Thursday, February 27, 2014


heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy gs

oooooo heres my reasons for excited for march:

*paras spring break
*it will bring us closer to april
*hob visiting!
*big ears music festival
*my work schedule

ok i dont kno anything this groot or gamora but i will say gamora is the best doi

yea same i dont care for kate mara as sue. haha ive seen mbj in a few things but even before that i knew he was my guy.

aw g whyd you go and give that guy his ipod right back

awwwwwwwwwwwwww yeeeeeeeeeeeeee i cant wait for us to party. oooooooooooo you'll be comin round the mountain one week from tomorrow!!!!! dangity heck how could i have forgotten "other". im trash

why cant you kno where youre gonna live next year? did you sign up for a place or whatever? did you request a roommate?

well i dont see why oyu cant respect my opinion of that trailer. you dumb

doi tasm2 would be #1 if mj was in it. even if she was just in a few scenes. haha i was almost gonna say that in my last post but i forgot

dang i really screwed hawkeye over when i ate my pizza pie

ok g you dont.............have to take a picture of your dinner you kno. there are other things in your day you could snap...............tho it dont matter now cuz you are done w that game. also couldnt you take a pic w your phone? i do not respect these excuses

tyt about my job on that quiz

well we need it to have isaac AND sylar in it so we will have more than four eps to watch ever

aw g i wish the guy would jus please get fired. hes so rusty i cant even tell you

yea everything except thos e things is what im throwing out. well some stuff im not throwing out but putting in other rooms in our house. like some stuff i snuck in the basement and my desk i put in the guest room and some stuff i gave to noah or tried to give to him. haha remember when we met john and hank green and they were giving away stuff and i got a necklace well i found it when cleanin and gave it to noah and asked him if he wanted a necklace from john green and i didnt think he would actually take it but he did awwwwwwww yeeeeee

nice pic of your breakfast

nice talk about comics time

nice dinner

why cant they jus let ppl make a sandwich themself. well when i had a dining hall they had sandwiches that someone else made for you too and i never got one cuz i thought they would heck it up. that sounds like really rusty chicky dumpling soup

nice more talk about comics time. i saw pics of mj from that comic and i loved her

haha nice answers venom!!!!!!! that lil guy. tho what does it mean peter is doc ock even

omgggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg nice pics!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wow i do not mind being blamed for these ngl. wow these pics are everything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you got it did!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ok gob ive never seen an ep of seinfeld in my life

tyt about my french toast!!!!!! omg yours looks so dang good daaaaaaaang


what time is it????????

time for a fanmix no one cares about!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

just on the edge of believing
a grantaire fanmix

01. the happy nihilist | the classic crime

existence has no meaning, there's no such thing as happy
but late at night when i sleep, i dream of more than i see
there's something burning in me, a driving need to be free
why do i sit here and think about the things that i need
there's nothing left to believe
or is it all just a dream?

02. true faith | new order

i feel so extraordinary
something's got a hold on me
i get this feeling i'm in motion
a sudden sense of liberty
i don't care 'cause i'm not there
and i don't care if i'm here tomorrow
again and again i've taken too much
of the htings that cost you too much

03. in memory of satan | the mountain goats

got my paintbox out last night
stayed up late and wrecked this place
woke up on the floor again

crawled down here to dig for bones
one more season, then i'm gone

04. what a catch, donnie (acoustic) | fall out boy

i got troubled thoughts
and the self-esteem to match
what a catch, what a catch

05. fuck everything | jon lajoie

i give the lowest amount of fuck humanly possible

and fuck liking shit. i don't even like the shit that i like
don't give a shit about not liking the shit i don't like

i'm not gay, i just don't give a shit about straight sex

06. graceless | the national

i figured out how to be faithless
but it will be a shame to waste this

07. wine, women, and song | harvey danger

wine, women, and song
i tried them all
it did not take me long to figure i'd unlocked the door to happiness
i figured wrong (with a capital R)

song, women, and wine
you can't fool all the people all the time
but if you're trying, if you're looking, if you're lucky
you can always fool a few
and feel fine

08. this river is wild | the killers

you always hold your head up high
'cause it's a long, long, long way down

or should i just get along with myself
i never did get along with everybody else
i've been trying hard to do what's right
but you know i could stay here all night

this river is wild

09. confessions of a futon-revolutionist | the weakerthans

leave the apartment to buy alcohol
hang our diplomas on the bathroom wall
pick at the plaster chipped away
survey some stunning tooth decay
enlist the cat in the impending class-war

10. l.g. fuad | motion city soundtrack

god damn the liquor store's closed
we were so close to scoring
it hurts, it destroys 'til it kills
i am tired and hungry and totally useless

11. people ii: the reckoning | andrew jackson jihad

it's complicated even under your nose
bullshit math equations
and your highs and your lows

how's the world so small when the world is so large?
and what made the world, could i please speak to who's in charge?

so here's to you, mrs. robinson
you live in an unforgiving place

12. spanish radio | biffy clyro

i got a heart, i got a reason
to love you all, every single person
it's not at all our conversation
i'm looking for total dislocation

13. i love you | woodkid and angel haze

is there any chance you can see me too?
'cause i love you

but dawn goes down today
and nothing gold can stay

14. the shining hour | grant lee buffalo

it kills me to think
that i'm no longer living, just looking for excuses to drink
so lift up your glass
and your ouija board 'cause i'm fading, fading, fading fast
this could be the shining hour

15. don't wake me up | lianne la havas

don't wake me up
i am
trying to find you
oh, as i walk through
you're hiding in the corners of my mind
never fear, i'll be close behind

i made mistakes
but they're safely behind me
now i can run free

16. lost it to trying | son lux

give in and get out
we rise in the dying
we rise in the dying

ok the cover's pretty rusty cuz i dont got photoshop.

well on the bright side now that i finally got that done i can get on my way w maybe a mix that we will care about

who knooooooooooooooows

ok i remembered i asked for some jamz and no one gave em

you know whats crazy is toast is so yucky but french toast is so nice. the french kno how to get it did.

that reminds me that the other day at work when i was doing nothing i planned a lil of my petermj moulin rouge fic!!!!!!!

well today i did not a lot. jus work on my fanmix and that was that

oo daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaang i didnt take a pic

well heres a pic of a cat on her blue mama

ok...........................well everyone find a 30 day challenge that you gonna do next month!!!!

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

...and now, goat goblin!

Hey gs!!!!!!

Nice reasons Gob here's the reasons I'm excited for March

*Spring break
*It will bring us closer to April


Okay I've never seen that show idk what to tell you Gob

Yes Groot is cool but...Gamora is better sorry.  I'm sorry you are so wrong about this.  I think it's time for you just to admit that Gamora is the best.

I don't think I will like Kata Mara as Sue because...she aint black.  Okay the only actor I know that they have cast for this movie so far is Michael B Jordan. Well okay the reason I know him is because he's been rumored to be playing Johnny for a long time and so I watched an entire season of Parenthood that he was in except I skipped a lot of the parts that didn't have him.  But still.  I wouldn't sit through a crappy show for any of those other actors just saying.

Though to be fair Johnny is my favorite but that's probably not the reason why I like MBJ

Good job of guessing what my pic was!!!! Well it wasn't the best chex mix really but


Thats good about your should Hob

Yeah Ben looks like rocks but before he looked like rocks he looked like a normal man but that aint how I would think he would look. It's just all wrong.

Too late I gave him back his ipod today.  Also I told him about my plans to sell it on the internet.  Yeah it was a bummer that he was in class today bc he was really annoying and I hate him.  But that other guy there's no stopping him he always comes to class.

That's so goos about your work schedule!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Awwww yeah we gonna party.  That's a nice list of stuff for us to do. But you forgot "other"

I think you just don't want any hills and you just want it to be smooth and that's why its called smooth sailing.

