Monday, April 30, 2012

chicken fried rice

ahhh how did it get to be 10:48 already?  blehh i just wasted so much time playing this stupid game on my ipod instead of doing this blog post.  oh well i still have 12 minutes before i go to bed.  now 11.

i still don't get what sharon needles is from or why you would even like that person... :S

Top 10 times of the day:
1.  12:00 am (i don't know if i got these backwards or not because sometimes i get confused but that should be midnight)

2.  1:00 am

3.  2:00 am

4.  3:00 am

5.  3:15 pm

6.  5:00 pm

7.  9:00 pm

8.  10:00 pm
9.  6:00 am

10.  12:00 pm

Top 10 people on your favorite show at the moments that's not Supernatural:
1.  Marshall
2.  Barney
3.  Ranjitt
4.  Lilly
5.  Robin
6.  Hurley
7.  Ted's daughter
8.  Ted's son
9.  Ted's wife
10. Ted

idek why i did this show if there are only really a couple people i actually like on it but whatever.





Sunday, April 29, 2012

no tea no shade

Hey gs!

Okay, in response to Gob's response to my top 10 reasons why Gob is a glug:

1. Okay well you didn't watch them when they were on and a whole week had gone by since the first one so you are still a glug for that.

2. Well if your favorite thing to do on Friday nights is watch spn then why don't you do that? Your logic fails, thus you are still a glug.

3. Well not noticing that and not caring enough to fix it still makes a glug because you should have noticed and cared that that made you look like a huge glug.

4. Posting dumb videos to make your post longer is something a glug would do.

5. It's the glug house.


7. You are a glug if you don't ask about them though.

8. What a glug thing to say!

9. Bum bum bum. Also directly after that list I said a thing to you and you didn't even respond to that, so...

10. Nope.

Top 10 things I can't wait for
1. Graduation
2. This week to be over
3. Duluth
4. Duluth jamz
5. RuPaul's Drag Race season 4 reunion
6. Phi Phi's tears when she loses
7. The season finale of Supernatural to know if I am right about the ending or not
8. News about season 8 of Supernatural
9. RuPaul's Drag Race Allstars
10. the concert thing in June we are maybe going to

Top 10 people on your favorite show at the moments that's not Supernatural
1. Sharon Needles
2. Pandora Boxx
3. Latrice Royale
4. Jujubee
5. Chad Michaels
6. Jessica Wild
7. Manila Luzon
8. Alexis Mateo
9. Yara Sofia
10. Raven

Top 10 Lucifer/Sam episodes
1. Free to Be You and Me
2. Hello, Cruel World
3. Swan Song
4. Repo Man
5. Abandon All Hope
6. The Born-Again Identity
7. The End
8. Lucifer Rising
9. Meet the New Boss
10. Asylum

more and more and more and more and more and more and more and more

heyyyyyy gs

idek what today was. what was that day. well i could do with it not being tomorrow. let it just be wednesday or something

top 10 reasons gob is a glug

1. he's green
2. his goblin language is so strange
3. he's a tuba and a goblin at the same time
4. he loves bobby
5. he loves desmond
6. he loves elle
7. he's green
8. green
9. green
10. green

top 5 things im going to do better about blog posts soon

1. idk say more things besides "today was a day" and then play the game. maybe
2. tags!
3. say less things about dogs
4. continue the argument
5. include more pics

top 10 things i cant wait for

1. rupaul's drag race reunion ep
2. duluth
3. duluth jamz
4. spn s8 if theres gonna be one
5. summer i guess
6. winter
7. that concert thing in june
8. the next time i will see a cat
9. the spn finale just so i can know if their gonna do the ending i want or not
10. rupual s4 to be on dvd

top 10 people on your fave show at the mo thats not spn

1. sharon
2. pandora
3. latrice
4. chad
5. jujubee
6. jessica
7. alexis
8. yara
9. manila
10. kenya

i am not a glug

ok so in response to para's top 10 why i am a glug:

1. He didn't watch the last two episodes of Supernatural
yeah i have seen the last two episodes.  i watched them both friday night.
2. He said his top favorite thing to do on Friday nights is watch Supernatural and yet... (see reason 1.)
see above.
3. He posted the same video five times instead of saying actual things.
i didn't notice it copied it 5 times.  idek why it did that. and when i posted i noticed it but i just didn't feel like bothering fixing it.

4. There was no reason to post that video anyway.
it was the top 1 song that was stuck in my head.  and it helped make the post longer.

5. His favorite Hogwarts house is Gryffindor.
what's wrong with gryffindor?
6. He said that he likes nothing except for Sam, Dean, Sharon Needles and cats even though he does even like Sam and Dean very much probably and he probably doesn't know who Sharon Needles is. So I guess he only likes cats really.
yeah idg what/who sharon needles is.  i think i just copied it from the other blog posts.  but i do like cats and sam and dean.

7. He never said anything about the beep bop boop or even asked why that is going on.
idg a lot of the blog titles...but i will be extra observant about them now!
8. His favorite season is summer
summer is the best season because there is no school!  duh!  and the weather is really nice usually.
9. He never responds to things that are said in posts or even acknowledges that anything is happening.
 well some things i just don't really get.  and also it always just seems like i'm doing the blog posts just to be done with them rather than actually do a good blog post but i'm going to stop being so lazy and tired so much and be more involved in them now.

10. He is just a huge glug.
well maybe these explanations will make me a bit less of a glug.

ok and now i am going to talk a little bit about the last 2 episodes of supernatural which i haven't talked about yet.

the bobby episode was actually really boring and i was disappointed by it.  also idg why dean was so mad at bobby for being a ghost.  it seems like if dean really missed bobby that much  he would be happy to see him.  i think it's really dumb though how two major characters have died in this season and they can't just leave them be and they had to come back later on in the season.

and the next ep was just same as you gs said kinda bored and i've kinda been disappointed and bored with this season lately.  it just feels like it's meandering along and there are only a couple eps left.  i really hope the last eps will be really good.

omg you know what is so awesome?!?!?!?!?!?

i only have 17 more full days of school!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

top 10 things i can't wait for:
1.  school to be out
2.  summer vacation
3.  college
4.  cousin camp (if we have it which i hope we will)
5.  bonnaroo music festival
6.  going to the beach
7.  my birthday
8.  this research paper to be done
9.  supernatural season 8
10.  someone to get me some icecream


