Monday, November 29, 2010

The Dark Mark

nm just bloggin

omg gs you know whats the best experience
when you get a new slash ship to ship
omg i just love that jasdglkashdgjasdg
that is me rn
ughhhh i just wanna read some fic but i feel like i should wait for winter break asjdglksahgjsadhglkjsadhgkjlasdghjksladghjksdag
omg how wonderful life is now netflix is in the world
and now that my computer that works is in the world
can this be the whole post or
i got shit to do
ok but suppose you were in the shower and you touched your dark mark cuz thats apparently how it works and then voldemort appeared in your shower

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Talons and Tea Leaves

heyyyy gs, i'm just gonna post again today.

omggg tg was so awesome!!! like it was just such a nice long relaxing break from school and everything. here is a big list of all the reasons it was so awesome:

-seeing cousins and uncle and aunt again
-seeing hp7 again
-yummy thanksgiving dinners
-having a popcorn war
-roasting marshmallows
-playing with the heroes/lost/merlin/star trek cards and the apples to apples cards
-getting those two new games
-roasting marshmallows
-exploring the woods
-murder mystery
-dance party
-lightsaber duels
-camera battles
-listening to my new tg jamz
-more stuff probably

aw g i was reading through some of our last blog posts and it was talking about tracks ice cream and i really want some now!!!!! wait we have some tracks of the moose variety! goos!!!! :D

now i am having some nice cold moose tracks ice cream with some nice warm friendship tea under a nice and warm blanket.

hahahahaha omggg so i'm looking through all these pics my mom took at tg on her camera and there are two right in a row that make a really funny animation when you go back and forth in the photo gallery! so i made a gif of it and here it is:

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

hahahahahaha icqcml!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ahhh hannukah is next week! icqcme!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Happily Ever After

hey gs, this is goblin. we just had an awesome night! we had a murder mystery party followed by lightsaber duels, followed by a crazy glow stick dance party!!!!!!! we kinda forgot about posting because we were doing so much stuff but inbd. tomorrow will probs be a better post.

cya later

Thursday, November 25, 2010


hey gs just posting

oh hello cobb is here also. he says these words: uuuuuh why do you always have to type what i say? ugh! why can't i type for once!? uuuuh i'm really stuffed from thanksgiving because like we had so much food and my stomach is full! para can say something now. haha ... uh uh haha *points to screen* ha haha come on para! i'll say some more once you get the post started! haha uuuuugh i'm just gonna play on my ipod until you think of something to do on the post.

okay what a boring cobb that is. omg he is just playing this harry potter game on his pod instead of helping me post so. ok well i will just have to think of something awesome to say. ok well i don't feel like thinking really because i am also so full from tgiving.

cobb: g let's take a nap or watch something!

silly cobb obvs we have to post so. omg but i could so go for watching merles right now you don't even. if i don't watch the next ep tonight i am going to scream because it looks like such an awesome ep. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah ok that was me screaming silently but if i don't get to watch the thing then i am going to scream irl. hob is unfort being such a g and not wanting to watch it or even do anything really so.

ok now cobb will speak to us again.

cobb: g my stomach's too full to think of anything to say. my stomach feels like its going to explode. actually i'm kind of hungry at the same time but it would probably make me more full to eat anything.

ok he is boring so. ok what should we do in this post really? any ideas, cobb?

cobb: uuuuuh how about we... how about... uuuum uuuuum uuuuum do you really need to type all these "uuums"? uuuum uuuuum uuuuuum... let's just watch merlin and we can type commentary while we're watching or something. idk.

well idk what ep that g wants to watch so. he has already seen the first one so. can we not watch the first one or

cobb: aw g. g we're being such big glugs.

idk why he thinks we are being glugs so.

cobb: what else should we post about? you should change all the cobbs back to gob because my name is not cobb.

that poor cobb. his problem is so fierce he doesn't even know he has it.

cobb: when did i post for a joint post? no i'm not! don't lie in a blog post! awwwww g!!!!!!!! my name is gob.

he lies.

cobb: i'm not saying that! jkksdkgjds=fsodkjglksdjgoesj i can't pronounce that. NOOOO NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! uuuugh! blehhhh.

ok now let's go for something fun. idk what but.


ok now here is a song piccie that cobb and i made::::

ok did you like that?

ok well that is all so see ya

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

me, i'm just posting.

cobb why did you not post yesterday after i texted you to do it for me and you plum said you would?!?!?!?

btw cobb we figured you out. don't worry, we'll save you

omg i love our banner!


me and my g are just chillin watchin my show and we havent really packed yet sooo

we are gs

GOOS MY COMPUTER IS FIXED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

well here is how many times 've seen hp: 2. are we seeing it at tgiving or

Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Seven potters

hey gs, i don't really feel like saying that much because i just am not in the best mood because cm and i got into a big argument but it's my day to post so here it goes.

only like 2 and a half more days until we leave for tg!!!!!!!!!!! :D

here are two hp gifs i found.

look away i'm hideous! haha

i can't wait to see hp7 again at tg!!!!!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Hate This And I'll Love You

heyyyyyyyyyyyyy gs



goos also its friday! except i still have two more days of school before tg but nbd.

omg everyone at school were such gs. its like they were all these tired gs and they were all completely useless today because what? they stayed up until like 3? THAT IS NBD. YOU FOOLS. I HAVE STAYED UP LATER THAN THAT PLENTY OF TIMES AND I AM ALWAYS JUST PEACHY.

omg i hate everyone that saw hp at midnight.

i guess i'm a bit more excited to see it now though because i just heard it was really good even though i have the method where whenever i hear any hp related words i cover by ears and start singing "i don't care" in my head. so we might see it before tg. idk. but we will def see it again at tg i think. even if it sucks probs.

