Sunday, March 1, 2015

beep beep beep

Heyyy gssss

this is what its like being hot in a room

jk its not that hot everything's fine.

tyt about my evil plan.

well i guess its not that craz i also watched some seasons of the office lately tho i was going in order but then i stopped bc that was getting boring

its fine to take pics of yourself when your lippies are chap just cover them with stuff

well my lips are not that chap tho i don't think you can even tell in these pics. but that kit kat bar was smellin so good when i was takin that pic.

ok well i will just tell you leslies hair in that ep. its like a little braid headband. really nice.

wow well i don't know if abby is still mad at me or not but she was was being so mean to me this week and then on friday i was like jesus pls stop we can't fight anymore bc i was really sad about leonard nimoy and i wanted us to be friends so we could mourn together but she was like no. so yeah that was a bad day. and i was like ok we won't be friends. but we gotta be friends. so i bought her some smarties and a card and i drew her a pic of clayton and i slid them under her door while she was at anime club and then we had din together and we sorta made up but we didn't hang out tonight so idk.

also i bought her a tiny wolverine but it wouldn't fit under her door so i didn't give it to her yet.  well she won't get it until she chills about clayton.

also i bought this tiny spider-man. ok i have too many spider-mans...maybe. but this one is the tiniest one i have now! i really needed it! look how small

he's so cute

also delicious like a tiny spider snack

oh also if you want to know what i did with the wrappers of the chocolates that i got for valentines day i made them into a hat for this spider-man. he loves it!

 yeah he wants to stay in our house bc he don't got anywhere else to stay. tbh i feel bad for him son but also i want to live. im trying to see if maybe he can just stay a few days??? idk or i can just say that no one wants him there lol.

well good news i watched like 10 more eps of merlin. dang its like on the one hand i love my ships in that show like merlin/arthur obvs and gwen/morgana obvs and also arthur/gwen i guess and i also kind of like merlin/morgana but i just know every single one of those ships is gonna be ruined so what's the point of rewatching this shit. its just gonna end badly. but i love those dang ships i just want them all to be happy and i just want merlin to tell arthur and morgana about his magic just dang it just pls do the right thing this time instead of being stupid.

ok i wont spoil agent carter... but also you should watch it its really Nice. my best ship in that is peggy/angie but i also have a weird liking for peggy/thompson but i don't know why??? i think i just like thompson bc he's chad michael murray and that amuses me for some reason. but also i hate him and i want peggy to destroy him but also like in a shipping way? very confusing. also a little bit peggy/dottie but i can't explain that w/out spoiling you

no we don't learn about real lawyer in lawyer club bc its not lawyer club its mock trial we just learn how to be fake lawyer to compete in fake trials. yeah. but what are you talking about imagine taking a test for 2-3 days that sounds so stressful!!!! i would die

aww dang it g i was already wanting it to be summer and then you said all those things. just dang it.  haha tho i love that shitty strawberry picking restaurant i cant wait for that!!!!

attention everyone there's this toy that's spider-man wearing a skirt and with fairy wings someone figure out how to buy it for me and do that

less than a week until i will be home! yeah!!!

have a nice day!!!

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