Thursday, February 26, 2015

beep beep

heyyyyyyyyyy gs

wow i cant imagine it being hot in a room. what must that be like

aw g relaly nice evil plan!!!! i missed my g too so im glad i fell for oyur evil plan

yqw about your pics and again

aw g its not that crazy because in the last few days ive watched most eps in seasons 1-3 of the office (out of order). but i did also just watch the one where angelas cat dies which i think is in season 4 so thats a little more crazy. i watched a few eps from that season and later but

i do not hav a red nose reindeer but my lips are very chap and my hair is not looking its best. tho it was looking worse probably when i wrote that post. i cant remember what leslies hair is like in that ep but now i am curious.

wow well tbh it was bound to happen that you and she get in a fight about clayton. that man is bad news tho. but why wont she chill about that honestly whats even to like about him. i hope he does not destroy your friendship forever

what the. that guy wants to stay in this house or? idk how we can keep him away. maybe those candles that try to keep bugs away. but then that might keep spide away

haha i feel like i do that a lot w like watching one ep of a show i used to watch and then thjinking i will watch the whole thing but then nah. but sometimes you just have to commit to actually doing it and be like ok im going to watch this for real.....idk

bleh im really behind on agent carter so dont spoil me. im pretty much really behind on all my shows except broad city but only bc i just watched that for the first time. well technically im behind on that cuz there was an ep yesterday that i havent watched yet but just because i was too tired last night and there havent really been a good time to watch it yet. im even behind on parks which is p normal but i only saw the first ep of the season but i need to finish that i guess which will be sad but. at least i wont keep getting more and more behind on that

well me i feel like i never watch tv shows lately even though ive been watching the office for the last many days. why do i do this. i had no desire to watch it because ive seen like every ep about at least 5 times

bleh speaking of being behind on stuff and of comics im so behind on my comics i hate this

i thought you already knew about being a lawyer from your lawyer club. 2-3 days doesnt seem like the longest amount of time idk

ok please let us just imagine if it was summer. imagie you can move around the house without having to rush at what youre doing so you can get back to the space heater. imagine you can go out in a nice outfit and anyone will actually see it because you havent a coat over it. imagine having a grilled food. imagine a nice cold drink. imagine going strawberry picking and complaining and making jokes the whole time and really looking forward to going to lunch at that restaurant even tho its completely worthless. imagine blueberry pie. imagine your mad eye jamz. imagine cats in the summer.  imagine petermj. imagine nobody wanting to go to the community center. imagine a dark and stormy night. imagine an old man with a story to tell. imagine going for frozen yogurt. imagine the dogs dont care. imagine playing nature girls. imagine the grass. imagine the dragons.

well i canot think what else to say. i have to write an email to my boss saying that i can not work any extra days in march which is a lie but either way i do not wish to write such a thing. i hope the internet is destroyed soon so i will have an excuse to not.

tomorrow i think ill just play a small giraffe game for a long time and then go to work for 2.5 hours. and then eat beef stew. bleh laundry also

im so hungry but i cant think up one single thing id like to eat

good bye

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