Saturday, April 28, 2012

i'll do better soon.

top 10 things you wish people would shut the hell up about:
1.  dubstep

2.  skrillex
3.  minecraft
4.  glee
5.  talking to this REALLY ANNOYING AND OBNOXIOUS AND LOUD KID in loud of my classes
6.  this dumb game these people in my class are trying to get me to play and talk about it 24/7
7.  cas
8.  misha
9.  destiel
10.  this one stupid song idk the name of

top 5 dog eps of shows
1.  episode of lost where they find vincent
2.  that ep of how i met your mother where ted sees all of robin's dogs as her exes
3.  some of heroes mr. muggles is in
4.  idk
5. idk

top 5 sleeping things:
1.  cats
2.  babies
3.  dogs
4.  horses
5.  baby panda bears

top 5 things i'm going to do better about blog posts soon:
1.  doing more than just these lists
2.  thinking of better titles
3.  not be lazy with my posts
4.  put cool stuff in them
5.  not do them at the last moment every single night  

bubble gum yum yum

Hey gs!

Wow I cannot even figure out how to use this webcam to take a few simple pics.

Well I will just have to use skype.

Okay here they are.

Oh wow this is so much nicer. You can upload as many files as you want at a time now!

Okay well this is them.  Hob and I were playing a drawing game and I drew these things:




Family tree:





I hope you enjoy those.

Top 5 dog episodes of shows
1. The Bitch Ball episode of RuPaul's Drag Race
2. The episode of Heroes where Sylar and Mr. Muggles hang out
3. The dog episode of Supernatural with soulless Sam
4. The episode of Danny Phantom where there's that really cute ghost dog
5. The episode of Supernatural with the cutest dog

Top 1 thing to do on a Friday night
1. Watch Sam and Dean love each other
Top 10 things you wish people would shut up about
1. One Direction
2. Teen Wolf
3. Avengers
4. Cass
5. Destiel
6. Team Free Will
7. Glee
8. The Hunger Games
9. My Little Pony
10. Jared being a moose
11. Sam/Gabriel whatever that is called
12. Dean being gay
13. The Legend of Korra or whatever
14. Community
15. That fucking photogenic guy
16. Every meme ever
17. Misha Collins
18. Everything that's not Sam, Dean, Sharon Needles, or cats. For real.

Top 10 reasons Gob is a glug
1. He didn't watch the last two episodes of Supernatural
2. He said his top favorite thing to do on Friday nights is watch Supernatural and yet... (see reason 1.)
3. He posted the same video five times instead of saying actual things.
4. There was no reason to post that video anyway.
5. His favorite Hogwarts house is Gryffindor.
6. He said that he likes nothing except for Sam, Dean, Sharon Needles and cats even though he does even like Sam and Dean very much probably and he probably doesn't know who Sharon Needles is. So I guess he only likes cats really.
7. He never said anything about the beep bop boop or even asked why that is going on.
8. His favorite season is summer
9. He never responds to things that are said in posts or even acknowledges that anything is happening.
10. He is just a huge glug.

Hey, Gob how's it going?

that i'm here!

heyyyyyy gs

wow for some reason it seems so early even though it's almost 8:30. also it seems really early to be posting even though it's only like an hour or half an hour before i would usually do the thing

wow i cold just puke on all the stuff from jib con

wow why do people who arent sam or dean or sharon needles or cats even bother

top 7 defense against the dark arts teachers

1. lupin
2. snape
3. mad eye
4. lockhart
5. umbridge
6. quirrel
7. carrow

top 5 sleeping things

1. cats
2. dean
3. ducks
4. chickens
5. babies

top 5 dog eps of shows

1. the bitch ball ep of rupaul
2. the ep of rugrats where spike runs away
3. the ep of lost in the beginning of s1 where they find vincent
4. the ep of spn with the cutest dog
5. the ep of heroes where mr muggles watches tv and is so cute

Friday, April 27, 2012

do it on the runway

heyyyy gs

well there's really nothing to say about that ep. like i said some things for the last ep and that was a lot more boring than this one but idk im just so bored with this whole end of the season that i didnt even care about the ep enough to have anything to say about it. and like this end of season isnt even as uninteresting as in s6 but it's just like annoying because the beginning of the season was so good and like the whole season had so much potential to be so good but it just got blundered. so. it needs more sharon needles. jj. it needs more sam and dean

well anyway. one of us is a g. i wont say who. but they are a big huge glug.

top 1 things to do on friday nights:

1. watch a really good ep of spn all about sam and dean

top 10 things you wish people would shut the hell up about:

1. one direction
2. avengers
3. team free will
4. destiel
5. cass
6. misha
7. this dumb werewolf show idk what it's called
8. the hunger games
9. that stupid "photogenic guy" or w/e
10. everything that isn't sam, dean, sharon needles, or cats







beep bop boop bop

Hey gs.

Well that episode was kind of boring. But I guess I can say some things.
*Bobby is a giant fool.
*I hate him.
*He is so selfish.
*He is just blundering everything.
*It doesn't seem like he is trying to help it all, it just seems like he is just trying to get revenge for himself.
*Sam and Dean obviously want to be away from him seeing as they pointedly left the flask in the car and then stayed away from the car.
*Charlie has too many fandoms. She needs to get her head in the game.
*I found Charlie kind of annoying actually idk. She talked to herself too much.
*Sam used to hack into people's emails all the time... so I'm guessing Dick Roman's email had ~special protection~???
*Sam + Dean.
*Sam talking about Harry Potter was great.
*There is not much to say because this episode did not have very much of the people I like.
*Remember that time Sam and Dean worked in an office?
*Remember that time Sam and Dean?
*When they were stealing the clay they were just these little guys so that was cute.
*Also when they just broke through those doors.
*I am really unexcited for the next episode so.

