Thursday, November 20, 2014

questions for you

hey gs!

nice snow picture hob!  that's a lot more snow than we got here!  and yesterday the snow all melted too :(

what kind of new ipod did you get hob?!

okay here is a list of questions i have for you two before thanksgiving:

  • can you bring 1 wiimote and how ever many nunchucks you have from your wii?  the new game super smash bros that we are getting tomorrow can have 8 people play at one time!!!!  we have 6 wiimotes and a gamepad i think but we need one more wiimote and we only have 2 nunchucks.  haha that would be so fun to play a game with seth, nathan, kasandra, cm, noah, and then us 3 all at the same time!
  • can we do the talent show either friday or saturday night?  i have stuff i need to prepare for mine that i can only prepare when i get to wisconsin
  • what are some good snacks for us to bring?
  • what are some things that we wished we brought last time?
  • are you excited for tg?!?!?!?
oh and this is unrelated to tg but do either of you want to do the reddit secret santa gift exchange this year?  i'm doing it and it is going to be fun!!! also if i refer 5 people to it i get a free poster!  you have until december 1st to sign up.  if you do sign up, use this link below:

refferal link

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