Friday, September 26, 2014


heyyyyyy gs

or whoev

well apparently para posting was only a one time thing. cool. well im in the worst mood bc my class was canceled and it was my only class today and im already at school and its like a 25 min drive and im stuck at school until 2:00. and like i left the house at 9:00 and i checked my email like 10 mins before that but she sent the email at exactly 9:00 and like this also happened on monday but at least i could go home right after but i cant even believe this hapened again cuz i checked my email like 50 times since last night cuz she said it mgiht be cancledd. im going to scream haha. wow imagine me just staying home today and getting it all did and jus chilling wow. when will this teacher just meet me in the pit

anyway im bored so im posting this. wow i was like ok im gonna respond to stuff and then say all my stuff but then i remembered theres nothing to respond to. great!!!

fortunately i have a lot to be said. maybe

well the week that spider gwen came out i forgot about it and also i was sick i think so i didnt get it but then i went there on wednesday this week and i didnt get any comics from this week but i got the spide gwen and i got original sin #8. wow im so behind on reading everything tho. but omg next week the new winter soldier is starting!!!!!!!!!!! icqcme!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! also according to this calendar also coming for us next week is the new thor!!!!! and amazing spide w ms marvel!!!!!!!! do i believe all this. well i want to. well i am def goin to the store on that next weds. and then a few days after is fall con. nice!!! and para comin oooooooooooooooo

wow i asked mom if she was gonna go to fall con cuz when there was spring con she couldntg go and she kept saying that she wished she could get to go w us but this time she was like "are you going" and i said yea and she said "ok well then i dont have to" so me think we were being lied to that last time

hm what else did i have to say

ok every time i remember about this big disaster that happened today i am ready to thro up

ble i have a lot to do at home like make salsa and vacuum and cleany room but i am not there

well i would say about my day but i already said about it. i will say about yesterday. uh i made a rosh hashanah din. that was basically it. ok i made jam with which to glaze the chicken and i made a challah and then i had leftover chinese lunch and then i finished the challah and then i went to an appointment and then i made roasty chicken n noodle kug n grilled baby broc. then i ate my din. then watched chop. then dipped apples in honey for a sweet new year. then tried to watch beat bobby flay but mom lost my place in it where i had paused and then the tv screwed up. then i chilled. then shower. then homework which was all for nothing. coolio

wow imagine if i was at home rn. i could be watching a show

ok i could go to panera but im just so lazy. and like i had a breakfast cuz i wasnt gonna have a lunch so now what


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