Friday, November 14, 2014

hello small dogs

heyyyyyyyyyyyyyy gs!!!!

tyt for the jamz gob!! wow thats such an organized list. mine's not gonna be as organized but i'll make a list of songs and then a list of artists i think. sorry i didnt get around to posting this last night but i had to finish my homework. well i wonder if para will do the exchange. she probably doesnt know its happening. anyway


*christmas lights-paul baribeau
*easy money-johnny marr
*alley cats-hot chip
*beautiful boys-cocorosie
*mary jane-tori amos
*melody from the past-the megas
*new york city-punch brothers
*all the rage back home-interpol
*me and the devil-soap&skin
*happy idiot-tv on the radio
*they'll clap when you're gone-chelsea wolfe
*fast peter-moonface
*superheroes-daft punk

*mother mother
*jordaan mason and the horse museum
*julian casablancas + the voidz
*man man
*twenty one pilots
*the joy formidable

thats the stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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