Sunday, May 29, 2011

OVER 9000!

ok i'm bored and i just feel like posting even though i just posted yesterday. i just wanted to share something awesome with you gs.

i have....

OVER 9000 SONGS ON ITUNES NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hahaha that would take 24.6 days to play all my music straight in a row. i should do that sometime! jj. that would be really dumb and i would have to listen to a bunch of music i don't feel like listening to.

well that is all i had to say.

good bye.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Musical Trio

heyyyy gs.
GUESS WHAT?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

150900 SECONDS
41.9 HOURS

these last few days are so pointless though. like friday at school we had this huge feast in one of my classes and we watched a movie in 3 out of 5 of my classes!!! haha and this one math movie we watched had the voice of Kristen Bell in it and that made it less of a boring movie! she played this little 2 dimensional hexagon. it was a really weird movie though.

wow this weekend is going to be so nice and just relaxing for me! i had to play piano at this person's bar mitzvah this morning but other than that i have like absolutely nothing to do this whole weekend!

so far today i've:
-surfed the internet
-downloaded 300 songs and found a bunch of really good ones i like
-watched 2 eps of doctor who
-played minecraft with cm
-practiced piano for a couple hours
-gced with two people

awesome!!!!!!!!! my suddenly started working again! haha actually it's been working for like a month now and i hadn't even noticed! oh yeah i still think The Triangle should get a like maraca and me. sometimes like when i just don't know what to listen i creep on maraca's profile and see what she's been listening to.

ok here are some of the best new songs i've found this weekend so far when i've been downloading a ton of stuff:

My Time - Minus the Bear
Two Weeks - Grizzly Bear (well i knew this song but i forgot about it for a long while and i just re-found it)
Girls With Accents - Fences
Fables - The Dodos
Headlock - Imogen Heap

haha here is an such a great picture i made today!


hey gs just postin here are some piccies

Tootlie Toots

heyyyyyy i don't feel like doin a post here aresome piccies
ok i changed the pic i showed you a little so here's the new version

here's a poem piccie!! well acutally it's a gif:
here's the thing

here's two things from Home:

and this gif

and here's a doctor who song piccie

alright tootlie toots

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Demon Dave

wow we hate cas.

alright well it's too late for a real post so here are a few pics i think

idk how i feel about that one

here's a gif

it's raining i think

good dog you found a loon!

heyyy gsss

just postin

here are some piccies

is it summer yet?

wow we haven't had like a good gc or a good blog post or anything in like so long. blehhh i just want it to be summer already so i won't have a bunch of stupid homework and school stuff. and icqcme for cc!!!!!!!!

here is a nice playlist i just made real fast for summer 2011!!!!!

Summer Mood - Best Coast
Summer Days - Phoenix
Summer House - Gold Motel
Fireworks after Midnight - Gold Motel
A Summer Chill - This Is Ivy League
Beach - Mew
Oceans - The Format
Aqueous Transmission - Incubus
On Melancholy Hill - The Gorillaz

okay so last week i stayed home from school one day and like i felt sick in the morning though i really wasn't that sick so really i should have went to school but i got to just like sleep in and chill out for the day!!!!! haha and then i was super-goblin-ninja-cat-like-awesomely sneaky and my dad never even realized i stayed home!!! i was just makin some pizza rolls in the kitchen then i quickly threw the tray in the oven when he opened the front door and then i hid in the bathroom until he left!!! haha and then i heard my mom ask seth where i was and apparently i had disappeared from their sight too!

sdfjknsdfjkdfnjkfn i'm soooo bored. D: i even went through that huge list of things to do when bored. some time soon i'm going to try and make and bigger and improved version of it maybe. but i'm too lazy to do that right now.

wow i just feel so lazy i can't even do anything right now. oh and here's one last random thing. last week i was going to have pancakes and i pulled out the maple syrup from the fridge and this happened and now we have no maple syrup.

Saturday, May 14, 2011


hey gs!!!!!!!!!!!! i am home now and it is summer for me!!!!!!!!

i almost forgot to post
alright well what is there to say? i am just organizing my fics
well here are some pics

ok here's a song piccie w/ a caption for What Sarah Said by death cab for cutie. alright let me tell you that i made it because i was looking through the caps from that scene and i saw the top cap that i used and i thought that lilith was doing something to sam in that scene but actually that was just when he was watching dean die. so.

Love is watching someone die.

ok here's this song piccie for Evening on the Ground (Lilith's Song) by Iron & Wine. hahaha

and here's this thing i made that i think is really awesome

well what else is there to say really
LESS THAN ONE WEEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Crappy Post

I'm off to prom. Can't really talk long so goodbye. Sorry for the crappy post. And Goblins are stupid.