Idk it might just be my card it could be other people's too I'm not sure.  Dangit I'm supposed to do this thing to get my card to work but I keep forgetting. Well I'll do that later. Yeah they told us they were switchin up the card reader but they didn't say exactly what day it's happening and I didn't think that it would cause my card to not work anyway.  They just changed it from like a thing where you slide your card through to a thing where you just put your card up to it. They changed them on all of the dorms I think except one because no one cares about that one.

Dangit speaking of dorms I wish I could know where I'm gonna live next year already

Wow well I can't say I understand your opinion on the GOTG trailer...and I can't say that I respect it either.

Your order is really rusty.  Where would TASM2 be in your order if it was still gonna have MJ in it I wonder.

Well g clearly Hawkeye rejected that cheese because she didn't just want a teeny piece of cheese she wanted the whole pizza!!!! You really offended her by offering her that tiny scrap and to accept it would be to disgrace herself.  Next time try forking over the whole pie.

What I'm not hecking up the game on purpose!!!!  Okay the problem is that I can't really bring a camera into the dining hall when I don't have the pockets to carry it because I take off my winter coat before I go in and my camera don't fit in my pants pockets.  Like in the fall it was easier because I had my jacket with pockets that I just wore into the place but I don't have that on me anymore.  Okay but today I will try for sure.

Nice job on that quiz.  Haha yeah I know I put that in my post to help you out.  I don't even remember where I learned that though.

Yeah same about Heroes.  If it don't have Sylar in it tbh I don't care. Well maybe if it had Isaac.  Haha that'd be funny though if Isaac was in that show but Sylar was not.

Haha nice job not doing anything at work.  But not maybe that guy will try to get revenge on you one time by not doing anything and the cycle may continue!!!

Is everything you're throwing out everything except your bed and your PeterMJ trade and whatever???

Nice french toast pic here's a picture of my breakfast

Yeah let's do those challenges.

Ooooookay it's let's talk about comics time!!!!!!

Fantastic Four #1
*Wow so on the first page it's just like some words to Franklin and Val at the top and it says to my children and I kind of assumed it was being said by Reed and I was like bleh but then I was like wouldn't that be great if it turned out to be Sue???  And then I scrolled down and it was!!!!!
*Haha I don't know what he did now but I'm glad Sue despises Reed!!!! Same here buddy
*Well I guess one thing he did was screw Ben over somehow.  Poor Ben.
*Is this supposed to be a shocking image of Johnny in a bar surrounded by women?  Because...that seems pretty on par...for Johnny...
*I like how Sue's like ah remember the good old days and then the good old days are chaos and destruction.
*I don't get why the red costume??? They look really weird?????
*Okay so when I read this I was like that seems weird for Fin Fang Foom to just be destroying stuff for no reason and then I was like well I guess I just don't know enough about Fin Fang Foom but then it turns out I was right because Reed said that is really weird!!!!!  I am more knowledgeable that I give myself credit for I guess.
*Don't you hate it when you think it's clobbering time but then it turns out it's not clobbering time yet?
*Is it really necessary to turn into spaghetti to cross the room, Reed????
*Is it really necessary to hug someone with spaghetti arms?????
*Isn't Val like 4 years old why is it necessary to respect her decision to go live with Dr Doom???
*So why does Franklin get a red costume but everyone else still have their white Future Foundation ones???
*Bentley is the best and his chocolate ray is a very good idea!!!!!
*Alicia's probably getting clay all over Ben's rock skin
*Is Storm Warning....Johnny'
*Awww sleppy cute kids and Dragon Man

Brb gtg have dinner

Bleh that was a worthless dinnner but good news I took a pic of it and here it is

Okay that there on the left is a sandwich and here's what was on it: turkey, cheese, cucumber, lettuce, and mayo. It wasn't that great but it wasn't horrible okay the key to getting a not horrible sandwich is to give the person making it very specific instructions like I told the person I wanted two pieces of turkey and little bit of lettuce so at least I didn't end up with a tiny bit of turkey and mountain of lettuce like sometimes happens.  That there on the right is supposedly chicken and dumpling soup but it didn't have any chicken or dumplings in it.  Basically it just had  a couple of pieces of carrot and like the scraps of some chicken and dumplings I guess. It was pretty worthless

Well it's still let's talk about comics time.

Superior Spider-Man #28
*Am I supposed to be rooting for the goblins because um
*Wowwwww Spock is so stupid the place is coming down and he's just like um um um okay let me think about what we should do hmmmm
*Like wow he stood there and thought about it and one of his minions died because of it and he's just like oh well THAT WAS YOUR FAULT YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO FEEL RESPONSIBLE HOW DARE YOU CALL YOURSELF SPIDER-MAN
*Also if his robot hadn't shielded him he would have died too probably
*Also he just tells his minions to hold the enemy back while he escapes to safety like wowwww way to only care about yourself
*I hate Spock so much I'm gonna cry
*Are you suuuuuure you don't remember constant smothering I mean Aunt May was pretty....smothering too
*Okay well no one can ever say Ock had it worse now because now Pete has lived through his own crappy life plus Ock's.  Not that anyone should ever say that in the first place because Peter has been through way more shit but yeah.
*Why does MJ call Pedro Ollie??? I mean I know that it's something to do with his last name but just why
*Poor Carlie tho
*So Ock is Spider-Man and Pete is Doc Ock this is just great
*Dang if Anna is fridged I'm gonna be reaaaaaally mad

Okay that's all.

Oooooo only 3 more issues until Peter comes back!!!!!!!!

Speaking of Peter he aint gonna answer questions today because he's now Doc Ock but luckily we have a substitute!!!!!

Venom!!!!! But NOT Agent Venom just good old Venom.

901. Would you rather have a candle scented like blueberries and creme or butterscotch pecan pie?
We want candles scented like brains!!!!!!!!! Blueberry brains and creme!!!!!

902. Which ones are fruits and which are vegetables:



Vegetable!!! No....fruit!!!!




Delicious fruit!


903. Does it annoy you when people talk loudly on their cell phones in public?
It annoy us very much.... Any loud noises annoy us. They are uncomfortable...

904. Is love a commitment to one person, or can you love more than one person at the same time?
We love no one!!!! Only hate!!!!!

905. Cover or original:

Smooth Criminal; is it better by Michael Jackson or Alien Ant Farm?
Ssssssmooth Criminal is a song about Venom!!!  Venom is a very sssssmooth criminal!!!

Blue Monday better by Orgy or New Order
We do not know this song!

I Want Candy; Is it better by Aaron Carter or Bow Wow Wow?
We want candy...candy and the Spider...

Love Song; Is it better by 311 or The Cure?
We despise love songs!!!

It's My Life; Is it better by No Doubt or The Talking Heads?
We do not know this song either!!!

906. What is the most uncomfortable feeling?
The loud noises of this planet...and the fire.....  The fire is most uncomfortable

907. Do you like Maroon 5?

908. Would you ever go on a blind date TV show?
Maybe after we destroy the Spider...

909. How much of your wardrobe is dry clean only?
We have no need for clothes!

910. Who's arms would you like to crawl into?
The Spider's arms... We will crawl into his arms...and destroy him...

911. What the hell is your problem?
The Spider...still existsssss

912. Look around you. What is the most beautiful thing you can see?
The Spider is so beautiful...

913. What is the most beautiful thing you can't see?
We thought that last question wasn't supposed to be literal.

914. Take a deep breath. Yawn deeply. Do you appreciate the things most people take for granted, like breathing?
Breathing is unimportant to usssss

915. Do you appreciate breathing more when you have a cold and you're all congested and can't breathe right?
We suppose so.

916. Is congestion a positive thing because it helps you to appreciate breathing?
No...that would be ssssstupid

917. How is your life like a work of art?
It is painted in the red blood of our enemies!!!!

918. Do you feel that your life influences and is influenced by many other lives?
We are influenced only by the Spider!!!!

919. Has a smile ever made all the difference in the world to you?
A smile means nothing to Venom!

920. Have you ever looked at a tree and considered how the roots could be miles long, trailing and entwining with other roots underground, all of them holding the soil together?
We think only that the tree is fortunate we let it live!