Top 7 Defense Against the Dark Arts teachers
 1. Lupin
2. Mad Eye
3. Snape
4. Lockhart
5. Quirrel
6. Umbridge
7.  Carrow

Top 1 songs you wish would get out of your head
1. Hotel Song

Top 5 sleeping things
1. cats
2. dragons
3. Sam
4. babies
5. beauty

2 eps of supernatural to watch!

heyyyy gs.  i'm just going to watch the latest 2 eps of supernatural and then stay up really late the rest of the night!

top 1 songs you wish would get out of your head
1.  came out of a lady - rubblebucket

top 1 thing to do on friday nights:
1.  watch supernatural

Thursday, April 26, 2012

feline phenomenon

heyyyy gs


wow i could just puke on the rest of the season. ok today i was thinking about how the exact same thing is happening to mine and spn's relationship that happened last year during the second half of the season which is that we went through a rough patch, and then i was thinking about what ep in s6 was when i started to lose interest in the season and it was 6x19 and....7x19 was the one for s7 so. well really it was 7x18 but i was at least looking forward to that ep before i saw the thing. bleh those dumbo writers and whoevs are doing something very wrong because the second half of a season...espec. the last 4 or 5 eps are supposed to get you really excited and interested but that has not been the case for s7 and s6. way to go

top 10 things that arent sam, dean, sharon needles, or cats

1. cass getting puked on
2. phi phi getting puked on
3. people who are mean to cats getting puked on
4. nothing
5. nothing
6. nothing
7. nothing
8. nothing
9. nothing
10. nothing

top 1 songs you wish would get out of your head

1. glamazon


blehh i have to write a 5 page research paper of which i only have 1 page done all tonight....

so i'll just make this post quick so i can get to work on my paper.

today wasn't really that bad of a day but just a couple things annoyed me.  especially that i kept thinking today was a friday and i was so excited for superntural and to not go to school tomorrow!!!!!!!!  but then i was very disappointed.

wow i actually had a lot more to say right now but i don't have time.  oh well.

oops i forgot to put in a new list again.  i'll just edit it in.

top 7 favorite defense against the dark arts teachers:
1. lupin
2. mad eye
3. quirrell
4. lockhart
5. snape
6. umbridge
7. carrow

top 4 favorite hogwarts houses:
1. gryffindor
2. hufflepuff
3. slytherin
4. ravenclaw

Top 10 things that aren't Sam, Dean, Sharon Needles, or cats
1. nothing
2. nothing
3. nothing
4. nothing
5. nothing
6. nothing
7. nothing
8. nothing
9. nothing
10.  maybe something else. idk

top 5 current teachers:
1. mr. basso
2. mrs. basso
3. mrs. swagerle
4. mr. petty
5. mr. nasser

wow the tags are all  the way on the side of the page now.  that is stupid.

beep beep bop bop

Hey gs!

Wow 800 posts crazy day.

Can I just say I just saw the worst thing ever?  Okay it was this gif that was like the scene from Like a Virgin where Sam refuses to hug Cass and then quick parts of Sam hugging Dean from that same ep cut intermittently with Cass getting hugged by cupid... Seeing that made me feel super uncomfortable because Sam's face was telling me he was hugging his favorite man ever and Cass's face was telling me he was hugging some sort of stinkbomb and that didn't make sense at all.  It should be the other way around. But anyway that's not even the point because pretty much okay well you know how awkward that scene is in general well if they had hugged it still would have been awkward it wouldn't have been a good hug.  It would have been like Sam's hug with Garth except twice as awkward because along with Sam's awkwardness Cass is super awkward and this is why those two should never hug. It would be awkward for everyone and no one wants to see that. Also Sam would never making that face hugging anyone but his brother so.

Why is there no RuPaul's Drag Race fic in the world?!?!?!

Wow I just read this thing that is super annoying me also. It's like talking about all the times Sam and Dean get into fights or punch each other and every single time they get to a time when Dean punched Sam they are like "well I can't really blame Dean for doing this because this is just Dean being Dean and that is just how he expresses himself" and I do agree that that is pretty much how Dean expresses his anger but that doesn't make it okay and you certainly can blame him for that.  This person also fails to consider that Sam is a person and when you punch a person it hurts them. Also they are being like "also Sam probably felt he deserved it" and hello that does not make it better.  Especially like the time in Girl Next Door when they are like "Dean was just showing his concern and Sam felt he deserved it" well they neglected to say that that is not a good way of showing concern and even if Sam thought he deserved it he actually did not deserve it because he didn't do anything wrong. Okay I just want to say I'm not trying to say anything bad about Dean I'm just trying to express my anger at the person who wrote this because really if you are going to write meta you should really at least try to put aside your character preferences... I mean you kind of have to see it from all sides otherwise it's worthless.

Top 4 Hogwarts Houses
1. Syltherin
2. Ravenclaw
3. Hufflepuff
4. Gryffindor

Top 10 things that aren't Sam, Dean, Sharon Needles, or cats
1. nothing
2. nothing
3. nothing
4. nothing
5. nothing
6. nothing
7. nothing
8. nothing
9. nothing
10. nothing

Wednesday, April 25, 2012


heyyyyy gs

800th posty!

yeah idk what hes counting down to. the end of the world isn't for another 8 months so it can't be that. hm. maybe he made a deal and thats how many days he has left until he goes to hell

well tbh im more excited for the last ep of rupaul than for any of the rest of the spn eps this season

top 5 shapes

1. triskaidecagon
2. circle
3. parallelogram 
4. triangle
5. rectangle

top 5 things to write with

1. chalk
2. computer
3. oil pastels
4. crayons
5. finger paints

top 5 current teachers

1. snape
2. mrs. frizzle
3. mrs. jewls
4. pandora boxx
5. mr. ratburn

top 4 hogwarts houses

1. slyth
2. huff
3. rav
4. gryf




boop beep beep boop bop

Hey gs!

Wow this is super annoying. It's like the toolbar on blogger is highlighted but it won't be unhighlighted no matter where I click... I may have to refresh the page this is just too annoying.

Okay there it's gone.

So you know what's awesome? We have had more posts so far this year then we had in all of 2010!!!! Nice job you glugs!!!

There's nothing that much to say. Today was an okay day.

I am confused what Gob is counting down to.  19 more days until...what?

Top 5 things to write with
1. mechanical pencil
2. chalk on a chalkboard
3. whiteboard marker on a whiteboard
4. a nice pen
5. blood

Top 5 current teachers
1. Sheila
2. Melanie
3. Nelson
4. Caroline
5. Andrea

old movies

oh sorry gs.  i forgot that we had done the alphabet list.

