Thursday, February 26, 2015


heyyyy gs

wow its so hot in my room pls save me from this literal hell rn

well i decided to post bc i was bored also. also i missed my g and i was hopin if i posted then she would post and it worked!!!! my evil plan worked!!!!

tyt about my pics

wow whats crazy is i also just watched that ep of the office crazy stuff.  but i didn't cry. but i did also just watch the ep where angelas cat dies and i cried then.  what am i?

tyt about my pics again

i would take some more pics but im a little bit sick also. well im not sick i guess i had a cold that i am getting better from but i been blowin my nosie and its kind of red but not like in fanart on tumblr w a lil red nosie just kind of gross.  also im in a dark room and too lazy to turn on the lights so thats not gonna work sweetie.  but my hair look good today so that's one thing.  ill tell you.  ok last night i was watching that ep of parks and rec where theres that painting of leslie and shes like yeah baby and then the next day her hair is like that in the painting and she was  feeling so good well i wanted to be like that so thats my hair. except not exactly like that a little bit different but it was inspired by that. fun story.

less fun story abby got mad at me for insulting clayton??? like so mad??? what the heck is her problem if you get that mad about your oc you need to take it down a thousand notches if you have to. i didnt see her basically all of yesterday she was saying she was tired but thats questionable. but she also didnt go to her classes or to the dining hall she was making me feel really guilty for insulting stupid clayton and she was saying she was sick so i was like ok im gonna be nice to her so i was like do you want anything i will bring you something and she was like "no" like that was really rude of her js. so now im mad at her. what a rude person with a dumb oc. pls chill.

ok im so excited for spring break but my bf is like can i stay w you over spring break and??? i don't want him to!!!!! how can we keep him away????

today i watched the first ep of merlin again and i was like nice!!! im gonna rewatch the whole show!!! but then i was like ok time to watch the second ep and i was like hmmmm never mind.

but also i watched the not the newest ep of agent carter which i guess is the season finale but the one before it bc im watchin it on and u can only watch eps a week after so today was that day to watch that ep. it was a good ep but also horrifying.

wow based on this post u would think all i do is watch tv shows but dont worry today i also went to three classes and wrote a paper just so u know

whats something thats not about a tv show i can say. well i read the newest asm today it was just normal. like i thought something crazy would happen but nothing really did everyone just went home after spider-verse just normal. well except for spider-uk and spider-girl but who cares that much about them? so thats it. also the first spider-gwen came out today but i heard it was not so good so i havent read it yet.

today i learned about being a lawyer and i did u know that the bar exam is like 2-3 days long. no thanks.

ok im just saying things theres really nothing to say. maybe i should go to sleep. but im not tired. dang it

well thats all have a nice day!

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