921. Do you notice the little things in life?
We notice the Spider...such a little Spider...tiny Spider...itsy bitsty Spider

922. Do you feel, as Jung did, that deep down, underneath our individual personalities we are all the same?
There is no one like the unique he is...We have never tasted anything like him...

923. Do you feel a great oneness with the universe?
No...we are separate from everyone else!!! We are Venom!!!!

924. When was the last time you decided to really enjoy yourself?
When we caught the Spider in our web...

925. When was the last time you set your self free and acted without caring at all what someone else thought?
We never care about the thoughts of other creaturesssss!

926. Have you ever held someone and appreciated how delicate and fragile all life is and felt that they were even more precious and beautiful because one day they would die..and so will you?
We will never die!! How dare you threaten usssss!!!!!

927. In ten years someone else might own your house and the room you are sitting in now. Someone else might be standing right next to where you are sitting now. So that means you could be standing right next to someone but you can't see him or her because they are ten years away.
No one will take Venom's house!!!

Ever look at life like that?
Like what???? You are trying to confuse us!!!!

928. When was the last time you:

Soaked in a bubble bath
We hate bubble baths!!!!

Read a good book outside
We hate books!!!!!

Held someone's hand
When we held the Spider's hands behind his back and caused him pain...

Felt truly joyful
When we captured the Sssssspider

929. What do you bring to this world that no one else can?
We bring us to this world....or we were brought here by the doesn't matter. We are Venom!

930. Do you feel that you are part of every living thing in this world and that all those things are part of you?
We are only part of ourselvessss

931. Are you more afraid of death or not completely living?
We are not afraid of death because we will never die! Many people have tried to desssstroy us.  They always fail!!!

932. What was the last thing you wanted to do but didn't or couldn't do?
To destroy the be with him...

933. Why don't you try and do that thing now?
He is a very ssssssslippery Ssssspider

934. What is the most wonderful thing happening right now in the world?

935. Name 7 things going on around you that you normally wouldn't notice:

1. V

2. E

3. N

4. O

5. M

6. !

7. !

936. Name three things you hate

1. The Spider

2. The Spider

3. The Ssssspider

937. Name one GOOD thing about each of those 3 things you hate.
He isssss the one we love

938. What do you tend to see in black and white, rather than in shades of gray?
Venom is black and white...  But mostly black!!!!

939. Admit three things you do that you are ashamed of but shouldn't be. 

1. Our love for the Spider

2. Our weakness for the Ssspider

3. One time we tripped over a dog.

940. What qualities make a person “good” in your eyes?
Sssspider qualities

941. Do you have any of these qualities?
Yesssss we got them from the Spider!!!!

942. Are you willing to do what it takes to achieve what you want to? 
Yessss we are

943. Name one bad quality about someone you love.
He rejected usss

944. Name one good quality about someone you hate.
Hissss power

945. Are you pro life or pro choice and why?
Pro choice!!! We despise babies!!!!

946. If you are pro life write a reason someone might be pro choice. If you are pro choice write a reason someone might be pro life.
They have a weaknessss for the children

947. Can you see the beauty in?

A bumble bee:
We despise bees!

A man skating:
We despise skating!

A woman combing her hair:
We despise women!!!!

A box of tissues:
We despise tissues

Yourself naked:
Yessss it is the ultimate beauty. Venom is beautiful!!!

We despise light!

948. What are you most afraid of?
The soundsssss...the vibrationssss

949. Whose life would you REALLY NOT want to ever have?
We will take anyone's life....we don't care who we kill...

Their lives matter nothing to us...

950. Can you come up with a reason why you might want their life?
For revenge.....

951. Name one thing that is beautiful about your body

Our tongue is so beautiful...

952. Name one thing that is ugly about your body
We can't.

953. Name one thing that is beautiful about your mind
Out hatred

954. Name one thing that is ugly about your mind 
Our love for the Spider

955. Who was the last person you were rude to?
We can't recall.  We don't care about mannerssss

956.Are your elbows soft?
If we want them to be.

957. Are you ticklish?
We will not tell you that...

958. Are you awkward or graceful?
We are so graceful

959. Do you wear glasses/contacts? 
Nooo glasses are for weeniesssss

960. If you wear contacts what's the longest you have ever left them in your eyes?
We said no!!!

961. What's going on where you are right now?
We are answering theses questionsss

962. What is your favorite thing to touch?
The Spider...

963. What is your favorite kind of incense?
Your words confuse us....

964. What relaxes you?
Killing people!!!!

965. How much time have you wasted?
Too much time!!!

966. How do you afford your rock and roll lifestyle?
We steal what we need!!!

967. What does teen spirit smell like?

968. Do you mostly listen or hear?
We do both!!!! What a sssstupid question!!!!

969. Look or see?
These questions are foolish!!!!!

970. Do you comprehend all the things you read?
Reading is for weeniessssss!!!!!

971. Is it necessary to be repetitive in order to be creative?

972. Do you control your attitude or does it control you?
We control ourself!!!

973. Are your relationships mostly passion or conversation?
Passion and hatrred!!!

974. Do you do what needs to be done regardless of the consequences?

975. Is money how you keep score?
Money is uselesss to us!!!

976. Who can you do everything or nothing with and still have the best time?
The Spider

977. Just because you're angry does that give you the right to be cruel?

978. What is maturity and where does it come from?
We don't care!!!

979. Who is the maturest person you know?
This does not concern us!!!

980. Who is the most immature person you know?
Shut up or we will kill you!!!!

981. If there was a fire and you could only rescue one thing from your room (all people and pets have escaped on their own, even goldfish) what would it be?
The Spider...if he was in the room.

982. If you could, what 3 albums would you force everyone to remove from his or her CD collections?

1 We don't care!!!



983. Does Marilyn Manson scare you or bore you?
Why are these our only two optionssss

984. What do you think of the Insane Clown Posse?

985. What's the best movie about high school?
High ssssschool musical

986. Do you like Michael Jackson better in the 80's 90's or today?
He issss dead...Just the way we live him..

987. Is choosing a different store to shop in from most people really making a statement?
It is making a sssstatement that you like to shop in different storessss

988. What's the riskiest thing you've ever done?
When we went back to ssssave the Spider after he tried to destroy ussss

989. Have you ever ridden in a car while the driver had been drinking?
No that is sssstupid

990. Who needs to get a life? 
No one NEEDS a life...they can just as easily be dead.

991. Do write on yourself with milky pens?
What are milky pens????

992. What should be different about high school curriculum?
They need to teach the children to kill each other!!!!

993. Right now are you exactly the way you want to be?
No...we wish to be with the Spider

994. Who can save you from yourself?
No one can...

995. Are you a responsible person?
That is the Spider who is responsible...

996. "It is absurd to divide people into good and bad. People are either charming or tedious."
— Oscar Wilde

Do you agree? 
Yessss we are very charming...

997. How many greatest hits albums do you own?

998. Are you at risk for a.i.d.s.?

999. Do you want to have it all?

1000. Do you collect green pictures of dead presidents?
We collect....brains!!!! Red brains of dead people!!!!

Oh Venom you rascal.

So....Hob remember when you told me to draw a pic that was MJ and Gwen and Peter's butt? Well that's why you are to blame for these four pics

Yup you are to blame and no one else is.  Well maybe PeterMJ

Okay that's all have a nice day!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

i'm hungry for breakfast right now

hey gs!

wow this is the last week of feburary!  i can't wait for march and here are all the reasons why!