19 MORE  DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

haha i  just found this picture and realized i miss vhs's

 top 4 seasons:
1. summer
2. winter
3. fall
4. spring

top 5 favorite shapes:
1. triangles
2. circles
3. stars
4. squares
5. trapezoids

top 5 things to write with
1. quills
2. pens
3. pencils
4. crayons
5.  markers

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

beep beep

Hey gs.

Gob you glug we already did top 10 favorite letters. I thought you were just so far behind that you had yet to do that one or something idk. Try to get with the program.

Today was a super glug day of school because it was a stupid day without electricity so all the lights had to be off and the computers and they took the clocks down even though the clocks run on batteries and you can't turn them off so its pointless and I didn't know what time it was the whole day and I couldn't print out my essay and Andrea had no mercy for me so she made me rewrite it. And we had to have musical theater class outside and it was super sunny and I almost died and then everyone wanted to go outside for theater so I had to make a big fuss to get everyone to stay outside because I could not stand another hour of being outside and then everyone hated me.

The only good thing was there was desserts.

Top 5 coins
1. chocolate
2. nickels
3. pennies
4. quarters
5. dimes

Top 4 seasons
1. fall
2. winter
3. summer
4. spring

Top 5 shapes
1. triangle
2. circle
3. square
4. rectangle
5. rhombus

beep boop boop bop boop beep beep beep

heyyyyy gs

gob you g we already did the alphabet thing!!!!!

top 5 coins

1. knuts
2. galleons
3. sickles
4. dimes
5. quarters

top 4 seasons

1. winter
2. fall
3. summer
4. spring

bleh there's nothin else to say blehhhhhhhhhhhhh

tomorrow might be a good day probs

bleh i need more jamz

hook me up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i love cats

they are so cute

what will our next game be?

why is this month going so slow?

it seems like it has been the end of april for so long and it's still not THAT close to the end

i hate this dumb month



heyy gs.  yeah i did do a thing for the game...the alphabet thing. oh well.

 blehhh i kept thinking today was wednesday but it is not so there is still a lot more of this stupid week to go.

Top 5 Coins:
1. quarters
2. pennies
3. golden dollars
4. dimes
5. nickels

Top 10 people in this world
1. Sam
2. Dean
3. Sam
4. Dean
5. Sam
6. Dean
7. Sam
8. Dean
9. Sam
10. Dean

Monday, April 23, 2012


heyyy gs

wow i almost forgot to post because it's way later than i thought. it's almost 11 and i thought it was like 8 or 9. when will those glugs get home. well today had an ok feel to it

top 10 most used tags on delicious

1. spn
2. slash
3. sam/dean
4. length:short
5. rating:nc-17
6. genre:angst
7. bottom!dean
8. first-time
9. rating:r
10. hurt!dean

top 8 most visited websites

1. tumblr
2. livejournal
3. youtube
4. blogger
5. thegoblog
6. goodreadws
7. homeofthenutty
8.last fm

top 10 people in this world

1. dean
2. sam
3. dean
4. sam
5. dean
6. sam
7. dean
8. sam
9. dean
10. sharon needles

beep bop bop beep bop

Hey gs.

Bleh I'm so sick of this week already.

Bleh Gob didn't do a new thing for the game he sucks.

I really hate Bobby and some things that I read that were spoilers but who really cares are making me so annoyed at him like Jim Beaver saying that Bobby is just more focused on killing Dick than he is about how Sam and Dean are dealing with him being a ghost and being dead and all that. It's like that just shows really how selfish Bobby is because he is only getting revenge for himself and he doesn't care about how it affects Sam and Dean and Sam and Dean are the ones who are alive and Bobby is dead so Dick being alive doesn't really affect Bobby and he should be dead. And it's like I thought Bobby might have stuck around to protect Sam and Dean and help them but now I see that what he really wants is to kill Dick. For himself of course. Also the fact that Jim Beaver implied that only Dean was really affected by Bobby's death. That is just complete crap because Sam loves Bobby too even if the feeling is not mutual.

Top 10 people in this world
1. Sam
2. Dean
3. Sam
4. Dean
5. Sam
6. Dean
7. Sam
8. Dean
9. Sam
10. Sharon Needles

chicken fajita

heyyy gs. you know what i can't wait for? our 1000th blog post which should happen in roughly 70 days or so i think! we should plan something super awesome for it. that will be so crazy to have 1000 blog posts! even if some of them do plain suck, there are plenty of awesome ones too and it will just be crazy to have that freaking much stuff written by us.

we should get a new banner soon. i don't think we've had a new banner at all this year so far.

Top 10 letters of the alphabet:
1. g
2. p
3. d
4. o
5. b
6. a
7. e
8. k
9. z
10. y

Top 20 reasons I hate Bobby:
1. he's cooler than i am
2. he's a better hunter than i am
3. he's a better fatherly figure then i am
4. his beard is better than mine
5. he had to die
6. he looks good in a hat unlike me
7. he's wiser than me
8. i don't really hate bobby
9. in fact i love that guy!
10. i really can't think of any more reasons why i would hate bobby
11. not that these are even real reasons
12. bobby is awesome
13. he's better than john
14. what is there not to like about him?
15. he is just this guy
16. that
17. is
18. pretty
19. fly
20. yeah

top 15 fears:
1. sharks
2. this one ventriloquist puppet thing that killed people that i saw on tv when i was flipping channels and i stayed on the channel too long and it freaked me out
3. big bugs
4. clowns
5. mice
6. people sitting or leaning dangerously close to the edge on a very high place
7. vicious and mean dogs
8. rats
9. mold/fungi
10. supernatural getting canceled
11. scary shadows at night
12. birds flying inside the house
13. twin peaks
14. snakes
15. semi-trucks

Top 10 planets
1. Coruscant
2. Earth
3. Vulcan
4. Jupiter
5. Mars
6. Pluto
7. Saturn
8. Uranus
9. Galifrey
10. Tatooine

Sunday, April 22, 2012

bop bop bop bop bop bop boop

Hey gs!

Today was a pretty good day. I felt more clothes but they didn't have as good of a feel to them.
Also I ate a super delicious sandwich from Caribou. It had a good taste to it.

This cat seems to be in a bad mood idk what is wrong with her.

Wow today is the one year anniversary of when I joined Delicious! I read 955 fics in one year! Well actually not really because some of those I had read in the few months before I joined.

There are 15 fears because I felt afraid of more than 10 things but less than 20 and the only good number in between those is 15.