omg we have two kinds of ice cream in this house but neither of them are tracks and i really want some tracks. we should hook ourselves up with some tracks at tg.








i just want to die. ok i will play the game.

ok star wars if obviously stupid. ok highest grossing movie obvs means it is the grossest movie ever. this discussion is pointless. we hate the thing. nothing more to say.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Faceless Ones

heyyyy gs.

this is probably going to not be the best post ever because i don't have a whole lot of time because i have tons of homework but i'm going to go ahead and work on my post some first.

hahahahahaha omggggg idek why but i just thought i heard cm say "today at school i was walking down the stairs and a nipple hit my face!"

in reality he said "a nickel hit my face" though. haha.

well anyways...

gs guess what??? last night my mom just made a batch of friendship tea and we're going to bring it to tg!!!


thanksgiving's gonna be awesome.

oh yeah, para, i just looked up how long the drive is for us and it's like 5 and a half hours, so hopefully we will get there before you this time!

haha we should all watch the thanksgiving ep of heroes at thanksgiving!

oh yeah, did you know apparently there is going to be this show called camelot about merlin and arthur and stuff and the main guy from flash forward is playing merlin. i think it's coming out early next year. idk

okay, so this tri i have really awesome classes, except for the fact that two of my classes each like 30 freaking people in them and 90% of those people are gigantic glugs!!!! omgg i've never been in a room filled with so many glugs before. in my english class they are like surrounding me and i'm afraid i'm going to die from their glugness. like literally every person sitting next to me is a huge glug in that class. and the only cool people are on the complete other side of the room. DDDDDDDD:

but inbd because i have 3 other classes with non-gluggy people and at lunch there aren't too many glugs.

blehh since no one seems to understand the game and/or feel like coming up with a new debate i'll just come up with one myself.

new debate: Is Star Wars awesome?

yeah obviously it is awesome considering the original movie is one of the highest grossing movies in history ever so apparently tons of people like it. it has a really great story and each episode of the saga fits together into one big story of anakin's fall to the dark side and his redemption. plus it has really great special effects and visuals. and it just has has so many awesome characters like Yoda, C-3PO, R2-D2, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Darth Maul, Mace Windu, Han Solo, Darth Vader and tons more but it would take forever for me to list them all. plus there's just like soooooo much stuff that goes with it. i mean there are 6 movies, a tv show, hundreds of books/comics, videogames, action figures, legos...pretty much anything you can think of Star Wars has.

okay that's all of my post.
cya next time, and it won't be as sucky of a post.

oh yeah and this post is called The Faceless Ones because I really wish I didn't have the faces of all those glugs imprinted into my mind and i wish they were faceless. haha idek why i'm being so mean towards glugs.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Owl Post

wow it's like i wanted to do this post but then i had to do this stupid thing and sjkghsdjgsdag i just wanna chill omg

well anyway i just finished this darn paper today and omg okay it's due tomorrow and i started it YESTERDAY. it's like what the who am i, noah? also okay usually when i write a paper i just sit down and start writing the thing, but this time i like made this detailed outline and stuff AND i went to the darn library to write it and its like omg cut that shit out. well jsyk if i dont get a good grade on it i'm gonna do some serious facesmashing
wasnt that the thing in tsn
no that was facemash
acutally idk

omg let me say that yesterday i successfuly stalled para going to bed for exactly 30 mins
ok yesterday i couldnt fall asleep so i made some song pics but i had to use pics i had on my comp so one is for one of our songs i think and one is not

ok here they are

the song is make me wanna die by the pretty reckless

ok this song you know

well jsyk the first pic is frm torchwood and the second is frm fight club

well thats the end cuz i have things to watch soo
oh wait 2 days utnil i come home
ok bye
p.s. today i got a postcard in the mail

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Everything Is Alright

heyyyyyy gs

sorry for not posting yesterday! DDDDDDDDDDD:

i was plum writing right through the time when i should have posted because i am so darn behind on my wc.

well nbd. no need to punish me really.

omg you know who is annoying me. it is noah. he just thinks he is hot shit all the time and its just bugging me. its like ok wow chuck your attitude out the door bro.

you know what i am excited for though? MY G


ok i have no classes tomorrow. goos.

haha i've been listening to my tg jams from last year. they were so wonderful. ok its like i have a lot of jams but idk if they are very good or what. wow its going to be a seven hour drive though. how long of a drive will it be for cobb i wonder. also when will you fools be arriving? try to arrive before us because i plum hate waiting for you. also try not to arrive at like ten pm or whenever that was that you fools got there last time. because that sucked so much bro.

omg if tom doesn't return my dvds soon i'm going to smack him.

wow that sleep survey was such a snore cobb. so i'm not even going to do that even though i like surveys usually.

ok i have some more song piccies though. ok first here are the ones we said to do:

l.g. fuad-motion city soundtrack:

one more night-stars:

that green gentleman-panic at the disco

ok and here is one we didn't say but i think we should all try to do it

do it alone-sugarcult:

did you like those, gs? ok which one would you say is your fave? also are there any that you are confused about?

ok but we need more songies because obvs i did all the ones we thought of.

again, i am a g for making those instead of writing.

omg i just need to watch the last ep of sherles because last night i was having this dream that i was sherles and i was like figuring out things about the last ep with my awesome consulting detective skills, and watson was there and he was trying to stop me so that i wouldn't be spoiled.

ok well idg the game but nbd.