-Hob visiting!
-Big Ears Music Festival
-Seeing this famous contemporary music string quartet, the Kronos Quartet play some weekend
-Seeing the Firebird at the Indianapolis Symphony
-Spring break

okay so i've been watching all the seinfeld episodes in a row recently because like i've always seen just random episodes here and there on tv but i've never seen like every single episode and i didn't realize there were so many recurring characters.  like i knew about newman and jerry's parents and george's parents and a couple of the other ones but like there are a lot more people that keep showing up in different episodes than i thought there were.  haha and wow the 4th season is sooooo meta.  it is like all about george and jerry writing a script for a tv show on nbc that is basically the same show as seinfeld.  and like they are looking for actors to play fictionalized versions of themselves when like jerry seinfeld already is playing a fictionalized version of himself.

well all of the guardians of the galaxy seem cool but groot looks cool to me as well.

wow kate mara is in the show i've been watching house of cards and i can't really imagine her as sue storm but that necessarily mean she will be bad for it.  i really like her character on house of cards so maybe i will like her as sue storm.  i don't really know the other 3 actors from anything though.

nice pic of your cheddar chex mix para!  i've never tried that but i don't think i would like it though because i don't like most cheddar cheese stuff

nice pic of your french toast hob!!!!

 here is a picture of mine i had that morning too!  it was so yummy!!!  i don't even usually like breakfast that much but i think french toast is one of the few breakfast foods i wouldn't mind having every morning.  i had another 2 pieces with nutella also!  it was also supper delicious!

Monday, February 24, 2014


heyyyyyyyyy gs

well now my shoulder is [cooking mama voice] good not mine

jk its now fine

yea those racist ppl are so dumb. not that im surprised that they sayin that stuff cuz thats what we always have but. wow theres truly no reason why we shouldnt have had sue be black bleh they hecked UP.

a cat has arrived

ok im jus sayin i dont even kno these people so its like weird to be saying about them. like "blah blah blah ben blah blah" well i dont even kno who ben is. well i kno hes the thing. i thought he looked like rocks

well if you think someone would actually buy the thing on the internet then def go for it. ooooooooooo thats nice that that guy aint comin to class. now try gettin rid of that other guy in the class

awwwww yeaaa your break is so soon!!! and guess what!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i jus got my march schedule and im hardly working at all during yo break!!!!!!!!! its like the two sundays and wednesday night!!!!! wow i thought i was gonna hav to work so much a lot maybe and it would be a disaster like your winter break but thats not the case!!!! wow now we can do so much stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hm what we gonna do? i think we said some stuff but i forget. ok let me try to make a list

*watch captain america
*watch sleppy
*french toast
*go to target
*go to comic book store
*try playin your lego game w our wiimotes
*or at least watch you play your game when mj is there

ok thats a start. well anyway my whole schedule for march is really beautiful. even during noah's spring break like i thought i would have to work a lot but theres only one day where im there during the day. also i only have to close two times the whole month!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! anyway yeaaaa march is gonna be the month. maybe. idk but we only have four days left of february and then when march starts its like we're finally getting somewhere in Getting The Spring We Want and it will be all downhill frm there. or uphill. i forget which is the good one.

oh thank you for clearing it up that the qs are coming from a place

yea but like?? are other ppls cards not working? are you supposed to get a new one or get it fixed??? did they tell you they were gonna change the card reader ???? it jus seems really weird idek

ok the guardians of the trailer was jus like??? blah idk like jus like actiony blah blah and some funny blah blah blah idk thats not the kind of trailer i like. well my orders like:

cap 2
tasm 2

aw g i jus ate some pizza for lunch and i tried to giv hawkeye a lil piece of cheese that she wanted but she didnt even eat that

ok now you are jus hecking up the game on purpose i bet. and you're ignoring me telling you that youre hecking up the game. youre like gob

cool qs spider-man

yoooooo i got 15/20 on that quiz thing. thats p amazing i think. tho there were a few where i just guessed and got it right but still. haha one of the answers i learned from your post para. it was the one about who is related to thanos or whatever

kind of ok cheez-its pic

wow gob i like how that was a "short post" for you now cuz a few weeks ago a short post would prob hav been like two lines maybe. nice work buddy!!!!!!!!!

wow thats really crazy about the new heroes show like....jus why?????? like why did they cancel it only to bring it back many years later when no one cares about it anymore? well maybe ppl do but i do not. i dont think para does. ok this should be the time when isaac finally comes back. haha. but yea i do not care for things like that where they hav new characters. its like ok the reason im watching your stupid show is for the characters i already kno and love. even tho you killed off the guy i knew and loved. what even!!!!!!!!!!

aw g the other day i was saying about this chai that i had that was really gingery and i hated it. but a really gingery soda would prob be better but im not a huge fan of ginger ale so


haha ok yesterday i was at work with the Guy Who Never Does Anything and just us two were there for like 2 hours until another guy came along and this time i was the bday host and he was jus a regular person which is the opp of a few weeks ago when he was supposed to be helping me but he did not. and so this time i jus sat in the back and did nothing out of spite and it was so enjoyable. i loved me

alrighty i need to start finding jamz for my trip that in one month. pls provide them. thank you

ok i have some important words for you

we want spring we want spring we want spring we want spring we want spring we want spring we want spring we want spring we want spring we want spring we want spring we want spring we want spring we want spring we want spring we want spring we want spring we want spring we want spring we want spring we want spring we want spring we want spring we want spring we want spring we want spring we want spring we want spring we want spring we want spring we want spring we want spring we want spring we want spring we want spring we want spring we want spring we want spring we want spring we want spring we want spring we want spring we want spring we want spring we want spring we want spring we want spring we want spring we want spring we want spring we want spring we want spring we want spring we want spring we want spring we want spring we want spring we want spring we want spring we want spring we want spring we want spring we want spring we want spring we want spring we want spring we want spring we want spring we want spring we want spring we want spring we want spring we want spring we want spring

well today i cleaned my room a lot but its not clear whether it actually got cleaner or whether i just moved a lot of stuff around. i did take osme stuff downstairs and throw some stuff out but. hopefully after dinner im gonna move my desk outta there but i gotta somehow move all my clothes out of the way.

ok well heres what we were all waiting for. yesterday morning i made french toast and it was so dang yummy.

i didnt put nutella on it this time cuz i really wanted syrup but maybe next time. and then like mom had an egg but then she ate a bite of mine and she was like poopy! your breakfast was better than my breakfast!! and then she made me make her some for dessert that night w o w

wow it seems like whenever i put a pic in its a pic from the day before my post. or a dif day. i guess i keep posting on boring days or. or at least days when ive had boring food haha

well are we gonna do 30 day challenges next month??? i better figure out what one im gonna do

bye bye, alligator

Sunday, February 23, 2014

trap for a goat!

Heyyyyyyyyy gs

Tyt about my dream I guess.

Yeah Rocket is pretty cool but Gamora is the best sorry that's not an opinion that's a fact.

Yeah I'm mean it's in the same universe as the Avengers/Iron Man/Thor/Captain America/Hulk movies so it'll probably connect to them somehow.  Well I don't know if you ever saw Thor 2 but the guy in the end credits scene that Sif and Volstagg brought the Aether to, the Collector, is going to be in Guardians of the Galaxy so that's one way it will connect at least.  Especially since that guy's probably going to try to collect the Tessaract and whatever the other Infinity Stones are. Also you know the guy in the Avenger's end credits scence, Thanos?  Well Gamora is his adopted daughter so that's another way that it will connect.  Maybe in like phase three or something there will be a movie where the Avengers meet the Guardians of the Galaxy!

Wow that's crazy about Heroes though does this mean they're not going to make those comic books?

Cool soda

Haha soon your should will be [cooking mama voice] good as mama!

Yeah wow so many racists claiming the reason they don't want our guy to play Johnny is because they want Johnny and Sue to be the same race bc their siblings well hello MBJ was here first so obviously they should be saying they want a black woman to play Sue but they aint saying that.  But I am saying that.  Wow we could have had it all.  50 percent of the FF coulda been black it would have been glorious.  Idk anything about that guy that's playing Ben but he don't look like Ben to me that's all I'm saying.

Aw g well what's really to know about the FF really.  Well okay they're just like the family that that goes into space and gets superpowers and then they do science and travel places and protect earth I guess. Um if you want to know more about the FF I recommend reading the Future Foundation and Spider-Man and the Fantastic Four and yeah that Spider-Man/Human Torch series. Um you could also watch the old Fantastic Four Movies.  I mean they're not the best but they're also kind of great at the same time. I think everyone mostly just has like a love hate relationship with them. Probably don't watch World's Greatest Heroes unless you're really committed because that show is just something.