Top 10 websites
1.  The Goblog
2. Tumblr
3. Gmail
4. YouTube
5. Livejournal
6. Delicious
7. TVtropes
8. Netflix

Top 10 planets
1. Vulcan
2. Earth
3. Pluto
4. Uranus
5. Mercury
6. Jupiter
7. Mars
8. Neptune
9. Saturn
10. Venus

Top 10 most used tags on Delicious 
1. spn
2. gen
3. slash
4. Sam/Dean
5. hurt!Sam
6. powers!Sam
7. pre-series
8. genre:humor
9. genre:angst
10. het

a nice feel to it

heyyyy gs

today was a day.

wow gob i bet you wish you had a warm muffin room in your house

also wow gob some of us had to list reasons why we hate ash even though we don't so..........

top 15 fears

why are there 15? i can only think of 10. well ok

1. scary things on the ceiling
2. ventriloquist dummies
3. birds (besides ducks and chickens)
4. butterflies
5. garbage disposals
6. not getting a good end to spn
7. snakes
8. scary things peeking in your window at night
9. mosquitoes
10. cass continuting to be a lot on the show
11. misha collins becoming the president
12. cass' trenchcoat
13. bobby's pinchy lips
14. that we will one day see shirtless bobby
15. mpreg

top 10 websites

3. thegoblog
4. tumblr
5. lj
6. youtube
7. goodreads
8. last fm
9. netflix
10. puppymail

top 10 planets

1. gallifrey
2. vulcan
3. pluto
4. earth
5. mars
6. venus
7. uranus
8. mercury
9. jupiter
10. saturn

big muffin

wow i had forgotten how much i love muffins. i should start having them for breakfast more. and i WILL get caught up on the previous lists next post for sure. even that stupid list of 20 reasons why i hate bobby when i don't hate him. D:

top 10 websites:

1. netflix
2. gmail
3. youtube
4. facebook
5. thegoblog
6. google
7. wikipedia
8. reddit
9. amazon
10. xkcd

top 7 tongues:

1. goblin
2. english
3. cat
4. japanese
5. hebrew
6. spanish
7. russian

top 10 shows:

1. supernatural
2. how i met your mother
3. lost
4. heroes
5. futurama
6. doctor who
7. breaking bad
8. dexter
9. arrested development
10. sponge bob

top 7 continents:
1. north america
2. australia
3. antartica
4. europe
5. asia
6. africa
7. south america

Saturday, April 21, 2012

mini muffins

heyyy gs.

sorry about last night's post!!!! i was spending all night at my dad's college he works at working on our robots for this competition that happened today and i nearly forgot to post!

ok so i just got back from it a few mins ago, and our robots didn't score nearly as much as we hoped they would. =/ we still did okay though, and we made a lot of improvements through out the day so that was good. and we won "The Spirit of Botball" award!

wow i have soooo many lists to catch up on. but i'm super exhausted and tired right now so i really don't feel like doing that but i'll do all of them either later tonight when i regain my energy or tomorrow.

but for now i will leave you gs with some pics of cats:

beep beep boop

Hey gs!

Well today I went to some stores and felt some clothes. They had a good feel to them.

Yeah same well my favorite part of the episode was where Sam and Dean were talking about how they had both slept with Annie.  Also how another woman that Sam has slept with died because that is funny to me.

Top 20 reasons I hate Bobby
1. He's selfish.
2. He's super old and ugly.
3. His dumb hats.
4. The gross head he has under his dumb hats.
5. His house.
6. He blames Sam and Dean for everything even if the things aren't even their fault and if they already blame themselves for them.
7. He won't leave us alone even when he is dead.
8. He sucks at being a ghost.
9. He has no problems in life/death but expects everyone to feel sorry for him all the time.
10. His voice is super annoying.
11. He sounds really scary when he yells/gets angry.
12. His dumb beard.
13. He cares more about Dean than about Sam.
14. He thinks he's super smart and knows everything even though he is really stupid.
15. He always tries to be a part of things that don't concern him.
16. "idjit"
17. He insults Sam and Dean constantly.
18. He's this guy that's around when you don't want a guy around.
19. He stinks.
20. He's a glug.

Top 15 fears
1. spiders
2. bugs in general
3. clowns
4. butterflies
5. scary dolls
6. stickers
7. garbage disposals
8. power saws
9. getting poisoned from rhubarb
10. driving and killing a man
11. that the finale will be all about Cass and Bobby and other minor characters
12. Supernatural getting cancelled
13. dentist
14. scary birds
15. diseases

bop bop beep bop

heyyyy gs

well i watched the ep and thers not really much to say about it besides that it was sooooo boring. wow i like didnt pay attentnion to what was happening at all. i could tell you a single thing about the case that they were working except that it involves ghosts.

and i couldnt really tell you a single thing in the ep except that bobby has balls. blehhh

well i liked the whole showering part and i liked the part when sam and dean were in the restaurant. and wow the end of the ep made me want to stab my eyes in. I HATE BOBBY SO MUCH WOW IASGHFLKSDAHF0W9RUWAF NAS;JKHF;ASFUHJSFOWT FASHKJFHSALJDFHA

poor sam and dean in the end of the ep D:

bobby is a huge selfish glug

top 20 reasons i hate bobby

1. he's selfish
2. he's a glug
3. he's huge
4. he has a pinchy mouth
5. he's selfish
6. he's selfish
7. i dont care about his problems
8. he takes up screen time
9. he's selfish
10. he got out of going to hell
11. he keeps trying to weasel his way out of dying even though he's super old and even though sam and dean would sacrifice their lives without one little thought
12. he yells at sam and dean all the time
13. he finds a way to blame sam and dean for every single one of his mistakes
14. balls
15. idjits
16. he keeps making sam and dean so miserable
17. he's ugly
18. he's had 3 too many eps all about him
19. he probably stinks
20. he's selfish

top 7 tongues

1. cat
2. english
3. french
4. latin
5. goblin
6. japanese
7. thai

Friday, April 20, 2012

beep bop beep

Hey gs.

Wow the new blogger layout is weird... It will take a while to get used to this.

Well I just got home.

Wow Gob is a glug.