Saturday, November 13, 2010


hey hob, sorry i didn't realize you texted me until i read your post.

aw g, also i forgot about arcade fire playing on snl yesterday. oh well, inbd. i think florence and the machine is playing on snl next saturday too.

ahh i also wish it was snowing here. this fall has hardly seemed liked fall at all. it's been way too darn hot. why can't it just get cold already?? D:

haha i've noticed that the D: face is like my favorite face now it seems. here are some other faces wikipedia says i could be using to express horror, disgust, or sadness.


ideg that last one. it looks weird and looks nothing like the others.

wow g apparently there's a whole different eastern style of emoticons. like this is crying in the eastern style. (T_T)

hahaha this emoticon is a punched in the face emoticon.




omgg you know what i'm so excited for?
AHHHH LIKE I BET THESE 2 WEEKS ARE GOING TO GO BY SO SLOWLY BECAUSE ICQCME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

okay, i'm going to do this thing where i list something i'm excited for every day so that maybe time would go by faster because i have something to anticipate every day:

Sunday, November 14:HP 5
Monday, November 15: New Dexter ep
Tuesday, November 16: HP 2
Wednesday, November 17: HP6/chicken wednesday at school for lunch
Thursday, November 18: HP7
Friday, November 19: New Big Bang Theory ep
Saturday, November 20: Florence + the Machine on SNL
Sunday, November 21: TSN
Monday, November 22: New Dexter ep
Tuesday, November 23: idkk but it's just one day before we leave for tg so i think i'll be ok!
Wednesday, November 24: LEAVING FOR TG!

omggg why it can't just be this weekend every day until we leave for tg? this weekend has been so awesome. here's the stuff i've done.

-Watched a bunch of Harry Potter
-Watched a bunch of Big Bang Theory
-Watched an ep of Big Bang Theory
-Talked to my cuz para and my my cuz hob and my cuz noah
-Got to 8451 words in my nano (still really behind, but it's progress)

haha wow, i've had such a weird sleep schedule this weekend. that is so awesome. normall sleep schedules are boring.

yesterday i went to bed at like 7 and woke up at noon. and i had a couple mini-naps during the day.
today i went to bed at 5 and woke up at 11.

here's a survey on sleeping. wow we haven't done this sort of thing in forever!

Do you snore while you're sleeping?
I don't think so...

How many pillows do you use?
Just one

How do you sleep? Side? Back? Stomach?
It depends. I usually sleep on my side but sometimes I also sleep on my stomach.

How comfortable is your mattress?
Again, it depends. Like if I'm super tired it is comfy. If I'm super awake it's as hard as a rock.

How long does it usually take you to fall asleep? you think all these questions have one clear cut answer? Well they don't. And I don't feel like elaborating on the different circumstances that changes how long it takes me to fall asleep. So suck it, creator of this survey.

Do you fall asleep in front of the TV?

How many times (if any) do you wake up in the middle of the night?
I used to wake up a ton in the middle of the night but I don't do that much lately. D:

What kind of bed do you have?
Uhhh...a regular single one. idk

Have you ever fallen off the bed while you were sleeping?
Haha no I have not.

How close is the alarm clock to your bed?
On the nightstand beside it but I never use my alarm clock.

How many times do you hit the snooze button when your alarm goes off?
Look above.

What's the first thing you think of when you open your eyes?
Uhh sorry g, but I don't think of one same thing every time I open my eyes.

Have you ever had the infamous 'falling' dream?
Nah g.

Have you ever had a nightmare so bad it woke you up and you couldn't get back to sleep?
Nah not really.

Do you need any medication to help you get to sleep?

Do you count sheep? (hey, some people do it)
That is so boring.

Do you like your mattress soft or hard?

Do you roll around a lot in bed or do you normally sleep in one spot the whole time?

Ever listen to music to fall asleep?
Yeah sometimes.

What's the wierdest place you've ever fallen asleep?
Uhh first of all g, you spelled weirdest wrong. Second of all, the weirdest place I've ever fallen asleep is on the stairs.

What's the longest amount of time you've gone without sleep?
idk, maybe like 2 days.

Have you ever fallen asleep in school or at work?
Yeah I fall asleep at school all the time.

How about in the car?

Is this survey putting you to sleep?
Yeah it is. It's getting kinda boring now.

Do you still take naps?
Of course!

At what times?
Whenever I feel like it.

Do you wish you could go back to having naps at work/school like you did in preschool?
Yeah I do.

Are you going to sleep now that this survey's over?

hahaha look at this note my mom left for me this morning.

that is such an awesome baby sitter.

okay here are some song pics i made:

Shiver - Coldplay

L.G. FUAD - Motion City Soundtrack

I will have some more song pics in my next post probably.

hahaha omg look at this pic i just found.

Wow, awesome g! I'm almost at 7000 songs on iTunes!!!! omggg haha i was rereading one of our chats before tg last year and like you gs were talking about your tg jamz and hob said she only had like 1000 something songs in her library and now i bet she has WAYYY more than that!


now i can start on my tg jamz! omggg icqcme for tg!!!!! haha that's prob going to be in like every post i do until tg. xD i feel like we're all having really awesome posts and having more gcs now that it's getting closer to tg. wow, this was actually a really good post today!

well this is all i feel like doing on the post. cya later. wow i am such valiant goblin for doing this awesome post.

oh yeah and hob for your next post you need to come up with a new debate i guess.

oh yeah one last thing. hahahaha.

The Cave

blehhhh dnw to be posting right now cuz i'm in the mid of a great episode. i tired texting gob to get him to post but i guess it didn't take. i almost didnt post at all but i couldnt enjoy the episode knowing that i might need to rush down here to post
alright today i watched like 6 eps of supernatural and also did homework. what. the. well really i just wanna go home. and this job, this last job, THAT'S how i get there.
you know who is a glug. our mother
i wish there could be snow around me
here is one song pic i made yesterday.
the song is "good to know if i ever need attention all i have to do is die" by brand new

well remember we were watching merles last night and gob asked why the troll slept in a cave or someting? yeah, those were the days.

