Saturday, August 29, 2015


heyyyyyyyyyyy gs

i guess i could post on here now that paras not here and whatev. and i will have more free time now i guess? idk

wow i just got home from work and it was a weird day idk. i basically didnt do any work and just complained to my friend about stuff and said too much stuff about stuff whoops

wow do i wish it was monday

ok tbh i just canceled plans w my bf for tonight but meanwhile i just want it to be mon so i can see my coworker for 5 mins so thats prob not a good sign.....................

ii feel really dizzy or something idk

wow back in the spring when i did all those survey things. that was a weird time

this summer has been so crazy and im ready for a nice chill fall but doubtful that we'll have it. at least we wont have target but like

ok i bleh it i should made plans w my friend tonight.

why did the dogs eat the post

ok last night i went to dinner w a bunch of old ppl and tonight im like gonna eat ice cream alone in my room. this weekend is really sucking. actually this whole week has sucked.

wow everything was better when the mama sang us to sleep

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