Well turns out we did watch Supernatural at the party.  It was such a boring and glug episode I don't have a thing to say about it. But it was probably better that we did watch it at the party because then I was watching it with three of my friends and we were pretty much talking the whole time which made it more fun to watch such a boring episode. Except I could not hear what anyone was saying that much and I wasn't paying that much attention but that was fine. I do not feel the need to watch that episode ever again.

Well actually I would probably watch it with Hob if she wanted to watch it and if she wanted someone to watch it with.

This cat is so cute she just knew where she wanted to sit and she sat there.

Gob if you don't do a thing for the game again you will be punished.

Top 7 continents
1. North America
2. Europe
3. Australia
4. Antarctica
5. Asia
6. Africa
7. South America

Top 7 tongues 
1. English
2. Cat
3. American Sign Language
4. Latin
5. Italian
6. Spanish
7. Enochian

dont have time

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bop beep beep

hey gs

what the

wow it took me forevs to find the 'new post' button. i dont like this. idg why websites have to change their layouts all the time. they are all fine just the way they are

bleh i miss the old thing for making a post :(

well i havent watch spn yet so theres not much to say

im waiting for my g!!!

idk if we'll watch it tonight because im pretyt and shes not even home yet

bleh no one has posted

oh wait i have a thing from yesterday to do

wow gob keeps not doin a thing for the game

what a g

top 10 dogs

1. the cutest dog
2. those little dogs
3. dyl dog
4. slytherin robe head
5. sam and dean dogs
6. mr. muggles
7. fluffy
8. a hellhound
9. clifford the big red dog
10. bones

top 7 continents

1. europe
2. north america
3. antarctica
4. australia
5. south america
6. asia
7. africa

wow nice at least now when i preview it it shows a preview of it on our blog so it's easier to know how long the thing is

Thursday, April 19, 2012

boop beep

Hey gs!

Wow Gob hasn't posted yet and he has only 7 minutes to do so.

Well he wrote a whole post I wonder if he meant to post that but didn't.

Well if he doesn't post it it still counts as not posting so.

Oh never mind he has posted it now.

Well good for him.

Goos Supernatural tomorrow except its probably going to be all about Bobby so it will probably suck. Also I am going to a party tomorrow so I might not be home in time to watch it and we probably won't watch it there and idk if I would even want to do that so I might have to watch it later in the night or on Saturday.

This week was like the slowest week but still it seems like this month is going by really fast and its getting closer and closer to the end of the school year which is so crazy.

Top 10 games (in no particular order)
1. Poker
2. Apples to Apples
3. Mao
4. Speed
5. Taboo
6. Mexican Train
7. Capture the Flag
8. The Party Game
9. Just a Minute
10. Bullshit

Top 10 tv shows (in some order but not really)
1. Supernatural
2. RuPaul's Drag Race
3. Heroes
4. Hey Arnold
5. Rugrats
6. Merlin
7. Danny Phantom
8. Eden of the East
9. How I Met Your Mother
10. Sherlock

Top 10 dogs (in no particular order)
1. the cutest dog
2. Dylan
3. Slytherin Robe Head
4. Fluffy
5. Mr. Muggles
6. a hellhound
7. Fang
8. those two little dogs
9. Bones
10. a hot dog

large and in charge

heyyyy gs

my darn finger hurts

top 7 demons

1. alastairmaster
2. rubadoodle
3. azazelnut
4. it's me lilith!
5. crowles
6. crossroads demon
7. nut meg

top 10 tv shows

1. spn
2. rupaul's rag race
3. arthur
4. rugrats
5. full house
6. medium
7. hey arnold
8. drag u
9. spongebob
10. the last 10 mins of nikita

bleh my finger hurts

oh wait i alreayd said that

well that should tell you how much it hurts

today i painted peanut butter on to the walls of the warm muffin room


sore throat

you know what sucks? i felt super sick the whole day with this really bad sore throat but i couldn't miss school because i've already missed 2 days of school. and if i miss another day i won't be able to opt out of all my finals which would be sooooooooo nice! i would get out of school a whole week earlier! but yeah it sucks that even though i am seriously sick i have to go to school...

top 10 games:
1. poker
2. egyptian war
3. team fortress 2
4. mao
5. apples to apples
6. speed
7. bs
8. elder scrolls 4: skyrim
9. star wars: the old republic
10. mexican train

top 7 demons:
1. ruby
2. azazel
3. crowley
4. crossroads demon
5. meg
6. lilith
7. alastair

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

chunky yet funky

heyyyy gs

wow what is noah even going on about

ik but he's shouting really loud an people are trying to sleep i think

bleh gob didnt do a new thing for the game

and para hasn't posted yet





top 10 games

1. apples to apples
2. minesweeper
3. speed
4. poker
5. nature girls
6. chapters
7. mao
8. moods
9. portal
10. dolls and dolls and dolls and dolls and dolls and dolls and dolls and dolls and dolls and dolls and dolls and dolls and dolls and dolls and dolls and dolls and dolls and dolls and dolls and dolls and dolls and dolls and dolls and dolls and dolls and dolls and dolls and dolls and dolls and dolls and dolls and dolls and dolls and dolls and dolls and dolls and dolls and dolls and dolls and dolls and dolls and dolls and dolls and dolls and dolls and dolls and dolls and dolls and dolls and dolls and dolls and dolls and dolls and dolls and dolls and dolls and dolls and dolls and dolls and dolls and dolls and dolls and dolls and dolls and dolls and dolls and dolls and dolls and dolls and dolls and dolls and dolls and dolls and dolls and dolls and dolls and dolls and dolls and dolls and dolls and dolls and dolls and dolls and dolls and dolls and dolls and dolls and dolls and dolls and dolls and dolls and dolls and dolls and dolls and dolls and dolls and dolls and dolls and dolls

jesus is a biscuit

Hey gs!!

WOW THAT IS A CRAZY COINCIDENCE. Oops that was not supposed to be in caps but oh well. Seven is a good number.

Top 7 horcruxes
1. the locket...
2. the cup...
3. the snake...
4. something of Ravenclaw's or Hufflepuff's...
5. ring
6. diary
7. Potter

Top 7 seasons of Supernatural
1. 2
2. 1
3. 4
4. 5
5. 3
6. 7
7. 6

Top 7 demons
1. Ruby
2. Azazel
3. Alastair
4. Lilith
5. Meg
6. Crossroads demon
7. Crowley


wow you know how we've been using the number 7 a lot in our posts? this is the 777th post on our blog!! that's crazy!

hahaha i completly agree that all of these things suck.