Friday, November 12, 2010

The Conscience of the King

heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy gs

wow its so craz that its only friday. it feel like this weekend should be about over or something but nah i still got two more days comin at me. cleopatra. comin atcha.

speaking of comin atcha, here is something comin atcha called a great post i hope.

ok first i have something to share called a fanmix i just plum made

alright here it is

Magic, magic, magic
I've got the magic in me.

The Impression That I Get- The Mighty Mighty Bosstones
I've never had to knock on wood
But I know someone who has
Which makes me wonder if I could
It makes me wonder if
I've never had to knock on wood
And I'm glad I haven't yet
Because I'm sure it isn't good
that's the impression that I get

The Rescue- American Hi-Fi
I know I can save us somehow.
You thought you were safe and sound but you need a hero now.
You gotta believe even with broken wings,
I've come to your rescue and you can't rescue me.

The Once And Future King- Bloc Party
See you're gonna
Be the next big thing
All the young girls
You could ever want

Common People- William Shatner
I wanna live like common people.
I wanna do whatever common people do.
I wanna sleep with common people.
I wanna sleep with common people like you.

My Sweet Prince- Placebo
Me and the dragon can chase all the pain away.
So before I end my day, remember...
My sweet prince, you are the one

I’ll Make a Man Out Of You- Mulan
You're a spineless, pale
pathetic lot
And you haven't got a clue
Somehow I'll make a man
out of you

click on the songs to listen to them on youtube.

omg why did i even make that?

actually jk i made that because it is awesome and merlin and arthur are in love, ok?

also here is a pic i made with one of the songs:

haha omg the last picture in that one. the one on the right that's the best.

ok well actually i have more song piccies. but that's the only merlin one.

the boy who blocked his own shot-brand new

i'm not your toy-la roux

i just wanna live-good charlotte

marching bands of manhattan-death cab for cutie

love me dead-ludo

ok i am just crazy for doing this instead of writing.

omggggggggggggg i can't wait for tgggggggggggggg

ok does cobb not know his left and right or-
like ok he posted that pic and he said to look at the guy the sixth guy from the right, so you go that guy and its kate. and that's not a guy, and there's also nothing craz about her. but then you go to the guy the sixth from the LEFT and its sayid and he's short.
ok gob...
<--- left. right. --->

if you need to you can do this trick where you put your fingers up in the shape of L's and the one that make a proper L is the left hand.

wow i could go for watching sherles right about now.

ok i have been watching sooo much hey arnold lately though. its like every episode is so romantic though omg. arnold/helga is the best evs.

haha hobby remember us last night and watching merles. what even were we? that show is so great omg. omg that beast guy.

wow its like my conference that i had yesterday was like the best evs. it was like i had a c in science but moth and fath were so chill about it. it was greatttttt! also instead of telling those fools i said i wanted to kill him, nelson was like showering me with compliments. omg. it was so craz.

haha i was playing taboo with mother and some gs today and i was just this g like ok it was like this

the word: cheerleader
me: save the blank save the world

the word: kick
me: if you were in a dream and you needed to wake up you might get this

the word: gremlin
me: its like our cousin but dif

it was so great! we should play taboo at tg.

wow where is cobb even? its like he says he has nothing going on and then he isn't even online. wtf.

ok idrg our game. its like am i supposed to come up with a new debate or-

well oh well. you know what i miss? our old game.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Sing For Absolution

Warning: Do not be surprised and have a heart attack and die or anything when you are reading this post because you suddenly realized how awesome it is.

First of all I'm going to go ahead and do the debate game:

Here's the debate game now:

Well i don't mind rp shipping too much but i don't really like it either. haha on the bus trip back from the ohio marching band contest there was this paper passed out and you wrote down people for these end of season awards and this one guy kept shipping with me other guys and said he was going to put it down on his paper for best couple. D:

Okay gs, remember from like a REALLYYY long time ago when I made that gigantic list of stuff to do when you’re bored? Well here’s a huge list of even more random stuff to do when you’re bored! I did this mainly because:

a. I randomly found it in my folder of stuff and had forgotten about it
b. I was bored
c. It helped me become unbored by writing all this stuff
d. I thought it could possibly come in handy to have one day

Oh yeah, and tyt to cm and the internet for helping me out on this.

List of things to do when bored:

-Watch a TV Show

-Watch a movie

-Read a book

-Write a story

-Listen to a podcast

-Listen to an album you have never listened to before

-Go to

-Go to


-Make a feast

-Draw something



-Surf through lolcats

-Go to

-Surf in Hawaii! haha jj

-Ponder on why it is even called surfing when you are just looking at a website.

-Send a nice long email to your cousin named Gob

-Jump in a pile of leaves

-Play in the snow

-Play a card game

-Make a card game

-Play a boardgame

-Make a boardgame

-Act out a TV show episode

-Watch TV

-Watch the QVC shopping channel

-Prank call the QVC shopping channel

-Save the cheerleader, save the world

-Go on a flight from Sydney to L.A. and crash on a mysterious island

-Tickle a polar bear

-Press the random article button on a wiki on read whatever comes up (regular, heroes, lost,

-Leave a message on It's this website that has these letters like the
magnet letters on kitchen fridges and anyone can move them around however they want!

-Spend 108 minutes ranting about something.


