Wednesday, May 27, 2015


heyyyy gssss

tyt about my fanmix

tyt about my pics

yeah those dorks.  yeah i did that on purpose.

dang im so bored

lets just get to the point of this post which is to show my new pic

well ok heres what it is i started this drawing meme thing or whatever where you draw a character in dif outfits and i was gonna just draw spide but then i was like he'll be so lonely so i'm probably just gonna draw petermj every time whoops

this is tourists or whatever
wow those are my mammas!!!

tbh 616 petermj are my parents but i been reading ultimate spide and wow ult petermj are my small biological children!!!!

except dang i hate the art in the old ultimate spide comics like i know bagley is like legendary for drawing so many issues of ultimate spider-man but no one ever talks about how that is not a good thing!!!!

anyway thats all have a nice day!

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