Aw g well I just thought I might sell it on the internet anyway bc it's not like I'm going to use it and the other day someone sent out an email in the listserv saying they were looking to buy an ipod so that could be my opportunity. I probably could have given it back to him by now but he never comes to class anymore.  I'm glad to see his life is going downhill haha.

Yeah we are trash we can't do anything right that cake was a disaster.

Aww yeah my break is coming to us in just two weeks that's amazing. Yeah March will kick February's rusty butt probably.

Hmm if Spider-Man was kidnapped the Avengers would probably take action I guess. Though we just don't know because the next movie is going to be called Age of Ultron and in the Age of Ultron comics, Spider-Man was captured by the Owl and Hammerhead, and was drugged and tortured for weeks. And the Avengers, including Tony knew about it, but they didn't come to save him.  Eventually only Hawkeye came to save him and then when he brought Spider-Man back all the Avengers got mad for risking it.  Good times.

Aw g try having some more PeterMJ dreams and remembering them

I just said the qs are coming from a place

Okay we'll watch that Captain America

Idk why they changed the card readers like idek what was wrong with the old ones???  But my card still doesn't work dangit

Wow I just don't know what to tell you I don't know how you could not like the Guardians of the Galaxy trailer????  Okay I just watched those two trailers right in a row and yeah the DOFP trailer is v good but the GOTG trailer excited my sugars way more......  Though tbh my excitement for that movie dwindles every time I hear really anything about it.  That's definitely of all the movies coming out this summer that I am excited for the one I am least excited for.  I mean I'm still excited but it probably goes like

Cap 2

So yeah

Aw g from now on try to keep some pizza on hand to give to Hawkeye in case she wants it

Look at that small cat!!! She wants pizza!!! p-i-z-z-a!!!! Give her pizza!!!!!

Oh dangit what am I gonna do for the game today I didn't take any pics and I didn't have dinner so I can't draw that????

Well I'll worry about that later.

Guess who's answering some qs.  Yup it's Spider-Man

801. How often do you change your mood in a day?
Well if I don't change it at least once a day it starts to stink.

802. When you ask people how they are doing you actually care about their answer or is it just polite?
It really depends on who I'm asking.

803. Would you consider yourself to be very polite?
I can be if I want to.

804. Do you like movies and books that involve nuclear holocaust?
Sounds depressing.

805. Have you ever had a lucid dream (a dream in which you knew you were dreaming and had complete control over what happened in the dream)?
Yeah that one time with that evil magic guy.

806. Have you ever had a flying dream?
Is that like a dream where you can fly?

807. Have you ever had a lucid flying dream? 
Uhhh no.

808. What's the oddest law you ever heard of?
In New York it's illegal to walk around on Sundays with an ice cream cone in your pocket.  This RUINS most of my Sundays.

809. What is the ultimate way to connect with another person?
The internet.

810. Can you be intimate with someone without touching him or her?
Of course.

811. Can men and women ever really be 'just friends' with no interest in anything more?

813. Are you addicted to this survey like drugs?
No...but I'm not addicted to drugs either.

814. If your signifigant other wanted to wait for marriage could you hold out or would you leave them (or would you cheat)?
I could do it.

815. What's the longest sentence you can make using only words that start with the same letter as your first name?
Peter Parker picked pickled peppers probably.

816. If you had a theme song what would it be?
I have a theme song!

817. Are you cranky?
Not at the moment.

818. Which group generally annoys you more, people older than you, or people younger than you?
Not like super old people, but mostly people like 10-20 years older than me.

819. Do you refer to older people as old farts?
Only the Vulture.

820. Do you refer to younger people as the kids?
If...they are kids...

821. Which is better: Poems that everyone can relate to or poems that are intensely personal to the author?
The first one.

822. Is it worse to be too hot or too cold?
Too cold.  Spiders don't like the cold.

823. Are you so flexible that you can put your feet behind your head?
I can.

824. Would you enjoy reading fairy tales written about robots?
I don't like robots anymore.  They're mean to me.

825. Is smoking a turn on or gross?
It's only a turn off when Jameson does it.

826. What is the one way you wouldn't want to die?
Probably in the decaying body of my enemy while he stands over my in my body planning to take over my life when I'm gone.  Oh wait...

827. Which would look sillier on you: A cowboy hat or a Rasta hat?
A Rasta hat probably

828. Would you rather have a job doing something indoors or outdoors?

829. Would you rather learn more about human nutrition or meteorology? 
Human nutrition.  But meteorology is cool too!

830. Have you ever taken honors courses?
I have.

831. What do you think of crop circles?

832. Where do they come from?

833. When was the last time you screwed up big time?
When I couldn't stop Doc Ock

834. You have a choice. What do you eat: A veggie burger, a turkey dog, a cheese sandwich
Turkey dog!!

835. Do you get a lot of random instant messages?

836. Do you have a paper journal also?
I don't have any kind of journal.  Sorry.

837. VHS or DVD?

838. Vinyl, cassette tape, or CD?

839. Have you ever seen the video/heard the song Days Go By, performed by Dirty Vegas?

840. MTV: should it play morel videos or more shows?
I don't care!

841. Name a band:

Do fans of that band tend to share any characteristics with each other?
I think everyone loves rubber bands.

842. What does the expression 'touch and go' mean?
Like when you accidentally brush up against someone on the subway and then you have to quickly run away from them before they see you.

843. Caffeine or alcohol?

844. Betty or Veronica?

Archie or Reggie or Jughead?

845. What book are you reading right now?
I'm dead.

846. Is the news too depressing?
It is when I'm on the news.

847. Would you rather have a stuffed lion, elephant, pig or duck?

848. Are you late for a very important date?

849. Ever use star 69?
Does that still exist?

850. Is everyone as smart as you?

851. Have you ever seen the musical Annie?

852. Sheets: silk or satin?
I don't know.  Whatever MJ wants.

853. Bath: soap or bubbles?
Why would you have bubbles without soap?  Like bubble gum?  That'd be gross to have in a bath.

854. Your best color: blue or red?

855. What's your favorite candy?
All of them

856. Can you sing?
I can sing...but can I sing well?  I don't know.

857. It's the end of the world, as we know it. How do you feel?

858. You take your little sister (she's 12) shopping for school clothes. Mom gave you the money to hold. She picks out a skimpy top emblazoned "Hottie" and hip-hugging pants that leave at least two inches of skin north and south of her navel exposed to the wind. She insists: If she doesn't have these clothes, she'll look awful, the other kids will tease her, and she’ll feel like a nerd.

Do you think she should or should not wear these clothes?
Well I wouldn't want my imaginary sister to feel like a nerd.

Do you buy them for her?
Well since my dead mom gave me the money I wouldn't really care.

859. What do you think is the most annoying cliché?
"Get him!"

860. What band is underground right now but will one day get really popular?
The Moloids

861. Of the following which word best describes you: versatile (flexible), wonderful, x-tra special, your own best friend, zany
Well I am pretty flexible.

862. What does BYOB stand for?
Be your own buddy.  I don't know.

863. Who is sexiest: Marilyn Monroe, James Dean, Elvis, Jim Morrison, Madonna, Cyndi Lauper
I have no idea.

864. Do you always do what's expected of you?

865. Do you believe everything you hear on the news?
Yeah that Spider-Man sure is a menace, isn't he?

866. Would you prefer a $100.00 gift certificate to Hot Topic or Abercrombie & Fitch (assuming neither store gives change, so you'll have to spend the whole thing)?
Hot Topic....I guess

867. Have you ever won a competition?
Yeah I've won a lot of science fairs.

868. Who looks sloppier when they are over weight, guys or girls?

869. At what age do you become all grown up?
I wish I knew

870. Have you ever written graffiti on anything?
It wasn't me I swear.

871. Can you remember what you wrote?
What did I just say?

872. Are you a force of nature?
Yes I am gravity

873. What do you think of blue eye shadow?
Well I don't like it for myself but okay.

How about gold eye shadow?
Yeah same

874. Would you ever wear any of the following Halloween costumes: Flapper, Hippie, Disco dancer
I don't like Halloween.

875. Should birth control be taught in high school?
That sounds helpful.

How about in jr. high or elementary school?
Why not?