-Jump down some stairs

-Have some fun with cheese in a can

-Have a marathon of watching a certain tv show or certain set of movies

-Read all the way through this awesome list

-Throw a party

-Kill a man

-Kill a woman

-Kill a child

-Kill a polar bear

-Download some new music

-Get on Facebook

-Tell everyone your chicken is hot

-Run around in squares

-Run around in triangles

-Write a letter and send it in the mail

-Sail around the world in a race

-Push the button in the hatch every 108 minutes

-Become a monk

-Be as awesome as Desmond is

-Go see a movie in theaters

-Hug someone

-Play with fire

-Play Wii

-Make a blog

-Prank call someone

-Come to Indiana to visit your cousin named Gob

-Pretend to be a fictional character all day

-Practice something

-Play the iPod Shufffle game (listen to whatever song first comes up on shuffle)


-Count to 999. Count all the way up to 9,999. You know you'll be so tempted to say 1,000 but

-Read the dictionary and find cool big words that make you sound intelligent and sophisticated

-Do jumping jacks

-Write a story

-Tape popsicle sticks to your fingers and pretend that they are claws.

-Read a newspaper

-Do a crossword puzzle

-Do a Sudoko

-Count sheep

-Pick up litter

-Blink repeatedly

-Break something

-Throw marshmallows against the wall

-Solve a mystery

-Create a mystery

-Eat breakfast, regardless of what time it is

-Sneak out at night

-Walk around like a crab

-Play Addicting online flash games

-Jump on a trampoline

-Make friends with a potato and name it Terrence.

-Write on your arm

-Make popcorn

-Try to lick your elbow

- Appreciate everything

-Find out what your heartbeat is

-Insult someone

-Buy a pig

-Watch TV but only watch the commercials and not the show

-Take a bunch of quizzes

-Go through this list and see if I've repeated anything (I probably have)

-Spam someone's Facebook account

-Go on a treasure hunt for spare change around your house until you have enough to buy

-Have a "Who is less competitive" competition. Trying to win at this will make you lose. Trying
to to lose makes you win which makes you lose. Not trying at all makes you lose which makes
you win which makes you lose.

-Build a fort

-Redesign your room

-Slide on the floor in socks

-Play a musical instrument

-Hide a secret message somewhere in your house

-Street perform for cash

-Waste hours of your life trying to beat this highly annoying game.

-Gather a pile of old books, close your eyes, toss out the books one by one, and read the last one
remaining cover to cover in one sitting

-Catch fireflies

-Got to Walmart and try to get kicked out

-Go for a bike ride

-Do something normal except do it upside down as a challenge

-Make some cool playlists for your iPod

-Ponder on philosophical questions like "Which came first, the chicken or the egg?"

-Make waffles

-Have staring contests. If you don't have a person to do it against just find a picture of a person
on google and stare at them and see if you can beat them!

-Have rock paper scissor contests.

-Have thumb war contests

-Make sock puppets

-Look at clouds

-Count the stars

- Purr

-Place flies in random places in your house

-Play duck, duck, goosbag

-Go on a walk outside at 2 am.

-Every time you say the word definitely, spell it out

-Learn random facts and share them with people

-Bake cookies

- Boldly go where no man has gone before

-Watch TV upside down for an entire show

-See how many licks it actually takes to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop.

-Go up on the roof

-Decorate your house

-Carry a tune

-Drop a tune

-Play Star Wars miniatures

-Play Fluxx

-Work on making Fluxx cards

-Play the google verb game. Example “Daniel likes” “Daniel is” etc.

-Run up and down stairs

-Go to someone you don't know and yell, "I BLEED PROFUSELY IN MY STOMACH!" and walk

-Go to Mulberry Island


-Draw something on someone’s face

-Ride a moose

-Play a drinking game

-Look for spare coins around the house

-Have a camera battle with someone

-Cheer up a potato

- Play air guitar

- Be a threat to the American way of life

-Take random pictures

-Type with your toes

-Throw food at people so they can catch it in their moth

-Turn on the TV, put it on mute and make up dialogue.

-Write a fic

-Throw goldfish at bald people

-Put afros on bald people

-Challenge yourself to a duel

- Whine

- When someone says, "Have a nice day," tell them you have other plans.

-Explore somewhere

-Sell stuff on eBay

-Play tag

-Play hide and go seek

-Laugh like a buzzing bee


-Make lemonade from lemons.

-Go into a building and set all the clocks ahead one hour or behind.

-Try not to think about purple gorillas

-Invent a secret code

-Catch a falling star

-Throw it back

-Stare blankly into space

-Annoy someone

-Break a world record

-Kick CM off of playing the stupid piano early in the morning

-Kick CM even if he isn’t playing the piano

-Sell CM on eBay

-Have a water balloon fight

-Laugh 200 times in the day (keep count)

-Talk to yourself

-Punch a wall

-Climb a mountain

-Fly a paper airplane

-Think of all the things you should be doing (but once you’re done thinking of them don’t do


-Jump out of a window

- Bounce a potato

- Attack innocent bunnies

- Play with anything that looks interesting (haha that’s what she said)

-Take a random video

-Watch DVDs dubbed in foreign languages

-Make a turkey drawing by tracing your hand

-Boil ice cream

-Blow bubbles

-Spin around in a chair

-Dig a hole to China

-Pick one of these things and do it already so you won't be bored!

-Make popping sounds with your mouth

-Tell a story

-One line story

- Moo

-Drum on a table

-Play trash can basketball

-Camp out in your backyard

- Watch the minute hand move

- Watch the second hand move

- Watch the hour hand move

-Stop the world with a freeze ray

-Make a time capsule

-Climb a tree

-Stick post-it notes to random things

-Play dead

-Raid the refrigerator

-Inspect your neighbor’s trash

-Have a battle with spoons

-Play the game spoons

-End world hunger.

