Wednesday, November 18, 2015


heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy gs

happy almost tgives!

ok i dont have to wake up at 4 am tomorrow so im tryna not sleep rn because why

would i

tho i already napped a lil bit

i love my dog

here is he


para did u kno they opened up a pizza luce in roseville?! thats crazy omg

wow ok i am a glug but i just booked a flight to utah in the beginning of jan and its like ok i dont have that kinda money and its like a week or two after new york and just ok. but whatevi

ok real talk who wants to go to a beyonce dance party

theres also a star wars one and idc about star wars really but i kinda wanna go?

gobs life must be so good rn because star wars is all around us

ok heres my jam exchange

*thomas jefferson - astronautalis
*tears for animals - cocorosie
*all your light - portugal the man
*you and me (flume remix) - disclosure
*king of swords - the dear hunter
*lower the heavens - the donkeys
*two hearted spider - editors
*no comprende - low
*ambition - we are scientists
*monument - royksopp

ok thats all i gotcha for now but maybe more later

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