was the one who was dying but nope that was his brother's blood on his hands.

Omg today I was watching a movie and there was the cutest lamb!!!!

Okay even if you didn't know that Sam and Dean share a Heaven and that means that they are soul mates, you can still tell that they are soul mates so.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

juice caps

hey gs

a baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

oh that's a cute name. as long as they don't call it tom


today i went to alisha's house and we were about to watch a movie but then we turned on the tv and arthur was on and it was the ep w/ the juice caps, you know? and we were both like I LOVE THAT EP!!!!!!! so then we watched that

bleh only 2 more days of livng in a world where that ep hasnt aired yet



goos i got an extention for my fic!!!!

bleh last night i went to bed so early at like 12:30 but then i woke up at 4 am and i couldnt get back to sleep blehhh blehhhhhhh





is this a darn foot yet

hahahaha speaking of feet

yesterday i watched a movie where someone lost a toe and then last night i had a dream where a cat (it might have been skater icr. or it was just a dif cat) was trying to chew off one of my toes. cute!!!!!!!


blehhh why do i have to have a huge headache again???? D:

i feel like i might be getting sick which would normally be a pleasant thing for me since i would get to miss school but at the present time it would be a very bad thing for me because:

a. i have really important winter drumline rehearsals this week because they are the very last ones before our very last state finals contest and i would miss those if i miss school.
b. i REALLY want to miss only 2 days of school this trimester because if i only miss 2 or less days i get to opt out of all my final exams!!!
c. i'm already kinda behind on a bunch of school work.

omg firefox keeps randomly freezing up and inbd because i can just go to the task manager and click end task and it stops being frozen but it is just super annoying because it keeps doing it like every 2 minutes.

ok well that's enough complaining and ranting.

hmm what else is there to say?

oh yeah, i was thinking today about what my plans our for this summer and i was wondering do you gs know if we're doing cousin camp again this year? i hope we are!!!!!!!!! we should do it terre haute though this year since we've done it in minnesota a couple years in a row.

dogs that eat bunnies

Hey gs!

Okay the baby is named Thomas which is good because:
*It's not a weird name.
*They can call it "Tommy" which is on the list of cute baby names.
*It would have been weird if they had named it Sammy or Bobby John.
*So really that was their only choice.
*I'm pretty sure they consulted that list before naming it.
*Okay this isn't a list of reasons why Thomas is a good name anymore.
*But it is a good name!
*I know a Thomas. He's a good man. But he wishes his parents had named him Merlin.
*With that I actually I agree because Merlin would be a good name for him and then I could say I have a friend named Merlin which would be awesome. And his uncle is apparently named Thomas and his grandmother named him which means his grandmother named two babies Thomas. And that is just odd.
*Sometimes I do call him Merlin. But mostly I call him Tom or Thomasina.
*But Thomas is a good name for that baby!!!!!!!!
*It's better than West.

Wow what the heck else was I going to put in this post?

I know I had plans but what were they?

Well idk.

Today I kept thinking it was Thursday. That was unfortunate.

Is this a foot?





Now its a foot!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012


asc nksjda










turkeys that eat babies

Hey gs.

The baby was born! His name is Mr. Padalecki! Well jk but I wish they would name him. And snap a pic of him. And I wish I could hold him. I'm kind of confused which day he was born on but I guess it was yesterday.

Okay here are things I am happy for that baby about:
*He is an American.
*His parents.

But here is one thing I am sorry for:
*Misha has already begun to make jokes about him on the internet.

What if I talked about that baby for this whole post?

Well actually I don't have anything else to say. About that baby or anything else.














baby padalecki

heyyy gs.

ok i really just wish i could stop being tired.






like today i couldn't help falling asleep in my first 2 classes of the school day. and i don't really like sleeping in school because

a. it makes the teachers think less of me


b. my math teacher said he takes off participation points if you sleep. but idk if he counts just like accidentally dosing off for a couple seconds here and there as sleeping or not.

and also it makes me not able to stay up as late as much which i do not like.

well anyways enough about that.

congratulations to jared and genevieve on their new baby boy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i wonder what they will name him!

well anyways, now i have to go finish some of my homework real fast before i go to bed

Monday, March 19, 2012


heyyy gs.

so today is officially the last day of winter. i guess there isn't much more hope for any snow and sledding this winter. D: this winter really sucked because we barely got any snow at all and i didn't get to go sledding.

oh well, at least now that we didn't have to use our snow days we have a bunch of 3 day weekends in may and that is nice.

blehh i'm really tired because i had a super exhausting day today.

here is a very cute picture:

muskrats that eat beavers

Gs hey.

Night last sleep didn't I. Tired so I'm bleh.

Day worthless a been has today.

Post worthless a be to going is this.

Worth a has that world this in nothing is there.

Love Dean's and Sam for except.

Monday it is why?

Monday isn't that day different a it isn't why?

Guess I rain nice some was that.

Basement this in cold so its but.

Temperature like don't I.

Say to nothing is there.

Come baby that will when?

Cats I like.

Dean loves Sam.

Sam loves Dean.

Really forwards and backwards same the its.

Me to beautiful is that.

Foot a this is?

Probably well.

there's a storm coming harry

heyyy gs

it's so darn hot

i need to write a fic

there's a nice storm goin on

i have a headache bleh


bleh can someone turn my fan on for me

jj i did it

bleh i need to do homework also

sam and dean

they have matching tattoos

bleh tomorrow will be so worthless. i have so many things to do tomorrow i jsut want it to be a different day please

i hate cass

blehhh blehhhh i hate him so much


i dont understand what there is to like about him

someone explain this thing to me

i just want to be done with this glug post


good enough

Sunday, March 18, 2012

penguins that eat lambs

Hey gs!

This is a picspam of one of the best ships in Supernatural!!!


sam and dean's love

heyyyyy gs

bleh it's so hot

bleh is this week over yet?????

well tomorrow will be pretty ok but bleh to the rest of the days

here's a thing i just heard noah say to whoever he was playing minecraft with: "whoa i'm inside of you"

here's a pic of sam and dean:

just huggin

bleh it's so hot bleh blehhhhhhhhhhhh



little dogs