-Run around in circles

-Play 20 questions

-Be a punk for a day

-Rub random people’s feet

-Wear a disguise

-Ride a Hippogriff

-Say tongue twisters

-Chew bubblegum

-Order pizza

-Throw CDs at people

-Play with a potato

-Try and touch your nose with your tongue.

-Eat some popcorn

-Throw a tomato into a fan

-Hug a kitty cat

-Throw rocks

-Look up weird laws

-Break the weird laws

-Find some money

-Eat some candy

-Learn to peel a banana with your feet.

-Eat ice cream with a knife and fork

-Lose the game

-Search through this list for any repeats

-Add more to the list

-Organize the list

-Take a quiz over this whole giant list

-Actually jj, a quiz doesn’t exist so you’ll have to make one first

-Complain about how big of a waste of time you spent reading through this list.

hahaha wasn't that great?!?!?!?

Yesterday I was such a sneaky goblin at school! First of all I went from one end of the school to the other end without a hall pass or teacher’s permission or anything during class and I didn’t even get noticed. I wanted to get a book from my locker when I was in gym class because people were just playing basketball and it was a free day so I didn’t have to play but my teacher wasn’t in the gym. So I just left on my own and came back before anyone even noticed! Also in gym class I sneakily listened to music on my iPod, even when my teacher came in too! Oh and in my math class during my exam I sneakily ate these fruit snacks I had in my pocket. And also I stayed up until like 4 am last night and went up to bed without my mom and dad realizing I had stayed up so late.

Okay honestly, you can not say that is all the work of an extractor named Cobb. It takes a seriously awesome ans skilled goblin to do all that.

Okay and since a certain parasite and certain hobbit haven't been exactly happy with me lately I made/found a bunch of awesome things for them! I hope they enjoy them and maybe they will start to cut me a little bit of slack! :D

this video is really cool. it kinda reminds me of the beginning of the social network trailer.

Here's a cool video that like shows the entire Harry Potter series. It's so crazy how different they are from the first year to the seventh!!!

I found this pic of all the Lost people being the same height in my folder from a long time ago and then I got an idea how to make it more realistic. haha i'll give you a clue on what i did. look at the 6th guy from the right.

haha i found all these pictures of when cm and i put the flies on random places.

hob have you seen this?? it's like an extra on the doctor who season 5 dvds and it shows what happened in the tardis after amy tried to kiss the doctor. haha it's so great.

oh and here's a cool eleventh doctor passion pit music video.

idg what these really are exactly but they like they're some sort of Heroes game tokens and they look cool.

oh and have you gs seen this? it's the first promo pic for the new Star Trek movie! It's only a picture of the enterprise but still! :D

haha that just reminded me of something in the big bang theory when they talk about star trek, but it's in season 3 you probably haven't seen it.

i really think para and noah would like the big bang theory, don't you g? well anyways, here's some more cool stuff for you gs.

omggggg so i was looking for pictures and somehow i stumbled into this page with naked male celebrity actors. DDDDDD: eww ntyt.

haha actually i'm done looking for random stuff now. did you like all those awesome things??? oh and also today we bought you gs a REALLY awesome present for tg!!! you better be grateful you have an awesome goblin for a cousin now because i was the one who suggested the present!

well that is all i have to say. byeeeee


The Only One He Ever Feared

omg i'm so lazy right now i do not wanna be posting
plus i'm busy making pictures for a top ten inception ships thing
i will give yu a preview. this is arthur/mal

i would show you the top 5 irl otps thing i made but that might offend someone named para soooo. but we'll get to that later
well para i think you're being a tad hard on cobb tbh

well anyway what i have been doin lately is crankin my way through tv shows. like i just watched 5.5 seasons of how i met your mother in a month and now i'm watchin supernatural and the big bang theory.

alright g now the debate
oh ok so zq is boring, you're saying?
well wtf that is a stupid argument. you know stuff about them from interviews and the rest you just make up/interpret/etc. try coming up with some better arguments sweetie. also just because you claim they are "boring and inacurate" that doesn't make them not okay.....
also i sure hope you are talking abdout the movie versions of the people from tsn because shipping the real live people is one of the few rps that is not okay in my opinion, and the movie versions doesn't count as rps really soooo

p.s. yesterday i watched the scariest thing ever because there was a clown in it and it was killing people. the end.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


heyyyyyyy gs

wow cobb is this giant g for not posting for two whole days. it is all his fault and not anyone elses. there shall be dire consequences for him, methinks.

ok cobb sorry but the writing backup posts is the dumbest thing i've heard in my life. sorry.

wow this is just a hating on cobb post.

but i guess he didn't like the new banner because he didn't say anything about it. ;_;

i am so behind on my novel too. DDD:

but goooood news tomorrow is friday for me because no school thursday or friday! BIG GOOS

you know what i can't wait for? tg.

idk how cobb will be able to bring those things though when he is not even coming.

well this game is quite a big flop, methinks, but what else can you expect from cobb, really?

ok well the new debate will be whether rpf are okay or not. i think they are usually not, but can sometimes be acceptable.

ok usually i just think they are stupid because real people are boring and you don't even know anything about them or what they are like in real life so they're both boring and inaccurate.

ok i will make a list of unacceptable rp ships and then acceptable ones

*the people in tsn

*the people from tsn
*yourself/anyone you want

Monday, November 8, 2010

Planet of the Ood

Idek whose turn it is to post today or if anyone is planning to post or anything but im going to go ahead and post anyways. wow we went another 2 days without posting. D: i’m not going to blame on it anyone in particular though since really it was kinda all of our fault. i was at a band contest all day saturday and most of sunday but i could have like texted hob or para i guess. though they could have figured out i didn’t post when 11 pm rolled around for them (midnight for me) and made a post or something. but oh well that’s water over the bridge now. and it’s not like we haven’t missed posting before…blehh but whatever. i'll probably be punished i guess. sorry gs.

oh yeah that reminds me, i came up with an idea the other day. we should all write a bunch of reserve posts and save them as drafts just in case something comes up one day and none of us can write a post then someone can just post one of the posts already written and saved.

it’s 11:11.
make a wish.
well it might not be 11:11 for you when reading this post but it is for me and I just made a wish.

haha hob the picture in your post reminded me of an ood and yesterday i saw this sign that instead of saying good luck it said "ood luck".

hey gs, i have good new! guess what?!?!?!?!? marching band is now officially over and only one week until this stupid trimester is over! this means you will be seeing more of an awesome, sneaky gob that you are used to and not a glug-like cobb. wow, it will be so nice to have a bunch of free time now.