The stupidest thing in the world.


the stupidest thing in the world is Goblin. I mean me, the goblin.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

we love pizza

heyy gs

wow there has been no posts in may so far. so i'm going to kick off this month with a great post! haha i'm doing this post in my english class right now. inbd though because my english teacher is gone and there's a sub. also i'm listening to music on my ipod which i don't usually get to do during class! i'm pretending to be doing this biography on benjamin franklin every once and awhile though. blehh these headphones don't reach to the computer well so i can't listen to this song on youtube. oh yeah and now i'm looking at lolcats because i'm just that awesome. haha everyone else's screen is just on boring word like they're supposed to be and mine is on pictures of cats. aw g i tried to talk to hob but she didn't respond.

oops i was going to actually post then (i think it was like thursday) but i forgot.

here is an awesome gif of dean i found:

we should watch that ep tonight!! i've only seen it like once or maybe twice.

yeah and we should definitely actually have an awesome gc tonight and not just all disappear! D:

oh and here are some great songs i found recently!!!!

oh yeah and i just got dominos pizza and it feels like it's been forever since i've gotten it so it tastes so good!!!!!!!

If only Cas had as little to say as I do...

hey gsssssssss

bleh i'm bored bored bored so i might as well just start this post

ah icr what i was gonna say in this tho

icqcme for my g

and for the finale of spn except not the first part really just the second part and also it will be sad when its over but at least its not the last season so

i am so bored this is not a drill

oh wait here is a pic

ah that was a songpiccie actually but the song that lyric is from is not actually of import because well its just not so

well theres not really much else to say idk what to tell ya

i wish there would be more posts on our blog because its just this empty empty place

also i wish we would gc more and have more quality gcs

that was an okay one we were having last night until everyone left and stuff so


that's all i have to say so


Monday, May 2, 2011

we hate cas!

alright this will be a post about not supernatural because i'm too angry. except
here's a vid
hahahahaha that made me feel so much better about my vid

alright now here's music for my g!!!!!!! and for tuba if he wants it

*ok ik you like the song 'the wondersmith and his sons' but you should try for some of the other songs by that band. espec 'trouble hunters' (which is really spn-y) and 'the story of my life'
*ok here's another supernatural song: go get your gun by the dear hungers. also a lot of songs by that band are really good
* alright also there's this band called Farewell Continental and it has Justien Pierre (from mcs) in it and so it's pretty similar to mcs
*ok idk if oy uknow the song "limousine" by brand new but it's like the saddest song of my entire life espec. if you know what it's about which you can look up or something
*ok idk if you know the song "hate everyone" by say anything but it's like my life. so.
ok idk what else i have for you. well here are some fanmixes. i assume you don't even want to see the dean/cas one. if you do let me know!

ok this one started out as a fanmix for the cowboy ep, but it ended up being more like a fanmix for if spn was all about cowboys. idk what it is really

Whipping the Horse’s Eye | Calexico
Train Song | Feist and Ben Gibbard (Pilot)
Across the Wire | Calexico (Phantom Traveler)
Monsters | Band of Horses (The Benders)
King of the Rodeo | Kings of Leon
Calamity Song | The Decemberists (Lazarus Rising)
Ruby, Don’t Take Your Love to Town | The Killers (I Know What You Did Last Summer)
Man of Constant Sorrow | Bob Dylan (Heaven and Hell)
Shoot Me Down | Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds (When the Levee Breaks)
Guns and Horses Ellie Goulding (Lucifer Rising)
Devil Makes Three | Graveyard (Abandon All Hope)
Resurrection Fern | Iron & Wine (Dark Side of the Moon)
God’s Gonna Cut You Down | Johnny Cash
Make Me a Cowboy Again for a Day | I’m from Barcelona (Frontierland)
Blue Ridge Mountains | Fleet Foxes


Cowboys are Frequently Secretly (Fond of Each Other) | Willie Nelson


now here's a sam/dean one with one song for each season plus a pre-series song and a season 7 or something song

[pre-series] Happier | A Fine Frenzy
[season one] You and I Undercover | Steel Train
[season two] Eyes Wide Open | Travis
[season three] Closer | Kings of Leon
[season four] This Night | Black Lab
[season five] Where We Went Wrong | The Hush Sound
[season six] For Blue Skies | Strays Don’t Sleep
[season seven] The Day the World Went Away | Nine Inch Nails


ok also i found this really good fanmix. i didn't make it but it's really good. usually i don't like most people's fanmixes that much except mine (and my g's) i just use them to get songs but this one is really good idek. actually it's by my fave fanvid maker so maybe that's why. ok here it is

heyyyy now i'm at starbucks
idg how when you make a post it's html but you don't need to put like line/paragraph breaks in

ok now piccies i guess. bleh so much work

ok here's a gif


here's this thing

alright here's a purply thing

um here's a song piccie for "two of us" by the beatles

uh here's a doctor who pic. it's a song piccie for silent night. hahah

here's this cap of edited of sam

bleh i don't feel like any more pics. ok one more. here's the gif i made that i told you about

ok here's a pic i forgot. it's a song piccie for "me my yoke and i" by damien rice

bleh i just want this one fic to be updated
ok bye