876. Would you consider yourself a genius?
Well...maybe I don't know.

877. What did you think of the movie Solaris?

878. Which is usually better movies or books?

879. Do you think The Hobbit will be made into a movie?
Guess what it is a movie.

880. Do you research which brands use sweatshops to make their clothing before you shop?
Probably the ones that don't are the ones I can't no I don't.

881. What gives you a magical feeling?
Dr. Strange

882. Have you ever pulled apart a Christmas cracker?
Uh no

883. Would you rather watch basketball or play basketball?
I'd much rather play it.

884. Do you think that everyone makes his or her own problems?
I think I make everyone's problems.

885. Do you often consider how your actions will affect other people?
I try to!

886. Are J-Lo and Ben Afleck interesting to you at all?
Sorry no

887. Do you use bad grammar or hate bad grammar?
Those are the only two options?

888. Make up a tabloid headline: 
Iron Man and Captain America: In Love

889. Do you like to learn new things?

890. What's more important, fame or personal accomplishment?
Personal accomplishment

891. Sweet dreams are made of this....
Who am I to disagree? I travel the world and the seven seas.  Everybody's looking for something.

What are they made of?

892. Two trailer park girls go round the outside... Round the outside of what?
The outside of the park?

893. Are you wearing a piece of jewelry that means a lot to you right now?

894. If someone was going to inscribe a message on a ring and give it to you what would you want it to say?
One ring to rule them all, one ring to find them, one ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them

895. Guys who are losing their hair: Should they shave their heads? Get implants? Or let it go?
They can do whatever they want.

896. Do rock stars work hard or lead the easy life?
They live an easier life than me.

897. How much water do you drink every day?
I never measured it.

898. Are you driven or kinda apathetic?
I'm pretty driven...

899. Who do you turn to when you are down?

900. Would you ever wear seran-wrap?
Wear it???  Why???

Okay buddy.

Okay I took this quiz and got 19/20 so that's not bad I guess.  You should try it maybe.


Okay I drew this pic of something I ate today guess what it was

Okay that's all have a nice day!!!!

Saturday, February 22, 2014

tiring day so a short post

heyy gs.

ahh the reason i started a post and didn't finish it is because i realized i had an assignment due at midnight that day and i had to finish it like right up until midnight.  and then i was going to finish the post after midnight but i fell asleep.  and then i was going to do it the next day but i had a super busy day and so on.

i'm just going to put some of the stuff i had from my old post into this post too.

wow that's a crazy dream para!  i wish i had dreams with really cool stuff and not just boring stupid stuff.  i had a weird dream last night but i can't remember what it was because i didn't write it down or anything.  i just remember it being really weird and really scary.

i don't know anything about guardians of the galaxy really but i watched the trailer that came out today and it looks really cool!  wow i did not know john c. reily was going to be in it.  wow also i did not know karen gillan was going to be in it.  haha i think rocket raccoon is going to be my favorite of the guardians.  is it like going to tie into the avengers movies eventually in any way though?

wow...i honestly did not think this was ever going to really happen! like i had heard rumors  off and on for awhile about heroes being continued and i thought they might just do a comic book series continuation but this is crazy that are actually bringing heroes back on nbc.  it's going to be a 13 episode stand-alone story arc.  i wonder if they are actually going to bring back all of the characters from the show or if it is going to be a "new generation" type thing.  or maybe they will have one or two of the originals but mostly new people.  idek.  there's something on one of the news articles about it that says there will be an online series before the new episodes to introduce the new characters and storylines but idk if that means there will only be new characters or not.

wow i'm tired because i had to wake up at like 9 am this morning so i'm just going to finish this post real quick. this wasn't much of a post but there's always next time.

here's a soda i tried today!  it was good but kinda weird.  it tasted pretty much like a more gingery version of ginger ale which make sense because ginger is in the name of both sodas haha.  also the "spicy" referred to this little bit of a kick the soda had.  what was weird about it though is that first the soda tastes kinda normal when you take a sip but then the spiciness hits you like a second or two later.

Friday, February 21, 2014


heyyyyyyyyyyyyy gs


yea gob hecked up what the heck. not that we havent seen this from him before so we dont think he probably died while he was in the middle of writing his post but we cant rule that out completely cuz it could happen.

my should is [cooking mama voice] getting better

actually its mostly better

oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo our guyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and sum other glugs. yea i feel the same about this casting. wow i cant frickin believe that this sue is a white g even tho i didnt kno that she was siblings w johnny but now that i kno this i cant frickin believe. well i can believe that they would do a thing but its still dum. yea that reed burrito man look like a glug. actually burritos look really good so i cant say i think he looks like a burrito but still in a way he does. also i like that man who's playin whats his name but a jewish guy would hav been good. oh well. at least i got my guy. wow i do not kno a thing about fantastic four. i guess i will kno when i see this movie haha. jk ill kno bout johnny at least when i read that thing paras gonna bring me. wow we were jus sayin about them filming this movie and now that could be a real possibility

ok g im jus sayin it might have been preferable to try and make that guy hate you than to marry him idkkkkkk. aw g doubtful that that ipod would go for v much on the internet. actually maybe it might cuz its like an antique ooooooooooo

yea that was really bad of us to make that asian soup. espec when we like asked namfon to tell us if it tasted asian or somethin. remember when we made a cake in the night and it was a sloppy mess

aw g march might be ok cuz we have your break and we hav my trip at the end of it. tho the weather will prob be worthless still

aw bud didnt you find some spider-man costumes online that would work for ya? would you wear it all the time if you had it

yea i dont really care either way for venom being in an avengers movie and like he was not the part of that dream that was good to me. like jus anyone coulda been kidnapped in it. spider-man, for example. would tony get mad about that and put all the avengers on trial? we have no way of knowing

well some mj in a dream is better than no mj. the other morning i woke up and felt like maybe i had had a petermj dream but i had no way of knowing.

i dont care whether spider-man keeps answering the qs or not and i dont care who answers them i just wanted to kno where the heck theyre from cuz they are really weird qs like they keep talking about a diary and things and theres so many of them that they just keep coming

yea we should watch that captain america thats on your comput

what the heck why did they jus go and change that card reader thing. that dont seem right

yes that guardians of the galaxy trailer is something. actually it didnt really do anything for me and i didnt kno what the heck i was seeing. just based on the trailers im still more excited for dofp. i really like that trailer

nice talk about comics

nice answers

nice dinner pic i guess but if you're just gonna keep drawing pics of your dinner you could at least draw a good pic one time.

when i started this post i was in a good mood and now im in an annoyed mood

yesterday hawkeye typed this:


but i had no pizza to give her

also yesterday i was tryin to hav my heating pad but she stole it

thats my pic i guess

this post has gone to the cats

Thursday, February 20, 2014

on goats of death!

Heyyy gs!!!!!

Why did Gob start a post yesterday but he never posted???? That big glug!!!!

Aw g how is your should now???

