Friday, February 20, 2015

fun fun fun fun

heyyyyy gs

well i didnt post yesterday but here i am again just two days after not bad but im still trash

dangit i wonder if anyone even saw my post tho

ok whats there to say

actually im gonna answer my own qs lol

whats a thing that you are excited for?
spring breAK

what's a thing you fear?
fear itself

what's a dream you had in your life?
well a crazy dream i had the other day was that ok i was spider-man and i was just swinging innocently through the city and then i just saved the life of this construction guy and he was like wow thanks and then he threw a party for me with all his construction guy friends and i went to the party super awkward like just a spider-man at a party but i was carrying a shirt with me for some reason idk bc i was a really awkward spider-man like the normal spider-man and then i was sitting by myself at the party and this guy sat next to me and he was a different construction guy and then we started talking and then when we left the party we decided to get married.  so we did that but he still didn't know my secret identity so then after we were married i told him and then he killed himself.

how much things should you be doing?
not that many things actually i mean i guess i could be doing hw but its friday friday gotta get down on friday

who is the next person that's gonna see you?
it could be a number of ppl but the next person i know im gonna see for sure is franky so

what's coming for ya?
what did i even mean by this question?

why didn't you post?
oh lord. just too busy

how much trash are you?
so much trash

what does the clock say?
6:16.  wow its 616 crazy stuff

did you do anything good?

if someone called your phone right now who would it most likely be?
probably one of those mysterious numbers that calls my phone sometimes and i dont answer it

if you could have fifty of one thing what would you want?
cats. wow imagine 50 cats thatd be so cute

if it could be any time of day what time?
i guess 8:30 since thats what im waiting around for

if it could be any day what's that day?
like this same day two weeks from now would b good. bc spring break

how many minutes until you can live?
19,260.  or like 127...

when is food coming for you?
tomorrow :(  actually jk i'll probably get food tonight but i already ate dinner so

how much hunger?
not that much i just had dinner not that long ago

where are your shoes?
right next to me

if there was a bin in front of you that said "trash only" would you climb inside?
ye i would. too bad that bin is in the hallway

how far is the nearest cat?
too far :(

dang i got bored again and took more pics

 this is where i discovered this great snakehead

this is where i discovered you can draw on the screen while you take the pics so i drew myself some friends 2 post w/

did u know that im bored

wow the worse thing i've ever heard is this cover of take me 2 church where its a g singing and she starts singing about a g but then she's like wait no and she changes it to he dangit this world is terrible we can't go on goodbye everyone

thats all have a nice day

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