Ahhh you know what I couldn’t stop think about like all day today? THANKSGIVING!
I was really bored in school so I made like a bunch of different lists about tg:

Games to bring to Thanksgiving:
-Apples to Apples
-Sorry Sliders
-Playing cards
-Heroes/Lost/Merlin/Glee/Star Trek/Doctor Who cards Noah made (You should bring these)

Things to sneak to Thanksgiving:
-A Wii disguised as a dog
-My two cats Ginny and Paulina
-Something very top secret that only I know about

Other random stuff to bring to Thanksgiving:
-Friendship tea
-Construction paper
-Duct taper
-Hand warmers
-Apple cider
-My sneakiness

oh yeah, and I have a couple tg related questions for you that I expect to be answered next post.
-We are still doing the talent show this year, right? And have you come up with your talent yet?
-Are we seeing HP earlier than tg or not?
-Is Gob really not allowed to come to tg?

Blehhh I guess you can just ignore pretty much that whole thanksgiving part of the post since i'm not coming to thanksgiving anyways...first i get rejected from being a goblin and now i get shunned from thanksgiving? fml.

oh yeah and the game. idk what the new debate is supposed to be because i think para or hob is supposed to come up with it.

Friday, November 5, 2010

An Excess of Phlegm

okay tbh i was just not gonna post and see how that went since apparnetly we don't do punishments anymore...............
also i'm so lazy you don't even
but w/e i have a few things to say so i might as well

alright a few mins ago someone asked me the question of "Kara, why do you fucking love palms?"
they got my name wrong obvs but w/e w/e
ok so here is the story of that jsyk:

Once I was a young child living in a faraway land. This land was called outer space, and I was born there one gloomy night when my mother accidentally went into labor right as my father, the captain of the ship we were on, was ordering everyone to evacuate because the ship was under attack, etc etc.

Fast forward ten years and I found myself living in the land of Iowa. It always brought me shame to think of myself as living in such a dreary place, so when people would say things to me like “LOL UR FROM IOWA DO U LOVE CORN?” I would simply roll my eyes and tell them, “I’m from space, I just live in Iowa.”

The problem was, there WAS way too much corn. It was just corn, corn everywhere. There was so much corn, in fact, that I soon came to forget that there were any other plants in the world besides corn.

One day, I was given the opportunity to take a trip to Florida, the chance of a lifetime. I said yes before my mother could even get all the words out of her mouth, and packed my bags even though we weren’t leaving for a month.

The day finally came when we would set off for Florida. I boarded the plane, hoping it wouldn’t crash on a mysterious island in the middle of the ocean. I was still young at the time, and geography had never been my best subject. The plane landed safety, and I ran off it to the feel of warm Florida air. I looked around and what did I see? Palms. Palms palms and more palms.

“What are those beautiful creatures?” I asked my mother.

“This is Florida,” she responded. “Not corn they are palms xx” My eyes began to fill with tears of joy. It was love at first sight, and I have fucking loved them ever since.

the end

alright well today was the craziest class in creative writing cuz everyone kept going on tangents about stuff and then this one girl was look them up on her comp and ok one of the things was about how there's this one species of jellyfish that can live forever


ok well anyway, it's plum true okay. when the jellyfish get old, they go back to being young again and can potentially keep endlessly going through that cycle
also they get like completely new cells each time
so they're like time lords
here is a pic i made

this species is called a time fish in my head

well anyway ok i just don't understand how para can not ship real people because ok i'm shipping these 2 people so hard you don't understand oh my god
ok fine i'll tell you who it is
it's the people frm the social network
i mean the actors
not the real people it's based on
i only ship the movie versions of those people
but ok that's who i'm wiritng the fic on
but you just don't understand. it's like a fact in my head that they are in love so i just can't stop shipping them like a giant titanic. except this ship will never sink

omg why would these asians even sit near me though? i always glare at them and move away from them when they sit near me. aren't asians supposed to be smart cuz they are being really stupid and not picking up on the obvious signals

ok it's obvs that for the game we each think of a new debate in each post and do the other ones too
speaking of not being smart...
that was mean
blame the asians for making me be in a sour mood

ok time for the debate
ok cobb, all your arguments are invalid because for exampple you said "Third of all here is a picture of Cobb (left) and a picture of Gob (right) for you to compare. Not much similarit"

obvs one is cobb and one is gob but that doesn't mean anything...that just means that you found a picture of gob and put it next to a picture of yourself

and as for "this is the goblog"...
that would be invalid too because obvs it is because gob used to be around so that doesn't mean anything.
just look at the thing

bleh i don't feel like thinking up a new debate rn. we will just wait until the round starts over w/ cobb

p.s. this morning alisha texted me and said someting about her coughing up a giant ball of phlegm

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Mary Without Sound

heyyyy gs

well i'm just starting this post at 10:47 nbd.

yeah g i saw that video i told you they showed it at the concert.