Well the casting decisions for the FF movie were announced today I guess.  I'm bleh a little bit about them.  I mean I'm really really really happy that Michael B. Jordan has been confirmed to play Johnny but I was kind of hoping that that would be a sign that there would be more diversity in the rest of the cast as well but nope they just cast white people to play everyone else.  Like okay I was at least hoping that they would cast a black woman to play Sue since Sue and Johnny are siblings.  I mean, I'm not saying that a black guy and a white woman can't be siblings, because obviously they could be adopted siblings or half siblings or even just a mixed race family but it seems to me like they just really wanted to avoid having Sue be black and so that's dumb.  Also I'm really disappointed by the guy who's playing Ben because I had heard rumors of them actually casting a Jewish guy to play him and I was pleased by that but nope. Okay though the guy that's playing Reed looks like the biggest fool ever and that pleased me a little bit bc well I hate Reed and.  Okay but what's also dumb is that I guess the two white guys aren't like confirmed yet or anything but everyone is acting like they are confirmed when for like a year MBJ had been rumored to play Johnny but up until today people just acted like it was still basically up in the air.  Like wow.  Okay but it's really happening MBJ is playing Johnny I'm SO HAPPY ABOUT THAT I'M JUST GOING TO TRY TO FORGET EVERYTHING ELSE AND CRY OF HAPPINESS.  Haha I remember when I first heard that he might play Johnny I hadn't heard of him so I looked him up and I was like hellooooo.

I guess they will probably start filming soon???

Yeah saaaaaaaame wow wouldn't it be amazing if Kitty was the main person in DOFP???  Too bad everyone in this world is dumb.  The other day I saw a cool pic of her from the movie tho she has a cool leather jacket that's p cool I guess.

I'm p sure that thing where you do things to make your bf hate you so he breaks up w you only works in movies.  Wow I still have his ipod bc I forgot to give it to him oop.  Maybe I could sell it on the internet.

We are trash.  Remember when we made that Asian soup?  That was kind of racist of us also it tasted bad.

I guess I'd rather have spring first and then summer but really it's not March we want it's like April and May bc we don't just want the weather of spring and summer we want our good movies and comics and the end of school and other.

Wow g thanks for telling me to wear a Spider-Man costume when I don't even have one.  If I was a lil boy I would have one no doubt bc they make Spider-Man costumes for little boys and you can really just buy one anywhere.  I guess if I was a large man I would also have one bc they also make them for that kind of man and you can buy them some places.  I mean I have my Spider-Man hoodie and my Spider-Man shirts but that's just not the same tbh

Yeah true.  Though I'd be really mad if they had Venom in an Avengers movie and not Spider-Man.

Yeah though MJ wasn't that much in my dream she was just in the end of it a little bit.  I saw her kissing Pete in like a river or something and then the dream was over. I wished to know more like what were her superpowers and why was her name Clyde and why was she still with Pete even though he was a teenager and she was grown. These questions and more will haunt me forever.

I dream of having another dream with MJ in it though.

The qs just come from a place... Do you want me to stop answering them? I mean do you want Spider-Man to stop answering them?  Or do you want him to stop and for me to answer them again instead? Or do you want someone else to do it?

Yeah dang those shows to heck I just want to watch the whole dang thing in one go

Aw g I didn't know Captain America got taken off Netflix.  Well I have the movie on my comp if you ever want to watch it when I'm there.

Yeah it had been really warm the past few days though idk I don't think it was 45 degrees here but p warm.  But like okay the past few days I haven't worn a coat bc it's been so warm so like today I didn't wear a coat and then when I got out of class it was snowing!!!!! That was so rusty to me so then like I ran across the campus back to my dorm and discovered that they had changed the card reader on the door and my card wouldn't work for it!!! So I was trapped in the snow w out my coat!!!! That was the worst time of my life but then thankfully someone opened the door.

Nice lunch!!!


I'm really excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I didn't expect to be but I am!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I'm v excited about all of the characters except for Drax idgaf about him at the moment.  I think I'm gonna try to read some of the comics before the movie comes out though I can't decide whether to start with the 2008 comics or Marvel NOW. But yeah!!!!  I'm more excited about this than DOFP now tbh.

Okay it's let's talk about comics time!!!!!

Superior Spider-Man Team-Up #10
*Dang Checchetto and his beautiful art
*I will never feel sorry for Ock and his sob story about being bullied in school. First of all because if we're supposed to feel sorry for Ock because of that then I just feel doubly sorry for Pete bc he was bullied too and didn't ever take revenge even when he had the means to and wasn't a huge jerk when he became an adult because of it. And also because Ock was able to leave school and go to college early so he probably didn't have to suffer for long unlike Pete who's family obviously couldn't have afforded that. And also because Ock was probably a little shit as a child as well and most likely deserved it.
*Okay the guy had PUMPKIN BOMBS strapped to his chest and you really don't know who was behind it? Who else do you know that uses bombs shaped like pumpkins????
*"I just guided the Punisher through an assault and you didn't make one joke about "the blind leading the blind." When does Spider-Man not joke?"
*Okay Matt, Frank, and Spock are so matching because Matt wears all red and Frank wears all black and Spock wears red and black.  That's cute.
*Okay did the Spiderlings turn on him or did they not this is so confusing!!!!!
*I didn't even know Frank had a glider.
*Shut up about your dang equipment Spock wow
*Okay there's no way that Daredevil would be able to hold his breath longer than Spider-Man though. *Maybe Ock just doesn't know the art of holding his breath for like 20 minutes like Pete did.
*Well at least a giant thing didn't fall on you and then you had to lift the thing up before you drowned.... Because that would really suck....if that happened to someone......
*You'd think wiping someone's mind and replacing it with your own would be enough to unlearn classical conditioning though
*Okay this issue seems kind of inconsistent w the last issue of SSM though because in that issue he learned that the Green Goblin was doing that stuff but then in this issue...he also learned it?  And was the whole place flooded in this issue or just part of it because then what's the point of it being destroyed in SSM?  And what's the deal with the Spiderlings idk.  It would be nice if things were at least consistent and not unintentionally confusing wow.

Okay well that is all.

I wonder what's going to happen to the Superior Spider-Man Team-Up title once Peter comes back.

Welp I guess Spider-Man could answer some more questions.  He's probably just gonna do it anyway.

701. What is your favorite mixed drink?
Sprite and Fanta

702. When answering these questions are you often pulled in different directions, as if committing to one answer eliminates the possibility for all others?
Isn't that the point of answering the questions?

703. Chicken Mesala, Pasta Primavera, Veal Cutlet Parmesan or Linguini with Clam Sauce?
None of them because I'm not sure what they are.

704. If you were alone in your friend's house/room/apartment would you look in their drawers and notebooks?
Only if I suspected them of murder...which might happen...

705. What would you really like to do but you don't because you are afraid of getting caught?
Pftft I never get caught.

706. Of the following, which word best describes you: responsible, spontaneous, tactful, uninhbited,

707. Which band would you most likely check out? The Smiths (indi-pop 80's-90's), The Lords of Acid (acid/house/dance 90's), Front 242 (80's-90's industrial/dance)
The Smiths

708. How can one put an end to procrastination, as a bad habit?
I wish I knew...

709. What feature would you want on your car that is not currently offered?
I don't have a car.  But I used to have a car!  Even though I couldn't drive.  And the car wasn't technically mine. Anyway, Johnny and I souped it up to make it drive on walls and shoot webs.  That's definitely not currently offered.

710. What kind of poetry speaks to you?
Um...uh....the kind that...I don't know?

711. What is your favorite store that is open 24 hours?
Food stores.

712. Do you find that sleep is just so much sleepier when you are supposed to be doing something else?
Which is basically all the time.

713. Do you also find that the books you chose are so much more luscious when you have a stack of actual assignments that you Should be reading?
Ah such luscious books. Uh I don't usually dislike reading for class though.  I like learning.... I'm sorry.

714. If you have had the chance to compare the original survey to this edited version, what is your opinion?

715. What's the most creative answer you can think of for 'what is black and white and red all over'?
Uh Frank Castle after a hard day's work.

716. Why do people slow down on the highway when they pass a cop car pulling someone else over?
Is this really up for debate?  Because they don't want to be pulled over next...

