Thursday, November 20, 2014

they're here

heyyyyyyyyyy gs

tyt bout my pic gob. its an ipod touch!!!! the ipod i had before that was a really old one frm...i think i got it right before we went to dominica so. it was about time. anyway i can finally use all the apps and stuff that i cant get on my kindle. like now i have an instagram which im p excited about. wow.

ok heres my answers

*um we can probably bring a wiimote. i'll put noah in charge of that
*yea we can def do the talent show on friday or saturday. i think we usually do anyway but yea thats fine
*hmmm idk i'm good w/ pretty much any kind of snacks. i know last year you brought some kind of really good doritos but icr what kind it was but if you know whta they were then maybe you could bring those again. it was some kind in a purple bag i think haha thats all i know. otherwise idc.
*i cant think of anything that i wish we had brought last time. i'm sure there was some stuff but i forget sorry g
*no i hate tg
*hm idk if i want to do reddit secret santa. i kinda have a lot going on already but we'll see

bleh i still cant remeber what i was gonna ask you last night. oh well

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