well i am on track so far for nanowrimo but not for my homework dsklgjdsgkjds i haven't done the oral commentary yet. well nbd i can do it tomorrow before class or something.

wow good job me at getting people at my school obsessed with heroes but omg what have i done what have i started!?!??!

omg there were two mice in my room in two days. what are you doing in my bedroom, mice? you were not even invited. you are not even wanted.

many mumbling mice
are making midnight music in the moonlight
mighty nice

goos tomorrow is friday! this week has been so slow i want to die

lets just do that darn game.

except there is a flaw with the game called if we do it like this cobb will always get to pick the arguments. ntyt

ok well cobb you are not even gob. what are you talking about? ok gob was a goblin who was this sorta cool and sneaky guy. but he is dead and gone now. and now we have you who is not as cool and not as sneaky.

but actually cobb is still sneaky.
*ok remember when he shot all those projections and then ran up to cover their mouths before they could make a sound?
*remember how he is the most skilled extractor?

good point, cobb, maybe now that you have replaced gob we should change our name to the cobblog

that's all we have time for, folks. sorry.

i miss the old game...

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Born Free

heyyyy gs.

i'm really glad i got done with driver's ed an hour and 15 minutes early so i could get started on this post! that was such a boring class again today, but oh well. at least i got out really early.

yummmmm. i'm eating this delic chicken salad with my fingers because i'm going to be the last one to eat it and i'm too lazy to go get a utensil. aw g it's all gone now. bbb.

wow g i just found out there's going to be this tv show based on this comic book about this guy who signs up to be a tester for this drug that completely eliminates the need for sleep ever and he gets addicted to it and Milo Ventimiglia stars in it. that actually sounds like it might be kinda cool. idkk.

blehhh you know what sucks? the fact that 3 days into november i've hardly written anything for nanowrimo and the rest of this week i probably won't get a chance either...

i have just like so much marching band rehearsal this week and i have 2 projects due soon and a bunch of homework. but after this week marching band is done! goos!!! :D

omg today at school was actually a really good day! at lunch they didn't run out of chicken fingers like they usually do and in band class for some reason someone brought in like 8 packages of ramen noodles and we ate them in my band director's office! haha i think next week we're going to try and order pizza for class.

idk what else to post about but i still have like a ton of time for this post...i'm going to look and see if i have anything interesting in my folder of everything on my computer. it has 68.8 GB but i think most of that is movies, tv episodes, and music.

haha idek why some of this stuff is in here. there's a picture of popcorn and also a picture of a pickle and icr putting them in there.

awesome! i had forgotten about this nice 4 page long word document of stuff to do when you're bored! haha this is my favorite part of the list.

-Kill a man
-Kill a woman
-Kill a child
-Kill a polar bear

wow, i really should be doing homework but i'll save it for later tonight.

haha this is like always what happens when i play music for my friends:


haha here's a debate from a gc from like a year ago that i found.

: how about debate about whether desmond stinks or not?!?!?!
jj that would be too obvious
Parasite: haha
Goblin: he doesn't stink
everyone knows that
he smells so nice
Parasite: yeah cuz everyone knows that he stinks
Goblin: nuh uh!
Parasite: hahaha
he smells so gross!
11:53 PM Goblin: hahaha have you ever smelled him?
Parasite: have you?
Goblin: maybe i have!
Parasite: maybe i have too!
11:54 PM Goblin: what does he smell like then?
Parasite: he stinks!
Goblin: nooooo he smells like tropical island fruit!
Parasite: nuh uh!
not poss!
Goblin: it'
11:55 PM *it's true!
Parasite: nooooo
Goblin: i've smelled him!
and im not ashamed of that!
Parasite: i do not think you have!
i smelled him one time and i almost died
im lucky to be here today
Goblin: haha Penelope said he smells like a pub
but that is not a bad thing!
Parasite: yes it is
pubs stink
11:56 PM Goblin: nahh. what if it is a nice and fancy pub?
11:57 PM Parasite: there is no such thing
11:58 PM Goblin: yes there is
Parasite: no there is not
plus penelope is prob accustomed to his smell
so she does not smell his real scent as mcuh
12:00 AM Goblin: nahh i dont think she would marry him if he smelled bad
and where is hob?
12:01 AM Parasite: idk
maybe her nose doesn't work that well
or maybe she just likes stinky people
12:02 AM me: nahhh those don't seem reasonable.
Parasite: they seem reasonable to me
12:03 AM me: they don't to me
desmond has such a great smell!
Parasite: you do not know that i am afraid
Hobbit has joined
12:04 AM Parasite: wb!
Goblin: wb!
Hobbit: lets watch something
Parasite: we will watch villains soon
but i want our pizza!
Hobbit: alright
order the thing then
Parasite: oko
Goblin: okay
we will continue this desmond smell debate later

okay so this how the debate game will work. for the first 3 days we come up with one thing to debate over and on each of our posts we say arguments towards our stance on the debate. then after each of us have said our arguments in our post we have a gc and decide who is the winner of the debate. and after those 3 days then the next debate starts.

here is the first debate: Am I Cobb or Gob?

I am Gob and NOT Cobb and here is why

-First of all this is the GOBlog and if I wasn't Gob, why would I be posting on this blog?

-Second of all if you look back at most of the past gcs you two call me Goblin/Gob.

-Third of all here is a picture of Cobb (left) and a picture of Gob (right) for you to compare. Not much similarity.

-And last of all, Cobb could never be as sneaky as a goblin.

Oh and speaking of being sneaky, tonight i'm going to be super sneaky and stay up really late because i have a ton of homework to do still and i just don't feel like sleeping tonight. maybe i might get in some writing for nano tonight too!