The 21 Absolute Worst Things In The World

well except number 5 is weird. whose pants ever get stuck on a door handle...?

top 7 seasons of supernatural:
1. 3
2. 5
3. 1
4. 2
5. 7
6. 4
7. 6

top 7 deadly sins
1. wrath
2. pride
3. envy
4. sloth
5. greed
6. gluttony
7. lust

top 10 favorite sams:
1. sam
2. soulless sam
3. sam on demon blood
4. lucifer sam
5. little kid sam
6. meg!sam
7. leviathan!sam
8. sam wesson
9. jared padalecki sam
10. shapeshifter!sam

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

bop bop boop

heyyyyy gs

well today was a great day for me! i loved today!

top 10 fave sams (in no partic order)

1. sam winchester
2. my friend named sam
3. samuel colt
4. samantha smith
5. samantha ferris
6. sam rockwell
7. samuel adams
8. sammy davis jr.
9. uncle sam
10. america uncle sam

top 7 horcruxes

1. hp
2. locket
3. diary
4. ring
5. cup
6. diadem
7. snake

top 7 deadly sins

1. wrath
2. lust
3. pride
4. greed
5. sloth
6. gluttony
7. envy

top 7 seasons of spn

1. 3
2. 1
3. 2
4. 7
5. 5
6. 4
7. 6

until recently season 1 was my third fave but wow i just miss it so much get it back here


hob, 29 more days of hell in school. not including the regular time.

ahhhh i have emails from teachers and college people that i missed because i rarely even really check my email anymore but now that people are sending me stuff i probably should clean it up and check it more. i probably should respond to them...but i'm too lazy right now.

top 7 days of the week:

1. friday
2. saturday
3. thursday
4. tuesday
5. sunday
6. wednesday
7. monday

top 7 horcruxes:
1. nagini
2. tom riddle's diary
3. harry potter
4. salazar slytherin's locket
5. marvolo gaunt's ring
6. helga hufflepuff's cup
7. rowena ravenclaw's diadem

wow apparently according to this harry potter wiki quirrell was a horcrux but harry was not? idk. or are they both horcruxes? idk.

oops i'll get caught up on the other lists next post but i just got home from school like ten minutes ago and i'm going to just chillax for a bit.

slap me five black soul brother

Hey gs.

Well today was just not a good day.

Not a good day at all.

This week is being super long and glug.

How do I get rid of it?

What is so annoying is when people don't realize how much Cass loves himself. I mean pretty much right when you first see him he's like super full of himself like "I'm an angel of the lord." All like proud and wow he just thinks he is the shit. And it just gets worse from there and like he is really pleased to be the person that he is. And even when he does something dumb he still thinks its great like oh you humans with your stupid things luckily I'm an angel so I don't know anything about that. Okay and even when sometimes when Cass thinks he is not worthy of something or whatever he will never be in the Winchester league of self hatred so don't even go there. Don't even try to go there. Don't even imagine trying to go there. Don't even think about imagining trying to go there. Because that is just not accurate.

Top 10 favorite Sams
1. Sam
2. Lucifer!Sam
3. Soulless!Sam
4. Meg!Sam
5. Sam Wesson
6. Hell!Sam
7. Leviathan!Sam
8. Shapeshifter!Sam
9 .Bodyswap!Sam
10. WiaWSNB!Sam

Monday, April 16, 2012

thank you very much

Hey gs!!!

Wow Pottermore is the dumbest thing. Do not attempt.

Top 7 Harry Potter movies
1. 3
2. 1
3. 5
4. 4
5. 6
6. 2
7. 7

Top 7 days of the week
1. Friday
2. Saturday
3. Sunday
4. Thursday
5. Wednesday
6. Monday
7. Tuesday

Top 7 deadly sins
1. pride
2. wrath
3. lust
4. gluttony
5. envy
6. sloth
7. greed

have a nice day

heyyyy gs

wait gob...29 more days of reg time or of hell time???????

top 7 hp books

1. 7
2. 3
3. 5
4. 2
5. 1
6. 6
7. 4

top 7 hp movies

1. 5
2. 7
3. 4
4. 6
5. 1
6. 2
7. 3

top 7 days of the week

1. friday
2. saturday
3. thursday
4. wednesday
5. monday
6. tuesday
7. sunday

only 29 more days of torture!

top 10 numbers between 1 and 10:
1. 7
2. 3
3. 1
4. 5
5. 2
6. 0
7. 8
8. 6
9. 2
10. 10

top 7 harry potter books:
1. 5
2. 7
3. 3
4. 4
5. 1
6. 2
7. 6

top 7 harry potter movies:
1. 3
2. 7
3. 2
4. 1
5. 5
6. 6
7. 4

Sunday, April 15, 2012

queen elizabeth

heyyyy gs

goos this will be a pretty good week!





top 10 musical instruments

1. kazoo
2. guitar
3. violin
4. tuba
5. harmonica
6. drums
7. piano
8. piccalo
9. cymbals
10. flute

top 10 breakfast foods

1. 0j
2. cinammon rolls
3. omelettes
4. waffles
5. cereal
6. french toast
7. pancakes
8. bagels
9. fruit
10. fried eggs

top 10 numbers between 1 and 10

1. 7
2. 1
2. 10
3. 9
4. 2
5. 5
6. 3
7. 8
9. 6
10. 4

two goats from the same momma

Hey gs!!!

Welp here's some news: this cat is really cute.

Goos this is a week that has Supernatural in it!

Wow it's so crazy that April is already half over.

What's so annoying is this internet bleh.

Top 10 musical instruments
1. piano
2. guitar
3. cello
4. fiddle
5. drums
6. violin
7. saxophone
8. bass
9. ukulele
10. xylophone

Top 10 reasons I hate Ash
1. I don't hate Ash.
2. Well I don't actually care for his hair.
3. He brought Pamela into his Heaven and she was the most annoying part of that episode.
4. He does sometimes go around reminding people how smart he is and that can get a bit irritating.
5. He let Jo go on living on this Earth when he could have easily killed her in her sleep
6. It's a little bit stupid to refer to yourself as "Dr. Badass."
7. It's still a mystery to me why he was living at the Roadhouse.
8. I can't think of any more reasons.
9. Ash was a cool guy.
10. And he died before his time.