717. Are they afraid that the cop will STOP pulling over whoever he is pulling over and pull them over instead?

718. It's daddy's birthday. What do you get him?
He's dead.

719. What's your survey nickname?
I'm supposed to have a survey nickname? Okay, it's Survey-Man.  With a hyphen.

Look at the word next to the 2nd letter of your first name
A anything but
B bubalicious
C captivating
D deadly
E erotic
F funky
G greasy
H heaps of
I indie
J jelly
K kinetic
L lasher
M Mr. (or Mrs.)
N neglected
O ogre-like
P parading
Q quacking
R Rico
S stinky
T the one and only
U uber
V Velcro
W wishing for
X x-tra
Y yearning for
Z zoobalee

Now take the first letter of your last name.
A aardvarks
B baboo
C creme pie
D drag queen
E eggbert
F flex
G god
H hell
I Isabelle
J juice
K kisses
L lightning
M mannish boys
N nice
O octopi
P porcupines
Q q-bert
R rainbows
S suave
T tushy
U underwear
V valor
W weenie
X xtc
Y yohimbe
Z zipper

Put the two words together for your nickname.
Oh so that's my nickname. Um... Erotic Porcupines...??? That makes me uncomfortable.

720. You know that shaky feeling that you get when it's all coming to a climax, and everyone involved is breaking into the good kind of cold sweat, working as individuals and at the same time as a single force of energy, and it all meshes together, and for a brief moment, you're holding your breath and tingling all over, and after it's done you're on an explosive and dizzying high for the rest of the night? What does that feeling come from?

721. How many of your teachers can you imagine drinking or doing drugs on the weekends?
Speaking as a former teacher, that's probably what they're all doing.

722. Do you like Alice in Wonderland or Through the Looking Glass?

723. Write a question and answer it here.
Do you love MJ? Yes.

724. Who is your favorite playwright?
Ask MJ...

725. What movie has come out recently that you couldn’t have less interest in?
I've been dead recently.

726. What would the worst movie ever be about?
A guy who gets bitten by a spider.

727. Do you like truffles?
I guess?

Do you like Turkish delight?
I don't know???

728. Can you tell the difference between a transvestite and a real woman?
That's a stupid question.

729. What's funnier, plants or fire extinguishers?
They're both so hilarious I can't decide.

730. For question 720 did you write down sex?

You pervert, I was thinking of musical theater.
I was thinking of superhero team-ups.

731. Which is better, leopard print or plaid?

732. What would you consider ordinary?

733. What is out of the ordinary?

734. Do you ever watch COPS?
No I see enough cops in my real life.

735. Is there always room for j - e - l - l - o?
I can't answer that...

736. If you had your own TV show, what kind of show would you make it?
A show about MJ

737. Do you know how heavy things like airplanes stay in the air?
Thor carries them.

738. When do you act the most dramatic?
Whenever the mood strikes me.

739. Are you one of those people who have, "see photo id,” written on the back of their credit cards?
I don't have a credit card.

740. It's mom’s birthday. What do you get her?
She's dead.

741. What celebrity has pretty much disappeared leaving you wondering 'where are they now'?
Johnny Storm. I think he went into space or something.

742. Would you get angry if you and your girl/boyfriend saw the preview for a movie and talked about seeing it together and then they saw it with one of their friends while you were busy?
I would understand because I am seriously the most unreliable person ever and I don't deserve to have people wait to see movies with me.

743. How many people do you think will finish this whooooooole survey?
How many people are actually doing this survey?

744. Have you ever written a message, sealed it in a bottle and thrown it into a river/lake ocean?
No because I don't want Namor to know my secrets.

745. If you haven't would you want to?
I said no!

746. If you ever did what would you write?
Namor is a jerk pass it on.

747. What do you wish you could always be protected from?
People hurting my family.

748. What small thing annoys you so much it should be a crime?
Other people hitting on MJ

749. Would you rather watch a video of fish in a tank, or the Yule log on TV?
A fishy

750. Is it better to be loved or feared?

751. What causes you to panic?
People falling

752. Do you believe that you have a strong personality?
Spider-Man does..

753. When Jesus saves souls...does he trade them in for valuable prizes?
Yeah he's saving up to buy a new bicycle.

754. What resolutions would you make if it were new years?
To come back to life.

755. Why wait?
I still need to think of a plan of how to do it...

756. Do you feel like time is on your side or working against you?
Well the longer I wait the more screwed up my life is gonna be probably.

757. What do you do for yourself when you are down to put a little joy back into your life?
I talk to MJ

758. How much Tolkien have you read?
A good amount.

759. These are the songs on the radio. Which are you most likely to listen to Time Bomb by Rancid, Dead Man's party by Oingo Boingo, The Sun Always Shines on TV by A-ha, 50 Ways to leave Your Lover by Paul Simon, Run by collective Soul
Paul Simon

760. Do you believe that Jesus existed as a real person?
Probably not.

761. Do you believe he was the son of god?

762. How do you feel about organized religion?

763. What sentence have you heard lately, that would sound pretty odd out of context?
I am dead so

763. If you had to choose one image to be a symbol of our times, what would you pick?

764. Name a group of people:
The Sinister Six

765. How many of them does it take to screw in a light bulb?
Six! Four to hold down Electro and one to screw the lightbulb into his mouth.

766. Do you like the movie The Labyrinth with David Bowie and some muppets?
I don't know

767. Do you like the movie The Dark Crystal?
I don't know

768. Metallica or Guns N' Roses?

769. Do you follow the Chinese zodiac? 

770. Do you like reggae music?
Not really

771. What makes your life worth it every day?

772. Do you seize each day and sink your teeth into it?

773. I’ve heard people say that Jim Morrison never yawned because he was just so full of life. How often do you yawn?
I'm yawning right now

774. Who decides what behavior is 'crazy' or 'sane'?
Probably psychologists

775. Who are the most inspiring artists, musicians, poets, and writers?

776. Did anything historically significant happen in the year you were born?
Yes, I was born that year.

777. Besides blowing out birthday candles when do you make wishes?
When I see Tony Stark

778. Are you self-sufficient?
Does this count?

779. Is it better to be wanted or needed?
It's better to be needed than wanted by the law at least.

780. What do you feel is an appropriate age to lose one’s virginity at?
That's up to your own discretion.

781. Do you feel that the appropriate age for girls and for boys is different? 
So what either boys or girls are supposed to only have sex with each other or people older than them until the other sex reaches the appropriate age???

782. Are you a hard person to get to know?
If you want to know my secret identity, then yeah I'd say it's a fair challenge.

783. What is the craziest thing you have ever done out of anger?
I...sometimes try to kill people when I'm really pissed.

784. What's the MOST annoying sound you can think of?
Norman Osborn's laugh.

785. What's the silliest vegetable you can think of?

786. Do you believe in love at first sight?
I  believe in love at first jackpot.

787. Name one thing you have referred to in the past as “better than sex”:
Didn't you already ask me this question???

788. What do you see when you turn out the light?

789. Do you like jazz, blues and/or swing music?

790. Do you prefer gold or silver jewelry?
Never had any.

791. In what ways do you want your children to be like you?
I don't.

792. In what ways would you want your children to be different from you?
If they were exactly like MJ that'd be cool.

793. What was the scariest movie you've ever seen?
That one. I can't remember that it's called.

794. What was the funniest movie you've ever seen?
Oh man I can't remember the name of it either but that one.

795. What was the worst movie you've ever seen?
Okay that one.  You know the one.

796. Are you a good massage-giver?
Heck yeah

797. What is one question that no one can ever truthfully answer 'yes' to?
Are you a good massage-giver? Just kidding I'm a great massage giver.

798. Is there more to this world than human beings can perceive?
Yeah I mean you can only perceive the microverse if you're like really tiny. Though I guess humans can become really tiny but you know what I mean.

799. If matter is neither created nor destroyed then is it possible that you are made up of molecules that once made up Ghandi or Jesus or Einstein?
It's possible.  But improbable.

800. Are you often sarcastic?
No never.


Oop I almost forgot to play the game.

Here's my din
This may look like scribbles but it was actually pasta w tomato sauce and salad.  It was p boring tho so there's nothing really else to say about it.  Okay for real though I meant to take my camera w me today to take a pic of something but I forgot. Next time for sure.

Okay that's it have a nice day!!!!