Top 10 breakfast foods
1. waffles
2. pancakes
3. crepes
4. donuts
5. bagels
6. cinnamon rolls
7. french toast
8. eggs
9. bacon
10. grits

Top 10 numbers between 1 and 10
1. 7
2. 6
3. 1
4. 9
5. 2
6. 5
7. 3
8. 10
9. 4
10. 8

Top 7 Harry Potter books
1. 5
2. 3
3. 4
4. 7
5. 1
6. 6
7. 2

Pelt Trap

oh sorry hob, i honestly keep just forgetting to explain why i hate ash because in my opinion it is pretty obvious why anyone would.

top 10 reasons i hate ash.
1. he has an annoying voice.
2. he has an annoying face.
4. he has stupid hair.
5. he just really annoys me in general.
6. he reminds of this huge glug i know at school.
7. he is not a badass like he calls himself.
8. he's only in a couple episodes so i never really get to know him well.
9. who names their kid ash?
10. he is weird.

top 10 breakfast foods
1. pancakes
2. french toast
3. crepes
4. waffles
5. eggs
6. turkey bacon
7. cinnamon rolls
8. cereal
9. grits
10. biscuits

yayyyy new supernatural next week!!!!!!!!!! wow i had completely forgotten what the next episode was going to even be about it's been so long. and then i watched the preview and remembered and now i am even more excited!!!!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

bop beep boop

heyyyyy gs







and more importantly...why are you ignoring the question of why you hate ash????

top 10 reasons i hate ash

1. well i dont hate him at all! hmm let's think
2. well he's not sam or dean. some days i just hate everyone who isnt sam and dean
3. i hate him cuz i ain't him
4. jj
5. well i'm a little jealous that he gets to spend time w/ sam and dean
6. alright well i can't think of any real reasons to hate the guy
7. he ships sam and dean!
8. he's so awesome!
9. he ships sam and dean!
10. wait those last three weren't reasons why i hate him. but im just saying

top 10 s7 eps

1. hello cruel world
2. defending your life
3. slash fiction
4. time after time
5. adventures in babysitting
6. the mentalists
7. the clown one
8. repo man
9. the slice girls
10. how to win friends an influence monsters

salvation pelt

heyyyy gs. blehh so today i worked on botball (this lego robotics competition i'm in) from like 11 am to 11 pm. but we got a ton of work done so that means i don't have to go in for very much tomorrow and we might even score really well at the competition and not be a complete failure and embarrassment this time!

top 10 musical instruments:
1. piano
2. clarinet
3. cello
4. guitar
5. french horn
6. tuba
7. bass
8. drums
9. accordion
10. organ
top 10 kinds of food:
1. japanese
2. thai
3. italian
4. indian
5. greek
6. american
7. korean
8. mexican
9. vietnamese
10. english

top 10 season 6 supernatural episodes:
1. frontierland
2. the french mistake
3. weekend at bobby's
4. the man who knew too much
5. apartment in samarra
6. mommy dearest
7. ...and then there were none
8. like a virgin
9. two and a half men
10. you can't handle the truth

top 10 season 7 supernatural episodes (so far):
1. repo man
2. death's door
3. plucky pennywhistle's magical menagerie
4. slice girls
5. the born-again identity
6. time after time
7. the girl next door
8. hello cruel world
9. defending your life
10. out with the old

devil's pelt

Hey gs!!!

Well, it's like 3pm but I'm just going to go ahead and start my post now because I don't know if I will have time later since some of my friends are coming over today and I don't know when they are going to leave or if Abby will be sleeping over so.

Hmm there's not really much to say.

Well okay I will try to respond to some things that people have said in their posts because I haven't done that in a really long time.

Well actually jk no one has even said anything interesting lately so.

Wow will everyone just shut up about the Titanic please?

Okay well now Hob is going to help me fill up this post by saying some things. Here she is:

G that's a nice sound you got there. Wait. G. What should I have for snack? I'm right here! I'm in here. When's the party? How about cheetos? Cheetos for snack! Do you love little dogs? Is the party in here? Then why'd you clean up? Cheese-its. Welp. Good bye. I said things! What's there? Tell me a snack and then I'll say more things. G you big glug! You can't just eat all the chocolate chips!! G what's my snack? What's my snack? What's my snack? I want cookies! Cookies cookies cookies cookies cookies cookies cookies cookies cookie cookie cookie cookie cookie!!!! cookie cookie!!!!! Have you installed Minecraft yet? Noah could not imagine a computer without Minecraft on it? Is this a sleepover? What about Karl? What about Ben? What about Michael Flood? What about Max? Is Max coming to the party? Why is he here? What? I wanna. I won't say another word until you tell me my snack. Nooooooo!

Okay she is gone. That glug/

Top 10 season 7 Supernatural episodes (so far)
1. Hello, Cruel World
2. The Born-Again Identity
3. Slash Fiction
4. Repo Man
5. Plucky Pennywhistle's Magical Menagerie
6. Season 7, Time for a Wedding!
7. Out with the Old
8. Meet the New Boss
9. The Girl Next Door
10. Time After Time

Friday, April 13, 2012

dead pelt's blood

Hey gs!!!!

This is my first blog post that I am writing on my new laptop!!!

This keyboard is so nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Also its so nice and comfortable to be chilling in my bed while I use my very own computer. That is just wonderful.

Today was a pretty good day! Also one week until Supernatural!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wow Sam and Dean love each other so much I can't even handle them right now.

Top 10 things you wish you had right now (in no particular order)
1. a fishing hook to throw and hook a book
2. a beverage
3. a new episode of Supernatural
4. world peace
5. superpowers
6. a fic where Cass is erased from history
7. a billion dollars
8. a clip of Sam and Dean kissing
9. more of my stuff already put on this laptop and set up
10. infinite more wishes

Top 10 kinds of foods
1. Italian
2. Ethiopian
3. Greek
4. Thai
5. Indian
6. Chinese
7. American
8. French
9. Jewish
10. English

Top 10 season 6 Supernatural episodes
1. Frontierland
2. The Man Who Knew Too Much
3. Unforgiven
4. Appointment in Samarra
5. Clap Your Hands If You Believe
6. The French Mistake
7. Two and a Half Men
8. You Can't Handle the Truth
9. ...And Then There Were None
10. Like a Virgin